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Mozilla Is Not to Be Trusted and Firefox is Becoming a Mass Censorship Tool

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Summary: Free software aficionados have long promoted and used Mozilla Firefox, but even though the brands are still the same the company and the product are not; we need to talk about what Mozilla and Firefox are becoming

THE Mozilla Corporation (not Foundation) is unprincipled; it misuses its funds like the Linux Foundation and it is sponsored by the things it claims to be against, including mass surveillance.

The above-mentioned Mozilla wiki already covers many things that are wrong with today's Mozilla and as a Firefox and Thunderbird user since the early year/s (I've been a user since 2004) it's frustrating to witness all this. Last year I installed LibreWolf as a replacement for Firefox and Thunderbird is only getting worse over time; it has removed a lot of useful functionality and even some forms of encryption are no longer possible in Thunderbird.

"People who value what the Web stands for can recognise that Mozilla, a company that once fought for the open Web and standards anyone can adopt (not DRM, which also harms disabled people), is an entirely different entity these days."We wrote 3 posts this past Saturday [1, 2] about Mozilla, noting that it is not only hiring top-level managers from mass surveillance companies but also from the CIA. Whose idea was it? This won't end well. These people view the world from the lenses of spooks. They not only abhor privacy (contempt for the concept except when it's their own privacy) but also free press. It's about propaganda and domination by brainwash. Currently, free speech on the Web is under attack (that's typically disguised as "protecting" us) and we expect Mozilla to keep publishing blog posts glorifying this agenda, as it has done several times this past week. See the annotated screenshot at the bottom.

People who value what the Web stands for can recognise that Mozilla, a company that once fought for the open Web and standards anyone can adopt (not DRM, which also harms disabled people), is an entirely different entity these days. It feels like a part-time satellite of Google and sometimes Microsoft and the state, too. We need to move away from that; failing that, we might need to move away from the Web (as it's becoming dominated by one or at most two browser families, both of which block/discourage access to sites which have not outsourced "trust" -- that in itself is a MitM-style threat [1, 2]).

Product Management, Design and Research in Facebook
The latest posts in the official blog. All those with blue circles around them are calls for censorship (usually spun as protecting children and combating "misinformation")

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