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Holding Criminals Accountable — Part III — Why Police Action is the Only Option Now

Series parts:

  1. Holding Criminals Accountable — Part I — Sirius Crimes Reported to British Authorities, Formally Registered With References (Many Victims), Here's What It Means and What Happens Next
  2. Holding Criminals Accountable — Part II — Still No Action From Action Fraud
  3. YOU ARE HERE ☞ Why Police Action is the Only Option Now

My experiences with the police have consistently shown inability to hold people accountable or solve crimes, but maybe they can prove me wrong. After all, it emboldens criminals if they see no consequences for their crimes.

Summary: The crimes of Sirius 'Open Source' can become a "test" for British police; we'll see if criminals are held accountable and, if so, how much longer that takes and how much effort by the reporters (victims)

OVER the past few months we showed how unreliable UK pension providers are (or have become) and how uncooperative they can be when pension fraud is indisputably confirmed. To them, the real problem is their image, their reputation. They depend on that to attract "business" and they couldn't care any less about the integrity of the system they're built upon. Deep inside they know about it being ripe for -- or rife with -- abuse. Two months ago I saw or witnessed (firsthand) the police 'ping-pong' -- sending people back and forth between departments in order to tire them down. If that's how bad law enforcement can be, then we ought to illuminate it.

"If that's how bad law enforcement can be, then we ought to illuminate it."To remove any doubts or any misunderstandings, there are many victims here and there are 'smoking guns'. The Pension Regulator deals with abuse by pension providers, not by the company that committed the fraud here (pension providers benefited financially, but they aren't the perpetrators). It's an actual crime and crimes are reported to the police, you don't sue the criminals (in courts; civil actions). It's the state's job to drag the criminals to court and potentially extradite/imprison them. Regarding the company, I previously wrote to them asking where the pension money went but they did not get back to me. I did so several times. Many recipients, too. Other victims did the same and did not get a response. It's embezzlement. It's a crime. They're not even denying it.

"The delays are themselves enabling more crime."That they don't respond to anybody is very noteworthy. It's not worth doing that again. It's pointless sending the same messages like 10 times. At this point the police must get involved in a timely manner. Not months down the line. They simply enable more evidence tampering and maybe for money to be hidden (relatives, friends, offshore accounts). The delays are themselves enabling more crime.

"I could write again as a letter," one victim said, "before action informing them the pension scheme I was told I was enrolled in have confirmed no record of me being on the scheme so please provide me with details of where these deductions from my salary have been paid or I will take you to court to claim the missing payments back."

"To be clear, the missing payments aren't the whole problem, nor are the interest payments."This victim does not seem to understand the status of the company. That would be a good approach if the company still had a physical office and money in the bank. "Expect them not to even reply," I said. "That in itself would say a lot."

To be clear, the missing payments aren't the whole problem, nor are the interest payments.

At least 3 people in the company committed a crime. Two of them are in the UK and can (should) be held legally accountable. One of them, who is in the UK, enjoys the money she stole from us.

Just to reiterate, this isn't about some "dispute" between an employer and employees; it's an actual crime that took place and went on for years. This isn't something to be settled in courts; handcuffs will be needed and if the police does not intervene fast enough, it'll embolden/legitimise some perceptions about police not caring about crime. The company's departing CEO (he left in March, apparently quite abruptly) changed the address of the company to the address of a different company (I confronted him about it over the telephone weeks before the witch-hunt began). When we contacted this company last month (to inform it of what had happened) it did not even bother responding. There is a chain or a network of facilitators here.

Hello, police, can I report a crime? Hello?

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