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Gemini Links 31/07/2023: CLI Raves and Chat Over Gemini

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        • World’s sloppiest time pilot

          I went back in time to try to warn ‘em about climate change and here I am again in the distant future of the year 2023 but the world’s still in trouble.

          I talked to this one guy, Plato. Let’s see what he wrote… Atlantis?! Some island? Peeps aren’t gonna get the metaphor. They’re gonna be looking for mermaids & orichalcum, not externalities & methane. 🤦🏻‍♀️

        • We all live in a mellow An-ten-na

          I found myself having Alexa repeatedly The Police's "Everything Little Thing She Does Is Magic" last night. I just love that song. So many things about it. But the highlight is probably the percussion energy for me, overall - especially the high energy riff just before the "Eee oh oh"'s near the end. But also neat guitar "jangling" in the background in places, the rising low part of the keyboards during the verses. Background harmonies.

        • realize that you can't win - and be free

          I think many lesbians know the uncomfortable discussions you sometimes have to have about your sexuality. The times when people imply that you are just a lesbian because you haven't found the right man yet, or that their magic dick can turn you straight. Some people think it is appropriate to bring up to you that if you are having sex with a strapon dildo (assumption based on their porn consumption), why not date a man instead? You'd think this wouldn't happen anymore, but a man hit me up on the street a few months ago and told me this nonsense too.

      • Politics and World Events

        • What is Anaculture?

          Anaculture is a method by which we can abolish the State and implement a gift economy based on self-determination, horizontality, mutual aid, and solidarity. One where people contribute what work they can, doing what they are passionate about, and share in the more mundane responsibilities of the community. As anarchist our understanding of freedom is that it is a process that people engage in together. We believe that rigid laws actually undermine our freedom, and therefore don’t aspire to the creation or worship of canonical texts.

          The anarchist analysis of capitalism, reformism, patriarchy, colonialism, and the State have already proven useful to many social movements over the past several decades. Now we must offer a critique of the environmental movement in order to help it become what it could be. These movements always leave their mark on Anarchism as well, informing and influencing anarchist theory and life.

        • Annotated Bibliography on Anarchism

          Anarchism developed as a distinctive strain within radical and revolutionary thought in the mid-19th century. The political theory, often associated with Pierre-Joseph Proudhon (b. 1809–d. 1865), Michael Bakunin (b. 1814–d. 1876), and Peter Kropotkin (b. 1842–d. 1921), appeared in parallel with a worldwide, international movement that shaped anarchist practices and that gave expression to a critique of capitalist exploitation, state tyranny, and an idea of rebelliousness that has been influential in sociopolitical, economic, and cultural realms.

      • Technology and Free Software

        • Why I use the command line

          In short, I use the command line because it's fun, it's logical, expressive, and because it lets me avoid planned obsolescence and arbitrary restrictions. Read on for the details:

          I use the command line to resist software and hardware planned obsolescence. It's almost the opposite of an iOS app. I own (this is embarassing) 3 iPads, my parents' from 2011, my own from 2017, and one from school from 2021. The 2011 can't run much of anything. The 2017 worked fine but Apple ended support. They won't let me update the system and won't let me download any apps from the app store because the system isn't up to date, a catch-22. On the other hand, the command line still works on these. It won't disappear one day. It won't be made obsolete. I can still run my command line software on these.

        • Status and Photos

          The past few weeks have been defined by mental work for me. I want to make substantive improvements in myself, for my own sake, that of my family, and for the world I live in.

          I received a copy of an OS called Navigatrix a few days ago. This Ubuntu-based Linux distro is designed for use on boats, and it contains lots of software to interface with radios, GPS, satellite phones, and other low-bandwidth technologies. It also has features for reading offline wiki data using Kiwix. Though I don't live on a boat, I'm excited to look through it more--and it might actually inspire me to get back into radio.

        • For the love of script-ure

          I must admit appreciating someone making the effort to concoct an article title telling me in advance the article itself isn't worth reading. But that doesn't mean we can't have some fun with this tribute to "Let's Find Cause and Effect In Notions Too Big To Compare"!

        • Internet/Gemini

          • remy

            I published a chat program called radio on my tinylog at gemini://

            It uses UDP so it is not straightforward to run if you are behind NAT.

* Gemini (Primer) links can be opened using Gemini software. It's like the World Wide Web but a lot lighter.

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