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IRC: #boycottnovell @ FreeNode: December 1st, 2008 – Part 2

Posted in IRC Logs at 4:36 am by Dr. Roy Schestowitz


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_doug haaaaa … DOH ! Dec 01 15:19
_doug What is *this* doing in my inbox ? Dec 01 15:24
_doug “Ho Ho Ho! Microsoft Office 2007 – Still Jolly Good Value this Christmas!” Dec 01 15:24
_doug “With Microsoft Office Home and Student 2007 now available from as little as €79.99*” Dec 01 15:24
PetoKraus *? Dec 01 15:25
PetoKraus i proposed a few times to my boss Dec 01 15:25
PetoKraus that we should compile OOO with our brand name embedded in Dec 01 15:25
schestowitz Only  €79.99 as OOXML ransom? Dec 01 15:25
trmanco Is this OpenOffice.org’s Firegull Moment?: http://www.computerworlduk.com/toolbox/open-sou… Dec 01 15:25
PetoKraus and sell it for like £10 a disc to students :P Dec 01 15:25
schestowitz Come in… relock your docs Dec 01 15:25
trmanco 80€ Dec 01 15:26
trmanco :O Dec 01 15:26
schestowitz Margins dying. Dec 01 15:26
schestowitz Microsoft is like the mythical shopkeeper that goes insane Dec 01 15:26
trmanco I would rather spend that money on a FSF membership Dec 01 15:26
schestowitz “Take my wares! Please! No Google Docs! Fekchristsake, block openoffice.org” Dec 01 15:27
PetoKraus trmanco: i do Dec 01 15:27
PetoKraus 60$ a year Dec 01 15:27
PetoKraus i just dunno why i am member of FSF US Dec 01 15:27
trmanco PetoKraus, I’m saving up some money to do that Dec 01 15:27
schestowitz ## Microsoft Filter 1.0 Dec 01 15:27
schestowitz ALLOW MSN.COM Dec 01 15:27
schestowitz ALLOW HOTMAIL.COM Dec 01 15:27
schestowitz BLOCK APPS.GOOGLE.COM Dec 01 15:27
schestowitz BLOCK MOZILLA.COM Dec 01 15:28
schestowitz BLOCK OPENOFFICE.ORG Dec 01 15:28
schestowitz END Dec 01 15:28
PetoKraus improper C# syntax :/ Dec 01 15:28
trmanco lol Dec 01 15:28
schestowitz ERR Dec 01 15:28
schestowitz Fail. Dec 01 15:28
trmanco wait Dec 01 15:28
schestowitz Reboot Dec 01 15:28
schestowitz If no good, reinstall Win32 Dec 01 15:28
PetoKraus you know i always wondered Dec 01 15:28
PetoKraus WHY does driver need .net framework to install? Dec 01 15:29
PetoKraus like, ATI drivers? Dec 01 15:29
PetoKraus is it actually written in .NET? Dec 01 15:29
schestowitz Maybe it needs it for technical reasons Dec 01 15:29
schestowitz But dependencies can be made artificially. Dec 01 15:29
*trmanco after opening 1k Windows: Dec 01 15:29
schestowitz Like… require that Moonlight should have some Mono dependency for Poisonware injection. Dec 01 15:29
trmanco STOP: 0×00000001 (ALLOW,BLOCK) APC_INDEX_MISMATCH Dec 01 15:30
schestowitz Or Tomboy.. Dec 01 15:30
_doug I’ve *never* subscribed to a MS newslatter, how did I get on their spam list, what’s more the local spam filter lets it through .. Dec 01 15:30
_doug It would be interesting as to how I got on the ‘newsletter’ list ? Dec 01 15:31
kentma1 _doug: probably a troll deliberately subscribing you to things – to the 12-year-old mind, it’s really funny. Dec 01 15:32
trmanco I still think you have to confirm the newsletter before your email gets subscribed Dec 01 15:33
trmanco at least the last time I checked Dec 01 15:33
trmanco that was about 3 years ago btw Dec 01 15:33
trmanco :| Dec 01 15:33
kentma1 trmanco: I’ve been subscribed to things which require such confirmation.  One method might be to subscribe to a different address, then change the address later… Dec 01 15:34
schestowitz _doug: maybe Novell gave their partner a buzz Dec 01 15:34
kentma1 never underestimate the lengths to which the childish mind will go to achieve something utterly pointless. Dec 01 15:34
kentma1 (in order to achieve, I meant) Dec 01 15:34
trmanco kentma1, nice point Dec 01 15:34
trmanco I haven’t thought of thatr Dec 01 15:35
trmanco that* Dec 01 15:35
_doug that account is only ever used for private communication, and I would imagine the MS subscription requires email confirmation .. Dec 01 15:35
schestowitz [fine print] *We may share your data with our partners. Dec 01 15:35
schestowitz _doug: maybe it’s a faker. Dec 01 15:35
_doug No, MS got hold of a spam list and is using it .. Dec 01 15:35
trmanco Fixing Linux: What’s Broken And What To Do About It: http://www.informationweek.com/news/software/l… Dec 01 15:35
kentma1 _doug: see my remark of a moment ago on how that might be achieved… Dec 01 15:35
schestowitz Did you check the URL? Dec 01 15:35
_doug Yea, it’s MS alright .. Dec 01 15:36
trmanco guess what is the first problem? Package Management Dec 01 15:36
trmanco troll Dec 01 15:36
schestowitz Well… Dec 01 15:37
schestowitz It was put on Digg 2 minutes ago. Dec 01 15:37
schestowitz And I know the writer’s history Dec 01 15:37
schestowitz He’s not a troll, but he’s a GNU/Linux n00b Dec 01 15:37
trmanco I caught it in my feeds Dec 01 15:37
schestowitz He was a Windows journalist until about a year ago Dec 01 15:37
trmanco ok Dec 01 15:37
schestowitz He’s not trolling much Dec 01 15:37
schestowitz To his credit, he writes positive things too and the title is not *too* provocative. Dec 01 15:38
schestowitz Alex Wolfe is the troll in InfoWeek Dec 01 15:38
_doug a solution in search of a problem .. Dec 01 15:38
schestowitz He even brought his trolling to COLA (USENET) Dec 01 15:38
_doug I only need the one distro to work with the one package management system .. Dec 01 15:38
schestowitz _doug: bingo! Dec 01 15:38
schestowitz Oops. Dec 01 15:39
schestowitz That bingo remark referred to ” a solution in search of a problem” Dec 01 15:39
twitter busy morning! Dec 01 15:39
_doug the ultimate cross-platform package-management is to compile from source .. Dec 01 15:39
schestowitz Linux worked all right, but I need to write something that drawn in reader on an emotional basis and a “Linux is cool” article ain’t such thing. Dec 01 15:39
trmanco Slackware Dec 01 15:39
twitter You did a good write up about binary interfaces in the kernel recently. Dec 01 15:40
schestowitz So let’s digg down under the hood and find things to break apart. Dec 01 15:40
twitter ut oh Dec 01 15:40
schestowitz twitter: some people want your stalkers banned. Dec 01 15:40
schestowitz As in… their comments deleted Dec 01 15:40
twitter I saw the G. Michaels stuff.  Banning would be better than deleting.  It’s a good record of harassment. Dec 01 15:41
schestowitz _doug: try to compile from soufce when your ‘EXE’ ‘magic’ stops working in Fista Dec 01 15:41
twitter Tagging would be good too. Dec 01 15:41
schestowitz Windows applications are not portable. Dec 01 15:41
_doug “Native file versioning .. Windows users have this in the form of shadow copies, but no default incarnation yet exists in the standard-issue Linux file systems” Dec 01 15:41
schestowitz Not even across archs. Dec 01 15:41
schestowitz Key word: default. Dec 01 15:42
_doug “the ability to roll back a file to a given point in time as a default piece of functionality isn’t a frivolity.” Dec 01 15:42
schestowitz had he tried to research properly, he would realise that he’s wrong. Dec 01 15:42
schestowitz _doug: good, so he should get the programs for it. Dec 01 15:42
_doug That isn’t such a problem in nix, as the latest ‘service pack’ don’t bork the whole system :) Dec 01 15:42
twitter and file systems in GNU/Linux don’t just blow up. Dec 01 15:43
twitter NTFS implosions tend to wipe out the “shadow copy” too Dec 01 15:43
_doug Goback: as you don’t know what the latest upgrade is going to do to the file system .. a solution in search of a MS problem .. :) Dec 01 15:44
twitter In 10 years of GNU/Linux use, I have never lost a file to file system corruption or system crap out. Dec 01 15:44
twitter Even when drives start to crap out, I have been able to get the information off. Dec 01 15:45
twitter In related news, M$FT is back under $20 http://finance.google.com/finance?q=NASDAQ:MSFT Dec 01 15:45
_doug ‘”Desktop” .. a graphical user interface that makes using and managing the system all the easier no matter what your level of technical expertise’ Dec 01 15:46
twitter that is part of a broader market flop of 5% this morning. Dec 01 15:46
_doug Is ‘ease of navagation’ the current FUD issue ? Dec 01 15:47
twitter “Ease of use” is an old M$ FUD issue that never dies. Dec 01 15:47
_doug “To that end, what’s needed is a single steering committee for all GUIs that work on Linux, so that whatever GUIs are created ..  to have tight integration of features with the kernel, a la BeOS” Dec 01 15:47
_doug Hey he mentions BeOS .. Dec 01 15:48
twitter You would think the EEE PC, which stands for “easy easy easy” would have put it to rest, at least for commercially supported distros, but the M$ FUDsters have nothing to do with reality. Dec 01 15:48
_doug This is a curious co-incidence, ReverseDRT, on this channel, mentioned precicly this, the lack of navagibility in the Linux GUI, he mentioned BeOS .. Dec 01 15:49
twitter They make impossible and irrational demands that have nothing to do with the perceived problem.  The only real problem free software has is with uncooperative OEMs and broadcast content owners. Dec 01 15:49
twitter All sorts of trolls mention BeOS.  It’s something most people don’t know about, so they can pull it out of their ass and look smart. Dec 01 15:50
_doug “If Linux will continue to draw regular PC users away from Windows, it’ll need to have many of the same features as Windows” Dec 01 15:51
twitter No list of features? Dec 01 15:51
twitter typical Dec 01 15:51
_doug remote backup .. Dec 01 15:51
twitter done better with grsync Dec 01 15:51
_doug personally I run a script that backups to a local box under NFS .. Dec 01 15:52
_doug Else I FTP to a remote server .. Dec 01 15:52
twitter rsync uses OpenSSH and is more secure. Dec 01 15:52
twitter you could drop it into your script if you wanted. Dec 01 15:53
_doug Yea, the script uses rsync, and creates incrimental backups .. Dec 01 15:53
_doug “Windows and Mac users have endless choices: the native file- and system-level backup “ Dec 01 15:54
_doug breaking news: the lack of backup tools under Linux :) Dec 01 15:54
twitter Windows and Mac users have endless needs. Dec 01 15:54
twitter I’m not sure about the lack of tools. Dec 01 15:55
_doug “integration with a commercial backup provider for regular users is what’s missing” Dec 01 15:55
twitter you can do rsync with almost any remote host server Dec 01 15:55
twitter the question is why you would do that rather than buy a $100 external drive. Dec 01 15:56
_doug Now here’s a business oppurtunity, how about the ISPs offering such a backup service, paid for by subscriptin .. ? Dec 01 15:56
twitter ” apt-cache search backup | wc” returns 135 lines Dec 01 15:56
_doug responseto Serdar Yegulalp: technically Linux posesses the tools to do the job. What’s lacking is people commercialising the product. Dec 01 15:58
twitter opportunity, yes.  need, no. Dec 01 15:59
_doug Roy: isn’t there a Linux desktop usability project going somewhere ? Dec 01 15:59
twitter Every Window Manager is a usability project. Dec 01 15:59
_doug http://www.linux-usability.de/d… Aug 2003 .. Dec 01 16:01
_doug ot: did anyone see Spooks last night ? Dec 01 16:03
*schestowitz doing some reading and writing about Shannon’s entropy today. :-) Dec 01 16:04
schestowitz twitter: watch out for a post later… about OEM coercion (since you mentioned it) Dec 01 16:05
_doug answer required !!! Dec 01 16:05
schestowitz _doug: yes, there is also a usability project for KDE. Dec 01 16:06
schestowitz Usability is another word like INNOVA~1. BUZZ. Dec 01 16:07
_doug isn’t there a council or something .. the Gnome usability project ? Dec 01 16:07
schestowitz I used Metisse while I was on vacation. Dec 01 16:07
*schestowitz goes nowhere without a Mandriva CD anymore. Dec 01 16:07
schestowitz _doug: yes, there is. I have many refs on GNOME and usability. Dec 01 16:08
schestowitz USABIL~1 Dec 01 16:08
_doug spooks, anyone see it ? Dec 01 16:16
_doug http://www.bbc.co.uk/iplayer/episode/b00flyz9… Dec 01 16:16
_doug spooks: at 17:59, this renegade MI5 operative points a electronic-immobiliser gun at a paparazzi on a moterbike, causing him to swerve under a truck .. Dec 01 16:25
_doug The electronic-immobiliser he got from the manufacturers by forging a signature and getting caught on CC TV .. Dec 01 16:26
_doug Wouldn’t it have been simpler to throw the paparazzi off a roof ? :) Dec 01 16:26
_doug who writes these scripts ? Dec 01 16:27
_doug The scripts are cring-worthy of a high order .. especially the bits that mention ‘computers’ .. Dec 01 16:28
_doug Oh, by the way, the paparazzi had compromising photographs on a USB device, that the kid decoded in four seconds . :) Dec 01 16:28
schestowitz MI5 must be busy these days Dec 01 16:31
_doug Is it wise to make an electronic-immobiliser gun, that looks like an assault rifle .. :) Dec 01 16:31
twitter causing an accident remotely is much better than beating up your victim or doing anything else that leaves evidence Dec 01 16:32
schestowitz After the Mumbai terrorism, the second great depression that leads to radicalism (BNP et al)… can’t be easy… Dec 01 16:32
*kentma1 has quit (Remote closed the connection) Dec 01 16:32
PetoKraus twitter: it depends Dec 01 16:32
PetoKraus sometimes you just wanna punch someone Dec 01 16:32
twitter no, I never feel that way. Dec 01 16:32
schestowitz PetoKraus: So you join the poice Dec 01 16:32
PetoKraus :) Dec 01 16:33
schestowitz They get new toys now. Dec 01 16:33
PetoKraus i was thinking about joining army though Dec 01 16:33
schestowitz http://news.google.com/news?hl=en&… Dec 01 16:33
_doug Look up the episode where the FSB tries to hack into the financial sector, through the fiberoptic link under the northsea. Dec 01 16:33
_doug Using a nuclear submarine, only MI5 uses a reverse-hack and disables the sub :) Dec 01 16:34
schestowitz Only in Bond films Dec 01 16:34
schestowitz BTW, that’s glorification of sercret services Dec 01 16:34
twitter and murder Dec 01 16:34
_doug this *is* the British Broadcasting Corporation .. Dec 01 16:34
schestowitz By coincidences I have some Bond sountrack music  playing… Dec 01 16:34
schestowitz Amazing what music is made available for free out there! Dec 01 16:35
schestowitz twitter: no, not murder Dec 01 16:35
PetoKraus schestowitz: yes, all the music on torrents… Dec 01 16:35
PetoKraus :D Dec 01 16:35
schestowitz You’ll see sparks and splinters all around Mr. Bond Dec 01 16:35
_doug last word: for a bunch of spooks, they do seem to chatter on their mobile phones lot ? Dec 01 16:35
schestowitz But he’s got like.. well, some sort of gravity shield. They always miss him Dec 01 16:35
twitter ok, it’s glorification of extrajudical homicide Dec 01 16:36
schestowitz Corollary: if you are the Good Guy(R), you are invincible. Dec 01 16:36
twitter Good Guys only murder in self defense. Dec 01 16:36
twitter They have cool tools to do this and never get dirty/hurt Dec 01 16:36
schestowitz PetoKraus: this one is a man’s rendition on keyboard/synthesiser, I think. Dec 01 16:36
schestowitz twitter: this reminds me of politics. Dec 01 16:37
schestowitz I’ve watched a lot of political videos recently. Dec 01 16:37
schestowitz About exploration of hyporcrisy in the west, as told by westerners. Dec 01 16:37
schestowitz Brainwash culture too. Dec 01 16:37
_doug The ‘real’ news reads like a Bond plot .. simple sound-bytes and easily identifiable good-guys and villians :) Dec 01 16:38
twitter I saw a black helicopter fantasy called “shooter” the other day.  It was like a special forces recruitment video. Dec 01 16:38
_doug It’s interesting seeing just who spooks consider the villians. Dec 01 16:39
schestowitz _doug:  that too Dec 01 16:40
schestowitz Read Schneier recently? Dec 01 16:40
_doug The FSB + Chetan rebels + Al Qaeda Dec 01 16:40
schestowitz He talks a lot about things like “security theatre” Dec 01 16:40
schestowitz And “movie plot” threat Dec 01 16:40
twitter Code Pink has an interesting “war is not a game” initiative that tells parents to avoid “war toys” as gifts. Dec 01 16:40
_doug I’ll go take a look .. back in ten .. Dec 01 16:40
schestowitz As in… the security ‘dinosaurs’ think of all sort of fictional stuff from Hollywood as /the/ threat Dec 01 16:40
schestowitz twitter: they have some pro-military songs right now. Dec 01 16:41
schestowitz It’s disguised as a gentle thing about heroism and love,. Dec 01 16:41
twitter Disgracefully, a US Supreme Court member recently stood up for torture, he’s also a fan of some silly TV show. Dec 01 16:41
schestowitz But really… it’s means for having people think of becoming ‘heros’ by carrying guns and going abroad, IMHO Dec 01 16:41
schestowitz Change of one’s mode of mind… amazing what things we get exposed to can do Dec 01 16:42
schestowitz Computers games that are violent are even encouraged — in the form of funding — by the US army. Dec 01 16:42
*kevin__ (n=kevin@adsl-71-132-205-189.dsl.pltn13.pacbell.net) has left #boycottnovell (“”byebye everybody!””) Dec 01 16:53
*kevin__ (n=kevin@adsl-71-132-205-189.dsl.pltn13.pacbell.net) has joined #boycottnovell Dec 01 16:54
kevin__ hello Dec 01 16:54
kevin__ does anyone here use the distro “nimblex”? I’m interested in using it on a usb drive, but there’s just one problem Dec 01 16:54
kevin__ after reading the features included on the website, it says that it “also includes software to skip encryption on PDF’s” Dec 01 16:55
kevin__ as someone who lives in a nation owned by large companies, i don’t want to risk having the Nazis sent after me for obtaining software that *could* be used to violate the DMCA Dec 01 16:56
kevin__ so do you know if that particular pdf software is included by default, or if it is an add-on module? Dec 01 16:56
kevin__ i looked around the site for a wile and couldn’t seem to find a package list Dec 01 16:57
kevin__ this distro is cool because it is about 200 megs, includes KDE, Compiz, media players, web browsers etc… perfect for a flash drive Dec 01 16:57
schestowitz Hey Dec 01 16:58
kevin__ hey Dec 01 16:58
*schestowitz was on phone Dec 01 16:58
schestowitz nimblex is lots of everything,but master of none, AFAIK Dec 01 16:58
schestowitz One Romanian guy  makes it. Dec 01 16:58
kevin__ i used to use slax Dec 01 16:59
kevin__ it was nice, but the list of modules isn’t as big as it once was (from 5.1) Dec 01 16:59
schestowitz *LOL* http://www.theregister.co.uk/2008/12… ( New terror guidelines on photography ) .. never mind if there was never evidence of terrorists using photos Dec 01 16:59
schestowitz kapipi: encryption of PDF is removed in Go-OO (Novell) Dec 01 17:00
kevin__ well, it has always been illegal to take pictures of govt buildings right? Dec 01 17:00
schestowitz http://boycottnovell.com/2008/11/0… Dec 01 17:00
kevin__ i personally avoid PDFs like the plague Dec 01 17:00
schestowitz kevin__: my eyes are a camera Dec 01 17:01
schestowitz I am lethal!! Dec 01 17:01
schestowitz I can draw things from memory Dec 01 17:01
kevin__ lol Dec 01 17:01
schestowitz They erased the photos from phones of Boycott Novell protesters in India Dec 01 17:01
kevin__ seriously though, people are afraid of MS screwing up free software by way of software patents, but what about DRM/DMCA? Dec 01 17:02
schestowitz I suppose you read about that. Dec 01 17:02
schestowitz They manage to restore some photos afterwards and post them online. Dec 01 17:02
schestowitz ACTA is worse. Dec 01 17:02
kevin__ what does that stand for? Dec 01 17:02
schestowitz I would like the see the media cover this white-collar crime. Dec 01 17:02
schestowitz It’s like Bilderberg and G8… unspeakable… no-go area. Dec 01 17:03
schestowitz To ISO and Microsoft, the BRM in Geneva was the same. Dec 01 17:03
schestowitz Nobody is allowed near the venue where crime (white collar and all) is taking place Dec 01 17:03
schestowitz Anti-counterfeiting trade agreement, IIRC Dec 01 17:03
schestowitz Put ACTA in Wikipedia Dec 01 17:04
schestowitz It’s a bad article though… I was told when I linked to it. Dec 01 17:04
schestowitz http://www.google.com/search?sourceid=m… Dec 01 17:04
kevin__ perhaps i should e-mail the author of nimblex and ask him if he could take out the circumventing PDF software and give me a copy of the distro… but then i feel like i’m asking for chocolate milk in a bar :) Dec 01 17:05
schestowitz Panda attacks man who wanted a cuddle < http://www.reuters.com/article/oddlyEn… > Dec 01 17:05
kevin__ yikes Dec 01 17:06
schestowitz The power of brainwash… they give pandas to kids, so these bears must be cuddly, right? :-) Dec 01 17:06
kevin__ lol Dec 01 17:06
schestowitz Watch the image in all In Iquirer pages today, e.g.: http://www.theinquirer.net/gb/inquirer/… ( Baidu bribed to allow unlicensed medical services ) Dec 01 17:06
schestowitz http://images.vnu.net/en/gb/inq/pic-o… Dec 01 17:06
schestowitz kevin__: it’s not infringing (the PDF thing). I don’t think it is. Dec 01 17:07
schestowitz Millions of people have that. Dec 01 17:07
kevin__ there is a radio show where i live that does segments called “bad news over happy music”… that panda story reminds me of it Dec 01 17:07
schestowitz Maybe even tens of millions. Dec 01 17:07
kevin__ i read about a guy once who got nabbed by the FBI. He wrote PDF circumvention software… his name was Dimitri Sclirov (i’m sure i spelled that wrong) Dec 01 17:09
schestowitz Isn’t that old news? Dec 01 17:10
schestowitz And he /wrote/ it, not just used it. Dec 01 17:10
kevin__ yep… it happened years ago Dec 01 17:10
schestowitz Yes Dec 01 17:10
schestowitz Then there’s DVD Jon Dec 01 17:11
schestowitz There is another guy with a similar story Dec 01 17:11
schestowitz Phil Zimmerman got the spooks on his back for making PGP (or gnupgp Dec 01 17:11
kevin__ i know they were looking for the guy who cracked wma Dec 01 17:11
schestowitz You know who they should look for? Dec 01 17:11
kevin__ wow i hadn’t heard about that story… i’ll have to read about it Dec 01 17:11
schestowitz The people who crack the law with these conspiracies. Dec 01 17:12
kevin__ agreed Dec 01 17:12
schestowitz “DRM is nearly always the result of a conspiracy of companies to restrict the technology available to the public. Such conspiracy should be a crime, and the executives responsible for it should be sentenced to prison.” — Richard Stallman Dec 01 17:12
schestowitz It’s another case of the hyporcrisy I mentioned earleir. Dec 01 17:12
schestowitz Example: Dec 01 17:12
schestowitz Iraq: poor country, US: big Dec 01 17:12
schestowitz Iraq: bad; US: good Dec 01 17:12
schestowitz Invading Iraq? Good Dec 01 17:12
kevin__ but i also think it is partly the citizens’ responsibility not to buy that stuff Dec 01 17:13
schestowitz Why? Good country rescues people from bad people. Dec 01 17:13
schestowitz Likewise. Dec 01 17:13
schestowitz What we have here is MPAA/RIAA/Ballmer/etc. Dec 01 17:13
schestowitz Versus who? Dec 01 17:13
schestowitz “Pirates” Dec 01 17:13
kevin__ when someone buys a dvd they are just feeding them Dec 01 17:13
schestowitz “Thieves” Dec 01 17:13
schestowitz Code word for “clients” Dec 01 17:13
schestowitz One if a responsible elite, aka Producer Dec 01 17:13
schestowitz The other is a lousy consumer Dec 01 17:14
schestowitz Passive word Dec 01 17:14
schestowitz So they are the good forces Dec 01 17:14
schestowitz The customer is evil Dec 01 17:14
schestowitz Always trying to scre those billionaires Dec 01 17:14
schestowitz How dare they? Dec 01 17:14
_doug Police forces will be remotely searching hard drives .. Dec 01 17:14
_doug http://news.bbc.co.uk/1/hi/t… Dec 01 17:14
schestowitz So they sey up a conspiracy Dec 01 17:14
_doug :) Dec 01 17:14
kevin__ i think if consumers were educated, we wouldn’t be in this situation right now Dec 01 17:14
schestowitz Let’s arrange it such that Vista has DRM Dec 01 17:14
schestowitz MacBooks likewise. Dec 01 17:14
schestowitz People will buy stuff repeatedly. Dec 01 17:15
kevin__ as long as it’s shiny and has a nice ad Dec 01 17:15
schestowitz People produce via peers… so just kill effective communication ports Dec 01 17:15
schestowitz Spsonsor and subsidize those who are involved in trend-making Dec 01 17:15
schestowitz They are called the “copyrights cartel” even by notable authors Dec 01 17:15
kevin__ then there are people who know about drm and stuff but buy into it anyway… like leo laporte Dec 01 17:16
schestowitz They sees it as a privilege to be sole producers for a negligible crown of mere mortals. Dec 01 17:16
schestowitz Which is a form of arrogance that ancient Greece considered a sin. Dec 01 17:16
kevin__ one second they are complaining about it, the next they’re pushing it on people :) Dec 01 17:16
schestowitz _doug: re HDD, hardly surprising. Dec 01 17:16
schestowitz They collaborate with the Vole Dec 01 17:17
schestowitz They get back doors. Dec 01 17:17
kevin__ case in point, audible Dec 01 17:17
schestowitz Now it’s just out in the open Dec 01 17:17
schestowitz People can no longer own PCs Dec 01 17:17
schestowitz They /share/ PCs with babysitters (adults too) Dec 01 17:17
schestowitz They don’t buy content Dec 01 17:17
schestowitz They /rent/ content Dec 01 17:17
kevin__ yep Dec 01 17:17
_doug new Cloud browser operating system .. Dec 01 17:17
_doug http://www.linuxpromagazine.com/online/news/good_o… Dec 01 17:17
schestowitz Just seen it. ;-) Dec 01 17:18
schestowitz Do your friends know DRM? Dec 01 17:19
kevin__ not really Dec 01 17:19
schestowitz If you say DRM, do they go like “what?” Dec 01 17:19
schestowitz It’s disgraceful. Dec 01 17:19
kevin__ some of them just circumvent it, which doesn’t help the situation any Dec 01 17:19
schestowitz They are not teaching people about it on TV Dec 01 17:19
schestowitz As though it’s teaching people about cracking Dec 01 17:19
schestowitz Or the making og a bomb Dec 01 17:19
_doug Europe rejects stem cell patent .. Dec 01 17:20
_doug http://www.guardian.co.uk/science/2008/nov/… Dec 01 17:20
schestowitz So the only way to inform people about DRM is stuff like blogs, E-mail, word of mouth Dec 01 17:20
schestowitz The media is apathetic, probably by design. Dec 01 17:20
_doug DRM is also usefull in monitoring what peopel are watching .. Dec 01 17:20
schestowitz “Fighting patents one by one will never eliminate the danger of software patents, any more than swatting mosquitoes will eliminate malaria.” –Richard Stallman Dec 01 17:20
kevin__ but if the law was enforced, it would also help Dec 01 17:21
schestowitz “Staff at the European Patent Office went on strike accusing the organization of corruption: specifically, stretching the standards for patents in order to make more money.” http://www.stallman.org/archives/2008-jul-oct… Dec 01 17:21
schestowitz _doug: yes, that too Dec 01 17:21
schestowitz DRM is black-boxing. Dec 01 17:21
schestowitz Media+’authorised’ player Dec 01 17:21
kevin__ it’s also a way to turn consumers’ old hardware into literal garbage Dec 01 17:22
schestowitz Someone showed me a site the other day — one that encourages not to buy new h/w Dec 01 17:22
kevin__ even if said hardware could still be useful in some manor, like the xbox Dec 01 17:22
_doug I hereby patent all GTCA base pairs .. :) Dec 01 17:22
schestowitz I proably ought to give away my spare PC at home… it’s quite powerful. Dec 01 17:22
schestowitz If only I could give up on the need for backup uinit. Dec 01 17:23
schestowitz kevin__: the world will wake up when Africans come banging on our door. Dec 01 17:23
schestowitz It’s human crime what’s done here. Dec 01 17:23
schestowitz All the trash is transported for others to choke and die on. Dec 01 17:23
schestowitz But…. that’s “Them” (R), so it’s ‘OK’ Dec 01 17:24
schestowitz If it were the other way around (Africans using Europe as its dumpster), it would be a different story Dec 01 17:24
kevin__ yes, going back to the whole OEM licensing, those companies are anti-recycling Dec 01 17:24
PetoKraus gosh Dec 01 17:24
PetoKraus i’m just reading about the Megan case Dec 01 17:24
schestowitz Recycle? Oh gosh! Dec 01 17:25
PetoKraus bloody fucking hell, are people nuts, or what? Dec 01 17:25
schestowitz What would *THAT* contribute to the ecnomy? Dec 01 17:25
kevin__ “don’t recycle, but a new one!” :) Dec 01 17:25
kevin__ buy* Dec 01 17:25
PetoKraus What the hell are they doing in the States? Dec 01 17:25
schestowitz Where economy doesn’t not mean ‘economy’ (green) but means money. Dec 01 17:25
schestowitz PetoKraus: yes, I know. Dec 01 17:25
PetoKraus it’s aggravating Dec 01 17:26
PetoKraus honestly Dec 01 17:26
PetoKraus this is exactly the moment when you want to take baseball bat Dec 01 17:26
PetoKraus and mash up their faces for being so stupid Dec 01 17:26
schestowitz PetoKraus: [sarcasm] send her to Guatanamo bay for some water boarding. Dec 01 17:26
kevin__ that was a rape case right? Dec 01 17:26
kevin__ that megan one? Dec 01 17:26
schestowitz Though shalt not do online mischiefs Dec 01 17:26
PetoKraus kevin__: not really Dec 01 17:26
PetoKraus girl commits suicide because of myspace bullyling Dec 01 17:27
_doug Intellectual Ventures (IV) buy into Transmeta .. Dec 01 17:27
_doug http://opensource.sys-con.com/node/763497 Dec 01 17:27
schestowitz Yuck Dec 01 17:27
schestowitz Do they buy Linus too? Dec 01 17:27
PetoKraus and the person who bullied her goes into jail for that Dec 01 17:27
kevin__ oh ok, i was thinking of megan’s law which i though had something to do with rape Dec 01 17:27
kevin__ thought* Dec 01 17:27
schestowitz PetoKraus: I hope noone whom I criticise in BN commits suicide. Dec 01 17:28
schestowitz Yuck, _doug, you’re feeding the Sys-con Monster Dec 01 17:28
kevin__ we’ve all heard of “digital restrictions management” but what do you think of “dominate/manipulate consumers act” for the DMCA? Dec 01 17:31
schestowitz McKinnon’s fate decided on Obama day < http://www.theinquirer.net/gb/inquirer/news/2… > Dec 01 17:31
kevin__ does it sound any good? Dec 01 17:31
schestowitz It’s corporations becoming the govt. Dec 01 17:32
schestowitz People need to fight against it. Dec 01 17:32
schestowitz Don’t ask me. Dec 01 17:32
schestowitz Ask anyone who observes how the so-called ‘elites’ take control until the point of unrest of collapse. Dec 01 17:32
PetoKraus schestowitz: well it won’t matter for you Dec 01 17:33
PetoKraus after all, you write your terms of service Dec 01 17:33
_doug “William P. Tai informed the Board .. of Transmeta .. that he plans to retire .. fulfill .. commitments at Charles River Ventures, a venture capital firm ..” Dec 01 17:33
_doug http://investorvillage.com/mbthread.asp?mb… Dec 01 17:33
_doug Intellectual Ventures .. Dec 01 17:33
_doug http://www.crv.com/portfolio/softw… Dec 01 17:33
schestowitz Now with the depression it’ll get worse cause they’ll sweep up all the small companies and centralise further. Dec 01 17:33
schestowitz What’s  Charles River Ventures? Dec 01 17:34
kevin__ i would have thought it would get better because people wouldn’t be buying as much DRM-infected content Dec 01 17:34
schestowitz Oh, I see… Dec 01 17:34
schestowitz Charles River Venture -> Charles River Venture -> Intellectual Ventures > Gates/nathanm Dec 01 17:35
_doug Is a company started by a former Transmeta board member, just after IV invested in his company and Transmeta .. Dec 01 17:35
schestowitz Spread the load Dec 01 17:35
schestowitz Isn’t that shell of Gates also a subsidiary? Dec 01 17:36
schestowitz And then there’s Acacia. Dec 01 17:36
schestowitz Umbrella under another umbrella. Dec 01 17:36
schestowitz Microsoft could separate R&D, make is a separate company, say… INNOVA~1soft, then sue companies and say “well, we have no products” and we have nothing to do with that Macrosift thingie. Dec 01 17:37
schestowitz Say goodbye to Google Earth? http://www.pcworld.com/article/154690… Dec 01 17:38
schestowitz Kitchen knife… weapon of terrorism Dec 01 17:39
kevin__ that would sure be sad Dec 01 17:39
schestowitz Twitter… weapon of terrorism Dec 01 17:39
schestowitz Voice… weapon of terrorism Dec 01 17:39
schestowitz Virtual globe… weapon of terrorism Dec 01 17:39
kevin__ haha Dec 01 17:39
kevin__ yes, where does it stop Dec 01 17:39
schestowitz Nowhere. Dec 01 17:39
schestowitz It’s stupid. Dec 01 17:39
schestowitz Had they not have GE, they would have used another set of imagery Dec 01 17:39
schestowitz That also debunks that whole “no photography” policy Dec 01 17:40
schestowitz Heck. Dec 01 17:40
kevin__ people write software to steal money and the like too, so perhaps they will outlaw compilers Dec 01 17:40
schestowitz If I want  a photo of something, I go to Flickr and broser a billion or so. Dec 01 17:40
schestowitz *browse Dec 01 17:40
_doug “Charles River Ventures, a venture capital firm” Dec 01 17:40
_doug http://snipurl.com/6zy68 Dec 01 17:40
kevin__ or make trusted computing mandatory Dec 01 17:41
schestowitz BWHWHW… I must be planning to attack Eiffel Tower…  “We found 387,225 results matching eiffel.” < http://www.flickr.com/search/?q=e… > Dec 01 17:41
schestowitz You could probably find every little nut and bolt on that thing. Dec 01 17:42
kevin__ there’s a fantastic video on youtube about trusted computing Dec 01 17:42
schestowitz But if you wear a mask and take photos you’ll be removes from the scene. Well, it keeps the cops busy… make them feel like they do something…. “movie plot” threat Dec 01 17:42
schestowitz _doug: good business for “Charles” Dec 01 17:43
schestowitz The economy is trillions in debts… no exports… time for some imaginary export. Dec 01 17:43
schestowitz “Haallo… Mr. Lee… ya, ya… would you love to buy some of my IP?” Dec 01 17:44
kevin__ you mean rent? :) Dec 01 17:44
schestowitz Yes. Dec 01 17:44
schestowitz But patents expire Dec 01 17:44
schestowitz No-one knows when. Dec 01 17:44
PetoKraus half the pictures of eiffel tower on flickr are violating that immensely stupid copyright Dec 01 17:44
schestowitz Like copyrights… Dec 01 17:45
PetoKraus the good thing is, the pictures themselves are copyrighted Dec 01 17:45
_doug MS newsletter spam: Dec 01 17:45
schestowitz 20 years ago it would have expired in the 90s… then they corrupt the law… and VOILA! 95 years!! Dec 01 17:45
kevin__ as far as i’m concerned, copyrights never expire, because by the time they do i’ll be long gone… what is it now the life of the author plus 50 years? Dec 01 17:45
PetoKraus “you have to ask me to use my photo”, no, you have to pay license to publish this photo in the first place, MORON Dec 01 17:45
_doug X-Spam-Checker-Version: SpamAssassin 3.2.5-deb (2008-09-06) on Dec 01 17:46
_doug ***.***.*** Dec 01 17:46
_doug X-Spam-Level: * Dec 01 17:46
_doug X-Spam-Status: No, score=1.0 required=4.5 tests=AWL,DNS_FROM_RFC_ABUSE, Dec 01 17:46
schestowitz I use Stock Exchange. Dec 01 17:46
schestowitz Based in Hungary Dec 01 17:46
_doug Why didn’t my spam assasian catch that MS spam ? Dec 01 17:46
schestowitz http://www.sxc.hu/browse.phtml Dec 01 17:46
schestowitz BN uses lots from there. It’s great for the price. Dec 01 17:47
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