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posted by Roy Schestowitz on Feb 26, 2024

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Updated This Past Day

  1. today's leftovers
    many leftovers for today
  2. Programming Leftovers
    with some R and Python focus
  3. Some OpenBSD features that aren't widely known
    OpenBSD explained by insider
  4. Debian: Spellchecking, Noi & Imaginer in Debian-Derived SparkyLinux
    Some Debian updates
  5. Unifont 15.1.05 and GNU libunistring-1.2 Released
    Some GNUU releases
  6. GNOME Reflection and Wayland
    On Terminal-Based Programs and Wayland
  7. Linux and Devices
    3 storiees
  8. Software: KRFB, Data Recovery, and More
    4 links regarding FOSS
  9. Red Hat Refines Beta Release Cycle for RHEL Minor Updates
    Starting from RHEL 9.5, Red Hat will bet on a new approach for the minor beta releases to streamline testing and feedback processes
  10. today's howtos
    many howtos
  11. Sway 1.9 Debuts with Advanced Rendering
    Sway 1.9 tiling Wayland compositor released porting rendering code to the new wlroots Hey Hi (AI) Here's more on that!
  12. Android Leftovers
    The Honor Pad 9 is the most iPad-est Android tablet I’ve used, and that’s a good thing
  13. Kid3 Audio Tag Editor 3.9.5 Released with Webp Image Support
    Kid3, the free open-source Qt based audio tag editor
  14. Bluesky vs. Mastodon: Which Twitter Alternative Should You Choose?
    Mastodon is one of the most-loved open-source social media platforms. But, what's different with Bluesky? Let us find out here
  15. Proton 9.0 Released
    Proton 9.0 is now out
  16. Recent Invidious Videos (GNU/Linux Focus)
    via YouTube
  17. Android Leftovers
    New Android threat sends your photos, texts, contacts, hardware data and more to a foreign server
  18. Security Leftovers
    Mostly CISA and LockBit
  19. FreeBSD 13.3-BETA3 Now Available
    The third BETA build of the 13.3-RELEASE release cycle is now available
  20. OnlyOffice 8.0 and the Dream of a Microsoft Office Alternative
    OnlyOffice is an open source office suite licensed under the AGPL 3.0 license
  21. Armbian 24.2 Kereru
    We’re excited to announce the latest Armbian release,24.2, codename: Kereru!
  22. Today in Techrights
    Some of the latest articles

    The corresponding text-only bulletin for Sunday contains all the text.

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Human Rights Tribunal of Ontario (HRTO) Does Not Wish to Become an Instrument of Cost-Free Harassment or 'Cheap Revenge', It Says "Justice is Not Free. Quite the Contrary. Justice is Expensive."
Long story short, there is no lawsuit, there is a just a hateful, lying idiot abusing "the system" (which this idiot rejects entirely)
Achieving Objectives
The 'suits' and their vocabulary can be overcome when their deceit is widely deciphered:
Mozilla Has Turned Firefox Into OSPS Consistent With "Attestation" Objectives
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100 years of Hitler & psychological experiments on volunteers
Reprinted with permission from the Free Software Fellowship
Taliban, the Free and Open Source Software Community Team of Afghanistan
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