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dsmith_new MS commercial, what a load of bollocksSep 07 00:15
schestowitzI stopped watching after 30 secs.Sep 07 00:22
dsmith_hahaSep 07 00:22
dsmith_I went out and asked before to tell me thier reaction, they were confused... IS MS Selling shoes now?Sep 07 00:23
schestowitzSeeing a comedian I used to respect turning into a shoemaker of a fraudulent executive...Sep 07 00:23
seller_liarschestowitz: 07 02:04
seller_liarschestowitz: remember m$ loves chrome because the 95%Sep 07 02:04
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tessierWow, he's stubborn.Sep 07 02:45
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schestowitzMicrosoft money in IDG/IDC goes further than I first imagined: InfoWorld, CIO, ComputerWorld, CSO, Demo, GamePro,, IDG Connect,IDG World Expo, Industry Standard, IT World, JavaWorld, LinuxWorld, MacUser, Macworld, Network World, PC World, PlaylistSep 07 08:10
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schestowitzTurns out that "" grabbed more than 25074 pages from BN yesterday, but not with a grabber like wget.Sep 07 10:51
ZiggyFishdo you know who it is?Sep 07 10:52
schestowitzNo. I did a search, but nothing relevant comes up. The site does not even *have* that many pages.Sep 07 10:54
ZiggyFishlolSep 07 10:54
schestowitzWe have about 5000: 07 10:54
trmancoduplicate pagesSep 07 10:55
trmancofrom the monthly archives, etcSep 07 10:56
schestowitzHmmm... Microsoft embezzlement also 8 years ago: 07 10:56
schestowitztrmanco: there aren't duplicates though.Sep 07 10:56
trmancothats on GoogleSep 07 10:56
trmancoyou have a rules for the search engine bot *I guess* so you only get about 5000 on the search engineSep 07 10:57
schestowitzReally?Sep 07 10:58
trmancobut if you scan the website with a sitemap builder without any sort of rules for example, you got a more than just 5000Sep 07 10:58
schestowitz 07 10:58
trmancoI'm eating up words :|Sep 07 10:58
schestowitzWell, I used to have XML sitemap for it, but as the site went past 3000 posts or so and the host put a CPU cap on us (destroying some pages in the process), that had to endSep 07 10:59
schestowitz 07 11:00
trmancohmmmSep 07 11:00
schestowitz"The accused had reportedly made use of their comprehensive knowledge of business practices in the financial house Rothschild, and had instructed Rothschild partner French to transfer 654,000 Microsoft stocks from an unknowing Rothschild client to the account of the board member's company in Ohio." 07 11:01
schestowitz(I'm looking for something very specific, but I come across these other bits along the way)Sep 07 11:02
trmancoI already made sitemaps with some cheap sitemap builder and they repeat the index pages, archives, tags, pages, etc so thats why I said thatSep 07 11:02
ZiggyFishdo you guys like chromeSep 07 11:03
trmancobut you do only have about 5000 indexable pages thoSep 07 11:03
trmancoZiggyFish, it sucksSep 07 11:03
trmancocan't get it to work 99% on wineSep 07 11:03
trmanco:|Sep 07 11:03
ZiggyFishI agreeSep 07 11:04
ZiggyFishdon't think it will change anythingSep 07 11:04
trmanco 07 11:05
schestowitzI hate pay tolls for access to information.. "Microsoft Corp. said Friday that it gave chairman Bill Gates a ... to atone for a $5 million embezzlement scandal, the bank " excerpt for 07 11:05
schestowitzThis one too is new to me: "Microsoft co-founder Paul G. Allen has been sued for sexual harassment in Los Angeles Superior Court by a woman who says she was fired from one of the billionaire's businesses after twice rejecting his sexual advances on a business trip three years ago." 07 11:07
schestowitzAngeles+Times&desc=Micr osoft+ Co-Founder+Is+Accus ed +of+Harass ment%3B+Court%3A+Su it+sa ys+ e mployee+of+L.A.+company +wa s+fired+after+rejecting+his+adv ances. +Computer+mogul+Paul+Allen +denies+allegation.&pqatl=g oogleSep 07 11:07
schestowitz 07 11:07
ZiggyFishwe may reach 1 % at the end of this month 07 11:08
ZiggyFishor in real terms 99 % of people use linux in some formSep 07 11:09
trmancoyesSep 07 11:10
trmancomaybeSep 07 11:10
schestowitzIt's bogus, ZiggyFish. Don't link to Big Lies.Sep 07 11:10
schestowitz 07 11:11
ZiggyFishthe problem is, most people use as their only source of market share informationSep 07 11:13
schestowitzThat's because the media is pushing them towards it. ZeeZeeNet, IDG, etc.Sep 07 11:13
ZiggyFishyepSep 07 11:13
schestowitzEven Microsoft's liars from Partner Group say this (not for the first time BTW): 07 11:14
schestowitzIt was estimated at 3% for several years, but it's growing all the time. It could be well more than 4% because of second-hand PCs in developing countries.Sep 07 11:15
ZiggyFishbe interesting to see how hitslink get's their informationSep 07 11:15
schestowitzSee 07 11:17
schestowitzBN shows that there are more GNU/Linux users than Windows users, but that's a niche site.Sep 07 11:17
schestowitz "A WOMAN is suing the Enhanced Business Reporting Corporation, Grant Thornton, Pricewaterhouse Coopers, the AICPA, Microsoft and named individuals working for these outfits in an Indiana court.Sep 07 11:19
ZiggyFishwell put " If you were my graduate student and you came to me with this sampling strategy, I’d send you back to kindergarten."Sep 07 11:20
schestowitzDon't link to these big lies. It's easy to prove almost anything using stats. Like IDC does with server figures (counting just revenue from preinstalls as "market share")...Sep 07 11:23
schestowitzHmmmm... this one seems impossible to find (articles not there): 07 11:32
ZiggyFishyeahSep 07 11:32
schestowitzTurns out the Lyons shills hasn't blogged here for years, but watch him attack GL and RMS: 07 11:34
ZiggyFish more on chromeSep 07 11:36
ZiggyFishand not the paint sniffersSep 07 11:36
schestowitzNobody cared for his attacks on FOSS in a WordPress blogs, so he decided to pretend to be Steve Jobs in BlogSpot and do his 'freetard' attacks from there.Sep 07 11:36
schestowitzIsn't that an already-resolved issue?Sep 07 11:37
schestowitzHaven't read past the beginning yet, but the EULA is changed, so ITNews might be delivering old news.Sep 07 11:37
ZiggyFishAs a result, Google completely deleted the offending passage and changed the section to read: "You retain copyright and any other rights you already hold in content which you submit, post or display on or through, the services."Sep 07 11:38
schestowitz"In the meantime, local restaurants are already introducing their own touchscreen ordering systems, most notably Wagaya in Sydney's Haymarket." 07 11:40
schestowitzI'm just a tad curious. Is that Haymarket media, which owns ITNews? 07 11:40
ZiggyFishcan't wait until Firefox 3.1 comes out (really want these new tags to take effect)Sep 07 11:41
schestowitzFrom : "(Haymarket Media appointed Kevin Downey as publisher of Medical Marketing and Media)(Brief Article)" [...] Most recently, Downey was director of media sales at, an employment board for the technology sector, where he handled media sales efforts for such companies as Microsoft, Intel and Oracle."Sep 07 11:42
schestowitzIt seems too loose though. There seems to be no strong connection there.Sep 07 11:42
ZiggyFishmm, trueSep 07 11:43
schestowitzI still trust SJVN.Sep 07 11:44
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schestowitzInteresting idea about Mono going proprietary/'protected' for certain portions: " I'll tell you what they will do, they will fork Mono into proprietary and open, instantly after that MS will give blessing only to prop. Mono while the other will be just like a shareware for them."Sep 07 15:20
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trmanco 07 16:56
schestowitzThanks, I'll add itSep 07 16:58
trmanco:)Sep 07 16:58
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_Doug....................................................... ................................................................... ..............................................Sep 07 18:39
schestowitzHey, man.Sep 07 18:41
schestowitzYou sent me this: "We still come across clients that have made the mistake of buying a consumer device because nobody ever explained the differences in quality, warranty and performance to them when they made the retail purchase," Duffy said.Sep 07 18:42
_DougThis is just the latest SPIN~1 out of redmondSep 07 18:46
_DougThere's a difference in quality between the consumer and commercial versionSep 07 18:46
schestowitzI know. "Get a load of the self-serving bum-fluss fresh out of MICROS~1. You see, the reason for the failure of Vista is the cunstomers are confusing a 'consumer device' with devices aimed at the 'small business space'. As if there was any difference between the two, a glorified overbloated menuing GUI .. :) "Sep 07 18:46
_DougThe reality is Vista wouldn't run on the hardware, remember they abd Intel colluded on reducing the specs.Sep 07 18:47
schestowitzCan you E-mail client not handle words long than 8 CHARAC~1?Sep 07 18:47
schestowitz*longerSep 07 18:47
schestowitz_Doug:: OEMs too,  not just Intel.Sep 07 18:47
schestowitzIt's not a collusion. It Vendor Orgy.Sep 07 18:48
_DougIt's a little attempt at humor, it's the only thing MICROS~1 ever innovated ..Sep 07 18:48
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_Doug"|quality, warranty and performance" .. is there a different warenty for the CONSUME~1 versionSep 07 18:49
schestowitzIt made Intel happy enough for exclusivity.Sep 07 18:49
schestowitzWarranty = "peace of mind"Sep 07 18:49
_DougThis computer is Vista ready: it doesn't run Vista, oh, in that case it's a performance issue ..Sep 07 18:50
_Dougquality ?Sep 07 18:50
_Dougot: there's a meme going round the Internet, in US blablabla, in Russia it's the exact opposite etc .. do you know of it ..Sep 07 18:52
*PetoKraus ( has joined #boycottnovellSep 07 18:52
schestowitzYes, it's old, no?Sep 07 18:52
schestowitzYou mean that Slashdot humour?Sep 07 18:52
schestowitz 07 18:52
_Dougahh thanks ..Sep 07 18:52
_DougIS funny .. JaSep 07 18:54
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schestowitzI could not pin down a reference to the "Only old people in Korea" hunour.Sep 07 18:56
schestowitz*humourSep 07 18:57
_DougI sent one 'Russian reversal' joke to an American and they didn't get it .. no sense of irony ...Sep 07 18:57
_Doug" legions of Microsoft 'gurus'"Sep 07 19:00
_Doug"it also sounds like the type of experience one gets immediately upon walking into an Apple store. And, in the opinion of many Microsoft channel partners, that's a step in the right direction."Sep 07 19:01
_Dougdesperation !!!Sep 07 19:01
_DougEXCUSES~1 .. "Microsoft faces certain challenges that Apple does not, including a more complex product set, a lack of control over the retail environment, and the need to represent many companies' products."Sep 07 19:02
_Dougvoid Jesus _tapDANCing CHRIS~1 ...Sep 07 19:03
_Dougclass CHRIS~1 { billg ]Sep 07 19:03
PetoKrausdohSep 07 19:04
PetoKrausthat freaking Windows XP can't be booted off USBSep 07 19:04
schestowitzI think i can.Sep 07 19:04
PetoKrausINNOVA~1Sep 07 19:04
schestowitzNot trivially though.Sep 07 19:04
PetoKrausyes, i am sort of following tutorial how to do thatSep 07 19:04
*moparx has quit ("leaving")Sep 07 19:04
schestowitzThere's also an OpenSUSE spinner that produces live OpenSUSE-based USBs.Sep 07 19:05
PetoKrausopensuse can't run baldur's gate, yet.Sep 07 19:05
PetoKrauswhen it becomes opensuse-oh-sorry-we-put-windows-in-the-boxSep 07 19:06
*PetoKraus has quit (Remote closed the connection)Sep 07 19:08
*moparx (n=moparx@pdpc/supporter/base/moparx) has joined #boycottnovellSep 07 19:09
_Dougot: INNOVA~1: can anyone think of a good Russian Reversal using that ?Sep 07 19:10
_Dougback in ten ..Sep 07 19:14
schestowitzWill think of something..Sep 07 19:14
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_DougCloud Computing, reality or head in the clouds ?Sep 07 20:09
_DougAnyone tried Google Chrome?Sep 07 20:09
_DougWhat's on t' tellie right now ?Sep 07 20:13
schestowitzI don't watch it.Sep 07 20:14
schestowitzChrome is still a Windows blob.Sep 07 20:14
schestowitzThe source is just a sandbox for happy hax0rsSep 07 20:15
_DougI like the minimal display ..Sep 07 20:16
_DougLike currently I have three horozontal sections at the top of FF, each not teling me much ..Sep 07 20:16
_DougAnd a status bar at the bottom ..Sep 07 20:17
schestowitzIt would be nice for it to automatically fold away and have focus on hover.Sep 07 20:17
_DougThe top one says 'Mibbit client widget - Mozilla Firefox .. a total waste of real estate ..Sep 07 20:17
schestowitzLike Apple's Dashboard or panels that hide.Sep 07 20:17
_DougI would like the one section at the top containing everything, and one status line at the bottom for everything else ..Sep 07 20:18
_DougAny prompts should only pop up at the bottom, not scrool the main window down and ask 'do you want to save this pasword' etc ..Sep 07 20:19
_DougI hate nags .. 'do you want to upgrade' etc ...Sep 07 20:19
schestowitzThat might make a learning curve.Sep 07 20:19
_DougNo, I want to read the frigging text that is on the screen,Sep 07 20:20
schestowitzThe dialgue for plguin upgrade should be shot ( ;-) ) or made automatic. It also works in the background, leaving the user to wait.Sep 07 20:20
_DougXP + YOutube .. there are TWO controls for audio .. that move about ..Sep 07 20:20
schestowitzBut one is a master.Sep 07 20:21
_DougIf you set the audio at 5, the next video sets it back to full .. so view 3 videos and you have to adjust the audio three times .. a kinda jolting experience.Sep 07 20:22
_DougHow about the one audio control that is is the same place .. :)Sep 07 20:22
_DougI prefer fluxbox .. :)Sep 07 20:23
_Dougless is more ...Sep 07 20:23
*PetoKraus ( has joined #boycottnovellSep 07 20:23
_Dougeven Xfce .. I hide the menus at top and bottom, that way I have trhe whole screen for the app ...Sep 07 20:23
_DougI don't want things moving about .. I mean your car controls don't movce about do they . .I thought the GUI was put through a usability lab ?Sep 07 20:25
schestowitz_Doug: yes, that makes sense (unification of volume bars)Sep 07 20:26
schestowitzThere are already volume controllers for each application in some of the latest distros that integrate Fedora goodness.Sep 07 20:27
_DougJust the one volume control that don't move about .. is all I fricken's ask for .. that and sharks with lasers ...Sep 07 20:27
schestowitzYou could put sharks at the centre of your Compiz cube. I'm sure someone can program some lasers for you.Sep 07 20:28
_DougAhh ..Sep 07 20:28
schestowitzIt's call Atlantis. One of the least useful plugins ever.Sep 07 20:28
schestowitzIt's all pretty good when friends come over and see the effects. My display is over a meter wide.Sep 07 20:29
*PetoKraus has quit (Remote closed the connection)Sep 07 20:30
_Dougmeter wide, how ?Sep 07 20:34
*benJIman wonders if schestowitz is going to comment on miguel's latest blog post.Sep 07 20:35
_DougbenJIman: what do you think of Yoper ?Sep 07 20:36
schestowitz"The MS-LPL is a poisonous license, do not use it (do not confuse with the MS-PL which is a decent license, the extra "L" makes a big difference)."Sep 07 20:36
benJIman_Doug: Isn't it an abandoned project?Sep 07 20:37
benJImanschestowitz: MS-PL is OSI approved.Sep 07 20:37
_DougNope, there was a newish distro recently .. I msged a developer and got a reply .. seems to be active ..Sep 07 20:38
_DougDec 2007 .. is newish ...Sep 07 20:38
schestowitzbenJIman: OSI is not FSF-approvedSep 07 20:38
_DougI mentioned it as it does what it says on the tin, small and fast ..Sep 07 20:39
benJIman_Doug: Last time I checked they did not have a x86_64 version either, and I have 8gb ram.Sep 07 20:39
_DougIt ran OK on an medium-spec machine, the same one I tried MAndriva, Ubuntu, OpenSuse on .. and a few othersSep 07 20:39
benJImanschestowitz: No, but does mean they grant a certain  amount of freedoms.Sep 07 20:40
benJImanI think the MS-PL is actually freer than the GPL in some respects.Sep 07 20:40
_DougbenJIman: be nice .. :)Sep 07 20:41
_Dougfirst rule of Linux Advocacy: thou shalt not dis the GPL ..Sep 07 20:41
benJImanI was not doing so.Sep 07 20:42
benJImanMS-PL does not have many restrictions though 07 20:42
_DougNo, you're just trolling BN ...Sep 07 20:42
_Dougexplain how no-restrictions in the GPL gets translated into restrictions in MS-PLSep 07 20:43
benJImanErr, what/Sep 07 20:43
_DougThe GPL prevent YOU from restricting MY freedoms viz-a-viz the code, that is not more restrictive, but less !!!Sep 07 20:43
_Doug"benJIman: the MS-PL is actually freer than the GPL" OK .. explain ,, tell all ..Sep 07 20:44
_DougI'm going fro a break, be back in five ..Sep 07 20:44
benJIman_Doug: Depends on your definitin of freer. It has fewer restrictions.Sep 07 20:44
benJImanBut I do not disagree with your point.Sep 07 20:45
*ZiggyFish ( has joined #boycottnovellSep 07 20:50
*PetoKraus ( has joined #boycottnovellSep 07 20:51
PetoKrausha! success!Sep 07 20:51
_DougbenJIman: what's your definition of 'freer', and enumerate the 'restrictions' in the GPLSep 07 20:54
benJImanbrbSep 07 20:54
schestowitzPetoKraus: success? Proxy?Sep 07 20:55
_DougThe law in the UK, prevents me from beating my wife, unlike Iran for instance, does that make the UK more restrictive than Iraq ?Sep 07 20:56
PetoKrausschestowitz: no, i finally installed those XP's on the external driveSep 07 20:56
PetoKrausi won't be online much in next few daysSep 07 20:56
PetoKrausbaldur's gate trilogy lies in front of meSep 07 20:56
schestowitzPlaying with XP?Sep 07 20:56
PetoKrausno, but BG doesn't work under wine wellSep 07 20:56
schestowitzRMS will cry.Sep 07 20:57
_DougIn Iran, it's enshrined in Sharia lawSep 07 20:57
PetoKrausschestowitz: i am big FS supporter. But when it comes to cooperative gaming...Sep 07 20:58
_Dougre: miguel's latest blog post, what's that about ?Sep 07 21:07
_Doug"As a .NET developer, you should avoid using the newly released Managed Extensibility Framework  "Sep 07 21:07
_DougThis ?Sep 07 21:07
_DougWho produces MEF ?Sep 07 21:09
_DougI see you answered this above .. pardon me ...Sep 07 21:10
schestowitzPetoKraus: What about Quake Wars?Sep 07 21:13
PetoKrausit's not Baldur's gate :PSep 07 21:14
_Douggtg .. so long benJIman ...Sep 07 21:14
*_Doug has quit (" ajax IRC Client")Sep 07 21:14
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We've moved from presidents who run a republic by consent to corrupt, unqualified, dictatorial officials who bribe for the seat (buying the votes)
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Italy visa & residence permit: Albanian Outreachy, Wikimedia & Debian tighten control over woman
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