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IRC: #boycottnovell @ FreeNode: November 12th, 2008 - Part 1


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twitterI'll write down a few notes and ship it back in a few minutes.Nov 12 00:00
schestowitzTaNov 12 00:01
schestowitzMicrosoft rethinks open-source CodePlex site < >Nov 12 00:01
schestowitz"This got Microsoft in trouble in October when it emerged the company was posting code to CodePlex using licenses not compatible with the terms of the Open-Source Initiative (OSI). Microsoft describes CodePlex as its "open-source project hosting web site" and points users to a Wikipedia page on OSI licenses."Nov 12 00:01
schestowitzVirgin Media wields mighty jobs axe < >Nov 12 00:04
schestowitzRMS points to : ( Presidential candidate Ralph Nader's open letter to Barack Obama )Nov 12 00:11
schestowitz Multicore Is Bad News For Supercomputers < >Nov 12 00:38
twitterLos Alamos liked Cell.  Google loves multicore.Nov 12 00:49
twitterSent you a few notes.Nov 12 00:50
schestowitzThanks, got it!Nov 12 00:50
twitterTake your time with those questions, there are lots of traps there.Nov 12 00:50
schestowitzThis looks good, thanks.Nov 12 00:52
schestowitzI just want to send it off tonight, so I'll add the changes.Nov 12 00:52
twitterOne more thought was added and mailed.  bbl, it's dinner time.Nov 12 01:02
schestowitzYup, got it.Nov 12 01:03
schestowitzThanks.Nov 12 01:03
schestowitzIt's good to have a second pair of eyesNov 12 01:03
schestowitzI missed things that I assumed readers would know.Nov 12 01:03
schestowitzLike sums of money and GPL version.Nov 12 01:03
schestowitzThings he won't quote I'll produce a post/s from.Nov 12 01:06
schestowitzSo it's handy.Nov 12 01:06
schestowitzYour suggestions are very good. I'm almost done.Nov 12 01:27
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twitterI've got one more.Nov 12 02:58
schestowitzGo aheadNov 12 02:58
schestowitzOne more what though?Nov 12 02:58
twitterOne more suggestion, I'll get it in email soon.Nov 12 02:59
schestowitzOh no..Nov 12 02:59
schestowitzIt's done and sent now..Nov 12 02:59
schestowitzI don't want to spend more time on it. ;;pNov 12 03:00
twitterOh, sorry.  That's the way things go.Nov 12 03:00
twitterThe one last thing I've thought of is a basic summary.  I've had the thought before but it takes time to remember the basics.Nov 12 03:01
schestowitzSend it over then.Nov 12 03:01
schestowitz:-)Nov 12 03:02
schestowitzIn case I do a post later.Nov 12 03:02
twitterhow about right here?Nov 12 03:02
schestowitzI didn't post much to BN today because I try to keep up with USENETNov 12 03:02
schestowitzAnd I needed to go to the City Centre for arrangements.Nov 12 03:02
schestowitztwitter: sure, go ahead.Nov 12 03:02
twitterThe basics of the M$/Novell deal are that M$ said it owned a vital piece of free software and Novell agreed for a price.  Novell got money and limited access to some M$ property.  M$ got legitimacy to a claim anyone with any background in free software knows is bogus.Nov 12 03:03
twitterIt's funny how that basic summary escapes through the details but that's about it.  M$ said, "I own the Linux kernel" and Novell said, "sure, please don't sue me"Nov 12 03:05
twitterThen they did as M$ said and continues to do so.Nov 12 03:06
twitterYou have done a nice job of cataloging all of the details and Boycott Novell is an excellent resource.  Thanks.Nov 12 03:08
twitterLet's see what Infoworld makes of it.Nov 12 03:08
schestowitzGot mail?Nov 12 03:11
twitterLast I got from you is a copy of what you sent.Nov 12 03:14
twitterI'm reading over it and it looks good.Nov 12 03:15
schestowitzthe last one is 20MBNov 12 03:15
twitter:), thanks.Nov 12 03:15
twitterI just got it.Nov 12 03:16
twitterWell, good luck and good night.Nov 12 03:46
schestowitzHaha!!Nov 12 03:52
schestowitzThe big Windows 7 lie < >Nov 12 03:53
schestowitzI mailed him yesterday and it probably had an effect. He did another one in PC World:   The Next Windows: 7Up or New Vista? < >Nov 12 03:54
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MinceRgeekingsNov 12 08:47
schestowitz ( US lost Cold War bomb under Greenland ice )Nov 12 09:01
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schestowitzThank the Feds for the corruption... Internet Layoffs & Firings - Today's Reports < >Nov 12 10:49
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_dougMicrosoft: "1" or "0" are patentable ..Nov 12 12:54
_doug"1" or "0"Nov 12 12:54
_doug'Programming "creates a new machine, because aNov 12 12:55
_douggeneral purpose computer in effect becomes a special purpose computer once it isNov 12 12:55
_dougprogrammed to perform particular functions pursuant to instructions from programNov 12 12:55
_dougsoftware."Nov 12 12:55
schestowitzI'm writing about Microsoft and patents now.Nov 12 12:56
schestowitzYour pal Nathan too: 12 12:56
_doug1101 1010 0110 1011 ..Nov 12 13:02
_doug:)Nov 12 13:02
schestowitz13 , 10, 6, 11...Nov 12 13:07
schestowitzDACB? What does that mean?Nov 12 13:07
schestowitzDA7B rather? What does that mean?Nov 12 13:07
schestowitz1111 0000 0110 0110 YOU!Nov 12 13:08
MinceRno uNov 12 13:08
_dougwhat about hex ?Nov 12 13:23
_dougDBD4 AFD2 R2D2 ..Nov 12 13:23
schestowitz16 bits... Windows 3.11..Nov 12 13:27
schestowitzIf I have a Win3.1 app, can I run it in Fista Pista? Is it backward compatible. Does one need to virtualise? Can I compile from source code?Nov 12 13:28
_dougdunno .. (ot) did Win3.1 come with an IP stack ?Nov 12 13:28
schestowitz'Yes'... trumpet winsock.Nov 12 13:29
MinceRR is hardly hexNov 12 13:29
schestowitzR is ERROR :-)Nov 12 13:29
schestowitzBad sector.Nov 12 13:30
MinceR"I AM ERROR"Nov 12 13:30
schestowitzIt used AVG software.Nov 12 13:30
_dougI meant an MS innovated one ?Nov 12 13:30
_doug"The idea behind RIP, a concept that Netscape would later realize so beautifully, was to create a graphical user interface that would allow computer users to connect to information providers, much like today's World Wide Web."Nov 12 13:31
_dougLike what ever became of RIP ?Nov 12 13:31
_doug"In early 1992, they had established a project called Homer  .. this initiative that eventually gave rise to the Remote Information Protocol"Nov 12 13:32
MinceRwell, there's the Routing Information Protocol :>Nov 12 13:33
_dougI didn't know MS invented the WWW before Netscape ?Nov 12 13:34
schestowitzIt also invested the iPod.Nov 12 13:38
schestowitz*'invented'. And Google owes its success to Microsoft, says Microsoft.Nov 12 13:39
schestowitzAll the roads lead to Romicrosoft.Nov 12 13:39
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schestowitzPJ has just added a prominent link to GL Grokgear. I wonder if donations run dry.Nov 12 13:43
_dougBBC fires presenter for turban remarks ..Nov 12 13:50
_doug 12 13:50
_dougJapanese governor says Tokyo earthquake would be good for his regionNov 12 13:50
_doug 12 13:50
_dougI wonder what would happen of Boris said the same thing ?Nov 12 13:50
schestowitzOr war in SyriaNov 12 13:51
schestowitzFor McCain.Nov 12 13:51
schestowitz""I know this sounds really racist, but I'm not being - please, don't send anyone like, you know what I mean," said asked the operator. "An English person would be great, a female would be better."Nov 12 13:52
MinceRmicRomesoft?Nov 12 13:53
kentmaBoris J?Nov 12 13:54
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_dougninth-grade Obama beat seventh-grade John McCain ..Nov 12 13:54
_doug 12 13:54
schestowitz>  "An English person would be great, a female would be better."  This is not a n escort service.Nov 12 13:54
_dougI was sent on a racial sensitivity class, where the facilitator kept putting on a 'funny' accent :)Nov 12 13:55
schestowitzAnd 14-year-old Palin discovers that Kenta is not a city in the country of Africa.Nov 12 13:55
schestowitz 12 13:55
_dougKenya ?Nov 12 13:55
schestowitzObama's dad, Palin's stupidity.Nov 12 13:56
_dougThe same as the country of 'Europe'Nov 12 13:56
schestowitzWatch the video. Palin thinks Africa is a nation.Nov 12 13:56
kentma"People of of our great neighbour Pakmenistan..."Nov 12 13:57
MinceRwell, many usians seem to think America is a nation, tooNov 12 13:57
kentmaMinceR - America is a continent, the United States of America is a country in North America, as is Canada, for that matter...Nov 12 13:58
MinceRi know thatNov 12 13:58
kentmaMinceR: I know... but a lot of people seem to find that remark not only "incorrect", but actually offensive in some way.Nov 12 13:58
schestowitzHeh.Nov 12 13:59
kentmaWhereas most Canadians I know (I know quite a few) find the attitude of such yanks to be, at best, more than a little chauvanisticNov 12 13:59
schestowitzIs is true that Bush never left the US before becoming president? It sounds like an urban myth.Nov 12 14:00
kentmaschestowitz: I've certainly heard the same remark.  It was a joke about Bush & Hussein, that neither had ever left their own borders.Nov 12 14:01
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schestowitzOh wait. Dubya was a soldier overseas.......Nov 12 14:03
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schestowitzRepeat: Oh wait. Dubya was a soldier overseas.......Nov 12 14:04
schestowitzOr was it Coast Guard?Nov 12 14:04
schestowitzWhere he did drugs?Nov 12 14:04
kentmanational guard, I think... TA equivNov 12 14:04
schestowitzObama did drugs too.Nov 12 14:04
schestowitzWay to go... great candidates!Nov 12 14:04
kentmachurchill was half-mashed all the time, but he seemed to manage :-)Nov 12 14:05
_dougObama said, not only did he light up, he inhaled .. frequently ..Nov 12 14:05
schestowitzArnold reigns California, preaching to kids against steroids (no hypocrisy there).Nov 12 14:05
_dougBut the next administration depends on who he hires on ..Nov 12 14:06
schestowitz_doug: that's how he got so high.Nov 12 14:06
twitterYeah, those ungrateful kids.  While John McCain was winning the war by standing up to torture, GWB and Obama were having a coke party at the frat house.Nov 12 14:06
twitterhigh five!Nov 12 14:06
_dougHe did say no lobbyists, then he changed it to no lobbyists in the hiring process, now it's changed again ..Nov 12 14:07
schestowitzHigh as a president. Hey, dude, let's get high and call the nation to war.Nov 12 14:07
schestowitz_doug: no lobbysists? *LOL*Nov 12 14:07
twitterlooks like all of them are AOK with torture now, must be what coke does to people.Nov 12 14:07
schestowitzWho is he kidding?Nov 12 14:07
_dougall right enough with Obama ..Nov 12 14:07
_dougsleep(999999);Nov 12 14:08
schestowitzThe United States without lobbyists in charge is like a brother with only pimps.Nov 12 14:08
schestowitz*brothelNov 12 14:08
twitterthe anarchy whore house, no pimpsNov 12 14:08
twitterastounding, " Condé Nast and cuts 7 employees, approximately 30 percent of staff."Nov 12 14:12
twitterthey only had 24 employees?Nov 12 14:12
twitterfrom same article, Al Gore had 440 for his web site.Nov 12 14:13
twitterIEA imagines a 45% increase in oil consumption by 2030.  That's frighteningly bad for the environment unless the majority is put into plastic. 12 14:19
twitterIt would be nicer if people learned to burn less.Nov 12 14:19
MinceRi'd actually burn some peopleNov 12 14:21
twitterVivoleum ?Nov 12 14:21
MinceRwell, at least a world without gates, ballmer, jobs, etc.Nov 12 14:22
twitter 12 14:22
twitterGlobal warming is already killing people.  Vivoleum harnesses this historic opportunity, turning available biomass into usable fuel.Nov 12 14:24
twitterThis resource is no where near it's peak.Nov 12 14:24
schestowitzWired wasn't *that* big.Nov 12 14:25
schestowitzI'm surprised that media companies employ that many people (full time?)Nov 12 14:25
twitterwas Wired part of Conde Nast?Nov 12 14:25
twitterthat was my surprise.Nov 12 14:25
schestowitzSites like BN and Groklaw eat their lunch but make virtually no money (GL collects donations from readers). It's like Free software to old media...Nov 12 14:26
twitterOh sure.Nov 12 14:26
schestowitztwitter: yes, global warning kills, but..Nov 12 14:26
schestowitzThe reasons are often diverted and blamed on things like hunger, lack of water, etcNov 12 14:27
schestowitz.Which are of course linked to the climate.Nov 12 14:27
twitterUnderstood, that's why the Yes Man division of Exxon started the Vivoleum project.  You will be secure in your lifestyle knowing that your SUV can run on the corpses of it's victims.Nov 12 14:28
schestowitzThe INQ catches up with last week's news.. :-| 12 14:28
*schestowitz feels stupid and goes to 12 14:29
twitterOne of the best pranks yet.Nov 12 14:30
schestowitz"One of The Yes Men's first pranks was the satirical website, established for the 2000 presidential election to draw attention to alleged hypocrisies on Bush's actual website. When asked about the site in a press conference on May 21, 1999, Bush responded that the website had gone too far in criticizing him, and that "there ought to be limits to freedom.""Nov 12 14:30
schestowitzGW Bush: ne-fascist.Nov 12 14:31
schestowitz*neoNov 12 14:31
schestowitzMaybe they can carve up those Saddam statutes they tore down, shape them like GW and set them on pedestal across the US. GW would love that!! Adore the Power!Nov 12 14:32
schestowitz (US builds Trooptube): "THE US MILITARY has ordered YouTube off of its networks and has launched its own video-sharing Web site for troops, their families and supporters."Nov 12 14:34
twitterMore censorship for the military.  It's an ongoing thing.Nov 12 14:35
schestowitzLike sweeping bugs under the rug, even "critical" ones. In today's news: "MICROSOFT has finally got around to patching security flaws for Windows and Office, including a critical bug that had been publicly disclosed nearly two years ago."Nov 12 14:36
schestowitzSecrecy = security??????????????/Nov 12 14:36
schestowitzAnother reason for putting bloggers in closed facilities??? "China classes Web addiction as clinical disorder" < >Nov 12 14:37
twitterSmear dissenters as crazy, that's very popular.Nov 12 14:38
schestowitzFor reference see: Chinese Internet dissident committed to mental hospital < >Nov 12 14:38
twitterDissenters look even crazier after you beat them, threaten their families.  Take lots of pictures when you take them to jail.Nov 12 14:39
schestowitzThey label critics as "crazy people", then find another excuse to lock them up. It's happening in the west as well (increasingly). They just need to find some excuse like copyrights, tax evasion, etc. Russian journalists got jailed for 'piracy' if they criticised the administration.Nov 12 14:40
schestowitzIn some cases, they got shot (by the Police Forces) or thrown out the window.Nov 12 14:40
schestowitzAnother technique that I see is this:Nov 12 14:41
schestowitzDrive the person crazy, using abuse or drugs or other forms of pressure and then try to capture selective (embarrassing or illegal) things, to be used as evidence/excuse. They set up /traps/.Nov 12 14:42
twitterThe US military used the same tactics on an Abu Garru whistle blower.  Sedated the poor guy and few him off to the loony bin.Nov 12 14:42
schestowitzRMS survived with just smear campaigns against him but no jail for decades... they could get him for something if they wanted to, but there would be an outrage they can't deal with had that happenedNov 12 14:42
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schestowitztwitter: yes, I know the military does this too. Slip a mickey into someone's drink and off you go labeling the person  "loony"Nov 12 14:43
twitterIn the case I was talking about, the sedation was to control the person and keep him from telling anyone else the story.Nov 12 14:44
twitterIt was also part of the smear.  They said he was so out of control that they had to sedate him.Nov 12 14:44
schestowitz "In 1986, Mordechai Vanunu, a former technician at Dimona, revealed to the media some evidence of Israel's nuclear program. Israeli agents abducted him from Italy and transported him to Israel. An Israeli court then tried him in secret on charges of treason and espionage, and sentenced him to eighteen years imprisonment."Nov 12 14:45
schestowitzThe punishment for truth. How low has society sunk?Nov 12 14:46
schestowitz"He was rearrested and charged in 2005 for violations of the terms of his release."Nov 12 14:47
schestowitzMS censorship: "MS has also apparently deleted over 1,500 comments from its Windows Live blog since we told a perplexed company spokesman about the grumbles being posted on its site yesterday." < >Nov 12 14:50
twitterha ha, typicalNov 12 14:51
schestowitzDone before. Let me see if I can find it.Nov 12 14:51
schestowitzForza forums..Nov 12 14:52
twitterMy wife hates the new Hot Mail.  She said, "I kept it to myself because I did not need to hear your lip."Nov 12 14:52
schestowitzMicrosoft deletes mass Xbox 360 crashing claims from Forza 2 forums: 12 14:53
*schestowitz wonder if twitter prounces "M$" as "Microsoft"Nov 12 14:53
schestowitz*pronouncesNov 12 14:53
twitter"M$" is spelled out Microsoft, but usually pronounced as "shit"Nov 12 14:54
MinceR"shit" isn't specific enoughNov 12 14:54
schestowitzI though it was Hemdollar.Nov 12 14:54
twitter"Shit" is one of the most common words used when people are actually using their products.  It must be the real name.Nov 12 14:55
schestowitzLessig on Culture and Change < >Nov 12 14:56
twittersee here, for examples of the word "shit" being used 12 14:57
schestowitztwitter: depends on the people. Apple faithfuls refer to them as "shiny"Nov 12 14:57
schestowitzNot "shitty"Nov 12 14:57
twitterIt's funny though, in real life I almost never think or mention M$.Nov 12 14:57
twitterOther people bring it up from time to time, but it's just not part of my life.Nov 12 14:58
twitterMy computers work, I get my work done, M$ is not part of the picture.Nov 12 14:59
schestowitzBring it /up/ or bring it /down/? (put down)Nov 12 15:00
twitterThat depends on who I'm talking to.Nov 12 15:00
schestowitzIt's a shame that many kids have their brain f*up when they finish school, with nothing but Office and Windows being synchronised with computers. There is no place for that in educationNov 12 15:01
schestowitzI ought to find that old Chmsky talk where he talks about industry-imposed education as an easier solution to dissent, which prevents people from thinking more independently (without being pressured).Nov 12 15:02
twitterI'm not sure that brain rot really works.  Most kids who actually care about computers find free software now.Nov 12 15:02
twitterM$'s mind share of young people who want to have anything to do with IT is zero.  If they know anything about M$ is because they held their nose and learned it to placate the ignorant.Nov 12 15:04
*schestowitz thinks CNET is becoming sh*te. No articles, just trollish bloggers with fancy banners... might be a candidate for RSS removalNov 12 15:04
twittersad to hear.Nov 12 15:04
twittergood bloggers write better stories?Nov 12 15:04
schestowitzEven the Inquirer is better. CNET used to be a _NEWS SERVICE_. Now it's just tabloid TRASH.Nov 12 15:04
schestowitzEven BN is more accurate. :-)Nov 12 15:05
twitterwowNov 12 15:05
schestowitz'Good' bloggers flame more for $$ (they need traffic to keep the job)Nov 12 15:05
twitterCorporate controlled media sucks.  Broadcast is sinking even lower.Nov 12 15:05
schestowitzCNET had a big round of sacking about 4 months ago.Nov 12 15:05
twitterohNov 12 15:06
schestowitzMatt Asay trolls like a machine now.Nov 12 15:06
schestowitzLots of Apple junk.Nov 12 15:06
schestowitz"Make ir outrageous, me [sic] dear! Drive them crazy! Make them SCREAM! Jump, jump for dollars..."Nov 12 15:06
schestowitzDon Zeigler (I got the last name wrong, I'm sure) is the WORST troll there. I can identify his stuff in the feeds without even looking (just headlnes)Nov 12 15:07
twitterjump jump to RMS's blog.Nov 12 15:08
schestowitzWhat am I talk about? Stuff that's all upside-down to provoke. Google News should toss CNET off its aggregator!Nov 12 15:08
twitterYou make me glad that I don't use feeds.Nov 12 15:08
schestowitzRMS is doing himself no favour with the joint flogging. It's too no-conservative. [disclosure: I never did any drugs in my life, except alcohol]Nov 12 15:09
schestowitz*nno-conservativeNov 12 15:09
schestowitznonNov 12 15:09
twitterRMS says what he thinks is right.  He's not running for office.Nov 12 15:09
schestowitz*This* in the front page: 12 15:10
twitterI think he's onto something with the high cost of putting people in jail for a joint or two.Nov 12 15:10
schestowitz"what is it," you ask? It's just some pointer to another blog with some ramble attached to it. It's like reading Phipps, then Matt's comments attached to it (in CNETNov 12 15:10
schestowitzFeeds... more like chicken feeds. The quality is low, they just want to lay many egg$$Nov 12 15:11
twitterThe Vista hype machine is working like that too.  One shill says something crazy and the rest all point to it.Nov 12 15:11
schestowitztwitter: I didn't real what he linked to, but it wasn't the first time that he defended (somehow) the practice, which just is not helpful to his message... whether he's right or wrong is separatr.Nov 12 15:12
twitterVista 7, that isNov 12 15:12
schestowitzYou should have seen what Bott did.Nov 12 15:12
schestowitzHe's a Microsoft shill, you know? Like Thurrott.Nov 12 15:12
twitterI might have.  Got link?Nov 12 15:12
schestowitzHe had literally hundreds (I think, based on what I saw) blogs linking to his Vista 7 masturbation.Nov 12 15:12
*kentma has quit (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))Nov 12 15:13
twitterBott was part of the tag team on Peter Guttman I think.Nov 12 15:13
twitterI saw at least one of his articles.Nov 12 15:13
schestowitzThings like "it's beatiful even for a pre-beta" (not exact quote) All those little sound bites to seed positive perception.Nov 12 15:13
*kentma ( has joined #boycottnovellNov 12 15:13
twitterOh yeah, I think I got that one.  See here 12 15:13
twitterIt's the Vista 7 Hype Log.Nov 12 15:14
schestowitzMany of the links came from sites like Windows-now.something, vista-<whatever>.com and other things that seem like Microsoft's Guerilla marketing or boys that want Microsoft to become their Sugar Daddy.Nov 12 15:14
schestowitzThere's a history of Microsoft 'adopting' some of its fanboy blogs, IIRC... XBox in paerticular.Nov 12 15:14
schestowitzWrite a blog to praise the XBox360 24/7... wait for Microsoft to pick the tab.Nov 12 15:14
twitterEven Mary Jo Foley has been pulled along with it.  She promised Vista 7 would boot in less than 15 seconds.Nov 12 15:15
schestowitzYesNov 12 15:15
schestowitzHer too.Nov 12 15:15
schestowitzHer career depends on it.Nov 12 15:15
twitterDoes it?Nov 12 15:15
schestowitzAll she know is Microsoft and now is a hard ecnonomic era, so she can't learn much more.Nov 12 15:15
schestowitzMicrosoft treats her like a hero to keep her saying nice things..Nov 12 15:16
schestowitz*knowsNov 12 15:16
twitterPeople who fool with M$ stuff often have their time consumed and can't learn anything else...Nov 12 15:16
schestowitzThe biggest Microsoft ass wiper though is Ina Fried: 12 15:16
schestowitzThey seem to be sending her (him?) around the world for some Linux-trashing too, but it's shrewdly disguised.Nov 12 15:17
twitterWhat's that business about a sex change she puts into her "bio"Nov 12 15:17
schestowitzS/he got 'access' to Ballmer for licking his boot for years. Mary Jo can't have that cause she criticised the Vole tioo.Nov 12 15:17
twitterFried has trashed GNU/Linux a lot.Nov 12 15:17
schestowitzYesNov 12 15:17
schestowitz'Politely'Nov 12 15:17
schestowitzI won't comment about the bio thing, but it seems like some kind of "sex change pride" rather than a _professional intro_Nov 12 15:18
schestowitz----------------------BN blogNov 12 15:19
schestowitzblah, blah.........Nov 12 15:19
schestowitzblah, blah.........Nov 12 15:19
schestowitz----------------Nov 12 15:19
schestowitzBio: Roy Schestowitz is a heterosexual.Nov 12 15:19
twitterLOLNov 12 15:20
schestowitzThe 'blobbb' just got smaller: 12 15:21
schestowitzWhereas GL and BN continue to grow.Nov 12 15:21
schestowitzThe Ina Friedshill attacks Vista 7 critics on Microsoft's behalf. 12 15:22
schestowitzOkay, one more like this and I nuke CNET off my reading list.Nov 12 15:22
schestowitzOkay, I'm DONE. 12 15:23
twitterCNET shill hurry to get another article.Nov 12 15:23
schestowitzThat's enough for me. I'll do a post too... encouraging people to toss CNET into the trashcan.Nov 12 15:24
twitterCNET shill rejoiceNov 12 15:24
schestowitzCNET is nuked now. I've read it every day (about 70 items/day) for years.Nov 12 15:25
schestowitzI still syndicate Matt and Dave from CNET (separately), so it's not a total loss of SIGNAL. :-)Nov 12 15:26
twitterIt's funny, M$ handed out their new OS to bribed bloggers so they could review it.  Now that some of them say it sucks, they strike back with "it's not ready for review"Nov 12 15:26
schestowitzI still syndicate Slashdot's Linux section, but I dropped the main feed too. It was not good for my blood pressure.:-)Nov 12 15:27
twitterWhat was the purpose of handing the OS to reviewers?Nov 12 15:27
schestowitzShulling.Nov 12 15:27
schestowitzLike in 2006Nov 12 15:27
twitterOh yeah, free advertising.  Fail.Nov 12 15:27
schestowitzAs H-P put it (and got caught) when approaching reporters, "write something nice."Nov 12 15:27
schestowitzThey also spied on journalists.Nov 12 15:28
schestowitzThey spied on journalists' families too.Nov 12 15:28
schestowitzPJ had her mom contacted by Maureen O'Gara. How low people would sink, eh?Nov 12 15:28
twitterWhen you have the power to listen and the will to harm, you will use what you can.Nov 12 15:28
twitterContacting your boss and trying to get you fired is about as low as I can imagine.Nov 12 15:29
schestowitzMicrosoft flew many Linux reporters over to Redmond for a 'good time' in the hotelNov 12 15:29
*kentma has quit (Read error: 60 (Operation timed out))Nov 12 15:29
schestowitzIn the bussines world, they do similar tricks in exotic places with prostitutes.Nov 12 15:29
twitterIck.Nov 12 15:30
schestowitzGood index *LOL* : 12 15:31
schestowitzYou rev erse-engineered Microsoft BI.Nov 12 15:31
schestowitzGoogle bast*rds: (ping MinceR)Nov 12 15:33
MinceRpongNov 12 15:33
MinceRgooglefailNov 12 15:33
schestowitzSame ol, same ol'. Google's Win32 culture.. with ActiveX and all...Nov 12 15:33
MinceR(the sort version is gfail)Nov 12 15:33
schestowitzVista 7 Will Fix Everything€®Nov 12 15:36
*kentma ( has joined #boycottnovellNov 12 15:36
schestowitzPunishing people for expressing opinions < > crimes of thought?Nov 12 15:37
MinceRit's all the rage nowNov 12 15:38
schestowitz"Tsk Tsk... InfoWorld, we did something horrible, can you help up by putting up a Denial Article€®?" 12 15:39
schestowitzSince when are denials news worthy of an ENTIRE ARTICLE?Nov 12 15:39
schestowitzMicrosoft has blogs, no???Nov 12 15:39
schestowitzIDG also: 12 15:40
schestowitz"However, the denial [by Microsoft] was a contradiction to comments by Bitange Ndemo, permanent secretary in the Ministry of Information and Communication, who said that Microsoft may have made comments regarding funding, though not directly or in writing."Nov 12 15:40
schestowitz"“They may have said something to that effect though not directly and not in writing. Microsoft cannot threaten us. In any case, our policy is very clear, we encourage people to use open-source software and those who want to use proprietary software are at liberty to do so” Ndemo said."Nov 12 15:40
schestowitz"There was heated debate in Kenya’s technology sector before the decision to abstain. The decision was made by a 12-member committee. Some experts felt that the committee was comprised of a majority of Microsoft partners."Nov 12 15:40
schestowitzCriminals in suits. Full stop.Nov 12 15:40
schestowitzThis one does not say if it runs Linux: 12 15:42
schestowitzMicrosoft officials in Africa aren't exactly ethical people based on recent history, so let's keep on eye on this one.Nov 12 15:42
schestowitzLinux Magazine... sponsored by Micro... errr.. no, Citrix, but close enough: 12 15:51
twitterNow that I've got more about the story from the wife, I've floated the Hotmail story. 12 16:06
schestowitzNi trolls yet. Maybe they like in Australia.Nov 12 16:09
*PetoKraus has quit (Remote closed the connection)Nov 12 16:25
*PetoKraus ( has joined #boycottnovellNov 12 16:26
*kentma1 ( has joined #boycottnovellNov 12 16:32
*kentma has quit (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))Nov 12 16:33
twitterhere's another bad day 12 16:35
twitterThis promise again  Second half to bail out "consumer lending"Nov 12 16:36
schestowitzThe story they sell.Nov 12 16:36
schestowitz"Hollywood plot," as Schneier calls it.Nov 12 16:36
schestowitz - > set to 6 months.Nov 12 16:37
schestowitzNo more standards, just poor (pun).Nov 12 16:38
twitter" Paulson also said that the Treasury will continue to look for strategies to help homeowners avoid foreclosure." no word yet about forcing refinance terms to something less than predatory.Nov 12 16:38
twitterOne way to put the "bailout" into understandable terms is that the US spends $650 billion a year on it's military.  Iraq may be separate funding, but you start to get the picture of how much money $700 billion really is.Nov 12 16:40
schestowitzThey should bail out... the troops.Nov 12 16:42
schestowitzMSFT at a new 52wk low today. Despite massive buybacks.Nov 12 16:43
schestowitzInformation needed: more on Microsoft layoffs (the media does not tell the whole story... )Nov 12 16:48
schestowitzThere are 'said' layoffs in their media division, but no work in 'the press'Nov 12 16:49
schestowitz /s/work/word/Nov 12 16:49
twitterAh yes, Code Pink has noticed the cruelty of low income people losing their homes when their kids die in Iraq.  All forms of bailout would be good there.Nov 12 16:57
schestowitzWhen does Bush leave? Like 60+ days? You know what he'll say on his departure? It could be worse: look at the living conditions in the 'country' of Africa.Nov 12 16:59
schestowitz8 years: from hero to zero.Nov 12 16:59
twitterDid M$ really hit a new low?  I see that they touched 20.65 but that's still listed as the low.Nov 12 16:59
schestowitzThe chart makes it seem like they touched it. Maybe they'll just go private along with other companies in the future. They already buy owner of MSFT back.Nov 12 17:00
schestowitzownershipNov 12 17:00
schestowitzLet me add this:Nov 12 17:00
schestowitzThe computer industry where standards are lagging is different from something like the oil in industryNov 12 17:01
schestowitzIf BP goes outta biz, you can get your fuel somwhere else. No muss, no fuss.Nov 12 17:01
twitterThey can go private when their capitalization hits, what, $20 billion?  That would be a price of $2/share.Nov 12 17:02
schestowitzWith computers, on the other hand and with non-Free software in particular, when the vendors dies your data is f*edNov 12 17:02
schestowitzFor Sun there's an issue of confidence because the stock falls and people might fear "no support"Nov 12 17:02
twitterThen again, there's no one making a free and low cost gasoline replacement.Nov 12 17:02
schestowitzMicrosoft goes into debt just to keep the happy face on and give the impression that "nobody gets fired for buying Microsoft", like... "IBM will always be there for you"Nov 12 17:03
schestowitzI saw this very funny message a while ago.Nov 12 17:03
twitterNon free software companies can go bust and everyone would be happy.Nov 12 17:03
schestowitzMicrosoft deletes Hotmail complaints because there's a sheep-effect-like stampede away to GMail.Nov 12 17:03
twitterIt would cost a small fraction of IT budgets to rescue everyone's data if everyone chipped in.Nov 12 17:04
schestowitzScroll down to the reply: 12 17:04
schestowitzit contains sample comments that would make Microsoft piss in its undies.Nov 12 17:04
twitterThat must be why they deleted comments on their own site.Nov 12 17:05
schestowitzStandards must be enforced as a matter of law. If you diverge from them, you should be fined or embargoed.Nov 12 17:05
schestowitzSimple.Nov 12 17:05
schestowitzSGI taught the world this lesson and Microsoft is far worse (medical data now too, not just history and archival)...Nov 12 17:06
schestowitzIs netbook not a trademark? 12 17:07
schestowitzWhere does one look up trademarks? 12 17:08
schestowitzNew: Netbooks are nifty second machines < >Nov 12 17:09
twitterSpin, you still need a "main" computer for your "real work"  The same thing was said about palm platforms.Nov 12 17:12
schestowitz <  EU Will Not Divulge Microsoft ContractsNov 12 17:14
schestowitz"But wait! This guy is right! This is not a Microsoft-only issue! €«Generally no contractual information like this is ever revealed; the UK government (for example) always refuses requests like this, even when people try to find out how much failed systems, or failed buildings cost.€»"Nov 12 17:14
schestowitzFrom : 'There is no such thing as a fully democratic government." I know of many  "fully corrupt governments."Nov 12 17:15
schestowitzWintel press: you must buy Intel and Microsoft... ARM is just a dessert... Linux is just a 'toy'Nov 12 17:15
schestowitz"They still call it capitalism, but I couldn't find ANYWHERE a web store where I could buy a Dilbert Coffee Mug like this (featuring Dogbert and Wally, actually)."Nov 12 17:16
twitterIt's hard for them to keep up that lie as people crave tiny, quiet computers instead of big loud crap.Nov 12 17:17

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