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schestowitzCheck out the history of that 'pretty boy' who ran the SEC. Seemed like narcissist that never did his job _at all_Nov 14 00:00
twitterThat nebulous clause is about as good as it gets.  That's how these jokers made house loans at greater than 20% interest.Nov 14 00:00
schestowitzI read a WSJ article about him in Sept 29th.Nov 14 00:00
schestowitz 14 00:01
schestowitzLet me find the video I have in mind.Nov 14 00:01
schestowitzHere. That's the one.Nov 14 00:01
schestowitzThanks for the headsup re: msft -> 14 00:02
twitterbblNov 14 00:05
schestowitz "Valleywag? Increasing snide, decreasing substance. Owen Thomas did much better work while he was at Business 2.0. I like his writing. I just think he had to pander to the wrong elements at Valleywag. "Nov 14 00:11
schestowitz "But all is not well says the Times Online. The down economy and failing banks are dragging down the image of the area, despite a $4 billion developer investment."Nov 14 00:12
twitterAwwww, poor little bankers don't have their little meat market "romance" anymore.  I cry for their randy left hands.Nov 14 00:31
schestowitz ./.  : "How long can it be before Microsoft responds with a Windows 7 port?" --- TOTALLY off topic and nonsensical, IMHO < >Nov 14 00:34
twitterWell, M$ will make promises right away, I'm sure.  Let's see if nerdyH is just another nym.Nov 14 00:36
schestowitzI noticed the name.Nov 14 00:37
schestowitzOh wait.Nov 14 00:37
schestowitzThat would be Henry King*?Nov 14 00:37
schestowitzYeah, that's him.Nov 14 00:38
twitterNope, he's got a string of interesting submissions.  If he's a nym, it's a clean account.  Comments look real, can't tell.Nov 14 00:38
twitterWho is Henry King?Nov 14 00:39
schestowitzHe writes LinuxDevices, one of my favourite sites. We correspond sometimes.Nov 14 00:39
schestowitzKingley.. or something like that.Nov 14 00:39
twitterNow why would he be worried about Vista 7?Nov 14 00:41
schestowitzMeet the New Windows, Same as the Old Windows : 14 00:43
twitter" For all its problems, and Microsoft is facing many on a number of fronts these days, it still remains a formidable company with huge cash reserves." if only he knew.Nov 14 00:45
schestowitzHe fell for " their own playground surrounded by big screens and fancy presentations" as he called itNov 14 00:46
schestowitzAnd the Gartners and IDCs and Goldman Yucks of the worls...Nov 14 00:46
twitterIt's more damage control, " Kennedy's experiment is just one look at Windows 7, although one that appears to be quite comprehensive and fair, but we are very early in the game. It's possible that Microsoft will improve it along the way"Nov 14 00:47
schestowitzAnal-ysts ranked MSFT AAA when it was in the upper 20sNov 14 00:47
schestowitzMicrosoft shot back at him.Nov 14 00:48
schestowitzAs usual, Microsoft spoke through its mouthpiece attacking rthe researcher.Nov 14 00:48
schestowitz.They issue formal 'statements', which the mouthpieces (e.g. Ina Shiells) posted as an 'article'.Nov 14 00:49
schestowitzAnd then you can hear the Microsoft statements repeated across the Web. Got to love it!!!Nov 14 00:49
schestowitzHe should benchmark Vista and publish with a paperbag on his head (for anonymity). This way he would be safer from those Scientocrosoft people.Nov 14 00:50
twitterThey come to get you anyway.Nov 14 00:51
schestowitzClassic hacker"Cracker confusion: 14 00:51
schestowitztwitter: yes, or they send a Sys-con journo to your house to pick some 'dirt'Nov 14 00:52
schestowitzIn USENET, anonymous advocates got exposed through their ISPs and then abused with their names, addresses and personal life leaked to the Web  by the Munchkins, who post this from zombies/proxies.Nov 14 00:53
twitterand harass supposed family members like they did P.J.Nov 14 00:53
schestowitzSometimes it's hard to find dirt.Nov 14 00:53
schestowitzThe trolls dug up messages of mine from many years ago. I posted almost 100,000Nov 14 00:53
twitterIf they can't find dirt, they make it up.  Say you are crazy, that kind of thing.  You don't believe in the great Hacker Bill Gates Money Machine, you must be crazy.Nov 14 00:54
twitterburn heretic, burn!Nov 14 00:55
twitterit's a strange world.  hatred makes it sad.Nov 14 00:55
*schestowitz wonders what will happen to space exploration and academic research now that everything is repressedNov 14 00:55
schestowitzSay MSFT is not rich, be called for treason (truth is treason in an empire of lies).Nov 14 00:56
schestowitzAttack the gates Fundation [sic], get libel, gang of hyena will soon surround you, modding you down, modding each other up, then brushing up the Wikipedia pages.Nov 14 00:57
schestowitzThere's this guy called yuhoung who sometimes comes here (and to Roughly Drafed)Nov 14 00:57
twitterTheir power is frightening.Nov 14 00:57
schestowitzHe had it revealed recently that he is from Seattle. I reckon he's a shill.Nov 14 00:58
schestowitz 14 00:58
schestowitzThey do revisionism... in Apple sites too... Daniel Eran DilgerNov 14 00:58
schestowitzAnd they seem to be on Visa right next door to Microsoft... so I really don't know. See the log... watch how he ran away.Nov 14 00:59
twitterIt's hard to tell.  He ran around in circles and did not have much to offer.Nov 14 01:03
twitterannoying but not quite insulting.Nov 14 01:03
twitterreal people ask the same questions because M$ bathes all of our brains in $1 billion / month in advertising.Nov 14 01:04
twitterthere's no mistaking the real trolls and wiki cleaning.Nov 14 01:05
schestowitzThe person's history is bothersomeNov 14 01:05
schestowitz[H]omer wanted to kick him before.Nov 14 01:05
twitterohNov 14 01:06
schestowitzWe didn't know at the time that he's in Seattle.Nov 14 01:07
schestowitzHe's originally from the far east.Nov 14 01:07
twitterbbl, here's something interesting 14 01:15
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anivarschestowitz:  any comments on Opensuse community elected board?Nov 14 04:34
anivar 14 04:34
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anivarschestowitz: 14 07:52
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schestowitzRoyal Bank of Scotland lays off 3000Nov 14 08:02
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*Omar87 says hi to schestowitzNov 14 08:10
Omar87Guys, I believe that Preston Gralla is another journalist bribed by Microsoft: 14 08:11
Omar87Does anyone agree with me?Nov 14 08:11
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schestowitzOmar87: suspected this, but yesterday I showed he got no laptop.Nov 14 08:32
schestowitzBut... he is generally regarded by some as Microsoft shill in general. He attacked Linux a lot recently. He does Apple too.Nov 14 08:32
schestowitz[attack them, IIRC]Nov 14 08:33
MinceRgeekingsNov 14 09:03
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schestowitzInstead Of Bailing Out Broken Banks, Why Not Build New Banks? < >Nov 14 10:17
schestowitzBlack Duck is a proprietary software company. It's surprising that it gets so much coverage in OSS blogs.Nov 14 10:33
schestowitzTypical Microsoft people... steal other people's free work (Palamida's database), then make money out of that... they now claim to have had a jump in profits (from selling mixed messages on Free software), but how much business did they have last year? Where are the absolute numbers? And why did the founder and CEO abandon months ago?Nov 14 11:07
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schestowitzMicrosoft sacks in the US and now invests in China: 14 15:28
schestowitzMicrosoft: Though shalt not hack (you only 'hire' your XBox): 14 15:30
schestowitzMinceR would love this one about Jesusphone: Report: Apple struggling with iPhone in India < >Nov 14 15:31
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schestowitzWoohoo! More MSDrugs: 14 16:01
schestowitz"Free to get addicted"Nov 14 16:01
schestowitzWhao. Microsoft China has been headless for ages on the fact of it... only now they got someone to fill the position: 14 16:07
schestowitzWall Street Beat: Bad News Gets Worse for IT < >Nov 14 16:08
schestowitzConcurrent Elects Krish Panu to Board of Directors < > More shuffled at Concurrent? They have financial issues.Nov 14 16:15
_dougMicrosoft developer: never search, view, or speculate about patents ..Nov 14 16:27
_doug 14 16:27
schestowitzYupNov 14 16:28
schestowitzMentioned 3 times in BN, even this morning: 14 16:28
MinceRlol, jesusphoneNov 14 16:29
_dougHe almost sounds like an Open Sourcer :)Nov 14 16:31
_doug"If people had understood how patents would be granted when most of today’s ideas were invented, and had taken out patents, the industry would be at a complete standstill today."Nov 14 16:35
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schestowitzDoS and distributed hacking tools finally criminalised < >. So Windows is illegal now? It's used as zombie nodes.Nov 14 16:38
_doug"The difficulty in the Act is that it says 'any item' and people are worried that that might include information about a piece of software's security vulnerability,"Nov 14 16:44
_dougYea, if you make it illegal for people finding out about security vulnerabilities, that will protect us from the crooks ..Nov 14 16:45
_dougAs is well known, crooks obay the laws of the land .. :)Nov 14 16:46
schestowitz37% of Americans still believe Iraq had WMDs < >Nov 14 16:46
_dougHow about making it illegal to sell such systewms that can be co-opted in DDOS attacks .. ?Nov 14 16:47
_doug 14 16:47
schestowitzThey hit the moles and ban the 'soil' rather than fumigate.Nov 14 16:47
schestowitzShould be't/p...Nov 14 16:48
_doug"Never open an attachment in an e-mail, instant , or mobile message unless you know exactly what the attachment is"Nov 14 16:48
_dougHow do I know what's in it, without opening it ?Nov 14 16:48
schestowitzCheck that it didn't arrive from an MS botnetNov 14 16:49
_doug"Unlicensed software can be more susceptible to viruses"Nov 14 16:49
schestowitzGood luck with that...Nov 14 16:49
schestowitzHaha.Nov 14 16:49
MinceRi didn't know viruses were so up-to-date in legal issuesNov 14 16:49
_dougLike how, what magic-sauce does the licensed product contain ?Nov 14 16:49
schestowitzI remember that. They also said that 'ungenuine' Windows is less secure.Nov 14 16:49
MinceRthe only way genuine copies can be more secure is by being received via trusted mediaNov 14 16:50
schestowitzit's like trying to stop car theft and police chases by imposing speed limitsNov 14 16:50
MinceRbut physical access to such media has little to do with being legally licensed...Nov 14 16:50
_doug"RSA reports that it has discovered a data cache containing log-in information for 300,000 bank accounts and 250,000 credit and debit card accounts"Nov 14 16:51
_doug 14 16:51
schestowitz[corp-focus] Not Yet at the Promised Land < >Nov 14 16:51
schestowitzMinceR: should I find that article?Nov 14 16:51
schestowitzIt was ComputerWorld, Gregg Keizer, IIRC.Nov 14 16:51
MinceRnot reallyNov 14 16:51
schestowitz_doug: not old news? Like 3 weeks ago?Nov 14 16:52
schestowitzNow that I shop online I have to jump through more 'hoops'... I blame Windows botnets.Nov 14 16:52
schestowitz "The Wall Street bailout looks a lot like Iraq — a "free-fraud zone" where private contractors cash in on the mess they helped create"Nov 14 16:55
schestowitzRMS links to an article about REAL pirates: British commandos kill two pirates in stand-off < >. And Hollywood compares its clients to these people.Nov 14 16:56
neighborleeschestowitz, < I persume you knew about this but just in case..I know its old so you prob. do but anyway there it is...Nov 14 17:03
schestowitzPetoKraus curses here:  More miscellanea [..] "Jonathan Schwartz has made some waves with his post The Inside Story (Java, Microsoft and MySQL). My problem is however not what most people think of." < > No mention of Silverfish and MS toolbars??Nov 14 17:05
PetoKraus:PNov 14 17:05
PetoKrausit's really aggravating, aint it?Nov 14 17:05
schestowitzneighborlee: oh, that's an old one. I actually wrote back to RMS this morning. He's becoming more familiar with the Novell problem.Nov 14 17:06
neighborlee < oddly enough, just months prior to that he says its good to have  'free' versions of .net, but he sure seemed worried about it in the 11/07 comment where by gnome might be held in a 'vice' ;)Nov 14 17:06
schestowitzSun to Microsoft is like Novell to Microsoft... sometimes... "Microsoft, save us! Use us! Rape us!!" Then they sign patent deals.Nov 14 17:06
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neighborleeschestowitz, well thats good..good to know he's becoming more involved in the dangers ,,about time ;)Nov 14 17:07
schestowitzHey, Omar87 Nov 14 17:07
Omar87Hi, schestowitz. :)Nov 14 17:07
schestowitzneighborlee: I asked him to use the FSF/GNU campaign to inform people about Novell.Nov 14 17:07
PetoKrausfor goodness sake, it's milliard in french, die Milliarde in german, milia'rd in hungarian, miliardo in italian, and used to be milliard in UK englishNov 14 17:07
neighborleeschestowitz, goodNov 14 17:07
PetoKrausit's billion ONLY in the STATESNov 14 17:07
PetoKraus(obviously, it's "miliarda" in slovak as well)Nov 14 17:07
schestowitzGood videoNov 14 17:08
schestowitzSo he's in favour of RUNNING the existing programs, not USING it to developNov 14 17:09
schestowitzNovell makes MonoDevelopNov 14 17:09
schestowitzPetoKraus: The Unites States redefines language. That's normal.Nov 14 17:09
schestowitzFootball no longer means soccer, either.Nov 14 17:09
PetoKrauswell it doesNov 14 17:10
MinceRfootball means football. ;)Nov 14 17:10
PetoKrausmaybe not in barbarian countriesNov 14 17:10
PetoKrausbut in civilised europe....Nov 14 17:10
PetoKrausi mean, if they only raped english, i wouldn't mindNov 14 17:10
PetoKrausbut it actually spreads to other languages as well!Nov 14 17:10
PetoKrausthe same for the beautiful english word "fanny"Nov 14 17:11
Omar87schestowitz: I'm thinking that Preston Gralla, from ComputerWorld, is doubtlessly another journalist bribed by Microsoft, do you agree with me?Nov 14 17:11
neighborleeschestowitz,I stil think the main trump card against mono is that to be free from patent suit, it must be downloaded from novel, which equates to breaking with the gpl as I understand it..Nov 14 17:12
schestowitzPossible, but...Nov 14 17:12
schestowitzI think he wrote many books like BotttNov 14 17:12
schestowitzHe could be just 'part of the culture'Nov 14 17:12
Omar87Maybe.Nov 14 17:12
schestowitzhe attacked Linux a lot recently (esp. on Netbook) along with the usual packNov 14 17:12
schestowitzneighborlee: I have a post about it coming.Nov 14 17:13
neighborleeschestowitz, yup..not for usersing 'using it' , but for running exiswting programs sure lol,,but yeah in 11/07 he says its best that we dont write in mono ( fspot, etc.), but that we  rewrite the  'cool ones' in something else to avoid the M$ 'vice' ..:))Nov 14 17:13
neighborleeschestowitz, coolNov 14 17:13
schestowitzMicrosoft sort of makes Office available for Linux... only with Mono (Moonlight) and OOXMLNov 14 17:13
Omar87But, ya know, when it comes to Microsoft, everything is possible. :)Nov 14 17:13
schestowitzIt's a trap for Red hat.Nov 14 17:13
neighborleeschestowitz, heh, its laughable ;)Nov 14 17:13
schestowitzSee . Ignore the BS from Asay, watch the comment from Michael.Nov 14 17:14
neighborleeoffice with ooXML, that which was used to break compat with they must really think we are all very dumb ;)Nov 14 17:14
schestowitzMatt is just sucking up again.. he doesn't understand this stuff.Nov 14 17:14
schestowitzThe problem is that Novell uses Mono not just to bring over applications to assist migrations...Nov 14 17:14
schestowitzThey actually DEVELOP in it. That is something that RMS would not endorse.Nov 14 17:15
Omar87schestowitz: Yeah, oh well, how much did he foolishly praise Windows 7 as well. :)Nov 14 17:15
schestowitzYes, I saw that too.Nov 14 17:15
schestowitzThere's a whole army of 'cultists' out there whose monopolist they love and protect..Nov 14 17:16
Omar87schestowitz: Which is why I think he's bribed or at least, praised and influenced directly by Microsoft.Nov 14 17:16
schestowitzI just try to label them. 14 17:16
schestowitzBy the way, it's Vista 7, not Windows 7. ;-)Nov 14 17:16
Omar87schestowitz: Oh, yeah, that's right. :DNov 14 17:17
schestowitzMicrosoft ecosystem=money club. Keep it where it's warm.Nov 14 17:17
Omar87schestowitz: I've seen a small video about it (I bet you did as well), and really, the only thing I saw was yet another Vista before me, with some minor stupid tweaks here and there.. -_-Nov 14 17:18
schestowitzUI changes are easy. It's most visible.Nov 14 17:19
Omar87schestowitz: I just wonder, how, in the world, would this thing be even loadable on a netbook.. ?_?'Nov 14 17:19
schestowitzThey hardly had a build for a successor a while ago.Nov 14 17:19
schestowitzIt's SP1 of Vista with some widgets and stuff. They bribed a lot of people to hide the truth and gave them special-purpose machines, coordinated alongside demos that are like adverts.Nov 14 17:20
schestowitzIt WAS THE SAME IN 2006 with VISTA (also bribed bloggers0Nov 14 17:20
schestowitzIt took people like 6 months to make the BS (marketing) be covered by truth.Nov 14 17:21
schestowitzIt's all about /perception/Nov 14 17:21
schestowitzOmar87: it's loadable because they disable a lot of code/services/etcNov 14 17:21
schestowitzI read somewhere that they will make a SPECIAL version for Netbooks... so it's not Vista 7, but they'll call it that for marketing purposes..Nov 14 17:22
schestowitzVista 7 + Netbook = publicity stunt.Nov 14 17:22
Omar87schestowitz: Yeah, but the privacy-raping applications and tools will absolutely still be there, right?Nov 14 17:23
schestowitzI don't know.Nov 14 17:24
schestowitzI also thought about DRM.Nov 14 17:24
schestowitzCommenting out code before 'monsterbuilding' is east.Nov 14 17:24
schestowitzAll they need to do is show the Netbook with the same widgets moving about.Nov 14 17:24
schestowitzTake some videos/photographs, stir up the Microsoft-friendly reporters to write about it..Nov 14 17:25
Omar87schestowitz: I also heard, they make it as cheap as possible.. :)Nov 14 17:25
_dougCharles Arthur: The stock market reckons Dell has eight years to live ..Nov 14 17:26
_doug 14 17:26
schestowitz*LOL* Windows 7’s biggest threat: journalists < >Nov 14 17:26
schestowitz“We understand that many journalists use Macs,” said CNet marketing marketer Don Reisinger. “This means they necessarily suckle at the Satanic rear passage of Steve Jobs. We cannot countenance their bias. Journalists are responsible for all those signs outside computer shops offering to replace Vista with XP. When was the last time you saw the entire technology field stop and wait for an announcement from any other company beNov 14 17:26
schestowitzsides Apple? It’s so unfair!”Nov 14 17:26
schestowitz_doug: either is optimistic.Nov 14 17:26
_dougThey should have diversified, into portable devices and online services ...Nov 14 17:27
Omar87schestowitz: Do you think they can really make an completely virus-proof OS within this year? Wouldn't that be more like building Windows from scratch?Nov 14 17:28
_dougnotnewstoday :)Nov 14 17:28
schestowitzOmar87: virus-proof? No, that's impossible.Nov 14 17:29
schestowitzThat said, someone from Utah claims that Novell builds a Linux-based Seven, which is too bizarre to believe.Nov 14 17:29
_dougCharles Arthur: "I wonder if his company is running, a bit Wile E. Coyote-style, off the edge of a cliff."Nov 14 17:29
schestowitzIt's not just Dell.Nov 14 17:30
schestowitzMany hardeare manufacturers that merely assemble parts are in for a rough ride and downsizing.Nov 14 17:30
_dougDell is in an ideal place, it's own hardware manufacturing and OEM distribution channels.Nov 14 17:30
schestowitzDell already does a funny one-week break for all people.... UNPAID.Nov 14 17:30
PetoKrausnice article about bloat: 14 17:31
Omar87schestowitz: I read an article a couple of weeks ago that Novells main goal is to work with Microsoft in order to break the GPL.. ??Nov 14 17:31
schestowitzPeter Mandelson: “The audacity of post” .. "Suggestions that the Post Officeâ„¢ get into the business of physical delivery of letters and parcels were greeted with a perplexed snort of laughter." < >Nov 14 17:31
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_dougDo a deal with the telecom and media companies, start selling its own MediaPlayer, get revenue from online subscriptions ..Nov 14 17:31
schestowitzOmar87: which article would that be?Nov 14 17:32
schestowitzThey already did that (break the GPL, by spirit)Nov 14 17:32
Omar87schestowitz: I'm not sure..Nov 14 17:32
_dougThat's what I would do if I was CEO of DELL .. what are they paying his salary for ?Nov 14 17:32
schestowitzNovell doesn't care about freedom; those who it 'bought' in Germany might.Nov 14 17:32
Omar87schestowitz: They did break the GPL?Nov 14 17:32
MinceRPetoKraus: bah, another crApple fanboy straining to somehow advertise shoddy crApple products.Nov 14 17:33
schestowitzOmar87: GPLv2. They exploited a loophole.Nov 14 17:33
PetoKrausMinceR: you should just read TFANov 14 17:33
Omar87schestowitz: So, SUSE isn't really opensource?Nov 14 17:33
schestowitzIn simple terms, the GPL in its older form (version 2) permitted companies to have it obeyed while adding patent provisions/restrictions that apply to the software (licensed under GPLv2).Nov 14 17:33
MinceRPetoKraus: i've looked at itNov 14 17:33
schestowitzMy understanding is that Novell discussed the deal with quite a few people /well/ before it was announced in order to confirm this and conform with the licence. While the SFLC/FSF could not prevent the deal, it was able to explain the consequences in advance.Nov 14 17:33
MinceRPetoKraus: though tl;drNov 14 17:33
MinceRPetoKraus: i know what it's about anywayNov 14 17:33
PetoKrausthat's the pointNov 14 17:33
schestowitzSUSE is GPL compliant.Nov 14 17:33
PetoKrausit's about how much software got bloatedNov 14 17:33
schestowitzThe GPLv3 'pardoned' Novell by 'grandfathering', which is incorporated into the new licence. Other companies like Xandros were not as lucky because they were not excused. GPLv3 is a deterrent to companies that ponder repeating Novell's deeds.Nov 14 17:34
_dougDell business plan 1980: sell WinTell PCs ..Nov 14 17:34
MinceRPetoKraus: while ignoring how much more functional it became.Nov 14 17:34
schestowitz_doug: Dell is also corruptNov 14 17:34
_dougDell business plan 2008: sell WinTell PCs ..Nov 14 17:34
schestowitzIt did a bribery thing with Intel.Nov 14 17:34
_doug:)Nov 14 17:34
schestowitzKickbacks.Nov 14 17:34
schestowitzCaught by investors who sued (or were going to)Nov 14 17:34
PetoKrausMinceR: yes. though it takes joe the plumber as a common userNov 14 17:34
PetoKrausit's a straw man, i agreeNov 14 17:34
schestowitzMaybe they can sue now that the stock sink due to that chamber or deep corruption opening up.Nov 14 17:35
MinceRonce again i'd be forced to ask what joe the plumber is doing with a computerNov 14 17:35
schestowitzMinceR: he plays the pipesNov 14 17:35
MinceRthe tubes?Nov 14 17:35
PetoKrauswell, i'd rather ask, whether the stuff Joe needs to do can be done on the mac proNov 14 17:35
schestowitz. 14 17:35
PetoKraus*plusNov 14 17:35
Omar87schestowitz: Hmm, so Novell was excused because it managed to commit its crime before GPLv3?Nov 14 17:36
schestowitzYesNov 14 17:36
schestowitzAnd Stallman was nice to themNov 14 17:36
schestowitzThey always accuse the FSF of being intolerant, but there you goNov 14 17:36
Omar87schestowitz: Hmm, why did he not sue them?Nov 14 17:36
MinceRwell, crApple "computers" are usually bought as room ornaments for gay peopleNov 14 17:36
PetoKrauswell nice... is there anything he could do?Nov 14 17:36
schestowitzThey also played nice with Creative Commons recently. Some people praises and some criticised it.Nov 14 17:37
Omar87oh okNov 14 17:37
schestowitzThe FSF is willing to make reasonable compromises at times.Nov 14 17:37
schestowitzOmar87: the FSF suing Novell?Nov 14 17:37
schestowitzThey didn't break the contract.Nov 14 17:37
schestowitzNintendo is up sharply in the US this month. Almost 1 million units!!Nov 14 17:38
Omar87schestowitz: Mr Joi Ito told us something about the CC's attempt to get Wikipedia under the Creative Commons License. And that RMS said no to them, why is that?Nov 14 17:39
schestowitzMicrosoft stock at 10-year low < >\Nov 14 17:39
schestowitzOmar87: I'm not too sure about copyright/left laws, but maybe it's resolved now.Nov 14 17:39
Omar87schestowitz: mhmm.Nov 14 17:40
schestowitz 14 17:40
schestowitzI remember that post cause I linked to it at the time.Nov 14 17:40
schestowitzLessig wrote about it too.Nov 14 17:40
Omar87schestowitz:  Oh, that's cool!Nov 14 17:41
_dougregarding the credit-crunch: help bail out a Mega firm .. :)Nov 14 17:41
_doug 14 17:41
schestowitzEarlier I watch some videos from a CC guyNov 14 17:41
schestowitzHe explained very well why IBM and Intel invest in free softwareNov 14 17:41
schestowitzStating the obvious that it's about reducing cost of s/w so that they can sell more h/wNov 14 17:42
schestowitzIt's like free beer for selling food at a tavernNov 14 17:42
schestowitz (Intel Releases Two New Open-Source Drivers)Nov 14 17:42
_dougNo, that's free sex and expensive beer :)Nov 14 17:42
schestowitzTell Intel to shove it and sink (which they already are accroding to their latest disclosures)Nov 14 17:43
schestowitzThey attacked OLPC ( a charity) because it wasn't good for their precious margins (price-fixing/ripoff)Nov 14 17:43
schestowitzI can't help but suspect that they raise the price of Atom now that they ruined some competition... cheapest netbooks go for $300.Nov 14 17:44
Omar87schestowitz: By the way, what's SCO? And why are they welling to sue Linux?Nov 14 17:48
_dougbillg: We were one of the first global companies to recognise China and Asias' R & D potential. When I visited China in 1997 ..Nov 14 17:49
_doug 14 17:49
schestowitz 14 17:50
schestowitzBillG invented waterNov 14 17:51
_dougYet more Guardian gems: "few people who have spent time hanging out with successful Valley entrepreneurs would doubt the importance of Asperger's Syndrome. In fact, so close is the relationship between Asperger's and web 2.0 that they should probably just rename it Asbrgr"Nov 14 17:51
_doug 14 17:51
schestowitzHe's generous though. You need not pat.Nov 14 17:52
schestowitz*payNov 14 17:52
schestowitz*Groan* yard *snort*Nov 14 17:53
schestowitz"billg: We were one of the first global companies to recognise China and Asias' R & D potential. When I visited China in 1997 ..." Did he rock back an forth when he said that?Nov 14 17:54
MinceRwouldn't that be "asprgr BETA"?Nov 14 17:57
schestowitz"Windows 7 comes ,,,  support for the Open Document format in Word Pad." < 14 17:57
MinceR(hm, intended to color the last "r" there, but now i see we're +c)Nov 14 17:57
schestowitzWill it be opened PROPERLY?Nov 14 17:58
schestowitzwill line breaks wor^Hk?Nov 14 17:58
MinceRwok?Nov 14 17:58
_dougJuly 2004: "Developed by China's Red Flag Software and Japan's Miracle Linux at Oracle's research centre in Beijing, the flagship version of the server operating environment, Asianux 1.0, was commercially launched last month"Nov 14 17:59
_doug,100...Nov 14 17:59
schestowitzMinceR: Wor^H^H^H^HK~1.Nov 14 18:00
MinceR:)Nov 14 18:00
schestowitzThey need to either 'extend' ODF or make it look bad (repel users)Nov 14 18:00
schestowitz_doug: Gates went all the way up to the top to corrupt officials against independence.Nov 14 18:01
schestowitz"Let's do this together. We'll control 'the little people' with Windows and your help. We can censor Live too."Nov 14 18:01
schestowitzOn Microsoft's intimate affairs in China: 14 18:02
_dougMS R & D: "as long as they're going to steal it, we want them to steal ours. They'll get sort of addicted, and then we'll somehow figure out how to collect sometime in the next decade"Nov 14 18:04
twitterShill study goes after ODF 14 18:04
schestowitzGosh, I hate going through BN spam and deleting itNov 14 18:04
schestowitzI've just comes across all sorts of gross spam comments.Nov 14 18:04
twittersorry to hear that.Nov 14 18:04
schestowitzLike "anal masturbation" and "Girl shitting."Nov 14 18:05
twitterhere's evidence that Google Docs and OO are gaining traction where it counts. 14 18:05
schestowitzThis one... for example: "Shitting girls. Shitting sex. Girls pissing and shitting. Shitting. Amsterdam girls shitting tons of shitting pictures. Girls shitting…."Nov 14 18:05
twitterclassyNov 14 18:05
schestowitzLook what Windows botnets do to the Web.Nov 14 18:05
schestowitzThat's like 150 like this since the morning.Nov 14 18:05
twitterwowNov 14 18:05
schestowitz"Founded in 2003, ClickStream Technologies provides technology usage metrics to the world’s largest software and hardware developers. Our data-collection tools and standing panel of U.S. internet users create a rich, dynamic feedback loop between the people who develop technologies and the people who use them."Nov 14 18:06
schestowitzNever heard of them.Nov 14 18:06
schestowitzServer in Singapore.Nov 14 18:06
schestowitz*gasp*Nov 14 18:06
schestowitzAt least their server runs a form of *NIX, with FlashNov 14 18:07
schestowitzWhere's the money made from such a 'study'?Nov 14 18:07
twitterYeah, but you can throw out the results of the study, "  U.S.        internet users over the age of 18 to complete a survey and install        ClickSight€®, a patent-pending data collection        tool which records click-level user behavior data across all browsers and applications"Nov 14 18:08
schestowitzAlways find motive. Who would beneift? Microsoft cited the Burton Group's (MS shill) anti-Google study over a year ago.Nov 14 18:08
twitterIn other words, 50% of people dumb enough to install spyware use Word a lot too.Nov 14 18:08
schestowitz1) pay some money; 2) wait a while; 3) link to 'new' 'study; 4) get return on investmentNov 14 18:08
schestowitzOr...Nov 14 18:08
schestowitz1) wink at $company; 2) $company generates anti-Google study; 3) Microsoft links to study; 4) Microsoft hires $company people for consulting... VERY high wages... like a payback.Nov 14 18:09
schestowitzDeleting blog spam is like going through lots of shit... LITERALLY.Nov 14 18:10
schestowitzI blame people who google for "sh*t". The spammer are aiming at that fetish with this type of spam.Nov 14 18:11
schestowitzIntel Suing More Companies For Trademark Infringement < >Nov 14 18:14
Omar87schestowitz: I've created a fan page for Mr. Lawrence Lessig at Facebook, since there no fan pages for at all there, lol. :)Nov 14 18:15
schestowitzDoes he use Facebook at all?Nov 14 18:16
Omar87schestowitz: I'm wondering wha't the best way to bring people to it.Nov 14 18:16
Omar87schestowitz: I think he does. But I'm not sure.Nov 14 18:16
schestowitzBetter to promote his talks to people who don't know Creative Commons.Nov 14 18:17
schestowitzAll else if preaching to the 'converted;Nov 14 18:17
twitterI'm not sure it's a good idea to be a part of Facebook.  M$ owns 15% of it.Nov 14 18:17
Omar87schestowitz: However, it's just a fan page, ya know, where his fan and supporters show their pride, and new people get to know him.Nov 14 18:17
schestowitzYes, I was going to mention Microsoft dipping its toes in it.Nov 14 18:18
neighborleeoh great..isn't that just peachy  o_0Nov 14 18:18
schestowitzI stay away from FB as much as I can, but it's viral due to peer pressure.Nov 14 18:18
Omar87schestowitz: Oh yeah, that's right.. damn!Nov 14 18:18
neighborleethx, glad to know that..that really bitesNov 14 18:18
schestowitzI'm going to link to these videos in BN soon:Nov 14 18:18
schestowitzVictor Stone talks about music, Free Software, Creative Commons and life at Microsoft 02 (2004)Nov 14 18:18
schestowitz 14 18:18
schestowitzVictor Stone talks about music, Free Software, Creative Commons and life at Microsoft 03 (2004)Nov 14 18:18
schestowitz 14 18:18
schestowitzVictor Stone talks about music, Free Software, Creative Commons and life at Microsoft 04 (2004)Nov 14 18:18
schestowitz 14 18:18
schestowitzVictor Stone talks about music, Free Software, Creative Commons and life at Microsoft 05 (2004)Nov 14 18:18
schestowitz 14 18:18
schestowitzVictor Stone talks about music, Free Software, Creative Commons and life at Microsoft 06 (2004)Nov 14 18:18
schestowitz 14 18:18
schestowitzVictor Stone talks about music, Free Software, Creative Commons and life at Microsoft 07 (2004)Nov 14 18:18
schestowitz 14 18:18
neighborleeoops :))Nov 14 18:18
schestowitzSome people escape the beast and actually do something useful with themselvesNov 14 18:19
neighborleeI mean excellent..great to see ogg in use ;))Nov 14 18:19
schestowitzThis also shows the ugly picture of the corrupt music industry, which is no secret if you listen to what ex-singers sayNov 14 18:19
neighborleeyeahNov 14 18:19
Omar87Nine-Inch Nails did the right thing, though, lol. :)Nov 14 18:20
schestowitzSingers escaping the MAFIAA is like people escaping Microsoft to find Free software.Nov 14 18:20
neighborleenice analogy ;)Nov 14 18:20
schestowitzThe analogous situations have plenty to teach about one another.Nov 14 18:20
Omar87And MAFIAA is RIAA, right? :DNov 14 18:21
schestowitzMusic stars unite to seek control : 14 18:21
schestowitzOne Man's Quest to Digitize and Publicize Rare Vinyl : 14 18:22
neighborleeI just wish linux had better QA, only way I see of that happening is all users finally agreeing to use one distro and make it the best it can be...but then Ive said this for a very long time and no one yet has listened..they all want to toot their own horns so far and QA suffers,clearly evidenced by even ubntu having very iffy QA on releasesNov 14 18:22
neighborleethats just my take on it, dont crucify me for loving linux, but hating its current infrastructure ;)Nov 14 18:22
twitter 14 18:23
Omar87QA?Nov 14 18:23
schestowitzFrom 14 18:24
schestowitz"Bill  said on Thursday, 13 November 2008 Pretty harsh comments, sort of the kind one finds on "Nov 14 18:24
neighborleeOmar87, quality assurance.Nov 14 18:24
schestowitzIs this the 'real' PJ? "PJ said on Thursday, 13 November 2008 They are already reduced to hiring people that are interested in one thing. Money. Although RH sees no threat since Novell cannot execute on anything today."Nov 14 18:24
twitterfree software code quality is excellent but if you have an idea to make it better, launch a distro.  :-DNov 14 18:24
neighborleedrivres, apps, booting, all important operating sytsem components just working out of box on release day...Nov 14 18:25
schestowitzShe only comments if she announces it, but I noticed more PJ comments recently.Nov 14 18:25
neighborleetwitter, yeah thats all linux needs,,another distro ;)Nov 14 18:25
schestowitzOmar87: MAFIAA = RIAA/MPAA mafiaNov 14 18:25
neighborleehehNov 14 18:25
*PetoKraus has quit ("The purpose of IRC is to...IDLE...")Nov 14 18:27
twitterSlashdot spam has reached new lows too.  People seem to ignore it.Nov 14 18:27
*PetoKraus ( has joined #boycottnovellNov 14 18:28
twitterAnother lovely example 14 18:29
neighborleeouch,,,nnnnnnnastNov 14 18:30
neighborleeyNov 14 18:30
neighborleepoor blender took a temporary hit too on certain aspects...only until I grabbed nvidia's beta driver did that remedy itselfNov 14 18:31
neighborleeblender as in blender3d I mean.Nov 14 18:32
Omar87So far, I can see that Ubuntu is the most user-friendly and dependable distro. for daily use.Nov 14 18:34
Omar87However, you can't stop limit the people a to this distro. or that distro. because people have tastes and purposes.Nov 14 18:35
schestowitzI use Mandriva on this box. It's great.Nov 14 18:36
Omar87For example, hackers might pretty much go with Backtrack, business are most likely to choose Red Hat, gamers might go for Mandriva.. etc. :)Nov 14 18:37
Omar87Yeah, Mandriva is awesome! ;-)Nov 14 18:37
neighborleenot so much hereNov 14 18:38
schestowitzWow, even  Alastair is now criticising the Novell situation < >. I was under the impression that he protected Novell SA.Nov 14 18:38
neighborleeI tried mandriva 2009 as in very latest,,I couldn't even boot due to X prob lems, on this very up to date hardware wize computer im using here.Nov 14 18:38
neighborleewho is alastairNov 14 18:38
neighborleecheckingNov 14 18:38
schestowitzHe's the main man at Tectonic.Nov 14 18:39
neighborleethats what in part I mean about bad  QA.Nov 14 18:39
schestowitzIt's a good site.Nov 14 18:39
neighborleeahNov 14 18:39
schestowitzJust in: Lawrence Lessig Announced as 2008 Monaco Media Prize Winner < >Nov 14 18:45
_dougNovell bid to cannibalise Linux market ..Nov 14 18:57
_doug 14 18:57
schestowitzThat comment in Glyn's that says PJ...Nov 14 18:58
schestowitzIt's not her!Nov 14 18:58
schestowitzI asked because I've noticed QUITE A FEW RECENTLY. *gasp*Nov 14 18:58
schestowitz_doug: I wrote about Sam's article here: 14 18:59
schestowitz "“Another facet of the same problem is that the rest of open source can no longer trust Novell coders. Are Novell employees producing code to advance open source or to advance the Microsoft-Novell attack on open source?”"Nov 14 18:59
schestowitzSteve Stites also commented in Glyn's blog.Nov 14 18:59
neighborleeexactly ;)Nov 14 19:12
schestowitzImagine using these instead of monitors? 14 19:14
_dougAuntie Beeb's amazing, evolving, ID card stories ..Nov 14 19:14
_doug 14 19:14
schestowitzBTW, the fake PJ is why she doesn't comment publicly. There are fake Linuses too. I told him about it and he replied. He still makes some "real" comments, though. Now he has a blog where he can rant. :-) Let's not forget the Markoff incident/s. ;-)Nov 14 19:14
schestowitzAmazing, _doug Nov 14 19:15
schestowitzIs it GBP14 billion for that junk?Nov 14 19:15
PetoKrausbillion or milliard? :PNov 14 19:17
schestowitz 14 19:17
schestowitzbnNov 14 19:17
_dougWorkers at two airports will be used to test UK national identity card, the government is expected to announce.Nov 14 19:19
_doug[ Jacqui Smith says public demand means people will be able to pre-register for an ID card within the next few months.Nov 14 19:19
_dougThe cards will be available for all from 2012 but she said: "I regularly have people coming up to me and saying they don't want to wait that long."Nov 14 19:19
_doug ]Nov 14 19:19
_doug[ Campaigners No2ID said it was a "transparent attempt to save ministerial face" amid opposition from unions and airline bosses, who say it is unjustified and would not improve security.Nov 14 19:19
_doug ]Nov 14 19:19
_dougNon-EU students and marriage visa holders will be the first to receive the ID cards this month, followed by airport workers and from 2010 a voluntary system for other people will come into effect.Nov 14 19:19
schestowitzYay! We get surveillance and pay for it! Yay! Double yay! What's it good for again?Nov 14 19:20
*schestowitz can't wait to find some leaked database of people's medical records and IDs on torrent [sarcasm /]Nov 14 19:21
schestowitzIntel warning puts a chill on Microsoft: (from MS fanNov 14 19:22
twitterAvoiding DRM laced HDMI ... otherwise mini projector is niceNov 14 19:22
schestowitz"Ultimately, Microsoft changed its mind and lowered the requirements so that PCs with those chipsets received the "Windows Vista Capable" logo -- even though they couldn't run the glossy Aero Glass interface or other signature Windows Vista features." < >Nov 14 19:24
schestowitzBssted.Nov 14 19:24
schestowitzVista suit links Microsoft, Intel CEOs < >. Collusion concluded?Nov 14 19:24
schestowitzSun restructures, lays off up to 6,000 < >Nov 14 19:35
schestowitzReviewer still leave Vista in the garbage for some O/S from 2001... Battle of the Big Three Which Operating System Reigns Supreme? < >Nov 14 19:41
schestowitz ( 1105 Media Cancels "Virtualization Live" Conference Due to Recession, It Says )Nov 14 19:42
PetoKrausoh god!Nov 14 19:42
PetoKrausOOO is piece of CRAPNov 14 19:42
PetoKrausit takes system colours no matter whatNov 14 19:43
schestowitzYes, it's changing its UI colours.Nov 14 19:43
schestowitzKDE?Nov 14 19:43
schestowitzTry ticking the box for not applying colours scheme to non-Qt appsNov 14 19:43
PetoKrausis there some box?Nov 14 19:44
PetoKrausi'm using ENov 14 19:44
PetoKrausand black GTK themeNov 14 19:44
schestowitzI use dark themss too.Nov 14 19:45
schestowitzI'm not sure about Enlightenment. I used it many years ago... like 7. It's minimalistNov 14 19:45
schestowitzIOW, you might not have this option.Nov 14 19:45
schestowitzTry seeing if you can pass command lines args to Oo-writer/whatever.. for themesNov 14 19:46
PetoKraus 14 19:46
PetoKrausi mean, come on!Nov 14 19:46
PetoKrauswhen i change gtk theme, it's okayNov 14 19:47
PetoKrauswhen i set the colour values, they don't workNov 14 19:47
schestowitzHaha. Looks like mine.Nov 14 19:48
schestowitzWhen I needed to take screenshots I just changed themes momentarily.Nov 14 19:48
PetoKrausgnumeric does it properlyNov 14 19:48
PetoKrausi need to SEE the freaking GRAPHNov 14 19:48
MinceRi keep having color problems with ooo, tooNov 14 19:48
schestowitzMeh. gnumeric.. OOXML... MOOXNov 14 19:48
MinceRi think it completely ignores cell background colors in calc alreadyNov 14 19:48
MinceRgnumeric > ooo calcNov 14 19:49
twittergnumeric is infected with OOXML?  Nooooooooo!  Not my favorite spreadsheet.Nov 14 19:51
twitterAbout the spam problem.  Do you have an easy way to tighten the caphca?  little images of the numbers instead of text, subtraction, multiplication and addition might help.Nov 14 19:52
schestowitztwitter: they already get trapped, but I need to rescue false positives.Nov 14 19:54
trmanco 14 19:55
schestowitzSilly remark:,... "If nothing else, the move will increase competition and keep Red Hat looking at the terms of its own support contracts."Nov 14 19:57
schestowitzCompetition? Linux vs Linux is hardly competition, esp. when done in this brutal fashion. Wake up, Peter. Pretty please.Nov 14 19:57
trmanco 14 20:03
MinceR 14 20:04
MinceR 14 20:04
schestowitz*LOL* "You are not allowed to do cunning things"Nov 14 20:04
trmanco 14 20:05
MinceR 14 20:05
MinceRand then they dare call it a unixNov 14 20:05
trmancoLOL MinceRNov 14 20:05
trmancoit is BSD basedNov 14 20:05
schestowitzWindows is cool with whitespaces because it doesn't give a s* about the CLI (cmd.exe)Nov 14 20:06
trmancoschestowitz, and the cool thing is that you can't name your files or folders as you wantNov 14 20:06
schestowitz*LOL* Vista RIP boot imageNov 14 20:06
trmanco"con" is an exampleNov 14 20:06
schestowitzThat's like a car whose bonnet you can't open and greabox you are not 'allowed' to shift to 5Nov 14 20:07
schestowitz"Yes, you can do it, but well.. you can't... trust us"Nov 14 20:07
trmanco 14 20:08
schestowitzARNnet turns out to be IDG. *spit spit*Nov 14 20:09
schestowitzCan Vista 7 do "con"? Have they fixed this bug yet?Nov 14 20:10
schestowitz7 years to patch a bug... is that why they call it Vista 7?Nov 14 20:10
schestowitzMicrosoft takes 7 years to fix security exploit : 14 20:10
schestowitz : MS patch Tuesday includes fix for seven-year old itchNov 14 20:11
trmancoschestowitz, I dunnoNov 14 20:12
trmancoschestowitz, they only patched that 7 year old bug partiallyNov 14 20:12
schestowitzit's a startNov 14 20:12
schestowitzMaybe they waited 7 years for a patent application on this bugfix to go through.Nov 14 20:13
trmancoI can't remember where a read thisNov 14 20:14
trmancoI think it was on COLANov 14 20:14
schestowitz"An apparatus for improving functionality in Microsoft(R) Windows(R)..."Nov 14 20:14
trmancoRated (R)Nov 14 20:14
trmancoIt is bad for kid under age :-PNov 14 20:14
trmancokids*Nov 14 20:14
schestowitzNoveller:  Free Software Foundation does the right thing for free culture ( )      FSF: Novell does the wrong thing for culture.Nov 14 20:15
schestowitzeWeek needs updating (see date): "With the collaboration between Microsoft and Novell, however, this is no longer the case. Join us on Oct. 29 as experts from Microsoft and Novell share insights into how mixed-source virtualization can help improve operational efficiency, and what work is being done to help manage these environments."Nov 14 20:18
schestowitz 14 20:19
schestowitzI've just mailed SJVN regarrding this mischief of his: 14 20:20
*_doug has quit ()Nov 14 20:21
schestowitzSome people think of Novell and SUSE only in terms of technical merits. 14 20:21
schestowitzFUDdy piece: 14 20:40
schestowitzIt's accurate, but it sends MIXED messages [pun].Nov 14 20:41
schestowitzSun Micro under pressure to sell, but buyers wary < >Nov 14 20:41
schestowitzNo fiber... :-( :-( "FORGET EVERYTHING you’ve been promised by BT. We’re probably never going to get the much-anticipated super-fast broadband we’ve all been waiting for." < > < >Nov 14 20:55
schestowitzOn the bright note: " A senior U.S. lawmaker plans to introduce a bill in January that would bar Internet providers like AT&T Inc from blocking Web content, setting up a renewed battle over so-called network neutrality." < >Nov 14 20:57
schestowitzMore exploitation and corruption unfolds: FTC sues internet 'loan sharks' for deceptive lending < >Nov 14 21:04
*PetoKraus has quit (Remote closed the connection)Nov 14 21:20
*PetoKraus ( has joined #boycottnovellNov 14 21:21
Omar87Can we say that MySpace is to Google like Facebook is to Microsoft?Nov 14 21:30
schestowitzUbuntu hits back at Mandriva's rant (personal rant): Nov 14 21:31
schestowitz 14 21:31
schestowitzMySpace and Google?!?!Nov 14 21:31
schestowitzDidn't they sell out to Microsoft search just like FB?Nov 14 21:31
Omar87schestowitz: I don't know about that. But I don't think so.Nov 14 21:32
Omar87schestowitz: Is there anything like that really?Nov 14 21:32
Omar87schestowitz: If that's true, then how come their search engine is powered by Google?Nov 14 21:33
Omar87schestowitz: I've just found an old article stating that MySpace is a great threat to Microsoft..Nov 14 21:34
schestowitzMaybe they changedNov 14 21:35
schestowitzI think they flip-flopped. As I remember it, they chose Google and MS tried to steal them away. A bit like Digg with advertisements.Nov 14 21:36
Omar87schestowitz: I also found another article saying something like Microsoft have created another MySpace of their own... or something like that...Nov 14 21:37
schestowitzOh. let me checl.Nov 14 21:37
MinceRdigg has advertisements, many of them written by commentersNov 14 21:37
schestowitz:-)Nov 14 21:37
schestowitzTrue.Nov 14 21:37
schestowitzDigg was good in 2006.Nov 14 21:37
schestowitzI was ranked 17th.Nov 14 21:37
Omar87Technorati is cool too! :)Nov 14 21:37
schestowitzThere's MSN SpacesNov 14 21:38
schestowitz 14 21:38
schestowitzYuck. ( MySpace Lures Microsoft Exec To Become CSO ) They 'poison' themselves.Nov 14 21:39
schestowitzI remember this: 14 21:39
schestowitzIIRC, MySpace runs or used to run Windows...which is rare for large sites.Nov 14 21:40
schestowitz"Nov 14 21:41
schestowitzThere are the other changes, though. Schwartz mentions that OpenOffice 3 distributed over three million copies -- last week. He states, quite sensibly, that it is likely this userbase (that he estimates to be between 150 million and 200 million) will grow as the economy continues to struggle (though I'd hope it could also be attributed to the realization OpenOffice is a worthy alternative to other office suites).Nov 14 21:41
schestowitzThere are the other changes, though. Schwartz mentions that OpenOffice 3 distributed over three million copies -- last week. He states, quite sensibly, that it is likely this userbase (that he estimates to be between 150 million and 200 million) will grow as the economy continues to struggle (though I'd hope it could also be attributed to the realization OpenOffice is a worthy alternative to other office suites)."Nov 14 21:41
schestowitzBit news yet to come... 14 21:42
Omar87schestowitz: DAMN! When I curled MySpace, I it said that their site is powered by .NET!Nov 14 21:42
schestowitzI just added a warning: "Those who care about freedom should adopt OOo and abolish Microvell's go-oo."Nov 14 21:43
schestowitzOmar87: it's a rare exception. And the site looks like trash.Nov 14 21:44
Omar87schestowitz: LOL! Even Facebook doesn't use ASP.NET. :DNov 14 21:44
schestowitzMicrosoft spends a fortune trying to convert Linux/BSD sites it buys.Nov 14 21:47
schestowitzHotmail being a well-known example.Nov 14 21:47
trmancothe Hotmail service is degradingNov 14 22:04
schestowitzMicrosoft touched it.Nov 14 22:04
MinceRthey've been degrading since the moment they got their paws on itNov 14 22:06
trmancoback then when I registered an email with it is use to be minimally usableNov 14 22:07
trmancoback then when I registered an email with Hotmail, it use to be minimally usable*Nov 14 22:08
trmancoback in 2002Nov 14 22:08
schestowitzBe prepared for Mahoo! Mail.Nov 14 22:12
trmancoI have an account there tooNov 14 22:12
trmancoand it has been degrading toNov 14 22:13
trmancotoo much ads and it is slowNov 14 22:13
schestowitzMicrosoft bought Hotmail for users, not eh technology (BSD); same with Yahoo!Nov 14 22:13
neighborleeI use gmail now, and am very content with it.Nov 14 22:13
trmancoyes me tooNov 14 22:13
trmancoGmail is the only one that kicks assNov 14 22:14
trmancothe only email service that has improved and continues improvingNov 14 22:15
neighborleeyupNov 14 22:16
schestowitzA little /too/ much?Nov 14 22:16
trmancoof course by default it has some bloat, but it is easy to removeNov 14 22:16
neighborleenever had any spam to speak of since using themNov 14 22:16
trmancoschestowitz, yesNov 14 22:16
schestowitz 14 22:16
trmancothey are flooding the news with all those lab features, I use some of themNov 14 22:17
schestowitz"Please upgrade to Windows from this Lunix thing to get the full Google experience.."Nov 14 22:17
neighborleelolNov 14 22:17
trmancohaven't tried thisNov 14 22:18
schestowitz 14 22:18
trmancothis is bloat in my opinionNov 14 22:18
schestowitzWindows-only... thank you , Google.Nov 14 22:18
schestowitzGoogle never gave a damn about Web standards, so...Nov 14 22:19
neighborleeI think in part what is unfair is that the mono discussion, while being VERY relevant to all that use foss to be aware of all the repercusions and whats in the news, that the thread instead degrades down into: Go Back     Ubuntu Forums > The Ubuntu Forum Community  > Forum Community Discussions  > The Community Cafe  > Recurring Discussions < where really very few it any wonder we have less traction than otherise we mightNov 14 22:19
neighborlee..Nov 14 22:19
schestowitzIt's giving excuses for other people to adopt the same attitude and spew garbage at browsers... because it was tested and works in a few major ones.Nov 14 22:19
trmancothere is a labs feature that recommends windows too, mouse gesture somethingNov 14 22:20
schestowitzThere you go..Nov 14 22:20
trmancowellNov 14 22:21
schestowitzneighborlee: in Ubuntu mentality, more market share = goal #1 (remember bug #1?)... get Mono infection, ask for Moonlight junkware... whatever... just for market share.Nov 14 22:21
trmancobut Between the Microhoo mail services I still prefer GmailNov 14 22:21
neighborleeschestowitz, of course.Nov 14 22:21
neighborlee$$$ ;)Nov 14 22:21
neighborleetrmanco, totallyNov 14 22:21
schestowitzThat's getting binaries and poisonware, that's not GNU/Linux. It's another OS X... and it's caused by the boosters and Mono guards occupying the forums.Nov 14 22:21
schestowitzThey must not be foolishNov 14 22:22
schestowitzBeing 'champions' is not a Mac vs PC-like fight.Nov 14 22:22
trmancoA new banshee version is out, now also polluting OS XNov 14 22:22
schestowitzMac vs PC is one binary versus another cock... two idiot fighting over whose cock is bigger.Nov 14 22:23
trmancoLOLNov 14 22:23
schestowitzFree software has a broader goal, which is freedom.Nov 14 22:23
trmancoRated (R)Nov 14 22:23
schestowitzIt's not about "making loads of $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$!!1!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"Nov 14 22:23
trmancoYou know, I still wonder what happened to the majority of the trolls on UsenetNov 14 22:26
schestowitzI don't worry. I celebrate deep inside.Nov 14 22:29
schestowitzIt's true that it's quiet.Nov 14 22:29
schestowitzIt was a NUTHOUSE about 6 months ago. _doug left in fury.Nov 14 22:29
MinceRopen platform, my ass. >> 14 22:29
schestowitzI hate the word "open"Nov 14 22:30
schestowitzIt's open to abuseNov 14 22:30
trmancothere is still one serious troll on COLANov 14 22:30
schestowitzMicrosoft's Jason M even hackled the thing... cause it's so easy to abuse the word, which THEY DID.Nov 14 22:30
schestowitzHeh. My karma in /. is "Excellent"Nov 14 22:30
MinceRi don't hate the word "open" but i hate the ones who abuse it.Nov 14 22:30
MinceRmine is "Positive"Nov 14 22:31
schestowitzGoogle is not open. Android is /marketed/ as open.Nov 14 22:31
schestowitzI don't think it's even open to choice of carrier!Nov 14 22:31
schestowitzBut, but..... it runs Liiiiiiiiinux! Wow. Not.Nov 14 22:31
MinceRwell, motorola did that before googleNov 14 22:32
MinceRand it was already jailed thenNov 14 22:32
schestowitzYes, they did. it's good validation though.Nov 14 22:32
schestowitzMotorola is not joining Google. Minds thinking alike probably...Nov 14 22:32
schestowitzIs Maemo 'open/?Nov 14 22:32
schestowitzCan I build the whole stack from source code?Nov 14 22:33
MinceRdunnoNov 14 22:33
MinceRmaemo doesn't have phone capabilities, so it's irrelevant to my interestsNov 14 22:33
schestowitzChomium... not Chrome... Chromium.Nov 14 22:33
schestowitzWe love our binaries......... here.... have some code to play with... some.Nov 14 22:34
MinceRas far as i am concerned, Chromium is crippled by windows-specific code and shitty windows font rendering techniques.Nov 14 22:34
trmancoChrome is not that goodNov 14 22:35
schestowitzInfoweek... wow... 14 22:36
schestowitzFirst blogs,... now imported content...Nov 14 22:36
trmancoI've tried it a couple of times and it is not "Extremely fast" as some hyped blogger wrote aboutNov 14 22:36
MinceRindeedNov 14 22:36
schestowitzThey might be going the way of the dodo like ZeeDee Gates.Nov 14 22:36
trmancobloggers*Nov 14 22:36
schestowitzJust stupid blogs and Reuters plugs...Nov 14 22:37
MinceRbut i'd still like to have a browser that separates fragile stuff into processesNov 14 22:37
schestowitzFast... like the release of some comics.Nov 14 22:37
schestowitz"And the myth grew..."Nov 14 22:37
schestowitz"Vista 7 is fast," say a gang of bloggers with multi-core gifts... and Microsoft affinity in their history.Nov 14 22:38
trmancoMinceR, yes that is good, and it doesn't hog much ram either, but wtf, I didn't buy 1GB of ram to have 800 MB unused, so ...Nov 14 22:39
MinceRi keep killing my browser when i play big gamesNov 14 22:40
MinceRso i could use reducing the horrible wasting of memoryNov 14 22:40
MinceRalso, it would be nice if a browser bug would only crash a tab, not the entire browserNov 14 22:40
*PetoKraus has quit (Remote closed the connection)Nov 14 22:40
trmancoyes that multi tab process thing is a good ideaNov 14 22:41
trmancobut, is it patented?Nov 14 22:41
schestowitzSilly bloggers ignore the price difference... ... the cause for Microsoft to lose Windows profit margins just to make it so... harder for GNU/Linux.Nov 14 22:41
*PetoKraus ( has joined #boycottnovellNov 14 22:42
schestowitzPerception manufacturing. I still think Intel jacked up the price to suit Wintel price-fixing days.Nov 14 22:42
schestowitztrmanco: patented? It's trivial.Nov 14 22:43
schestowitzMost patents are very vain by nature. Inherently, all ideas are unoriginal... they are aggregation of inspirations and existing knowledge synthesized together, The same goes for copyrighted music.Nov 14 22:44
trmancowell, time to go, see ya later guysNov 14 22:47
schestowitzcyaNov 14 22:49
*trmanco has quit ("I just hit the close button :)")Nov 14 22:51
*dsmith_ ( has joined #boycottnovellNov 14 22:53
*dsmith_ has quit (Remote closed the connection)Nov 14 23:50


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