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schestowitzgnDec 20 01:23
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MinceRgnDec 20 01:30
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mib_t2qaa3miguel responds to blog post: 20 02:03
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twitterJournaled PR firm uglies 20 03:19
twitterA little something Bill Gates does with his money, 20 04:11
twitterYes, while millions of ordinary Americans are losing their homes, Gates and buddies were building yet another tacky pleasure palace.  This one failed because of a divorce by it's founder, and the company stiffed the people working there.Dec 20 04:13
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twitterFat cats get their bailout bonuses Legally, thanks to GWB 20 05:42
twitterhush money means hush, 20 05:45
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schestowitzF*. I FINALLY Found out what broke YouTube for me.Dec 20 09:32
schestowitz2 days ago they did maintenance and their sensitive spot was Flashblock.Dec 20 09:32
schestowitzI couldn't find this by Google searchDec 20 09:32
schestowitzI tried disabling greasemonkey, debugging JavaScript... everything... the stuff burns a couple of hours. It was all down to Flashblock, which needed disabling, so..........Dec 20 09:33
schestowitz Cable Cuts Disrupt Internet in Middle East and India, AgainDec 20 11:13
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Omar87Hi all.Dec 20 11:55
schestowitzHi.Dec 20 12:06
schestowitz "Internet and telephone traffic between Europe and the Middle East and Asia was hampered Friday after three major underwater data lines were cut, according to France Telecom."Dec 20 12:57
Omar87schestowitz: Yup, that explains why my internet connections is slow as hell.. =_=Dec 20 13:03
Omar87connection*Dec 20 13:04
schestowitzYay! DRM coming to radio: 20 13:04
trmancoyay? :-PDec 20 13:08
Omar87I can't see where's the "yay" part here. :pDec 20 13:10
Omar87Isn't the Radio a DRM territory already?Dec 20 13:10
schestowitz I was joking. It was a "yay" or frustrationDec 20 13:13
Omar87lol :-)Dec 20 13:13
Omar87But isn't it already DRM'ed?Dec 20 13:13
schestowitzNo, not yetDec 20 13:13
schestowitzSony joins HD radio push : 20 13:14
schestowitzRadio Daddy Tells Podcasters to F off : 20 13:15
schestowitzMeanwhile they work to ruin Creative Commons and Internet Radio tooDec 20 13:15
schestowitzUS politicians back Act to save internet radio : 20 13:15
Omar87Because sometimes when I listen to a song in the Radio, I noticed in the past years that they never mention the song's title. So I thought this is part of the DRM..Dec 20 13:15
schestowitzInternet radio strikes deal with music Mafiaa : 20 13:15
schestowitzThe Internet Radio Death Watch : 20 13:15
schestowitzPandora Reaching Its Epilogue? : 20 13:16
schestowitzPandora can't make money, may pull the plug : 20 13:16
schestowitzOmar87: that seems unrelated though.Dec 20 13:16
schestowitzRoyalty fee 'to damage net radio' : 20 13:16
Omar87schestowitz: I just wonder, what the is a song for if it's not sharable...Dec 20 13:17
Omar87schestowitz: I meant, they never mention the song's title just in order to make it harder for you to look it up in the LimeWire... lol. :pDec 20 13:18
Omar87heheh, two of my friends have taken opposite paths.Dec 20 13:22
schestowitzThis silly.Dec 20 13:22
schestowitzPeople have their song on channels like MTV to promote albumsDec 20 13:22
schestowitzIn fact, many big labels (MAFIAA-affiliated) put their videos /THEMSELVES/ on YouTube to promote albums and artists.Dec 20 13:22
Omar87One of them preferred to become a Mac user, and the other has just installed Ubuntu on his machine and is loving the hell out of it. :)Dec 20 13:23
schestowitz 20 13:25
trmanco 20 13:49
schestowitz "On April 4, 2008, Jason Matusow, a Microsoft employee accused Groklaw of being "a website setup by IBM" in a blog posting [27]. He posted a retraction several hours later, however stated that it was his belief that this was the case, however that comments to his blog made him think that he should be careful about his assertions. Jones has always denied such claims. [28]"Dec 20 14:30
zoobabheheDec 20 14:40
schestowitz 20 14:40
schestowitzI'm going to write about that.Dec 20 14:40
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MinceRj0Dec 20 15:41
schestowitz 20 15:42
schestowitzThe joys of databases and silly O/S leaks: 20 16:31
schestowitz"He abused the role to contact 11 convicted offenders and threaten to spill the beans on their crimes unless he was given "hush money". Johal requested between €£29,000 and €£31,000 for his silence, threatening to tell work colleagues or neighbours of convicted sex offenders about their crimes. In one instance Johal demanded €£89,000 as a "goodwill gesture"."Dec 20 16:31
schestowitzThe headline suggests MAFIAA intervention in packet transmission.. RIAA won't sue, but will throttle < >. The article does not support this.Dec 20 16:32
schestowitz 20 16:37
schestowitz"The proposed exclusion of non-royalty free standards will slow down innovation because R&D investments can no longer be earned back. This is bad for society €­ consumers and public authorities alike €­ and for the economy at large. It will hurt our region hardest as proximity to (public authority) customers is an advantage. It should not be forgotten that if royalty-free standards are imposed, European investors in R&D will have tDec 20 16:37
schestowitzo give royalty-free licenses to non-European competitors, which is difficult to reconcile with the EU's Lisbon objectives."Dec 20 16:37
schestowitzzoobab: how close is Philips to Microsoft? Other than patent policy, there's no tight relationship, right?Dec 20 16:37
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schestowitzbbl.. [xmas drinks]Dec 20 17:05
schestowitzMicrosoft's attitude towards Free/open source analysed further; Novell & Miguel peddle Microsoft-patented Windows.Forms (in Mono): 20 17:18
zoobabyou should collect all the patents related to MonosDec 20 17:58
zoobaband ask Miguel claim by claimDec 20 17:58
zoobabmake a //ism between Mono features and MS claimsDec 20 17:59
zoobabclaim by claimDec 20 17:59
zoobaband show to the lazzy people like me that Mono is for sure infingingDec 20 17:59
neighborleeschestowitz: the  witch giving snowwhite the red apple is priceless :))lolDec 20 19:02
zoobabGIMP suedDec 20 19:09
trmancolets drink Wine 1.1.11Dec 20 19:56
trmancoit was supposed to be released yesterdayDec 20 19:56
trmanco 20 19:56
trmancoLinux is your wife... you can keep her doing experiment and adding gadgets( dress, rings, cars)and works more fine till end | Windows is a prostitute... ready made and tested by professionals, cant try more changes.. performance gets affected by virus(AIDS)Dec 20 20:45
schestowitzzoobab: really? Got link?Dec 20 21:55
schestowitz 20 21:56
schestowitztrmanco: Windows is not stable, either.Dec 20 21:56
trmancoMicrosoft Holes Exploited Again: 20 21:58
schestowitzSeen it, thanks. Let me see.Dec 20 21:59
schestowitzYeah, I read Alan's blog... that's where I got it from.Dec 20 21:59
schestowitzGIMP sued?? 20 22:01
trmancoI have no ideaDec 20 22:02
neighborleenice catch, would have been  nice to not put in the 'ubuntu will complete the process' part, but hey ;)Dec 20 22:03
schestowitzWintel press doesn't know what "hacker" means... they demonise FOSS developer... 20 22:04
schestowitzThe thing is, programs are easy to resolve patents problems in, Mono is at the very bottom of many applications and changes affect function that requires mimicking to work.Dec 20 22:05
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schestowitz 20 22:19
schestowitz "Cheney, along with Bush, ought to be sent to the Hague for trial for crimes against humanity."Dec 20 22:21
zoobab 20 22:27
zoobabcan someone manage to dumpo the videos?Dec 20 22:27
zoobabdumpDec 20 22:27
zoobabreal media shitDec 20 22:27
zoobabmplayer -v "rtsp://"Dec 20 22:27
zoobabgives me:Dec 20 22:27
zoobablibrtsp: server responds: ''Dec 20 22:27
schestowitz 20 22:29
schestowitzvlc?Dec 20 22:30
schestowitzI think I got itDec 20 22:31
schestowitzBuilding audio filter chain for 44100Hz/2ch/s16le -> 0Hz/0ch/??...Dec 20 22:31
schestowitz[libaf] Adding filter dummyDec 20 22:31
schestowitz[dummy] Was reinitialized: 44100Hz/2ch/s16leDec 20 22:31
schestowitz[dummy] Was reinitialized: 44100Hz/2ch/s16leDec 20 22:31
schestowitzAO: [pulse] 44100Hz 2ch s16le (2 bytes per sample)Dec 20 22:31
schestowitzAO: Description: PulseAudio audio outputDec 20 22:31
schestowitzAO: Author: Lennart PoetteringDec 20 22:31
schestowitzBuilding audio filter chain for 44100Hz/2ch/s16le -> 44100Hz/2ch/s16le...Dec 20 22:31
schestowitz[dummy] Was reinitialized: 44100Hz/2ch/s16leDec 20 22:31
schestowitz[dummy] Was reinitialized: 44100Hz/2ch/s16leDec 20 22:31
schestowitzVideo: no videoDec 20 22:31
schestowitzFreeing 0 unused video chunks.Dec 20 22:31
schestowitzStarting playback...Dec 20 22:31
schestowitzA:  55.7 (55.6) of 4730.0 ( 1:18:50.0)  0.6% 39%     Dec 20 22:32
schestowitz"That last point is the big one: The real crisis is in the real economy -- ya know, the real world of jobs, wages, health care premiums and pensions that Washington has totally ignored as it keeps writing checks to its well-heeled campaign contributors on Wall Street under the guise of a lending crisis."Dec 20 22:34
schestowitz"Adding insult to injury is the last thing I discussed with Rachel -- the fact that because the bailout money came with almost no strings attached, the financial-industry recipients of the taxpayer largesse are either hoarding the money, using it to pay shareholder dividends and executive bonuses, or devoting it to efforts to buy up smaller competitors."Dec 20 22:34
schestowitz What is it good for?Dec 20 22:35
trmancoIPv6 Makes Slow Progress: 20 22:39
schestowitzObama, We Hardly Knew Ye "President-elect Barack Obama's cabinet appointments are winning praise from conservatives such as Karl Rove, Mitch McConnell and John McCain, and most of the people who actually voted for Obama aren't complaining just yet. Opinion polls show that most people approve of Obama's picks, while two-thirds of Americans approve of Obama personally. "Dec 20 22:43
schestowitzTories and Lib Dems vow to boycott Damian Green investigation 20 22:50
schestowitz 20 22:51
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schestowitzzoobab: can I publish IRC log?Dec 20 23:04
schestowitzgimpDec 20 23:04
schestowitz1 in 4 IT Jobs Done Overseas by 2010 < >Dec 20 23:22
schestowitzTroll?,1000001161...Dec 20 23:34
schestowitzThis makes it sounds like Groklaw is hutting down: "I fully understand your need to move on and I wish you happiness. I know that you will find what you seek as long as you are true to yourself." 20 23:36
schestowitzAnother Linux is coming for xmas... 20 23:42
zoobabyesDec 20 23:54
schestowitzThanks. Manana.Dec 20 23:58


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