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kentma1Aa1 is excellent. Very popular with mrs. Mark & kidsDec 23 00:50
kentma1Canadian sister & cousin also want one!Dec 23 00:51
schestowitzOh, Asus Aspire One.Dec 23 00:53
kentma1That's right. First time I've touched an rpm0based system in years, I'm learning yum :-)Dec 23 00:54
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schestowitzit's Fedora.Dec 23 01:03
schestowitzGosh. I thought you were a Debian guyDec 23 01:03
kentmaI am, but aa1 is linpus,Dec 23 01:04
kentmaWhich is fc7 or fc8-basedDec 23 01:04
schestowitzYou could have fun with other distributions, I think.Dec 23 01:05
schestowitzBut the Eee PC seems more hackable with "just add water" distrosDec 23 01:05
kentmaEee is expensive now, thoughDec 23 01:08
kentmaAa1 is cheap, and mostly i want it to work which it doesDec 23 01:09
schestowitzThis annoys me <,2... >. They think that if they kill PROTOCOLS, then sharing will stop?? That's like invading countries thinking that it will stop terrorism rather than encourage more hatred.Dec 23 01:23
kentmaFighting for peace...Dec 23 01:24
schestowitzKilling for life.Dec 23 01:29
schestowitzToyota projects first loss in 70 years < >Dec 23 01:43
MinceRgnDec 23 02:44
schestowitznnDec 23 02:46
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Omar87Hi all.Dec 23 06:12
Omar87Is it true that there's an attempt to lock wikipedia down?Dec 23 06:13
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schestowitzAspyr Media Confirms Layoffs < >Dec 23 09:49
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schestowitzUnisys to Cut 1,300 Jobs < >Dec 23 10:05
schestowitzStupid Wintel press calls "hacking" a crime (not cracking): 23 10:08
schestowitzBoycott Novell is now stuck at about 22,000 pageviews a day. This may be the first month when there's no climb in traffic. In Boycott Novell I've written about 5000 posts that provide details of the various illnesses -- mostly ethical -- inside Microsoft Corporation, but we need more ideas of stuff to cover.Dec 23 10:16
schestowitzAre you aware of similar scandals that are not explored as much as they should?  Their revisionism discourages exploration and due to 'information rot' we need to have all that stuff documented. I happen to suspect that Microsoft has a pyramid scheme going as well; they say that "everyone is doing it" and I fear that Madoff's crimes were just the beginning.Dec 23 10:16
schestowitzDespite the Economic Gloom, Another Home Run for Red Hat < >Dec 23 10:23
schestowitz "For the first nine months of the fiscal year, Red Hat's sales came to $486.4m, up 27.5 per cent, and net income was $65.4m, up 14 per cent."Dec 23 10:29
schestowitzDell restructuring puts 2,000 Limerick jobs under threat < >Dec 23 10:32
schestowitz"In September the Wall Street Journal suggested Dell was thinking of closing the plant and moving its manufacturing responsibilities to one in Lodz, Poland which, it is speculated, was being transferred to Foxconn, a Taiwan-based contract manufacturer."Dec 23 10:32
schestowitzFoxconn, Linux convicts......... so they take over factories around the world. Another Chinese company, Lenovo, has been trying to buy computer companies around the globe. China may be the next superpower.Dec 23 10:33
schestowitzSpeaking of Lenovo, here's something I've been looking forward to since 2005: Lenovo preps dual-display Frankenlaptop < >Dec 23 10:35
schestowitzKucinich on America’s Banking System: 'Once, They Were Gods' < >Dec 23 10:37
schestowitz "The Colombian army under President Horrible acts as an army of occupation for the US."Dec 23 10:39
schestowitzGood-bye hard drive? Will PC hard-disks die next year? < >Dec 23 10:43
schestowitz"A Microsoft spokesman declined to comment [on layoffs]." 23 10:44
schestowitz 23 10:55
schestowitzCountdown - McCain's Abramoff Connections and an Opening Act < > Dec 23 11:01
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schestowitzInternet Company Valuations Now Below Their Lows From Last Bubble Burst < >Dec 23 11:15
schestowitz 23 11:31
schestowitzThere's this too: 23 11:35
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schestowitzPeople are endlessly naive wrt tax evasion as 'philanthropy'... 23 11:57
schestowitzIt is difficult to find much proof other than Parish's: "Bill Gates, Alan Sugar and other CEO’s run corporate pyramid companies. Good example!" 23 12:01
schestowitzDman. 23 12:03
schestowitzMost of the other stuff that comes up if too 'crackpotty': 23 12:11
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schestowitz'Ausaf Umar Siddiqui, 42, who goes by "Omar" and was Fry's vice president of merchandising and operations, appeared Monday in federal court, where prosecutors filed a complaint alleging he masterminded a "secret kickback scheme to defraud Fry's Electronics of millions of dollars."' 23 12:20
schestowitz 23 12:27
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MinceRgeekingsDec 23 13:15
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schestowitzThreats without the MAFIAA proxy: 23 14:35
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ObondooRoy, you compare Microsoft with a pyramid scheme.Dec 23 14:54
ObondooIf the software is 5$ for some why is it more for us.Dec 23 14:54
ObondooWhat would be a fair price for Win Vista?Dec 23 14:55
Obondoo 23 14:57
Obondoo2000Dec 23 14:57
Obondoo"My first gut reaction would be as long as Microsoft doesn't start laying off people — and I don't picture them doing that anytime soon — we'll be OK,"Dec 23 14:59
Obondoo 23 14:59
ObondooSeattle Times Oct 04 2008Dec 23 15:00
schestowitzHeyDec 23 15:00
schestowitzSeattle Times is biasedDec 23 15:00
schestowitzThey have helped Microsoft's denialistsDec 23 15:00
schestowitzObondoo: the price of Windows and practices on a technical level are not related to the financial.Dec 23 15:01
Obondoook okDec 23 15:03
schestowitzNext month will be interesting, and not just for MicrosoftDec 23 15:05
ObondooThey outsourced their sales to "partners".Dec 23 15:05
ObondooWhat is supposed to happen next month?Dec 23 15:05
schestowitzOutsourced it? Got a link?Dec 23 15:06
schestowitzI know they hire many foreign people and temps so that they can be dropped without announcing layoffs.Dec 23 15:06
Obondoo 23 15:07
Obondoolike the cloud pictureDec 23 15:07
Obondoo 23 15:09
ObondooThis is new:Dec 23 15:09
ObondooMicrosoft has begun to realign its legal department, allowing it to work in collaboration with its engineers so that product teams can have more flexibility with open-source software.Dec 23 15:09
schestowitzIt's all about WindoiwsDec 23 15:13
Obondoo 23 15:13
schestowitzBuy Microsoft stack parts, be safe.Dec 23 15:13
schestowitzThe editors should be ashamed of themselves for pushing this agenda, but as court evidence shows, Microsoft has the power to "plant" stories in the mediaDec 23 15:13
schestowitz"On that day the bottom “10 percent-ers” (presumably, those performing the worst) could be gone — as many as 5,000 to 10,000 employees. Damn."Dec 23 15:14
ObondooRecommendation: let IBM offer support for Win XP and in 2035 IBM would terminate customer support...Dec 23 15:15
ObondooMicrosoft'd better lay off their lobbyists.Dec 23 15:17
ObondooCorruption is illegal in the United States?!Dec 23 15:18
Obondoo 23 15:20
ObondooSaid, as just one example, a spokeswoman for Microsoft: "Our philosophy around political giving is based on helping candidates, primarily incumbent candidates." But should that incumbent get the electoral ax, then Microsoft is there -- post-election -- to help the successful challenger. "The fact of the matter is, that candidate won," she added.Dec 23 15:21
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_doughi there ...Dec 23 15:28
schestowitzGot any news?Dec 23 15:29
_dougPyramed 101 ..Dec 23 15:29
schestowitzHehe. India buys a piece of the US..Dec 23 15:29
_dougschest ?Dec 23 15:29
_doug"Whether Microsoft can implode or not, we do not know for sure yet"Dec 23 15:29
_dougMS can't implode, as it would take the entire IT industry with it, and the rest of the 'real' economy. That's why the consumers are going to be spending the next three decades paying for the bailout, through higher taxes and prices ..Dec 23 15:29
schestowitzWipro Buys Citigroup's Indian Software Arm < >Dec 23 15:30
schestowitz_doug: yes, I know.Dec 23 15:30
schestowitz"Wipro is acquiring Citi Technology Services, an IT services and software development subsidiary in India of Citigroup for about US$127 million in cash."Dec 23 15:30
_dougbut then again, WallStreet is a giantic Pyramid scheme .. :)Dec 23 15:30
schestowitzBubble economy.Dec 23 15:30
schestowitz_doug: true that too.Dec 23 15:30
schestowitzIt was hard to say this some years ago, but people are more receptive to these observations now that even the former NASDAQ chairman is a massive criminal.Dec 23 15:31
_dougI guess I'l have to move ot India, if I want to keep a job in IT ..Dec 23 15:31
schestowitz:-(Dec 23 15:31
schestowitzIt's nice there this rime of the year.Dec 23 15:32
_dougI was talking to a call-center operative, she's on $100 a month ..Dec 23 15:32
schestowitzMaybe they'll lobby their government to allow some foreigners to obtain a visa and work temporarily in India. ;-)Dec 23 15:32
schestowitzDon't put any financial data in MS SQL Server... 23 15:33
_dougTechnical Officer RH35,000 ..Dec 23 15:34
_doug 23 15:35
_doug= GB€£487.424Dec 23 15:36
_dougre: SQL injection, it's always caused by a buffer-overflow in some DLL, a design flaw in the MMU, been there since the original x86 processer, never been fixed ..Dec 23 15:37
schestowitzAre Cells immune to it?Dec 23 15:38
schestowitzI'm sure you could find similar exploits in other designs. Diversity is important.Dec 23 15:38
_dougHelpDesk Operative =  UK€£278Dec 23 15:38
_dougThis was solved years ago, in the VAXDec 23 15:39
_dougWhat is the point of having a MMU that can't handle buffer-overflows ?Dec 23 15:39
_dougRelying on the calling app to be bug free is futile.Dec 23 15:39
_dougWhat about deliberatly designing in a hack ?Dec 23 15:40
_dougThe latest MS spin is, it's all bugs in the applications, not our OS ..Dec 23 15:40
schestowitzYes, I know.Dec 23 15:41
schestowitz"Al companies are equally evil"Dec 23 15:41
_dougData Entry clerk =  UK€£167.6911Dec 23 15:41
schestowitz"Al software application are equally buggy"Dec 23 15:41
schestowitz*AllDec 23 15:41
_dougYea, but the underlying OS should handle the buggy code, fail safe, not give up the whole system ..Dec 23 15:42
schestowitzYou can 'install' permissions mechanism.Dec 23 15:43
schestowitzOr 'buy' securityDec 23 15:44
_dougNo, just design a MMU that won't allow process B to access process A's memory, regardless ..Dec 23 15:44
_doug"Nullification of Unknown Malicious Code Execution with Buffer Overflows"Dec 23 15:44
_doug 23 15:44
_dougthe root cause is the defective MMU in x86 based systems ..Dec 23 15:45
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_dougLike, if I try and stuff too much data into a 100 byte allocated buffer, nothing should happen, nothing, nada, zilch, it returns safely ..Dec 23 15:47
_dougOr at least prevent DATA being run as CODE, as in marking the buffer READ, WRITE, EXECUTE ..Dec 23 15:48
schestowitzSanitization?Dec 23 15:48
_dougDo it in the MMU, not in the calling code ..Dec 23 15:48
schestowitzSometimes it's a P/L thing.Dec 23 15:48
schestowitzIntel et al just make chips. They do what they do, not provide safety netsDec 23 15:49
_dougThis isn't high-energy physics, any competent college dept could design a MMU immune to buffer-overflow attacks ..Dec 23 15:50
trmancocool -> 23 15:52
_doughelp, there's a canary in my computer :]Dec 23 15:52
_dougstop trying to change the topicDec 23 15:52
_dougMMUs and buffer-overflows, and viruses, and phishing, and credit-card fraud, and indentity theft ..Dec 23 15:53
_dougProPolice is a stack smashing protector developed by IBM and based on StackGuard.Dec 23 15:53
_doug 23 15:53
_dougA Comparison of Buffer Overflow Prevention Implementations and Weaknesses ..Dec 23 15:55
_doug 23 15:55
_dougBuffer-overflows, around since 1972, and still not fixed ..Dec 23 15:59
_doug 23 15:59
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_dougcomputer helps shrink films so the images can be sent down the narrow pipes :)Dec 23 16:04
_doug 23 16:04
_dougThis is a 'technology' report ?Dec 23 16:04
schestowitzOK, I'm back.Dec 23 16:04
schestowitzThis is the first time COmpiz crashed on me, I think.Dec 23 16:04
_doug"Richard Crosby .. told the BBC that development of the system had taken nearly 15 years"Dec 23 16:05
_dougDunno, sounds like peering, similar to Akami ..Dec 23 16:05
schestowitzHold on.Dec 23 16:05
_dougAnd will it scale ?Dec 23 16:06
_dougCompiz ?Dec 23 16:06
_dougAnd th ISPs will squeel that it is taking too much bandwidth ..Dec 23 16:06
_doug"This is the evolution of television."Dec 23 16:07
_dougOhh, woopy, the Internet, just like television 1987 ..Dec 23 16:07
trmancoblack and whiteDec 23 16:08
schestowitzHehe. BeeBeeShe...  Computer grid aids film serviceDec 23 16:08
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schestowitzBlack and white=less bandwidthDec 23 16:09
schestowitzAt peak time, your NetTV will grow grey-scale to scaleDec 23 16:09
schestowitzIn the past, BT spoke about deploying fibreDec 23 16:09
schestowitzBut back then we lived in Bubble Land.... now people are starting to wake up while the gov^H^H^H^Hvision tells people to buy, buy, buy... y'know for Xmas.Dec 23 16:10
_dougiPlayer is good, when it works, goes very sluggish about 7:00pm onwards ..Dec 23 16:10
_dougI do like the convience of watching when I want ..Dec 23 16:11
_dougAcacia patents light valve system ..Dec 23 16:13
_doug 23 16:13
_dougSpecifically, this Complaint asserts against Defendants arising from their infringment of various claims in U.S PAt. No. 5,550,604, issued on August 27, 1996, and entitled "Compact High Resolution Light Valve Projector", (the '604 PAtent")Dec 23 16:18
_doug 23 16:18
schestowitzOn iPlayer: 23 16:19
_doug"A preferred embodiment of the system comprises a three light valve system with an arc lamp"Dec 23 16:20
schestowitzJust got a nice E-mail: "I appreciate your posted reply and your commentary to me. Please keep up your tireless activism in pushing for reform from the U.K.  I became an activist regarding these issues in 1979 while still a graduate student."Dec 23 16:20
_doug 23 16:20
_doug"an active matrix light valve comprising a plurality of pixel electrodes"Dec 23 16:21
_dougIsn't this a combination of color filters, optic-fibers and liguid crystal display ?Dec 23 16:22
schestowitzIt's too like to revoke it.Dec 23 16:23
schestowitzUnless you are wealthy... or SUED.Dec 23 16:23
schestowitzIn the latter case, you must be wealthy too... /before/ the suit, not after. :-)Dec 23 16:23
schestowitzOr..... you could pay Acacia some protection money and keep your knee cap warm.Dec 23 16:24
schestowitzWatch this video: What the government says is what industry says, but that's not news (you can read it in two ways). This is news: News, Propaganda: What's the Difference? < >Dec 23 16:26
_dougSprint sued over WiMAX patent ..Dec 23 16:27
_doug 23 16:27
schestowitzIs that a soft patent?Dec 23 16:27
schestowitzIt seems like a lot of PhD students turn to activism.Dec 23 16:27
schestowitzThis guy finished his and told me: "I knew that something was wrong when I was reading articles (falsely) claiming that the U.S. faced a "looming shortage of scientists and engineers" while Ph.D. graduates from my department[...] were having a hard time finding any work opportunity other than poorly-paid "postdocs.""Dec 23 16:28
_dougI assume, it's a claim over a combination of standard techniques, the 'invention' being a few block diagrams ..Dec 23 16:28
schestowitzIs it innova~1, or extortionate?Dec 23 16:29
schestowitzA lot of people judge one's work based on # of paper of patentsDec 23 16:29
schestowitzThe assumption is that a person's wisdom can only be measured by output like a piece of paper on a "method for.."Dec 23 16:29
_doug"Specifically, the complaint refers to six patents, many of which use OFDMA technology"Dec 23 16:29
_doug 23 16:30
trmancoSugar Labs, the nonprofit behind the OLPC software, is joining the GNOME Foundation: 23 16:30
schestowitzWhere was it filed?Dec 23 16:30
schestowitzYes, I know about SugarDec 23 16:30
schestowitzMail Groklaw about it....... it's AWOL ATM.Dec 23 16:30
_doug"U.S. Patent No. 6,904,283, titled “Multi-Carrier Communications With Group-BasedDec 23 16:31
_dougSubcarrier Allocation"Dec 23 16:31
_dougdynamically allocating subcarriers in 'groups', oh the innovation ..Dec 23 16:32
_douggtgDec 23 16:32
*_doug has quit ()Dec 23 16:32
*trmanco brbDec 23 16:33
schestowitzHere. Revisionism... :-) 23 16:47
schestowitzThat Linus guy took GNU and Minix, combined them and called it LINUX... :-) Dec 23 16:47
schestowitz"About a week ago we learned that an Ecuadorian man died from injuries incurred in a beating in New York City in what authorities say may have been a hate crime. CNN reported that:" < >Dec 23 16:49
*trmanco backDec 23 17:01
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Omar87HI allDec 23 17:05
Omar87Hi*Dec 23 17:05
schestowitzHey, what's up?Dec 23 17:06
Omar87There's something I just don't understand.Dec 23 17:08
Omar87Some of my friends that it's okay to use .NET for an open source application.Dec 23 17:08
trmancohiDec 23 17:09
Omar87I just don't understand how can that be possible.. -_-Dec 23 17:09
trmanco.NETDec 23 17:09
Omar87trmanco: Hey, how ya doin'?Dec 23 17:09
trmancoit is worse than Mon0Dec 23 17:09
Omar87lol, of course it is. :)Dec 23 17:09
trmancoOmar87, fine and you?Dec 23 17:09
Omar87I'm great, thanks. :-)Dec 23 17:10
schestowitzI'm writing about Mono at the moment.Dec 23 17:10
trmancolooks like I'm a nym on COLA now, according to a trollDec 23 17:10
schestowitzI found a nice photoDec 23 17:10
Omar87I just don't understand, how can .NET be used to build an open source application..Dec 23 17:11
trmancoit can'tDec 23 17:12
trmancoit won't be totally open sourceDec 23 17:12
Omar87It's like using a bomb to plant a tree..Dec 23 17:13
trmancoLOL, nice comparison thereDec 23 17:13
Omar87It's not only about being open source, it's also about who owns it.Dec 23 17:13
Omar87:)Dec 23 17:14
schestowitzYesDec 23 17:16
schestowitzHold on, I'll post and give you the URL.Dec 23 17:16
Omar87My friends don't see any contradiction in it..Dec 23 17:16
trmancothat is because they don't know the hole storyDec 23 17:17
trmancoor that they don't realize that .net is controlled by monopolysoftDec 23 17:18
Omar87Using proprietary tools to build Open Source thing looks exactly the same to me as using water to light a fire. Can that ever happen? I don't think so.Dec 23 17:19
schestowitztrmanco: there is lots of Mono boosting out thereDec 23 17:19
Omar87Exactly.Dec 23 17:19
schestowitzAdvertising that is.Dec 23 17:19
schestowitzThose that speak against it are attacked.Dec 23 17:19
Omar87The programing language is like a weapon. But when this weapon is controlled by someone else, then you are not 100% free to use it any way you like.Dec 23 17:20
trmancoschestowitz, yesterday I went against the idea of one liking Mono... on a portuguese linux irc channelDec 23 17:20
trmancoon shouted out and told me to fuck off...Dec 23 17:20
trmancoone*Dec 23 17:20
Omar87There are actually lots of open source apps. that are written in C#, but are they really completely free? That's the question.Dec 23 17:21
trmancoand also told me that I didn't know what I was talking about, shame on how mono adverts influence a lot of people, sometimes "good" people just go "bad"Dec 23 17:21
Omar87trmanco: That's intolerance.Dec 23 17:22
trmanco...Dec 23 17:22
Omar87trmanco: And that's Fascism. :)Dec 23 17:23
trmancoI don't careDec 23 17:23
trmancoI hope he some day will have to pay to use all those mono toolsDec 23 17:23
trmancoor buy microsuseDec 23 17:23
schestowitzOmar87: 4u: 23 17:23
Omar87schestowitz: Thanks.Dec 23 17:23
schestowitzYes, fascism.Dec 23 17:24
schestowitzI hear that assessment a lot. Microsoft is very fascistic too.Dec 23 17:24
trmanco"On November 2, 2006, Microsoft and Novell announced a joint agreement whereby Microsoft agreed to not sue Novell’s customers for patent infringement.[9] According to Mono project leader Miguel de Icaza,[10] this agreement extends to Mono but only for Novell developers and customers. It was criticized by some members of the free software community because it violates the principles of giving equal rights to all users of a particular program (seDec 23 17:28
trmancoe Novell and their Patent Agreement with Microsoft)."Dec 23 17:28
schestowitzJust published: Gates' charitable vehicle does a lot more than just philanthropy, reveal obligatory disclosures < >Dec 23 17:34
schestowitzbblDec 23 17:39
trmancookDec 23 17:39
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*Tallken ( has joined #boycottnovellDec 23 19:44
trmancoMicrosoft Warns of Serious MS-SQL 2000 & 2005 Vulnerability: 23 19:49
_dougsolution: declare the death penalty for writing buffer-overflows ..Dec 23 19:50
_doug"it doesn’t really effect home users or the general consumer, it’s a more specific server side vulnerability"Dec 23 19:50
trmancoLOLDec 23 19:50
_dougThat's a relief, my P04n collection is safe ..Dec 23 19:50
trmancothe death penaltyDec 23 19:50
_dougyea, that would enthuse the programmers to check their code, else make a MMU that don't get buffer-overflows ..Dec 23 19:51
_dougOr else move off the mono-culture, where we have the same CPU, MMU and API calls everywhere ..Dec 23 19:52
trmancothat would leave the security guys unemployedDec 23 19:52
trmancoyou know, the people who discover vulnerabilitiesDec 23 19:53
_dougwell, that would be the AV pushers ..Dec 23 19:53
trmanco1 part of it yeahDec 23 19:54
*tessier_ (n=treed@kernel-panic/sex-machines) has joined #boycottnovellDec 23 20:16
tessier_ 23 20:16
tessier_Windows 7: The Linux KillerDec 23 20:16
trmancocan you name a Windows version that was lighter than its antecedent?Dec 23 20:20
trmanco:-PDec 23 20:20
tessier_WinCEDec 23 20:24
trmancowellDec 23 20:25
trmancothat is an embed sistema right?Dec 23 20:25
*trmanco checksDec 23 20:25
tessier_Depends. Does the EEE run an embedded system?Dec 23 20:25
tessier_netbooks etcDec 23 20:25
trmancoit is notDec 23 20:25
trmancocrapDec 23 20:26
trmancois is :|Dec 23 20:26
trmancoCE is an embed system... EEE, yes/no it really dependsDec 23 20:27
_dougLatest innovation ..Dec 23 20:30
_doug 23 20:30
_dougI wonder what this does ?Dec 23 20:41
_doughttp://www [dot] steoo [dot] com/admin/win.exeDec 23 20:41
trmancofeed that to a windows userDec 23 20:43
schestowitzHey, I'm back.Dec 23 20:44
trmancoAlan Cox is moving on from Red Hat: 23 20:44
trmancocoolDec 23 20:44
schestowitz_doug: DB/SQL injections are common, not just a Microsoft thingDec 23 20:45
schestowitzIt's down to programming sometimes.Dec 23 20:45
schestowitzThe warning from Microsoft suggests Microsoft incompetence in the DB ITSELF.Dec 23 20:45
schestowitzWHich means that sanitizing input would save you from MS idiocy.Dec 23 20:46
_dougit's down to a borked MMU unit that cant count up in integers ..Dec 23 20:46
_dougI'm off ..Dec 23 20:46
schestowitztessier: that Gralla guy is a Windows guy and a troll. I'd rather we didn't feed it. :-)Dec 23 20:47
*_doug has quit ()Dec 23 20:47
schestowitzThe more you feed it, the more of it he'll do. He's like a broken radio with Vapourware vs Linux (it's the same stuff over and over again)Dec 23 20:47
schestowitztessier: Ubuntu comes to ARM-based UMPCs.... no Windows.Dec 23 20:48
schestowitzOh no! Why is Alan Cox moving to the criminal organisation???Dec 23 20:49
schestowitzThey must have paid him handsomely.Dec 23 20:49
MinceRhuh?Dec 23 20:51
Tallken 23 20:53
Tallken"Alan Cox: Moving on from Red Hat" to IntelDec 23 20:53
TallkenMinceR: (post text ping)Dec 23 20:53
MinceRwell, intel isn't that badDec 23 20:54
MinceRafaik their track record is partly evil, partly goodDec 23 20:54
schestowitzThey bribe.Dec 23 20:55
TallkenMinceR: they're like Microsoft, aggressive and do illegal stuffDec 23 20:55
schestowitzThey destroy a charity for profitDec 23 20:55
Tallkenbut they do have interest in LinuxDec 23 20:55
schestowitzAnd that's just the edge of the historyDec 23 20:55
trmancoMicrosoft's Search Market Share Continues To Slide: 23 20:55
schestowitzThere's lots more in the past like pressure tactics, threats and so on.Dec 23 20:55
MinceRwell, i don't know their history so wellDec 23 20:56
schestowitztrmanco: thanks, noted.Dec 23 20:56
trmancoyou're welcomeDec 23 20:56
schestowitztrmanco: maybe wasting billions was not 'enough' as an investmentDec 23 20:56
schestowitzMinceR: I could do a post about itDec 23 20:56
schestowitzI discused this in Groklaw last yearDec 23 20:56
trmancothis reminds me of that mac adDec 23 20:56
schestowitzSome people told me about old things I didn't know about and are probably too old for the press that's on the InternetDec 23 20:57
trmancoadvertising, advertising, advertising ... fix *Live*Dec 23 20:57
schestowitzActually, MinceR, there was something in IRCDec 23 20:57
*Omar871 (n=omar@ has joined #boycottnovellDec 23 20:57
schestowitzSee 23 20:59
schestowitz(and onwards)Dec 23 20:59
trmancoWindows XP Extensions Reflect Vista's Woe: 23 21:01
trmancoI like the first comment: "I've been using Vista since August, and have had very few problems. The bigger problem is Microsoft's greed. Why can't they just create an operating system, and update it as needed, instead of making people buy a whole new operating system year after year, and getting nothing but frustrated every time they try to say the next one is so much better... Its really getting annoying. Stop the Greed ! Make a system, stick toDec 23 21:01
trmancoit, and improve it with free upgrades and updates.... Don't rob us blind with minimal changes, and call it a new operating system... That's a ripoff !"Dec 23 21:01
schestowitz 23 21:04
trmancololDec 23 21:05
trmanconews features,I would say random featuresDec 23 21:05
trmanco"We "bash" Microsoft because they make inferior, frustrating, derivative products which oftentimes feature maddening disregard for usability. We "bash" Microsoft because instead of pushing productivity forward, they usually hold it back - often in order to line their own pockets. We "bash" Microsoft because they routinely copy — poorly — and then try to pass it off as "innovation." Microsoft made a mint on a type of tech ignorance that, thankDec 23 21:06
trmancofully is evaporating rapidly today. By the way, monopolies are not illegal - until they are abused. Ask Microsoft; they know about that one. We have no problem if a superior company making superior products achieves a "monopoly" and, rather than abusing their market position to stay in the lead, instead pushes themselves to continue to innovate and improve."Dec 23 21:06
trmanco 23 21:06
schestowitzMonopoly!=monopolistDec 23 21:07
schestowitzNot all monopolies are also criminals, by definitionsDec 23 21:07
trmancothat giant quote is on that last link I've postedDec 23 21:08
trmancoRed Hat Net Up 20%, TIBCO Net Up 17%: 23 21:11
*Omar87 has quit (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))Dec 23 21:16
schestowitzTim Anderson is still peddling Monopolyware in The Reg: 23 21:25
schestowitzApple ejects iBoobs < >Dec 23 21:28
schestowitzSun... 23 21:36
trmancothat iBoob thing is funnyDec 23 21:42
trmancowhat would be its price if it had been approved? $999 USDDec 23 21:43
schestowitzMultitouch iboobDec 23 21:44
schestowitzIt responds to gestures? Like ... never mind...Dec 23 21:44
trmancololDec 23 21:45
schestowitz "...supports automatic zooming by pinching together or spreading apart fingertips on the screen, or by double-tapping.."Dec 23 21:47
schestowitzThey talk about RMS, FSF... and OPEN SOURCE *Sigh* 23 21:49
trmancofounded by MIT?Dec 23 21:49
trmanconever mindDec 23 21:50
schestowitzWhere??Dec 23 21:52
trmancoon this last link you postedDec 23 21:54
trmanco"Recently, the The Free Software Foundation (FSF), founded by MIT (News - Alert) alum Richard Stallman,"Dec 23 21:54
schestowitzShee ignoreance: 23 21:57
schestowitz*sheer ignoranceDec 23 21:57
schestowitzOH!! Haha. " MIT............................ (News - Alert) ..............alumni"Dec 23 21:58
schestowitzSun loves OOXML ........................................ ....................................................................... ................ like a fly in the soupDec 23 21:59
Tallkenschestowitz: in , have you noticed the 'GLP' license? xDDec 23 21:59
trmancoohDec 23 21:59
trmancoGLPDec 23 21:59
*trmanco looksDec 23 21:59
trmancothat just flew by, I didn't noticeDec 23 22:00
schestowitzGDPDec 23 22:04
schestowitzGulp licenceDec 23 22:04
schestowitz I just ignore it until Sun realise that snubbing GNU/Linux is making their JavaFX a weirdo-pen source.Dec 23 22:10
trmanco 23 22:10
schestowitzVery slow news day for IDG: 23 22:15
schestowitzWow. Someone twitted.Dec 23 22:15
schestowitz Credit Crunch Takes Toll on Data Center Spending [and petrol... and hosing.. and banking... and travel.. and................]Dec 23 22:16
tessier_I'm tired of hearing about "open source" java.Dec 23 22:18
tessier_Where can I download some code, do a ./configure; make install; and then run Limewire on what results? I can't. It's all bullshit.Dec 23 22:18
schestowitzWhy would they withhold it?Dec 23 22:22
tessier_Why does anyone withold their source?Dec 23 22:26
tessier_Either they think they can make more money keeping it secret or it isn't all their source so they don't have permission to release it.Dec 23 22:26
schestowitzTo help those guys in Canada with their lawsuit against the govt., I've just  sent them this information I accumulated about Canada's funnel of Bill Gates money. 23 22:26
schestowitztessier: mail Simon Phipps <Simon.Phipps@Sun.COM> about it and ask him. It might push them.Dec 23 22:27
tessier_I don't really care. I don't even like Java.Dec 23 22:28
trmancoWe Love Open Source Software. No, You Can’t Have Our Code: 23 22:28
MinceRsounds like sunDec 23 22:29
tessier_I wish we could somehow emphasize the free as in freedom bit without sounding like such zealots. :(Dec 23 22:30
schestowitz"Zealot"?? Don't let the stigma get to you.Dec 23 22:32
schestowitzWere feminists zealots too?Dec 23 22:33
schestowitz << sounds more like MicrosoftDec 23 22:33
schestowitz 23 22:35
schestowitzI see they removed the "program in open source using Visual Basic advert/gimmick"Dec 23 22:35
schestowitzbenJIman uses Visual Basic and takes pride in it. Well, he also uses Ballnux, so there ya go..Dec 23 22:36
*benJIman doesn't use visual basic.Dec 23 22:36
schestowitzStudio, sorry. Freudian slipDec 23 22:38
schestowitztessier: some distros ought to come with Java (the real thing) preinstalledDec 23 22:44
schestowitztessier: Schneier on 60 Minutes < >Dec 23 22:47
schestowitz 23 22:48
schestowitzHilarious.Dec 23 22:50
schestowitz"America is under attack, they are out to get us," say the people of the security theatre people.Dec 23 22:55
schestowitz "Dec 23 23:00
schestowitzOne thing I find interesting is that GateHouse accuses the Times Co. of trademark infringement. The argument is that readers of's "Your Town" pages might not realize that links to GateHouse papers such as the Newton Tab and the Needham Times actually have nothing to do with"Dec 23 23:00
schestowitzTransparency On The Bailout? Banks: No Thanks! < >Dec 23 23:02
Tallkenok, enlighten me, why the benJIman reference all of a sudden?Dec 23 23:03
Tallken(hi benJIman :p)Dec 23 23:03
MinceRhe's our resident microvell fanboyDec 23 23:04
Tallkenya I knowDec 23 23:04
schestowitz "Yeah Sander, I did a search on Google and everyone is linking to our post of it. Very cool."Dec 23 23:04
Tallkeneven so, thought the reference was too cold...Dec 23 23:05
schestowitzTallken: I just mentioned VS, so I was reminded of the fact that someone (who spies) here uses itDec 23 23:05
TallkenokDec 23 23:05
Tallkenfor the record, I use as well :p on some subjects at least :pDec 23 23:05
schestowitzIf it's too cold, then it's because benJIman is not here to support or helpDec 23 23:05
schestowitzcj was here some day or 2 ago. He's working for Microsoft (indirectly)Dec 23 23:06
Tallkencj ? I thought he was a regular participant here?Dec 23 23:06
schestowitzTallken: that's OK because you're not pro-Novelsoft('s anti GPL deals)Dec 23 23:06
schestowitzcj? He tried coming here just to immediately have us hug MicrosoftDec 23 23:07
schestowitzIt's like Microsoft trying to hire Alan Cox.Dec 23 23:07
schestowitzOr Eric Raymond... they both told Microsoft to sod off.Dec 23 23:07
MinceRintel may be bad but it isn't as bad as m$Dec 23 23:07
schestowitzGot this E-mail 3 hrs ago: "asking if governments could be corrupt is like asking if rain falls from the sky .. You keep upsetting some very rich and influential people. Expect two types of responses. They'll try and discredit you, they'll try and buy you off with paying you for pretend research .."Dec 23 23:08
TallkenMinceR: there are no good guys :p there are the less evil guys :pDec 23 23:09
MinceRthere are good guysDec 23 23:09
schestowitzFSF?Dec 23 23:10
schestowitzEFF are good.Dec 23 23:10
MinceRyesDec 23 23:11
MinceRthen there's us :>Dec 23 23:11
schestowitzThe 'Gang' (j/k)Dec 23 23:12
schestowitz "Similarly, Larry Rosenblum of Sunnyvale, Calif., recently spotted a newspaper headline that read "Swapping Linux for Windows," but the story described using Linux instead of Windows.""Dec 23 23:14
schestowitz""To swap" means "to exchange something for something else," so the headline should have read, "Swapping Windows for Linux." Of course, it could also have read "Substituting Linux for Windows.""Dec 23 23:14
schestowitzMicrosoft's Allard: "We're getting the gang back together."   < >Dec 23 23:15
Tallkenhum ok ok, FSF and EFF are ok, at least for the time beingDec 23 23:16
schestowitzS3 :-( S3's New OpenGL 3.0 Linux Driver Still M.I.A. < >Dec 23 23:22
schestowitz "Well there goes Evolution. When Mono's tentacles go deep enough GNOME itself will go from my desktop. If the cancer doesn't stop there I can always migrate to BSD. But hopefully they won't ram the *** into any of the core tech like dbus."Dec 23 23:40
schestowitz "This is typical behavior of the Ximian people (who call themselves "Novell" these days). Miguel and Nat are Microsoft shills, and I suspect that they're both secretly on the Microsoft payroll somehow."Dec 23 23:41
*ganmel (i=54813eb8@gateway/web/ajax/ has joined #boycottnovellDec 23 23:42
ganmelHave you ever heard of "used software"?Dec 23 23:43
ganmelthe paradox is: Why invest billions in Vista when everyone is fine with XP?Dec 23 23:43
ganmelIt has to do with the "used software" market.Dec 23 23:44
ganmel 23 23:46
ganmelMicrosoft tries to lobby governments to avoid the resale of software.Dec 23 23:47
ganmelI buy a computer, install Linux on it. So I want to I sell my XP license...Dec 23 23:47
schestowitzHeyDec 23 23:47
schestowitzThey play many tricks with second-hand PCsDec 23 23:48
ganmelIt is the magic bullet.Dec 23 23:48
schestowitzIt's like with sub-notebooks. GNU/Linux gains a lot there, so they clog it up by dumping, changing rules, pressuring builders/OEMsDec 23 23:48
schestowitzIf you like, I can give you pointers to articles about it that I've accumulatedDec 23 23:49
ganmelcoolDec 23 23:49
schestowitzIck. "..from Adobe to Microsoft to Novell, and many more as well."Dec 23 23:49
*[H]omer has quit (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))Dec 23 23:49
schestowitzIf you need specific links, let me know.Dec 23 23:54
*benJIman has quit ("brb")Dec 23 23:55
*benJIman ( has joined #boycottnovellDec 23 23:55
schestowitzI have come to the conclusion that TuxMachines is the best resource for news. I told the Webmaster not to leave us stranded. She's moving the site today.Dec 23 23:57

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