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tessier_I know you do daily links and IIRC there's a ton of those also.Jan 10 00:01
schestowitzI could assign a number to each, to symbolise magnitude or whatever.Jan 10 00:04
schestowitztessier: turn your phone to Android: 10 00:06
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GoblinRFDHi Roy!Jan 10 00:08
schestowitzThink of it as G1 without the lock (that's the premium).Jan 10 00:09
schestowitzHey, GoblinRFD. Did you see the last post?Jan 10 00:09
GoblinRFDNot yet.  Looking in a mo. Am I right in thinking you are compiling a list of people who are alleged to have received free laptops?Jan 10 00:09
schestowitzRead it now.Jan 10 00:09
GoblinRFDokJan 10 00:10
schestowitzIt's relevantJan 10 00:10
GoblinRFDInteresting lookup result! - This really is the Indiana Gregg incident all over again.  Is Novell so silly as to not even attempt to hide its IP?Jan 10 00:12
MinceRif they weren't so inept, they wouldn't have become a tool for m$Jan 10 00:13
schestowitz:-)Jan 10 00:14
GoblinRFDAnother great post to add to the collection Roy.  Im sure you will get loads of libelous abuse because of it (a good indicator that youve hit the truth)Jan 10 00:15
GoblinRFDRoy, Ive been away from here for a while, "doing my bit" and have received an interesting email (and a few pieces of info) on our completely truthful bloggers that recieved MS "gifts"Jan 10 00:17
schestowitzI flagged all the older comments from that chap as "coming from Novell headquarters" or something.Jan 10 00:17
schestowitzReally?Jan 10 00:17
schestowitzGot a copy?Jan 10 00:17
GoblinRFDFirstly, I was informed by my emailer you were collecting a list of laptop that correct?Jan 10 00:17
GoblinRFDIf so, you may wish to add:  John Obeto  ...... link to follow.Jan 10 00:18
GoblinRFD 10 00:19
schestowitzHaha.Jan 10 00:19
schestowitzI think I know the guyJan 10 00:19
schestowitzMicrosoft Subnet?Jan 10 00:19
GoblinRFDNow whats interesting on this page is that, there is a poster called "adacosta"...could this be my good mate Andre Da Costa.Jan 10 00:19
schestowitzHa!Jan 10 00:20
GoblinRFDbut it goes deeper!Jan 10 00:20
schestowitzI think that's him. He attacks Linux.Jan 10 00:20
schestowitzWait..Jan 10 00:20
schestowitzLet me check to be sure.Jan 10 00:20
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GoblinRFDAndre da Costa claims on his blog he wasnt at the PDC 2008Jan 10 00:20
GoblinRFDI took a screen grab of his blog incase he changed it.Jan 10 00:20
GoblinRFDhowever:Jan 10 00:20
GoblinRFDaccording to this site:Jan 10 00:20
schestowitzHa!Jan 10 00:20
schestowitzYes, that's him!!Jan 10 00:20
GoblinRFD 10 00:21
schestowitzHe attacks Linux A LOTJan 10 00:21
schestowitzAnd now it turns out that MS bribes him tooJan 10 00:21
GoblinRFDthis site claims that Andre was there and have quoted him making a comment about WIn 7Jan 10 00:21
GoblinRFDRoy, I believe the person sending me this stuff (and theres more to come) is a little apprehensive in giving it out openly.  He has asked me to pass around, and obviously I will.Jan 10 00:23
GoblinRFDHes a decent chap, and he is an honest individual with a keen interest in the truth (like yourself)Jan 10 00:23
GoblinRFDAlot of the stuff is not suitable for my blog, since I consider my blog to be more of an overview, whilst yours is in depth.  I think my blogs future is more challenging unhanded techniques on a poster to poster basis, whilst yours delves into the finer points and inner workings.  As I say, there is more to come.Jan 10 00:25
schestowitz 10 00:27
schestowitzCan you pass me that mail?Jan 10 00:27
GoblinRFDsorry afk for a secondJan 10 00:30
GoblinRFDyep, but in terms of the sender, Ill have to check with him first.Jan 10 00:31
GoblinRFDif you would like, I can PM you the contents of the email now.Jan 10 00:31
schestowitzThanks.Jan 10 00:31
schestowitzPlease.Jan 10 00:32
*Received a DCC CHAT offer from GoblinRFDJan 10 00:32
GoblinRFDyou should have it now.Jan 10 00:33
schestowitzGot it. Jan 10 00:34
schestowitzSaves.Jan 10 00:34
schestowitzLOLJan 10 00:35
schestowitzGood onesJan 10 00:35
schestowitzYou can do me a favour, which would help you tooJan 10 00:36
GoblinRFDgo for itJan 10 00:36
schestowitzI posted about 50 posts about shills with proofs or examples.Jan 10 00:36
*DCC CHAT connect attempt to GoblinRFD failed (err=Connection timed out).Jan 10 00:36
schestowitzIf you can track them down and build an index, that would be worth putting up as a static pageJan 10 00:36
schestowitzThey link to one another, so by following URLs forwards and backwards you'll sooner or later find them allJan 10 00:37
GoblinRFDGreat idea, Ive got plenty, and as you can see from the mail that chap is certainly helping highlight them.Jan 10 00:37
schestowitzI write many posts, but unlike Groklaw, I rarely take time to tidy them up and sort them by topic.Jan 10 00:37
schestowitzI'll post a couple more tomorrow.Jan 10 00:37
schestowitzI want to do some links (Linux news)Jan 10 00:37
schestowitzBefore I fall asleep on the deskJan 10 00:38
GoblinRFDIve made quite a few friendships with my blog, and I have quite a few people informing me when I am being insulted.Jan 10 00:38
GoblinRFDnp, Ill speak with you tomorrow more.Jan 10 00:38
schestowitzCool!Jan 10 00:38
GoblinRFDIve got my guilty pleasure to indulge in now......Jan 10 00:38
GoblinRFDWorld of Warcraft!Jan 10 00:38
schestowitzSome people have already volunteered for some indexesJan 10 00:38
schestowitzWine?Jan 10 00:38
GoblinRFDYep!Jan 10 00:38
schestowitzThat's OKJan 10 00:39
schestowitzDon't drink /too/ muchJan 10 00:39
GoblinRFDRecent article on my site: "World of Winecraft" - highlighting how much better it is through WineJan 10 00:39
schestowitzIt leads to leaks.. memory leaks.Jan 10 00:39
GoblinRFDa guilty pleasure, which I hope doesnt make me a lesser person!!!!!! and if anyone wants to argue, Ill take em on with my level 38 Pally!!!!Jan 10 00:40
GoblinRFDGoodnight Roy, speak to you tomorrow.Jan 10 00:41
schestowitzgnJan 10 00:41
*GoblinRFD has quit (Remote closed the connection)Jan 10 00:41
tessier_I need to flash my freerunner and try using it for a while.Jan 10 00:52
tessier_I've had it for 6 months now and never really used it.Jan 10 00:52
tessier_The software still needs a lot of work.Jan 10 00:53
schestowitzIt's the hardware that countsJan 10 00:53
schestowitzG1 is tivoisedJan 10 00:53
schestowitzOpenMoko is open for you to 'wipe' when you want to test the distro du jourJan 10 00:53
schestowitzOr build you own :-)Jan 10 00:53
tessier_Yep.Jan 10 00:54
tessier_And I've wiped my openmoko a couple of times now.Jan 10 00:54
schestowitzThat's goodJan 10 00:54
schestowitzWho wouldn't thunk it 10 years ago?Jan 10 00:55
schestowitzPhone=whiteboxJan 10 00:55
tessier_It's just barely possible now.Jan 10 00:55
schestowitz"Dude, how's the hardware detection on your handset? Have you compiled a new kernel on it?"Jan 10 00:55
tessier_The freerunner doesn't have a camera or do 3g because there are no open chipsets for them to choose.Jan 10 00:56
MinceRgnJan 10 01:26
PetoKrausgnJan 10 01:32
tessier_btrfs has been merged into Linus' mainline kernel! Yeay!Jan 10 01:41
tessier_btrfs is Linux's answer to ZFS. This is a significant event.Jan 10 01:41
PetoKrauswhy is it better than jfs/Jan 10 01:41
schestowitzIt has more lettersJan 10 01:42
schestowitzIt even gets pronounced BETTER FSJan 10 01:42
schestowitzOr ButterJan 10 01:43
tessier_PetoKraus: It is way different from jfs.Jan 10 01:45
tessier_PetoKraus: In the same way that ZFS is way different from JFS.Jan 10 01:45
PetoKrausyeahJan 10 01:45
PetoKrausso... what's the benefits for me, home user, with one 160GB HDDJan 10 01:45
tessier_For one thing it obsoletes hardware RAID which I really like. It totally changes the way we do LVM/MD(RAID)/filesystemJan 10 01:45
PetoKrausthat's my question ;)Jan 10 01:45
tessier_The benefits are many. First we can assume you don't value availability because you only have on HDD. :)Jan 10 01:45
tessier_If you don't have backups of that data (right now where is your backup?) then we can assume your data isn't important either so we can do whatever we want with it. :)Jan 10 01:46
tessier_But seriously, snapshots, faster performance, subvolumes, there are many things which you would benefit from.Jan 10 01:46
PetoKrauswhich servers would benefit fromJan 10 01:46
PetoKrausi'd benefit from faster performance onlyJan 10 01:47
tessier_You don't use multiple filesystems? You dump everything on / ?Jan 10 01:47
PetoKraus/ /home /bootJan 10 01:47
PetoKrausbut yesJan 10 01:48
tessier_So btrfs would allow you to manage your space more easily. LVM works but resizing on the fly only works for expansion.Jan 10 01:49
tessier_It also makes multiple copies of important meta-data which is safer.Jan 10 01:49
PetoKrausi see the point in other environmentsJan 10 01:51
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schestowitztessier: small difference for average home users, IMHO. Does btrfs reuse fs code from Linux? Which implementation?Jan 10 01:59
tessier_schestowitz: No it does not. It is a completely fresh implementation.Jan 10 02:01
tessier_And eventually average homeusers will probably be running btrfs whether they like it or not.Jan 10 02:02
schestowitzSounds wsteful.Jan 10 02:02
tessier_I suspect it will ultimately be the default in many distributions.Jan 10 02:02
tessier_Wasteful how? There wasn't much to be salvaged. It works very differently.Jan 10 02:02
schestowitzOracle powaJan 10 02:02
schestowitzMS FSs stay primitive and fragmentedJan 10 02:03
schestowitzThey promised in 2001 what they called WinFSJan 10 02:03
schestowitzNo word about it still.. not even in Vista Service Pack 7.Jan 10 02:03
tessier_btrfs also has checksums all throughout the filesystem so that data corruption can be found. The size of drives are going up but the uncorrectable error rate is staying the same.Jan 10 02:03
schestowitzIt's amazing that more or less one guy manages this.Jan 10 02:03
tessier_It is now possible to build a RAID5 that is likely to be impossible to rebuild in the event of a disk failure. That is a big problem.Jan 10 02:03
schestowitzI know another one who tried and went insane.Jan 10 02:04
tessier_heh....Jan 10 02:04
tessier_I think he started out insane.Jan 10 02:04
schestowitzHeh.Jan 10 02:04
schestowitzAt least btsfs isn't called Masonix.Jan 10 02:04
schestowitz*btrfsJan 10 02:04
schestowitzOr...Jan 10 02:04
schestowitz:-)Jan 10 02:04
schestowitzFreeMasonixJan 10 02:04
schestowitzFreemason.Jan 10 02:04
schestowitzSecret societies and all... like Hans and that wife-swapping cult.Jan 10 02:05
tessier_FreeMasonix...hahaha....that would drive the Linux using conspiracy theorists absolutely nuts!Jan 10 02:09
schestowitzIt's Free... It's Chris Mason... it's... Linux!Jan 10 02:11
PetoKrausgn matesJan 10 02:15
tessier_nightJan 10 03:01
schestowitzme stuck doing linksJan 10 03:04
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Omar87Hi all.Jan 10 07:29
Omar87So why doesn't Microsoft just buy Novell?Jan 10 07:29
Omar87Instead of Yahoo that is.Jan 10 07:29
ushimitsudokiWhy would MS buy Novell? They dont' want to own anything Novell does. They just want to use Novell.Jan 10 07:33
ushimitsudokiMicrosoft doesn't want any GPL-based productsJan 10 07:33
PetoKrausmorninJan 10 08:27
PetoKrauswrk wrk :)Jan 10 08:27
PetoKrausis the Palm's OS open source?Jan 10 08:34
ushimitsudokii don't think soJan 10 08:37
PetoKrauswhy is it listed as "Linux Debut" then?Jan 10 08:39
ushimitsudokioh? is this a new something? link?Jan 10 08:39
PetoKraus 10 08:40
PetoKrausschestowitz: ping ;)Jan 10 08:40
ushimitsudokiah i guess the new "webOS" has a linux kernelJan 10 08:42
schestowitzOmar87: if Microsoft buys Novell, then everyone loses trust in Novell and gives it no room for mono-spreading and such.Jan 10 09:05
schestowitzPetoKraus: yes, it has Linux in it, be it open or closedJan 10 09:06
schestowitzIf they alter the kernel, they'll need to share the patches or be getting those bangings on the door from gpl-violationsJan 10 09:07
PetoKrausschestowitz: yeah, same old storyJan 10 09:07
PetoKrausi hope they are saneJan 10 09:07
PetoKrausand are not gonna force any lawsuit on themJan 10 09:08
tessierOld Palm-OS wasn't open source.Jan 10 09:12
tessierThe new Linux based one is probably somewhat FLOSS but I bet Palm fucks up again by layering a ton of proprietary goop on it that no developers want to deal with.Jan 10 09:13
Omar87schestowitz: You're gonna love this: 10 09:38
Omar87Hey everyone, the link I just gave Roy contains photos from our Linux install festival a couple of days ago, check 'em out! :)Jan 10 09:39
schestowitzI saw seomthing about Jordan the other dayJan 10 09:40
Omar87BTW, I'm the one with the huge orange coat.Jan 10 09:40
schestowitzI think it was yesterday's post about anti-Linux.Jan 10 09:40
schestowitzMicrosoft's memos.Jan 10 09:40
schestowitzWait..Jan 10 09:40
Omar87okJan 10 09:40
schestowitzOh, cool. Nice setting, too.Jan 10 09:41
schestowitzSearch this page for "Jordan": 10 09:41
Omar87Thanks. :)Jan 10 09:41
schestowitzMicrosoft plays you for fools/tools.Jan 10 09:42
schestowitzIt does this in many countries.Jan 10 09:42
schestowitz"Free" srugs.Jan 10 09:42
schestowitzdurgsJan 10 09:42
schestowitz*drugsJan 10 09:42
Omar87Yeah. :)Jan 10 09:49
Omar87Hopefully, our fight against them will be effective.Jan 10 09:49
Omar87All we have to do is keep pushing through continuous arrangements of events like this.Jan 10 09:51
Omar87For example, next semester, we'll be holding our yearly open source day.Jan 10 09:52
schestowitzI'll carry on documenting dumping techniques. These prove helpful to some, even in the mainstream press.Jan 10 10:00
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tessierdumping techniques?Jan 10 10:22
schestowitzYeah.. :-)Jan 10 10:24
schestowitzBill Gates Invades the Land of Linus, Uses Dumping Techniques : 10 10:25
schestowitzNow we can align internal document with evidence from the press.Jan 10 10:25
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PeterKraushello ladsJan 10 10:29
Omar87schestowitz: Here's the link again, just in case you wanted to use it as resource for any further posts. ;)Jan 10 10:39
schestowitzYes, I have it ready for posting laterJan 10 10:39
Omar87Great. :)Jan 10 10:39
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PeterKrausOmar87: nice wee articleJan 10 10:42
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Omar87PeterKraus: excuse me?: :)Jan 10 10:50
schestowitz 10 10:50
schestowitzwee=smallJan 10 10:50
Omar87schestowitz: oh, okay. :)Jan 10 10:50
PeterKrausOmar87: i'm just talking about the linked storyJan 10 10:59
kentma1"wee willie winky"Jan 10 11:03
kentma1in his nightgownJan 10 11:04
kentma1etc.Jan 10 11:04
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ZigggyFishhelloJan 10 11:24
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schestowitzMinceR: Microsoft corrupted Hungary education. Wanna see?Jan 10 12:16
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MinceRschestowitz: i think i've seen some of it but i'm interested in more evidenceJan 10 13:05
schestowitz 10 13:06
schestowitzI'll post more later, also about Hungarian educationJan 10 13:06
schestowitz*LOL* 10 13:13
schestowitz"The FBI has been forced to transfer agents from its counter-terrorism divisions to work on Bernard Madoff's alleged $50 billion fraud scheme as victims of the biggest scam in the world continue to emerge." 10 13:17
schestowitz "To me, as a person of Indian origin, the news about the massive fraud at Satyam , the Indian outsourcing company which has fairly large contracts in Australia, not to mention the US and the UK among others, comes as no surprise."Jan 10 13:21
schestowitzNice video demo of the Palm device: 10 13:28
schestowitzDana trolls for traffic with a hostile headline: Is Palm webOS too little and too late? < >Jan 10 13:31
schestowitzOpen source bloggers catch up with Peter O’Kelly, who picks up his reward now: (attack ODF, then get paid by the convicted monopolist)Jan 10 13:36
ushimitsudoki1 From that Dana article: "One thing I’ve learned covering open source for four years here is that it is often the business model of last resort."Jan 10 13:37
ushimitsudoki1is there any real examples of that?Jan 10 13:37
*ushimitsudoki1 is now known as ushimitsudokiJan 10 13:37
schestowitzHe's saying that a lotJan 10 13:37
schestowitzHe's no friend of FOSSJan 10 13:37
schestowitzIt's ZDNetJan 10 13:38
schestowitzJust look at L'Unix blog ('Paul Murphy'). It's anti-Linux.Jan 10 13:38
ushimitsudokiI'm just wondering if there are some examples of a company failing, making some sort of OSS push, and then going out of business?Jan 10 13:38
schestowitzI know many proprietary companies that die all the time.Jan 10 13:38
ushimitsudokiYeah, but he's making it out like this is a common occurance: "Too often open source is to business what patriotism is to a politician, the last refuge of a scoundrel. In both cases the innocent concept is harmed by those hiding behind it."Jan 10 13:39
schestowitzI don't know what to make of it.Jan 10 13:39
schestowitzIt sometimes feels like very obviously he just writes for hits, because that's what he's paid for.Jan 10 13:40
schestowitzAnd he even admits that cetain thing evoke more emotion.Jan 10 13:40
ushimitsudokiI think I will post the question in that article - I'm a bit unsure what to make of that assertion as wellJan 10 13:40
schestowitzSo if you look at his headline, you'll see a patternJan 10 13:40
schestowitzHe always questions open source... in an "Open Source" blog.Jan 10 13:40
schestowitzHe uses Windows BTW.Jan 10 13:40
schestowitzProprietary apps... but he said he would try using some open source ones.Jan 10 13:41
schestowitzIf you post that question, then you feed him. He'd do more of the same.Jan 10 13:41
schestowitzThere was a period of time when almost nobody commentedJan 10 13:41
schestowitzIt put him in a squeeze (maybe job at risk)Jan 10 13:41
schestowitzHe said that they are paid also for criteria like # of commentsJan 10 13:42
ushimitsudokiahJan 10 13:42
ushimitsudokii seeJan 10 13:42
schestowitzI don't know if he began provoking more after that point (early 2008, IIRC), but ht sort of 'recovered'Jan 10 13:42
schestowitzNever trust ZDNet!Jan 10 13:42
schestowitzNever.Jan 10 13:42
schestowitzThey don't write for truthJan 10 13:42
schestowitzThey wirte for $$Jan 10 13:43
schestowitzTruth does not make ##Jan 10 13:43
schestowitz$$Jan 10 13:43
schestowitzComments make $$Jan 10 13:43
ushimitsudokimaybe i will blog it then ... it's not a big point, I was just wondering if there were any actual examples of what he is talking aboutJan 10 13:43
schestowitzSo it 'incentivises' provocation Jan 10 13:43
schestowitzIf it were not for Shane paying the hosting bill of BN I'd removed the ads a long time ago.Jan 10 13:44
schestowitzWoohoo!!!Jan 10 13:46
schestowitz 10 13:46
schestowitzSo that must be why Todd Bishop escaped. Microsoft's fan press is dying.Jan 10 13:46
schestowitzHmmm.. the author is "By John Cook", but it's in Todd's blog, with his bio too.Jan 10 13:49
MinceRgeekingsJan 10 13:53
schestowitzApple and Microsoft are one: Apple, Microsoft: Best frenemies < >Jan 10 13:55
schestowitzEnvironment activists get kicked out: 10 14:05
ushimitsudokii did a little blog about the ZDNet article, nothing fire-y, just asking for cites: 10 14:12
ushimitsudokidon't want to jump to any conclusionsJan 10 14:12
schestowitzCool.Jan 10 14:13
schestowitzSaves us all the trouble of doing a rebuttal. Just linking to one..Jan 10 14:13
schestowitzI think that Susan Linton (TuxMachines) reads you.Jan 10 14:14
ushimitsudokiI just recall some talk from a smaller country on the OLPC that they didn't want to be a "dumping ground" for linux machines - the implication being that win xp olpc was desiredJan 10 14:14
ushimitsudokiand i think the zdnet sort of ties into or feeds that mindsetJan 10 14:15
ushimitsudokithat's why it raised a flag for meJan 10 14:15
ushimitsudokiyeah tuxmachines is a good siteJan 10 14:15
schestowitzMy favourite news site.Jan 10 14:15
schestowitzWolvix needs help: 10 14:21
schestowitz"I've got the bill postponed until Monday 05.01.2009. It won't help me much, but I won't loose the connection until then. Also Oithona has offered me to upload the site and forums to his private web host, so I'll put the site up there before I go offline.]]"Jan 10 14:21
schestowitz"Interesting and reasonably balanced article on the endless and fruitless debate Novell is generating. I'm not aware that the author sought any input from Sun; I'd be pleased to explore some of the things he's asked." < >Jan 10 14:40
schestowitz"Obama picks RIAA's favorite lawyer for a top Justice post [Simon:] Well, at least this shows Obama's team isn't unduly influenced by the opinions of key supporters. Pretty bad news for progressive thinking, though."Jan 10 14:40
schestowitz"Police set to step up hacking of home PCs [Simon:] Oh for goodness sake, surely someone has both a clue and a conscience in British politics? Most upsetting phrase? "step up". They are already doing it." 10 14:41
schestowitzI heard of a brother of a friend who wanted to work for the MI5 and got accepted. He was a cracker.Jan 10 14:42
schestowitz "So either they're saying that they didn't expect Windows 7 beta to be popular and their infrastructure doesn't scale, or they've let this happen on purpose to generate a little buzz. In other words, in order to make Windows 7 desirable, first you make it unobtainable...." Jan 10 14:46
ushimitsudokiYou can believe MS will me working PR overtime for Win7. They really dont' want another PR failure like Vista wasJan 10 14:48
schestowitzAny word of WebOS/Palm price? 10 14:49
schestowitzushimitsudoki: I posted this in the morning: (it summarises by bringing together older posts as well)Jan 10 14:50
ushimitsudokiyeah i saw that ... i even read a few of that dude obeto's posts. that's not even subtle shilling ... in one he called vista "the best OS in the known universe" or some such hyperboleJan 10 14:52
schestowitzWow(C)Jan 10 14:54
schestowitzLast night: Microsoft delays first Windows 7 public beta < >Jan 10 14:56
schestowitzMicrosoft is poor like Wolvix... it need to 'prepare' for downloadsJan 10 14:57
ushimitsudokiYeah, I think that dude from opendotdotdot hit that nail right on the head - it's just a tactic to make it look like the demand is even higher for the betaJan 10 14:57
ushimitsudokinot that i don't think MS fans are eager to see the beta ... just that the tactic is to amplify that feelingJan 10 14:58
schestowitzSun's bash has just been canceled: 10 15:00
schestowitzI wrote about Gavin Clarke before.Jan 10 15:00
schestowitzHe's there in the Register promoting Microsoft's 'party line' a little too often and it became more apparent when he started his podcast series with Mary Jo Foley.Jan 10 15:01
schestowitzIndian Government to Appoint Satyam Board Members < >Jan 10 15:04
*ushimitsudoki has quit ("Leaving.")Jan 10 15:04
*ushimitsudoki ( has joined #boycottnovellJan 10 15:05
schestowitzPalm and Sony Trump Apple < > < coming from Windows fan (self-professed almost), Mike ElganJan 10 15:12
MinceRso Mike Elgan was in the "hate" phase of the love-hate little microsoft cycle when he wrote that?Jan 10 15:13
schestowitzMono poison - new video promoting it: 10 15:14
schestowitzFrom "cobbweb"..Jan 10 15:14
Omar87schestowitz: Wow, I see the channel is growing and the number of visitors is increasing. ;)Jan 10 15:21
Omar87I'm happy for that. :)Jan 10 15:22
schestowitzThanks! We hopefully impact things for the better.Jan 10 15:22
PeterKrausuuh, HP seems to have unveiled new toysJan 10 15:22
schestowitz160-170,000 hits per day, on averageJan 10 15:22
PeterKrausDV3Z - 13.3" ultraportable amd-puma based laptopsJan 10 15:23
schestowitzLinux option?Jan 10 15:23
PeterKrausthe two things why i'm not buying it right away is: no ieee1394, no moneyJan 10 15:23
PeterKrausschestowitz: good joke.Jan 10 15:23
schestowitzHere's why I ask: 10 15:24
MinceRhm the Pre does have some interesting qualities i've missedJan 10 15:25
PeterKrausschestowitz: nice!Jan 10 15:27
PeterKrausMinceR: you know what i like most about the design?Jan 10 15:27
PeterKrausTACTILE RESPONSE!Jan 10 15:27
schestowitzMinceR: I'm posting the stuff about HungaryJan 10 15:28
MinceRyeah, it has a real keyboardJan 10 15:29
schestowitzI need you to do me a favour and just read it to spot typos.Jan 10 15:29
PeterKrausMinceR: you are saying it as if it was nothing specialJan 10 15:30
PeterKraus;)(Jan 10 15:30
MinceRwell, i have a qtek 9100Jan 10 15:30
MinceRso it's not so special to me :>Jan 10 15:30
PeterKraus:)Jan 10 15:31
PeterKrausi just like some vendors remained saneJan 10 15:31
schestowitzIt's posted now. 10 15:32
MinceRschestowitz: checkingJan 10 15:34
MinceRschestowitz: i see nothing wrong with the main textJan 10 15:38
MinceR(haven't read the appendix yet)Jan 10 15:38
schestowitzFewer people read it.Jan 10 15:38
schestowitzIt's good for archival purposes. I also put the full text in USENET where people will hopefully read and discuss. Microsoft really does not want this to become common knowledge; it would get them in legal mud, potentially. The EC is/was aware of it.Jan 10 15:39
schestowitztrmanco: it feels like the Microsoft Munckins from USENET got laid off or something.Jan 10 15:42
schestowitz 10 15:44
schestowitzIt's one vote short of front page. If only I knew who "komrad" is... he submits many links to us... another person in Mixx does the same.Jan 10 15:45
schestowitzLXer doesn't fancy us as much as LinuxToday.. and even SlashdotJan 10 15:45
trmancoyeah, someJan 10 15:47
schestowitzI have just 3 unread items in Seattle P-I Microsoft blog.Jan 10 15:47
trmancoits not what is use to beJan 10 15:47
schestowitzALL 3 of them are about VISTA 7Jan 10 15:47
trmancofor nowJan 10 15:47
trmancoLOLJan 10 15:47
schestowitzI'm glad this publication is dying, as posted a moment ago in BNJan 10 15:47
trmancobblJan 10 15:48
schestowitzIt's like an advertising blog sometimes.Jan 10 15:48
MinceRschestowitz: the "large table" pages do contain some OCR errors, i'm not sure if that's a problemJan 10 15:49
schestowitzMarty Jo Foley: 3 items unreadJan 10 15:49
schestowitz2/3 are about VISTA 7Jan 10 15:49
MinceRlike "_S.!.n_.g_a_p_or__e3"Jan 10 15:49
schestowitzShe must be nervous these days... she already has her own domain registered, as though she prepared to leave ZDNetJan 10 15:50
schestowitzShe already left Ziff Davis after their bankruptcy (or just before) and then landed in ZDNetJan 10 15:50
schestowitzTodd Bishop just of Seattle P-I before it's imminent death.. and now he's in TechFlash.Jan 10 15:51
schestowitz*jumpedJan 10 15:51
schestowitz*itsJan 10 15:51
schestowitzMinceR: I didn't do the tables because it's too much work. I took screenshots the last time, but it's a lot of work for too little gain.Jan 10 15:52
MinceRokJan 10 15:52
schestowitz"_S.!.n_.g_a_p_or__e" -- is that the file I need to download for a cracked version of Vista7?Jan 10 15:52
schestowitzVista7: "Just like Vista, cr4ck3d by _S.!.n_.g_a_p_or__"Jan 10 15:53
MinceRlolJan 10 16:01
schestowitzAnarchoblogs is back << >>Jan 10 16:13
schestowitzOmar87: nice new picture in the blogJan 10 16:41
trmancobackJan 10 17:33
*r0ver (n=r0ver@ has joined #boycottnovellJan 10 17:38
twittergood morning.  Great EDGI work!Jan 10 17:42
twitterM$'s pollution of school systems is really grating.Jan 10 17:42
schestowitzI have several moreJan 10 17:43
schestowitzEDGI is part of a series. I'll connect them at the end.Jan 10 17:43
schestowitzIf we lay the ground by linking and grouping the exhibits, then we can sort of reverse-engineer the case that Comes never had the change to establish and present (Microsoft settled within weeks).Jan 10 17:44
schestowitzbbl (in 2.5 hours)Jan 10 17:45
trmanco 10 17:45
NeonFlossif anyone wants to help me write a letter/package trying to persuade the local school board in my area to switch to Linux the please msg me. Thanks (:Jan 10 17:54
Omar87schestowitz: Thanks. :)Jan 10 17:55
Omar87schestowitz: The one with the olive green sweater you mean?Jan 10 17:56
*DarkUranium ( has joined #boycottnovellJan 10 17:57
twitterNeon, look into the Indiana school system. 10 17:59
twitterTalk to the people who did the program and see if they can share their material.Jan 10 18:00
twitterGood luck!Jan 10 18:00
NeonFlossthanks!Jan 10 18:01
NeonFlossgreatJan 10 18:01
*PeterKraus has quit (Remote closed the connection)Jan 10 18:04
DarkUraniumhiJan 10 18:04
twitter 10 18:52
*Omar87 has quit ( 10 19:52
*Omar87 (n=omar@ has joined #boycottnovellJan 10 19:53
schestowitzOmar87: yes, the previous one lacked clarity.Jan 10 20:12
schestowitzhi, DarkUranium Jan 10 20:12
*kapipi_ (n=tor@ has joined #boycottnovellJan 10 20:22
schestowitzOmar87: this one is a vote short of front page: 10 21:09
DarkUraniumsry, was AFKJan 10 21:10
schestowitzReader says: "Bravo for that transcription work - most of those PDFs are too low-res to OCR, so I know just how much work goes into doing that. The very great advantage of publishing the full text is that it is indexed immediately by Google."Jan 10 21:57
schestowitz"I'm convinced there are dozens if not hundreds more interesting documents in the Comes list waiting to bre analyzed & transcribed, and even 5 years later are of value to MS customers, competitors, and users..." I already have about 30 more stacked up for processing. Jan 10 21:57
*Tallken ( has joined #boycottnovellJan 10 21:58
Tallkenhey schestowitzJan 10 21:59
Tallkenyou there?Jan 10 21:59
TallkenIf I needed to find MS Evangelism How-to Docs throughout BN, for which tag should I search?Jan 10 21:59
schestowitzYes, I'm gere.Jan 10 22:00
schestowitzI'll get you some URLs.Jan 10 22:01
schestowitzYou can follow them back and forth to find the rest.Jan 10 22:01
Tallkenno no noJan 10 22:01
Tallkenno need for troubleJan 10 22:01
TallkenI found what I was looking for :)Jan 10 22:02
Tallken 10 22:02
Tallkenschestowitz, pingJan 10 22:02
schestowitz 10 22:02
schestowitzSee the links at the bottom for example.Jan 10 22:02
Tallkenok, thx :)Jan 10 22:05
neighborlee_hmmm interesting, windows '7' beta is out ;0-Jan 10 22:19
neighborlee_my friend installed it,,she says its 'ok' I guess...2.6gb download..Jan 10 22:19
schestowitzIt's just Vista with makeover... like Ubuntu 8.10 to 8.04Jan 10 22:22
schestowitzSo there's not much chance of screwing things upJan 10 22:23
trmancoschestowitz, Ubuntu at least got a knew kernelJan 10 22:23
trmanconew*Jan 10 22:23
Tallkencya later!Jan 10 22:23
*Tallken has quit (Client Quit)Jan 10 22:23
*Ziggy ( has joined #boycottnovellJan 10 22:29
*Ziggy ( has left #boycottnovellJan 10 22:34
*neighborlee_ has quit ("Leaving")Jan 10 22:45
schestowitzHow not to sell Linux... "Why Picking a Linux Distro is Like Picking a Girlfriend" < 10 22:48
*kapipi_ has quit (Read error: 145 (Connection timed out))Jan 10 23:04
schestowitz 10 23:22
twitternoobs talking about GNU/Linux ... that describes half of the Wintel press.  The other half are so hostile they talk about things they never use.Jan 10 23:27
*DarkUranium has quit ("Leaving")Jan 10 23:32
schestowitzDo you still have that walmart text?Jan 10 23:32
twitteroh sureJan 10 23:35
schestowitzIt'll take me a while to get there (maybe weeks). I do EDGI firstJan 10 23:36
twitterThe ordinary text has a few typos.  I also have html here 10 23:36
schestowitzI'll also do quick post about Vista7 and the death of Vista (BadVista)Jan 10 23:37
schestowitztypos are OKJan 10 23:37
schestowitzWe have the PDF for precisionJan 10 23:37
twitterwant it emailed?Jan 10 23:37
schestowitzI have lots more on the walmart item.Jan 10 23:37
schestowitzYes, pleaseJan 10 23:37
twitterOKJan 10 23:37
MinceRi hope the FSF is planning a campaign against vista7 tooJan 10 23:41
schestowitzSure.Jan 10 23:43
schestowitzI'm writing about that tooJan 10 23:43
schestowitzI'll add the "Vista Sucks" video, as oggJan 10 23:43
twitterit's on the wayJan 10 23:46
schestowitzThanks, I got it.Jan 10 23:59

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