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the_mad_hatterReason I ask is that Ubuntu 8.04 will boot on my P3 Thinkpad, but 8.10 won't.Apr 24 14:49
oiaohmDRI 1 only support 1 opengl program at a time.Apr 24 14:49
oiaohmIts also the first direct rendering system designed for X11.Apr 24 14:49
oiaohmAnd its only just being replaced now.Apr 24 14:50
oiaohmYep a rendering system over 20 years old still in use by most Linux distributions DRI 1.Apr 24 14:50
MinceRand MacOS "classic" is even worse.Apr 24 14:50
the_mad_hatterBut it is getting fixed, which is the main point.Apr 24 14:50
MinceRoiaohm: and an OS that's more than 30 years old is the base of most modern OS-es now, and the ones that aren't based on it tend to be inferior by far. :>Apr 24 14:51
oiaohmDRI 1 was designed before opengl existed MinceRApr 24 14:51
MinceR:)Apr 24 14:51
oiaohmYes the bugger is showing its age.Apr 24 14:51
MinceRwhat was it designed for then?Apr 24 14:51
*twitter ( has joined #boycottnovellApr 24 14:52
oiaohm2d graphics and 2d accelerator only MinceR yes and we have been shoving opengl threw it.Apr 24 14:52
MinceRicApr 24 14:53
oiaohmBasically completely not upto the job.Apr 24 14:53
oiaohmAlso pre video cards having there own memory to manage too.Apr 24 14:53
oiaohmIts more of a good luck than good management that DRI 1 works as good as it does .Apr 24 14:54
oiaohmSooner we are rid of DRI 1 the better.  It served as well but its well past its retirement.Apr 24 14:55
oiaohmThink about it MinceR If I pulled up a OS from 30 years ago and told you that you could not alter how anything works.  Would you want to be using it today.Apr 24 14:56
oiaohmThat is basically what happened to DRI 1.  Its current structs and internal design match its design from over 20 years ago.Apr 24 14:57
MinceRthings might be more alterable than they seemApr 24 14:57
schestowitztwitter: Apple too is falling to an extentApr 24 14:57
schestowitzThe press hardly covers the main storyApr 24 14:57
MinceRi certainly didn't know X could be extended so far as it was since i started using it.Apr 24 14:58
schestowitzMicrosoft dfelcted the stupid press to revenue #, not profitApr 24 14:58
oiaohmNot in the case of DRI 1.Apr 24 14:58
oiaohmOpengl was having to be translated into DRI1 code on applicaiton side then translated back to video card code on the other side.Apr 24 14:58
oiaohmDRI 1 section of X11 had no design for addon alterations.Apr 24 14:59
oiaohmIntel lead graphical driver designer spent 2 years looking at DRI1 in a hope of finding a way to upgrade it.Apr 24 15:00
oiaohmBefore resorting to scorched earth method.Apr 24 15:00
oiaohmBecause DRI 1 design flaws are basically not fixable and remain compadible.Apr 24 15:01
schestowitzApple down, Microsoft down, Linux up: 24 15:01
oiaohmApple is doing the right thing.Apr 24 15:02
oiaohmApple profits are up.  They see the storm coming and prepairing for it.Apr 24 15:02
schestowitzRed hat prospects  are up.  They see the storm coming and prepairing for it.Apr 24 15:03
schestowitzTo rephraseApr 24 15:03
oiaohmRedhat has also braced.Apr 24 15:03
schestowitzRed Hat still hiresApr 24 15:03
schestowitzE.g. Mandriva devsApr 24 15:03
oiaohmThey are not expanding as fast on programmers as there profit allows.Apr 24 15:03
schestowitzOK, but Red hat can wait patiently with the desktops developed also by other companies that sell Linux (e.g. Canonical). Let Microsoft knock itself out with kickbacksApr 24 15:04
schestowitzThen Red hat can strikeApr 24 15:04
schestowitzGoogle is already entering the desktops from the bottom to the topApr 24 15:04
schestowitzPhone->netbooks-> ...Apr 24 15:04
oiaohmI am talking about another lack of money storm.Apr 24 15:05
oiaohmBig problem redhat risk is companies retreating to in house.Apr 24 15:05
oiaohmUSA lack of regulation some one need to be skinned alive for it.Apr 24 15:06
oiaohmBut the lack of regulation is giving Linux the best chance its ever had.Apr 24 15:07
oiaohmOnce Linux get to top.  I expect to see freebsd and solarias and others also start pushing there way back into the market.Apr 24 15:09
MinceRsounds like wishful thinking :>Apr 24 15:10
schestowitzWell, POSIXApr 24 15:10
schestowitzPOS UNIX :-)Apr 24 15:10
schestowitz"Yet another big technology corporation is bemoaning the lack of engineering talent for hire in the United States. This time it's Google. " 24 15:12
schestowitzThe World Outpaces Redmondland in GNU/Linux Interest....Apr 24 15:15
the_mad_hatterJust think of how frustrating it must be for Microsloth. There's all this really good source code that they can see, but cannot use....Apr 24 15:18
schestowitzTry this link: 24 15:20
schestowitzSomething funny happensApr 24 15:20
schestowitzOh, it works nowApr 24 15:20
schestowitzThere was maybe a DNS coughApr 24 15:20
schestowitzthe_mad_hatter: they can start again with SingularityApr 24 15:21
schestowitzHow much time do they have and how much money for development at their disposal?Apr 24 15:21
the_mad_hatterBut do they have the talent?Apr 24 15:21
schestowitzWell, Microsoft is Kool............... AideApr 24 15:22
schestowitzAidApr 24 15:22
oiaohmMost programs that run on Linux run on solarias and freebsd MinceRApr 24 15:22
oiaohmX11 graphical system rewrite is also being picked up by them.Apr 24 15:22
the_mad_hatterOr for that matter OSXApr 24 15:23
oiaohmOSX has a different graphical system.Apr 24 15:24
oiaohmDoes not get as rich of ground from Linux being dominate.Apr 24 15:24
MinceRosx can run some form of x, if you can put up with its inherent retardednessApr 24 15:24
MinceRbut bsd-s are held back by some factorsApr 24 15:25
MinceRsuch as the developers' hatred of innovation :>Apr 24 15:25
the_mad_hatterI run X on OSX, for InscapeApr 24 15:25
the_mad_hatterInkscapeApr 24 15:25
oiaohmNot everything will work right with OSX version of XApr 24 15:25
oiaohmOk they might join the great X11 update.Apr 24 15:25
MinceRfor example, window managers ;)Apr 24 15:25
the_mad_hatterTo make Inkscape work you have to install a new version of XApr 24 15:26
oiaohmThat is still a dri 1 XApr 24 15:26
MinceRhm, can you run xorg on osx? (so that x won't be just a few extra windows but rather it can manage the whole screen)Apr 24 15:27
oiaohmDoes not have the dri2 advantage of X11 bypass for opengl and the like.Apr 24 15:27
oiaohmdri2 requires kernel alterations.Apr 24 15:28
oiaohmOSX might if they do it will be good.   DRI2 + KMS allows X11 stacking.  Ie running a full X11 with windows manager in a window with full opengl support.Apr 24 15:28
BalrogMinceR: you could run OS X in full screen mode in 10.4Apr 24 15:30
Balrogbut when they switched from Xfree86 to Xorg they ran into problemsApr 24 15:30
schestowitz"Twitter is an ideal medium to inject fake facts into society for precisely this reason." 24 15:30
Balrogit's very close to being finished in Xorg / 10.5, if it's not already thereApr 24 15:30
oiaohmIt will get worse.Apr 24 15:31
Balrogoiaohm: ...?Apr 24 15:31 will drop dri1 support at some point.Apr 24 15:31
oiaohmSo far OSX has not started work on what is required for dri2Apr 24 15:32
Balrogthey moved from Xorg 1.3 to 1.4 in 2008.07.19Apr 24 15:34
the_mad_hatterLet's face it - the proprietary software companies are falling behind, and will never catch up. Apple makes great hardware, but while they once had a huge lead in OS development, they've lost that lead now, and will never regain it. As for Microsoft, all they ever were was Apple wannabes, and it shows.Apr 24 15:37
*twitter ( has left #boycottnovellApr 24 15:37
BalrogApple will be forced to change parts of their business methods with timeApr 24 15:37 1.5 is the start of the dri2 line.Apr 24 15:39
BalrogOK. Their Xorg 1.5 source tree has /some/ activityApr 24 15:40
oiaohmNote startApr 24 15:40
Balroghopefully will be ready in time for 10.6Apr 24 15:40
Balrogyes.Apr 24 15:40
oiaohmMost of dri2 appears in 1.6 and more will appear in 1.7Apr 24 15:40
oiaohmThis is why I say it will get worse.Apr 24 15:40
the_mad_hatterIf it wasn't for Free Software, specifically BSD licensed, Apple would be dead.Apr 24 15:40
Balrog"First release including the 1.5 server branch" is due in 3 weeksApr 24 15:41
Balrogthe_mad_hatter: don't forget NeXTApr 24 15:41
oiaohm1.6.1 is out.Apr 24 15:42
oiaohmof X.orgApr 24 15:42
Balrogyes, I know ...Apr 24 15:42
Balrogmany people still use 1.5Apr 24 15:42
Balroglike with GCC ... not everyone is switching to 4.4 yetApr 24 15:42
the_mad_hatterwhat was NEXT based on?Apr 24 15:42
the_mad_hatterBSD.Apr 24 15:42
oiaohm1.5 without extras still is DRI 1.Apr 24 15:43
BalrogMach kernel, BSD userland (portions), Objective-C/"cocoa" GUIApr 24 15:43
oiaohmLinux and BSD kernels are both having a really rough time of DRI 2 alterations.Apr 24 15:45
oiaohmOS X has a extra complexitity there own graphical envorment.Apr 24 15:45
Balrogyes, that's what's good about it....Cocoa/Obj-CApr 24 15:46
the_mad_hatterfrom an end user standpoint none of that mattersApr 24 15:47
oiaohmPerformance matters.Apr 24 15:48
the_mad_hatterall that matters is whether or not it works, and it doesn't work any better than Ubuntu/Fedora/MandrivaApr 24 15:48
Balrogtrue, but the OS X interface tends to be better from an end user standpoint (but some dispute this)Apr 24 15:48
oiaohmAnother area were Linux kernel is still having fun.Apr 24 15:48
the_mad_hatterOSX is fancier than Ubuntu/Fedora/Mandriva, but it's not fancier than Moon OS.Apr 24 15:50
trmancoIs Mono a religion or a technology?Apr 24 15:50
trmanco: "What I'm not fine with is the continued personal attacks of the Mono camp against all that oppose it, including myself, the Gnote developers and someone we all owe a lot to, Richard Stallman."Apr 24 15:50
trmancoisn't this familiar ?Apr 24 15:50
*Carl_Rover2k12 (n=believe5@ has joined #boycottnovellApr 24 15:54
*oiaohm has quit (Remote closed the connection)Apr 24 15:54
schestowitzMicrosodfr>Apr 24 16:05
trmancoyeahApr 24 16:06
schestowitzWhat happens when Gordon Brown gets angry? The laser printer gets it < >Apr 24 16:07
schestowitzGood link BTWApr 24 16:07
schestowitzThe headline reminded me of what people call the MS religionApr 24 16:07
trmanco84 percent say no thanks to Windows 7: 24 16:07
trmancoheheApr 24 16:07
schestowitzIt's acommon term that refers to the 'ecosystem'+the shillsApr 24 16:07
schestowitzLike, in private conversation, people would talk about Enderle as preaching the MS religion.Apr 24 16:08
MinceRwhat's the term?Apr 24 16:08
schestowitzMary Jo Foley is scared of Apple fanboysApr 24 16:08
schestowitzShe even uses trhe termApr 24 16:08
schestowitzShe told me some hours ago, "the Apple fanboys"Apr 24 16:08
Balrogisn't she an MS shill?Apr 24 16:09
Balrogor at least pro-MS?Apr 24 16:09
Carl_Rover2k12schestowitz: Windows is sinking and you will now see Microsoft pocket everything they can from license agreements with PC manufactures and product trims before abandoning the platformApr 24 16:10
schestowitzBalrog: yesApr 24 16:11
schestowitzBut she's more approachableApr 24 16:11
schestowitzCarl_Rover2k12: old news :-)Apr 24 16:12
schestowitzSome already abandoned it, remember?Apr 24 16:12
schestowitzAcer's CEO said in 2007 that "the entire industry" is disappointed with VistaApr 24 16:12
schestowitzother OEMs ditched  Windows (ASUS for example) before Microsoft bribed their way backApr 24 16:13
schestowitzAnd the losses might have to do with some of the bribesApr 24 16:13
Carl_Rover2k12schestowitz: true but major manufacturers will eventually see the light once they notice that cross software platform compatibility is easier then ever with the dearth of scripts and JScript becoming more robust then ever.Apr 24 16:13
Carl_Rover2k12not to mention much easier compilersApr 24 16:13
schestowitzNever Download a PPT or TIFF Again With Gmail’s Updated Viewer < >Apr 24 16:14
Balrog< ... Appeals Court Stays RIAA Subpoena Vs. StudentsApr 24 16:14
schestowitzCarl_Rover2k12: well, Java tooApr 24 16:14
Balrogschestowitz: read that articleApr 24 16:15
Carl_Rover2k12schestowitz: we will have to see how Oracle can manage to market any new platforms since they exclusively own the rights to distribute the official Java updatesApr 24 16:15
Balrogthe title is unclearApr 24 16:15
Balrog(the 'Never Download' oneApr 24 16:15
Balrog)Apr 24 16:15
*schestowitz I doApr 24 16:15
*schestowitz tired of MAFIAAApr 24 16:16
Carl_Rover2k12schestowitz: whats your opinion on the survivability of SPARCApr 24 16:16
*schestowitz distracted too much by other more corrupt groupsApr 24 16:16
*Carl_Rover2k12 amenApr 24 16:16
Carl_Rover2k12schestowitz: I wouldn't call them the lesser of evilsApr 24 16:16
*schestowitz listens to non-RIAA muscApr 24 16:16
the_mad_hattergotta runApr 24 16:17
schestowitzCarl_Rover2k12: who knows? Oracle will cut down thoughApr 24 16:17
*the_mad_hatter (n=chatzill@ has left #boycottnovellApr 24 16:17
Carl_Rover2k12schestowitz: hopefully they will divert more to the OpenSPARC project, so the divestment can go smoothly. Anyway I read that Oracle won't be totally giving up on SPARC though and continue to fund its development for their high end serversApr 24 16:18
schestowitzTasers - How they’re really used < >Apr 24 16:18
Carl_Rover2k12schestowitz: it would be nice to have an open source hardware platformApr 24 16:19
schestowitzCarl_Rover2k12: Oracle can make good money selling hwApr 24 16:19
schestowitzBut too much competitionApr 24 16:19
schestowitzCarl_Rover2k12: only if yo have fabsApr 24 16:19
schestowitzPrint some in garage somewhereApr 24 16:19
schestowitzStallman uses a good chair analogyApr 24 16:20
Carl_Rover2k12schestowitz: good thing is SPARC servers cost less then IBM POWER servers and they can still run with them performance wise when it comes to crunching threaded dataApr 24 16:20
schestowitzLike burning a chairApr 24 16:20
Carl_Rover2k12schestowitz: can you image a 1.4Ghz UltraSPARK RK Niagra competing with a 5.7Ghz POWER6 with the fraction of the electric cost, but then again people should know megahertz isn't everythingApr 24 16:21
Carl_Rover2k12schestowitz: sorry about hijacking your topic for a bit thereApr 24 16:22
Carl_Rover2k12schestowitz: also I don't get your analogy, you mean fab out chipsets in a garage, you can't do that with the size they are working at now.Apr 24 16:24
schestowitzYeah, I was jokingApr 24 16:25
schestowitzI often wonder about how the process is donedApr 24 16:25
schestowitzI'm sure Wikipedia has the info and YouTube has nice videos.Apr 24 16:25
*schestowitz not much of a hardware person. Software Engineer (1st class, Hons) by education...Apr 24 16:26
Carl_Rover2k12schestowitz: ask Steve WozniakApr 24 16:26
schestowitzIn the older days people needed to know both wellApr 24 16:26
schestowitzLike memory addressing also, hardware limits, etc.Apr 24 16:26
schestowitzNot its more abstractApr 24 16:26
schestowitzJava even takes away understanding how how anything beneath the VN/framework worksApr 24 16:27
schestowitzA bit like FLash/dreamweaver to Web stdsApr 24 16:27
schestowitzInternet graveyard -- victims of the second great depression: MySpace and Geocities — separated at birth < >Apr 24 16:28
schestowitzWhat a brilliant site name and picture: The Last Straw(man)Apr 24 16:30
schestowitzArtificial Intelligence Cracks 4,000-Year-Old Mystery < >Apr 24 16:30
schestowitzGeoCities will close later this year. < >. They have some good and important sites there, including some about Microsoft and LinuxApr 24 16:32
schestowitzTrial debut for malaria vaccine from mosquito spit  < >Apr 24 16:32
schestowitzCarl_Rover2k12: China could give a huge boost to Linux with its chips: 24 16:33
schestowitzImperial overstretch of the copyright cartel is costing the EU parliament/s (and OBAMAA/Biden) in reputation: 24 16:35
Carl_Rover2k12schestowitz: geez, will they ever actually develop that chip for consumer use or just create new uses and constantly keep it in perpetual development. To me this is resembling less like a cohesive plan and more like a Pentagon style defense contract.Apr 24 16:35
schestowitz"Debian developer Robert Millan is offering an alternative kernel for Debian's Lenny free Linux distro. " Heh. I know Robert...Apr 24 16:37
Carl_Rover2k12schestowitz: no shite sherlock, the Obama administration regardless of executive consent is in bead with the MAFIAAs and large Law firms, they were major contributors to his campaign. Flooding the Department of Defense with former RIAA lawyers should have been a clueApr 24 16:37
schestowitzYes, I knowApr 24 16:37
schestowitzI keep posting about itApr 24 16:37
schestowitzOthers do all over the placeApr 24 16:37
schestowitzI watched an Obama video last nightApr 24 16:38
schestowitzIt annoyed meApr 24 16:38
schestowitzThey forcus only on his personal lifeApr 24 16:38
schestowitzNow, AFAIK, with professional people you're supposed to AVOID this sideApr 24 16:38
schestowitzNot with OBAMAApr 24 16:38
schestowitzThey distract the massesApr 24 16:38
schestowitzTelling stories of wife and kidsApr 24 16:38
Carl_Rover2k12schestowitz: so now the US is stuck with pro-life and business Supreme Court justices left over from the Bush term and the DoD is filled with their lackies. This will be an interesting year for setting or repealing landmark precedents for indivisual rightsApr 24 16:38
schestowitzLike Bush and his "cutting brush" talesApr 24 16:38
schestowitzBut NOTHING ABOUT HIS POLICIESApr 24 16:39
schestowitzThe whole interview says nothing professionalApr 24 16:39
schestowitzJust fluffApr 24 16:39
schestowitzThe Hollywood presidencyApr 24 16:39
schestowitzOh wait...Apr 24 16:39
Carl_Rover2k12schestowitz: well its just like the Kennedy yearsApr 24 16:39
schestowitzSchwarzenegger and ReaganApr 24 16:39
Carl_Rover2k12schestowitz: except now the powers that be hope this cult of personality plays ball with themApr 24 16:39
Carl_Rover2k12schestowitz: if he doesn't there is probably some psychotic ex-Iraq or Afghanistan war veteran waiting in the winds to be unleashedApr 24 16:40
schestowitzHmmm...:-(Apr 24 16:40
schestowitzsee 24 16:40
schestowitzI watrched this in the morningApr 24 16:41
schestowitzPart of a string of interesting videosApr 24 16:41
schestowitzFormer CIAians spilling beansApr 24 16:41
Carl_Rover2k12schestowitz: cool, i will have to watch it later though as I have to get going soonApr 24 16:42
*silentivm ( has joined #boycottnovellApr 24 16:44
Carl_Rover2k12so what do you think of The New American Century so far?Apr 24 16:44
schestowitzNew?Apr 24 16:45
Carl_Rover2k12lolApr 24 16:45
schestowitzWhat is the precise period this refers to?Apr 24 16:45
Carl_Rover2k12nowApr 24 16:45
schestowitzIt's not very newApr 24 16:45
schestowitzLike the war on terrorismApr 24 16:45
schestowitzIt was merely redeclared this centuryApr 24 16:46
schestowitzIIRC it was first declared in the 70s or 80sApr 24 16:46
Carl_Rover2k12I guess its like Winston Churchill said about Fascism when Hitler said it was a New World Order, "It is neither new nor order."Apr 24 16:46
schestowitzThe targets changed slightly, that's allApr 24 16:46
schestowitzNeed for oilApr 24 16:46
schestowitzThe big overthrows began in 1953 with Iran < >, but there's lots more in the 19th century even.Apr 24 16:46
schestowitzThose old ones I didn't know aboutApr 24 16:46
schestowitzLike TahitiApr 24 16:47
schestowitzCarl_Rover2k12: I recently found old Winston lives for 90 yearsApr 24 16:47
schestowitzAnd he was a heavy smoker, so it surprised me a bitApr 24 16:47
schestowitzBernays lives for more than 100sApr 24 16:47
Carl_Rover2k12schestowitz: he must have smoked natural tabacco thenApr 24 16:48
schestowitzLike an evil dinosaur behind the US propaganda culture... living forever to inflict pain.Apr 24 16:48
Carl_Rover2k12schestowitz: don't you mean CamelApr 24 16:49
schestowitzI think my grandma did emApr 24 16:49
schestowitzBernays taught women to smokeApr 24 16:49
schestowitzThe "torches of freedom" stuntApr 24 16:49
schestowitzSo he -- in my opinion -- assisted the killing of tens of millions of women so farApr 24 16:50
schestowitzIncluding my grandma who was a heavy smokerApr 24 16:50
schestowitzCarl_Rover2k12: be sure to watch some of these videos later. These are no crackpotsApr 24 16:50
schestowitzFox news is afraid of two types: crackpots, people who say the truth too bluntlyApr 24 16:51
Carl_Rover2k12schestowitz: and thoughtful soldiersApr 24 16:52
schestowitzYes, got to SupportTheSoldiers(C)Apr 24 16:52
Carl_Rover2k12schestowitz: did you see how Bill O'Rielly treated that Special Forces officer who dared say that the US was doing tortureApr 24 16:52
schestowitzSupportTheSoldiers(C)=keeping them in Iraq{tm}Apr 24 16:52
schestowitzSupportTheSoldiers(C) != bringing them home to wife&kidsApr 24 16:53
schestowitzCarl_Rover2k12: I don't watch FoxApr 24 16:53
schestowitzBut I hate Bill O'RiellyApr 24 16:53
schestowitzHe attacks decenyApr 24 16:53
schestowitzLike Bill MaherApr 24 16:53
Carl_Rover2k12schestowitz: actually now the military is promoting marriage within its ranksApr 24 16:53
Carl_Rover2k12schestowitz: so then the wife, husband and maybe even kids continue "serving their country"Apr 24 16:54
schestowitzI like listening to prof. Chalmers Johnson these days because he's calm and rational: 24 16:54
schestowitzCarl_Rover2k12: I see..Apr 24 16:54
schestowitzWell, maybe they can grow soldier familes in IrawApr 24 16:54
schestowitzThey already built swimming pool facilities there, didn't they?Apr 24 16:54
schestowitzThey also have a cinema for baseball and stuff.Apr 24 16:54
Carl_Rover2k12schestowitz: I even talked to a Naval Officer who said the Pentagon was really backing the building of large Super Carriers and putting women in the military as a way to create new Edens of sort in case of any catostrophic outbreak of desease on the mainlandApr 24 16:55
Carl_Rover2k12schestowitz: I hope this all backfires in the future when a soldier class realizes they are being exploited without much benefit and rise behind a Julius Caesar like leaderApr 24 16:56
schestowitzWell, benefits...Apr 24 16:57
schestowitzGive me a break..Apr 24 16:57
schestowitzWhat are promised benefit when a state goes bankruptApr 24 16:57
schestowitzMilitary might is only posturing amid financial painApr 24 16:57
schestowitzIt is no substituteApr 24 16:57
schestowitzThe Romans learned this the hard way , but they lasted for longer (centuries)Apr 24 16:58
schestowitzI don't keep my eyes on the FOSS ball much because of distraction due to stuff like MAFIAA and politics, which is getting ugly in line with the economy. It also makes investigation of corruption in tech more timely and intriguing.Apr 24 16:59
Carl_Rover2k12schestowitz: true, but all the capital Microsoft works hard in raking won't amount to much if the economy suffers a total collapsesApr 24 17:00
schestowitzYes, the customersApr 24 17:01
schestowitzWorldwide evenApr 24 17:01
schestowitzBut people still require servicingApr 24 17:01
schestowitzWhich is why medical fields are ahrdly affectedApr 24 17:01
Carl_Rover2k12schestowitz: maybe they hope by getting nestled in government contracts M$ will get free protection and laws passed to enforce the exclusive use of their softwareApr 24 17:01
schestowitzI ought to have gone more aggressively in the direction of medicineApr 24 17:01
schestowitzI'm already in medical biophysicsApr 24 17:01
schestowitzBut the sites take a lot of my timeApr 24 17:01
schestowitzPeople come and read, so it's addictiveApr 24 17:02
schestowitzCarl_Rover2k12: why MS and not another sw company?Apr 24 17:02
Carl_Rover2k12schestowitz: because they already have the market penetrationApr 24 17:02
schestowitzBig Blue used to be the Big Baby of the Feds (and the Nazis). Maybe it still it. FAR FAR bigger than MS, not in terms of markey capApr 24 17:02
schestowitz*ketApr 24 17:02
Carl_Rover2k12schestowitz: also, the medical field is very much affected by this crisis, at least in the US where equipment and services are loaned more often then actually givenApr 24 17:03
schestowitzCarl_Rover2k12: like pneumonia has "market penetration"Apr 24 17:03
Carl_Rover2k12schestowitz: also new technologies can't come about without healthy startupsApr 24 17:03
schestowitzThey need secure solutionApr 24 17:03
schestowitzFor cybersecurityApr 24 17:03
schestowitzThey can't standardise on houses of glassApr 24 17:03
Carl_Rover2k12schestowitz: Big Blue became too much of a liability for governments to work withApr 24 17:03
schestowitzCarl_Rover2k12: you mean medical R&D?Apr 24 17:04
schestowitzWell, I see it hereApr 24 17:04
Carl_Rover2k12schestowitz: yesApr 24 17:04
schestowitzDon't expect to become a post-doc easilyApr 24 17:04
schestowitzIt was bad enough beforeApr 24 17:04
schestowitzWith people changing career paths and research areasApr 24 17:04
schestowitzI mostly land on sctivismApr 24 17:04
schestowitz*activismApr 24 17:04
schestowitzReserch grants will fallApr 24 17:04
schestowitzNo no 'wanking about' with research papers for money from the educational budgetApr 24 17:05
schestowitzThey say the west has developed a culture of lazinessApr 24 17:05
schestowitzThat all the Real Work is done in CHinaApr 24 17:05
schestowitzLike 15 hours/day making shoesApr 24 17:05
Carl_Rover2k12schestowitz: not really, its just western finance is very short citedApr 24 17:05
schestowitzThere's a work for itApr 24 17:05
schestowitz"Knowledge workers"Apr 24 17:05
schestowitzMeaning: we're the "smart guys", the rest take ordersApr 24 17:06
schestowitzCarl_Rover2k12: and sightedApr 24 17:06
schestowitzAlso citedApr 24 17:06
schestowitz:-)Apr 24 17:06
Carl_Rover2k12schestowitz: I suppose, we will see how it pans outApr 24 17:06
Carl_Rover2k12anyway got to be going nowApr 24 17:06
schestowitzOKApr 24 17:06
*Carl_Rover2k12 has quit ()Apr 24 17:06
schestowitzOne blogger asks: "Is Mono a religion or a technology?" 24 17:22
schestowitzBalmer FUDs GOogle today in Kohn: 24 17:26
schestowitzHe reads his mail without PAsApr 24 17:29
schestowitzThe hAl astroturfer is small editing the Wikipedia page for Microsoft, even on ODF 24 17:32
schestowitz /small/still/Apr 24 17:32
schestowitzGlyn Moody would love this one: 24 17:56
schestowitzHere's ballmer talk for download: He makes some good points. Anything hairy in there? Else I don't want to spread it...Apr 24 18:00
schestowitzMore new PCs come with Linux preinstalled: 24 18:12
trmancolets have some wine? -> 24 18:22
schestowitzNo thanks. I'm driving back.Apr 24 18:29
schestowitzI'll get wine if I find a driverApr 24 18:29
*mib_ocklna (i=8258be83@gateway/web/ajax/ has joined #boycottnovellApr 24 18:34
*mib_ocklna has quit (Client Quit)Apr 24 18:34
schestowitzPeople drop paper and move to electronic paper. 24 18:35
trmancoheheApr 24 18:40
schestowitz Policing the dark side of the net < >Apr 24 18:41
schestowitzBB-She on problems with info. HypocritesApr 24 18:41
schestowitzThey have spread a fair bit of propaganda for ages and got caught for it.Apr 24 18:41
schestowitzEnthusiastic reviews of Ubuntu/GNU/Linux 9.04 keep arriving, e.g. 24 18:45
schestowitz"The Big Brother Award - a prize awarded to [...] have “excelled” in the violation of our privacy" 24 18:48
schestowitzA good summary of links about the impact of Oracle/Sun: 24 18:55
schestowitzSome companies put "open source" in their PR although they are purely proprietary. Old trick. 24 18:57
*Eruaran ( has joined #boycottnovellApr 24 19:06
schestowitzEruaran: it was a big day yesterday: 24 19:17
Eruaranhi royApr 24 19:20
EruaranI'm reading that article nowApr 24 19:20
schestowitzRed Hat deceives Brits by equating customers to FOSS affinity: England is very low.Apr 24 19:20
schestowitz*very low in FOSS.Apr 24 19:21
Eruaraninteresting articleApr 24 19:26
EruaranI'm convinced that in the coming months we can expect to see Microsoft training its guns directly upon Canonical.Apr 24 19:27
EruaranI expect Microsoft will use proxies.Apr 24 19:27
EruaranTo try and destroy Canonical.Apr 24 19:28
EruaranThey will do or use whatever they can to bring down anything tangible they see as a threat.Apr 24 19:28
*_air has quit ("Leaving")Apr 24 19:28
EruaranThats my prediction for the moment.Apr 24 19:29
schestowitzEruaran: in coming months?Apr 24 19:30
EruaranUbuntu has traction. Microsoft will be wanting to "cut off their air supply".Apr 24 19:30
schestowitzThey already do thatApr 24 19:30
schestowitzSee the Canonical post about MS FUDApr 24 19:30
schestowitz"Microsoft, FUD, and netbooks"Apr 24 19:30
EruaranThats nothing.Apr 24 19:30
schestowitzOr something like thatApr 24 19:30
EruaranI'm expecting more serious moves.Apr 24 19:31
schestowitzI agree that they'll do it indirectlyApr 24 19:31
schestowitzThey do this already with NPD for exampleApr 24 19:31
schestowitzBut they have morreApr 24 19:31
schestowitzI am preparing abother post about thusApr 24 19:31
schestowitzI gathered lots of new dataApr 24 19:31
schestowitzOn Microsoft's messing about inside FOSSApr 24 19:31
schestowitzIt's like a cancel inside FOSS, to use Ballmer's wordsApr 24 19:32
EruaranCanonical is a target.Apr 24 19:32
Balrogschestowitz: 24 19:32
Balrogabout MS surfaceApr 24 19:32
Balrogit's a good readApr 24 19:32
EruaranI'd bet money that right now they've got people trying to dig up anything they can on Canonical.Apr 24 19:32
EruaranThey'll be floating all options, from Mono licensing to OpenOffice disruption through Novell, to putting pressure on OEM's/ISV's, to examining all of Canonicals activities.Apr 24 19:34
schestowitzFOSS in US government,. developed using taxpayers' money (how it should be done): 24 19:35
Balrogschestowitz: looked at that article?Apr 24 19:36
EruaranThey will be looking for the most aggressive things they can do against Canonical's interests while trying to not bring heat upon Microsoft.Apr 24 19:36
schestowitzSurface is deadApr 24 19:36
schestowitzIt can't be revivedApr 24 19:36
BalrogI know it's deadApr 24 19:36
schestowitzAnother Zune.. waste of moneyApr 24 19:36
schestowitzIt cann't earn ISVsApr 24 19:36
schestowitzZune didn't allow any in, anywayApr 24 19:36
Balrogthat article summarizes its 'usability'Apr 24 19:36
schestowitzBalrog: looking nowApr 24 19:36
Balrognot that good, actuallyApr 24 19:36
schestowitzStupid gates wanted surfaceApr 24 19:37
schestowitzBach (the fraudster) told him not toApr 24 19:37
schestowitzHe knew it would fail before launcxhApr 24 19:37
schestowitzHehe. "The whole experience was probably best summed up by Amanda who, when asked why it was taking us so long to get the machine up and running, and why we all looked so unhappy, replied “Oh, it’s just so…Microsofty.”"Apr 24 19:38
schestowitzBalrog: don't spread it around too much thoughApr 24 19:38
schestowitzIt's  better not to draw any attention to this dead thingApr 24 19:38
schestowitzThat only gives it visibilityApr 24 19:38
schestowitzSeeing it with the plastic is funnyApr 24 19:39
schestowitzA bit like when they bring marble items into a house... or some couchApr 24 19:39
schestowitzThat's why they call it 'big-arse table'Apr 24 19:39
BalrogOK, I'm not spreading itApr 24 19:39
schestowitzWhere is it manufactured anyway and how do they import/distribute this junk?Apr 24 19:39
Balrogsomeone in one irc room mentioned it and I though it might be interestingApr 24 19:39
schestowitzIt was another Microsoft attempt to monetise on hwApr 24 19:40
schestowitzThey envy APpleApr 24 19:40
schestowitzXbox and Zune failed tooApr 24 19:40
schestowitzNo hw successApr 24 19:40
Balrogheh yes.Apr 24 19:40
schestowitzExcept mice, ehich I think is just something Microsoftt BOUGHT, not developed in house.Apr 24 19:40
EruaranApple = smart implementation of multi touch that brings it to the masses in an affordable and cool way that makes consumers say, "oooh I want one !"Apr 24 19:40
EruaranMicrosoft = erm... where do you turn this big ass table on ?Apr 24 19:41
BalrogMicrosoft mice seem to work OK. althought I had horrible ones.Apr 24 19:41
EruaranI have oneApr 24 19:41
EruaranIts dyingApr 24 19:41
Eruaranits only a few months oldApr 24 19:41
schestowitzMalaysia's migration to FOSS is on its way already: 24 19:41
schestowitzEruaran: my Logitech mouse broke tooApr 24 19:41
schestowitzThe unbranded one I have has been fine for 4 YEARS!Apr 24 19:42
schestowitzLogitech -- less than a yearApr 24 19:42
EruaranhehApr 24 19:42
schestowitzMouse wheel went badApr 24 19:42
schestowitzSame with some shoes I haveApr 24 19:42
schestowitzCheap ones can last 5 yearsApr 24 19:42
EruaranI've seen some expensive Logitech mice failApr 24 19:42
schestowitzSneakers that isApr 24 19:43
schestowitzNike --- just monthsApr 24 19:43
EruaranMind you, they got replaced under warrantyApr 24 19:43
schestowitzAnd it happens in both shoes at the same timeApr 24 19:43
schestowitzSo you know it's a design problemApr 24 19:43
tessier_"aims to enhance cost savings by implementing an open source software system in all 724 agencies under its management in the public sector by early next year." They are going to migrate thousands of systems in a year?Apr 24 19:43
schestowitzIt's consistent... as though it's planned obsolescence for shoes.Apr 24 19:43
schestowitztessier: some have been migrated alreadyApr 24 19:43
schestowitzEruaran: so did othersApr 24 19:44
schestowitzLike 7 timesApr 24 19:44
schestowitzXBox 360Apr 24 19:44
schestowitzPick, replace, Pick, replace, Pick, replace, Pick, replace, Pick, replace, Pick, replace, Pick, replace, Pick, replace, Pick, replace, Pick, replace, Pick, replace, Apr 24 19:44
schestowitzNot cheap for the VoleApr 24 19:44
schestowitz$7 billion in loses in XBox biznizApr 24 19:44
EruaranI love it when that happensApr 24 19:44
Eruaranlet em bleed cashApr 24 19:45
schestowitzThey still get sued for itApr 24 19:48
schestowitzMS has been sued dozens of times over XBox, sometimes class actionApr 24 19:48
schestowitzHalf the staff should be marketing (PR) and lawyersApr 24 19:48
Balrogheh, yeah.Apr 24 19:52
*magentar (n=magentar@ has joined #boycottnovellApr 24 19:54
amarsh04just tried 2.6.30-rc3 on other machine and the "How to enable EXA and Xv" instructions on - Radeon 3200 HD now plays video with minmal cpu overhead and free driversApr 24 20:00
schestowitzRecession Reporter Laid Off... Denied Chance To Publish Final Piece About Getting Laid Off < >Apr 24 20:00
tessier_hahApr 24 20:01
schestowitzTypical.Apr 24 20:01
schestowitzI think I saw this beforeApr 24 20:01
schestowitzThey even quickly withdrew the story in this caseApr 24 20:01
Balrogamarsh04: ... foss driver?Apr 24 20:01
schestowitzCensorship makes what we know as 'mainstream media'Apr 24 20:01
amarsh04reminds me of the old Mad Magazine piece on Sesame Street called "reality street" where the show gets shut downApr 24 20:01
amarsh04yes BalrogApr 24 20:02
Balroggreat. Full 3D ...?Apr 24 20:02
Balrogthat 'Windows is not engineered for security' article is still down, right?Apr 24 20:03
amarsh04not full 3d thoughApr 24 20:07
schestowitzYup, Broadband Providers Still Hate Muni Competition < > That's why there's only an illusion (collusion) of competition.Apr 24 20:07
schestowitzBalrog: InfoWorld article still downApr 24 20:07
schestowitzWas up for over 5 yearsApr 24 20:07
Balrogthey probably pulled itApr 24 20:08
schestowitzSome months after I cited it in lots of place BANG it's gineApr 24 20:08
schestowitz*goneApr 24 20:08
schestowitzLet me ask the editor why it vanishedApr 24 20:08
schestowitzI spoke to him before on some occasionsApr 24 20:08
Balroghmm .. ok. He's cooperative with you?Apr 24 20:08
Balrogi.e. not hostile?Apr 24 20:09
schestowitz 24 20:09
schestowitzBalrog: yesApr 24 20:09
Balrogok.Apr 24 20:09
amarsh04that's why Pamela Jones of Groklaw makes archive copies of web pages she usesApr 24 20:09
schestowitzTgere are other examples of dodging articlesApr 24 20:10
schestowitzOnes that damage Microsoft's reputationApr 24 20:10
schestowitzIn IDG.Apr 24 20:10
schestowitzamarsh04: I have that automatedApr 24 20:10
schestowitz"Hi Paul, A couple of months ago I noticed a missing article, which is cite here for example. The InfoWorld article was there until about 2 months ago (site redesign). Can it be restored?"Apr 24 20:12
schestowitzLet's wait for a replyApr 24 20:12
Balrogok.Apr 24 20:14
schestowitzWatch the criminalisation of people who point at URLs rather than the infringers: 24 20:14
Balroghow can pointing at a url be a crime?!?Apr 24 20:14
Balrogit's just like citing a reference in the footnotes of a research paperApr 24 20:15
amarsh04good move, schestowitzApr 24 20:20
EruaranSo they're picking on students who can't afford to fight them in courtApr 24 20:21
Eruaranhow big of the mafiaApr 24 20:21
Balrogyeah that too :(Apr 24 20:22
amarsh04dropping old stuff from web-sites is very "1984"Apr 24 20:22
EruaranJust another reason for when I get my site up, my music will be free to download and will never be the "property" of any of these corporate scumbagsApr 24 20:23
Eruaranindeed very 1984Apr 24 20:23
amarsh04I'd love to be able to convince my old uni to keep an archive of details of past concerts that their music school put onApr 24 20:23
EruaranMinistry of TruthApr 24 20:23
schestowitzI got a response now.Apr 24 20:23
schestowitz"I've had a few of these since the redesign, where articles easily accessible before now can't be found. Most of the time, old articles still are there. I think you're referring to the article linking to "states flat out." I'll see what I can do. "Apr 24 20:24
schestowitzI guess one needs to check if other URLs broke tooApr 24 20:24
amarsh04I had a very interesting read when I went to the state library archive looking at the primary school's music festivals for past years, lots of people involved who went on to become nationally and internationally recognised musiciansApr 24 20:25
amarsh04s/school's/schools'/Apr 24 20:25
amarsh04our national broadcaster has been very good with their web archivesApr 24 20:26
BalrogI see ...Apr 24 20:27
schestowitzOh boy... LinuxToday is trolled again: So much trolling this week (comments)Apr 24 20:29
schestowitzHear, hear. Why Linux Will Crush Windows 7 on Netbooks < >Apr 24 20:31
BalrogEruaran: just be careful so they don't steal itApr 24 20:34
Balroguse some CC licenseApr 24 20:34
EruaranI willApr 24 20:35
BalrogRMS said for artistic stuff CC-Attribution-Non-Commercial is goodApr 24 20:35
EruaranyesApr 24 20:35
schestowitzinfoworld editor: "Do you have the article headline, by any chance?"Apr 24 20:37
schestowitzCan you help me find it?Apr 24 20:37
Balrogweb archiveApr 24 20:38
schestowitzI don't have it stored anywhere, I thinkApr 24 20:38
schestowitzOh yeahApr 24 20:38
Balrogyou have the URL?Apr 24 20:38
schestowitz 24 20:38
schestowitzHe'll restore itApr 24 20:39
schestowitzLess 404s from my end ;-)Apr 24 20:39
Balroggood.Apr 24 20:41
schestowitz"Let me see if we can get this on the new site. This article is several years' old so maybe they just didn't link back that far. But I have another  article from two months' ago that also can't be found. "Apr 24 20:45
schestowitzLooks innocent, unless there's mischief among the maintainers of the site.Apr 24 20:45
schestowitzIf it's a broader issue then I at least help him 'debug' a potentially big problem he wasn't aware ifApr 24 20:45
schestowitz*ofApr 24 20:45
schestowitzWhy it's a good year for GNU/Linux now that Microsoft's profit sank by  a third: 24 20:48
Balrogschestowitz: there were other articles several years old that didn't disappearApr 24 20:50
schestowitzUbuntu gets very good reviews today: 24 20:52
schestowitzBalrog: yes, but what proportion of them?Apr 24 20:52
MinceReven from micro$oft, apparentlyApr 24 20:52
schestowitzANyway, he's concerned by this, so he didn't take it down deliberatelyApr 24 20:52
schestowitzDespite being an MS apologist a lot of the timeApr 24 20:53
*Ap0G33 has quit (" ajax IRC Client")Apr 24 20:53
BalrogI have no idea.Apr 24 20:53
Balrogok.Apr 24 20:53
schestowitzDrupal should consider a  migration to AGPL(v3). Now it's the right time. 24 20:56
schestowitzSame with WordPress. I've tried and they did not dismiss thisApr 24 20:56
schestowitzBut they have not upgraded yet, either.Apr 24 20:56
Balrogthe only thing with AGPL is: would I have to make my themes under AGPL as well?Apr 24 20:57
schestowitzCloud computing is 'security nightmare,' says Cisco CEO < > What might be his motives here? Does that harm router sales?Apr 24 20:58
trmancoGnote is already being translatedApr 24 20:58
schestowitzBalrog: not sure. Haven't thought about it, but I don't think soApr 24 20:58
Balroghmm ok. That would be problematic, so try to get info about thatApr 24 20:59
schestowitzYou can keep your themes/plugins without disclosureApr 24 20:59
Balrogthemes, yesApr 24 20:59
schestowitzThey don't get 'mixed' with the engine/core anywayApr 24 20:59
Balrogplugins ... has been disputedApr 24 20:59
schestowitzplugins are more complexApr 24 20:59
BalrogCiviCRM is a case in pointApr 24 20:59
schestowitzBecause they go deeper and near the codeApr 24 20:59
*trmanco has a peak into Gnote's source codeApr 24 20:59
schestowitzJoomla/Mambo had such issue, the former in particular (disputes/flames)Apr 24 21:00
Balrogthey claim it doesn't make Drupal AGPL; Drupal claims CiviCRM doesApr 24 21:00
schestowitztrmanco: gnote gets lots oif attentionApr 24 21:00
schestowitzIt's wortkingApr 24 21:00
schestowitzI told some journalists about it and they covered itApr 24 21:00
schestowitzSo it's like network effectApr 24 21:00
BalrogCiviCRM gets advice from OSF-related sourcesApr 24 21:00
schestowitzAlan Lord recommends it in the anti-Mono page for Ubuntu 9.04Apr 24 21:00
Balrogurl?Apr 24 21:01
schestowitzgnote is good because it RAISED awareness about the Mono issueApr 24 21:01
schestowitzPeople ask,"but why not Tomboy"Apr 24 21:01
schestowitzThis opens up for a discussion about TomTom and TomBoy and MonoApr 24 21:01
schestowitzBalrog: hold onApr 24 21:01
schestowitz 24 21:01
BalrogI hope Mono is dropped by 9.10 or 10.04 at the latestApr 24 21:02
trmancoI could offer myself to translate this app into my languageApr 24 21:03
Balroggo ahead.Apr 24 21:04
Balrogschestowitz: I posted info on blocking mono in gentooApr 24 21:05
schestowitzI keep seeing people who bring up the Net Applications figures, which are Apple|MS-sponsored. 24 21:06
Balrogjust add 'dev-lang/mono' to /etc/portage/package.maskApr 24 21:06
schestowitzBalrog: excellent.Apr 24 21:06
Balrogthen you'll get a block when trying to install anything that depends on monoApr 24 21:06
schestowitzIt's not just practical but also educationalApr 24 21:06
schestowitzPeople need to be aware of the ISSUESApr 24 21:06
Balrognow we need mononono for fedora / RHEL / centosApr 24 21:06
schestowitzSeeing a page that instructs for removal of mono leads to learning for the users who don't follow Linux news (or n00bs)Apr 24 21:07
schestowitzTom Chase maintains itApr 24 21:07
schestowitzI think he's a GroklawianApr 24 21:07
Balrogyes, but Tom Chase's thing is Debian/Ubuntu only :/Apr 24 21:07
schestowitzYesApr 24 21:07
schestowitzBut the code is thereApr 24 21:07
schestowitzSimple ./configure ; make; make installApr 24 21:08
schestowitzUnless it has distro-secific stuffApr 24 21:08
schestowitzLike blocking certain reposApr 24 21:08
Balrogno, it's distro specificApr 24 21:08
schestowitzI never looked into itApr 24 21:08
schestowitzMandriva doesn't have monoApr 24 21:08
Balrogmost package managers will just overwrite files like that if they're not referenced in the package managerApr 24 21:08
schestowitzThough it was gonna install it when I required cetain packages for file indexing on my HDDApr 24 21:08
Balrog...which packages?Apr 24 21:08
schestowitzI can't recallApr 24 21:09
schestowitzIt's in an IRC log somewhereApr 24 21:09
Balrogok.Apr 24 21:09
schestowitz 24 21:11
MinceRi thought beagle was completely monoized from the startApr 24 21:11
schestowitzSeems like manual migration in IDG: "From what I've been told, we migrated old content from as far back as '03 or '04. The article you referenced was from '02. Maybe over time they will migrate back further. "Apr 24 21:11
MinceRbut we have strigi and trackerApr 24 21:11
MinceR(and who knows what else)Apr 24 21:11
schestowitzThat's the latest from him..Apr 24 21:12
Balrogmigrating to...what?Apr 24 21:12
Balrogahh monoApr 24 21:12
Balrog"Apple Fires 1,600 Full-time Employees" looks stupidApr 24 21:14
Balrogyou don't /fire/ 1600 employees, you lay them offApr 24 21:14
schestowitzhackintosh: 24 21:14
schestowitzBalrog: yes, it's longer to write itApr 24 21:14
Balrogfiring is usually for bad performanceApr 24 21:15
Balrogyes but it gives a bad impressionApr 24 21:15
schestowitzIt sure doesApr 24 21:15
Balrogthere are synonyms to 'lay off'Apr 24 21:15
*Eruaran has quit ("No Ping reply in 90 seconds.")Apr 24 21:15
schestowitzWhen yuou fire employeesApr 24 21:15
schestowitz:-)Apr 24 21:15
schestowitzWhat did Apple expect?Apr 24 21:15
schestowitz;-)Apr 24 21:15
Balrogit's food for the trollsApr 24 21:15
schestowitzNopeApr 24 21:15
Balrogor detractors, maybeApr 24 21:15
schestowitzIt's like being sackedApr 24 21:15
schestowitz"made redundant" is a common phrase hereApr 24 21:16
*Eruaran ( has joined #boycottnovellApr 24 21:16
Balrogretail shops have been losing money in generalApr 24 21:16
Balrognot only in the computer fieldApr 24 21:17
Balrog / technologyApr 24 21:17
schestowitzLookin' good: Palm Pre spotted in the wild, possibly running YouTube < > keyboard, 3d effects.. better than my Palm Tungsten.Apr 24 21:17
schestowitzBalrog: yes, they haveApr 24 21:18
schestowitzLinux hardly has computer shopsApr 24 21:18
schestowitzThere are hardware shops. Linux is fetched from the Web.Apr 24 21:18
Balrogmore people are buying onlineApr 24 21:18
Balrog(hardware)Apr 24 21:18
Balrognot softwareApr 24 21:18
schestowitzSo Linux is not so dependent on hw saleApr 24 21:18
schestowitz*salesApr 24 21:18
schestowitzJust subscriptions for the most partApr 24 21:18
schestowitzIs it possible to get a Pre without a phone?Apr 24 21:19
schestowitzYou know, the one that's a small computer that does not fry the  owner's brain?Apr 24 21:19
BalrogI don't think so.Apr 24 21:19
Balrogthough you probably can put it in airplane modeApr 24 21:20
schestowitzMy Palm has Bluetooth but it's short-range and always disabledApr 24 21:20
schestowitzAirplanes allow cellphones nowApr 24 21:20
schestowitzDepends whereApr 24 21:20
MinceRairplane mode means turning off the phone partApr 24 21:20
MinceR(it's a stupid name)Apr 24 21:20
Balrogyes.Apr 24 21:21
schestowitzHeise is indeed just echoing the FUD from the Vole 24 21:21
BalrogNintendo is cheating people who did software modifications on their Wii. For a repair that would normally cost ~$75, they're charging ~$190 if "software hacks" are detected. <>Apr 24 21:22
schestowitzUbuntu and copyright < >Apr 24 21:23
schestowitz" Another Anonymous Coward  (2009-04-24 03:07)Apr 24 21:24
schestowitzThere should be more control in everything Linux.Apr 24 21:24
schestowitz  Adam Williamson (2009-04-24 05:01)Apr 24 21:24
schestowitzwell, just don't look too closely at the .ttf files Mandriva ships in /contrib. =) "Apr 24 21:24
*mib_wbi3c5 (i=4ccac165@gateway/web/ajax/ has joined #boycottnovellApr 24 21:25
schestowitzWow. Even FOSS hater Beranger likes Ubuntu... 24 21:26
*mib_wbi3c5 has quit (Client Quit)Apr 24 21:27
schestowitzHmmm... weird error in the BN comment section. Something's not working,.Apr 24 21:31
*dsmith_ ( has joined #boycottnovellApr 24 22:20
*mib_myn2jx (i=5ec1a0da@gateway/web/ajax/ has joined #boycottnovellApr 24 22:32
*mib_myn2jx has quit (Client Quit)Apr 24 22:32
*Eruaran has quit ("No Ping reply in 90 seconds.")Apr 24 22:40
*Eruaran ( has joined #boycottnovellApr 24 22:41
*dsmith_ has quit (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))Apr 24 22:44
*trmanco peaks into winehq's website source codeApr 24 22:59
trmancoI can really learn something just passing my eyes through the codeApr 24 23:00
schestowitzThat's the way to learn codingApr 24 23:01
schestowitzSays RMSApr 24 23:01
schestowitzAnd also a thief called billgApr 24 23:01
schestowitzWho stole code from trash canApr 24 23:01
schestowitzAnd claimed it his own :-)Apr 24 23:01
trmancoheheApr 24 23:02
*magentar has quit (Remote closed the connection)Apr 24 23:02
*tessier_ should read more code from other peopleApr 24 23:02
*magentar (n=magentar@ has joined #boycottnovellApr 24 23:05
*magentar has quit (Remote closed the connection)Apr 24 23:05
*trmanco has quit ("ERROR: crap-talking overflow - Aborting")Apr 24 23:15
Balrogschestowitz: patent troll won case, got $19M from appleApr 24 23:28
Balrog 24 23:28
Balrogsued AMD beforeApr 24 23:28
schestowitzI knowApr 24 23:28
BalrogCourt of East TexasApr 24 23:28
schestowitzPatent Hawk screws over many companies too ATMApr 24 23:29
schestowitzI was gonna do a post tomorrowApr 24 23:29
schestowitzYou live in a deregulated countryApr 24 23:29
schestowitzThe corrupt survivesApr 24 23:29
schestowitz[the rest pays bailout ;-) ]Apr 24 23:29
*The_Mad_Hatter (i=d06557d1@gateway/web/ajax/ has joined #boycottnovellApr 24 23:42
The_Mad_HatterArticle bill gates security as a lockin - sounds like what both the British and American governments did following 911, clamp down on security, and to hell with the public.Apr 24 23:44
tessier_The public supported it.Apr 24 23:48
tessier_The public said "to hell with us" and ate up the fear mongering.Apr 24 23:48
schestowitzre: bailout: Will be less funny when house price plunge below half their old value and a lot more people lose their life savingsApr 24 23:52
schestowitztessier: did you protest before/around 2003?Apr 24 23:53
schestowitzIt's hard for most people to escape and ignore the mediaApr 24 23:53
schestowitzThey are taught to have trust installed in them through the mediaApr 24 23:53
tessier_Did I protest what?Apr 24 23:55
tessier_There's so much worthy of protest.Apr 24 23:56
schestowitztessier: you'll enjoy this: 24 23:56

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With Windows This Low (27% of the "OS" Market), Steve Ballmer Would Have Thrown Another Chair
The media produced many puff pieces about Nadella at 10 (as CEO), but what has he done for Windows? Nothing.
[Meme] The Naked President
EPO Suffers From Shrinkage
Attacks on the EPC: Reality and Fiction
EPO leaks
Understanding Cardinal George Pell prosecution, Institutional abuse & Debian cybertorture
Reprinted with permission from Daniel Pocock
Links 01/03/2024: Many More Layoffs, "Funerals" for Software Patents in the US
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Gemini Links 01/03/2024: OFFLFIRSOCH 2024 and Dark Streets Tech Demo
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Links 01/03/2024: Navalny Funeral and Media Under Attack
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Gemini Links 01/03/2024: Making Art and the Concept of Work Management
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Schriftleitergesetz: Hiding the Holocaust with censorship
Reprinted with permission from Daniel Pocock
[Meme] His Lips Moved
Here is your national "news" for today
statCounter: GNU/Linux Exceeded 6% in Asia Last Month (Compared to 4% Just 12 Months Earlier)
numbers may be biased
What the End of Journalism Looks Like
All on the same day
Links 01/03/2024: Microsoft 'Retiring' More Services and Raspberry Pi Celebrates 3rd Birthday (Launched on February 29th, 2012)
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Women's Empowerment
Sponsored by Bill Gates
Gemini Links 01/03/2024: Speed Bumps and Analog Stuff
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[Meme] Those Greedy EPO Examiners
Says the litigation industry, charging 300 euros an hour per attorney
EPO Discriminates Against Families of Its Own Workers, the Union Explains Legal Basis Upon Which It's Likely Illegal and Must be Challenged
To the Council, the EPO boasts about its wealth (seeking to impress by how much breaking the law "pays off")
Over at Tux Machines...
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IRC Proceedings: Thursday, February 29, 2024
IRC logs for Thursday, February 29, 2024
Links 01/03/2024: Misuse of Surveillance Against UK-Based Journalism, EPO Conflict Now in the Media
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Taking a Break From Paid Promotion of the Illegal, Unconstitutional Kangaroo Court for Patents (UPC)
JUVE returns to its 'roots'?