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Microsoft Dumping in Healthcare; Michigan, California, New York, and Jordan Also Targeted

No dumping

Summary: Microsoft is seeding its software and prepares people for the use of Microsoft tools alone

MICROSOFT is in a fragile state, so it wants to ensure that American states become even more dependent on Microsoft. The monopolist is trying to suck up all of the nation's medical data (previously discussed in [1, 2]), and that of other countries too. Microsoft even hired lobbyists to achieve that. But another strategic area is one that revolves around indoctrinating people so that they only use Microsoft software. Microsoft even describes this indoctrination process as though it is charity. We previously showed how Microsoft did this in Georgia [1, 2] and now we find this in the news.

Microsoft Elevate America, a public-private partnership providing free technology training to Georgia’s displaced workers, has distributed more than 16,000 computer training vouchers and more are available to those seeking updated computer skills.

These are not computer skills; they are Microsoft skills and they are designed to extend Microsoft's range of influence. Microsoft does the same thing to Californians [1, 2] after a deal which was signed at the beginning of the month and it continues to be covered. It is the same in Michigan [1, 2, 3] where Microsoft indoctrination is offered as a job precursor [1, 2]. We call this "American EDGI" because it is similar to EDGI. Here is another victim of this programme.

Microsoft does offer the certification for a fee, but California is one of 13 states currently offering free vouchers. WIB has received 4,173 vouchers for Tulare County residents.

New York too is falling prey to it now.

As part of its "Elevate America" program, Microsoft is coming to New York State to offer thousands of New Yorkers free computer training.

It's not "computer training", it's Microsoft training and it helps Microsoft become stronger. Politicians fail to see it and people do not assess the cost of lock-in. New York is making a mistake as it would be better off teaching people how to use Free software and teach their peers the same skills.

To Microsoft, all the above is simply an investment. It's not a donation. First they get people dependent on their products and later they start 'punishing' them to force them to pay whatever money they have. The irony is that we see Microsoft shedding crocodile tears [1, 2, 3] while it is raiding and suing those very same people at a later date. Here is the news from Dubai.

Microsoft Gulf has announced that Dubai-based computer reseller Storm Computers has agreed to an out-of-court civil settlement, following a raid on the store a few months earlier.

For those who do not know, Microsoft indoctrinates children in Dubai and tries to characterise this as a donation. Bill Gates has been personally involved in these deals as he is the expert when it comes to portraying business as "philanthropy". The above shows that it's merely a harmful investment that puts people in prison or empties their pockets. Those same people whom Microsoft pretends to help it is only going to criminalise; as this new post shows, Microsoft lies by using the word "stealing", which the author of the "Microsoft Windows" blog simply does not understand (or was brainwashed to repeat senselessly). When Microsoft gives Microsoft software to children, then in many cases it merely turns those children into future infringers whom it can then extort (as it so often does).

Lastly, as usual, Microsoft in Jordan continues to embrace those children, who will later depend on counterfeited software in the country (as it's commonplace). Microsoft brought the Live@Edu scam to local students. The monopolist from another country is dumping on them so as to get them addicted and later subjugated or convicted (for counterfeiting). It is all rather simple to see and it takes great levels of denial not to see it.

“They’ll get sort of addicted, and then we’ll somehow figure out how to collect sometime in the next decade.”

--Bill Gates

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