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The Linux Foundation is Deep in the 'Surveillance Capitalism' Industry Now

The Linux Foundation's (LF) Chief Marketing Officer (CMO) was the Director of Public Affairs for James Clapper

James Clapper

Summary: The Linux Foundation, with deep connections to the spying industry (high-level staff), is very proudly in the "data monetization" business now. It's not even hiding it.

MR. Jim Zemlin and his group, which is mostly proprietary software companies and monopolies, gathered yesterday in Europe, under the banner of "Open Source" (it had nothing to do with it). The resultant press coverage focused on KernelCI joining the Linux Foundation; a lot less attention has been paid to Alvarium, a surveillance-oriented push. Yesterday in France these people basically announced that the Linux Foundation enters the "data monetization" business as an openwashing partner...

"Their openwashing of this malicious practice, which is often illegal and thus kept undercover (e.g. Cambridge Analytica scandal), is an extension of "surveillance capitalism"..."How very "Linux"-like...

"Data monetization" (surveillance). Their openwashing of this malicious practice, which is often illegal and thus kept undercover (e.g. Cambridge Analytica scandal), is an extension of "surveillance capitalism"...

From the official site's front page we learn that this "will help scale data sharing and monetization..."

Alvarium, as far as we can see, has not even shared any code yet. When it does, we're pretty sure Zemlin and his friends will give EVERYTHING to Microsoft at GitHub, which is proprietary software (that's what the Foundation always does) and the licence will not be GPL/copyleft (they have not used that for many years).

"Alvarium, as far as we can see, has not even shared any code yet."One reader wrote to us to say last night: "Upon realizing the LF was not what I had thought, when LF took Microsoft money, I revoked my participation. Even I had no idea about the extent of the LF farce just a few years ago.

"In 2015, I saw it, when the LF had an event in Seattle - I felt something was very off. Mini cupcakes and all business... not a single community project was represented that I could see. In 2016, at SCALE, I noticed oddities in speaking and sponsorship -- with LF hands in the mix -- it seemed. In 2017, I realized things were quite amiss."

That's an understatement. Nowadays they actively work against everything GNU/Linux stands for. Look at their list of clients; as we stated above, they're mostly proprietary software companies and monopolies with lots of software patents.

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