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Links 26/07/2022: Istio Released, Fedora (IBM) Against CC ‘No Rights Reserved’

  • GNU/Linux

    • Desktop/Laptop

      • PC PerspectiveAdding Linux To A Windows Laptop - PC Perspective

        We are starting to see a few companies such as Dell return to offering laptops which are running Linux, instead of Windows. There are also some Windows laptops which are advertised as being approved for use with Linux, if you wanted to switch after the fact. However, most Windows laptops can be convinced to boot to Linux if you are willing to put in the work. The Register describes the steps on doing this, in their case they are leaving the Windows install active so they can dual boot; perfect if you want to dip your toes into Linux without leaving Windows, or if you want a multipurpose laptop.

        The first step should be to ensure Linux can actually see the hard drive, as there are now a number of common features which will prevent that, all of which can be solved by booting the laptop into Windows. The main worries are ensuring BitLocker is disabled, moving off of Intel’s Rapid Storage Technology, disabling Windows’ Fast Boot and making sure that your disk is set to run in AHCI, not RAID, as all of these will prevent Linux from even seeing your hard drive. Although Windows likes to get upset when you change some of these settings, the article contains simple command line tools that will smarten it up. Once your Linux boot disk can see the drive you are ready to get going.

    • Server

      • Red Hat OfficialVirtio-net failover: An introduction [Ed: Red Hat explains virtio-net...]

        Virtio-net failover is a virtualization technology that allows a virtual machine (VM) to switch from a Virtual Function I/O (VFIO) device to a virtio-net device when the VM needs to be migrated from a host to another.

        On one hand, the Single Root I/O Virtualization (SR-IOV) technology allows a device like a networking card to be split into several devices (the Virtual Functions) and with the help of the VFIO technology, the kernel of the VM can directly drive these devices. This is interesting in terms of performance, because it can reach the same level as a bare metal system. In this case, the cost of the performance is that a VFIO device cannot be migrated.

      • Istio / Announcing Istio 1.13.6

        This release contains bug fixes to improve robustness. This release note describes what’s different between Istio 1.13.5 and 1.13.6.

        FYI, Go 1.18.4 has been released, which includes 9 security fixes. We recommend you to upgrade to this newer Go version if you are using Go locally.

      • Istio / Announcing Istio 1.14.2

        This release contains bug fixes to improve robustness and some additional support. This release note describes what’s different between Istio 1.14.1 and Istio 1.14.2.

        FYI, Go 1.18.4 has been released, which includes 9 security fixes. We recommend you to upgrade to this newer Go version if you are using Go locally.

    • Audiocasts/Shows

      • Tux Digital288: 17 Cool & Fun Linux Commands - Destination Linux - TuxDigital

        This week’s episode of Destination Linux, we’re going to be having some fun in the terminal with some cool, bizarre, fun, and just plain amusing terminal commands. Then we will be discussing Linux Mint’s latest beta release. Plus, we have our tips/tricks and software picks. All this and more coming up right now on Destination Linux to keep those penguins marching!

      • Going Linux #427 €· Welcome to Linux! Pt 3

        We continue our introduction to Linux series with what you need to get started. From making bootable media through trying the live environment, installing and getting new software applications.

      • Late Night Linux – Episode 187

        Graham played with a Steam Deck, Will switched to Firefox, Félim cleaned up his home directory, and Joe obsessed over battery health. Plus Copilot follow-up, and more.

    • Kernel Space

      • About Kernel Symbol Table, Compilation, and more - Maíra Canal

        This week I was planning on talking about Device Mocking with KUnit, as I’m currently working on my first unit test for a physical device, the AMDGPU Radeon RX5700. I would introduce you to the Kernel Unit Testing Framework (KUnit), how it works, how to mock devices with it, and why it is so great to write tests.

        But, my week was pretty more interesting due to a limitation on the KUnit Framework. This got me thinking about the Kernel Symbol Table and compilation for a while. So, I decided to write about it this week.

    • Instructionals/Technical

      • How to solved wxgtk error when upgrade on Archcraft Linux?

        When Typing update and upgrade commands, I got an error that there are some package conflicts if upgrading, and this error is from wxgtk. The system is say : remove wxgtk-common can breaks dependency wxgtk-common.

      • Linux HintHow To Enable Versioning on the S3 Bucket Using Terraform

        Infrastructure as Code or IaC is a new approach in which coding is used to set up an infrastructure. This means instead of manually setting up VMs, networks, and other components of a network, we write code that describes the infrastructure and simply run that code to get the desired state. Terraform has emerged as an outstanding tool that uses the IaC approach.

        Like many other tasks, Terraform can be used to create and manage an AWS S3 bucket. Versioning means keeping several versions, or you may simply call them variants of a file. Versioning in AWS S3 can be used to maintain and restore different variants of the object stored inside it. This has many benefits. For example, we can restore accidentally deleted items.

      • Linux Shell TipsHow to Check a File’s Age and Modification Time in Linux

        It is impossible to avoid file creation and modification of OS routines under Linux file management. Every time a user logs into a Linux operating system environment, it is almost a surety or guarantee that we are going to create, modify, or create and modify several files.

        Linux makes it possible to find the age and modification time associated with a targeted file. So how does finding a file’s age and modification time help us? Well, for users who want to be thorough with every file footprint associated with their Linux operating system, this article guide is for you.

        Also, for users that are interested in career paths related to system auditing, determining the age and modification time associated with an existing file is a priceless skill.

      • Linux CapableHow to Install MySQL 8.0 on Ubuntu 22.04 LTS

        MySQL is a free, open-source database management system based on SQL or Structured Query Language. It is one of the most widely used database systems for several well-known applications. MySQL is used for data warehousing, e-commerce, and logging applications, and its most famous feature is web-based database storage and management.

        While MySQL has many capabilities, its most common use is to store data for websites. This data can be in the form of user account information, product catalogs, or anything else that needs to be stored in a database. MySQL is a powerful tool that helps to keep track of this data and make it accessible to website visitors. In addition, MySQL makes it easy to retrieve data from the database and present it in a way that is easy to understand. For these reasons, MySQL is an essential tool for any website that needs to store and manage data.

      • UNIX CopHow to Install novelWriter on Ubuntu 20.04 | 22.04 LTS

        In this article, we will show you how to install novelWriter on Ubuntu systems

        novelWriter is an open source plain text editor designed for writing novels assembled from many smaller text documents. It uses a minimal formatting syntax inspired by Markdown, and adds a meta data syntax for comments, synopsis, and cross-referencing. It is designed to be a simple text editor that allows for easy organisation of text and notes, using human readable text files as storage for robustness.

        A markdown-like text editor designed for writing novels and larger projects of many smaller plain text documents.

        It is designed to be a simple text editor that allows for easy organisation of text files and notes, with a meta data syntax for comments, synopsis, and cross-referencing between files, and built on plain text files for robustness.

      • UNIX CopHow to Install DeSmuME on Ubuntu 20.04 | 22.04 LTS

        In this guide, we will show you how to install DeSmuME on Ubuntu systems.

        DeSmuME is a great Nintendo DS emulator.

      • Linux Made SimpleHow to install FireAlpaca on a Chromebook in 2022 - Updated Tutorial

        Today we are looking at how to install FireAlpaca on a Chromebook. Please follow the video/audio guide as a tutorial where we explain the process step by step and use the commands below.

        If you have any questions, please contact us via a YouTube comment and we would be happy to assist you!

      • LinuxSecurityPractical Guide to Using End-to-end Encryption (E2EE) on Linux

        End-to-end encryption is an increasingly popular method that online services are using to ensure their users’ security. End-to-end encryption, also known as E2EE, encodes messages sent from one user to another in a way that ensures that only the sender and recipient can decode the message.

      • Labeling a Linux Kernel RPM | Adam Young's Web Log

        Last week, I was working with another developer to build some customer Kernels that were testing different options. One thing his team wanted to test was what would happen if we switched the HZ (scheduler) value from 100 to 1000. Building a Kernel with this option is fairly trivial: we use make menuconfig to set the value we wanted and rebuilt. However, since the testing was going to need to compare to a baseline, we wanted to clearly label our Kernels. To do so, we modified the toplevel makefile.

      • UNIX CopHow to Install Qmmp on Ubuntu 20.04 | 22.04 LTS

        In this article, we will show you how to install Qmmp in Ubuntu systems.

        qmmp (for Qt-based MultiMedia Player) is a free and open-source cross-platform audio player that is similar to Winamp. It is written in C++ using the Qt widget toolkit for the user interface.

        It officially supports the operating systems Linux, FreeBSD and Microsoft Windows. In most popular Linux distributions, it is available through the standard package repositories. It is the only audio player not featuring a database that uses the Qt library.

      • ID RootHow To Install Desktop Dimmer on Ubuntu 22.04 LTS

        In this tutorial, we will show you how to install Desktop Dimmer on Ubuntu 22.04 LTS. For those of you who didn’t know, Desktop Dimmer is a freely available and open-source application that can control the brightness of your desktop screen including primary and secondary brightness. To ensure eye safety, it includes color temperature control that can easily be set based on your choice.

        This article assumes you have at least basic knowledge of Linux, know how to use the shell, and most importantly, you host your site on your own VPS. The installation is quite simple and assumes you are running in the root account, if not you may need to add ‘sudo‘ to the commands to get root privileges. I will show you the step-by-step installation of the Desktop Dimmer on Ubuntu 22.04 (Jammy Jellyfish). You can follow the same instructions for Ubuntu 22.04 and any other Debian-based distribution like Linux Mint, Elementary OS, Pop!_OS, and more as well.

      • UNIX CopHow to Install DeaDBeeF Player on Ubuntu 20.04 | 22.04 LTS

        In this article, we will illustrate how to install DeaDBeef player on Ubuntu systems

        DeaDBeeF (as in 0xDEADBEEF) is a modular cross-platform audio player which runs on GNU/Linux distributions, macOS, Windows, *BSD, OpenSolaris, and other UNIX-like systems.

        DeaDBeeF plays a variety of audio formats, converts between them, lets you customize the UI in almost any way you want, and use many additional plugins which can extend it even more.

    • Games

    • Desktop Environments/WMs

      • ZDNetThe best tiling window managers for Linux, and what they can do for you | ZDNet

        Use Linux long enough, and you'll discover one of the many reasons why the open source operating system has become so beloved across the world. Choice. With Linux, you can either just go with the defaults that ship with your distribution, or you can install more options to give you a variety of choices. This goes for nearly every user-facing piece of software, from web browsers, email clients, file managers, image editors, and even desktop interfaces.

        That's right, if you don't like GNOME, move to KDE, Cinnamon, Mate, Pantheon, Budgie, Xfce, Enlightenment, Fluxbox, or any number of desktop environments or window managers.

      • GNOME Desktop/GTK

        • DEV CommunityGSoC mid term report for Health

          It's been a while since I last updated my progress. I've made significant progress after the last update.

          I started creating the User model in the last update. By now, I have migrated the whole User model to the Database from the GSettings and refactored the codebase accordingly.

  • Distributions and Operating Systems

    • Fedora Family / IBM

      • The Register UKFedora sours on CC 'No Rights Reserved' license ● The Register

        Fedora, the popular Linux distribution, will no longer incorporate software licensed under CC0, the Creative Commons "No Rights Reserved" license.

        In order to support the wide re-use of copyrighted content in new works, CC0 provides authors "a way to waive all their copyright and related rights in their works to the fullest extent allowed by law." The license arose in response to the 1998 Sonny Bono Copyright Term Extension Act (CTEA), which extended the duration of copyright by 20 years at the expense of the public domain.

        But CC0 explicitly says the licensor does not waive patent rights, which for free and open source software (FOSS) is a potential problem. That means, for instance as described here, if you use CC0-licensed code in your project, and the author of that code later claims your project is infringing a patent they own regarding that code, your defense will be limited.

        Avoiding the use of CC0-licensed code is one way to steer clear of these so-called submarine patents that could years later torpedo you.

    • Debian Family

      • Daniel PocockWelcoming women in free and open source software tech events

        Many free and open source software organizations make big statements about their commitment to freedom and empowerment. Personally, I feel those commitments are meaningless if they don't include women.

        Before the pandemic, I supported a number of events in the Balkan countries, including Kosovo, the host of the recent DebConf22. The events before the pandemic were all incredibly successful.

        Why did none of these people come to DebConf?

    • Canonical/Ubuntu Family

    • Open Hardware/Modding [The past and future of open hardware, Purism, and Arduino]

      • Drew DeVaultThe past and future of open hardware

        They say a sucker is born every day, and at least on the day of my birth, that certainly may have been true. I have a bad habit of spending money on open hardware projects that ultimately become vaporware or seriously under-deliver on their expectations. In my ledger are EOMA68, DragonBox Pyra, the Jolla Tablet — which always had significant non-free components — and the Mudita Pure, though I did successfully receive a refund for the latter two.1

        There are some success stories, though. My Pine64 devices work great — though they have non-free components — and I have a HiFive Unmatched that I’m reasonably pleased with. Raspberry Pi is going well, if you can find one — also with non-free components — and Arduino and products like it are serving their niche pretty well. I hear the MNT Reform went well, though by then I had learned to be a bit more hesitant to open my wallet for open hardware, so I don’t have one myself. Pebble worked, until it didn’t. Caveats abound in all of these projects.

        What does open hardware need to succeed, and why have many projects failed? And why do the successful products often have non-free components and poor stock? We can’t blame it all on the chip shortage and/or COVID: it’s been an issue for a long time.

      • PurismThe Ball and Supply Chain Part 2

        Nearly every person on earth has experienced some impact from the supply chain in the past two years. As we wrote in part 1 in April of 2021 “Prices will increase for consumer goods” and time has proven that accurate. We also declared the problem: “Parts, price, and lead-time” along with the solution: “Pay, price, and persevere.”

      • ArduinoA DIY thermally actuated deformable mirror

        In typical applications, the optimal mirror is as flat as possible. The flatter the mirror, the less optical distortion it imparts onto the reflected “image.” Distortion isn’t often desirable, so precision mirror manufacturers take great pains to manufacture ultra-flat mirrors. But distortion is sometimes a good thing, such as when you want to focus reflected light. In some cases, one might even want to adjust mirror distortion. To experiment with that idea, YouTuber Breaking Taps built a thermally actuated deformable mirror controlled by an Arduino.

        Breaking Taps has something of an obsession with microscopes and, in turn, optics. That led him to the research that inspired this project. That research described a mirror that deforms based on thermal actuation, as opposed to some kind of MEMS (micro-electromechanical system) actuation. The use case for such a deformable mirror is in astronomy. A precisely controlled deformable mirror lets a telescope compensate for atmospheric optical distortions. Those distortions can change based on atmospheric conditions, which is why on-demand deformation has a use.

  • Free, Libre, and Open Source Software

    • SaaS/Back End/Databases

      • Postgres is most transformative open source technology since Linux: EnterpriseDB

        Enterprise DB helps organizations get the most out of PostgreSQL. Nearly 1,500 customers worldwide have chosen EDB software, services, and support. Their offices worldwide enable deploying their global expertise locally, and support customers more efficiently.

        Scott Horn, CMO, EnterpriseDB, tells us more. Excerpts from an interview:

    • Programming/Development [Commits, Go, and criticism of developers]

      • Matt RickardCommit Messages Don’t Matter

        The process of writing "good" commit messages is sacrosanct to some developers. A quick search will pop up dozens of articles on "How to Write Good Commit Messages." Proper style? Formatting. Imperative voice. Capitalization. Hard wraps.

      • An Introduction to Go Scheduler |

        In Go and Golang programming, a scheduler is responsible for distributing jobs in a multiprocessing environment. When the available resources are limited, it is the task of the scheduler to manage the work that needs to be done in the most efficient way. In Go, the scheduler is responsible for scheduling goroutines, which is particularly useful in concurrency. Goroutines are like OS threads, but they are much lighter weight. However, goroutines always take the help of the underlying OS thread model and the scheduler it works on is at a much higher level than the OS scheduler. This Go programming tutorial provides a quick look at the concepts behind the Go scheduler.

      • Four workers arrive at a construction site ...

        Four workers arrive at a construction site to help. They each take a shovel and are eager to start shoveling. But what is that? They notice some dents and some dried cement on the shovels. So what now?


        Meanwhile the last worker is busy waving around the shovel and complaining to everyone about the broken tools they have to use. This worker constantly demands a new shovel even though another worker made it clear that there would be no newer shovels any time soon and that nothing could change that. At the end of the day the efficiency of this approach lies at -160%. Not only was no work done by this worker because of all the waving and complaining. Furthermore, the constant complaining kept several other people busy who would have been able to do some work otherwise.

        Dear contributors, please don't be Worker 4.

      • Andre FrancaWhat is Wrong with the Linux Community

        It’s pretty simple: if you’re not satisfied, switch to something you like, or even create something and share it with the community.

      • Perl / Raku

      • Python

      • R

        • Linux HintHow to Perform Intersect() Operations in R

          There is a requirement to return only the common values from R data structures like vector, list, and dataframe. In this article, we will discuss how to perform the intersect() operations in vector, list and dataframe.

        • Linux HintRemove NA in R

          “When a production sensor fails, you’ll only be able to collect accurate measurements on four of the assembly line’s six measurement points. However, one of the quality sheet’s marks is illegible. You may be without samples for a whole shift. Therefore, this may influence your statistical computations. Missing data is not handled gracefully by several processes. In this article, we’ll look at a few different techniques to get rid of NA values in R. This permits you to restrict your computations to R data frame rows that meet a specific level of completion.

        • Linux HintR – Reorder the Columns in the Data Frame

          Consider a requirement that you need to reorder the columns in an R data frame. How can you do that? Go through this article to get the solution for the given requirement.

        • Linux HintR – Extract Columns From Data Frame

          One day, Person X asked Person Y, “How do you get the values present in the data frame column in R language?” So, Person Y answered, “There are many ways to extract columns from the data frame.” So, he requested Person X to check this tutorial.

          There are many ways to extract columns from the data frame. In this article, we will discuss two scenarios with their corresponding methods.

        • Linux HintScatterplot in R

          “Visual representations of data include graphs and charts. Your goal as a data scientist is to make perfect sense of vast amounts of information. Three procedures are involved in data analysis. Obtaining Data, cleaning, and altering the data is an important part of the process. To further evaluate the data, construct a visual display from it. Data visualizations with the plot are tremendous tools for making complicated analysis easier to understand. But first, let’s go through some fundamental plotting principles like scatter plots. A scatterplot is a diagram that presents the levels of two numerical variables in a set of data as geometrical points within a Cartesian diagram.”

  • Leftovers

    • Science

      • no trust in black box ai

        I'm a software guy, and have been a while. I've had the pleasure of witnessing or studying many a software failure, and even causing a few. Comes with part of the job. When a software system fails, we open it up, take a look at how it works, make a patch, then close 'er up and release a new version. Done, more or less, usually. This is possible because the "how it works" part - the computer program - is generally available for inspection and modification. This is especially true in the free/open-source part of the industry, where all the program source code is available to end-users.

        Enter the brave new world of neural-network or "machine learning" based AI - the new hotness in the last decade or so. All of the above goes out the window. There is nothing to open, because all there is is an array of numbers, millions and billions of them. There is no finding out how it works. All the developers know, roughly, is that after tremendous amounts of automated computation, the neural nets generally produce expected outputs for most inputs they tested. That means that if something goes wrong, there is usually no practical engineering fix, other than running a new batch of automated computation, hoping the new network learns by itself how to avoid the problematic case.

        The result is something that looks like it works, but we don't really know how & why. What could go wrong?

        Tesla autopilots are based on computer vision, which uses a bunch of neural networks that consume video data from several cameras around the car. Some researchers successfully fooled the neural nets to misinterpret speed limit signs by putting little stickers on real signs. We know there have been a bunch of autopilot crashes where the software was just not good enough, where road markings were weird or construction equipment confused the thing. Hey, don't worry, a later version probably corrects some of those problems, maybe!

    • Health/Nutrition/Agriculture

      • Ruben SchadeRubenerd: (Initial) Vitamin D

        My vitamin D wasn’t low during my last few blood tests, as much as it didn’t register. I was warned that it could lead to all sorts of health problems later in life, and could even get me into trouble if I caught something serious like Covid.

    • Pseudo-Open Source

    • Security

      • UNIX CopGhost CMS: The Security Features that you Need to Know About

        Well, the popularity of blogging websites has increased multifold times. With this, the Ghost CMS has currently become one of the most popular open source blogging platforms around.

        Ghost is a free and open-source blogging platform. It is written in JavaScript and MIT License distributes it. Ghost is designed to ease the process of publishing content online for both individual bloggers and online publications.

        It is simple, yet powerful, and provides everything you need to create a beautiful website or blog. One of the things that set Ghost apart from other CMS options is its focus on security. In this post, we’ll take a look at some of the key security features of Ghost and how they can benefit your website or blog.

    • Environment

      • Michael West MediaAlbanese returns from his honeymoon, bumps into Adam Bandt - Michael West

        Prime Minister Anthony Albanese says he is open to “sensible” changes to the government’s climate reform, but will not buckle under pressure from the Greens to increase the 43% emissions reduction target. Michael West on Albo’s first two months in office and the looming climate clash.

    • Finance

      • 26 top billionaires paid an average income tax rate of just 4.8% [Ed: And Pro Publica took bribes from one of them, Bill Gates, so it won't name his crimes (even worse than his tax evasion)]

        The 26 billionaires’ collective wealth grew by $500 billion between 2013 and 2018 while their total federal income taxes were just $24 billion. The taxes paid were not based on wealth growth, which under current law is not taxed, but rather on “taxable income”: wages, private business earnings, dividends, interest, profits from the sale of stocks and other investments, and other sources. As is usual among the ultra-wealthy, that taxable income—in this case, $132.2 billion—is far smaller than their leap in fortunes.

  • Gemini* and Gopher

    • Personal

      • Week 1: All over the place

        I’ve been learning a lot of random things recently. The other week, I signed up for an electronics course on Ohmify and bought a bunch of components and tools so that I could follow along. I’m having a lot of fun trying out the different activities on that website. I just started so I’ve only made simple circuits, so I have a lot of learning to do! I also need to get a drawer for all these components that I got online because it’s a bit of a mess right now.

    • Technical

      • In The Case Of Alternative frontends

        Alternative frontends refers to websites/services such as Newpipe or Invidious for YouTube.


        If something exists, there must be a reason behind it, even if it does not make any sense. With alternative frontends, the most "normie" response would be to be able to access contents from those centralised sites indirectly, such as, when the access of is denied in a place, the person can self host (or sometimes just use a new/unpopular instance) Invidious, and with that way they can access contents within YouTube without using a proxy/VPN/custom DNS.

        The other reason is to view content that requires an account. Sonetimes the content owner/website does not want you to see contents without an account/verification, which often times does anything but annoyance. Using such software allow users to view such contents without the need of an account/verification.

      • Re: Programming Languages

        He goes on to list a few C "competitors" and asks if there are any more. He mentioned most of what I would have, although I would point out that (as much as I love it) Rust has terrible compile times. I can only speak to languages that I have some experience with, so I'll share one modern and one old that are worth considering.


        This is a nostalgia inspired bonus. My first computer, like a lot of kids growing up in the 80's, was a Tandy TRS-80. It was primitive, ugly, and gave me a headache if I stared at the screen for too long. That said, I had a lot of fun abusing GOTO in order to write choose your own adventure style games in Basic.

        FreeBasic is surprising. Like Nim, it transpiles to C and then from there compiles to native code. And yes, you can actually write usable programs this way - the compiler itself is written in FreeBasic. While I'm offering this as a bit of a tongue in cheek answer, it's still pretty cool.

      • Science

        • New Atlas165-mile Project Skyway to become the world's longest highway for drones

          A stretch of airspace spanning 165 miles (265 km) across England is set to become the world's longest dedicated drone corridor, with the UK government approving plans for the initiative as part of a wider push into next-generation aviation. Called Skyway, the drone superhighway will connect towns and cities, and will initially be used to survey infrastructure such as roads and ports.

          The Skyway project will be centered on the town of Reading, and will connect with other towns and cities in the area, including Oxford, Cambridge and Milton Keynes. UK company Altitude Angel is leading the initiative, with the proposal officially approved by UK Business Secretary Kwasi Kwarteng at the Farnborough International Airshow on Monday.

      • Programming

        • Failures Compiling Profanity from Source

          After installing regolith2 desktop (Ubuntu 22.04) on my System76 laptop I have been tryinging to install Profanity 0.12.x (xmpp client) from source but "make" was always failing.

          When the compiling failed, I tried installing from the os repo (version 0.11.1) but when I tried connecting to the server it would fail.

          When compiling the latest (v0.12.1) from source, I was very careful to make sure all of the dependencies were installed but I still got errors when running make.

* Gemini (Primer) links can be opened using Gemini software. It's like the World Wide Web but a lot lighter.

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US Surgeon General's Advice on Social Control Media (and "Smart" Phones) Seems Reasonable
People forget what the real world is about
Quiet at Planet Debian has not had any updates since 5 days ago
Belarus: Bing Fell From 1.1% to 0.6% Since Microsoft Started the LLM Hype (Yandex is 50 Times Bigger Than Bing)
Now enter Belarus
Morale at Microsoft Sinks to New Lows
The annual 'Employee Signals' survey showed a drop from 69% to 62% in positive responses
Microsoft Windows is Being Abandoned in the UK, Relative to Other Platforms (New All-Time Lows)
Windows at new lows
Links 18/06/2024: More Executives Leave Microsoft, Attacks on the Press in Russia and 'Exile'
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[Meme] Always Livecasting
Wait Till Systemd-Recall
Australia: Bing Lost Market Share Since the LLM Hype ("Bing Chat")
Google rose, Bing went down
Gemini Links 18/06/2024: Unconscious Consumption and Firewall Autoban
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[Meme] Canonical Has Basically Become Novell II
Today's Canonical...
While Everyone is Furious at Vista 11 (Over TPM, Recall and Other Malicious 'Features') Canonical is Selling It to People
So the only thing Canonical says about Windows is that you should give it a try?
Links 18/06/2024: Adobe and Internet Archive in Trouble
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Peter Duffy Explains SystemD
Ein Volk, Ein Reich, Ein Führer!
[Meme] The Doyen and the Colonel
EPO continues to prioritise lawbreaking over knowledge
EPO Union Action: Next Week SUEPO The Hague and SUEPO Munich Talk About New Pension Scheme (NPS) and Salary Savings Plan (SSP)
So there are basically 32 days left for more people to intervene
[Meme] Wait Till Systemd-Recall
The only thing Linux still needs is a forensics backdoor
GNU/Linux Up This Month in India (or Why Famous Criminal Bill Gates Keeps Visiting Modi)
truth tends to catch up with people
Microsoft Poetterix is Work in Progress
Linux's New DRM Panic 'Blue Screen of Death' In Action
24/7 Work Discipline
it's not so much about how much (or how long) one works, it's about how one works and whether one feels comfortable doing it
Adamant Conformism is an Enemy of Science
"The reasonable man adapts himself to the world; the unreasonable one persists in trying to adapt the world to himself. Therefore, all progress depends on the unreasonable man"
Over at Tux Machines...
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IRC Proceedings: Monday, June 17, 2024
IRC logs for Monday, June 17, 2024
Links 18/06/2024: Further Mass Layoffs and Gemini Leftovers
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At IBM, "Brownnosing is the Norm."
Many of these comments are from IBM insiders
Myanmar/Burma: Google Gains One Percent, Microsoft Loses One Percent Since the LLM Hype ('Bing Chat')
it's not hard to understand LLMs didn't replace real search and didn't replace Google, either
[Meme] KISS, not SAAS
Gemini Protocol turns 5 in exactly 2 days
Hostageware: The Threat of Clown Computing (or 'SaaS', Another Misnomer or Buzzword) to Computer Users Everywhere
This problem isn't limited to Free software adopters