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'Splinter Group' SFC (Already Sued by Moglen/SFLC) is Not Really Against Microsoft GitHub, It Helps IBM/Red Hat Outsource GNU to GitHub Using the Same Excuses Microsoft Used When Lobbying for to Move to Proprietary GitHub

The coup did not end

Mark J. Wielaard hijacking

Mark J. Wielaard and SFC

Summary: After changing copyright assignment (for IBM et al to control GCC at the community's expense) Mark J. Wielaard, who repeatedly tried to oust the FSF's founder from the FSF (and GNU), is turning to the SFC, a greedy corporation that censors IBM critics while it also tries to undermine the FSF (Moglen/SFLC already sued the SFC)

2 years ago: Warning: Microsoft Tim and Microsoft's New Mole Inside 'Linux' Foundation Board (a Paid-For Seat) Liaise to Outsource Linux Development to Microsoft's Proprietary Software Trap


"Shoting match" follows:

This is the latest:

Hi Zoë,

On Fri, Sep 16, 2022 at 04:57:36PM -0400, Zoë Kooyman via Overseers wrote: > We are aware that several presentations will be given at > Cauldron this weekend proposing new ways to support the Sourceware > project and the GNU Toolchain packages hosted there. > > The FSF has been a fiscal sponsor to the GNU Toolchain for several > years (and continues to be), and has been grateful to have > Sourceware providing development infrastructure using free > software. Unfortunately, we won't have staff present at Cauldron, > but we are keeping up with the development of the various proposals > and talking with people involved, as well as seeing how we might be > able to offer support to help make good things happen. > > We want Sourceware and the GNU packages it hosts to have stable > homes and strong futures in freedom. We expect the conversations in > the next few days to be open and transparent and involving the > community, and look forward to discussing the best way(s) forward in > the coming weeks.

Thanks. I am really happy you are actively involved. I also want to thank Bradley and Karen from the SFC for calling into the discussion. But the discussion at Cauldron seemed really chaotic, I have trouble trying to summarize it. I posted my original discussion notes and first impressions here:

We agreed to continue the discussion on this mailinglist. Hopefully that will be a little more productive and structured.



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