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IRC: #boycottnovell @ FreeNode: December 12th, 2008 – Part 2

Posted in IRC Logs at 7:13 am by Dr. Roy Schestowitz


Enter the IRC channel now

schestowitz The MSBBC also shows an image/video of “virus” that makes people think it’s an animal or something. What a disgrace their tech coverage is. Everyone thinks so. Dec 12 21:28
SubsonicB And they want to turn internet into the next TV: (just see what happened with the wikipedia censorship) Dec 12 21:33
schestowitz I was just reading about it in the MSBBC. Dec 12 21:33
SubsonicB what makes me wonder Dec 12 21:33
schestowitz “Telstra, Australia’s largest ISP, has said it will not join trials of the filters and others say they will only back a scaled-down system.” http://news.bbc.co.uk/1/hi/techno… Dec 12 21:33
schestowitz Telstra is now a buddy of Microsoft, but.. Dec 12 21:33
SubsonicB if it wasnt a site as well known as the wikipedia would this have been so well known? Dec 12 21:34
schestowitz Probably not. Dec 12 21:34
schestowitz Some are already ‘filtered’ Dec 12 21:34
SubsonicB How many more “transparent proxies” are they testing in order to impose censorship over the net Dec 12 21:34
SubsonicB that we dont even know Dec 12 21:34
schestowitz filtered -> censored -> ‘managed’ -> protected ->  not approved Dec 12 21:35
schestowitz Words matter a lot Dec 12 21:35
schestowitz security is always a good excuse. “We ‘protect’ the surfer” Dec 12 21:35
SubsonicB There is a recent piece of news that people spend more time on the internet than watching TV now Dec 12 21:35
schestowitz Usually we “protect” (the children) from <terrorism is always an eye opener> Dec 12 21:36
SubsonicB So now they have to dominate the internet Dec 12 21:36
schestowitz Watch out for military brainwash in PC games and music videos Dec 12 21:36
SubsonicB politicians are already at it Dec 12 21:36
schestowitz YouTube traffic is up like 30%, IIRC Dec 12 21:36
schestowitz I posted this here the other day Dec 12 21:36
schestowitz It’s out of my IRC buffer range now. Dec 12 21:37
schestowitz Do you know the song “Hero”? Dec 12 21:37
SubsonicB http://www.theregister.co.uk/2008/1… Dec 12 21:37
schestowitz I think I saw this Dec 12 21:38
SubsonicB “Hero” not sure Dec 12 21:38
schestowitz The issue of controlling the Internet was first discussed when the medium was born Dec 12 21:39
schestowitz I learned this last week Dec 12 21:39
SubsonicB the problem is when the interests of politicians and big media companies (RIAA, etc) are aligned Dec 12 21:39
schestowitz Many years went by and people must stand to protect it. Even meshes are repressed because there is no cenralised control. Dec 12 21:39
SubsonicB RIAA wants to kill P2P, politicians want to kill free speech, privacy and anonimity Dec 12 21:40
schestowitz “Hero” = glamorization of war in my mind, although it’s subtle. Dec 12 21:40
schestowitz ‘Sentimental’ militarisation Dec 12 21:40
SubsonicB who’s the singer/group? Dec 12 21:40
schestowitz Seevral Dec 12 21:41
SubsonicB nope Dec 12 21:41
schestowitz X factor drones, IIRC Dec 12 21:41
schestowitz They weave that in with photos from the invasion of Iraw Dec 12 21:41
SubsonicB well its very much the same with war films Dec 12 21:42
schestowitz The Army advertises on television as well, but to be fair, this has been going on for about 2 years in the channels that I watch Dec 12 21:42
SubsonicB propaganda Dec 12 21:42
schestowitz You can’t complain to anyone Dec 12 21:42
schestowitz Pro-peace groups are marginalised Dec 12 21:42
SubsonicB yes Dec 12 21:43
SubsonicB just like students protesting against bolonia plans Dec 12 21:44
schestowitz Beranger Sucks! < http://www.junauza.com/2008/12/beran… > Dec 12 21:44
SubsonicB and look at Greece Dec 12 21:44
schestowitz SubsonicB: well, at lest they don’t send tanks at em Dec 12 21:44
schestowitz [if you know what I mean] Dec 12 21:44
schestowitz http://osdir.com/ml/culture.religion.healer.mayapa… Dec 12 21:45
schestowitz “A few of Beranger’s readers are still hoping that his move is just temporary, but I think otherwise.” Dec 12 21:46
SubsonicB Any Gnu/Linux advocate is quickly depicted as religious, extremist, fanatic, zealot, etc… Dec 12 21:47
SubsonicB …in the mainstream press anywway Dec 12 21:48
schestowitz Where? Dec 12 21:49
SubsonicB in general Dec 12 21:49
schestowitz Can a majority be called zealot? Dec 12 21:49
schestowitz Like… you know… you wouldn’t find phrases like “Microsoft zealots” anywhere. Dec 12 21:50
schestowitz It’s just like saying “American terrorist” Dec 12 21:50
*benJIman has quit (“BRB Garbage collecting.”) Dec 12 21:50
SubsonicB not sure if it is meaningful in english Dec 12 21:50
schestowitz You could say “Mugabe is a terrorist” Dec 12 21:50
*benJIman (n=benji@benjiweber.co.uk) has joined #boycottnovell Dec 12 21:50
schestowitz No-one would raise a brow Dec 12 21:50
SubsonicB sure there can be Microsoft zealots Dec 12 21:50
schestowitz But if you apply yhe same assignment of character to someone in America, then you *must* explain Dec 12 21:50
SubsonicB Of course you are right Dec 12 21:51
schestowitz “Linux is a cancer”… Dec 12 21:51
schestowitz Or was it GPL…? Dec 12 21:51
schestowitz Either way, that’s zeal. Dec 12 21:51
SubsonicB for me it is very curious how they manipulate the meanings of language Dec 12 21:51
schestowitz GPL has “no right to exist” because it’s ‘different’. EULA that treats customers like trash= good? Dec 12 21:51
SubsonicB very much with the marketing words that Microsoft tries to mix and change in order to confuse the public Dec 12 21:51
schestowitz “If thought can corrupt language, then language can also corrupt thought.” –George Orwell Dec 12 21:52
schestowitz “Pirates, “remember? Dec 12 21:52
SubsonicB people is kept so ignorant Dec 12 21:52
schestowitz Pirates are not the hounds that sue ill people for their house. Dec 12 21:52
SubsonicB when I talk about Free software to people many of them don’t believe me Dec 12 21:52
schestowitz It’s the people who share some song by accident in some Win32 app Dec 12 21:52
schestowitz Free=cheap Dec 12 21:53
SubsonicB like the story of the teacher thinking a pupil was doing something illegal by distributing copies of linux among his classmates Dec 12 21:53
schestowitz People are taught this at school Dec 12 21:53
SubsonicB in the blog of helios Dec 12 21:53
schestowitz Microsoft assists new IPR curricium. Dec 12 21:53
SubsonicB yes, but Free is not just cheap in spanish Dec 12 21:53
schestowitz They teach tots that music is theft and you can get mommy and daddy in jail Dec 12 21:53
schestowitz No kiddding. Dec 12 21:54
SubsonicB you have “Libre” and “Gratis” Dec 12 21:54
schestowitz I called this Ballmer Youth. Dec 12 21:54
schestowitz http://boycottnovell.com/2008/05/2… Dec 12 21:54
SubsonicB Yes, the spanish RIAA (called SGAE) has disgusting campaigns on tv in which they equal sharing music to theft and crime Dec 12 21:54
schestowitz Yes, they do that too Dec 12 21:54
schestowitz I didn’t see this here, but i read about the US propaganda from them Dec 12 21:55
schestowitz They own radio stattions, so this 10-second brainwash plug is cheap to them Dec 12 21:55
SubsonicB The funny think is that in spain it is in fact LEGAL to exchange music and movies through P2P as far as it is without any attempt of making money Dec 12 21:55
schestowitz Advertising it a one-trillion-dollar industry (so I read yesterday) Dec 12 21:55
schestowitz It’s very wasteful. 20% of the budget goes into shaping people’s perception, deviating things from normals. Dec 12 21:56
schestowitz Other countries rethink this too Dec 12 21:56
SubsonicB We all pay a “canon” (overprice tax) on CDs, DVDs, HDDs, computers, photocopiers, etc to compensate artists for copies Dec 12 21:56
schestowitz But I listen to CC-licensed tunes. Dec 12 21:56
schestowitz I don’t want to feed MAFIAA in any way Dec 12 21:56
SubsonicB This is a HUGE source of revenue for SGAE (Spanish MAFIAA) Dec 12 21:57
schestowitz Those artists who go to MAFIAA will not even have their tuned listened to…. let alone paid for (with or without infringements) Dec 12 21:57
SubsonicB and has been endorsed by the government Dec 12 21:57
schestowitz They need to be encouraged to have the MAFIAA starved. Dec 12 21:57
schestowitz Lessig fights against this. Dec 12 21:58
schestowitz Byt he’s one person with some followers Dec 12 21:58
schestowitz The majority is ‘bought’. Dec 12 21:58
SubsonicB even public libraries have to pay a canon for lending books Dec 12 21:58
schestowitz I download books. Dec 12 21:58
schestowitz Byt public libraries are paid for by taxpayers Dec 12 21:58
schestowitz Another thing here is TV tax (I don’t have a TV because of this.. I gave mine away). It means you pay Microsofgt and the Microsoft-corrupted BBC, among others. Dec 12 21:59
SubsonicB I think Lessig, PJ, Carlo Piana, RMS, Eben Moglen and some others (maybe Andy Updegrove) should team to fight against software patnets and copyright abuse Dec 12 21:59
schestowitz Not enough Dec 12 22:00
schestowitz Politicians are bought, not persuaded. Dec 12 22:00
schestowitz They are better off exposed for their corruption Dec 12 22:01
*wispy (i=9f5b894f@gateway/web/ajax/mibbit.com/x-d7dc802c37f926a7) has joined #boycottnovell Dec 12 22:01
SubsonicB yes, there is. But you know the thesis of the publishers (of books, disks, movies, software) is that every book/disc/movie that one can get for free (either downloaded or lent) is a sell they lost Dec 12 22:01
schestowitz I spend more time these days showing the rot in the system as much as suggest other solutions. Dec 12 22:01
wispy hello everyone! Dec 12 22:01
schestowitz Hey wispy Dec 12 22:01
SubsonicB which is utterly nonsense Dec 12 22:01
wispy roy, what’s up?  :D Dec 12 22:01
SubsonicB hello Dec 12 22:01
wispy hiya Dec 12 22:01
schestowitz Not much is up Dec 12 22:01
schestowitz Slow news day Dec 12 22:01
wispy lol i’m just studying for finals Dec 12 22:02
schestowitz Corruption in the United States of Advertising too Dec 12 22:02
schestowitz $50 billion+ Dec 12 22:02
schestowitz (plus ripples effects to be realised) Dec 12 22:02
wispy white collar crime Dec 12 22:02
wispy nice mug, roy :) Dec 12 22:02
wispy mugshot Dec 12 22:02
schestowitz The Wall Street Casino(R) turns out to be a pen of pimps. Dec 12 22:02
schestowitz But they stole people’s money only in the past year Dec 12 22:02
schestowitz Oh, *that*. Thanks. Dec 12 22:03
wispy hehe np :) Dec 12 22:03
schestowitz wispy: did you and your family suffer too from the corruption uv’ 2008? Dec 12 22:03
SubsonicB they keep shoving people’s money into the financial hole Dec 12 22:04
wispy not really since my dad is an engineer and has a very steady income stream Dec 12 22:04
schestowitz There’s no escape Dec 12 22:04
schestowitz Many people’s pensions and savings are tied to stocks/bonds too Dec 12 22:04
wispy that sucks :( Dec 12 22:04
SubsonicB i’l try to find a photo about advertising Dec 12 22:04
schestowitz It’s a good thing my sister bought a house just a year ago. She would have lost the monety Dec 12 22:04
SubsonicB I would forbid the privatisation of entire sectors of the economy Dec 12 22:05
*benJIman has quit (“brb”) Dec 12 22:05
wispy whew what a relief roy Dec 12 22:05
*benJIman (n=benji@benjiweber.co.uk) has joined #boycottnovell Dec 12 22:05
SubsonicB health, education, social services and pensions, energy Dec 12 22:05
SubsonicB and fix the prices of housing Dec 12 22:05
wispy sounds cool Dec 12 22:06
schestowitz privatisation??? Was that proposed? Dec 12 22:06
schestowitz I mean, of the *whole* thing? Dec 12 22:06
schestowitz Just car makers… better than to sell it to the Chinese. Dec 12 22:06
wispy i just did a project on the big three Dec 12 22:07
SubsonicB They have been doing it for years Dec 12 22:07
SubsonicB they call it “liberlaization” Dec 12 22:07
schestowitz But then, what do I know? We’re no economists (people who speak jargon and predict based on dice and inside information, i.e. fraud) Dec 12 22:07
wispy i had to talk about the innovations they were involved with, and japan is way ahead Dec 12 22:07
schestowitz LMAO @ “liberlaization” Dec 12 22:08
wispy roy, were you ever interested in a business degree? Dec 12 22:08
SubsonicB we know better because we dont have vested interests Dec 12 22:08
schestowitz Yes, like invading countries is “restoring democracy” Dec 12 22:08
wispy XD Dec 12 22:08
schestowitz Ir defending Christian values Dec 12 22:08
SubsonicB quite the same Dec 12 22:08
schestowitz Or “liberating the population that’s ‘oppressed’ Dec 12 22:08
SubsonicB I recommend reading “The shock doctrine” by Naomi Klein Dec 12 22:08
schestowitz Wait until the US goes to save the ‘poor’ Chinese from that government that censors (like AT&T.. SHEESH) Dec 12 22:09
schestowitz wispy: no, busienss is not for me Dec 12 22:09
SubsonicB The Chinese area bout to screw the US Dec 12 22:09
SubsonicB are about Dec 12 22:09
wispy you seem very interested in it, roy. :) Dec 12 22:09
wispy you’re smart all around, i guess Dec 12 22:09
schestowitz I think I heard of  “The shock doctrine” Dec 12 22:09
SubsonicB its worth reading Dec 12 22:10
schestowitz Sheesh,, SubsonicB Dec 12 22:10
schestowitz You can’t say that Dec 12 22:10
SubsonicB what Dec 12 22:10
schestowitz It incites panic Dec 12 22:10
schestowitz But a lot of the time you must say things the press cannot tell Dec 12 22:10
SubsonicB Everyone knows it Dec 12 22:10
wispy i heard of that, too Dec 12 22:10
schestowitz the control is done by editorial, selection or fear (for one’s job, now in practicuals) Dec 12 22:10
schestowitz China has HEAPS of monet Dec 12 22:11
schestowitz China, not the Chinese :-) Dec 12 22:11
schestowitz It’s not as though the wealth is distributed Dec 12 22:11
SubsonicB The Chinese have a lot of fiat-currency dollars, the dollar is devaluating, if the chinese sell their dollar reserves on the cheap all the financial house of cards will fall Dec 12 22:11
schestowitz In the China I think they have the communists aggregating much of this money(=power) Dec 12 22:11
schestowitz In the US it’s so-called crook^H^H^H^H^H^Heroes who started imperialist companies. Dec 12 22:11
SubsonicB Thats the reason why the US went to Irak and now they wanted to go to Iran, because these countries wanted to sell the petron in euros Dec 12 22:12
schestowitz SubsonicB: that might happen soon Dec 12 22:12
wispy yes i heard they wanted to do that, subsonic, about the oil Dec 12 22:12
schestowitz Iran was threatened with war I think (implicit?) for recommending Euros Dec 12 22:12
schestowitz wispy beat me to it Dec 12 22:12
SubsonicB there is nothing sustaining the american economy and its currency except the fact that the dollar is the only currency that can buy crude oil Dec 12 22:12
wispy venezuela wants to do that too, i think Dec 12 22:12
wispy lol roy Dec 12 22:12
SubsonicB ok enough aboput geopolitics by now, guys Dec 12 22:13
schestowitz venezuela ‘loves’ the US. *LOL* Dec 12 22:13
wispy :) Dec 12 22:13
schestowitz Perhaps the US should have liberat^H^H^H^H^H^H^H^H^H^H^H^Hvenezuela earlier for compliance through puppets Dec 12 22:13
schestowitz The US has so far suppressed Cuba with an embargo, but didn’t replace the leaders with puppets that take orders from DC Dec 12 22:14
wispy ha Dec 12 22:14
schestowitz Okay, back to subject Dec 12 22:14
wispy cuba is very involved with biotechnology Dec 12 22:14
wispy one of the best in the world Dec 12 22:15
SubsonicB The shock doctrine (the book I told you) shows how the US didexactly that in Latin America in the 70 and 80′s Dec 12 22:15
wispy i did a paper on that Dec 12 22:15
wispy in 11th grade Dec 12 22:15
SubsonicB hehe Dec 12 22:15
schestowitz http://stopsoftwarepatents.eu/361000346840/ Dec 12 22:15
SubsonicB It’s on my email signature Dec 12 22:16
wispy thanks Dec 12 22:16
schestowitz Someone mailed me this Dec 12 22:17
wispy so roy what’s up with the rms protest Dec 12 22:17
schestowitz It’s months away Dec 12 22:18
schestowitz I’m not sure what he’s up to Dec 12 22:18
wispy oh so he didn’t tell you more about it Dec 12 22:18
schestowitz http://bangalore.citizenmatters.in/articles/view/67… Dec 12 22:18
schestowitz “Stallman to visit community computing centre” he’s traveling Dec 12 22:19
wispy oh ok Dec 12 22:19
wispy hi logger_bot Dec 12 22:20
wispy :P Dec 12 22:21
schestowitz She’s unmanned Dec 12 22:22
schestowitz logger_bot has not been touched for months Dec 12 22:22
SubsonicB what? logger_bot? Dec 12 22:23
SubsonicB has some word here activated carnivore? Dec 12 22:23
schestowitz Yes Dec 12 22:23
wispy hehe Dec 12 22:24
SubsonicB >-D Dec 12 22:24
wispy logger_bot is lonely :( Dec 12 22:24
schestowitz http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Carnivore_(FBI) Dec 12 22:24
schestowitz I had to look that up Dec 12 22:24
SubsonicB thats it! Dec 12 22:24
schestowitz wispy: better lonely than suffering a downtime Dec 12 22:24
wispy that’s cute Dec 12 22:25
schestowitz had that happened, I’d need to go to work and reboot or seomthing. Dec 12 22:25
wispy lol Dec 12 22:25
wispy that’s a lot of trouble Dec 12 22:25
schestowitz It happened in August when the hub died (physical error) Dec 12 22:25
wispy she’s all better, i hope Dec 12 22:26
schestowitz Welsh Tories ask taxpayers to pick up iPod tab < http://www.theregister.co.uk/2008/12… > Dec 12 22:27
schestowitz 6000 more familiar withour a working parent: Contractors and managers hit in Alcatel-Lucent layoffs < http://www.theregister.co.uk/2008/12/12/alc… > Dec 12 22:29
schestowitz *families without Dec 12 22:29
wispy reminds me of the ipod tax in canada, kinda Dec 12 22:29
wispy you know what that is, roy? Dec 12 22:30
schestowitz Man trademarks ;-) emoticon < http://www.reghardware.co.uk/2008/12/… > Dec 12 22:30
schestowitz I trademark ;_) then Dec 12 22:31
schestowitz trademark-jacking! Take dat! Dec 12 22:31
wispy XD Dec 12 22:31
schestowitz ipod? No. What it this? Sounds like a toy Dec 12 22:31
wispy geez lol Dec 12 22:31
wispy haha Dec 12 22:32
schestowitz Tripod? Dec 12 22:32
schestowitz Tripod tax? Dec 12 22:32
wispy in canada to compensate for piracy, there’s an ipod tax Dec 12 22:32
wispy on recordable media Dec 12 22:32
wispy crazy Dec 12 22:32
schestowitz Like if you photograph a tree or a car that you can’t photograph in the US? Dec 12 22:32
wispy hehe Dec 12 22:33
schestowitz wispy: yes, I know about that. Dec 12 22:33
schestowitz Criminals by default Dec 12 22:33
wispy :( Dec 12 22:33
wispy mean Dec 12 22:33
schestowitz But no ‘tax return’ Dec 12 22:33
schestowitz Might as well tell people to copy illegally. They paid for it in advance. Dec 12 22:33
wispy yeah haha Dec 12 22:33
schestowitz if the RIAA comes knowing.. Dec 12 22:34
schestowitz Tell them. I paid you before… you said I am a criminal, so I paid exta for my Ogg player Dec 12 22:34
wispy they probably don’t know what .ogg is Dec 12 22:34
wispy lol Dec 12 22:34
SubsonicB in spain there is a tax to compensate for “piracy” on every device Dec 12 22:35
wispy that’s not fair f Dec 12 22:35
SubsonicB that’s it no “innocent until proved otherwise” anymore Dec 12 22:35
wispy so true Dec 12 22:36
wispy roy, have you tried the eee pc yet? Dec 12 22:36
wispy it’s a cute little thing Dec 12 22:36
schestowitz wispy: it’s good if they don’t know what ogg is. Dec 12 22:36
wispy i want to… Dec 12 22:36
SubsonicB i pay the “piracy” tax everytime i burn a Linux distro Dec 12 22:36
schestowitz That’ll keep it safe from the hounds. Dec 12 22:36
wispy yeah haha Dec 12 22:36
schestowitz The music I get is legal Dec 12 22:36
wispy jamendo is nice Dec 12 22:37
SubsonicB no music is illegal! Dec 12 22:37
SubsonicB notice how they manipulate the language to manipulate the mindsets! Dec 12 22:37
*schestowitz listen to Al Fami: http://www.jamendo.com/en/artist/al-… Dec 12 22:37
wispy i learned about that in honors sociology; people from different cultures have different mindsets because of language Dec 12 22:38
schestowitz I won’t touch a Intel notebook. I’d buy one if I don’t need to hand over money to critminals in the process. Dec 12 22:38
wispy oh i didn’t know Dec 12 22:39
wispy intel = bad? Dec 12 22:39
schestowitz Yes Dec 12 22:39
schestowitz http://boycottnovell.com/2008/12/12/intel-ms-vs-go… Dec 12 22:39
schestowitz Maybe the MPAA/RIAA is worse Dec 12 22:40
schestowitz They control the media, so they control language Dec 12 22:40
wispy uh oh, sounds scary Dec 12 22:40
wispy thx for link Dec 12 22:40
schestowitz People learn their lang/vocabulary from TV Dec 12 22:40
schestowitz TV=MAFIAA Dec 12 22:40
wispy sad but true Dec 12 22:41
wispy i love to read Dec 12 22:41
wispy i don’t even have a TV in my dorm Dec 12 22:41
SubsonicB its interesting how closely intertwined companies/media/lobbies are Dec 12 22:41
SubsonicB thats wise, wiskpy Dec 12 22:41
wispy i gave my tv to my sister to take to college Dec 12 22:41
wispy thanks! Dec 12 22:41
SubsonicB wispy Dec 12 22:41
SubsonicB i love to read Dec 12 22:42
wispy ms is tied to nbc Dec 12 22:42
wispy msnbc Dec 12 22:42
wispy cool! Dec 12 22:42
SubsonicB http://www.theyrule.net/2004/tr2.php Dec 12 22:42
SubsonicB more and more everything is in the hands of a bunch of companies Dec 12 22:43
wispy cool animation Dec 12 22:43
schestowitz UK Police Want Magic ‘This Computer Is Used By A Criminal’ Alert Software < http://techdirt.com/articles/20081211… > Dec 12 22:43
SubsonicB execs of these companies sit at the oards of many of them at the same time Dec 12 22:43
schestowitz Even the BBC got corruptied by companies, but ironically enough, taxpayers fund it Dec 12 22:44
wispy weird haha Dec 12 22:44
schestowitz It’s like funding of propaganda by those who are brainwashed Dec 12 22:44
schestowitz Not unusual at all Dec 12 22:44
schestowitz Most products we buy include the price of adverts Dec 12 22:44
wispy sheep don’t know it’s happening Dec 12 22:45
schestowitz Which means we have lots of work done out there brainwashing us and /WE/ sponsor it Dec 12 22:45
schestowitz There’s a lot ofg watse going into it Dec 12 22:45
schestowitz More interestingly, the government took lessons from marketing literature. Dec 12 22:45
schestowitz On how to change people’s perception (.e.g. with images, words, phrases) Dec 12 22:45
SubsonicB mass control Dec 12 22:46
SubsonicB control of population Dec 12 22:46
wispy that software is not good for torrent and p2p users Dec 12 22:46
schestowitz UK police: ‘We need crime breathalysers for PCs’ < http://www.silicon.com/publicsector/0,… > Dec 12 22:46
SubsonicB If you look at the things we know about Microsoft Dec 12 22:46
schestowitz You know what this means to GNU/Linux, right? Dec 12 22:46
SubsonicB that the public cannot even believe Dec 12 22:46
schestowitz First they illegalise some network utils like nmap Dec 12 22:47
wispy :( Dec 12 22:47
SubsonicB and extrapolate to other areas Dec 12 22:47
schestowitz Now they follow the RIAA’s suggestion of spyware on every PC to police content Dec 12 22:47
SubsonicB it is just scary how ignorant and uninformed we are kept Dec 12 22:47
wispy ms is mean Dec 12 22:47
schestowitz Do you know about the UK databases Dec 12 22:47
SubsonicB that is what “palladium” was all about from the begginning Dec 12 22:47
schestowitz They keep digital records of all phonecalls and E-mails sent Dec 12 22:47
wispy i heard about that spyware, roy Dec 12 22:47
schestowitz I hardly encrpy mine because people don’t have PGP installed, so I just sign it. Dec 12 22:48
schestowitz SubsonicB: IBM supports that too, IIRC Dec 12 22:48
wispy yeah i see your pgp stuff Dec 12 22:48
schestowitz It’s about taking disconnected devices (old PCs) and making a sort of rental paradigm Dec 12 22:48
schestowitz For music, for use, for access.. Dec 12 22:48
schestowitz In China they can limit number of hours online Dec 12 22:49
schestowitz But ISPs too can manage that easily. Dec 12 22:49
wispy bandwith caps Dec 12 22:49
wispy roy have you ever seen a zombie pc? Dec 12 22:50
schestowitz Heh. Yes Dec 12 22:50
schestowitz They are everywhere. Dec 12 22:50
schestowitz Almost 1 in 2 Windows PCs is a zombie Dec 12 22:50
schestowitz They just don’t know it (the users) Dec 12 22:50
wispy yikes! Dec 12 22:51
schestowitz 98% of Windows PCs can be instantly turned to zombie, says Secunia Dec 12 22:51
wispy how can you tell if you have one?? Dec 12 22:51
schestowitz The FBI does this.. Dec 12 22:51
schestowitz Hold on. Dec 12 22:51
wispy brains!!! Dec 12 22:51
schestowitz OT but interesting: http://beranger.org/index.php?page=diary&20… http://www.boingboing.net/2008/01/19/f… Dec 12 22:51
schestowitz Zombie PC is another interesting use of language Dec 12 22:51
SubsonicB the security feature on AMD chips is called “presidio” which in spanish is a synonym of “prision” Dec 12 22:52
SubsonicB http://www.schneier.com/blog/archiv… Dec 12 22:52
schestowitz Computer run remotely =  monster that easts brains Dec 12 22:52
schestowitz They should call it something like Zombows PC Dec 12 22:52
schestowitz Or Zomblows Dec 12 22:52
schestowitz As in Windows Dec 12 22:52
wispy hehehe Dec 12 22:52
wispy you’re funny :D Dec 12 22:53
schestowitz FBI ducks questions about its remotely installed spyware Dec 12 22:53
schestowitz ,—-[ Quote ] Dec 12 22:53
schestowitz | There are plenty of unanswered questions about the FBI spyware that, as we Dec 12 22:53
schestowitz | reported earlier this week, can be delivered over the Internet and implanted Dec 12 22:53
schestowitz | in a suspect’s computer remotely. Dec 12 22:53
schestowitz `—- Dec 12 22:53
schestowitz http://news.com.com/8301… Dec 12 22:53
SubsonicB combine it with geo-localization throuth mobile phones (remember RMS don’t use one due to this) and RFID technology Dec 12 22:53
SubsonicB you have full human traceability Dec 12 22:53
schestowitz Don’t forget the ACTA http://www.p2pnet.net/story/17088 Criminals in suits Dec 12 22:53
wispy does rms use a web browser? Dec 12 22:53
wispy i heard he doesnt Dec 12 22:53
schestowitz They can’t control people, so they pass new laws to call more of them “criminals” Dec 12 22:53
wispy thats wikkid Dec 12 22:54
schestowitz wispy: no, he doesn’t Dec 12 22:54
schestowitz He wgets pages remotely Dec 12 22:54
wispy lol i thought so Dec 12 22:54
schestowitz I just paste articles for him Dec 12 22:54
SubsonicB What scares me is the NSA inserting such code into Free Software (they used to fund OpenBSD development) Dec 12 22:54
schestowitz OGM copyrights!!!111111111 Dec 12 22:54
wispy like no wai Dec 12 22:55
wispy lol Dec 12 22:55
schestowitz Just in: Forget The Economy, Security Vendor Says Cybercrime Is The Real Threat < http://techdirt.com/articles/20081210/10… > Dec 12 22:58
schestowitz Downturn may turn techies to crime, say reports < http://news.zdnet.com/2424-9595_22-255464.html > Dec 12 22:59
wispy bad news outweighs good news these days it seems Dec 12 23:00
wispy i need a comfort hug Dec 12 23:00
wispy lol Dec 12 23:00
schestowitz Dana is provoking again: Is Google desperate in taking Chrome gold? < http://blogs.zdnet.com/open-source/?p=3186 >. No, Google is no exception to others. Dec 12 23:02
schestowitz Someone should remind Google where ti came from though. Total neglect of anything but shoddy non-UNIX spyware magnet Dec 12 23:03
SubsonicB some good news: Slackware 12.2 is OUT! Dec 12 23:04
wispy lol roy Dec 12 23:04
wispy have you tried slax, sub? Dec 12 23:04
schestowitz McCain Sells Out < http://www.pcworld.com/topics/gaming.html > . Who says there’s no $$ in politics? Dec 12 23:06
schestowitz Maybe John can kill the turkey while Sarah poses for the camera Dec 12 23:06
schestowitz http://uk.youtube.com/watch?v=z-kjM1asH-8 Dec 12 23:06
wispy i saw that Dec 12 23:08
wispy i wish she’d go away, though Dec 12 23:08
wispy she’s annoying! Dec 12 23:08
SubsonicB roy, has Bill Gates finally switched to Slackware? http://boycottnovell.com/2008/12/… Dec 12 23:09
schestowitz Many people read Bn today Dec 12 23:09
schestowitz I don’t know why Dec 12 23:09
SubsonicB hasn’t he? :-) Dec 12 23:09
schestowitz I didn’t even do many posts ( SubsonicB’s was the main feature) Dec 12 23:09
wispy i didn’t see subsonic’s post Dec 12 23:09
wispy where is it?? Dec 12 23:09
schestowitz Oh, that’s MicrosoftJack Dec 12 23:09
SubsonicB no big deal Dec 12 23:09
schestowitz Microsoft open source. Dec 12 23:10
wispy oh that, ok Dec 12 23:10
SubsonicB anyone with a clue on what is going on with M$ vs FOSS knows it Dec 12 23:10
wispy lol subsonic @ the link Dec 12 23:10
SubsonicB hehe Dec 12 23:10
SubsonicB Bill G. is a sub-genius in that photo! Dec 12 23:11
schestowitz http://lxer.com/module/forums/t/28214/ Dec 12 23:11
wispy weird styles in the ’70s Dec 12 23:11
SubsonicB >-D Dec 12 23:11
wispy thx Dec 12 23:12
SubsonicB the OIN patent pool somehw legitimises the existence of software patents IMHO Dec 12 23:13
schestowitz Yes Dec 12 23:13
schestowitz And we’re supposed to accept this for now. Dec 12 23:13
SubsonicB legitimises the US broken patent system Dec 12 23:13
schestowitz That’s IBM Dec 12 23:13
schestowitz zoobab knows. Dec 12 23:14
SubsonicB i dont like it eihter Dec 12 23:14
schestowitz I’ll write about it over the weekend. Dec 12 23:14
SubsonicB it feels like Novellsoft pact in a way Dec 12 23:14
schestowitz I also have an interview to publish. Dec 12 23:14
wispy cool roy Dec 12 23:14
wispy all of this for us Dec 12 23:14
schestowitz “Look at http://www.openinventionnetwork.com/linux911.php Hilarious! “ Dec 12 23:14
SubsonicB i wonder what is the role of Bilski in all this Dec 12 23:14
schestowitz Now we fight corrupt lawyers and suit using some animated batmobile thingie. Dec 12 23:15
wispy lmao Dec 12 23:15
schestowitz Watch it Dec 12 23:15
schestowitz I’m sure Ballmer shivers in his boots. Dec 12 23:15
schestowitz Tux in Gotham City Dec 12 23:16
wispy so cute! Dec 12 23:16
schestowitz That’s bad. Dec 12 23:16
schestowitz This is serious crime Dec 12 23:16
schestowitz No place for jokes. Dec 12 23:16
wispy lol sry Dec 12 23:16
schestowitz OK, except a few jokes… http://boycottnovell.com/wp-content/… Dec 12 23:16
schestowitz Some people don’t get the refrence.. see the commenrts. Dec 12 23:17
schestowitz The original says “Do <X> or I kill this puppy” Dec 12 23:17
wispy i saw that, some people need a sense of humor Dec 12 23:17
wispy ugh Dec 12 23:17
schestowitz Because images are memorable I remind people that Intel is EVIL, which it ios. Dec 12 23:17
wispy yeah lol Dec 12 23:17
SubsonicB don’t bother Dec 12 23:17
SubsonicB for your resident microtrolls any excuse is good enough to make ad-hominem attacks Dec 12 23:18
schestowitz I know, I know.. Dec 12 23:18
schestowitz I have a better one. Dec 12 23:18
schestowitz http://boycottnovell.com/wp-content/u… Dec 12 23:19
wispy hahaha! Dec 12 23:19
wispy roy you’re so silly :P Dec 12 23:19
schestowitz Think of a funny one for Sisco Dec 12 23:20
schestowitz They were asked for a long time to comply Dec 12 23:20
schestowitz But they carried on leeching Dec 12 23:20
schestowitz Leechco? No.. Dec 12 23:20
schestowitz Cystco? Dec 12 23:20
MinceR Diseaseco Dec 12 23:21
wispy hi mince! Dec 12 23:21
schestowitz Do they infect though? Dec 12 23:21
schestowitz With wispy, it’s no longer a gentlemen’s club. :-) Dec 12 23:21
wispy hehe ^_^ Dec 12 23:21
schestowitz Ciscomply? Dec 12 23:23
schestowitz in-Cisco-mplanince Dec 12 23:23
MinceR i like Cystco Dec 12 23:23
schestowitz Cancerous or benign? Dec 12 23:23
schestowitz http://www.computeruser.com/articl… “Cisco may have a monopoly, but is it monopolist?” Dec 12 23:24
MinceR obviously cancerous Dec 12 23:24
schestowitz “Cisco’s habit of acquiring new companies generates speculation that its position is not only one of a de facto monopoly, but that it uses its position to stifle competition. Many feel that speculation is accurate. “ Dec 12 23:24
schestowitz They bought Jabber Dec 12 23:24
schestowitz Then got sued for GPL snub Dec 12 23:24
MinceR (and Diseaseco would be D-Cisco, but that might not be obvious enough) Dec 12 23:25
schestowitz Nice, eh? Dec 12 23:25
MinceR hm Dec 12 23:25
MinceR http://bellini.blog.hu/2008/12/10/l… Dec 12 23:25
SubsonicB let me shoot the gimp for 5 minutes… Dec 12 23:25
MinceR “Fiasco Systems” :) Dec 12 23:25
schestowitz “The U.S. government’s case against Microsoft frequently generates strong emotional responses. There are some people who feel that Microsoft acted as a monopoly and stifled competition, but that legal action against it is too late; the desktop operating system is losing importance as the Internet becomes predominant.” Dec 12 23:25
schestowitz No Google? Dec 12 23:25
schestowitz “Cisco, however, is lodged near the heart of the Internet. If government regulatory groups are encouraged by the results of the Microsoft antitrust suit, it would not be surprising to see them turn their attention toward Cisco.” Dec 12 23:25
schestowitz SubsonicB: thanks. Dec 12 23:26
schestowitz Bellini? Dec 12 23:26
schestowitz The ‘oracle’ eco-hax0r? Dec 12 23:26
wispy schestowitz: you’re a hax0r, too lol.  with c++ Dec 12 23:27
schestowitz But this is what I had in mind: http://www.rdwarf.com/users/kioh/ Dec 12 23:28
wispy haha Dec 12 23:28
schestowitz They know what they do, don’t worry… they’ve only just exceeded 10.5 trillion in debt. The Federal Reserve says “buy” Dec 12 23:29
schestowitz Can’t buy? Borrow. Drive the economy. Drive GM. Take it to the garage after 10 miles. Dec 12 23:30
schestowitz http://m.blog.hu/be/bellini/image/folder/L… Dec 12 23:30
schestowitz http://m.blog.hu/be/bellini/image/fol… Esdel 2.0 Dec 12 23:31
schestowitz *Adsel Dec 12 23:31
schestowitz *Edsel (gah! Dec 12 23:31
wispy pwned Dec 12 23:31
MinceR if GM tanks, i’ll feel sorry for the Chevrolet Volt though Dec 12 23:31
wispy big three loses Dec 12 23:31
wispy lol roy Dec 12 23:31
schestowitz Mercedes does some electric car mockiups now Dec 12 23:31
schestowitz It was in The Register this afternoon. Dec 12 23:32
wispy hope it’s not some trend and that they are serious about this Dec 12 23:32
wispy going green should be a serious effort Dec 12 23:32
schestowitz Bush helps Dec 12 23:33
wispy really?! Dec 12 23:33
schestowitz Without animals, there would be nothing hiding the plants.  Environmentalists blast changes to Endangered Species rules < http://www.cnn.com/2008/TECH/science/12/12/endang… > Dec 12 23:34
wispy poor animals :’( Dec 12 23:34
schestowitz Rep logic: kill animals, help green^H^H^H^H^HVILISA~1 Dec 12 23:34
schestowitz People are taught to love money Dec 12 23:35
schestowitz Green energy and greed are like water and sand Dec 12 23:35
wispy grrrrr Dec 12 23:35
schestowitz As long as the oil companies educate the kids, civilisation is doomed. Dec 12 23:35
wispy we must save endangered animals like this cute one: http://fluffyflowers.typepad.com/photos/u… Dec 12 23:35
schestowitz /s/oil/<any affluent sector>/ Dec 12 23:35
schestowitz Homo sapients too might be extinct one day, hopefully not in my lifetime. :-( Dec 12 23:36
wispy yeah that would be scary Dec 12 23:36
schestowitz A Professor biologist I’m friends with says so Dec 12 23:36
SubsonicB we think the man is the summit of the evolution Dec 12 23:37
SubsonicB the truth is that we are too stupid to last Dec 12 23:37
wispy nobody listens to scientists, it’s sad Dec 12 23:37
PetoKraus tell me about it Dec 12 23:37
SubsonicB bacteriae have been upon the earth since 2000 million years ago Dec 12 23:38
wispy reminds me of how nobody cares about the opinions of geologists before a volcanic disaster and fail to evacuate Dec 12 23:38
SubsonicB and have survived so far Dec 12 23:38
SubsonicB they are much smarter than us Dec 12 23:38
PetoKraus they are dying quite fast though Dec 12 23:38
PetoKraus if they weren’t earth’s mass would double in 18 minutes Dec 12 23:38
schestowitz Dinosaurs once roamed the earth Dec 12 23:38
schestowitz They ate each other Dec 12 23:38
wispy lol Dec 12 23:39
SubsonicB heh Dec 12 23:39
SubsonicB >-D Dec 12 23:39
PetoKraus t-rex t-bone steak Dec 12 23:39
schestowitz Lots of bone left Dec 12 23:39
wispy yum yum! Dec 12 23:39
schestowitz Leftovers underground. Dec 12 23:40
wispy lol pk Dec 12 23:40
schestowitz Sounds like sellng snake oil Dec 12 23:40
schestowitz Some people would believe that Dec 12 23:40
PetoKraus this environmental chemistry is really getting on my nerves Dec 12 23:40
wispy heh roy Dec 12 23:40
schestowitz The waiter comes iver and tells the couple about the recent excavation that brought dino beef. Dec 12 23:40
schestowitz $500 per serving. Dec 12 23:40
wispy ewwww~ Dec 12 23:41
PetoKraus contains: soya Dec 12 23:41
schestowitz (turns out it’s just ox) Dec 12 23:41
wispy yuck! Dec 12 23:41
PetoKraus have you actually HAD an ox? Dec 12 23:41
wispy nope Dec 12 23:41
schestowitz SubsonicB: do they serve err…  genitalia of err… cattle  over there? Dec 12 23:41
PetoKraus every time i eat scottish pie i am thinking of Dec 12 23:41
schestowitz I once went to a Chinese rsestaurant. Dec 12 23:42
wispy lol roy Dec 12 23:42
schestowitz They serves chicken legs… not wings… legs… Dec 12 23:42
PetoKraus poor old sheep who’d been minced in the mutton… Dec 12 23:42
schestowitz I could haerly touch the thing. Dec 12 23:42
schestowitz *hardly Dec 12 23:42
wispy chicken legs are so scrawny though Dec 12 23:42
PetoKraus man, let’s start with haggis Dec 12 23:42
wispy poor baby sheep Dec 12 23:42
SubsonicB yes, but I never tried it Dec 12 23:42
SubsonicB http://subsonica.blogsome.com//… Dec 12 23:42
PetoKraus sheep’s stomach miced with oats and cooked in… sheep’s stomach! Dec 12 23:42
schestowitz *LOL* Dec 12 23:43
wispy X( Dec 12 23:43
schestowitz SubsonicB: did you just do it? Dec 12 23:43
*neighborlee_ (n=neighbor@unaffiliated/neighborlee) has joined #boycottnovell Dec 12 23:43
SubsonicB yep Dec 12 23:43
schestowitz Cool! Dec 12 23:43
schestowitz GIMP artist.. Dec 12 23:43
SubsonicB very easy Dec 12 23:43
wispy i can’t see it :9 Dec 12 23:43
wispy :( Dec 12 23:43
wispy forbidden Dec 12 23:43
schestowitz Will you use it? Dec 12 23:43
schestowitz Maybe I should add it yo your post Dec 12 23:44
SubsonicB http://subsonica.blogsome.com/… Dec 12 23:44
SubsonicB wispy give it another try Dec 12 23:44
wispy oh thanks! Dec 12 23:44
wispy hehe Dec 12 23:44
PetoKraus then if you move to slovakia, you get all those nice things upon slaying pork, such as “sausages” made of blood, rice, and meat (mainly bowels), packed in intestines Dec 12 23:44
PetoKraus delicious, i can tell Dec 12 23:44
SubsonicB the message is not very clear Dec 12 23:44
wispy heh pk Dec 12 23:44
SubsonicB who is telling “join us” Dec 12 23:44
wispy the dark side Dec 12 23:45
SubsonicB is it “Microsoft” who speaks or is the empire telling microsoft to join? Dec 12 23:45
wispy i think it’s ms Dec 12 23:45
SubsonicB Darth Bald-mer Dec 12 23:45
PetoKraus that’s a good idea Dec 12 23:45
PetoKraus add sweat patches Dec 12 23:45
wispy ahhhhh! :hides: Dec 12 23:46
schestowitz Added: http://boycottnovell.com/2008/12/12/micr… Dec 12 23:46
wispy lol nice Dec 12 23:46
SubsonicB george lucas will sue us Dec 12 23:46
wispy i think parody is okay Dec 12 23:47
SubsonicB hope so Dec 12 23:47
schestowitz http://boycottnovell.com/wp-content/up… Dec 12 23:47
wispy i learned that in my law class Dec 12 23:47
wispy hehe Dec 12 23:47
SubsonicB i did another one about star wars do you remember Lando de Icaza? Dec 12 23:48
schestowitz See the URL (second Dec 12 23:48
schestowitz I published it a second time too (can’t remember which post Dec 12 23:48
SubsonicB you were faster! Dec 12 23:48
wispy i saw that before in a post, roy Dec 12 23:49
PetoKraus schestowitz: cheers for posting that guantanamo thing. I know it’s not in the scope, but people should know Dec 12 23:49
SubsonicB PetoK i missed it doy you have the url at hand? Dec 12 23:49
PetoKraus http://www.msnbc.msn.co… Dec 12 23:51
schestowitz SubsonicB: yes, hold oin Dec 12 23:51
schestowitz Oh, PK beat me to it Dec 12 23:51
SubsonicB thanks Dec 12 23:51
schestowitz MSSSSSSSS – NBC …….. Microsoft… and some ‘new’ network attached to it Dec 12 23:51
PetoKraus McColo? Dec 12 23:53
schestowitz Mscolo Dec 12 23:54
schestowitz New licence from Microsoft Dec 12 23:54
schestowitz It enabled you to hijack 40% of the world’s PCs and spew 150 billion SPAM from them, per day (real figures BTW) Dec 12 23:55
wispy that much?! Dec 12 23:55
schestowitz Yes Dec 12 23:55
schestowitz 320 million PCs Dec 12 23:55
wispy use gmail, there’s way less spam ;) Dec 12 23:55
schestowitz Says USA Today Dec 12 23:55
schestowitz Some say it’s more, some say less Dec 12 23:55
wispy ok lol Dec 12 23:55
schestowitz It’s a worse issue than some economic ones Dec 12 23:56
wispy we need a confidence interval Dec 12 23:56
PetoKraus it’s funny though Dec 12 23:56
wispy between x and y Dec 12 23:56
PetoKraus i opened my hotmail account after a year from signing up for it, for the first time. There was greeting email and email from a friend (that’s why i was opening the mailbox) Dec 12 23:56
PetoKraus week later, 20+ spam mails Dec 12 23:56
MinceR the google fail spam filter fails Dec 12 23:57
wispy i never used hotmail Dec 12 23:57
wispy gmail all the way Dec 12 23:57
MinceR spamassassin ftw Dec 12 23:57
schestowitz I used to get thousands of spam per day Dec 12 23:57
wispy what?! Dec 12 23:57
schestowitz Now I just send it to /dev/null Dec 12 23:57
schestowitz And boxtrapper Dec 12 23:58
wispy haha the black hole Dec 12 23:58
PetoKraus i’m in range of hundreds Dec 12 23:58
schestowitz Unless the address is precise. Dec 12 23:58
wispy i get about 1 a month Dec 12 23:58
wispy nyah nyah Dec 12 23:58
schestowitz I once missed important mails Dec 12 23:58
schestowitz For example, I bother checking the mess that’s a boxtrapper queue Dec 12 23:58
PetoKraus the most of my spam comes trough the university mail, though Dec 12 23:58
schestowitz I can’t read it, but I scan patterns like names and “Linux” Dec 12 23:59
PetoKraus they’re using novell netware Dec 12 23:59
schestowitz Then I found out Google wanted to recruit me. Dec 12 23:59
PetoKraus + Windows XP… Dec 12 23:59
wispy good idea roy Dec 12 23:59
SubsonicB I used hotmail for some time Dec 12 23:59
schestowitz Almost lost that one and I’m sure many others are lost Dec 12 23:59
schestowitz But it’s too much work recovering them Dec 12 23:59
wispy yeah my school uses XP too Dec 12 23:59
schestowitz Liek 15 minutes per message maybe. Dec 12 23:59
wispy roy will you work for google? Dec 12 23:59
SubsonicB I started back when it wasn’t bought by microsoft yet Dec 12 23:59
schestowitz wispy: no Dec 12 23:59
PetoKraus yeah, it was my first mail account as well Dec 12 23:59
PetoKraus then i moved to gmail and stayed ever since Dec 12 23:59
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