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IRC: #boycottnovell @ FreeNode: April 29th, 2009 – Part 4

Posted in IRC Logs at 1:26 am by Dr. Roy Schestowitz


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schestowitz oso`perezoso: search the news Apr 29 19:59
MinceR Balrog: your point of view seems to be distorted by the Reality Distortion Field. Apr 29 19:59
schestowitz It’s in many places niow Apr 29 19:59
schestowitz Apples grow in Reality Distortion? Apr 29 19:59
Balrog MinceR: no, yours is Apr 29 19:59
MinceR something like that Apr 29 19:59
MinceR Balrog: i’m not the apple fanboy here Apr 29 19:59
MinceR so per definitio the RDF doesn’t affect me Apr 29 20:00
Balrog no, you bash them without knowing stuff Apr 29 20:00
_boo_ MinceR, sounds like sadomasochism to me Apr 29 20:00
MinceR no, i don’t bash them Apr 29 20:00
MinceR i criticize them fairly Apr 29 20:00
MinceR and you’re pissed because someone dares say ill about your beloved apple Apr 29 20:00
oso`perezoso google rather smart move with android, enter the Cell Phone industry then netbooks. mmmm… Apr 29 20:00
schestowitz Apple has strong PR Apr 29 20:00
MinceR apple has a cult arount itself Apr 29 20:01
schestowitz People no longer remember bugs that wiped huge lumps of people’s data Apr 29 20:01
MinceR s/nt/nd/ Apr 29 20:01
Balrog MinceR: you say that apple has no engineering/etc, basically Apr 29 20:01
schestowitz In Leopard IIRC Apr 29 20:01
MinceR Balrog: which is true Apr 29 20:01
MinceR Balrog: consider their OSes as a testament to that Apr 29 20:01
oso`perezoso Apple user tools, command line are ALL ripped from open souce. Apr 29 20:01
MinceR the OS they’ve written (MacOS “Classic”) was decades behind all the others in fundamental ways Apr 29 20:01
Balrog MinceR: you didn’t use their OS for more than a few hours on regular hardware, so you’re not qualified to say that Apr 29 20:01
MinceR then they ripped off a lot of FLOSS projects to cobble together OSX Apr 29 20:02
Balrog And user tools / command line have source files available Apr 29 20:02
MinceR they exploit FLOSS while attacking it Apr 29 20:02
oso`perezoso true Apr 29 20:02
Balrog no, they ripped off NeXT, which they own Apr 29 20:02
Balrog it already used GCC and BSD code Apr 29 20:02
trmanco If Everything Was Made by Microsoft: http://www.cracked.com/article_… Apr 29 20:02
MinceR NeXT was built by ripping off those projects Apr 29 20:02
MinceR they didn’t write GCC, nor Mach, nor FreeBSD Apr 29 20:02
oso`perezoso MinceR: ha ha ha finally I found somebody realizing this and articulating it!!! Apr 29 20:02
MinceR nor KHTML Apr 29 20:02
Balrog they wrote Cocoa, the window manager, and the Obj-C frontend for GCC Apr 29 20:03
Balrog among other things Apr 29 20:03
Balrog (NeXT this is) Apr 29 20:03
MinceR and the things they wrote suck horribly Apr 29 20:03
_boo_ trmanco, in which way everything can be made by m$? it just won’t exist Apr 29 20:03
_boo_ ’cause they only steal Apr 29 20:03
Balrog because you never tried them … Apr 29 20:03
MinceR i have tried them Apr 29 20:03
trmanco _boo_, see the post, it’s funny Apr 29 20:03
MinceR and i know their capabilities Apr 29 20:03
MinceR i know how much choice is offered to the user Apr 29 20:03
MinceR (none) Apr 29 20:04
Balrog yeah, for a few hours on unsupported hardware Apr 29 20:04
MinceR unsupported hw doesn’t change the way the GUI fundamentally works Apr 29 20:04
MinceR and it doesn’t change itself after few hours of runtime either Apr 29 20:04
Balrog unsupported hardware may not make too much of a difference Apr 29 20:04
Balrog but if you use it for more than a little bit, you find some of the more subtle features Apr 29 20:05
MinceR i know what basic stuff you need to get (usually buy) third party sw to do Apr 29 20:05
MinceR such as? Apr 29 20:05
Balrog what basic stuff? Apr 29 20:05
MinceR moving windows with alt+drag anywhere, for example Apr 29 20:05
MinceR or reskinning the GUI Apr 29 20:05
Balrog say, copying files into folders buried many layers deep Apr 29 20:05
MinceR any filemanager does that nowadays Apr 29 20:06
MinceR including konqueror and dolphin Apr 29 20:06
oso`perezoso one thing Apple got right is OpenCL Apr 29 20:06
MinceR something good may yet come of OpenCL Apr 29 20:06
MinceR (it’s that GPGPU standard, right?) Apr 29 20:06
Balrog MinceR: wouldn’t you say than that some of the UNIX flavors stole from BSD? Apr 29 20:07
schestowitz Another OS X lookalike distribution: http://jonreagan.wordpress.co… Apr 29 20:07
MinceR Balrog: some of them could have Apr 29 20:07
MinceR Balrog: if they used BSDL code in closed-source apps and given nothing back to the developers or the community in general, then i’d say it’s stealing Apr 29 20:08
MinceR even if the BSDL allows it legally Apr 29 20:08
MinceR and if you don’t believe me, ask the OpenBSD guys about that Apr 29 20:08
MinceR and OpenSSH Apr 29 20:08
Balrog MinceR: the original copyright holders made it BSDL for a reason, I think Apr 29 20:08
Balrog why didn’t they use GPL then? Apr 29 20:08
oso`perezoso MinceR: yes, at #macosx someone told me Snow Leopard will use GPGPU, as another processor when not in used Apr 29 20:08
MinceR because GPL didn’t exist or they didn’t believe it was necessary Apr 29 20:08
MinceR there still are people who are naive about licensing Apr 29 20:08
MinceR they are the ones who say we can leave GPL already and switch to BSDL Apr 29 20:09
Balrog and some who want their code to be used in proprietary software Apr 29 20:09
Balrog I know people like that; there are more than you think Apr 29 20:09
MinceR even as m$ and crApple provide proof that it isn’t safe yet Apr 29 20:09
MinceR Balrog: once again, ask the OpenBSD guys about that Apr 29 20:09
Balrog well then, why do they keep using bsdl? Apr 29 20:10
MinceR and let’s not forget that apple keeps attacking FLOSS and small sw companies worldwide by pushing sw patents Apr 29 20:10
MinceR Balrog: because they’re naive Apr 29 20:10
MinceR both directly and through BSA Apr 29 20:11
schestowitz trmanco: funny. Apr 29 20:11
Balrog Apple has to be careful with software patents. They get sued over them too Apr 29 20:11
schestowitz Happy Birthday Opera: The Innovative Web Browser Turns 15 <  http://www.webmonkey.com/blog/Happy_B… > Apr 29 20:12
oso`perezoso what’s their reasoning about having all software patented? Apr 29 20:12
schestowitz I agree with MinceR Apr 29 20:12
schestowitz I wrote about this before Apr 29 20:12
_boo_ oso`perezoso not only sw Apr 29 20:12
schestowitz We saw Apple exploiting while attacking Linux Apr 29 20:12
schestowitz OSS!=:Linux Apr 29 20:12
MinceR Balrog: both crApple and m$ are in that situation and they don’t care Apr 29 20:12
_boo_ so you will pay them for using natural numbers in your program, oso`perezoso Apr 29 20:12
schestowitz Apple is SCARED of Linux Apr 29 20:12
Balrog they don’t need to be scared of linux Apr 29 20:12
Balrog MS does Apr 29 20:13
schestowitz Linux = commodity OS X with more hardware and lower price Apr 29 20:13
schestowitz Apple upper hand: marketing (ignorance) Apr 29 20:13
MinceR Balrog: and i’ll reiterate: using BSDL-ed code while attacking FLOSS is definitely stealing Apr 29 20:13
MinceR it’s what crApple and m$ both do Apr 29 20:13
schestowitz Balrog: sure they are Apr 29 20:13
schestowitz Apple is scared of Linux Apr 29 20:13
schestowitz They attack it Apr 29 20:13
schestowitz Palm too Apr 29 20:13
schestowitz “omg they make a phone similar to ours!” Apr 29 20:13
oso`perezoso interesting. Apr 29 20:13
Balrog the attacks I’ve seen so far have been very indirect, AFAICT Apr 29 20:13
MinceR similar, except with vastly greater functionality. Apr 29 20:14
Balrog if you can even call them attacks Apr 29 20:14
schestowitz “fast! make that paper thing which sez we invented touching screen in two places” Apr 29 20:14
oso`perezoso anyone with a G1 cell phone? Apr 29 20:14
MinceR they didn’t even invent multitouch Apr 29 20:14
schestowitz Of course not Apr 29 20:14
MinceR Balrog: trying to make FLOSS impossible is an attack on FLOSS Apr 29 20:14
schestowitz Maybe neanderthals did Apr 29 20:14
MinceR Balrog: sw patents would do that. Apr 29 20:14
schestowitz When painting in caves or something Apr 29 20:14
oso`perezoso MinceR: what Cell Phone do you advocate using? Apr 29 20:14
MinceR Balrog: sw patents also make business impossible for small sw developer companies Apr 29 20:15
MinceR oso`perezoso: i’m not sure yet, i’m mostly waiting Apr 29 20:15
Balrog MinceR: don’t forget the investors Apr 29 20:15
MinceR oso`perezoso: i’m pondering getting the dev version of a G1 and putting OpenMoko on it. Apr 29 20:15
schestowitz APple USED to whine about patgents Apr 29 20:15
schestowitz It was a small company then Apr 29 20:15
schestowitz Masnick fouund the references Apr 29 20:15
MinceR Balrog: the investors of apple? Apr 29 20:15
oso`perezoso lol Apr 29 20:15
schestowitz Where Woz&gang complain about patents Apr 29 20:15
Balrog and the possibility of getting sued for infringing others’ patents, and the posibility of settling by cross licensing Apr 29 20:15
schestowitz Not they file them as often as Hilton gets knocked up Apr 29 20:15
MinceR Balrog: where does patent FUD against Palm come into that? Apr 29 20:16
schestowitz Apple also blocked kde development Apr 29 20:16
MinceR schestowitz: exactly — patents are bad for small companies Apr 29 20:16
MinceR and apple is a bunch of fucking hypocrites Apr 29 20:16
oso`perezoso oh interesting, so patents work as minefield for small sw devs? Apr 29 20:16
schestowitz RMS is right to emphasise that non-Free software is an issue Apr 29 20:16
schestowitz Patents too Apr 29 20:16
schestowitz Not just Microsoft Apr 29 20:16
schestowitz Not just Unisys Apr 29 20:16
schestowitz It’s the whole stupid mentality Apr 29 20:17
MinceR for the IT world to flourish, m$ and crApple both have to die Apr 29 20:17
MinceR the more painfully they die, the stronger the example for the others would be. Apr 29 20:17
Balrog patents are dangerous, because if you’re big, you have no choice but to play, and if you’re small, you can’t win Apr 29 20:17
MinceR actually you do have choices if you are big Apr 29 20:17
oso`perezoso wow, that’s something revolutionary to say. Apr 29 20:17
MinceR you can keep patents but not attack anyone unless you’re attacked Apr 29 20:17
schestowitz Balrog: don’t defend patents now Apr 29 20:17
schestowitz C’mon Apr 29 20:17
MinceR you can definitely refrain from publishing FUD articles Apr 29 20:17
schestowitz Just because you like Apple doesn’t mean you like patents, does it? Apr 29 20:18
MinceR apple certainly didn’t refrain from either Apr 29 20:18
schestowitz Just because I agree with RMS doesn’t mean I advocate legalising pot Apr 29 20:18
MinceR schestowitz: he likes apple and that makes _everything_ apple ever does perfectly excusable for him. Apr 29 20:18
oso`perezoso wow, that’s interesting I never thought the Patent system being a tool for domination. Apr 29 20:18
MinceR that’s the RDF. Apr 29 20:18
oso`perezoso *dominating Apr 29 20:18
Balrog schestowitz: I’m not defending patents Apr 29 20:19
schestowitz The Opera Browser Turns 15 Years Old Today < http://www.readwriteweb.com/archive… >. OK, do when Opera turns 18 can it take the gown off (open source)? Apr 29 20:19
Balrog the whole system is messed up Apr 29 20:19
oso`perezoso LMAO@RMS not advocating legal pot!! Apr 29 20:19
schestowitz Linux is now 18. fsck it. Apr 29 20:19
MinceR and the whole system being messed up somehow gives apple excuse to abuse it in the worst way? Apr 29 20:19
Balrog MinceR: they’re not abusing it as .. say .. MS or the other patent trolls Apr 29 20:20
Balrog suing over stupid fat32 patents Apr 29 20:20
schestowitz oso`perezoso: he does not want it criminalised Apr 29 20:20
MinceR Balrog: actually they’re abusing it in the exact same way as m$ does Apr 29 20:20
schestowitz I guess the question is, what to do abouy alcohol and tobacco? Glue? Apr 29 20:20
oso`perezoso what I’ve noticed if something wants to be commercial has to enter the licensing and patent game a priory Apr 29 20:20
oso`perezoso & a priori Apr 29 20:20
MinceR another thing a big player can do about patents is form an organization with other big players and form a patent pool Apr 29 20:21
MinceR that’s what OIN is about Apr 29 20:21
Balrog MinceR: that’s what MPEG-LA is about, pretty much … and we don’t like them Apr 29 20:21
MinceR though imo they should be more aggressive when m$ and crApple are attacking FLOSS Apr 29 20:21
MinceR Balrog: they can conduct their business in a variety of ways Apr 29 20:22
oso`perezoso MinceR: yes I noticed that too. The mass-patent just about anything and share it among themselvel Apr 29 20:22
MinceR especially if there’s a common cause — FLOSS. Apr 29 20:22
oso`perezoso like a patent cartel Apr 29 20:22
schestowitz PetoKraus: Techie Moe hates Arch: http://www.techiemoe.com/te… Apr 29 20:22
schestowitz Yes, patent cartel Apr 29 20:23
schestowitz I like that term Apr 29 20:23
schestowitz But it means something else Apr 29 20:23
schestowitz The patent cartel is the one lobbying for them Apr 29 20:23
schestowitz Patent umbrellas/pools is another monster Apr 29 20:23
oso`perezoso patents are inherently part of the capitalist economy. In order to have a FOSS the whole structure has to change, starting from banks etc. Apr 29 20:23
schestowitz Not to be confused by terminology that overlaps Apr 29 20:23
MinceR oso`perezoso: no they aren’t Apr 29 20:23
schestowitz The party line of a cartel units them Apr 29 20:24
MinceR a capitalist economy can work very well without patents Apr 29 20:24
schestowitz As in, politiocal agenda for example Apr 29 20:24
MinceR in fact, it has functioned without patents before patents were invented Apr 29 20:24
schestowitz OIN is like monoolistic orgy Apr 29 20:24
oso`perezoso LMAO@party line of cartels Apr 29 20:24
MinceR and the IT industry functioned well before sw patents were invented Apr 29 20:24
Balrog oso`perezoso: Patents are there for a reason. They prevent inventors from keeping their inventions secret. Apr 29 20:24
schestowitz All the so-called geniuses put piles of papers together and shout to their patent God Apr 29 20:24
oso`perezoso wha’t OIN? Apr 29 20:24
schestowitz OINK Apr 29 20:24
Balrog but that’s not the case with software Apr 29 20:24
schestowitz Without the K Apr 29 20:24
MinceR patents are supposed to encourage invention and innovation Apr 29 20:25
MinceR but they don’t Apr 29 20:25
MinceR at least not in the way the system works now Apr 29 20:25
Balrog not when they are extremely broad or cover trivial ‘inventions’ Apr 29 20:25
schestowitz new: Oi, OIN: What Took So Long? http://opendotdotdot.blogspot.com/2009/04… Apr 29 20:25
MinceR especially not in the way sw patents work Apr 29 20:25
schestowitz comment: saulgoode: “Peer-to-Patent does good things for bad reasons. OIN does bad things for good reasons. “ Apr 29 20:25
schestowitz MinceR: the cartel is the innovation<->patent chanter Apr 29 20:26
schestowitz Also today: Once Again: Patents Do Not Equal Innovation < http://techdirt.com/articles/20… Apr 29 20:26
schestowitz It’s the party line Apr 29 20:26
schestowitz Repeat and repat Apr 29 20:26
schestowitz People will believe it Apr 29 20:26
schestowitz Heil USPTO heil Apr 29 20:26
oso`perezoso something similar happened to OLPC, it started as great philantropic project and soon got caught by the patent and licencing sharks Apr 29 20:27
schestowitz And the innovation fairy comes flying across the room Apr 29 20:27
schestowitz oso`perezoso: a convict Apr 29 20:27
schestowitz Maybe Intel/MS-affiliated Apr 29 20:27
MinceR OLPC got caught by m$, primarily Apr 29 20:27
oso`perezoso it’s quite interesting to see how intel, m$ et al stave OLPC from the start Apr 29 20:27
DaemonFC I call OLPC One License Per Child Apr 29 20:28
oso`perezoso LMAO!!!! Apr 29 20:28
Balrog DaemonFC: OLPC is moving to ARM Apr 29 20:28
MinceR nice Apr 29 20:28
MinceR i mean the “One License Per Child” gag Apr 29 20:28
Balrog and there is no Windows for ARM other than WinMo / CE Apr 29 20:28
Balrog and they don’t want that Apr 29 20:28
schestowitz Fixing some Ubuntu 9.04 annoyances < http://linuxowns.wordpress.com/2009/04… > Apr 29 20:28
MinceR m$ would force wince on children if it meant more money… or more brainwashing Apr 29 20:29
schestowitz Balrog: VIA Apr 29 20:29
Balrog schestowitz: VIA is OLPC 1.5 Apr 29 20:29
Balrog OLPC 2 will be ARM Apr 29 20:29
schestowitz Yes Apr 29 20:29
schestowitz Will it live that long? Apr 29 20:29
schestowitz Ballmer is breathing down its neck Apr 29 20:29
Balrog I sure hope so. India ordered some, I heard Apr 29 20:29
schestowitz And Nick speaks of MSFTism Apr 29 20:30
DaemonFC I’m sorry, but just from a usability standpoint, Linux beats Windows on those gadget Apr 29 20:30
schestowitz Balrog: yes Apr 29 20:30
DaemonFC they don’t get REAL XP even Apr 29 20:30
DaemonFC they get Crippled XP that can onl run three programs at once Apr 29 20:30
Balrog heh … Win7 Starter Apr 29 20:30
schestowitz They get tellytubby wallpaper? Apr 29 20:30
schestowitz I think they get one of those ‘business’ wallpapers Apr 29 20:30
schestowitz The 6-y-o Anita must be impressed Apr 29 20:30
schestowitz Off she does to run Diablo on her OLPC Apr 29 20:30
schestowitz Poor gal Apr 29 20:30
schestowitz She caught a virus Apr 29 20:30
schestowitz Not malaria Apr 29 20:30
schestowitz Conficker Apr 29 20:30
schestowitz “What is it doctor? Apr 29 20:31
MinceR just from a usability standpoint, GNU/Linux beats everything on Earth. Apr 29 20:31
DaemonFC Why would they cripple it to only run three apps at a time, only accept up to 1 gig of RAM, and not work on dual core CPUs? Apr 29 20:31
schestowitz “Why I got? what I got?” Apr 29 20:31
schestowitz Meases?!?! Malaria?!?!?!?! Apr 29 20:31
DaemonFC do they expect people to stop copying real Windows for that? Apr 29 20:31
schestowitz Doc: “No” Apr 29 20:31
schestowitz Doc: “Conficker” Apr 29 20:31
MinceR i’m not sure what they expect Apr 29 20:31
schestowitz “What to do?” Apr 29 20:31
DaemonFC *I* would not pay $3 for Windows starter Apr 29 20:31
DaemonFC :P Apr 29 20:32
schestowitz Doc: “Here. Sugar on a stick. Runs Fedora” Apr 29 20:32
oso`perezoso by the way there’s  an interesting project called ReactOS Apr 29 20:32
schestowitz Leonidas Apr 29 20:32
MinceR perhaps that users will pay up for the version that doesn’t have that limitation? Apr 29 20:32
schestowitz *measles Apr 29 20:32
MinceR ReactOS is an attempt to make a good implementation of a bad design Apr 29 20:32
MinceR waste of effort. Apr 29 20:32
MinceR but it isn’t my effort, so i don’t care :> Apr 29 20:32
schestowitz It’s like Mono Apr 29 20:32
DaemonFC the whole point of Starter is that unlicensed Vista Ultimate CDs are like $5 in china Apr 29 20:32
oso`perezoso lol Apr 29 20:33
schestowitz Glorfying bad engineering. Apr 29 20:33
DaemonFC so they give you licensed crippleware for $3 Apr 29 20:33
DaemonFC and think that’s going to help stop it? Apr 29 20:33
MinceR i don’t know the bad engineering aspect of mono Apr 29 20:33
schestowitz Yes Apr 29 20:33
schestowitz But Reactos Apr 29 20:33
schestowitz BillG (brain)farts, someone react(o)s Apr 29 20:33
DaemonFC ReactOS bit off more than it could chew Apr 29 20:33
DaemonFC :P Apr 29 20:33
oso`perezoso DaemonFC: that’s works for the benefit of m$$$ have the ppl adopt m$, sread it by pirating then talk to the government :D Apr 29 20:34
oso`perezoso DaemonFC: remember that China is part of the WTO Apr 29 20:34
DaemonFC right, but why buy crippled $3 Vista Starter Apr 29 20:34
DaemonFC when unlicensed $5 Vista Ultimate is there? Apr 29 20:34
DaemonFC :P Apr 29 20:34
DaemonFC yeah, not my point Apr 29 20:35
MinceR maybe they’ll send out the pigs^Wcops to look for people using unlicensed vista ultimate Apr 29 20:35
DaemonFC my point is why would you do that to save $2 and get something that’s so crippled it’s useless? Apr 29 20:35
MinceR they don’t really know, there’s that gates quote about figuring out how to collect later Apr 29 20:35
oso`perezoso lol Apr 29 20:35
MinceR perhaps they’re still hoping they can retake market share/installed base from GNU/Linux Apr 29 20:36
DaemonFC Microsoft would be doing themselves a favor if they started selling licensed Vista Ultimate for $5 Apr 29 20:36
oso`perezoso they won’t go after ppl, but enforce it at a government level in terms of trade agreements Apr 29 20:36
DaemonFC then they would run all the “pirates” out by destroying their market Apr 29 20:36
PetoKraus schestowitz: he’s an idiot Apr 29 20:36
PetoKraus apparently Apr 29 20:36
MinceR maybe they’ll come up with a deal to buy vista ultimate for everyone from tax money Apr 29 20:36
MinceR and they’ll tell the people “it’s free” Apr 29 20:37
MinceR just like they do in hungary! Apr 29 20:37
DaemonFC China doesn’t have that kind of an economy Apr 29 20:37
oso`perezoso lol Apr 29 20:37
oso`perezoso MinceR: for real?? Apr 29 20:37
MinceR (of course it’s not vista ultimate, only for students and for a lot more than $5) Apr 29 20:37
MinceR oso`perezoso: not exactly, but the basic deal is the same Apr 29 20:37
oso`perezoso ah ok. Apr 29 20:37
DaemonFC I have every version of Windows from 3.0 to Vista Apr 29 20:38
DaemonFC including all the NTs Apr 29 20:38
MinceR oso`perezoso: that is, steal a lot of tax money, give it to ballmer, receive crap in exchange, give it to people and tell them it’s free Apr 29 20:38
oso`perezoso wow, interesting topic. Apr 29 20:38
MinceR when in fact they’ve paid for something they didn’t want nor need involuntarily Apr 29 20:38
schestowitz Linux Fanboys Spread The Most Lies About Linux < http://www.customdistros.com/20… > Apr 29 20:39
DaemonFC it’s easy to get cheap Windows, sign up for ONE credit hour at the local city college Apr 29 20:39
oso`perezoso I always thought programming was about getting cool code to run. But there’s hell’uv lot more involved oO Apr 29 20:39
MinceR and they’ve paid a price they never knew and could never control or decide on Apr 29 20:39
DaemonFC then copy down your student ID number Apr 29 20:39
DaemonFC and send it to Microsoft Apr 29 20:39
MinceR oso`perezoso: this isn’t programming Apr 29 20:39
MinceR oso`perezoso: m$ and little m$ (also known as apple) doesn’t do programming Apr 29 20:39
MinceR oso`perezoso: they do marketing and litigation Apr 29 20:39
schestowitz PetoKraus: what did he do this time? Apr 29 20:39
MinceR you can see what they did to the IT industry Apr 29 20:39
PetoKraus schestowitz: i mean the archlinux review Apr 29 20:39
DaemonFC I think the 1 credit hour cost me a little over $50 Apr 29 20:39
DaemonFC and all it was was a CPR class I was going to have to take anyway Apr 29 20:40
MinceR the basic expectation of the user now is that stuff just won’t work right and that’s the only way it can be Apr 29 20:40
DaemonFC :P Apr 29 20:40
PetoKraus schestowitz: it’s like “omg omg i clicked trough the stuff without reading and it doesn’t work oh oh it sucks” Apr 29 20:40
schestowitz PetoKraus: yes, he always vents and rants Apr 29 20:40
DaemonFC well, every distribution does horrible things that make no sense to you Apr 29 20:40
PetoKraus well Apr 29 20:40
DaemonFC because it has to be one-size-fits-most Apr 29 20:41
PetoKraus untrue Apr 29 20:41
PetoKraus if you read the stuff on the screen Apr 29 20:41
PetoKraus and see “you need to select a mirror” Apr 29 20:41
PetoKraus and you don’t select it Apr 29 20:41
PetoKraus and then you whine when your package manager has no mirror to go to Apr 29 20:41
*oso`perezoso try to pictures what sort of OS MinceR is running Apr 29 20:41
PetoKraus you are a douchebag Apr 29 20:41
*oso`perezoso *tries Apr 29 20:42
MinceR oso`perezoso: ubuntu Apr 29 20:42
DaemonFC Hungarian Vista Starter Apr 29 20:42
schestowitz Mandriva is praised for good KDE 4.2 implementation: http://www.tuxmachines.org/node/36199 Apr 29 20:42
DaemonFC complete with local wallpapers Apr 29 20:42
DaemonFC :) Apr 29 20:42
MinceR does mandriva have kde4.2 patches that make plasma not suck? :> Apr 29 20:42
schestowitz Wallpapers– major feature of Vista Apr 29 20:42
MinceR btw, what distro does still support kde3? Apr 29 20:42
schestowitz I have some (not the OS) Apr 29 20:42
schestowitz MinceR: mpis I think Apr 29 20:43
PetoKraus hmm Apr 29 20:43
PetoKraus arch has 4.2.2 Apr 29 20:43
schestowitz *SimplyMEPIS Apr 29 20:43
DaemonFC schestowitz: Vista Starter has localized wallpapers Apr 29 20:43
PetoKraus is that the newest KDE? Apr 29 20:43
DaemonFC for the country it is sold in Apr 29 20:43
schestowitz DaemonFC: wow!! Apr 29 20:43
schestowitz Features Apr 29 20:43
PetoKraus hehe Apr 29 20:43
schestowitz Microsoft buys stock images Apr 29 20:43
PetoKraus but you can’t change it!!! Apr 29 20:43
oso`perezoso wtf is localized wallpaper?? Apr 29 20:43
MinceR oso`perezoso: it was a joke Apr 29 20:43
schestowitz Marketing, lawyers, and…….. people who buy photos from photographers and stick then in a DIR Apr 29 20:44
MinceR not a good joke, but a joke nevertheless :> Apr 29 20:44
DaemonFC schestowitz: the Malasian version has the petronas towers Apr 29 20:44
schestowitz Humour    ->> the #microsoft channel Apr 29 20:44
DaemonFC for example Apr 29 20:44
DaemonFC yeah you can change it Apr 29 20:45
schestowitz Windows Comedy Edition, aka “Vista” Apr 29 20:45
oso`perezoso ok so I get a grim picture about the trend of linux from the discussion from this forum. Apr 29 20:45
DaemonFC I’ve used Vista Starter just to see what it’s like Apr 29 20:45
*MinceR wonders what ##microsoft is doing on freenode. Apr 29 20:45
schestowitz does it exist? Apr 29 20:45
MinceR it does Apr 29 20:45
schestowitz What for? Apr 29 20:45
DaemonFC you can run 3 GUI programs at once, command prompts and antivirus and anything that normally starts with Windows is exempt Apr 29 20:46
schestowitz technical support prpobbably Apr 29 20:46
MinceR that’s what i’m asking too Apr 29 20:46
schestowitz Because MS products needd support Apr 29 20:46
schestowitz They fail to work Apr 29 20:46
MinceR same about #apple and ##apple Apr 29 20:46
DaemonFC and tabs in your browser don’t count, but new browser windows do Apr 29 20:46
schestowitz Contrary to marketers’ belief Apr 29 20:46
MinceR since when are these Peer-Directed Projects? Apr 29 20:46
schestowitz “Hi” Apr 29 20:46
schestowitz “My XBox just caught on fire” Apr 29 20:46
oso`perezoso Ubuntu even started selling codecs or something. according to the discussion it can be said that Ubuntu, if the want to enter the game they will have to join the patent cartel!!! :D Apr 29 20:46
MinceR they’re dictator-directed projects, and their channels should be hosted on servers owned by MICROS~1 and crApple, respectively. Apr 29 20:46
MinceR (if what they’re doing can be called “direction” at all.) Apr 29 20:47
DaemonFC meh, Fluendo codecs aren’t required Apr 29 20:48
schestowitz Neil McAllister baited Linux with old tired FUD and now this: First look: Ubuntu 9.04 stays the course < http://www.infoworld.com/d/open-sourc… > Apr 29 20:48
DaemonFC just use the normal gstreamer codecs from multiverse Apr 29 20:48
schestowitz oso`perezoso: yes, it’s true Apr 29 20:49
schestowitz They need to koin the fight Apr 29 20:49
schestowitz *join Apr 29 20:49
oso`perezoso Even Mozilla starts getting into the patent licensing game. I don’t know if anybody heard of the term ‘branding’ Apr 29 20:49
schestowitz MarkS should start putting more effort into cracking the corrupt system Apr 29 20:49
schestowitz Else his system — as decent as it is — will be push by the white-collar criminals Apr 29 20:50
schestowitz Maximalists Apr 29 20:50
schestowitz oso`perezoso: can you find those discussions? Apr 29 20:50
oso`perezoso many projects start adopting this ‘branding’ technique Apr 29 20:50
schestowitz It’s very topical (in BN) Apr 29 20:50
DaemonFC schestowitz: I got the leaked 7106 build of Windows 7, installed it in Russian Apr 29 20:50
schestowitz We pressure  companies like Canonical when it comes to patent cartelisation Apr 29 20:50
DaemonFC and then put in the English language pack Apr 29 20:51
schestowitz DaemonFC: Vista7 is NOT leaked Apr 29 20:51
schestowitz Microsoft pretends it is Apr 29 20:51
schestowitz So people must STOP saying “leaked” Apr 29 20:51
DaemonFC if they pretended, why pretend in Russian only? Apr 29 20:51
DaemonFC lol Apr 29 20:51
schestowitz It’s sent to people to make hype Apr 29 20:51
schestowitz DaemonFC: doesn’t matter Apr 29 20:51
schestowitz The sinking ship wants people to pass its Vistaware around Apr 29 20:51
schestowitz People want XP Apr 29 20:51
schestowitz So OK, Microsoft sells it for some bucks Apr 29 20:52
schestowitz Like pogs Apr 29 20:52
oso`perezoso schestowitz: no, in Gentoo there’s a USE flag called bindist. For instance if you compile mozilla-firefox without ‘bindist’ IS NOT CALLED MOZILLA FIREFOX browser!!! Apr 29 20:52
DaemonFC I don’t know why there’s hype of every build that’s out Apr 29 20:52
DaemonFC usually it’s only trivial changes that may not even be applicable to you Apr 29 20:52
oso`perezoso ha ha!!! infect ppl vith vistaware!! Apr 29 20:53
DaemonFC I just gave up trying to make Firefox work right Apr 29 20:58
DaemonFC I use Epiphany or Konqueror in Linux Apr 29 20:58
DaemonFC and Opera on Windows Apr 29 20:58
DaemonFC going back to FF branding and throwing their code bloat and security problems around Apr 29 20:58
oso`perezoso I gave up on gui browsers altogether Apr 29 20:58
MinceR i just gave up on finding a web browser that works right Apr 29 20:59
DaemonFC I’d rather use Lynx than go back to Firefox, they’ve just become unacceptably slow and insecure and resource hungry Apr 29 20:59
MinceR so i run opera and ff side-by-side and try to get by Apr 29 20:59
MinceR if a site slows them too much, i reopen it in Links2 Apr 29 20:59
MinceR (or i try turning JS off) Apr 29 21:00
DaemonFC Opera 10 is fairly fast Apr 29 21:00
DaemonFC the latest weekly build is really nice Apr 29 21:00
MinceR i have opera 9 Apr 29 21:00
MinceR if it’s fast, is it also stable? :> Apr 29 21:00
*oso`perezoso (n=nonamme@cpe-74-64-125-220.nyc.res.rr.com) has left #boycottnovell Apr 29 21:00
DaemonFC yeah, they fixed all the crashers I ran into with earlier Opera 10 builds Apr 29 21:01
DaemonFC not saying there aren’t any, but I haven’t hit any Apr 29 21:01
schestowitz Balrog: minix funding:  Europe funds secure operating system research < http://www.itworld.com/operating-systems/6702… > Apr 29 21:04
MinceR perhaps there will be a browser that doesn’t suck after all Apr 29 21:04
MinceR even if it won’t be FLOSS. Apr 29 21:04
DaemonFC Opera does a better job of following W3C standards Apr 29 21:04
DaemonFC sometimes implementing them while they’re still a draft Apr 29 21:05
DaemonFC Internet Explorer 8 only now supports things that were finalized almost 10 years ago Apr 29 21:05
MinceR IE isn’t a web browser, it’s a backdoor with a gui Apr 29 21:06
DaemonFC they had the resources to correctly support CSS 2.1 in 2001 Apr 29 21:06
DaemonFC just didn’t bother Apr 29 21:06
MinceR one you might be able to view m$-html pages on. Apr 29 21:06
Balrog schestowitz: I told you that a couple of days ago ;) Apr 29 21:06
MinceR transferred over m$-http Apr 29 21:06
MinceR and possibly with m$-css and m$-jscript Apr 29 21:06
MinceR and RadioActiveX and silver lie Apr 29 21:06
Balrog hm. Silverlight is the new ActiveX Apr 29 21:07
DaemonFC yay, Mandriva is pimping a TRIAL version of Cedega Apr 29 21:07
DaemonFC again Apr 29 21:07
DaemonFC joy! Apr 29 21:07
DaemonFC and has made the Free version even harder to find Apr 29 21:08
Balrog DaemonFC: URL? Apr 29 21:08
DaemonFC http://www2.mandriva.com/linux/powerpack/ Apr 29 21:09
DaemonFC LightZone 3.6.1. (trial) Apr 29 21:09
DaemonFC VariCAD 2009 (trial) Apr 29 21:09
DaemonFC Cedega (trial) Apr 29 21:09
DaemonFC the only full version it appears to have is the standard edition of VMWare Apr 29 21:09
MinceR no, silver lie is m$-flash Apr 29 21:09
DaemonFC pffft Apr 29 21:09
MinceR the new RadioActiveX is that google native code thing Apr 29 21:09
Balrog MinceR: maybe it is. But MS failed with ActiveX so they’re pushing it Apr 29 21:10
MinceR well, technologically. Apr 29 21:10
MinceR lock-in wise you’re right Apr 29 21:10
MinceR silver lie is trying to do the same thing RadioActiveX was trying to do Apr 29 21:10
Balrog Is there any good alternative for unrar for linux? Apr 29 21:11
DaemonFC fucking hell Apr 29 21:11
DaemonFC I clicked to download Mandriva’s torrent Apr 29 21:11
DaemonFC and it spawned a billion popups Apr 29 21:11
DaemonFC and crashed the browser Apr 29 21:11
Balrog :/ Apr 29 21:12
*DaemonFC tries again in IE 8 Apr 29 21:12
DaemonFC and it opens Apr 29 21:14
DaemonFC whoa Apr 29 21:14
DaemonFC lots of seeders Apr 29 21:14
DaemonFC O_O Apr 29 21:14
schestowitz Ubuntu and Kubuntu 9.04 Experience < http://prosario2000.wordpress.com/2009/04… >. Kubuntu seems to be lacking in their integration work…? Apr 29 21:15
schestowitz Don’t rest, Ubuntu has a way to go yet < http://www.techworld.com.au/node/301246 > Apr 29 21:21
*DaemonFC` (n=DaemonFC@c-67-173-86-85.hsd1.il.comcast.net) has joined #boycottnovell Apr 29 21:33
Balrog schestowitz: I’m stuck with using RAR for a certain thing. RAR isn’t free software, and there’s no open spec for it either :( Apr 29 21:36
*DaemonFC has quit (Nick collision from services.) Apr 29 21:37
*DaemonFC` is now known as DaemonFC Apr 29 21:37
schestowitz I haver ARJ still Apr 29 21:38
*magentar has quit (Read error: 60 (Operation timed out)) Apr 29 21:38
Balrog people are working on open source SITX and RAR decompression support Apr 29 21:39
Balrog http://code.google.com/p/theunar… Apr 29 21:39
Balrog …mac-specific, but better than nothing Apr 29 21:40
Balrog can be ported Apr 29 21:40
MinceR unrar is proprietary, isn’t it? Apr 29 21:42
DaemonFC yay, redistributable freeware Apr 29 21:43
DaemonFC :P Apr 29 21:43
DaemonFC RAR is a trade secret Apr 29 21:43
DaemonFC the guy that owns it makes it real easy to pirate because then RAR files are everywhere Apr 29 21:44
DaemonFC and it’s free advertising Apr 29 21:44
MinceR ic Apr 29 21:45
Balrog DaemonFC: the source for unrar is available Apr 29 21:48
Balrog only you’re not allowed to use it to create an implementation of RAR Apr 29 21:48
MinceR yay, evince decided to grab XF86AudioPlay even though it’s a global shortcut Apr 29 21:51
MinceR i’m starting to remember why i hate gnome Apr 29 21:51
MinceR maybe i should fork kde3? Apr 29 21:52
DaemonFC I got another mysterious crash, now I’m suspecting Avast Apr 29 21:55
DaemonFC as it has been known to do that sometimes Apr 29 21:55
DaemonFC so I replaced it with Avira Apr 29 21:55
DaemonFC :P Apr 29 21:55
DaemonFC as far as I know, Avast is still using some undocumented methods to hook into the Windows kernel Apr 29 21:56
DaemonFC Microsoft puts all these undocumented APIs into every part of Windows, some idiot finds them, decides to use them even though they shouldn’t Apr 29 21:57
DaemonFC then it makes it impossible to audit why your system is screwing up Apr 29 21:57
MinceR even the things they do document, they document badly Apr 29 21:57
MinceR the documentation is often just flat out wrong Apr 29 21:57
DaemonFC PatchGuard was a “security feature”, so then Microsoft goes and leaves themselves ways in, but locks out the antivirus people Apr 29 21:59
DaemonFC so the viruses and the antivirus people do some reverse engineering to get back in Apr 29 21:59
schestowitz I heard that before Apr 29 21:59
schestowitz Eraran wrote about UAC getting in the way Apr 29 21:59
DaemonFC and so Microsoft gives them an official way to get into the kernel Apr 29 21:59
schestowitz Of maintenance, not the viruses :-) Apr 29 21:59
schestowitz Get infected (viruses penetrate past UAC) Apr 29 22:00
DaemonFC so basically the only thing Patch Guard has done it stop the user from using things like PeerGuardian Apr 29 22:00
schestowitz Then be denied access to clean things up. Apr 29 22:00
schestowitz Ah, the irony Apr 29 22:00
DaemonFC UAC is just too annoying, eventually hitting OK is a reflex action Apr 29 22:00
schestowitz What’s you take on the change of winbandonment? Apr 29 22:00
schestowitz As in,moving to Linux/BSD base? Apr 29 22:00
DaemonFC do I think MS would do that you mean? Apr 29 22:01
schestowitz DaemonFC:yes, spychology basics Apr 29 22:01
DaemonFC Like, go Apple? Apr 29 22:01
schestowitz The boy who cried “wolf!” Apr 29 22:01
schestowitz People won’t pay attention atter a while Apr 29 22:01
schestowitz DaemonFC: yes, a little like Apple Apr 29 22:01
schestowitz Not all the way Apr 29 22:01
schestowitz Just swapping bad layers Apr 29 22:01
schestowitz Like they did with TCP/Ip Apr 29 22:01
DaemonFC I think Microsoft would rather reinvent the wheels even when it makes no sense at all Apr 29 22:01
schestowitz They retried in Vista Apr 29 22:01
DaemonFC just to remain incompatible with UNIX Apr 29 22:01
schestowitz it went very bad Apr 29 22:01
schestowitz Flaws Apr 29 22:01
schestowitz Like Symantec preciucaqte and warned in 2006 Apr 29 22:02
schestowitz Also bad performance. Apr 29 22:02
schestowitz *predicted Apr 29 22:02
DaemonFC because if Microsoft is POSIX compliant it becomes easy to switch to any other POSIX system Apr 29 22:02
DaemonFC Apple is interesting though Apr 29 22:02
PetoKraus hmm that’s me purchasing music off amazon for the first time ever Apr 29 22:02
DaemonFC in that they extended everything and made it to where to get a decent OS X app, it’s no longer POSIX compliant Apr 29 22:02
DaemonFC even though the OS is POSIX compliant Apr 29 22:03
schestowitz PetoKraus: FSF  hates Amazon Apr 29 22:03
DaemonFC suddenly it becomes easy to port your application to OS X, but not to make your OS X application portable Apr 29 22:03
DaemonFC genius Apr 29 22:03
DaemonFC evil Apr 29 22:03
DaemonFC but genius Apr 29 22:03
PetoKraus well it might hate amazon, but the music is nowhere else Apr 29 22:03
PetoKraus :) Apr 29 22:03
DaemonFC I don’t really think of OS X as UNIX Apr 29 22:04
schestowitz PetoKraus: if you want music, i’ll give you a free torrent Apr 29 22:04
DaemonFC it is, but that’s not really what they’re selling Apr 29 22:04
schestowitz 6gb, no riaa issues Apr 29 22:04
schestowitz Perfectly legal Apr 29 22:04
PetoKraus schestowitz: Tom Brosseau Apr 29 22:04
PetoKraus there you go Apr 29 22:04
PetoKraus :P Apr 29 22:04
PetoKraus find that one. Apr 29 22:05
schestowitz No need Apr 29 22:05
schestowitz I have too much still to explore Apr 29 22:05
PetoKraus maybe for you Apr 29 22:05
schestowitz Now, if only I had a button to pay the singers Apr 29 22:05
PetoKraus i was at his gig Apr 29 22:05
schestowitz That’s what RMS proposed Apr 29 22:05
PetoKraus and i liked him Apr 29 22:05
schestowitz He has it all worked out Apr 29 22:05
PetoKraus so i bought his CD Apr 29 22:05
schestowitz Oh no Apr 29 22:05
DaemonFC I think Win64 is still too much of an afterthought, and it shouldn’t be Apr 29 22:05
schestowitz You pay middleman Apr 29 22:05
PetoKraus well Apr 29 22:05
schestowitz If you like him, mail him a check Apr 29 22:05
PetoKraus i paid amazon a bit Apr 29 22:05
DaemonFC they should be trying to kill off Win32, not pushing it Apr 29 22:05
schestowitz The stores and cartel make most of the money Apr 29 22:06
PetoKraus but i believe he gets more money from amazon Apr 29 22:06
*magentar (n=magentar@ has joined #boycottnovell Apr 29 22:06
PetoKraus than from CD sale Apr 29 22:06
schestowitz You feed the beasts Apr 29 22:06
PetoKraus that’s ok, i’m content with that Apr 29 22:06
schestowitz PetoKraus: likely, yes. Apr 29 22:06
PetoKraus they supplied the content within 3 minutes Apr 29 22:06
PetoKraus that’s worth a pint. Apr 29 22:06
schestowitz “Content” Apr 29 22:06
schestowitz *shivers( Apr 29 22:06
*PetoKraus np: Tom Brosseau – I Fly Whenever I Go (Grand Forks) Apr 29 22:06
PetoKraus :) Apr 29 22:06
schestowitz *shivers* Apr 29 22:06
DaemonFC they are still pushing 32-bit Windows in Windows 7 Apr 29 22:07
schestowitz Would you like ketchup with that content? Apr 29 22:07
*MinceR is listening to: Boz – http://Remix.Kwed.Org – Thrust Apr 29 22:07
PetoKraus now Apr 29 22:07
PetoKraus let’s make torrent of it Apr 29 22:07
DaemonFC because someone out there with a crap eMachine they bought 5 years ago is still a sale Apr 29 22:07
DaemonFC :P Apr 29 22:07
PetoKraus and share that Apr 29 22:07
PetoKraus :) Apr 29 22:07
DaemonFC Windows 7 will be interesting since they are not selling Basic in the United States Apr 29 22:08
MinceR 231500 < DaemonFC> genius Apr 29 22:08
*MinceR bursts out laughing Apr 29 22:08
DaemonFC it’ll be the first time the cheapest “upgrade” was $160 instead of $99 Apr 29 22:08
DaemonFC it’ll force more people to look at a triple digit price tag Apr 29 22:08
DaemonFC psychology Apr 29 22:09
DaemonFC I’d imagine 7 will sell much worse just because of that Apr 29 22:10
DaemonFC that’s the only way I can view Basic, the “shoddy $30 microwave at Walmart that has no features but gets you walking down that aisle” Apr 29 22:16
DaemonFC the goal is to end up making you buy the $500 model with phasers and photon torpedoes Apr 29 22:18
MinceR and then you shoot yourself in the foot with all the phasers and photon torpedoes Apr 29 22:20
DaemonFC the goal of having the cheap crap is to make you think the expensive version is better than it is Apr 29 22:22
DaemonFC and that you need it more than you do Apr 29 22:22
DaemonFC $99 gets you crap networking, no AERO, no Media Center, no volume shadow service……. Apr 29 22:23
DaemonFC the $160 gets you Aero and Media Center but maybe you need networking Apr 29 22:23
DaemonFC the $299 Business gives you Aero, and Networking and Volume Shadowing, but no Media Center stuff Apr 29 22:24
DaemonFC and from there you’re only about $20 away from Ultimate Apr 29 22:24
DaemonFC and then you shrug and grab that Apr 29 22:24
DaemonFC by the time you’re looking at Business, you question whether you need the Home Premium stuff Apr 29 22:25
DaemonFC and walk out of the store with Ultimate Apr 29 22:25
DaemonFC they made it that way on purpose, because with XP Home and Pro, the line was drawn and you didn’t really want to justify $100 more Apr 29 22:27
DaemonFC http://blogs.zdnet.com/BTL/?p=4424 Apr 29 22:35
DaemonFC This guy was correct Apr 29 22:35
DaemonFC “Microsoft wants to move its retail pricing structure for consumers up to $240(full)/$160(upgrade).  I expect that Windows Vista Home Basic will soon disappear from store shelves — never to be seen again.” Apr 29 22:36
DaemonFC Windows 7 Home Basic is not for sale in the US, Canada, and several other places Apr 29 22:36
DaemonFC hmmm Apr 29 22:46
DaemonFC schestowitz: IE has an SVG add-on now Apr 29 22:46
DaemonFC http://www.ieaddons.com/en/tool… Apr 29 22:47
*schestowitz look Apr 29 22:47
schestowitz Marc Wagner — no THANKS!! Apr 29 22:48
schestowitz Biggest lamer in ZDNet. HUGE Linux hater and MS fan. Apr 29 22:48
*schestowitz just finished rearranging the new sound system Apr 29 22:49
DaemonFC schestowitz: I’m looking at Sidebar gadgets Apr 29 22:54
DaemonFC they claim SP2 makes them take less resources Apr 29 22:54
DaemonFC heh Apr 29 23:03
DaemonFC the Republicans tried to block another budget Apr 29 23:04
DaemonFC and failed Apr 29 23:04
schestowitz Which budget? Apr 29 23:04
schestowitz American politics had me fed up Apr 29 23:04
schestowitz Neo-conservatives pro-war pro-guns invaders Apr 29 23:04
schestowitz They allow the good people die with their endless empire Apr 29 23:04
schestowitz Things to Avoid on Ubuntu http://ubuntu-snippets.blogspot.com/… Apr 29 23:05
DaemonFC Your User Agent is: Mozilla/4.0 (compatible; MSIE 8.0; Windows NT 6.0; WOW64; Trident/4.0; SLCC1; .NET CLR 2.0.50727; Media Center PC 5.0; .NET CLR 3.5.30729; .NET CLR 3.0.30729) Apr 29 23:14
DaemonFC whoa Apr 29 23:14
MinceR “; also, the Administrator password is “secret”; and by the way, the key is under the rug)” Apr 29 23:16
schestowitz http://www.youtube.com/watch?v… Apr 29 23:19
schestowitz Dollar on life supply Apr 29 23:19
MinceR gn Apr 29 23:21
schestowitz Peter Schiff The Crisis Just Begun < http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WPmdz… > Apr 29 23:23
DaemonFC hmmm, AdblockIE Apr 29 23:24
DaemonFC written in .Net Apr 29 23:24
DaemonFC and released under MS-PL Apr 29 23:24
DaemonFC lmfao Apr 29 23:30
DaemonFC you can use an InPrivate filter to block ads Apr 29 23:30
DaemonFC lmao Apr 29 23:33
DaemonFC I just loaded a modified Adblock Plus list Apr 29 23:33
schestowitz Peter Schiff Was Right Again < http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=… > Apr 29 23:33
schestowitz http://www.youtube.com/watch?v… Skip to minute 2:00 and enjoy the hypocrisy. Obama will hopefully read the book Chavez handed to him. Apr 29 23:39
schestowitz Dennis Kucinich States His Intention To Put The Federal Reserve Under Government Control < http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-r_-QRKyu6g > Apr 29 23:44
Balrog DaemonFC: is there any problem with C++.NET on Windows? Apr 29 23:50
Balrog limited to windows Apr 29 23:50
Balrog other than the fact that windows is not good … Apr 29 23:50
DaemonFC you can use about any programming language on Windows you have the runtimes for Apr 29 23:51
Balrog even C# in some cases … for example, Handbrake has a cross-platform core and a C# frontend for windows, a Cocoa frontend for Mac, and a GTK+ frontend for linux Apr 29 23:51
*PetoKraus has quit (Remote closed the connection) Apr 29 23:53
*PetoKraus (n=pk@fsf/member/petokraus) has joined #boycottnovell Apr 29 23:56
schestowitz Dennis Kucinich on Moody’s: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Phioe… Apr 29 23:56
*PetoKraus has quit (Remote closed the connection) Apr 29 23:57
DaemonFC I like Kucinich Apr 29 23:57
DaemonFC I signed his petition for an impeachment of Bush Apr 29 23:58
DaemonFC :P Apr 29 23:58
*PetoKraus (n=pk@fsf/member/petokraus) has joined #boycottnovell Apr 29 23:59
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  26. [Meme] Jimmy Zemlin Loves Microsoft

    It’s funny, isn’t it? Lying for a living and sucking up to the liars pays off; you get to plunder actual Linux users while leaving Linux morally and financially bankrupt

  27. Links 24/11/2021: PHP Foundation and Flatpak Criticisms

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  28. IRC Proceedings: Tuesday, November 23, 2021

    IRC logs for Tuesday, November 23, 2021

  29. Links 24/11/2021: Rust Crisis and Team UPC Still Faking 'Progress'

    Links for the day

  30. Links 23/11/2021: New GNU Parallel and Memories of David H. Adler (Perl, Raku)

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