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  • HP to Spin Off PCs, Eyes Software Purchase

    Hewlett-Packard Co., the world’s largest computer maker … has been aiming to lessen its dependence on lower-margin PCs, where growth has stalled as consumers flock to tablet-style computers like those made by Apple Inc.

    Microsoft dominates the low margin pile.

  • HP: Big Changes

    HP has proven there’s not much money in being M$’s partner in Wintel. Perhaps the next owner of the business will drive a harder bargain or even run GNU/Linux straight away… Either way this could cost M$ money or share.

  • HP Investor Relations

    HP will discontinue operations for webOS devices, specifically the TouchPad and webOS phones. The devices have not met internal milestones and financial targets. HP will continue to explore options to optimize the value of webOS software going forward.

    Was the purchase of Palm just to shut down webOS because it could have been a Wintel beater? The scant two years from Palm launch to HP trash can is suspicious and should attract anti-trust investigation. Apple made a ton of money off their non free mobile OS, HP might have too. Perhaps the final lesson, with Android taking over, is that non free software is just not profitable. Who knows, HP might go back to being an instrumentation company. The Pee Cee gig did not last very long.

  • Defence/Police/Aggression

    • How Safe Are You? What Almost $8 Trillion in National Security Spending Bought You Really $11 trillion.

      Does anything remain of the international goodwill toward our country that was the one positive legacy of the infamous attacks of September 11, 2001? Unlikely.

      I’d say that the US has squandered most of its cold war good will too by attacking civil rights, torturing and spying on everyone, abandoning technical pursuits and free market competition in favor of patent colonialism and the big sell out to Communist China, all of which has wrecked US standards of living. Chernobyl was the beginning of the end of the USSR because it demonstrated deadly incompetence and criminal face saving. The even bigger bank “bail outs”, Deepwater Horizon and Fukushima are similar blows to US corporate influence. US government influence has been a joke for years because it is clear that the US government exists to please it’s biggest corporations.

  • Environment/Energy/Wildlife

  • Finance

    • SEC shredded evidence of fraud.

      The U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission violated federal rules when it destroyed investigative records over a 17-year period … Darcy Flynn, a 13-year-veteran of the SEC, decided to blow the whistle after learning the SEC had destroyed over 9,000 so-called “matters under inquiry,” [preliminary documents the SEC compiles when it receives evidence of possible securities violations] … the SEC destroyed files on important, high-profile cases, including Bernard Madoff, Goldman Sachs Group Inc, trading in American International Group Inc credit-default swaps, alleged frauds at Wells Fargo & Co and Bank of America Corp and insider-trading probes at Deutsche Bank AG, Lehman Brothers and hedge fund SAC Capital.

      This is one of those reasons we need sunshine laws and electronic public libraries. Copies of these records should be widespread and verifiable.

    • Warren Buffet has a nice essay about taxing the rich but he has his money sheltered unaccountably in the Gates Foundation
    • Ethanol subsidies a bust.

      For farmers like Schipper, and ethanol refiners, there will be little reason to mourn the end of the subsidy, arguing that the money went directly to the oil industry anyway.
      But campaign groups estimate it could lead to a slight drop in corn prices. “It won’t make a big difference for American farmers but it could make a huge difference for impoverished countries,” said Marie Brill, an analyst at ActionAid.

      Laws protecting markets against speculation have been undermined so the ordinary relation between supply and demand is broken. Thanks to GM, most corn contains insecticides that can’t be washed off so it might be better to burn it.

  • Anti-Trust

    • The CEO Which Turned Nokia From Master To Mistress Warns Of Google-Motorola Deal

      According to my observation the message Mr. Elop seems to be giving is: Nokia’s shutdown of MeeGo is OK, Microsoft’s repeated attack on Android players it OK, Spreading FUD via proxies (Edward J. Naughton, Florian Mueller) is OK, But if Google acquires Motorola to protect itself from the attacks of Microsoft that is not OK.

  • PR/AstroTurf/Lobbying

    • How the Koch Brothers Funded Public-School Segregation

      Local reporters, some of whom are interviewed in the film, connected the push to eliminate busing with the philosophies of AFP and its funders. “They’re definitely pushing an agenda to resegregate these schools, but there’s also a real push toward privatization,” … The fact that millionaires can put hundreds of thousands of dollars into a local election and essentially deprive people of their rights, in many ways, and mess with their school system,” he [a film maker] says. “It seems to us one of the strongest examples of the really incredible way money takes away our democracy.”

    • Getting him to write a story about it … priceless.

      The reporter should not have mentioned brand names.

  • Censorship

    • BART Pulls a Mubarak in San Francisco

      BART said today that it had instituted the following rules, including: “No person shall conduct or participate in assemblies or demonstrations or engage in other expressive activities in the paid areas of BART stations, including BART cars and trains and BART station platforms.” What does that mean? We can’t talk?

      University and protest “free speech areas” which kettle up dissent effectively banned free speech outside of the areas. Now we see explicit violations of the right to assemble.

  • Intellectual Monopolies

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  1. Needs Sunlight said,

    August 19, 2011 at 1:10 pm


    The margins on low-end computers is higher without the Windows tax. Using Linux would increase profitability there.

    Dr. Roy Schestowitz Reply:

    What large OEMs still sell “Windows only”?

    twitter Reply:

    Dell is still firmly in Microsoft’s orbit. The IT guys here tried to buy me a computer from Dell. For one reason or another, they ended up sending me a box with FreeDOS. Searching the site for “Linux” I see 11 desktop models with Ubuntu as one of fifteen OS choices (13 of them were Vista/Windows 7 with various intentional missing features up to “Ultimate”). Dell still says, “Dell recommends Windows® 7.” on every search result page. Looking at their computers, I see “Dell recommends Internet Explorer 9 Learn more>” It’s nice to see free software as an option but we know from the Walmart case that Microsoft tries to make OEMs offer inferior hardware with gnu/linux. I asked for Linux and they shoved all of that stuff in my face instead of making it easy to find what I want. Why should I trust them?

    The story has a happy ending for me. I was able to move my hard drive from my old computer to the new one without changing a single configuration file. Everything just worked.

    The price Microsoft demands for compliance is the reason HP has left the business. Microsoft is unreasonable.

    Dr. Roy Schestowitz Reply:

    See Hurd’s E-mails to Ballmer amid the Vista debacle. The court released those a few years ago. Hilarious.

    Windows did considerable harm to HP’s reputation.

What Else is New

  1. Censorship at the EPO is Counterproductive, Rendering the Censored Publications More Seductive and Censored People More Disgruntled

    The efforts to gag Techrights or to intimidate us have all been unfruitful; in a sense, they encouraged us to focus on EPO scandals even more and arguably invoked the 'Streisand Effect' at the EPO (most workers read this site, no matter what their bosses say)

  2. EPO Management Has No Plans Other Than Granting Loads of Invalid Patents (e.g. Software Patents) to Pocket Fees and Then Grift/Gamble With the Money

    The EPO does not know what the hell it’s doing; it’s more of that magical festival-like thinking, as if running a patent office is Eurovision

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  4. [Meme] Public Servants Who Only Serve Themselves and Their Predecessors (Who Gave Them the Job)

    The Benoît Battistelli-appointed António Campinos (an old friend of his) isn’t just covering up the EPO‘s financial scams but contributes to these; when will this house of cards (arse-covering) fall and will that take a special (independent) investigator?

  5. Censored EPO Publication: Battistelli Can Have His Multi-Billion Euro EPO Scam, So Why Can't Campinos Too?

    Mr. Campinos, seeing what Mr. Battistelli has managed to get away with (the Commission approves, having been infiltrated by friends of the ringleaders), piggybacks or follows the steps of his appointer by blasting almost a billion euros on a worthless project with no real purpose and the Central Staff Committee (CSC) warns it has "very high risk of mismanagement and fraud"

  6. Staff Representation of the EPO Explains to EPO Management That It's Breaking the Law, Robbing the Staff, and Lying to Staff

    Human rights, basic dignity and labour protections of EPO staff are routinely violated and the staff is also being robbed based on false pretenses; the staff representatives write to refute "[t]he Office’s report [which] has been made available on the Intranet"

  7. European Commission's Thierry Breton Covers Up EPO Corruption For His Friend Benoît Battistelli

    Thierry Breton is the sort of official who causes people to vote for Brexit (or similar exits from the EU); he’s enthusiastically defending EPO corruption and he also calls for constitutional violations in many member states — all in the name of patent maximalism (Team UPC’s coup attempt)

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  10. Alternatives to the World Wide Web, to HTML, to HTTP/S, and to the Internet

    Looking around the Web (yes, the Web) for alternatives to the Web (and the stack underneath the Web), we're finding that IPFS is mature and robust enough for our needs

  11. Management of the EPO Dragged to the International Labour Organisation Over Its Assault on the Right to Strike

    Opinion on strikes challenged by the Central Staff Committee of Europe's second-largest organisation; if strike rights are almost abolished there, what hope is there for the rest of Europe?

  12. [Meme] Management of the EPO Cannot Let the Staff Breathe or Smell Freedom

    Working for the EPO means giving up on one’s human rights; that’s the sort of conclusion many workers have reached

  13. “ViCo” is Nothing New (Not Even the Acronym), Done on 9/11 Last Year, Been Possible as Long as the EPO Has Existed

    Contrary to what many people are led to believe, the EPO isn't embracing innovation, it's just embracing COVID-19 and leveraging lock-downs (de facto house arrest to some) to impose an illegal practice on EPO staff and EPO stakeholders

  14. Release: Early Letters and Documents About Financial Hoax Disguised as EPO 'Study'

    It was over a year ago that staff representation at the EPO expressed concerns about what would later enrage workers — seeing that based on unscientific fabrications the EPO would take away what had been promised to them

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    IRC logs for Sunday, November 29, 2020

  16. Managing IP: Puff Pieces Galore for the EPO's Dictatorship (Complete With Buzzwords and PR Stunts)

    By giving a platform to notorious patent trolls and ‘engaging’ with the EPO‘s dictator (whom only 3% of EPO staff trusts) Managing IP is sort of giving away its real agenda, which isn’t journalism but conducting or assisting misinformation campaigns

  17. Links 29/11/2020: Genode OS Framework 20.11, Linux 5.11 Kernel Changes, and Latest in KDE Itinerary

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  18. Sincere Thoughts About Outreachy

    Outreachy's role in the Free software community and inclusion in the FSF's High Priority Projects, as seen from the eyes of a female coder from a minority group; she used to work for the Free Software Foundation (FSF) and she expresses concerns about what Outreachy has become

  19. Free Software Under Tyranny of Codes of Conduct as the Western Equivalent of Blasphemy Law (Corporations as the New Religion/Sponsors as Deities)

    The free speech crisis in Free software communities has enabled expulsion of opinionated people whose opinions truly matter; in their place we now have companies that bomb people, sometimes even kidnapping children and sterilising women because nothing says “Ethics” like naked fascism and corporate domination everywhere

  20. Release: 4 More Documents and Letters About the Financial Siege at Europe's Second-Largest Institution

    Documents disputing the accuracy of the "hoax" from António Campinos and the Mercers

  21. One Year Ago: The Last EPO Demonstration Before COVID-19

    About a year ago staff of the EPO apparently had its last protest (in front of the Isar building) before staff got ‘herded’ into homes, where workers became more isolated and even illegally spied on

  22. [Meme] Unified Patent Court Agreement (UPCA) is an Attack on Europe and the European Businesses That Don't Do Litigation

    Litigation lawyers and patent zealots want to set Europe ablaze with legislation that they themselves crafted; thankfully, however, they face constitutional obstacles, no matter how many politicians they bamboozle and buy

  23. Reasons EPO Staff Decided to Go on Strike This Year (Before or Until Coronavirus Prevented It)

    An year-old letter from the Staff Union of the European Patent Office (SUEPO) to the President of the EPO; 7 reasons for going on strike are enumerated

  24. EPO Can Save Money by “Dropping Events Like the Inventor of the Year, Reducing the Number of Managers, Throwing Less Money at Consultants or Bringing the Boards of Appeal Back into Office Buildings.”

    Constructive suggestions from EPO staff, made just over a year ago and assembled into a letter to their EPO colleagues

  25. The Real Fate of the UPC 'Stunt' in Germany Will be Known Next Month (or Next Year) and There Are Substantial Constitutional Barriers in the Way

    Contrary to what Team UPC wants people to think, UPC(A) isn’t a “done deal” in Germany; they never actually addressed the substance of complaints and with help from Benoît Battistelli‘s friends in the Commission they’re just attempting a blatant coup

  26. Microsoft Removes Free Software From GitHub Again, This Time for Motion Picture Association (MPA)

    GitHub is proving to be more of a censorship site than a code-sharing site; with the GitHub takeover Microsoft became a 'censorship police' or force of occupation against its ideological competition; just weeks after the YouTube-DL debacle and further take-downs seeking to 'protect' broken DRM schemes (by banning code) we can see that Microsoft isn't defending developers at all; it's just protecting the interests of MPA, RIAA and other Biden circles from the interests of the general population, which sometimes circumvents perfectly circumventable 'DRM' schemes

  27. IRC Proceedings: Saturday, November 28, 2020

    IRC logs for Saturday, November 28, 2020

  28. Help Make Techrights (and Other Technology-Centric Sites) More Robust to Censorship by Setting Up More IPFS Nodes

    We’re trying to improve the site’s availability (ensuring it can never be offline) and make it more censorship-resistant; people who adopt IPFS can make that happen while tackling the “bloated Web” and “centralised Internet” issues — all at the same time

  29. Microsoft Loves Linux and Android Apps Running on Windows Instead of GNU/Linux and Android Devices

    Microsoft loves Linux, they say; but as Microsoft's former VP James Allchin put it: "If you're going to kill someone there isn't much reason to get all worked up about it and angry -- you just pull the trigger [...] We need to smile at Novell while we pull the trigger."

  30. Links 28/11/2020: RenderDoc 1.11, GNOME 40 Scrolling Horizontally

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