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The "Hey Hi" (AI) Hype is Getting Truly Ridiculous

posted by Roy Schestowitz on Nov 20, 2023

We're meant to think some dude in his 30s, Mr. Altman, is like some kind of a superman and Microsoft has just been "saved"; its involvement in chatbots only sank it deeper in a quicksand of massive debt while Bing has had lots of layoffs and now resorts to a mere rebrand of "Bing Chat"... as it failed miserably. This is classic vapourware, with desperate 'journalists' riding the coattails of frauds and scammers for a quick buck, helping to give false hopes to shareholders.

Android at Mystery Park in Interlaken, Switzerland

THE IRC channel rants a lot today about the latest Microsoft hype about "Hey Hi" (AI).

Do not be misled. It's all hype and diversion.

From IRC:

  .-.-.   .-.-.   .-.-.   .-.-.   .-.-.   .-.-.   .-.-.   .-.-
 / / \ \ / / \ \ / / \ \ / / \ \ / / \ \ / / \ \ / / \ \ / / \
`-'   `-`-'   `-`-'   `-`-'   `-`-'   `-`-'   `-`-'   `-`-'

What the news is NOT telling you today: Microsoft FIRED a lot of its so-called "HEY HI" staff this year. The company isn't doing well, it's sinking in debt, and its "chatbot" ventures cost billions in losses, not limited to media bribes (for mindless hype). All it promises shareholders at this point is vapourware.

Right now Amazon spins its LAYOFFS as "bcoz HEY HI!" This rubbish from MBA factories is tiring and we should all laugh our arses off when they pull this off.

To keep the hype floating, having bribed the media to the tune of hundreds of millions to distract from mass layoffs, Microsoft will maintain the fictional portrayal of some "wunderkind" "HEY HI" dude. The company is a bunch of hype-trotting MBAs, sociopaths, and scammers.

  .-.-.   .-.-.   .-.-.   .-.-.   .-.-.   .-.-.   .-.-.   .-.-
 / / \ \ / / \ \ / / \ \ / / \ \ / / \ \ / / \ \ / / \ \ / / \
`-'   `-`-'   `-`-'   `-`-'   `-`-'   `-`-'   `-`-'   `-`-'

This is IRC, hence crude with some "all caps". Psydroid added that it's a case of "long live technofeudalism".

We think the threats are overstated as part of the hype campaign and the doomsday scenarios surrounding lousy chatbots that create shoddy sentences (without any comprehension whatsoever) serve to distract from more obvious dangers, such as the passing of mere tasks (not "AI") to computers (automation), removing morality and accountability from a lot of business processes.

By the way, Altman is not moving to Microsoft. He was already at Microsoft. His ousting from OpenAI reaffirms people's suspicions that the company might go bankrupt; it never made a buck, it's just losing loads of money and its "market value" (or valuation or "cap") is classic Ponzi.

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