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posted by Roy Schestowitz on Mar 31, 2024

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Updated This Past Day

  1. Meet Marknote, KDE’s WYSIWYG Note-Taking Application for Linux
    Mathis Brüchert announced the release of Marknote, KDE’s new WYSIWYG note-taking application for the Linux desktop, which lets you create rich text notes.


  2. today's leftovers
    Ubuntu, SUSE, and more
  3. Open Hardware: ZimaBoard, RISC-V, Raspberry Pi
    3 new stories
  4. Kernel: Bootlin's Work and Linux Plumbers Conference's (LPC) Networking Track
    some Linux news
  5. Fedora and Red Hat Leftovers
    Also some CentOS
  6. LibreOffice Survey and Statement on 'Microsoft 365' Being in Breach of the Law
    Some LibreOffice updates
  7. Security Leftovers
    and some GNU/Linux focus, too
  8. today's howtos
    today's batch
  9. Software: GNU/Linux Screen Recorders, Plattenalbum, ucollage, and More
    5 new lists or overviews
  10. Android Leftovers
    How to find the AT&T phone number for your Android smartwatch
  11. GNU Wget 1.24.5
    Noteworthy changes in release 1.24.5 (2024-03-10)
  12. Your 2024 journey with /e/OS and Murena (and a V2!)
    At the heart of /e/OS’s philosophy is a strong belief that individual choices can drive significant change
  13. This Week in GNOME: #141 Sleek Documentation
    Update on what happened across the GNOME project in the week from March 22 to March 29
  14. Proprietary Microsoft and Apple Stuff
    more leftovers
  15. Windows TCO and More
    Cost of chooosing Windows
  16. Ubuntu, CentOS, and Kernel (Linux)
    Some leftover stories
  17. Shows and Videos: The Linux Link Tech Show, Invidious Galore (Past Week)
    Some videos and audio
  18. Android Leftovers
    Chrome for Android Will Soon Declutter Your Unused Tabs
  19. Programming Leftovers
    Programming with R, Rust, and more
  20. Free, Libre, and Open Source Software Leftovers
    FOSS stories, curl had 10,000 bugfixes in 10,000 days
  21. today's howtos
    many howtos, some older
  22. GNU+Linux on Phones, Right-to-Repair Bill, and Open Hardware
    4 stories
  23. My first impressions of using Linux on my new old refurbished Dell Latitude 5520
    The Linux operating system has a lot to offer
  24. The 6 Best Open Source Music Editing Software for Linux
    Linux offers a variety of open-source music editing software
  25. This week in KDE: looking forward towards Plasma 6.1
    This week I’d like to highlight a very cool development
  26. Games: Proton Experimental, Maniac, and More
    Some news from gamingonlinux
  27. RIP Ross Anderson
    Ross Anderson died yesterday
  28. LibreSSL 3.8.4 and 3.9.1 released
    In a not-quite-unexpected announcement, the LibreSSL development team released the new versions
  29. Today in Techrights
    Some of the latest articles


  30. Open Source Load Balancer RELIANOID CE v7.2.0 is released!
    This release is crafted to further advance the journey of establishing the most Reliable Load Balancer
  31. Security and FUD Leftovers
    Security for the most part, or lack thereof

    The corresponding text-only bulletin for Saturday contains all the text.

    Top-read articles (excluding bot/crawler visits):

    Span from 2024-03-24 to 2024-03-30
    1190 /n/2024/03/26/Canonical_Extends_LTS_Support_to_12_Years.shtml
    1188 /n/2024/03/23/Openwashing_GitLab_Censorship_Without_Challenge_Redis_and_More.shtml
    1170 /n/2024/03/29/A_backdoor_in_xz.shtml
    1114 /n/2024/03/23/Wine_9_5.shtml
    884 /n/2024/03/24/Linus_Torvalds_Announces_the_First_Linux_Kernel_6_9_Release_Can.shtml
    867 /n/2024/03/26/Fedora_40_Beta_will_be_Released_Soon.shtml
    851 /n/2024/03/25/today_s_howros.shtml
    813 /n/2024/03/26/Orange_Pi_Neo_Linux_handheld_gaming_PC_to_sell_for_499_and_up.shtml
    778 /n/2024/03/26/FIREBAT_T8_Plus_Mini_PC_Running_Linux_Introduction.shtml
    750 /n/2024/03/24/today_s_howtos.shtml
    730 /n/2024/03/24/Security_Leftovers.shtml
    729 /n/2024/03/28/today_s_howtos.shtml
    722 /n/2024/03/26/Android_Leftovers.shtml
    719 /n/2024/03/25/today_s_howtos.shtml
    715 /n/2024/03/25/Programming_Leftovers.shtml
    703 /index.shtml

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