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posted by Roy Schestowitz on Apr 15, 2024,
updated Apr 16, 2024

Still busy, very busy, but mostly behind the scenes (until it's almost ready)

Fishing at Sam Son beach

WE HAVE regrettably not managed to publish a lot of new articles in the past 2-3 days, but there's a reason for that. We're working on (researching, talking, preparing, polishing) a number of things to be published in the near future. As a hint or a glimpse, consider material we'll publish about Freenode (lots on that), a leak pertaining to the illegal kangaroo 'courts' of the EPO, and some good news about more sites following our (and Tux Machines') footsteps by dumping bloatware such as Drupal and WordPress. It's a kind of bandwagon effect. There's hope that more people or sites will also adopt Gemini Protocol (as a fallback or at the very least as a secondary or alternative medium), but growth of Geminispace has been stagnant this past year.

Since I started doing Techrights full time (actually more than double that; it takes up easily more than 100 hours per week) I've been able to publish more than ever before (this site started when I was still working on my Ph.D. thesis and later I started working). But some topics take/require a considerable amount of preparation. One cannot publish as fast as one types unless one spews garbage and inaccurate nonsense of no real value; or, as of lately, uses some lousy chatbots that only sounds coherent while ejaculating a bunch of mindless falsehoods.

Techrights has come this far (18 years soon) because it is relatively accurate (nothing is perfect, but we strive to be close to that) and it never got sued for anything.

Man asleep after a busy day

Tux Machines turns 20 in about 7 weeks from now. Techrights no longer 'overlaps' the links posted in Tux Machines (instead it links to them every 24 hours). There was significant overlap between the sites since 2013 (until 2023) and we save a lot of time by not doing that anymore.

Today we began testing some new software for Tux Machines, which will hopefully increase the speed at which the half dozen or so contributors add material. Suffice to say, that too takes up time, though it's not publicly visible and is thus not appreciated as much as new articles.

Techrights will soon repost some old articles from - articles that it didn't reproduce before due to aggressive censorship and threats (we'll cover those later this year).

All in all, we expect to have already caught up with most of the administrivia and hopefully we'll be back to the prior pace some time later this week.

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