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Novell, Xandros, and Linspire Fail to Tell Apart Foes from Friends

As unpopular as it may be, one of the peacemaker's lines would be that Microsoft wishes to help Linux. Others would say it's absurd. Sadly, too many people still find comfort in the thought that Microsoft has changed its ways. But it hasn't! Are some of us simply blind to the evidence that is still out there?

But, Microsoft still shows up lobbying the government to rig the game against all other players!

But, Microsoft still has its "Get the Facts" ads up.

But, Microsoft still has anti-competition agreements with all of the major OEMs. Even Dell, who is treading the line.

But, Microsoft asstroturfers are still thriving on message boards across the web.


But Microsoft is still devoted to crushing Linux. I don't hate Microsoft. I just love freedom. Microsoft hates freedom. So we are enemies. When Microsoft quits trying to eradicate Linux (indeed, when eradicating Linux drops down a few notches on their schedule, even) then I'll consider they might be possible friends. Until then, or until soon after Hell opens an ice cream store, every Linux company that becomes Microsoft's partner is just a well-paid traitor against Linux. End of story.

Many of you would agree with these words. Novell used to actually criticise its rival. Just watch the following video.

Ever since the deal, Novell has been too Microsoft-dependent. While nothing but smilies are coming from Novell (watch Ron Hovsepian in the header of this Web site), Microsoft puts an evil grin on and stabs Linux in the back (see the textual evidence above again). Novell does not seem to mind.

John Dvorak had something to say on the issue and he even used the same ol' SCO comparison.

Microsoft has decided to take up the hobby of saber-rattling by threatening the open-source community itself rather than using proxies or stooges. It now cites its ownership of over 200 patents that Linux folks are supposedly stealing. When I first heard about this, I figured that the company was sick of watching SCO get nowhere with its lawsuits. Microsoft is believed to be behind the financing of the SCO threats against Linux.

ITwire reminds us that only a few days remain as a window to other Linux deals (AKA 'protection rackets' with innocent-but-well-paid signers).

The GPLv3 is set to be published on June 29 and once that is done, any new deal will be subject to the terms which it includes.

This accounts for the desperation evident at Microsoft, with the folk at Redmond trying to find any and all Linux companies to sign up. A bid to fracture the Linux market, small though it is, and an attempt to spread fear are behind this drive.

Let's hope we will be seeing no more Novell-type deals.

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