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Behind the OOXML “No” Vote in India Remains a Fiasco

Microsoft: but all our well-paid partners say "Yes"

Reports about India's "No" vote have started to circulate more widely, but nowhere can you find the lesser-explored problems that led to outrage. The following article is particularly amusing where it mentions Microsoft's response to the debacle.

"While we are disappointed with the decision of the [Indian] committee, we are very encouraged by the support of IT industry players … who voted in favor of Open XML," said a statement Microsoft e-mailed to

But wait! Every single one of those in favour of OOXML was a Microsoft partner that must have voted for the company (Microsoft), not for OOXML. What does that say about OOXML, what does that say about Microsoft, and what does that say about those companies, which OSI would say "need to blush"?

But wait again! There's more. What was Steve Ballmer's trip to India all about?

Steve Ballmer was in India?


Interestingly, that was the day when BIS met to discuss OOXML. For those who have been following this issue, India's final vote on the subject will be on 20th May 2008. Talk about timing!

GNOME GeditConnect the above to the stories below, the fourth one in particular. We saw in the past some report where Ballmer pressured diplomats on OOXML issues. He does not just shout at analysts over the telephone, for results that are more 'correct'.

Also see:

Don't let Microsoft and the press jointly rewrite the appalling history of Microsoft's manipulation in India.

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