Bonum Certa Men Certa

Who President Biden is Indebted to (e.g. Google Monopoly and the Financial Sector)

Google paid Biden only about a tenth what his campaign paid Google

Summary: The "big money" presidency stays; the faces will be different, there will be more racial empathy, but when it comes to "big business" not much is expected to change (it's bought and paid for, as usual)

BEFORE we proceed we should clarify that it seems rather clear Mr. Biden has won. Donald Trump won't take that away from him. Even the GOP-leaning WSJ presents it as follows:

Maps for Biden

In the US, more so than in many other places, it's no secret that elections can get bought and political candidates are often obliged to give something in return to their buyers.

So, in a nutshell, who is the next president? Let's examine based on OpenSecrets:

Biden OpenSecrets

Where the money came from:

Biden sources


Sectors for Biden

Top contributors (notice Google in there):

Biden contributors

Where the money went (paid-for media):

Biden media

Notice how much money Biden's campaign gave to Facebook:

Biden ads in Facebook

And to Google:

Biden ads in Google

We'll refrain from remarking any further for now. It should be noted that Bill Gates is already publicly trying to control Biden (telling him what to do, in order to enrich himself). Biden was not going to start taxing Gates (a serial tax evader) and he was even warned in advance (so forget about Warren or Sanders as VP). Trump helped him become vastly richer and Microsoft received bailout money. Who cares about people without homes and barely any food; give taxpayers' money away to bail out Microsoft, in addition to a massive Pentagon contract (reportedly given as a favour by Trump, just to spite Bezos/Amazon).

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