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IRC: #boycottnovell @ FreeNode: April 10th, 2009 – Part 1

Posted in IRC Logs at 6:58 am by Dr. Roy Schestowitz


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wispygalaxy ok thanks roy Apr 10 00:00
wispygalaxy on the front page of BN? Apr 10 00:00
schestowitz Posted Apr 10 00:00
schestowitz wispygalaxy: well, I want to see what’s up with their campaign Apr 10 00:00
wispygalaxy ah i just saw it Apr 10 00:00
schestowitz Stilll going… http://freeculture.org/ Apr 10 00:00
schestowitz Not so strong anymore, though Apr 10 00:00
wispygalaxy spread the love haha Apr 10 00:01
wispygalaxy i hope it will be okay Apr 10 00:01
*_Hicham_ (n=hicham@wana-133-245-12-196.wanamaroc.com) has joined #boycottnovell Apr 10 00:01
schestowitz “Interesting article I found out about as well as some commentary below: http://blogs.pcmag.com/securitywatch/… They link to Microsoft’s “Security Intelligence Report”, where they essentially blame the user who doesn’t patch their systems for security problems.” Apr 10 00:08
wispygalaxy compiz never fails to impress me! http://lunduke.com/?p=376 Apr 10 00:08
wispygalaxy this is your link, roy Apr 10 00:08
schestowitz wispygalaxy: watch the video in the latest links batch Apr 10 00:08
schestowitz That’s the Free Culture stuff. I’ll post more in the coming week (there are 8 parts) Apr 10 00:08
wispygalaxy compiz is so fast and amazing Apr 10 00:08
wispygalaxy cool, i’ll be looking forward to it Apr 10 00:09
schestowitz Gotta put pressure on em now:  France says ‘non’ to three strikes law < http://www.theinquirer.net/inquirer/new… > They’ll try again and probably succeed Apr 10 00:09
wispygalaxy glitzy stuff *does* matter, who wants to look at a boring UI all day Apr 10 00:10
wispygalaxy i couldnt stand the grey of win98 Apr 10 00:10
*PetoKraus has quit (Remote closed the connection) Apr 10 00:10
wispygalaxy oh i heard about that on Digg, roy, about the 3 strikes thing Apr 10 00:10
schestowitz Today I saw Windows Apr 10 00:11
schestowitz Not on /my/ computer Apr 10 00:11
schestowitz Of course it was XP, not Vista Apr 10 00:11
wispygalaxy whew haha Apr 10 00:11
schestowitz Vista was RTMed in 2006 Apr 10 00:11
schestowitz 2009 and it’s nowhere. Apr 10 00:11
wispygalaxy egads Apr 10 00:11
schestowitz And it’s ugly and primitive Apr 10 00:11
wispygalaxy and it ate too much RAM on my lappy :( Apr 10 00:11
wispygalaxy debian makes my HD so quiet Apr 10 00:11
*PetoKraus (n=pk@fsf/member/petokraus) has joined #boycottnovell Apr 10 00:12
wispygalaxy i don’t understand why XP is so ugly, wtf is up with the green fischer-price theme lol Apr 10 00:13
_Hicham_ hi wispygalaxy Apr 10 00:13
wispygalaxy hey _hicham_ long time no see Apr 10 00:13
wispygalaxy i’m *still* not a 1337 gamer yet Apr 10 00:14
wispygalaxy and i dont have a tricked-out laptop for games Apr 10 00:14
_Hicham_ schestowitz : i just saw that Mark Shuttleworth is going to rewrite Gnome, X11, and Kernel using Mono Apr 10 00:15
_Hicham_ wispygalaxy : try postal2 Apr 10 00:15
_Hicham_ there is some cool games for linux Apr 10 00:15
wispygalaxy yes tux racer is so cute! Apr 10 00:15
wispygalaxy penguins have a special place in my heart :P Apr 10 00:16
wispygalaxy i’ll look up postal2, thanks Apr 10 00:16
_Hicham_ postal2 worked like a charm on my laptop Apr 10 00:18
wispygalaxy my lappy is a tad weak to play modern games Apr 10 00:18
wispygalaxy i looked at the specs for some games- my processor is not good enough :( Apr 10 00:19
_Hicham_ what config do u have? Apr 10 00:20
wispygalaxy i have a 1.73 GHz processor, many games want more than 1.8 GHz Apr 10 00:20
wispygalaxy Anyway, my friend recently told me that he now uses OpenOffice.  He’s a sociology major and can use it *easily*. Apr 10 00:21
_Hicham_ is it a pentium M? Apr 10 00:23
wispygalaxy core 2 duo Apr 10 00:23
_Hicham_ u can run all linux games then Apr 10 00:24
_Hicham_ commercial and free ones Apr 10 00:24
wispygalaxy yay linux loves me Apr 10 00:25
wispygalaxy any games you recommend? Apr 10 00:25
tacone i love teeworlds Apr 10 00:26
balzac I forgot to say something positive about the good news re: TomBoy Apr 10 00:26
silentivm teeworlds is cool Apr 10 00:26
tacone and more deep than it seems. Apr 10 00:26
_Hicham_ wispygalaxy : wait Apr 10 00:26
tacone a lot to learn. Apr 10 00:27
balzac That’s nice to see a developer correct his course Apr 10 00:27
tacone balzac: it’s a fork. Apr 10 00:27
balzac I won’t rip out TomBoy from each Ubuntu installation if it’s the C++ version Apr 10 00:27
tacone from a ex-novell dev. Apr 10 00:27
wispygalaxy i’ll look up teeworlds Apr 10 00:27
balzac F— C#! Apr 10 00:28
tacone balzac: there’s an ubuntu ppa for the new tomboy afaik Apr 10 00:28
wispygalaxy lol balzac Apr 10 00:28
_Hicham_ wispygalaxy : here u go http://www.linuxlinks.com/art… Apr 10 00:28
wispygalaxy C# ripped off java :( Apr 10 00:28
wispygalaxy thanks _hicham_ Apr 10 00:28
tacone wispygalaxy: a nice commercial game with a free demo is TowerOfGoo Apr 10 00:28
_Hicham_ balzac : C# is a hideous creature from Microsoft Apr 10 00:28
wispygalaxy haha i remember the penny arcade game, when it first came out Apr 10 00:28
tacone it’s awesomely made. Apr 10 00:29
wispygalaxy towerofgoo, sounds interesting hehe :) Apr 10 00:29
tacone it’s very nice. Apr 10 00:29
wispygalaxy good graphics? Apr 10 00:29
balzac And it does a disservice the venerable legacy of C languages Apr 10 00:29
tacone download the demo straight away Apr 10 00:29
tacone yes, pretty graphics, and quite creative. Apr 10 00:29
_Hicham_ there is a game about cold war Apr 10 00:29
wispygalaxy oooooh Apr 10 00:29
_Hicham_ it is very good Apr 10 00:29
tacone yes it is. Apr 10 00:29
balzac It’s not a serious C language, but plenty of young developers will be fooled Apr 10 00:29
tacone and runs at hi-resolution on my box <3 Apr 10 00:30
wispygalaxy opengl is involved? Apr 10 00:30
wispygalaxy i personally think opengl looks great Apr 10 00:30
tacone guess yes. Apr 10 00:30
_Hicham_ wispygalaxy : of course opengl Apr 10 00:30
wispygalaxy it’s better looking than using directx Apr 10 00:31
tacone wispygalaxy: the demo is free. download it. it’s some hours of fun. Apr 10 00:31
wispygalaxy sure, i will :) Apr 10 00:31
tacone gotta go Apr 10 00:31
tacone good night Apr 10 00:31
*tacone (n=tacone@93-32-186-60.ip34.fastwebnet.it) has left #boycottnovell (“ERROR: crap-talking overflow – Aborting.”) Apr 10 00:31
wispygalaxy see ya tacone! Apr 10 00:31
wispygalaxy balzac: c vs c++? Apr 10 00:32
wispygalaxy hehe Apr 10 00:32
schestowitz _Hicham_: seen the shuttleeorth piece Apr 10 00:32
schestowitz linus format Apr 10 00:32
schestowitz *linux format Apr 10 00:32
schestowitz i spoke to them about mono problems Apr 10 00:32
_Hicham_ schestowitz : it is just April Fools Day? Apr 10 00:33
_Hicham_ or is it for real? Apr 10 00:33
schestowitz yes Apr 10 00:35
schestowitz joke Apr 10 00:35
_Hicham_ schestowitz : Shuttleworth’s view about Mono hasn’t changed Apr 10 00:36
_Hicham_ he still supports mono Apr 10 00:36
wispygalaxy that’s too bad :( Apr 10 00:37
_Hicham_ wispygalaxy : what kind of games do u like? Apr 10 00:38
wispygalaxy i like fantasy games Apr 10 00:39
wispygalaxy playstation has the perfect game library for me Apr 10 00:40
wispygalaxy the wii is a bit childish for my taste Apr 10 00:40
_Hicham_ wispygalaxy : then there is too games for u on linux Apr 10 00:45
_Hicham_ commercial ones Apr 10 00:45
wispygalaxy i play games on the pc and console Apr 10 00:46
wispygalaxy so i’m glad there are linux games :D Apr 10 00:46
_Hicham_ Penumbra: Black Plague  , Penumbra: Overture Apr 10 00:46
_Hicham_ they r both Adventure/Fantasy games Apr 10 00:46
wispygalaxy thanks for all these titles Apr 10 00:47
_Hicham_ u r welcome Apr 10 00:48
_Hicham_ for postal2, u may have to do this for the sound to work : sudo modprobe snd_pcm_oss Apr 10 00:49
wispygalaxy i’ll keep that in mind, thanks Apr 10 00:50
wispygalaxy hicham, do you use debian now Apr 10 00:51
_Hicham_ yes Apr 10 00:51
_Hicham_ I use a mixture of stable, testing, unstable and experimental Apr 10 00:51
wispygalaxy isn’t it wonderful? :) Apr 10 00:51
_Hicham_ it is just great Apr 10 00:51
_Hicham_ what i like the most is its stability Apr 10 00:52
_Hicham_ never had a problem with it Apr 10 00:52
wispygalaxy no crashes, speedy, looks gorgeous, etc Apr 10 00:52
_Hicham_ everything just works ! Apr 10 00:52
wispygalaxy yes, it does ^_^ Apr 10 00:52
_Hicham_ and works great by the way ! Apr 10 00:52
_Hicham_ I find that even debian experimental packages are more stable than ubuntu’s packages Apr 10 00:53
_Hicham_ it has really a great quality assurance system Apr 10 00:53
wispygalaxy the debian team is committed to stability Apr 10 00:53
wispygalaxy the ubuntu guys are interested in cool new software Apr 10 00:53
wispygalaxy for some people, they want rock-solid software and do not care about the bleeding-edge stuff Apr 10 00:54
wispygalaxy but i do want to test out fedora, experimenting is fun ;) Apr 10 00:54
_Hicham_ wispygalaxy : fedora is great also Apr 10 00:54
_Hicham_ it is the most cutting edge for the moment Apr 10 00:55
_Hicham_ try Fedora 11 Alpha Apr 10 00:55
wispygalaxy i will try :) Apr 10 00:55
_Hicham_ nonetheless, Fedora suffers from its packaging system Apr 10 00:55
_Hicham_ still Apr 10 00:55
wispygalaxy ah yes, yum Apr 10 00:55
_Hicham_ yes Apr 10 00:55
_Hicham_ yum has a long way to go to catch up with apt Apr 10 00:56
wispygalaxy apt-get goodness for me in debian Apr 10 00:56
wispygalaxy and for debian’s babies Apr 10 00:56
wispygalaxy like ubuntu, elive, etc. Apr 10 00:56
_Hicham_ yes Apr 10 00:57
_Hicham_ I tested fedora 10 Apr 10 00:57
_Hicham_ it is very good Apr 10 00:57
_Hicham_ but the packagekit isn’t as good as synaptic Apr 10 00:58
wispygalaxy thanks for helping out the fedora community by testing it :) Apr 10 00:58
wispygalaxy i haven’t tried yum yet, i hope it is awesome! Apr 10 00:58
wispygalaxy anyway, i love how nowadays you can boot from usb devices Apr 10 00:58
wispygalaxy you don’t need to waste CDs anymore Apr 10 00:59
_Hicham_ booting from USB devices saves me from using Windows when I am not on my computer Apr 10 01:00
wispygalaxy a lifesaver! Apr 10 01:00
wispygalaxy oops, be right back Apr 10 01:01
_Hicham_ ok Apr 10 01:01
schestowitz An exposition, however long overdue, about  NPD-Microsoft relationship: http://boycottnovell.com/2009/04… Apr 10 01:02
schestowitz Another part of Microsoft is dying/died: http://www.paidcontent.org/entry/… (Microsoft Breaks Up Its Live Labs Group) Apr 10 01:04
*oiaohm (n=oiaohm@unaffiliated/oiaohm) has joined #boycottnovell Apr 10 01:15
_Hicham_ wb oiaohm Apr 10 01:15
oiaohm Blender game engine now has 2 commerical game makers looking at it. Apr 10 01:17
oiaohm This could get interesting for those who say Linux has few games if more follow. Apr 10 01:17
_Hicham_ linux has some interesting games Apr 10 01:18
_Hicham_ i am talking about commercial ones Apr 10 01:18
_Hicham_ i just tried postal2, it is just great Apr 10 01:18
_Hicham_ it works like a charm on my debian lenny Apr 10 01:19
oiaohm The commerical game makers 1 has highered staff to work on the open source engine.  The other is looking at joining. Apr 10 01:19
oiaohm With blender UI inprovements we will have universal game creator. Apr 10 01:20
schestowitz Another tough day for Microsoft is a sigh of relief to Free software: http://boycottnovell.com/2009/04/0… Apr 10 01:20
_Hicham_ it would be great to see all Windows Games ported to Linux Apr 10 01:20
*schestowitz will be back in the morning Apr 10 01:20
silentivm nice, I hope someday it will be possible to create game with a fully-open source toolset Apr 10 01:20
silentivm *create games Apr 10 01:21
_Hicham_ Microsoft is dead, dead, dead, fucking dead Apr 10 01:21
oiaohm Bleeding _Hicham_ not dead yet. Apr 10 01:21
oiaohm silentivm: blender you can.  Issue is UI. Apr 10 01:21
silentivm yep Apr 10 01:22
oiaohm blenders current UI that is being replaced basically predates Windows and Linux existance. Apr 10 01:22
silentivm I tried to learn Blender once, found its interface too confusing Apr 10 01:22
oiaohm New interface is on way with programgramable key board short cuts new logic system.  Yep most of the head aches fixed. Apr 10 01:23
silentivm I hope Apr 10 01:23
silentivm :) Apr 10 01:23
_Hicham_ I hope so too Apr 10 01:24
_Hicham_ games will be cross-platform Apr 10 01:25
_Hicham_ since MS is loosing market to Linux Apr 10 01:25
oiaohm http://www.blender.org/development/cu…  << The UI rework project Apr 10 01:25
oiaohm Logic block are gone from blender. Apr 10 01:27
oiaohm Those web of I don’t know what in heck it doing system. Apr 10 01:27
_Hicham_ oiaohm : how long is MS going to live? Apr 10 01:28
oiaohm They have atleast another 5 years of bleeding to go. Apr 10 01:29
_Hicham_ at least 5 years? Apr 10 01:29
oiaohm With good management they can life to the other side. Apr 10 01:29
balzac oiaohm: I enjoyed reading the good news about blender Apr 10 01:29
balzac I’m very good at modelling in blender, BTW Apr 10 01:29
oiaohm I hate using the old blender UI. Apr 10 01:30
silentivm I’m not. In fact, I’m not good at anything which involves art :( Apr 10 01:30
balzac silentivm: if you like emacs, you might also like blender Apr 10 01:30
_Hicham_ that means that they can recover during this 5 years? Apr 10 01:30
silentivm I’ve used Emacs, but not often Apr 10 01:30
silentivm no problems with it Apr 10 01:30
oiaohm cut paste and copy being different to everything else causes me all kinda of problems. Apr 10 01:30
oiaohm Means to set out keymaps without having to rebuilt from source will make me happer with blender. Apr 10 01:31
balzac blender is very customizable, and each “window” can be assigned to any “buffer” Apr 10 01:31
silentivm makes sense Apr 10 01:31
balzac split the windows how you want, switch between preset arrangements Apr 10 01:31
balzac make heavy use of keybindings… Apr 10 01:31
silentivm hmmm Apr 10 01:31
balzac what could be better than blender? it’s such a tiny download too. Apr 10 01:32
balzac with python for scripting Apr 10 01:32
oiaohm I guess you will be like me happy to see logic bricks go balzac Apr 10 01:32
oiaohm And replaced with something more usable. Apr 10 01:32
balzac oiaohm: I basically know nothing more than modelling Apr 10 01:32
balzac but I did watch a video on that, and it looked weak Apr 10 01:32
wispygalaxy i’m back! Apr 10 01:32
balzac you’ve got to start somewhere, and game development is not simple Apr 10 01:32
wispygalaxy hello, oiaohm Apr 10 01:33
balzac wb wispygalaxy Apr 10 01:33
wispygalaxy i’m wispy Apr 10 01:33
oiaohm Hi wispygalaxy Apr 10 01:33
wispygalaxy thanks balzac! Apr 10 01:33
wispygalaxy you guys talking about games Apr 10 01:34
wispygalaxy i was talking to hicham about that Apr 10 01:34
oiaohm blender game development of a simple game has always been simple.    It was how complex the logic blocks got that stuffed it for doing more complex games. Apr 10 01:34
oiaohm started off with blender and it getting a commerical game maker working on it. Apr 10 01:34
balzac i knew that would happen eventually Apr 10 01:35
balzac great news Apr 10 01:35
balzac I know the perfect youtube video to celebrate Apr 10 01:35
balzac http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=… Apr 10 01:36
wispygalaxy haha! Apr 10 01:37
_Hicham_ oiaohm : who is this commercial game maker? Apr 10 01:37
balzac that video never fails to put a smile on my face Apr 10 01:38
oiaohm http://blenderartists.org/forum…  They are not EA arts just name looks close. Apr 10 01:38
balzac I’m like gimli: eeeee hee hee! [clap!] Apr 10 01:39
wispygalaxy XD Apr 10 01:39
_Hicham_ oiaohm : if EA starts developing games for Linux only, MS will be fucking dead, dead, dead Apr 10 01:42
oiaohm _Hicham_: MS could be around for a long time to come. Apr 10 01:43
oiaohm Even after Windows and xboxs are distance memories. Apr 10 01:44
oiaohm The question is if there management is smart enough.   SUN is trying to merge with other compamines but it has been the walking dead for 20 years. Apr 10 01:45
wispygalaxy all my pals say that if linux had brand-spanking new games, they wouls use it Apr 10 01:45
wispygalaxy but i tell them there are plently of good games out there Apr 10 01:45
wispygalaxy for linux Apr 10 01:45
oiaohm There are a lot of things changing this year. Apr 10 01:46
_Hicham_ oiaohm : examples? Apr 10 01:46
wispygalaxy i’d say the netbook market, newer and cooler productons Apr 10 01:46
balzac yeah, games are one of Microsoft’s last reasons people stick around Apr 10 01:46
oiaohm Gallium3D Unifined back end for 3d graphics.   It was design to have opengl and direct x stacked on top. Apr 10 01:47
wispygalaxy the majority of people i know who play games use the wii Apr 10 01:47
oiaohm Thinking gallium3d will be released on Linux first.  But it opens up the path for wine developers to more directly hook up there Direct X to the video card. Apr 10 01:48
wispygalaxy opengl is awesome, i hope development will continie Apr 10 01:48
wispygalaxy continue* Apr 10 01:48
balzac Microsoft has these deals with hardware manufacturers to subsidize or punish them for withholding their driver code from Linux kernel compatibility Apr 10 01:48
oiaohm DRI2 work to stablised Linux graphical envorment. Apr 10 01:48
wispygalaxy remember the foxconn scandal last dummer? Apr 10 01:49
wispygalaxy summer* Apr 10 01:49
balzac if Microsoft loses game developers, they lose the special relationship with those hardware manufacturers, and they lose everything Apr 10 01:49
_Hicham_ Fuck MS, fuck their shitty OS Apr 10 01:49
oiaohm Then thinks like androd that say too hell with X11. Apr 10 01:49
balzac if GNU & Linux is better for gamers, (and it soon will be), M$ is up the creek without a paddle Apr 10 01:49
wispygalaxy owned Apr 10 01:49
oiaohm MS always has a paddle just a reducing 1. Apr 10 01:50
balzac _Hicham_: you are very passionate about M$, in a dirty way, apparently Apr 10 01:50
oiaohm MS power is there intergration between parts. Apr 10 01:50
balzac “Dirty deeds, done dirt cheap!” Apr 10 01:50
wispygalaxy even more so in the past, you have to pay attention to what your customer wants.  they don’t want unsecure OSes when privacy concerns are growing Apr 10 01:50
wispygalaxy linux offers them a good solution Apr 10 01:51
wispygalaxy gnu/linux Apr 10 01:51
balzac _Hicham_: Steve Ballmer might have some words for you, my friend. Apr 10 01:51
oiaohm Linux still need work. Apr 10 01:51
oiaohm But its getting there. Apr 10 01:51
balzac if he knew of your passion… Apr 10 01:51
_Hicham_ balzac : I liked his “Developers” Remix on youtube Apr 10 01:51
wispygalaxy i can’t imagine using ballmer and passion in the same sentence! Apr 10 01:51
wispygalaxy too scary Apr 10 01:52
_Hicham_ Ballmer, bald head Apr 10 01:52
_Hicham_ good to be hit with a big hammer Apr 10 01:52
_Hicham_ right on his bald head Apr 10 01:52
balzac a pie Apr 10 01:53
wispygalaxy i pity him, almost, since he can’t be cool Apr 10 01:53
wispygalaxy has to act like a clown Apr 10 01:53
oiaohm Ballmer did not start MS problems. Apr 10 01:53
balzac no hammers, no bloody-mindedness Apr 10 01:53
oiaohm He is the poor guy stuck with it. Apr 10 01:53
*balzac slaps _Hicham_ around with a large trout Apr 10 01:54
wispygalaxy food fight Apr 10 01:54
balzac (not a trouser-trout, a fish-market trout) Apr 10 01:54
wispygalaxy *wispygalaxy throws eggs at ballmer Apr 10 01:54
wispygalaxy i know, haha balzac Apr 10 01:55
balzac wouldn’t want to give the wrong impression about my feelings or lack-thereof for you _Hicham_ Apr 10 01:55
balzac jk Apr 10 01:55
wispygalaxy rofl Apr 10 01:55
_Hicham_ balzac : don’t worry Apr 10 01:56
balzac don’t pity ballmer Apr 10 01:56
wispygalaxy i guess i shouldn’t heh Apr 10 01:56
balzac he has so much money to wipe the tears from his eyes Apr 10 01:56
wispygalaxy and the sweat off his head Apr 10 01:57
balzac i feel sorry for me. where’s all my money? where’s my yacht? Apr 10 01:57
wispygalaxy ask obama Apr 10 01:57
wispygalaxy he’ll give you a bailout Apr 10 01:57
wispygalaxy jk :) Apr 10 01:58
balzac Just as long as it doesn’t come in the form of a “stimulus package” Apr 10 01:58
_Hicham_ balzac :  u will be the top billionaire in the world soon Apr 10 01:58
balzac _Hicham_: you will be a high-ranking executive, if my dreams come true. Apr 10 01:58
balzac just for saying that. Apr 10 01:58
silentivm XD Apr 10 01:59
wispygalaxy you guys are such good buddies lol Apr 10 02:00
wispygalaxy :) Apr 10 02:00
balzac well, I say nice things about certain rich people, so they should let the rope ladder down for me Apr 10 02:00
wispygalaxy govt spending will pump too much money in the economy Apr 10 02:00
balzac =] Apr 10 02:00
wispygalaxy ah, i see hehe Apr 10 02:00
balzac I’ve even praised Bernie Madoff Apr 10 02:01
wispygalaxy hope they won’t cut it right before you get to the top! Apr 10 02:01
balzac but I don’t praise them indiscriminantly Apr 10 02:01
wispygalaxy my finance teacher wanted madoff Apr 10 02:01
wispygalaxy madoff’s head* Apr 10 02:01
balzac I praise George Soros, but not Bill Gates Apr 10 02:01
balzac he must have been jealous of Madoff Apr 10 02:01
wispygalaxy i think so XD Apr 10 02:01
balzac jk Apr 10 02:01
wispygalaxy well, my prof did make a bit of money off bonds Apr 10 02:02
balzac i pity the guy. we’ll see how his sentencing goes. Apr 10 02:02
wispygalaxy he’s not really talking Apr 10 02:02
_Hicham_ good night friends Apr 10 02:02
wispygalaxy bye hicham! Apr 10 02:02
*_Hicham_ has quit (“Leaving.”) Apr 10 02:02
wispygalaxy if he’d cooperate, the judge said he’d be lenient Apr 10 02:02
balzac there went _hitcham_ while I was in another channel Apr 10 02:03
wispygalaxy madoff had constantly outperformed the market, and that did not raise any red flags Apr 10 02:03
wispygalaxy it is very abnormal to perform like that Apr 10 02:03
balzac lenient when he’s facing 150 years could still mean he dies in jail Apr 10 02:03
wispygalaxy even warren buffet has down years Apr 10 02:03
balzac not likely, but possible Apr 10 02:03
wispygalaxy he’s already old Apr 10 02:03
wispygalaxy my prof said that about buffet Apr 10 02:04
balzac buffet just had a big down year, if i’m not mistaken Apr 10 02:04
wispygalaxy everyone did :( Apr 10 02:04
wispygalaxy but my family isn’t really hurting that much, to be honest.  my dad is a careful investor Apr 10 02:05
balzac these days, careful investors are buying gasoline, guns, ammo, and canned food Apr 10 02:06
balzac actually, it’s not necessarily that bad yet Apr 10 02:06
wispygalaxy i heard that stockpiling’s been happening Apr 10 02:07
balzac i’m just saying… how much worse can it get? do we really know? Apr 10 02:07
wispygalaxy when will america wake up Apr 10 02:07
balzac when george bush’s neck is stretched, that’s when! Apr 10 02:07
wispygalaxy lol Apr 10 02:08
balzac that was pretty gnarly to say Apr 10 02:08
*MinceR_ (n=mincer@unaffiliated/mincer) has joined #boycottnovell Apr 10 02:08
wispygalaxy yes haha Apr 10 02:08
wispygalaxy but ballmer’s said crazier lol Apr 10 02:09
balzac welp, time for me to head out Apr 10 02:09
balzac nice chatting Apr 10 02:10
balzac toodle-loo Apr 10 02:10
wispygalaxy see ya balzac :) Apr 10 02:10
balzac cya wispygalaxy =] Apr 10 02:10
wispygalaxy have a fab weekend Apr 10 02:10
balzac yeah, this is the one with the big stripping contest Apr 10 02:11
balzac this saturday, a woman will be crowned top-stripper Apr 10 02:11
wispygalaxy where is that Apr 10 02:11
balzac brooklyn nyc Apr 10 02:11
wispygalaxy that’s a bit far away Apr 10 02:11
balzac you’re in england? Apr 10 02:12
wispygalaxy NJ Apr 10 02:12
wispygalaxy new joisey :P Apr 10 02:13
balzac oh, I thought you were in england because a few folks in here know Roy from living there. Apr 10 02:13
wispygalaxy nah, but i have a lot of friends from there Apr 10 02:13
wispygalaxy i guess i like people from there :) Apr 10 02:13
balzac drop me a line if you like Apr 10 02:13
wispygalaxy ok np Apr 10 02:13
balzac ttyl Apr 10 02:14
wispygalaxy see you Apr 10 02:14
wispygalaxy *ping* schestowitz Apr 10 02:16
wispygalaxy oh schez, where art thou? ;) Apr 10 02:18
*MinceR has quit (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out)) Apr 10 02:19
wispygalaxy roy???? Apr 10 02:24
*oiaohm has quit (Remote closed the connection) Apr 10 02:28
wispygalaxy i guess he’s tucked away in bed, sleeping Apr 10 02:33
wispygalaxy night night all, i’m off too Apr 10 02:33
*wispygalaxy has quit (“http://www.mibbit.com ajax IRC Client”) Apr 10 02:33
*mib_7qccre (i=803d9efb@gateway/web/ajax/mibbit.com/x-ea4d8f8d60506b85) has joined #boycottnovell Apr 10 02:46
*mib_7qccre has quit (Client Quit) Apr 10 02:50
*mib_1r7gma (i=44e70f0f@gateway/web/ajax/mibbit.com/x-a7881fe2acfdfabb) has joined #boycottnovell Apr 10 03:41
*mib_1r7gma has quit (Client Quit) Apr 10 03:42
*twitter (n=willhill@c-71-231-109-173.hsd1.wa.comcast.net) has joined #boycottnovell Apr 10 05:45
*silentivm has quit (“The system has failed.”) Apr 10 05:52
*dsmith_ (n=dsmith@c-76-114-142-224.hsd1.md.comcast.net) has joined #boycottnovell Apr 10 05:55
*twitter (n=willhill@c-71-231-109-173.hsd1.wa.comcast.net) has left #boycottnovell Apr 10 05:56
*dsmith_ has quit (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer)) Apr 10 05:56
*dsmith_ (n=dsmith@c-76-114-142-224.hsd1.md.comcast.net) has joined #boycottnovell Apr 10 06:03
*dsmith_ has quit (Remote closed the connection) Apr 10 06:27
*MinceR_ is now known as MinceR Apr 10 06:33
schestowitz Morning.. Apr 10 07:49
*oiaohm (n=oiaohm@unaffiliated/oiaohm) has joined #boycottnovell Apr 10 08:04
schestowitz http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Toz0n9… Apr 10 08:06
oiaohm That guy is hitting the points. Apr 10 08:16
schestowitz Yes, watch all parts Apr 10 08:27
schestowitz Very reasonable explanation Apr 10 08:27
oiaohm I forget to mention the other thing due to the ext4 stuff up the maintainer of the ext filesystems lost his direct submit rights to the Linux kernel. Apr 10 08:33
oiaohm Price of screwing up in Linux kernel features is high. Apr 10 08:33
schestowitz Who is he working for? Apr 10 08:54
schestowitz The Gavin Clarke POS is still dropping anti-Linux headlines in The Register. Unless they want to become an MS publication, they really ought to kick out those MS moles. Apr 10 08:55
schestowitz Kelly is another MS mole… I might just stop reading it after years. Apr 10 08:56
schestowitz BN is doing over 2k pages/hour in recent days. We really ought to organise the material in the site better. Apr 10 08:58
schestowitz Conficker Using MySpace, eBay As A Clock < http://www.webpronews.com/topnews/2009… > Apr 10 09:02
schestowitz WSJ To Google: Do What We Say, Not What We Do < http://www.webpronews.com/topnews/200… > Apr 10 09:03
schestowitz CYBER THREATS TO INFRASTRUCTURE < http://globalguerrillas.typepad.com/… > Apr 10 09:13
schestowitz http://blog.wired.com/defense/… “A Moldovan activist faces criminal charges for organizing demonstrations that were enabled by social networking tools like Twitter and Facebook, the Russian press reports. “ Apr 10 09:14
schestowitz Organising protests is a crime now? Wow. Goodbye, democracy. Apr 10 09:15
schestowitz MinceR: http://www.osor.eu/news/hu-companies-puzzle… Apr 10 09:17
schestowitz Linux-based tablets for under $200? http://www.crunchgear.com/2009/04/09/… Apr 10 09:24
*magentar (n=magentar@ has joined #boycottnovell Apr 10 09:29
MinceR geekings Apr 10 09:35
*mib_5vnmd1 (i=8258be83@gateway/web/ajax/mibbit.com/x-04a74ca71929eeb7) has joined #boycottnovell Apr 10 09:35
*mib_5vnmd1 has quit (Client Quit) Apr 10 09:36
*kentma1 (n=user@host81-157-145-53.range81-157.btcentralplus.com) has joined #boycottnovell Apr 10 09:36
*kentma has quit (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out)) Apr 10 09:36
schestowitz Linux Foundation CEO: Linux is “fastest growing platform” < http://arstechnica.com/open-source/news/… > Apr 10 09:39
MinceR “The office of deputy state secretary Ferenc did not yet respond to questions.” Apr 10 09:42
MinceR i lol’d Apr 10 09:42
MinceR (Ferenc is his first name) Apr 10 09:42
schestowitz For years I have watched the NPD-Microsoft connection. Now that they spew anti-Linux FUD I presented evidence. Maybe it’s a little off topic, but FWIW: http://boycottnovell.com/2009/04/09… Apr 10 09:46
schestowitz Ferret? Apr 10 09:46
MinceR it isn’t very nice to small mammals to draw such parallels. :> Apr 10 09:47
schestowitz http://blog.linuxtoday.com/blog/… “The anti-Linux propaganda du jour, being dutifully parroted by “news” publications everywhere, is that Windows now owns 96% of the netbook market, and that Linux netbooks are returned four times more than windows netbooks. Both are untrue and have been debunked repeatedly. Yet they persist– why?” Apr 10 09:47
schestowitz “I think Microsoft is growing increasingly desperate, and in hard economic times is finding equally desperate publications who will say anything for a few bucks. Which may be a harsh judgment, but I would rather believe that than believe they simply don’t care to do even the simplest, most basic fact-checking, or are such hard-core Microsoft fanboys..” Apr 10 09:48
schestowitz “…that they are only pretending to be journalists when they are really stringers for Microsoft’s marketing department. How else can we explain the same nonsense repeated endlessly, their allergies to saying “Windows” and “malware” in the same sentence, the short shrift given to non-Windows software, the mind-boggling assumption that Windows is computing? “ Apr 10 09:48
MinceR oh, wait, i think this might be a different person from the one i thought of Apr 10 09:48
MinceR and i won’t research it, so never mind :> Apr 10 09:48
schestowitz Ferrets are good for research Apr 10 09:48
schestowitz We use them here for CT scans and such. Apr 10 09:48
schestowitz They are bred for experiments :-( Apr 10 09:49
oiaohm Conficker is using every trick to avoid containment. Apr 10 09:51
oiaohm We may see the first major failure of Anti-virus companies. Apr 10 09:51
schestowitz Ifeel the pain Apr 10 09:51
schestowitz Many people do… it’s DDOSing on the Web. Apr 10 09:51
oiaohm Resposnce system is almost as bad as the infection. Apr 10 09:52
MinceR who are the targets of the DDoS? Apr 10 09:52
oiaohm Correct that. Apr 10 09:52
oiaohm Worse than the infection. Apr 10 09:52
oiaohm Its not exactly DDos. Apr 10 09:52
oiaohm DNS servers are trying to block Conficker from connection. Apr 10 09:53
oiaohm Conficker infected servers also block particular sites. Apr 10 09:53
oiaohm So we have a DNS mess Apr 10 09:53
oiaohm So far holding up fairly well. Apr 10 09:53
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