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IRC: #boycottnovell @ FreeNode: November 25th, 2008 - Part 1


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schestowitzThe situation ensures maximisatyion of profits.Nov 25 00:00
schestowitzIt's designed that wayNov 25 00:00
seller_liarThe only way to change thatNov 25 00:00
schestowitzMicrosoft helps Intel, Intel helps Microsoft.Nov 25 00:00
schestowitzAMD and Intel compete to become favourite kid..Nov 25 00:00
seller_liarIt is conscious peopleNov 25 00:00
schestowitzUtlimately the aim is for people to buy AS MANY PCs as possible.Nov 25 00:00
schestowitzAll systems thrive in wasteNov 25 00:00
seller_liarAnd convince people to give importance to the environmentNov 25 00:00
schestowitzPhase out tapes..Nov 25 00:01
schestowitzPhase out CDsNov 25 00:01
schestowitzPhase out DVD...Nov 25 00:01
seller_liarPeople are created in this system flawedNov 25 00:01
schestowitzThat's how money is made.. and it's shareholder-driven.Nov 25 00:01
PetoKrausphase out teh intertubes!Nov 25 00:01
schestowitzseller_liar: it's hopeless.Nov 25 00:01
seller_liarWe can changeNov 25 00:01
schestowitzPeople won't respond until they are forced toNov 25 00:01
schestowitzIt's like assignment deadlineNov 25 00:01
schestowitzWhen people's house is being flooded, they'll panic and do something.Nov 25 00:02
schestowitzThe nature of humans ensures that the planet is heading towards trouble.Nov 25 00:02
seller_liar"Pressure makes pearls?"Nov 25 00:02
schestowitzThe solustion must come from change of rules/eduNov 25 00:02
schestowitzPetoKraus: they try that tooNov 25 00:02
PetoKrauswell, they'll do tryNov 25 00:03
PetoKrausi saw that picture somewhereNov 25 00:03
seller_liarFirstNov 25 00:03
schestowitzOr change their autonomyNov 25 00:03
seller_liarThe problem is the highest ClassesNov 25 00:03
PetoKrausaccess on the internet - you'll get only access to certain domainsNov 25 00:03
schestowitzThey harm meshes cause it's not centralise, then tiering of the Web, censorship, etc.Nov 25 00:03
seller_liarClasses are low enoughNov 25 00:03
schestowitzThey try to create ecnomies out of BLOCKING access to digital things.Nov 25 00:03
schestowitzThey are used to being able to deny people access.. for A LIVING.Nov 25 00:04
seller_liarClasses can not low self sustenanceNov 25 00:04
schestowitzAccess to food, access to technology, books, anything...Nov 25 00:04
seller_liarWho should change is the middle class and upper classNov 25 00:04
schestowitzClasses?Nov 25 00:04
schestowitzClasses need be ideally eliminatedNov 25 00:04
schestowitzBut it's adverse to human nature.Nov 25 00:04
schestowitzEven monkeys have classesNov 25 00:05
seller_liarWrongNov 25 00:05
schestowitzNo? Why not?Nov 25 00:05
seller_liarThe system of past livesNov 25 00:05
schestowitzIt hs always been like this.Nov 25 00:05
schestowitzWatch the pyramid for extreme examples.Nov 25 00:05
schestowitzOne king and a horse of pyramid-building slaves.Nov 25 00:06
seller_liarThem system corrupts peopleNov 25 00:06
schestowitz*hordeNov 25 00:06
seller_liarIt's not only human natureNov 25 00:06
schestowitzThe system *IS* people.Nov 25 00:06
seller_liarYesNov 25 00:06
schestowitzAuthority is creates by humansNov 25 00:06
schestowitzAnarchy is a separate thing.Nov 25 00:06
schestowitzLet me find something. Hold ion.Nov 25 00:06
seller_liarBut look , The system is The leaders of societyNov 25 00:06
seller_liarYoun people is not the systemNov 25 00:07
seller_liarAdult people and leaders are the systemNov 25 00:07
schestowitzMinceR will appreciated this too: 25 00:07
seller_liarYoung people only absorves the systemNov 25 00:07
schestowitzNot a matter of ageNov 25 00:07
seller_liarLike inheritanceNov 25 00:08
schestowitzIt's inheritedNov 25 00:08
schestowitzYou beat me to itNov 25 00:08
PetoKrausoh not this againNov 25 00:08
schestowitzWhat again?Nov 25 00:08
PetoKrauschomsky, anarchy...Nov 25 00:08
seller_liarNoam Chomsky?Nov 25 00:08
schestowitzHehe. Well, it just came to mind, that's all..Nov 25 00:08
seller_liarBut lookNov 25 00:08
seller_liarLeaders pervert young peopleNov 25 00:09
schestowitzDo you prefer the crazies like Jones?Nov 25 00:09
schestowitzThrough education.Nov 25 00:09
schestowitzCan you bypass it?Nov 25 00:09
seller_liarLeaders = Adult ,Parents , PoliticansNov 25 00:09
PetoKrauslibertarianism is just faulty by designNov 25 00:09
seller_liarNoNov 25 00:09
PetoKrausbecause it forgets about one important thing - people are stupidNov 25 00:10
schestowitzWhy?Nov 25 00:10
seller_liarThe big problem isNov 25 00:10
schestowitzWhy need they be?Nov 25 00:10
PetoKrauswell, they are, that's the factNov 25 00:10
seller_liarThe system is self_hostingNov 25 00:10
schestowitzThey are made this wayNov 25 00:10
schestowitzThey are fed footie and celebsNov 25 00:10
schestowitzTo keep them stupid and out of politicsNov 25 00:10
seller_liarThe system makes EVERY people of this world to transfer bad habits for youg peopleNov 25 00:10
schestowitzMaking them observatory elements in a system of 'responsible' individuals.Nov 25 00:11
PetoKrauswell, but what you get when you plunge world directly into libertarianism in it's absolute formNov 25 00:11
schestowitzOf course.Nov 25 00:11
PetoKrausyeahNov 25 00:11
PetoKrauseverything can't be run by free marketNov 25 00:12
PetoKrausbecause you'll end up in vicious circleNov 25 00:12
schestowitzWhich one?Nov 25 00:12
schestowitzFree as in 'free'?Nov 25 00:12
schestowitzLike predatory free?Nov 25 00:12
PetoKrausfree market as in unrestrictedNov 25 00:12
schestowitzWhere you are free to slaughter 'biznizes'?Nov 25 00:12
schestowitzThat's like communismNov 25 00:13
PetoKrauswell not reallkyNov 25 00:13
schestowitzFree markets become a communism until it's becoming non-freeNov 25 00:13
PetoKraus*yNov 25 00:13
schestowitzJust look at h/w and s/w monopoliesNov 25 00:13
seller_liarI will create a good book about this , society and a real good societyNov 25 00:13
PetoKrausfree market is actually exactly on the other side of the political spectra than communismNov 25 00:13
schestowitzMicrosoft is like communism, though it won't acknowledge this.Nov 25 00:13
*seller_liar has quit (" ajax IRC Client")Nov 25 00:14
schestowitzseller_liar: please do, let me know where to find it tooNov 25 00:14
schestowitzOh, he's goneNov 25 00:14
PetoKrauswhat I am trying to say is, anarchy, in it most elaborate forms - libertarianism, free market - is unsustainableNov 25 00:14
schestowitzTrue.Nov 25 00:14
schestowitzBut there are still sound bites.Nov 25 00:14
*seller_liar (i=bd121e14@gateway/web/ajax/ has joined #boycottnovellNov 25 00:14
PetoKrausbecause if you don't have any body supervising, eg, education of people, someone will sell people inferior education, just because it's cheaperNov 25 00:14
schestowitzLike "democracy"Nov 25 00:14
schestowitzOf which I know noneNov 25 00:15
PetoKrausI don't knowNov 25 00:15
schestowitz"Sell education"... I like that!Nov 25 00:15
PetoKrausI don't really have an idea how should it workNov 25 00:15
seller_liarI will create book somedayNov 25 00:15
PetoKrausschestowitz: well, that's what happens in perfect libertarian societyNov 25 00:15
PetoKrauseverything is product on free marketNov 25 00:15
schestowitzCurriculum 'up for sale?Nov 25 00:15
PetoKrausmy friend is a libertarian. I tend to make fun of himNov 25 00:15
PetoKrausbasically...Nov 25 00:16
schestowitzseller_liar: Nov 25 00:16
schestowitz<schestowitz> Microsoft is like communism, though it won't acknowledge this.Nov 25 00:16
schestowitz* seller_liar has quit (" ajax IRC Client")Nov 25 00:16
schestowitz<schestowitz> seller_liar: please do, let me know where to find it tooNov 25 00:16
schestowitz<schestowitz> Oh, he's goneNov 25 00:16
PetoKrausanyway, it's not really importantNov 25 00:16
PetoKrausi think, personally, that there are few things which should be supervised by somethingNov 25 00:16
PetoKrauswe tend to call it stateNov 25 00:17
schestowitzBy whom?Nov 25 00:17
schestowitzAnd how?Nov 25 00:17
PetoKrauswell, that's the question - deploying effective mechanisms...Nov 25 00:17
schestowitzWho watches the state?Nov 25 00:17
PetoKrausbut you need quality assurance in areas like Education, HealthNov 25 00:17
schestowitzThey tried many things... some more successful than others...Nov 25 00:17
seller_liarschestowitz: And my book will be the real solution for this worldNov 25 00:17
schestowitzseller_liar: will you be reaching a wide audience? There is no parity in publcationNov 25 00:18
schestowitzGovt. have large mindshareNov 25 00:18
schestowitzThey control TV, newspapers, education system, etc.Nov 25 00:18
schestowitzCorporations, in turn, pass on their agenda to govtsNov 25 00:18
schestowitzEven foreign companies do... like Microsoft in BrazilNov 25 00:19
seller_liarschestowitz: CC-BY-SANov 25 00:19
schestowitzText is a tricky thing.Nov 25 00:19
schestowitzPeople are lazyNov 25 00:19
schestowitzThat's why papers are dying... dropping like fliesNov 25 00:19
PetoKrausthen there's this problem.... how to develop a system, where government would have power over businesses to define rules of the game, where government itself would work transparently, where there would be no chance that couple of people will be able to "subvert" the governmentNov 25 00:19
schestowitzIt's a society of 30-second ads and quickie thinking.Nov 25 00:20
schestowitzEven music albums are rarely sold... just singles.Nov 25 00:20
PetoKrausschestowitz: well it dependsNov 25 00:20
PetoKrauson your business model ;)Nov 25 00:20
schestowitzPetoKraus: that's what the US contitution was for, I think.Nov 25 00:20
PetoKrausyesNov 25 00:21
schestowitzI believe that current US govt. violates the fathers rules.Nov 25 00:21
schestowitzfathers'Nov 25 00:21
PetoKrausyesNov 25 00:21
schestowitzBut who blows the whistle?Nov 25 00:21
schestowitzThe UN?Nov 25 00:21
schestowitzThe AAAAAAAAAAAliens? :-)Nov 25 00:21
PetoKraustoo slow to reactNov 25 00:21
PetoKrauswaaaaaaaalleeeNov 25 00:21
PetoKraus -> in spore xDNov 25 00:22
schestowitzpost-destuctionNov 25 00:23
schestowitzFunyt pic:  Damn you Gentoo Devs! < http://moodlechat.bounceme... >Nov 25 00:31
seller_liarTo save this world ,we need :Nov 25 00:33
seller_liarlearn peopleNov 25 00:33
seller_liarconvince peopleNov 25 00:33
seller_liarand help people to changeNov 25 00:33
seller_liarSome people know about freedom, but They are not convinced about freedomNov 25 00:34
schestowitzHow do you 'tap' people?Nov 25 00:34
schestowitzSee, what's difficult is not just addressing the curious, which is a 'niche'Nov 25 00:34
seller_liarSome people try to change , but only a little can changeNov 25 00:34
schestowitzA lot of people just follow the stream BECAUSE they are taught not to diverse.Nov 25 00:34
schestowitzThere is a lot of peer pressure that's being instilled in people's minds and reinforced through peers to suppress or preventing independent thinking.Nov 25 00:35
seller_liarschestowitz: Is very hard to people gain "independent thinking"Nov 25 00:35
seller_liarRemember ,the system does not guarantee thisNov 25 00:36
seller_liarThe system instead pervert people which he have destroyedNov 25 00:36
seller_liarThe system is very similar to the "dark knight"Nov 25 00:37
schestowitzThe system hardly permits this, let alone guaranteeNov 25 00:37
seller_liarHe kills oppositionNov 25 00:37
schestowitzThat's modern totalityNov 25 00:37
seller_liarand revives opposition ,Nov 25 00:37
schestowitzIt exists as an element even in so-called model democracies.Nov 25 00:37
seller_liarof course the oppositiion now is your alliedNov 25 00:37
schestowitzWhat's the regime type of Brazil called?Nov 25 00:37
*jocaferro (i=51c1dcfa@gateway/web/ajax/ has joined #boycottnovellNov 25 00:37
schestowitzCalled != isNov 25 00:37
seller_liarDemocracy .......Nov 25 00:38
schestowitzIs it?Nov 25 00:38
seller_liarhehe ,wait a momentNov 25 00:38
seller_liarno ,I do not rememberNov 25 00:38
schestowitzCheck the definitionNov 25 00:38
jocaferrohiNov 25 00:38
schestowitzWell, at least you serve as a model for Linux in voting.Nov 25 00:38
schestowitzHey, jocaferro! What's up?Nov 25 00:39
jocaferroRoy, did you notice a notice in  -Nov 25 00:39
jocaferroEnergizer says Microsoft's a great host?Nov 25 00:40
schestowitzWait...Nov 25 00:40
schestowitzLOL... 25 00:40 has Microsoft as a sponsor.Nov 25 00:40
jocaferro 25 00:41
schestowitzI'll try with Konqy... without adblockNov 25 00:41
jocaferroNot a single mention to "Linux"Nov 25 00:41
schestowitzjocaferro: I see loan ads.Nov 25 00:41
schestowitzNothing there with Microsoft. I tried two pageNov 25 00:42
schestowitzpagesNov 25 00:42
*seller_liar has quit (" ajax IRC Client")Nov 25 00:42
schestowitzYuck.Nov 25 00:42
jocaferro 25 00:42
schestowitzjocaferro: that's Microsoft Shill Ina Fried.Nov 25 00:42
schestowitzI tossed CNET to the dumpster cause of him/herNov 25 00:42
schestowitzOh, thatNov 25 00:43
schestowitzYes, has lots of weirdies.Nov 25 00:43
jocaferroYes...Nov 25 00:43
schestowitzMac-only s/w and some Microsoft shills sometimes... I don't know why and some people occasionally vend out in the comments, me included.Nov 25 00:43
schestowitzI stopped reading news picks... they were bad... low signal/noise ratioNov 25 00:44
schestowitz*ventNov 25 00:44
jocaferroGoing to bed. Portugal...Nov 25 00:44
schestowitz is one of the strongestNov 25 00:44
schestowitzCya soon then,Nov 25 00:45
jocaferroThanks. Till tomorrow.Nov 25 00:45
*jocaferro has quit (" ajax IRC Client")Nov 25 00:45
*PetoKraus has quit (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))Nov 25 01:05
*kapipi has quit (Remote closed the connection)Nov 25 01:21
twitterbody for sale?Nov 25 01:25
twitterhope not.  That's why people make laws to protect themselves and others.Nov 25 01:25
schestowitzWhere? What's that about?Nov 25 01:26
twitterSomeone said, "curriculum for sale" and someone else was laughing at his libertarian friendsNov 25 01:27
schestowitzOh, I see....Nov 25 01:28
twitterKonq has an ad blocker, by the way.  You have to build a list of image servers by right clicking on the obnoxious ones.  You can undo it later through a manager if you like.Nov 25 01:28
twittergnash is now my favorite ad block.Nov 25 01:29
twitterNothing plays till you press "play"Nov 25 01:29
twitterKonq's image blocker config also is easy to add to, so you can share lists of servers with your friends.Nov 25 01:30
schestowitzFlashblock works too.Nov 25 01:30
schestowitzI think I have 3 layers that fight Flash.Nov 25 01:30
schestowitzAdBlock, flashblock, noscriptNov 25 01:31
twitterGnash or nothing for me.  I don't trust flash at all.Nov 25 01:31
twitterBuggy and slow.Nov 25 01:31
twitterMy wife insists on flash, so she gets Mepis.Nov 25 01:32
twitterThe sooner non free video dies, the better.Nov 25 01:32
schestowitzYes, I still got Flash with Mandriva (by default)Nov 25 01:33
schestowitzI suppose YouTube works fully with Flash. It's the only think the blob is needed for.Nov 25 01:33
twitterIt's hit and miss still.  Bandwith is so bad with my ISP that I prefer clive.  I wonder if Cox is already doing "management" for YouTube.Nov 25 01:34
twitterThe actual flash player works a little better when we look at Saturday night live, but even that skips.Nov 25 01:35
twitterI have to make a right click button for clive one day.Nov 25 01:35
schestowitzI have a greasemonkey script for getting Flash fastNov 25 01:36
schestowitzThat enables me to make oggs quickly tooNov 25 01:37
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*kentma ( has joined #boycottnovellNov 25 07:23
MinceRschestowitz: nice videoNov 25 07:51
*kevin_ ( has joined #boycottnovellNov 25 07:58
schestowitzMoin'Nov 25 08:23
*harrytuttle (i=528c0ab2@gateway/web/ajax/ has joined #boycottnovellNov 25 09:02
kentmahiNov 25 09:21
MinceRj0Nov 25 09:23
harrytuttlehelloNov 25 09:35
harrytuttlenvidia "drops" linux to make M$-phone:Nov 25 09:36
harrytuttle 25 09:36
schestowitzHey there.Nov 25 09:36
schestowitzThanks, I saw that.Nov 25 09:36
harrytuttlewell, if you read the comments though, it turns out to be a hoax... :-/Nov 25 09:38
harrytuttlejust read the whole commentsNov 25 09:38
MinceRnvidia is seeking new lows to sink toNov 25 09:39
harrytuttlesorry, i posted this a bit in a hurry, and it seems its a hoax...Nov 25 09:41
*harrytuttle has quit (" ajax IRC Client")Nov 25 09:51
*Tallken ( has joined #boycottnovellNov 25 10:01
*Tallken has quit (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))Nov 25 10:04
*PetoKraus ( has joined #boycottnovellNov 25 10:18
PetoKrausfucking doh! : 25 10:22
kentmanaiveNov 25 10:41
*MinceR_ (n=mincer@unaffiliated/mincer) has joined #boycottnovellNov 25 10:50
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*kevin_ ( has joined #boycottnovellNov 25 11:10
*MinceR_ is now known as MinceRNov 25 11:21
PetoKraus 25 11:23
PetoKraussingle-vendor javascript benchmark, tut tut!Nov 25 11:23
PetoKrausthat's like comparing jeep and formula 1 speed on flat trackNov 25 11:24
schestowitzIt's a rad risky for people to rely on some server and JS to handle all their data..Nov 25 11:28
schestowitz*tadNov 25 11:28
PetoKrauswell, yesNov 25 11:28
MinceRpeople routinely take bigger risks than thatNov 25 11:28
PetoKrauswhat i don't like about the benchmark, though, is, that they used V8 benchmark for all of the browsersNov 25 11:29
PetoKrauswhich is clearly stupid thing to doNov 25 11:29
schestowitzOf courseNov 25 11:34
schestowitzBut what about O/S as parameterNov 25 11:34
schestowitz?Nov 25 11:34
schestowitzApple is evil : Nov 25 11:44
schestowitzThis sounds unlikely: Google Layoffs: 10,000 Jobs Being Cut, Report Claims < >Nov 25 11:46
schestowitzMicrosoft layoffs still being denied, which is funny because they recently sacked staff, for _a fact_Nov 25 12:03
schestowitzWintel press didn't get the memo about Microsoft's budget cuts < >? Seems like sloggy-pressing.Nov 25 12:07
schestowitz"according to a person familiar with Microsoft's plans. "We're going to reinvent the infrastructure of our industry," Chrapaty says. She declines to discuss specifics of the plan."Nov 25 12:13
schestowitz""[ PJ: Uh oh. Reinvent the infrastructure as in "extend"?]"Nov 25 12:13
schestowitzMischiefs in the EU: defending illegal, consumer-hostile technologies to retrain 'the masses' and use of PCs... 25 12:26
zoobab_digistanNov 25 13:57
schestowitzYupNov 25 13:58
schestowitz*restrainNov 25 13:58
schestowitzAccording to Alpha-lunatic, Digistan is some country with terrorists in it. :-)Nov 25 13:59
zoobab_it isNov 25 14:00
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*twitter ( has joined #boycottnovellNov 25 14:12
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PetoKraushmm, arora seems niceNov 25 14:26
*twitter has quit (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))Nov 25 14:31
PetoKrausthough it's slow :/Nov 25 14:32
kentmaanyone noticed that is going like a rocket now?Nov 25 14:45
kentmathis being the latest Ubuntu version.Nov 25 14:47
schestowitzIsn't that Go-oo in Ubuntu?Nov 25 14:48
schestowitzUnless you installed OOoNov 25 14:48
schestowitzGo-OO is Novell/Microsoft's evil forkNov 25 14:48
PetoKraus 25 15:02
*twitter ( has joined #boycottnovellNov 25 15:11
*wispy (i=9f5b894f@gateway/web/ajax/ has joined #boycottnovellNov 25 15:21
wispyhello everyone!Nov 25 15:21
schestowitzHey there, what's up?Nov 25 15:23
wispyhi again ;)Nov 25 15:23
wispyi came here a few days ago, but you weren't hereNov 25 15:24
twitterDow's up, M$ is down. 25 15:24
wispyhi twitter, im wispyNov 25 15:24
twitterhelloNov 25 15:24
wispyi know roy from diggNov 25 15:24
PetoKrauswell, roy is famous :PNov 25 15:25
wispyhaha he isNov 25 15:25
wispynice to meet you too petokrausNov 25 15:25
PetoKraus;) what brings you here?Nov 25 15:25
twitterdo shareNov 25 15:25
wispyim interested in the whole ms dramaNov 25 15:25
wispysince i want to work in the tech sectorNov 25 15:26
wispyim a finance major, but i have some tech skills tooNov 25 15:26
twitterM$ drama complete with theme songNov 25 15:27
wispylol @ theme songNov 25 15:27
wispyso what distros you guys useNov 25 15:28
twitterBallmer drama unmatched since ScarfaceNov 25 15:28
wispyi use debianNov 25 15:28
twitterdebianNov 25 15:28
twittermepisNov 25 15:28
wispymy first was ubuntuNov 25 15:28
*schestowitz was distractedNov 25 15:28
twitterI see ubuntu and pclinuxOS in a lab, but we a just friends.Nov 25 15:29
schestowitzMicrosoft drama. Haha.Nov 25 15:29
wispyso how's your day roy?Nov 25 15:29
wispyheheNov 25 15:29
schestowitzNice word for "bad behaviour"Nov 25 15:29
wispyits raining here, ughNov 25 15:29
wispylolNov 25 15:29
schestowitzI was to jail for causing "drama"Nov 25 15:29
schestowitz*WentNov 25 15:29
wispymy sisters say drama all the timeNov 25 15:29
wispyawwNov 25 15:29
wispythey cause it all the timeNov 25 15:30
wispyi don't get why they do thatNov 25 15:30
twitterM$ commits crime to make moneyNov 25 15:30
schestowitzMicrosoft says it uses the rules to their full capacityNov 25 15:30
schestowitzI'm writitng about ISO ATMNov 25 15:30
twitterYour sisters are just enjoying lifeNov 25 15:30
wispyyeah i guess XDNov 25 15:31
schestowitzMicrosoft apparently considers bribes as part of the rules.Nov 25 15:31
schestowitzBullying people too is, apparently, within the rulesNov 25 15:31
wispythat's not fair :(Nov 25 15:31
twitterand lying about the rules, so that you can't trust them.Nov 25 15:31
schestowitzWell, that's MCIROSOFTNov 25 15:31
schestowitzMicrosoft=not fairNov 25 15:31
schestowitzIt's a philosophy/.Nov 25 15:31
twittercultNov 25 15:31
schestowitzWel..Nov 25 15:31
wispyscaryNov 25 15:31
schestowitzDon't say that workNov 25 15:31
schestowitzThey'll bully you for saying it.Nov 25 15:32
schestowitzThey amplify terms like "Microsoft hater"Nov 25 15:32
schestowitzAs if..Nov 25 15:32
schestowitzI can openly call Intel a criminal organisationNov 25 15:32
twitterit's also personal 25 15:32
wispythey should learn to take criticism so they can better themselvesNov 25 15:32
schestowitzBut if I say this about Microsoft then the reaction is like "oh...  another Microsoft Hater(TM)"Nov 25 15:32
wispy:(Nov 25 15:32
schestowitzAnd that's just wrong. Pointing out the obvious is fine.,Nov 25 15:32
schestowitzBut they stigmatise criticsNov 25 15:33
twitterit's not an emotional thing, it's eliminating competition in every way.Nov 25 15:33
wispythats too bad royNov 25 15:33
*Omar87 (n=omar@ has joined #boycottnovellNov 25 15:33
schestowitzHey, Omar87 Nov 25 15:33
wispyhi omar nice to meet youNov 25 15:33
schestowitztwitter: I put items in the news aside before blogging themNov 25 15:33
schestowitzOtherwise I use strong words..Nov 25 15:33
schestowitzNeed 'cool-off' time. :-)Nov 25 15:33
wispyhahaNov 25 15:33
wispythanks for all the updates on KDENov 25 15:34
wispyit's looking goodNov 25 15:34
schestowitzKDE?Nov 25 15:34
schestowitzIn Digg?Nov 25 15:34
twitterbblNov 25 15:34
wispyon the front page of BNNov 25 15:34
wispyand digg :)Nov 25 15:34
schestowitzOh, *that*Nov 25 15:34
wispypeople say i have an eye for color, and kde allows me to deisgn a pretty desktopNov 25 15:35
wispyso roy, have you tried ubuntu ibex yet?Nov 25 15:37
*schestowitz on phoneNov 25 15:37
wispyoops sryNov 25 15:37
Omar87schestowitz:  What ia Bilski?Nov 25 15:37
Omar87is*Nov 25 15:38
wispythis i think: 25 15:39
*mib_3t928j (i=744b4ae1@gateway/web/ajax/ has joined #boycottnovellNov 25 15:41
mib_3t928jis any body thereNov 25 15:41
wispyi am :)Nov 25 15:41
mib_3t928jhi, it's karthik from B'loreNov 25 15:41
wispynice to meet you, im wispyNov 25 15:42
wispyindia is coolkNov 25 15:42
wispycool*Nov 25 15:42
*kevin_ has quit (Connection timed out)Nov 25 15:42
mib_3t928jwhere r u from?Nov 25 15:42
wispyamericaNov 25 15:42
wispyhave you been here b4Nov 25 15:42
mib_3t928jnoNov 25 15:43
wispyyou should come and visit somedayNov 25 15:43
mib_3t928jI'd like to talk with you regarding Novell boycott in Free Software Conference heldNov 25 15:43
wispyoh i heard about thatNov 25 15:44
mib_3t928jin India this month, could we?Nov 25 15:44
wispyi was cheering you guys onNov 25 15:44
mib_3t928jwhat is ur opinion abt that?Nov 25 15:44
wispyyou had the right to express your opinionNov 25 15:45
mib_3t928jI am also against the people or corporate who are against free software, BUTNov 25 15:45
mib_3t928jnovell boycott in confernce for a self advertisementNov 25 15:46
wispyi think free software promotes more creativity since it's not controlled by one companyNov 25 15:46
wispymore people are involved, so there will be more ideas floating aroundNov 25 15:46
wispyhmmm true, mibNov 25 15:46
mib_3t928jthat good ...Nov 25 15:47
*schestowitz off phoneNov 25 15:47
wispyreminds me of that "don't tase me bro" kid, he caused a scene to advertise his blogNov 25 15:47
wispywb royNov 25 15:47
schestowitzOmar87: Re Bilski is a case that eliminated (in theory) many business method patentsNov 25 15:47
mib_3t928jFree software in America is differnect from Free software sinec conditionsNov 25 15:47
schestowitzIt affects software tooNov 25 15:47
mib_3t928jare differentNov 25 15:48
wispyinterestingNov 25 15:48
schestowitzHey, karthikNov 25 15:48
mib_3t928jhiNov 25 15:48
mib_3t928jIn America ur litracy rate is 99% India ~65%Nov 25 15:49
schestowitz99%?Nov 25 15:49
wispyyou guys are doing good so far with regards to economic progressNov 25 15:49
schestowitzAre you sure?Nov 25 15:49
mib_3t928jpeople in India don't have access to hardware(means computers)Nov 25 15:49
wispyi hope laptops become cheap enough so children can access themNov 25 15:50
schestowitzOLPC would be handy... if it hadn't been brutally sabotages by fat cats like IntelNov 25 15:50
mib_3t928jwhen they don't have access to hardware , what aby software then Free SoftwareNov 25 15:50
wispysigh thats true, RoyNov 25 15:50
schestowitzIn China, laptops could soon cost $70. Manufacturing them is very hceapNov 25 15:50
wispyi wonder how low the price will goNov 25 15:51
schestowitzAgain, it's 'IP' that stands on the way.Nov 25 15:51
mib_3t928jThe conference is to create awareness among people of India esp, studentsNov 25 15:51
mib_3t928j& working professionalNov 25 15:51
schestowitzBut yesterday I watched a lecture which says shift of power comes from ignoring self-preservation rules like so-called 'IP', which is what they do in China.Nov 25 15:51
wispyi hope it worked, mib :)Nov 25 15:51
mib_3t928jbecause of a habdful of peopleNov 25 15:51
schestowitzSo the conference was 'hijacked' by Microsoft's buddies.Nov 25 15:52
schestowitzIf not Microsoft, then Microsoft Linux.Nov 25 15:52
_dougreal estate developer patents web navigation .. sues Apple ..Nov 25 15:52
_doug 25 15:52
schestowitzBut...Nov 25 15:52
schestowitzyou can't say bad things about Microsoft there.... Novell pays the bills after alll...Nov 25 15:52
wispyparty crashersNov 25 15:52
mib_3t928jnot buy ms or Novell, its hijacked by people in FSF India for their self advretisementNov 25 15:52
schestowitzAnd Microsoft is the hand that feeds Novell these days to do this... $100 million just months agoNov 25 15:52
schestowitzYes, that tooNov 25 15:53
_doug"Apparatus and method of manipulating a region on a wireless device screen for viewing, zooming and scrolling internet content"Nov 25 15:53
wispyyepNov 25 15:53
schestowitzBut they liaised with Novell, no?Nov 25 15:53
schestowitzzoobab_ would be interested in this, dougNov 25 15:53
mib_3t928jno, their concern is valid since people have diff opinionNov 25 15:53
mib_3t928jBUT the way they handle nullify the programNov 25 15:54
mib_3t928jnow people of the world talk ONLY about Novell protest in ConferenceNov 25 15:54
mib_3t928jAs I told, the handful of people they are part of FSF india, who took a sessionNov 25 15:55
mib_3t928jon Saturday & made protest on SundayNov 25 15:56
PetoKraus"hen it comes to the Linux operating system, Silverlight compatibility is not Microsoft’s responsibility, as the project was adopted by Novell."Nov 25 15:56
mib_3t928jIf they felt to protest, why have NOT choosen the first dayNov 25 15:56
PetoKrausso basically, novell is responsible for M$ not publishing their linux client, right?Nov 25 15:56
PetoKrausbloody faggotsNov 25 15:57
schestowitzPetoKraus: sourcew?Nov 25 15:57
mib_3t928jhiNov 25 15:57
wispythats mean of themNov 25 15:57
PetoKraus 25 15:57
schestowitzOh yeah..Nov 25 15:57
schestowitzLet Novell play with some toysNov 25 15:58
schestowitzLet them Looonix users shout at Web sites that Don't Work(R)Nov 25 15:58
wispylunix hahaNov 25 15:58
schestowitzMicrosoft could just port its stinkin' binaries to GNU/Linux, but that would actually *GASP* make Linux /WORK/Nov 25 15:58
schestowitzMicrosoft can't allow this to happeNov 25 15:58
schestowitzMicrosoft can't allow this to happnNov 25 15:58
MinceRit already works, despite m$'s wishesNov 25 15:59
schestowitzMinceR: you tried it?Nov 25 15:59
schestowitzIt's not 2.0 comptibleNov 25 15:59
MinceRi mean linux worksNov 25 15:59
MinceRnot silverblightNov 25 16:00
schestowitzIt's not 2.0 compatible. Microsoft is already moving ahead. Remember the Olympics too...Nov 25 16:00
schestowitzOh, *THAT* I was being sarcastic/hypothetical...Nov 25 16:00
wispy:)Nov 25 16:00
schestowitzAverage Joe will just browse the Web and throw a pencil at you for giving him that Linux thing with the sites that don't work... because Microsoft made it so.Nov 25 16:00
schestowitzActiveX2.0Nov 25 16:01
wispygrrrrr that makes me madNov 25 16:01
schestowitzThe EU commission looked at it.Nov 25 16:01
wispyreminds me of how ff used to not work with a lot of sitesNov 25 16:01
schestowitzBut again... the shills at Novell to Microsoft's rescue.Nov 25 16:01
PetoKrausbloody hell :/ sql borked, doh!Nov 25 16:02
schestowitzMicrosoft: FOSS is cool with OOXML... we mean, look! Novell implements it [bwahahaha...,we forced it to.. SHEESH]Nov 25 16:02
wispythey aren't very convincingNov 25 16:02
schestowitzThat;s what they said in last weeks's forum.Nov 25 16:02
schestowitzThey are snakes.Nov 25 16:03
wispy>.>Nov 25 16:03
wispyroy, don't let people online get to you.  trolls do that to annoy you.  you are better than them :)Nov 25 16:04
wispyand much more talentedNov 25 16:05
*mib_3t928j has quit (" ajax IRC Client")Nov 25 16:05
_dougSCO cleared for appeal in computer code case ..Nov 25 16:17
_doug 25 16:17
_doug"Novell is a leading distributor of the Linux system for commercial operations"Nov 25 16:17
wispyhi doug, i dont think we have met before.  i'm wispyNov 25 16:17
schestowitzShould I do a SCO post before the weekend? I have something ready.Nov 25 16:19

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