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schestowitzECT sucks up to Microsoft in an act that's almost revisionist: (What the World Needs Now: Microsoft's Not-So-Evil Empire)Jan 12 00:04
MinceRgnJan 12 00:07
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twittershame about Bass.  That's the one M$ said "always tells the whole story".  I'm going to look and see how she's been manipulated.Jan 12 01:50
schestowitz "Be careful how you use it because its quite an old piece of news now, fron 2005, I guess, it would be interesting to know how these programs have been updated... I found it in "Barrapunto", the "spanish Slashdot":"Jan 12 01:53
schestowitzWatch that latest post about MS in academiaJan 12 01:54
twitterIck, it was a Yahoo story.  So much bullshit has been flung, it's hard to keep track of the truth.  Bass should have done better but I don't have the stomach to read about that piece of corruption anymore.Jan 12 01:59
schestowitzI'll post about it tomorrJan 12 01:59
schestowitzI have about 5 MS posts, antitrust excludedJan 12 02:00
twitterha ha on zune.  I think roughly drafted summarized the zune story best in it's scathing Zoon awards page.Jan 12 02:00
twitterhave you seen that ?Jan 12 02:00
schestowitzYesJan 12 02:00
schestowitzRD is silent nowJan 12 02:01
twitterOh.  How long has that been going on?Jan 12 02:01
twitterit is still funny. 12 02:02
twitterJan 6, that's a week's worth of silence.Jan 12 02:04
twitterFrom MacWorld, "Predictably, there was great disappointment with Macworld Expo 09"Jan 12 02:05
twitterThat's kind of harsh.  The world has yet to catch up with the iMacs.  They are really nice hardware and should be found on corporate desktops everywhere.Jan 12 02:06
twitterI'm told that the newer mac hardware is easier to get free software on, but I have not tried out iMacs.  They just look nice and are very small and quiet.Jan 12 02:07
schestowitzHe posts short pointersJan 12 02:08
schestowitzNo long articles.. rarely.Jan 12 02:08
schestowitzThe whole economy is a gloom... Microsoft at CES showed nothing new. Red Hat is also quiet.Jan 12 02:09
schestowitzI'll do some daily picks in a moment.Jan 12 02:09
twitterI think I'm going to write up the zoon failure.Jan 12 02:09
schestowitzWait, I'll give you refsJan 12 02:13
schestowitz 12 02:13
schestowitzI found more, but they were not worth citing.Jan 12 02:14
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schestowitz*LOL* I'm listening to this audiocast with Asay and RosenbergJan 12 03:29
schestowitzAsay is told that many companies use C++, so he asks, "do they have background in Microsoft?" It seems as though he thinks C++ is a Microsoft thing...Jan 12 03:30
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Omar87schestowitz: lol :)Jan 12 09:27
Omar87schestowitz: How's it going?Jan 12 09:28
schestowitzHeyJan 12 09:29
schestowitzJust woke upJan 12 09:29
kentmahiJan 12 09:30
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schestowitz Photographers criminalised as police 'abuse' anti-terror laws < >Jan 12 11:52
schestowitzSeagate to slash up to 10 per cent of its staff < >Jan 12 11:59
kentmaSee "the innovator's dillemma" - hard drives are being replaced with silicon memory...Jan 12 12:00
schestowitzI don't think that's that.Jan 12 12:00
kentmaNo?  How many new netbooks don't have a drive?Jan 12 12:00
schestowitzI think it's a general problem -- bubble economy that assumes the world is an infinite garbage dump.Jan 12 12:01
schestowitz"The sky may have been clear and blue over Las Vegas during the giant Consumer Electronics Show (CES)but few of the 130,000 people attending failed to see dark clouds on the horizon in the shape of a looming recession." 12 12:01
kentmaI agree with you, but I think that *in addition*, the hard drive market is about to shrink quite a bit for lower-end machines.  There's a big migration to SANs for big drives, though.Jan 12 12:01
schestowitzNetbooks -- true. Well, companies left and right are falling though. Microsoft's layoffs will probably be announced around ThursdayJan 12 12:02
schestowitzSANs? Why not SaaS?Jan 12 12:02
schestowitzEMC et al, Sun, etc.Jan 12 12:02
schestowitzPerople hardly need much space anymore. 1980: people have tapes; 1990s: people story media on their computers; 200x: Picasa, YouTube, GMail..Jan 12 12:03
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kentmaIndeed - I really meant all of that stuff.  I think that the way people behave with computers and networks generally has changed, permanently.  This is all related to the death of the deskop...Jan 12 12:19
schestowitzOmar87: did you see the comment in ? Jordan is developed, so the comment raises a browJan 12 12:21
schestowitzkentma: 3G too... I was told yesterday by a friend from the gym that he's got iPlayer on his Nokia phone and it streams well. All the hard work is done at the back end.Jan 12 12:22
schestowitzP2P traffic control < >Jan 12 12:26
schestowitzCheck out . That's the comment he left on my submission at Digg: 12 12:30
schestowitzFrench to ban mobile sales to kiddies < >Jan 12 12:32
MinceRi was thinking of a boot-from-dvd approach to thatJan 12 12:33
kentmaThe trouble with the "health" argument is that there has never been any proof that there is any health risk associated with mobile phones...Jan 12 12:33
MinceRgames could come with linux to run them in and you could boot into them as if you were using a consoleJan 12 12:33
MinceRand more clueful users could install the gameJan 12 12:34
kentmaMincer:  I think the "livecd" approach for videos & games could work well, so long as there's a good auto-detect capability for hardware.Jan 12 12:34
schestowitzkentma: 12 12:34
MinceRwe need nvidia and ati drivers in the kernelJan 12 12:35
schestowitzInteresting. Like videoCDs that come with the player on the same CD..Jan 12 12:35
schestowitzMinceR: the nvidiots won't open up until their sales fall, which they already do.Jan 12 12:36
MinceRthen they should open up soon :>Jan 12 12:36
kentmaschestowitz: We keep seeing these kinds of articles, but so far, as with the power lines, there's been nothing to make any kind of linkage between mobile handsets and health risks which cannot be as easily explained by normal statistical anomolies.Jan 12 12:37
kentmafor example, look here: 12 12:38
kentmaWhere you'll see the geographies with the highest rates of mobile phone penetration, namely EU & Japan, are *not* the ones with the highest cancer rates, that being US/Can.Jan 12 12:38
schestowitzWhat do you /want/ to believe?Jan 12 12:39
schestowitzPeople favour faith over logic, it's a well known fact. In software advocacy too...Jan 12 12:39
kentmaI just want to see some evidence which is convincing.Jan 12 12:39
schestowitzDo you know that the mobile phone industry manufactures studies too?Jan 12 12:39
schestowitzIt's like the PE industryJan 12 12:39
kentmaYeah, that's another aspect - so many vested interests...Jan 12 12:40
schestowitzThey need to make available some contradictory evidence to turn fact into 'debate'Jan 12 12:40
schestowitzI'm sure they very well believe what they say, too. Just like Mac fans insist that they are Earth's supreme for using a white laptopJan 12 12:40
kentmaIt's extremely difficult to get any really usable data on these things;  I suspect that diet and environment are far more important wrt cancer.  The best advice for avoiding cancer is to avoid US/Can!Jan 12 12:40
schestowitzWho would earn if there was damage?Jan 12 12:41
kentmaAfter that, avoid western EU & Australia... :-)Jan 12 12:41
kentmaHealthcare organisations...Jan 12 12:41
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schestowitzThe global warming denialists turn to claiming that people are set to gain from low-energy equipment.Jan 12 12:41
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schestowitzI agree, there are dangers that are greaterJan 12 12:42
schestowitzLikewise, I must confess, I am more concerned about nuclear wars than about... say... the economy... but the latter can easily lead to the former.Jan 12 12:42
schestowitzA Nuclear strike was very close several decades ago... a matter of word of month prevented it; I hadn't known this until recently.Jan 12 12:43
schestowitzAbundance of technology and improved health enabled the planet to facilitate a lot more people... more than the planet can contain (tripling in a few generations); moreover, their cost to the environment is greater because they drive cars, use plasma TVs and so on and so forth. Our curse is this greed that's rather natural. It's the same in African at a different scale.Jan 12 12:46
schestowitz*AfricaJan 12 12:46
schestowitzCorruption now from Wipro, one of Microsoft's biggest allies? 12 12:46
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schestowitzWashington Post: The Problem is YOU, Not "We" < >Jan 12 12:53
schestowitz"Imagine a major national newspaper that never saw an $8 trillion dollar housing bubble. Suppose its most often cited expert on the housing market was the chief economist of the National Association of Realtors, who also authored the 2006 bestseller : Why the Housing Boom Will Not Bust and How You Can Profit From It"Jan 12 12:56
schestowitzTectonic appears to be dimming down... almost nothing in 1 month and 2 new posts after 20+ days of nothing. Same with Roughly Drafted and other good sites like Groklaw, Technocrat, 12 13:00
kentmaThe huffington article is really about corruption, disclosure and moreJan 12 13:08
-christel-[Global Notice] Hi all, we appear to have lost our Moscow based client server, and with it approximately 1600 users. We're looking into the issue now and should hopefully have both the server and the users back shortly. Apologies for the inconvenience. Thank you for using freenode and have a nice day.Jan 12 13:08
schestowitz"Corruption" is  a road umbrella.Jan 12 13:11
schestowitz*broadJan 12 13:11
kentmaindeed.Jan 12 13:12
schestowitzSpeaking of corruption and fake (paid-for) 'studies', Lessig has now turned his full attention to it. let me find the URL..Jan 12 13:12
schestowitzLarry Lessig: From Copyright to Politics, from Stanford (Back) to Harvard < >Jan 12 13:13
schestowitz"At Harvard, he won’t be focusing exclusively on intellectual property — the topic that made him famous. He’ll, in the words of Harvard, launch a “five-year project examining what happens when public institutions depend on money from sources that may be affected by the work of those institutionsJan 12 13:13
schestowitz| — for example, medical research programs that receive funding fromJan 12 13:13
schestowitz| pharmaceutical companies whose drugs they review, or academics whose policy analyses are underwritten by special interest groups.”Jan 12 13:13
kentmaPretty much every government agency could be included in this list, at least as far as HMG is concerned.Jan 12 13:14
schestowitzYes, but government are corrupt. We already know that. They treat citizens like an enemy (in their home territory) and treat them using similar methods like mind control and abatement of dissidence through peer pressure and other means.Jan 12 13:17
schestowitz(*governmentS) The question is, can academia for example do better?Jan 12 13:18
kentmaquite!  There's an interesting series which has run a couple of times on the History channel called "The Nazis, a warning from history"Jan 12 13:18
schestowitzAlmost nothing is autonomous (not even universities) when funding comes from above for conformance, obedience, servitude, etc; very few universities challenge government decisions. Protests from some professors are nothing of an official stance for an entire intitute.Jan 12 13:19
kentmaThe Universities here do have a legal status of independence from government, however - established long long ago to protect them from this kind of corruption.  Sadly, the decision of government to reduce their direct funding has encouraged them to go directly into hoc with the private sector, which is just as bad!Jan 12 13:24
schestowitzWorseJan 12 13:25
kentmain some ways, yes.Jan 12 13:25
schestowitzI've seen adverts being put in computing clusters to make revenue.Jan 12 13:25
kentmayuk!  that's really not on.Jan 12 13:25
schestowitzI questions this decision, to no avail.Jan 12 13:25
schestowitz*questionedJan 12 13:26
kentmaAt Guelph, where my sister was lecturing, they've handed over more or less all campus coffee shops to "tim hortons", which is awful - they used to have a nice range of little shops, but no longer.Jan 12 13:26
schestowitzExclusive?Jan 12 13:26
kentmaWith, I think, one exception somewhere, yes.Jan 12 13:26
schestowitzHave you seen the EDGI material?Jan 12 13:27
kentmaNo?Jan 12 13:27
schestowitzI've been posting a lot of it to BN recently.Jan 12 13:27
schestowitzIt even made it from BN into the Indian press.Jan 12 13:27
kentmaWow!Jan 12 13:27
schestowitzIt shows the degree of corruption at educational institutes and how Microsoft aids it.Jan 12 13:28
schestowitzHold on.Jan 12 13:28
schestowitz (follow links at the top too... mostly antitrust material)Jan 12 13:28
kentmaokJan 12 13:30
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kentmaWow, US$1bn revenue from education - everyone might think that their fees and taxes are going to educate their children - how wrong they are!Jan 12 13:31
schestowitzThat's the kickbacks cycle. Hold on.Jan 12 13:32
schestowitzShort explanation: 12 13:32
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kentmayou have a typo on this article, I presume it should say "... where the only feeder *is* the taxpayer... "Jan 12 13:39
kentmaGood little item, though :-)Jan 12 13:39
schestowitzHow close are Autodesk and Microsoft?Jan 12 13:41
schestowitzI'm asking because Autodesk's chief might take over Yahoo!Jan 12 13:41
schestowitzkentma: Thanks, I fixed the typoJan 12 13:42
MinceRiirc they're both in the cartel known as B$AJan 12 13:44
MinceR(or is that a trust?)Jan 12 13:44
schestowitz Microsoft, Autodesk sign patent pact <,-Autode... >Jan 12 13:45
schestowitzThe Bull S Association is a decent linkageJan 12 13:46
kentmaIt's interesting how these patent pools are being shared between certain major industries in order to create a cartel, hidden, as it were, in full view of the world.Jan 12 13:48
schestowitz"The World Bank has revealed the full list of companies banned for bidding for future contracts because of alleged malpractice." Microsoft probably has too many lackeys in too many places for an embargo to apply to it too (see MA and ODF for details)Jan 12 13:49
schestowitzkapipi: Pharmas are worse... taking hundreds of years of work done by women and others and claiming it their ownership... thing pertaining to /life/Jan 12 13:50
schestowitzI wonder if this runsc Linux: 12 13:51
schestowitz"As capitalism staggers through its first globalized economic crisis, the costs won’t be measured only in dollars and cents. [...] Among the possible outcomes: instability in Pakistan, a more aggressive if economically stricken Iran, a collapsing Somalia, civil disorder in copper-dependent Zambia, a strengthened, drug-financed insurgency in Colombia and a more warlike North Korea." 12 13:55
schestowitzsid=aNufFjNjv01k&refer=homeJan 12 13:55
schestowitz 12 13:55
schestowitz"On Nov. 25, Pakistan clinched a $7.6 billion International Monetary Fund bailout to avert a debt default amid ebbing growth and an inflation rate of 25 percent in November that is ruining the livelihoods of its poor." Look a the EDGI antitrust material. Microsoft dared to use IMF (!!!!!!) to assist its dumpage against Linux , IIRC. Using public fund to conduct corruption...Jan 12 13:57
schestowitzNew OLPC: 12 13:58
schestowitzRed Hat puts in charge a man from the criminal organisation known as Intel: 12 13:59
schestowitz"Red Hat recently reported a 22% increase in revenues for its fiscal third-quarter, which ended in November. Compared to the prior quarter, total revenues increased 1% and subscription revenues remained flat." 12 14:00
kentmaRed Hat will do well, I think.  Presumably, seniors are escaping Intel before the significance of the growth of mobility dawns on the wider market...  ARM look well placed!Jan 12 14:06
schestowitzWhat ever happened to ECT? This morning the had another mishmash of blog comments as 'article' < > and an article from Microsoft mouthpiece Rob Enderle. Maybe it's time to put this site in Thunderbird's wastebasket.Jan 12 14:08
schestowitzIntel focuses a lot on MIDs now... Moblin.Jan 12 14:08
schestowitzBack in 2001 (I saw antitrust memos), Microsoft spoke about the rise of mobile devices and how Microsoft must evolve. Palm's platform looks nice and it's probably a sign of some things to come. It also comes with t keyboard, though smaller than the N810's.Jan 12 14:10
kentmaWithdrawal of the WiMax version of N810 is interesting, though.  It would appear that WiMax is not going to be, well, popular, anyway.Jan 12 14:10
schestowitzTwitter fell to a dictionary attack because the site allowed unlimited failed login attempts < >Jan 12 14:10
schestowitzIsn't Wimax plagues by patents which made it undesirable for many to implement? Which triple-E standard was Wimax?Jan 12 14:11
schestowitzIEEE802xx?Jan 12 14:11
kentmaI don't recall, to be honest, but riddling any "standard" with patents is a grave error.Jan 12 14:12
kentmaYou only have to look at the amazing success of ITU standards *before* patents were allowed, and the look at what's happened since.Jan 12 14:12
schestowitzMovie-Plot Threat: Terrorists Using Insects < >Jan 12 14:12
kentmaHmm, bioware for biowars.Jan 12 14:12
schestowitz WiMax, 802.11n Renew Patent Debate 12 14:13
schestowitzI read this one before: (The Meaningless WiMax Patent Pool)Jan 12 14:14
schestowitz"Jan 12 14:14
schestowitzSo, don't read too much into the fact that a bunch of companies in the WiMax space have agreed to put together a patent pool under the amusingly inaccurately named "Open Patent Alliance." The companies involved, Cisco, Intel, Samsung, Sprint, Alcatel-Lucent, and Clearwire are all betting big on WiMax deployments, so they know it's in their best interest to get the licensing out of the way"Jan 12 14:14
schestowitz"Open patent"... there goes Orwell changing sides...Jan 12 14:14
trmancoLOL -> 12 14:15
schestowitzWho is PJ?Jan 12 14:15
schestowitz " The Office of Information Technologies admitted in court this Thursday that a "new virus" broke the system of PJ"Jan 12 14:16
trmancosome virus "attacked" some networks here in PortugalJan 12 14:16
schestowitzAha!! So that's why Groklaw took a breakJan 12 14:16
schestowitzGroklaw is run by Portugal??Jan 12 14:16
trmancoLOLJan 12 14:17
trmanconot reallyJan 12 14:17
trmancoI wishJan 12 14:17
schestowitzThey cite PJ.Jan 12 14:17
schestowitzCoolJan 12 14:17
schestowitz"The evidence, the source noted PJ, was the attack on the Breeze and PT."Jan 12 14:17
trmancoPJ is some kind of police justice forceJan 12 14:17
schestowitzI know.Jan 12 14:17
schestowitzShe is.Jan 12 14:17
trmanco"Policia Judiciária"Jan 12 14:17
trmanco:-PJan 12 14:18
schestowitzThey can't publish Comes stuff.Jan 12 14:18
schestowitzI got mail about it this morning..Jan 12 14:18
trmancowhy not?Jan 12 14:18
trmancoit is interesting... that is the kind of stuff that should live up in the surfaceJan 12 14:19
schestowitz"...a longstanding commitment to PJ to work on Groklaw's Comes vs. Microsoft page ( ), and in fact a year or so ago [...]  short list of GL volunteers who wanted to aid [...] However PJ has not wanted to prioritize that. She has stated previously that she doesn't like widely publicizing anyone's internal e-mails unless there is a compelling statement to reveal."Jan 12 14:19
schestowitzBN doesn't care about that nonsense.Jan 12 14:19
schestowitzI have some good posts coming.Jan 12 14:19
trmanco:)Jan 12 14:20
schestowitz"[...] these exhibits need to be properly indexed [...]  index in several passes: 1) date (year first then month+date; obviously within past 5 years remains interesting); 2) category: e-mail (w/wo attachments), memo, letter, presentation; 3) subjects tags e.g. EDGI, Real, Intel; 4) persons."Jan 12 14:20
schestowitzThere is  a list somewhere with the MS-Mail/Outlook aliases e.g.: billg=Bill Gates; steveb=Steve Balmer; bradsi=Brad Silverberg; bobmu=Bob Muglia; paulma=Paul MaritzJan 12 14:21
schestowitzOther ideas...Jan 12 14:21
schestowitz"5) cross-index to similar exhibits: in some cases several exhibits differ only in the responses to an original e-mail"Jan 12 14:21
schestowitz"6) cross-index to other publicy available exhibits e.g. . Remember many of these exhibits were sourced from the DOJ antitrust investigations; many of the Comes Real exhibits sourced from the DOJ later found their way from the DOJ into the EU case, but were withdrawn after Real settled with MS."Jan 12 14:21
schestowitz"7) full text, prioritized as per the above."Jan 12 14:22
schestowitzThere is concern that grouch's mirror may vanish but there are at least two more and I store all the docs (PDFs) in BN now. grouch very thoughtfully publishes his original wget log which proves that his mirror is accurate. There is concern that MS or others might leak faked exhibits, which could cause all kinds of problems.Jan 12 14:22
schestowitzAnother reader says: "Windows royalty for schools projects... There are to many badly scanned docs for me to do, why not put out a call (privately, locally or on a forum not mentioning BN, just an indexing project) for volunteers to produce a cross-referenced Wiki."Jan 12 14:23
schestowitz"I have notice something peculiar about the docs, blurred text and odd spelling mistakes. It's as if they printed out the files, OCRd them and then saved as PDFs, making them next to useless for research purposes, and then give them all out of sequence PXxxxx numbers."Jan 12 14:23
schestowitzRe: EDGI: ""An interesting quote from billg on Linux in India .. :) Notice the date, now when was it he discovered he wanted to help India improve it's IT, before or after he discovered them using Linux?"Jan 12 14:24
schestowitz"As always, it's difficult to decode the thoughts of the supreme one, but it appears he wants to 'give' away Windows and/or collect from the OEMs even if they don't use Windows, do use Linux??? He uses the same phraseology as fuddie, think they are one and the same?"Jan 12 14:24
schestowitzHehe. "Stallman's concepts like copyleft and the various open source software licenses formed the foundation for what has become what some see as the dominant philosophy behind software creation." Jan 12 14:31
schestowitzThe link on " open source software licenses" is to the FSF _free software_ licences. What an insult.Jan 12 14:32
trmancoI think microsoft just screwed "us" up with it stupid IM changesJan 12 14:32
trmancoitsJan 12 14:32
trmancotoday is monday and I can't login to my msn im accountJan 12 14:33
trmancoand I'm not the only oneJan 12 14:33
schestowitzGAIM?Jan 12 14:33
schestowitzPidgin?Jan 12 14:33
trmanco 12 14:34
trmancopidginJan 12 14:34
trmancoem empathy at leastJan 12 14:34
trmancoI is giving me an internal server errorJan 12 14:34
trmancoit*Jan 12 14:34
trmanco(14:32:06) soap: current HTTP/1.1 500 Internal Server ErrorJan 12 14:34
trmancoDate: Mon, 12 Jan 2009 14:32:06 GMTJan 12 14:34
trmancoServer: Microsoft-IIS/6.0Jan 12 14:34
trmanco.NET crap :|Jan 12 14:35
schestowitzDoes it affect Micros~1 users?Jan 12 14:35
trmanconow I can't contact my freindsJan 12 14:35
trmancoschestowitz, I don't think soJan 12 14:35
MinceRtime to teach them about jabber and xmppJan 12 14:35
kentmaYou need to get them onto xmpp/google.Jan 12 14:35
schestowitzLet's find outJan 12 14:35
trmancoI can't confirm this with anybodyJan 12 14:35
MinceRor psycJan 12 14:35
MinceRi've heard pidgin problemsJan 12 14:35
trmancokentma, I tryJan 12 14:35
MinceR112714 <+_anon_> official msn client works, meebo works... pidgin doesnt work, and they call it "internal msn error" (the other clients work becauseJan 12 14:35
trmancoMinceR, it is not only pidginJan 12 14:35
MinceR                 they can switch back to the older, working protocol... msnp14 doesn't work, and pidgin can't switch back to the older protocol...Jan 12 14:35
trmancoit seems today empathy has that problem tooJan 12 14:36
MinceRi use bitlbee and it hasn't broken yet, but it might break once i have to reloginJan 12 14:36
schestowitz*LOL* "internal msn errorJan 12 14:36
schestowitzIs that new?Jan 12 14:36
trmancopidgin now uses msnp15Jan 12 14:36
MinceRbitlbee uses old gaim code (back then it was called gaim :> )Jan 12 14:38
MinceRafaikJan 12 14:38
trmancoI already asked some windows usersJan 12 14:38
trmancothey can loginJan 12 14:38
trmancobut somebody with empathy can login tooJan 12 14:39
trmancomaybe it is using an old version of MSN's crappy protocolJan 12 14:39
trmanco"Installing msn-pecan and changing to the WLM protocol worked for me too - been off MSN through Pidgin for most of today in XP and Ubuntu Intrepid. Thanks for the workaround!"Jan 12 14:44
schestowitzI was using amsn some years ago, but no more IM for me, thankfully...Jan 12 14:48
MinceRi'm getting tired of IM, tooJan 12 14:49
MinceRicq was drowned in spam and aol did nothing about itJan 12 14:49
MinceRm$n is, well, m$Jan 12 14:49
schestowitzSpam in iCQ?Jan 12 14:49
MinceRand as for jabber, i haven't seen any reliable servers yetJan 12 14:49
schestowitzI used amsn because an ex gf used itJan 12 14:49
MinceRyes, they keep sending adding requests with the spam as text on icqJan 12 14:49
schestowitzI have IMsJan 12 14:49
schestowitzMinceR: so it's kind of like yesterday's facebook ;-)Jan 12 14:50
MinceRi get spam on m$n too, but only as messages from a contact and i've blocked him for it alreadyJan 12 14:50
schestowitz"You've just been invited to cause"Jan 12 14:50
schestowitzTranslation: someone wants you to click a buttonJan 12 14:50
schestowitz"Someone wants to add you to his 'friends' "Porfolio" in $Site_X"Jan 12 14:51
schestowitzTranslation: time to create another news account in another Web 2 Oh! site... which will spam you until you unsubscribeJan 12 14:51
schestowitzDoes intel have temps? "HAVING HANDED ABOUT 20,000 employees their pink slips back in 2006, Intel reckons it won't need to make any serious workforce cuts now, despite the current economic crisis." 12 14:55
kentmaPerhaps it's ready for the slowdown?Jan 12 14:56
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schestowitzI doubt it, sort ofJan 12 15:10
schestowitzOtellini spoke about his fears for 2009 in November. I can't recall the specifics. Also, one analyst firm predicated Intel layoffs. I posted this in IRC at the time.Jan 12 15:11
kentmaI don't think anyone has any real idea how long this will go on for.  My economist consultant friend thinks maybe a year or so...Jan 12 15:12
trmancoI can confirm that msn thingJan 12 15:15
schestowitzA year seems optimistic compared to most.Jan 12 15:15
trmancopeople who use Windows with WLM bloat can loginJan 12 15:15
schestowitzWhat would the US do about debt and sagging market caps?Jan 12 15:15
trmancopeople who use pidgin/adium won't workJan 12 15:15
schestowitzAre there links I can use?Jan 12 15:15
schestowitzSome quick post like "Microsoft Inter-Nope"Jan 12 15:16
schestowitzA mailing list msg that says something like "it works in Windows, but Linux is blocked out of MSN would do"Jan 12 15:16
trmancoI'll lookJan 12 15:17
trmancoschestowitz, 1 -> 12 15:18
MinceRi've heard amsn still worksJan 12 15:19
trmanco 12 15:20
trmancoyes it doesJan 12 15:20
trmancoI think it doesn't work on purple based IM'sJan 12 15:20
trmancoI think if you disable msnp15 it will workJan 12 15:21
trmancoAdium related -> 12 15:22
twitterGood morning.  No spam on my IM here.  Use Pidgin with accounts on AOL, M$N, Google and various IRC.Jan 12 15:29
trmancotwitter, can you login?Jan 12 15:29
twitterI've seen messaging problems with M$N before, mostly video, sometimes text.Jan 12 15:29
trmancomsn protocolJan 12 15:29
twitterI'm logged in but have been for a few days.Jan 12 15:29
trmancooh okJan 12 15:29
trmancodon't log out then :-PJan 12 15:30
twitterService seems to work.Jan 12 15:30
trmancodoesn't work hereJan 12 15:31
twitterLenny's got Pidgin 2.4.3Jan 12 15:32
trmancoohJan 12 15:32
trmancoit probobly uses an old protocolJan 12 15:32
trmanco2.5.2 uses msnp15Jan 12 15:32
trmancoI think pidgin 2.4.3 uses msnp14 or something like thatJan 12 15:33
schestowitz 12 15:33
schestowitzI still need to clean it up a bitJan 12 15:33
trmancoinclude this link too -> 12 15:35
trmancoit is not just in linuxJan 12 15:36
trmancothe other platforms are affected tooJan 12 15:36
twitterAh, M$ innovation.  While Google's moving with Jabber, M$ is breaking their IM.Jan 12 15:37
trmancololJan 12 15:38
trmancojabber has never been offline for meJan 12 15:38
schestowitzjabber=ciscoJan 12 15:40
twitteroh.  Do they yank it around or is it community developed?Jan 12 15:41
MinceRhm?Jan 12 15:41
twitterWhat I wonder is, if jabber is more like ODF than it's like M$N.Jan 12 15:44
kentma 12 15:45
twitterGoogle's tech news is spammed with stuff about Detroit auto makers.  How did that happen?Jan 12 15:47
kentmaI think you need to separate the servers, the clients, and the protocols in use in order to really answer your "odf" question.Jan 12 15:47
schestowitzAs it happens, some people have briefly inspected over 2000 of the Comes exhibits and have indexed the most "interesting" ones on a paper list. We may have a couple more tagged EDGI which are posting.Jan 12 15:47
twitterGot link to the list?Jan 12 15:47
schestowitzAmong the exhibits are: * the minutes of an Allchin field meeting with partners which may have been the germination of the "get the facts" marketing initiative; A multipage Excel table of industry standards, showing Microsoft's status in influencing themJan 12 15:48
schestowitztwitter: not yetJan 12 15:48
schestowitzWe also have the infamous 1997 Gates "security as a lockin" message (PX06105) which I don't think we have already... can you find it?Jan 12 15:48
schestowitzFurther nominations for this august list:Jan 12 15:50
schestowitzBill Gates: "Security as a lock in"Jan 12 15:50 /011607/6000/PX06105.pdfJan 12 15:50
schestowitzJ. Allchin on Apple: "We were smoked", "We are being clocked"Jan 12 15:50 011607/7000/PX07219.pdfJan 12 15:50 011607/7000/PX07255.pdfJan 12 15:50
schestowitzHow about FUD as an official business tactic in 1990, to combat DR-DOS?Jan 12 15:50 011607/0000/PX00425.pdfJan 12 15:50
schestowitzOr FUD as an official tactic in 2002, to sell in developing countries? (page 16)Jan 12 15:50
schestowitz 12 15:50
twitterWow.  By "work better than other OS" they mean "make other work poorly with us"Jan 12 15:54
kentmaindeed, but then, how else could this be done?Jan 12 15:56
twitterWell, they could have made their protocols better than others.Jan 12 15:56
kentmathe protocols are not the issue, as they are transport between nodes.Jan 12 15:57
kentmaThe issue is to make some nodes work less well than others, but only some, so the protocols have to remain the same.Jan 12 15:57
schestowitzI'm putting into text an EDGI presentation right now.Jan 12 15:58
twitterIn that case they could have simply made their code better.Jan 12 15:58
kentmaParticularly as reverse engineering is always a possibility (eg., samba);  hence the DMCA, which was all about trying to use protocols for illegal market manipulation, except getting copyright law to support it...Jan 12 15:58
schestowitzThis is smoking gun as "fire fire pants on fire"Jan 12 15:58
schestowitzOr liar liarJan 12 15:58
kentmatwitter: indeed they could have, but DRDOS was way ahead of anything Microsoft had at that time.Jan 12 15:58
kentmaLike several years ahead!Jan 12 15:59
schestowitzWe clock many readers in BN these days, so let's tell the story about how the criminal company came aboutJan 12 15:59
schestowitzAt the pace of 1 a day it would take 10 years to do 3000 docsJan 12 15:59
kentmaIndeed...Jan 12 16:00
kentmaworse if you allow time off for good behaviour...Jan 12 16:00
twitterClearly related topics should be done at the same time and collected.  DRDOS and "security" above are both sabotage.Jan 12 16:00
twitterthere's sure to be other explicit sabotage memosJan 12 16:01
twitterbblJan 12 16:01
schestowitztwitter: I do EDGI firstJan 12 16:02
schestowitzSome girl from Arizona is helping me with one on IntelJan 12 16:02
schestowitzShe volunteered to proofreadJan 12 16:02
kentmacoolJan 12 16:03
schestowitzDoug is helping also.Jan 12 16:06
kentmaHe's done some excellent work on slated, too.Jan 12 16:08
schestowitzDid he? I didn't know. OCR?Jan 12 16:11
schestowitzFunny how the Munckins at COLA try to keep people stupid and divided, so as not to allow people to research for answers but only to consume themJan 12 16:13
schestowitzROTFLMAO "Where did IDC get the data? IDC interviewed 100 customers over the phone who consider themselves late adopters (i.e. "Jan 12 16:24
schestowitzThat's from Microsoft's antitrust doc... manufacturing anti-Linux dirtJan 12 16:24
schestowitzI'll post it soon (25 slides need restoring, as HTML)Jan 12 16:24
ushimitsudokiZDNet asia picks up on Meek's FUD: 12 16:30
ushimitsudokiHe seems to be stepping up his attacks against SunJan 12 16:30
schestowitzThis one is from the Sun case BTWJan 12 16:36
schestowitzThe EDGI one.Jan 12 16:36
schestowitzMS-CC-Sun 000000071052 Jan 12 16:36
schestowitzThey fight StarOffice by dumping tooJan 12 16:36
schestowitzWho is "Eileen Yu"?Jan 12 16:37
schestowitzIn years I've never seen her publish anything that I can recall, so it's hard to make judgmentJan 12 16:37
schestowitzThey are picking Meeks' FUD from September again... I still wonder how it get re-pushed into FP of ./ and Digg despite being old newsJan 12 16:38
ushimitsudokiSome if it is from his old blog entry, but some is from an "email interview"Jan 12 16:38
schestowitzLet's not feed that Zee Dee Net thing.Jan 12 16:42
schestowitzIt's old BS, new insultsJan 12 16:42
schestowitzIllness.. Horse...Jan 12 16:42
ushimitsudokijust filing it away ... I'm thinking Meeks is going to be preaching this anti-Sun message more in the futureJan 12 16:44
schestowitzMeeks or Novell?Jan 12 16:45
schestowitzBe aware he pretends that it's just "his personal opinion"Jan 12 16:46
ushimitsudokiMeeks acting on behalf of Novell I suspect ...Jan 12 16:46
schestowitzNo, no, "he's just a hacker" ;-)Jan 12 16:53
schestowitz"Rob Enderle is just an analyst"Jan 12 16:53
schestowitzSam Ramji is just a FOSS ladJan 12 16:53
kentmanowt wrong wi' that :-)Jan 12 16:54
PetoKrausoh yeahJan 12 16:54
PetoKrausanother letter to virginJan 12 16:54
PetoKraus 12 16:54
PetoKrauscan you proof read for me, pl0x? and tell me what you think?Jan 12 16:55
PetoKrausand yes, I am actually gonna send that...Jan 12 16:55
schestowitz"Customer Concerns"?Jan 12 17:01
schestowitz"Sorry" (capitalised)Jan 12 17:01
*PeterKraus ( has joined #boycottnovellJan 12 17:02
schestowitzI like this letterJan 12 17:02
PeterKrausdid i miss anything ?Jan 12 17:02
PeterKrausthe tubes fell again obviously.... this time it was forced, though, we needed to restart the routerJan 12 17:03
schestowitzI'll post this in news picks :-)Jan 12 17:03
schestowitzSigns, Concernd customer. :-)Jan 12 17:04
PeterKrausi'll do an articleJan 12 17:04
PeterKrauswith old letter, their reply and this oneJan 12 17:04
schestowitz*Signed, concerned customerJan 12 17:04
PeterKrauslater when I get back from football matchJan 12 17:04
PeterKraustrolling for 50p is always funJan 12 17:05
PeterKraustoday I sent a letter to Library of Congress, Copyright Office, D.C., for 56pJan 12 17:06
schestowitzGot a copy?Jan 12 17:06
PeterKrausthat's regarding one song I use in a short video I got. I thought I might just ask for a licenseJan 12 17:07
PeterKraussureJan 12 17:07
PeterKrausthough I guess I'll wait for reply on that one until I disclose it. It's not funny so farJan 12 17:07
PeterKraus:)Jan 12 17:07
PeterKrausthough, this article was helpful when writing the thing: 12 17:08
PeterKrauslol: What the hell has XKCD become... Slashdot digest?Jan 12 17:08
*PetoKraus has quit (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))Jan 12 17:17
schestowitzkentma: I found out the golden egg about MOUJan 12 17:20
schestowitzMicrosoft explains what MOUs are for, so you get it right from the horse's mouth now.Jan 12 17:20
schestowitzGetting teachers and kids 'certified' for MS and not choosing Linux.Jan 12 17:20
schestowitzOK done.Jan 12 17:29
schestowitzNow I'll explain these 25 slides. Wow. This is nuclear stuff.Jan 12 17:29
*Omar87 has quit (Remote closed the connection)Jan 12 17:54
-christel-[Global Notice] Hi all, In about 5 minutes time we'll be taking down one of our client servers for maintenance. The downtime window is one hour but it should take considerably less time. Affected users ~1k. Thank you for flying freenode and have a nice evening!Jan 12 17:54
schestowitzBill Gates: “Where Are We on This Jihad?” (Against Linux at Intel): 12 17:56
-christel-[Global Notice] Hi again. We've moved leguin to new hardware, it's up and running and linked to the network again. That concludes today's scheduled maintenance and with some luck it's plain sailing from here, until Friday when we move hubbard to a new switch! Big thanks to the University of Umeå. Sorry for the downtime and have a continued nice evening.Jan 12 18:13
schestowitzIntelsoft: Intel unveils tablet Classmate PC design < >Jan 12 18:24
*trmanco has quit (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))Jan 12 18:24
schestowitzHmm... 12 18:26

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