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IRC: #boycottnovell @ FreeNode: January 20th, 2009 - Part 1


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schestowitzInteresting lecture... 20 02:52
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slackware-jennieHello.Jan 20 06:18
slackware-jennieWould anyone mind if I posted a link to a website that helped change my entire opinion of Microsoft?Jan 20 06:20
slackware-jennieIt was written by a guy named Vansween or something like that.Jan 20 06:21
ushimitsudokigo ahead if you likeJan 20 06:25
ushimitsudokiI'll give it a look at leastJan 20 06:26
slackware-jennieushimitsudoki, 20 06:34
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MinceRhe gives way too much credit to m$Jan 20 07:29
MinceR"end users were completely dependent on a hardware manufacturer not only for hardware, but also for platform-specific operating systems and application software. Microsoft's marketing strategy put an end to that"Jan 20 07:30
MinceRUnix, anyone?Jan 20 07:30
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MinceRj0Jan 20 09:17
schestowitzMorningJan 20 09:18
kentmahiJan 20 09:22
schestowitztrmanco: are you there?Jan 20 09:56
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seller_liarinteresting article about .netJan 20 11:24
seller_liar 20 11:24
schestowitzI haven't seen it yetJan 20 11:27
seller_liarschestowitz: explain interesting things abou m$ .netJan 20 11:28
seller_liarschestowitz:GPL v1 : companies are enemiesJan 20 11:34
seller_liar  The license agreements of most software companies try to keep users at the mercy of those companies.Jan 20 11:34
seller_liar 20 11:34
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PetoKrausright, i've got a question for you guysJan 20 11:59
PetoKrausover the three months, i've paid €£148.50 for gas bills for the whole flatJan 20 11:59
PetoKrausnow guess what was the actual consumption.Jan 20 12:00
schestowitzGo head.Jan 20 12:01
schestowitz*aheadJan 20 12:01
PetoKraus€£89.21, bitch!Jan 20 12:01
PetoKrausi guess not using the central heating helpsJan 20 12:03
PetoKrausi'm just wondering what'll the electricity be like.Jan 20 12:04
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seller_novuel does m$ propagandaJan 20 12:35
seller_ 20 12:35
seller_Microsoft worked late last night to get us access to the code that will be used during the inauguration so we could test it with Moonlight. "Jan 20 12:35
schestowitzmonkey business.Jan 20 12:40
schestowitzXAML... be at Microsoft's smercyJan 20 12:41
seller_schestowitz: probably the experience can be worst than silverblightJan 20 12:41
schestowitzOf courseJan 20 12:41
schestowitzThat's the idea of Mono and Monolight[sic]Jan 20 12:42
schestowitzLinux=crappy; Windows=the Real ThingJan 20 12:42
seller_schestowitz:probably tell to the user , switch  to silverblight nowJan 20 12:42
seller_schestowitz: "for more experience switch to silverlie now!"Jan 20 12:44
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schestowitzOMGJan 20 12:51
schestowitzAllchin - SCO?Jan 20 12:51
MinceRwhat's surprising about that?Jan 20 12:52
schestowitzWowJan 20 12:52
schestowitzNo... you'll se...Jan 20 12:52
schestowitzI'm going through 50 pages of transcriptsJan 20 12:52
schestowitzB*stardsJan 20 12:52
schestowitz"And whether the lawsuit comes from Wind River or in X, Y, Z, there’s going to be one. Guaranteed. As I sit here today, I will guarantee you at some point there's going to be a challenge about the patents."Jan 20 12:53
schestowitz6 months before SCO.Jan 20 12:53
schestowitz"And there’s going to be a patent lawsuit on Linux. It’s bound to happen. I’m just asking -not and the patent lawsuit won’t really be about the license. It will be simply, "Hey, these guys took intellectual property." "Jan 20 12:53
schestowitzThat's the THIRD evidence from Sept. 2002Jan 20 12:54
schestowitz"MR. MARTIN: Class action lawsuit. "Jan 20 12:54
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kentmaWindriver decided to go the other way and to adopt linux;  they were one of the early members of the Linux Foundation (now OSDL)Jan 20 13:07
schestowitzYes, I kno.Jan 20 13:07
schestowitzBased on somehting he said around the same time, I reckon he /might/ know about SCOJan 20 13:08
kentmaagreed, it's a strong possibility.Jan 20 13:08
schestowitzIn this roundtable...Jan 20 13:09
schestowitzWell, Allchin says he's afraid of LinuxJan 20 13:09
schestowitz2002...Jan 20 13:09
schestowitzHis partners use it..Jan 20 13:09
schestowitzkentma: I didn't post this in COLA.Jan 20 13:09
schestowitzA lot of the better material I can't post there cause it ain't newsJan 20 13:09
schestowitzAllchin explored how to hurt Linux with IP (another memo)Jan 20 13:10
schestowitzMS GM in India spoke about "Sco -- Novell" around the same timeJan 20 13:10
kentmaschestowitz: there's nothing to stop you posting "opinion" material, is there?  or even "analysis" - hey - that's an idea - why don't you consider posting some items as [Analysis], and I'll update my digest script to look out for them and include them?Jan 20 13:11
schestowitz*LOL* "And do you know how many calls I get about "I don’t know what’s happened. I opened up my Word and it’s just typing."  And you sit there and scratch your head, well - because it’s on "Jan 20 13:14
schestowitzIt's funny reading about their problems...Jan 20 13:15
schestowitzAlso being cracked... servers and all...Jan 20 13:15
schestowitzkentma: I do that in BN alreadyJan 20 13:15
schestowitzI can't duplicate posts. The MS Munchkins will resent it.Jan 20 13:15
kentmaschestowitz: twas just a thought.Jan 20 13:15
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schestowitz"Epidemic GNU/Linux" < >Jan 20 15:00
schestowitzWhen All You Have Is A Patent Hammer, Every Software Task Looks Like A Nail < >Jan 20 15:02
schestowitz "There was just that report noting that 20% of teens admitted to sending around sexually explicit photos of themselves -- and now, six high school students in Pennsylvania are facing child porn charges because the three girls took naked photos of themselves and sent them to some boys (thanks to everyone who sent this in). The girls are charged with manufacturing, disseminating Jan 20 15:15
schestowitzor possessing child pornography, while the boys who received the photos are charged with possession. N"Jan 20 15:15
schestowitzWhite-collar criminals are out loose without attention from the law while a bunch of kids texting each other keep the police busy. What a sham!Jan 20 15:16
schestowitzAnd Obamaism in power now... It's a shame that one among the two 'elite' representatives was elected again.. Bit it's the lesser of the two evil, so... what could ever elevate Nader if not advertising (the "A" in USA)Jan 20 15:21
schestowitz*"but" ; "evil"Jan 20 15:21
schestowitzInauguration as Flash: 20 15:22
balzacRoy what's up man?Jan 20 15:22
schestowitzNot muchJan 20 15:23
balzacKeith Olberman calls for torture prosecution todayJan 20 15:23
schestowitzI spent 5 hours today putting together text from 50 pagesJan 20 15:23
balzacThe latest from Jim Allchin is great. What amazing content that is.Jan 20 15:24
schestowitz 20 15:24
schestowitzI see...Jan 20 15:24
schestowitzI have two more about AllchinJan 20 15:24
schestowitzI reckon I have something that may -- again -- connect him+MS to SCOJan 20 15:24
balzacI thought the Halloween documents were exciting back in the day, but these recent memos reveal so much.Jan 20 15:25
balzacThat's good news. Your site has become the clearing house for internal Microsoft leakage.Jan 20 15:27
schestowitzIt's not torture if they call it "rendition" ;-)Jan 20 15:27
schestowitzbalzac: you can help us out in the WikiJan 20 15:27
schestowitzWe have enough to do this for yearsJan 20 15:28
balzacI want to help myself out by brokering some software deployment contracts and using your information to push out competing bids from Microsoft.Jan 20 15:28
schestowitzThey should be imprisoned reallyJan 20 15:30
balzacIt's good to have information with which to contradict all the propaganda and get people to actually question the next MS upgradeJan 20 15:30
schestowitzAnd their products embargoed... and I'm not a bitter person.. I've just seen enoughJan 20 15:30
schestowitzMicrosoft shows people puppies and Zunes... they tend to think that Microsoft's evils -- which its drones are spinning -- are bundling a 'better' browser in WindowsJan 20 15:30
schestowitzIn the next big post, Jim Allchin says “We Feel a Huge Threat from Linux”Jan 20 15:32
balzacWell, I'll settle for fines, myself. I'll be happy if they put Bush and his cronies in jail. Microsoft has certainly broken the law, but fines and the loss of market-share are enough justice for me re M$.Jan 20 15:32
schestowitzThat was in 2002. Now even Ballmer says this _publicly_ (#1 competitor)Jan 20 15:32
schestowitzThey have talking points... a popular one right now is "computer=desktop; Net Applications junk (bogus stats) say Linux<1%"Jan 20 15:33
balzacBill Gates ego is goign to be deflatedJan 20 15:33
MinceRwhat info do you have about Net Applications?Jan 20 15:33
schestowitzBy that logic, I might as well say that 'good' computers choose Linux 94% of the timeJan 20 15:33
balzacRMS will be acknowledged as the #1 software geek ever.Jan 20 15:33
MinceRa m$ fanboy i know keeps quoting themJan 20 15:33
schestowitzOnly 'stupid' users choose WindowsJan 20 15:33
schestowitzNet Applications = big lieJan 20 15:34
schestowitz 20 15:34
MinceR(iirc their methodology is very suspicious, but perhaps they have m$ connections or things like that?)Jan 20 15:34
schestowitzThey don't count hitsJan 20 15:35
schestowitzThey count referrals selectivelyJan 20 15:35
schestowitzThey don't give away their dataJan 20 15:35
schestowitzFor all I know, 50% of their bigger samples can be MS-oriented sites that track people who just click on ads (i.e. sheep)Jan 20 15:35
schestowitzI will soon write about IDC/IDG tooJan 20 15:35
schestowitzThey are attacking Linux tooJan 20 15:36
schestowitzMicrosoft's Google wannaboism again: 20 15:37
schestowitzIs T3 connected to MS? 20 15:42
schestowitzThere was a proxy fight like this before...Jan 20 15:42
balzacRoy, you're one of the few who are paranoid enough to even conceive of what Microsoft is really up to. It's not easy for others to see because most people just can't imagine  the scope of the payola and the deception.Jan 20 15:42
schestowitzT3 TechnologiesJan 20 15:42
schestowitz 20 15:43
schestowitzbalzac: no accusation, just checkingJan 20 15:43
balzacIt's becoming clearer to people after 8 years of Bush.Jan 20 15:43
schestowitzThat other one (last year) was shown by othersJan 20 15:43
schestowitzThat's just business.Jan 20 15:43
schestowitz*LOL* 20 15:43
schestowitzWatch the pageJan 20 15:43
schestowitzNot the same one I think..Jan 20 15:44
balzacWell, your revelations which have been mostly very informative with a high degree of accuracy (taking into account the honest mistakes we all make), have not actually surprised me.Jan 20 15:44
schestowitzWatch the bouncing man (animated gif): 20 15:44
schestowitzbalzac: thanks.Jan 20 15:45
balzacI'd have been surprised if Microsoft weren't doing what they're doing.Jan 20 15:45
schestowitz"T3 Announces Investment from Microsoft Read press release."Jan 20 15:45
balzacJust look at the systemic corruption in all institutions. Why would anyone expect Microsoft to be better than the banks, the stock market, the congress, the media, etc?Jan 20 15:45
schestowitzWell, now we might be getting somewhere...Jan 20 15:46
balzacIt's just a rotten phase of history.Jan 20 15:46
schestowitzbalzac: yes, exactly.Jan 20 15:46
schestowitzOMGJan 20 15:46
schestowitzROTFLJan 20 15:47
schestowitzI'll need to get a screenshot of thisJan 20 15:47
schestowitzIt's so funny.Jan 20 15:47
balzacnice websiteJan 20 15:47
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seller_liarhey royJan 20 15:48
seller_liarIt 's possible to put a list of m$ shill and novell devs in wiki?Jan 20 15:48
schestowitzseller_liar: sure.Jan 20 15:50
seller_liarschestowitz: thanksJan 20 15:50
seller_liarseller_liar: but put a list of doubtful people , like dan-0 brainJan 20 15:50
seller_liarseller_liar: alexHaterJan 20 15:51
seller_liarseller_liar: g michaelsJan 20 15:51
schestowitzseller_liar: put it here: 20 15:51
schestowitzI'll edit with you.Jan 20 15:51
seller_liarschestowitz: Ms shill firstJan 20 15:52
schestowitzYesJan 20 15:52
schestowitzTell me when you finish editing.Jan 20 15:52
seller_liarschestowitz: James Evangelist plamodonJan 20 15:52
schestowitzI can add people whom we covered in BN and link for evidence.Jan 20 15:52
schestowitzAlex Brown, Jeff Gould, etc.Jan 20 15:52
seller_liarschestowitz: okJan 20 15:53
schestowitzPut in the names mentioned here so farJan 20 15:58
schestowitzI'll add links laterJan 20 15:58
schestowitzE.g. James P... we have growing evidence for 'indictment'Jan 20 15:58
schestowitzAre you editing?Jan 20 15:59
seller_liarschestowitz: Yes, but  I'm putting links to james siteJan 20 15:59
balzacI've got some fresh paranoia that I haven't told many aboutJan 20 15:59
balzacCheck this out, it's about the Bill and Melinda Gates FoundationJan 20 15:59
balzacTake it with a grain of salt because it's a touchy subject and it's just my own take on itJan 20 16:00
balzacOk, how much money has gone to Africa through the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation? Billions, right?Jan 20 16:00
seller_liarI have saved a exampleJan 20 16:00
balzacHow much of that has gone towards HIV treatment drugs?Jan 20 16:01
seller_liar 20 16:01
balzacBrazil wanted to manufacture HIV drugs generically and they were threatened with a penalty from the WTOJan 20 16:02
balzacso, what is the (arbitrary and inflated) cost of HIV drugs in Africa?Jan 20 16:02
seller_liarBut I will put names only thenJan 20 16:02
schestowitzseller_liar: I'll add some more links later as well.Jan 20 16:03
seller_liarschestowitz: okJan 20 16:03
schestowitzWe also have credbility indexJan 20 16:03
balzacHow much of the money from the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation ends up in the coffers of drug companies who pay the same lobbyists who attack software freedom and scientific and medical freedom?Jan 20 16:03
schestowitzbalzac: they invest in African oilJan 20 16:03
schestowitzHave you seen the video from the LA-based team's investigation?Jan 20 16:03
balzacnoJan 20 16:03
schestowitzbalzac: have you heard about Gates playing for big pharmas?Jan 20 16:04
schestowitzI have two links for you then.Jan 20 16:04
schestowitzHold onJan 20 16:04
balzacokJan 20 16:04
schestowitz1. Must-watch video: 20 16:04
schestowitz2. 20 16:05
schestowitzScroll down to the bottom part about pharamas and remember that drugs have no manufacturing costs (almost), just like s/wJan 20 16:05
schestowitzSo the pharmas without life-saving drugs from people to whom it could give it for humanitarian reasons.Jan 20 16:06
balzacexactlyJan 20 16:06
schestowitzThis scarcity is battled by Melinda and Pearly.Jan 20 16:06
schestowitzThey perpetuate the believe that to save life we need to extract money from poor people whom we abuse (to make oil money for Pearly)Jan 20 16:07
schestowitzI wish I had the means to explain this to people. Microsoft has many moles that attack all those who dare to say how the tax-evading Fundation works...Jan 20 16:07
seller_liarschestowitz: I 'm getting all 0 points of your credibility listJan 20 16:08
schestowitzLast one for the reading list: 3) 20 16:08
schestowitzseller_liar: what do you mean/?Jan 20 16:08
seller_liar 20 16:08
schestowitzThanks. I see you're editingJan 20 16:08
schestowitzI'll add more when you finish.Jan 20 16:08
seller_liarschestowitz: I'm putting all 0 points in wikiJan 20 16:08
schestowitzWe can reuse or merge tooJan 20 16:08
balzacThe credibility list takes a certain amount of chutzpah to do, but it's definitely a bit silly.Jan 20 16:08
schestowitzPlease do, seller_liar Jan 20 16:09
schestowitzI need to also link to the evidence a little more.Jan 20 16:09
seller_liarschestowitz: okJan 20 16:09
schestowitzWe'll organise layout later.Jan 20 16:09
seller_liarschestowitz: okJan 20 16:09
balzacIt would need more places, not just 0-4, and then it would need lots of user-created data to place people in it.Jan 20 16:09
schestowitzbalzac: no-one is invited to use it.Jan 20 16:09
schestowitzThat's like me complaining that someone in the gym says truths about me.Jan 20 16:09
schestowitzbalzac: yes, I know.Jan 20 16:10
schestowitzA reader asked for this listJan 20 16:10
schestowitzThat's how it beganJan 20 16:10
schestowitzTo people who don't watch the news closely, site names don't mean much, let alone writer names.Jan 20 16:10
balzacI had thought of making a similar list in a different context than software. It has a certain comedic value to rate people with numbers.Jan 20 16:11
balzacYou would need to score different areas of their bias to make it more objective.Jan 20 16:12
schestowitzI'm sick of UK cronyism.. 20 16:12
schestowitzbalzac: I saw such interactive lists beforeJan 20 16:12
schestowitzBut they are spammable.Jan 20 16:12
balzacnumbers which capture how and why they're writing on behalf of MS. Naivety is one reason.Jan 20 16:12
balzacright, as soon as you open it up to user-created content, along comes Microsoft's "reputation management consultants".Jan 20 16:13
balzacAnyway, I'm happy to see the list because of who it's coming from and who is on it.Jan 20 16:14
balzacI definitely take the numbers into consideration.Jan 20 16:14
balzacI don't know as many of the names of those in the software pundit class.Jan 20 16:14
schestowitz :-)Jan 20 16:15
schestowitzThe investment is just a coincidence...Jan 20 16:15
schestowitzIt's just a smart investmentJan 20 16:15
schestowitzAt the right timeJan 20 16:15
balzacRoy, here's something for you to consider - how are you going to profit from Microsoft's downfall? Each of us who knows the value of freedom should have some stake in it.Jan 20 16:15
schestowitzI don't know.Jan 20 16:16
schestowitzI never thought about it.Jan 20 16:16
balzacMaybe we can talk business later on, because I'm not interested in pure activism anymore.Jan 20 16:16
schestowitzThere is hardly anything to gain from fighting cortruption, just by engaging in it.Jan 20 16:16
balzacActivism without a business plan is only going to scale so far.Jan 20 16:16
balzacit's not corruption if you disclose your interests.Jan 20 16:16
schestowitzExplaining this to peer or familier ain't easy either and Groklaw does donations of souvenirs (cups etc.)Jan 20 16:17
schestowitz*liarJan 20 16:17
schestowitz*familiarJan 20 16:17
balzacI say it directly, I'm ideologically for free software and against microsoft and I put my money on free software too.Jan 20 16:17
balzacMicrosoft does the same.Jan 20 16:17
schestowitzWhat are the choices?Jan 20 16:17
schestowitzIt's also possible to do part-timing.Jan 20 16:18
balzacwell, like any modern business in the IT sector, you may need to separate your work into a foundation and a corporation, or some similar two-pronged strategy.Jan 20 16:18
schestowitzWhich I did until not so long agoJan 20 16:18
schestowitzAcademia is good setting for thisJan 20 16:18
schestowitzMIT for example... RMS is still ther,e Shomsky too.Jan 20 16:18
schestowitz*ChomskyJan 20 16:18
balzacBut you've got to put your money behind your activism. Trust me, your opponents will be more scared than if you remain some kind of renunciate.Jan 20 16:18
schestowitzPut money how?Jan 20 16:19
balzacBe in line to profit from success of your activist agenda.Jan 20 16:19
schestowitzAnd also, this devalues the work because money puts interests ay playJan 20 16:19
schestowitzprofit comes from selling somethingJan 20 16:19
balzacRoy, to those who embrace that particular idea of personal disinterest, yes.Jan 20 16:19
schestowitzInformation, products, etc.Jan 20 16:19
schestowitzBut information is a commodity now.Jan 20 16:20
balzacBut if you make your disclosures, it's fair.Jan 20 16:20
schestowitzSo I can't make money from writting... newspapers just have 'bubbles' ETMJan 20 16:20
schestowitz*ATMJan 20 16:20
schestowitz*writingJan 20 16:20
schestowitzbalzac: I'm no lobbyistJan 20 16:20
schestowitzThis reminds me of the FFII people..Jan 20 16:20
balzacyeah, but look at poor RMS, sitting on a plane for 10 hrs to China, probably flying coach. Meanwhile, those dick-heads from Google have their own air-strip.Jan 20 16:20
balzacTrust me dude, I'm right about this.Jan 20 16:21
*moogstrap (i=c13fc5f6@gateway/web/ajax/ has joined #boycottnovellJan 20 16:21
schestowitzI see your pointJan 20 16:21
balzacIf for no other reason than sustainability, you have to keep your standard of living and life-style up.Jan 20 16:21
schestowitzBut RMS is happy with what he hasJan 20 16:21
schestowitzPolitical influence in the US is a hard gameJan 20 16:21
schestowitzThose who bribe get their way, and it's a cyclic thing.Jan 20 16:22
balzacor you get old, tired and grumpy like Ralph NaderJan 20 16:22
schestowitzYou mentioned flying coach.. what's wrong with that.Jan 20 16:22
schestowitzLike the old speeches from RMS about brainwash for lavish lifestyles.Jan 20 16:22
balzacSeriously though, people who are adding so much value need to live more comfortably, or their voices won't last nearly as long as they could with a more comfortable life.Jan 20 16:22
schestowitzCars, mortgage, vacations to escape from vassalisationJan 20 16:23
balzacRoy, I'm a lot younger than RMS and I felt nearly crushed by a 10hr flight to China flying coach.Jan 20 16:23
schestowitzRalph Nader is OKJan 20 16:23
balzacHe's a dignitary, an important old man who should be flying first class.Jan 20 16:23
schestowitzIt's not his styleJan 20 16:23
schestowitzYou can't be a Kerry speaking to the poor.Jan 20 16:24
schestowitzIt won't workJan 20 16:24
balzacI understand that, but he flies 90 different locations in a year.Jan 20 16:24
schestowitzSo his welfare on the plane is a high priority...Jan 20 16:24
balzacAnd the budget of the FSF is so small. Less than $1M last I checked.Jan 20 16:24
schestowitzBut what does 1st class give that's much better?Jan 20 16:24
schestowitzIt's almost rhetorical.Jan 20 16:25
balzacYou can sleep horizontal. You get drinks and snacks.Jan 20 16:25
schestowitzThat's not a high priority, IMHOJan 20 16:25
schestowitzI worked for many years from an office where I got all the basic and more.Jan 20 16:25
balzacIt is, but people who embrace the renunciate style too strongly don't get it.Jan 20 16:26
schestowitzRMS used to work (and LIVE) in his office in MIT.  The isue with planes is probably connectivityJan 20 16:26
schestowitzThat's the nature of traveling so muc.Jan 20 16:26
schestowitzI guess his health is a factor too.Jan 20 16:27
seller_liarschestowitz: 20 16:27
balzacRoy, you've got a lot of stamina, but imagine being around 50 years old, flying to 90 different places and flying coach.Jan 20 16:27
schestowitzBut I never understood why he travels so much when digital approach to mind is effective too.Jan 20 16:27
balzacdamn right it's a factor.Jan 20 16:27
schestowitzbalzac: sorry if I sounded inconsiderate (over text)Jan 20 16:27
schestowitzI know, I've heard stories.Jan 20 16:27
balzacWell, RMS reacted the same way. "It's not a priority. The money is better spent on other things. Don't tell me how to do my thing."Jan 20 16:28
schestowitzseller_liar: excellent.. I'll extend it a bitJan 20 16:28
schestowitz(unless you still edit)Jan 20 16:28
schestowitzWikimedia merges, not locksJan 20 16:28
*moogstrap2 (i=c13fc5f6@gateway/web/ajax/ has joined #boycottnovellJan 20 16:28
balzacHe's wrong. He's taking his health for granted as if it's a renewable resource. It isn't if you don't take care of yourselfJan 20 16:28
seller_liarschestowitz: Thanks!Jan 20 16:29
balzacMy dad is older than RMS and I've seen the way it goes for the tough guys.Jan 20 16:29
schestowitzbalzac: RMS is about my dad's ageJan 20 16:29
schestowitzWhich is interestingJan 20 16:29
seller_liarschestowitz: I was thinking in put a credibility point widgetJan 20 16:29
schestowitzHe began GNU when he was about 30Jan 20 16:29
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schestowitzseller_liar: for sites?Jan 20 16:30
schestowitzOh, I see.Jan 20 16:30
seller_liarschestowitz: and people tooJan 20 16:30
schestowitzseller_liar: not simply, I'd need to put s/wJan 20 16:30
seller_liarschestowitz: I knowJan 20 16:30
schestowitzIDC[sic]: Nothing about Microsoft... nada...Jan 20 16:31
seller_liarschestowitz: It 's possible to put localisation of  shills ?Jan 20 16:31
schestowitzHeheJan 20 16:31
schestowitzI guess.Jan 20 16:31
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balzacI'll be AFK for a whileJan 20 16:31
seller_liarschestowitz: Is very important , for example , sites in Brazil like meiobit is pro m$Jan 20 16:31
balzacttylJan 20 16:31
schestowitzbalzac: thanks for dropping byJan 20 16:32
schestowitzseller_liar: by all means add a subpage or something.Jan 20 16:32
schestowitz 20 16:34
seller_liarschestowitz: Thanks!Jan 20 16:34

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stomp all over copyleft while blackmailing the FSF into inaction
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Unless the FSF extends the 'cutoff' date as it usually does
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they're only about serving and protecting powerful people
Our Most Productive Summer Since We Started (2006)
We have over 10,000 lines of written notes and drafts
Compare WIPO to ADR Forum
it is "rude" not to hire lawyers
[Meme] GPL Circumvention by IBM (Red Hat)
"GPL? All mine!"
GNU/Linux and ChromeOS in Costa Rica: Over 4% Now
Desktop (or Laptop) & Tablet & Mobile combined would be about 50% "Linux"
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They need to be named and shamed for doing this
Red Hat Developer (, Brought to You by Microsoft Staff to Promote Microsoft Proprietary Software That Doesn't Run on GNU/Linux
Yesterday at
OSI Blog Posts From Salaried Microsoft Writers, Promoting Microsoft Proprietary Software and GPL-Violating Code Prison
OSI attacking its very own (original) mission
Apple's Main Competition Isn't Microsoft But Low-Cost Chromebooks and GNU/Linux Distros
Case of Dominica
[Meme] Reporting Crimes to the Police, to the Public, to the Media
people who are committing crimes try to accuse those who expose them as the "real" criminals
Microsoft Has Already Lost the Cash Cow in Jamaica
we're looking at around 7% for GNU/Linux
[Meme] Then They Call Their Volunteers 'Fascists' (or Even Worse Labels)
They want the public to think that people who resigned in protest were in fact "expelled" and that moreover they are "conservative" or something to that effect
Sven Luther & Debian forged expulsion after resignation, now with Wind River Software, DebConf24 platinum sponsor
Reprinted with permission from Daniel Pocock
Pop Weekend in Schagen, Netherlands & Debian Day
Reprinted with permission from Daniel Pocock
IBM/Red Hat Racism and Imperialism: Not a New Problem
Especially in that region
In Cuba, Android Surges to New Records, Only About 3% of Web Users Are on Vista 11
only about 15% are traced back to Windows
Colombia: Windows Falls to All-Time Low (26%)
We might be looking at a community of over 1 million GNU/Linux users in that one country
Microsoft "are still in their Extend phase and have been for some time. They know how to play the long game. It's anyone's guess when their Extinguish phase will begin."
It's reassuring to see recognition of the threat
Links 10/07/2024: Microsoft Burns Users of Office 365 connectors in Teams
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