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IRC: #boycottnovell @ FreeNode: January 21st, 2009 - Part 1


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schestowitz"is x reader for the y?" = x is not ready for yJan 21 00:00
schestowitz"x will kill y" = y will cease to exist, so don't bet on itJan 21 00:00
schestowitz"Obama chooses X" = X is hipJan 21 00:00
schestowitz"all x is bad" = don't accuse any company, x, of y (be it security issues, crime, etc.)Jan 21 00:01
moogstrapit's so terribly fuddish. I mean, I switched because of Vista. Etch, supposedly a professionals-only distro to a lot of people (most of whom will never have used it). Sheesh, anyone could do itJan 21 00:02
moogstrapI really get tired of all those articles about switching from product A to B. As if it'll give you emotional anguish and heartbreak and a life-changing  epithanyJan 21 00:03
schestowitz "[This message has been sponsored with Microsoft money.] "Jan 21 00:05
moogstraphahahJan 21 00:06
schestowitzGood post: 21 00:07
schestowitzLinuxToday is very aware of the Mono plague, unlike LxerJan 21 00:07
moogstrapI don't have them in my rss. I'll add themJan 21 00:10
schestowitzWho?Jan 21 00:10
schestowitzLinux Today?Jan 21 00:10
schestowitzit has MS ads.Jan 21 00:10
schestowitzI'm no fan, but the picks from Carla are decent.Jan 21 00:10
schestowitzI wonder what Rubin's departure from Android Team means... 21 00:12
moogstrapyeah but, I mean I remember a site (can't remember the URL) that arranged political cartoons and editorials based on political bias. So the reader can happily go and read something they already agree with.  I don't like that. I get a kick out reading childish rants and hilariously ill-formed opinion pieces in any newspaper. My rss is the same. The pro-MS stuff splurged all over the place is pretty fascinatingJan 21 00:12
schestowitzIt's risky to feed itJan 21 00:13
schestowitzI dislike it when Linux sites link to anti-Linux baitrJan 21 00:13
schestowitzThat gives it visibility and asks for moreJan 21 00:13
schestowitzPJ agrees with me on that... we just ignore Linux-hoctile stuff (like the "Linux killer" chant)Jan 21 00:14
schestowitz*hostile Jan 21 00:14
moogstrapahJan 21 00:14
schestowitzThank you for the good link.Jan 21 00:16
schestowitzHere's another goodie with another goodie coming tomorrow.Jan 21 00:16
schestowitz 21 00:16
schestowitzJim Allchin: “We Feel a Huge Threat from Linux”Jan 21 00:16
moogstrapI suppose. I do notice the inevitable debates that follow are often completely futile. . The amount of effort that goes into them.I The worst offender for that is probably wikipedia, thoughJan 21 00:17
schestowitzYesJan 21 00:17
schestowitzI like Wikipedia overall.Jan 21 00:17
schestowitzIt commotised knowledge, despite all the wrinklesJan 21 00:17
schestowitz*commoditisedJan 21 00:17
moogstrapwhen was the last time you used any other encyclopaedia?Jan 21 00:17
moogstrapyeah I saw that. It's amazing to see those guys discussing Linux in that wayJan 21 00:18
schestowitzMS will try EDGI in VT: (Vietnam State Agencies To Be 100% Open Source by 2010)Jan 21 00:18
schestowitzBe ready for some MOU or some big deal with Ballmer shaking some hands... with amazing discounts or somethingJan 21 00:19
moogstrapremember when the record execs said nobody would want MP3s? Lossy, no record sleeve to oogle etc. The same was said about VHS and all that went before. WIkipedia is the same. The information might be erroneous, but ut it's a hell of a lot easier and accessible, just like MP3sJan 21 00:19
moogstrapyeah I'll be watching that. Catastrophic failures, if there any, will be forcedJan 21 00:21
schestowitzTomorrow I will post: Jim Allchin (2002): “There’s Going to Be a Patent Lawsuit on Linux” (Analysts Cartel Part V)Jan 21 00:23
schestowitzA nice girl from Arizona take a look before I post the bigger ones... spotting typos voluntarily... really nice of her.Jan 21 00:24
schestowitz*takesJan 21 00:24
moogstrapon a vaguely related note, does it ever bother you that so many native English-speakers are so, well, illiterate?  IJan 21 00:26
moogstrapmaybe it's the company I keep. Who knowsJan 21 00:26
schestowitzWhat's troublesome is the number of people who are uni-ligual  (yest complain about other people's improper English)Jan 21 00:27
schestowitz*lingual (yetJan 21 00:27
schestowitzTry this page with JS disabled and see what happens: Those people who are attacking people's right to no-JS (privacy) are a real menaceJan 21 00:30
moogstrapjust as an example, one of the Filipino guys I worked with once used to give me spelling tests. Because, he told me, that so many British people he met couldn't spell. It was a source of humour for himJan 21 00:31
schestowitzLet me find something.Jan 21 00:32
schestowitz 21 00:32
schestowitzI found it in Beanger's blog. He scored about 85, IIRC.Jan 21 00:32
moogstrapyou got 94 eh? Let's see how badly I doJan 21 00:33
schestowitzI could do betterJan 21 00:33
schestowitzA second pass through my answer would correct theseJan 21 00:33
schestowitzExcept 3 or 4Jan 21 00:33
schestowitzOh god...Jan 21 00:35
schestowitzPaul Ryan is again sucking up to Miguel..Jan 21 00:35
schestowitz 21 00:35
schestowitz*Ryan Paul, not Paul RyanJan 21 00:35
moogstrapA lot of these are past-tense vs past-participle questions. They can be deadlyJan 21 00:35
schestowitzYes, they areJan 21 00:35
schestowitzI did it impatiently cause I knew I'd beat BerangerJan 21 00:36
schestowitz 21 00:37
schestowitzOops. 21 00:37
moogstraphrmm. This whole idea of linux having to play catch up has to die already.Jan 21 00:37
tessier_Linux has been around longer than any version of Windows at this point.Jan 21 00:38
tessier_It's Windows that needs to play catchup.Jan 21 00:38
tessier_Linux got the virus/worm thing figured out a long time ago. Windows still hasn't.Jan 21 00:38
schestowitztessier: UNIX did :-)Jan 21 00:39
schestowitzLinux followed the good principles modelJan 21 00:39
schestowitz*pledJan 21 00:39
tessier_TrueJan 21 00:40
tessier_Remind people that the first (and only) headline making Linux/Unix worm was the Morris worm back in the 80's.Jan 21 00:40
tessier_People do actually bother to target it. There was even a MySQL running on Windows worm going around a few years ago. It's not market share that people go after. It's easy targets.Jan 21 00:41
schestowitzAt Microsoft, security was an afterthought, which means (b/w)compatibility nightmare : 21 00:41
tessier_And Windows is the easy target. There hasn't been another worm that went anywhere since the Morris worm.Jan 21 00:41
schestowitztessier: replicability too.Jan 21 00:42
schestowitzIt's hard to pass/infect from a Linux user account .Jan 21 00:42
schestowitzDDOS and spam are another issue.Jan 21 00:42
schestowitzWeird new comment from "Old Novell employee": "As a past Novell employee I was told to post to these sites in defense of Novell and it was driven by my boss at then Novell. Yes you are correct in saying it is a dictate to employees at Novell by management to act this way." 21 00:43
schestowitzPosting from TexasJan 21 00:43
tessier_Interesting. That's a keeper.Jan 21 00:44
schestowitzCan it be seen as real?Jan 21 00:45
schestowitzI reckoned it was tongue in cheek..Jan 21 00:45
schestowitzOh oh!! I'm using a PC... a Linux PC...  Downadup virus exposes millions of PCs to hijack <  Downadup virus exposes millions of PCs to hijack >Jan 21 00:47
schestowitzURL: 21 00:47
schestowitz"He said his company had reverse-engineered its program, which they suspected of originating in Ukraine, and is using the call-back mechanism to monitor an exponential infection rate, despite Microsoft's issuing of a patch to fix the bug."Jan 21 00:47
schestowitz"The Downadup or Conficker worm exploits a bug in Microsoft Windows to infect mainly corporate networks, where -- although it has yet to cause any harm -- it potentially exposes infected PCs to hijack." Okay......... but a better headline (like the MSBBC's) might be neededJan 21 00:47
schestowitzNice photo: 21 00:48
schestowitz "Andrew Tridgell, founder of the Samba project and a major FOSS luminary, did not speak about this subject; rather he focused on the way Microsoft manouevred the OOXML standard through the International Standards Organisation last year, using means which are widely acknowledged as being non-kosher." Jan 21 00:51
schestowitzTridgell said Microsoft had subverted the entire standards process by ramming the OOXML standard through and the company should make reparations, including an apology.Jan 21 00:51
schestowitzI hope IBM isn't pulling more people from OOo to their proprietary fork(ish) of it: 21 00:53
moogstraphrmm. 93. I fail at my mother tongueJan 21 00:56
schestowitzTruth be said: Lotus is proprietaryJan 21 00:56
schestowitzThey just make the platform a commodityJan 21 00:57
schestowitzWith prop' extensions like Lotus*Jan 21 00:57
moogstrapeh? "It takes ____ to learn any language." My answer: "a long time"; theirs: "long". Scandal!!Jan 21 01:00
moogstrapoh wait. I got it the other way round. Man I suckJan 21 01:01
schestowitzAdamW is still insisting that Linux is not secure (et tu, Adam?): 21 01:04
schestowitzThere are those cocky Oxfordshi[r|t]e-type Qs at the end, IIRCJan 21 01:05
schestowitzByfield ran out of material, so he writes about his PC and calls it "ideal": 21 01:06
moogstrapI don't think I have any non-repo stuff aside from firefox and thunderbird add-ons.Jan 21 01:09
moogstrapsecurity is a part of the linux culture. You never see anybody complaining about Linux "UAC"Jan 21 01:12
schestowitz "It's not that I have anything against OO.o or Symphony. I'm [.. just an IBM employee who would rather use their proprietary fork that's well behind OOo]"Jan 21 01:12
schestowitzThere's the assumption from him that people will click on RPMs and DEBsJan 21 01:13
schestowitzWhy would they if the repo is comprehensiveJan 21 01:13
schestowitzYou just tell people to always fetch s/w from the repoJan 21 01:13
moogstrapthat's a big myth that seriously has to die. Dependency hell and all thatJan 21 01:14
schestowitzHe assumes people will want to use WIndows like they use Linux.Jan 21 01:15
schestowitzNo, dependency hell is reall...Jan 21 01:15
moogstrapremember the UK Gov's blunder with the "a good day to bury bad news" re the 9/11 attacks? It here's one for today's inauguration : 21 01:15
schestowitzFor WindowsJan 21 01:15
*schestowitz looks for the links (work in progress)Jan 21 01:15
schestowitz 21 01:16
moogstrapI remember being completely baffled by the concept of apt-get back in the day. It took me a day to figure it out, two to love it.Jan 21 01:16
schestowitzYou can help by reading the PDF an copying the full text into the WikiJan 21 01:16
schestowitzI rely on volunteers who help me do this to increase posting (output) pace. It's GNU Free Documentation License 1.3Jan 21 01:17
schestowitzmoogstrap: yes, I remember that blunder... amazing, ain't it. I was on a plane when it happenedJan 21 01:18
schestowitzThe cab driver who took me back from the airport told me that a building had just collapsed.Jan 21 01:18
moogstrapAll right. Let me apt-get pdftools or whatever it's called to help me a bitJan 21 01:19
schestowitzI think I flew without the crew saying a single word about it (flight from Brussels, IIRC)Jan 21 01:19
schestowitzThey must have known though..Jan 21 01:19
moogstrapayeJan 21 01:19
schestowitzGah.. 21 01:20
schestowitzpavs is spamming in Digg: 21 01:21
schestowitzThey must have caught him cheating because they now block him from FPJan 21 01:21
moogstrapHah. I never got one RTFM when I trolled the debianhelp forums. Although they would well have been within their rights to do so. "man!? what is man!?!?!@Jan 21 01:21
schestowitzman manJan 21 01:22
moogstrapby trolling I mean seeking utterly clueless adviceJan 21 01:22
schestowitz"I'm going back to Windows, UNLESS.."Jan 21 01:22
schestowitz"give me tips and offer help, OR ELSE"Jan 21 01:22
moogstrapnot that badJan 21 01:24
moogstrapit was these sorts of pages that made me want to switch to linux Hard any of those "9million reasons to switch in bullet points" had the same effectJan 21 01:28
moogstraphardly*Jan 21 01:28
schestowitzAhh.. PeterJan 21 01:29
schestowitzNicholas Petreley ... I think he wrote to me about it..Jan 21 01:30
schestowitz 21 01:33
moogstrapThat's good. Is the KDE 4 holy war still raging? I prefer using GnomeJan 21 01:36
schestowitzGNOME is good tooJan 21 01:37
schestowitzMiguel drops the G from it (GNU)Jan 21 01:37
schestowitzAdds an "O" instead and reverses itJan 21 01:38
moogstrapI have an internal style-guide about acronyms. I never use full stops. If the letters are sounded indivudually, all caps, USA. If the acronym is spoken as it's spelt, then only the first letter is capital. Like AidsJan 21 01:39
moogstrappdftotext works a charm on the dll hell file. How do you want this thing formatted?Jan 21 01:41
moogstrap(still some cleanup to do of course)Jan 21 01:41
schestowitzThis is inspired me...Jan 21 01:47
schestowitz 21 01:48
schestowitzYes, cleanup is typically needed. :-)Jan 21 01:49
schestowitzIf you put it in the Wiki such that it looks good in plain text, then I can post it in the FP soon.Jan 21 01:49
schestowitzWe did about 3+ GB o traffic todayJan 21 01:50
moogstrapbut how much of that hails from the Kingdom of the Shills?Jan 21 01:52
schestowitzAn illustration of the evolution of GNOME under Novell's watch: 21 01:56
moogstrapI usually ascii-ify pdfs that are pretty to begin with for later persusal on a laptop over 9000 years old.  This thing however formats J as .]. JoygasmJan 21 02:03
schestowitz9000 years?Jan 21 02:09
moogstrapwellJan 21 02:09
moogstrapnoJan 21 02:09
schestowitzDoes it look like a scroll perchance?Jan 21 02:09
moogstrapcave paintingsJan 21 02:10
schestowitzDoes it do just RGB like GIMP 2?Jan 21 02:12
moogstrapthe colour stuff is still in alphaJan 21 02:14
moogstrapwe've got brown. working on beige, babyJan 21 02:15
schestowitzIt does other colour schemes/palletes nowJan 21 02:16
schestowitzMozilla Wants to Start Watching Where You Click < >Jan 21 02:16
moogstraphrmm. interestingJan 21 02:19
schestowitzThey pondered this before...Jan 21 02:21
schestowitzNo news.Jan 21 02:21
schestowitzUnlike Google and Microsoft, there's not much they can do with the data that's malicious.Jan 21 02:21
schestowitzUnless they sell the dataJan 21 02:21
moogstrapyeah. I was just thinking about standards. The data could help thereJan 21 02:22
moogstrapthere's a section coming up in my law bit soon about Monopolies. We'll be looking at Google and MS specifically. That'll be intereJan 21 02:24
schestowitz"Call me fickle, but I switched my default browser back to Firefox for the time being. In doing so, I discovered the features I really miss about Chrome." 21 02:24
schestowitzWill you be writing some?Jan 21 02:24
schestowitzAntitrust = proof that the "free market" theory is utterly flawedJan 21 02:25
moogstrapthere might be an essay to write. But it'll have to be related back to shipping law somehowJan 21 02:26
schestowitzTruth be told: 21 02:28
schestowitzIt's a publicity stuntJan 21 02:28
schestowitz"Shipping law" *LOLJan 21 02:29
schestowitzIs that like an anti-Piracy lawJan 21 02:29
schestowitzArrr.....Jan 21 02:29
moogstraphahJan 21 02:30
moogstrappiracy is a huuuge legal hurdleJan 21 02:30
moogstrapshipping companies have long used price fixing. But of course that's anti-EU now. Now we get stuff like this: 21 02:30
schestowitz "Another tragic victory of marketing over reality." Nothing there about the Intel/Microsoft corruption??Jan 21 02:31
schestowitzI'll add a commentJan 21 02:31
moogstrapThe second on that list, MSC, is a real life mafia owned company. Started up in Italy. Natch. Real mafia, real pirates. It gives the euphemisms I see online a really weird airJan 21 02:32
schestowitz"I am very disappointed that you did not cover the major factors that derailed the project -- coordinated sabotage with words and predatory pricing from Intel and Microsoft. Revisionism is dangerous game."Jan 21 02:33
moogstrapThe OLPC is a tragedy. you can't leave stuff like that beJan 21 02:33
schestowitzI know, people forgot and moved onJan 21 02:35
schestowitzSame with AMDJan 21 02:35
schestowitzAMD keeps growing smaller.. 'growing'Jan 21 02:35
schestowitzSo sooner or later who would tell the story about Intel's systematic crimes against them?Jan 21 02:35
schestowitzCan Borland, Netscape and Be(OS) tell us the story about Microsoft's criminal activity?Jan 21 02:35
schestowitz (Ubuntu Man and Hardy Heron)Jan 21 02:37
schestowitz"Incidentally, credit to the returning Michael Dell for recognising a market for pre-installed Linux systems. Following its customer-feedback initiative - IdeaStorm - the company identified demand for open source kit. "Jan 21 02:37
moogstrapMy girlfriend bought an Ubuntu laptop from DellJan 21 02:38
schestowitzThat's good.Jan 21 02:38
schestowitzAnd she didn't drop out of college, right?Jan 21 02:39
moogstrapHah. Already a graduateJan 21 02:40
schestowitzI know, I was referring to the Big Story.Jan 21 02:40
moogstrapFree software scored two points, also. Her crummy MTP mp3 player didn't work. Then the libmtp project updated and it worked. Then the Bamboo tablet didn't work. Now with 8.10 it works out of the box.Jan 21 02:41
schestowitzExcellent.Jan 21 02:42
moogstrapinteresting tidbit on the libmtp's FAQ, an response to "doesn't microsft hate you guys?": No. On the contrary we have heard some positive things from Redmond through the grapevine. (MS guys, please join our mailinglist and say hello.) They are working with the USB Implementors Forum to standardize MTP and when that spec is released we will hopefully be the first conforming implementation outside of Redmond, or soJan 21 02:42
schestowitzThat's the transitory phase.Jan 21 02:42
schestowitzFrom thee onwards, /new/ hardware is chosen for the O/S, not vice versaJan 21 02:43
moogstrapyeahJan 21 02:43
schestowitzI ditched the last morsel of Windows in 2005Jan 21 02:43
schestowitzI nukes the last partitionJan 21 02:44
schestowitz*nukedJan 21 02:44
moogstrapI tried that whole dual-boot thing at first too. I found I never used itJan 21 02:44
schestowitzLeft has actually been easier since.Jan 21 02:44
schestowitz*Left->LifeJan 21 02:44
schestowitzIt was Windows 98......Jan 21 02:44
moogstrapsame here. I keep the other partition for bonkers experiments with Sid and Gentoo,  or more recently with Elive. Anything that a stupid user  might breakJan 21 02:45
schestowitzDoes Linus have a Win partition? I can't remember?Jan 21 02:47
moogstrapthat ubuntuguy mentions compiz. At the college that has been the main selling point of visitors to my dorm. For many, many people, the whole eye-candy thing is extremely persuasiveJan 21 02:47
moogstrap"is that apple or something?"Jan 21 02:48
moogstrapdun dun dun! 21 02:49
schestowitz:-)Jan 21 02:51
schestowitzmoogstrap: would that be his parents?Jan 21 02:51
moogstrapyeah. It's all I could find on the subjectJan 21 02:51
schestowitzHe installed Fedora for his wife a while ago.Jan 21 02:51
schestowitzHe probably teaches his kids how to 'play' pine.Jan 21 02:52
schestowitzmoogstrap: yes, I remember that article.Jan 21 02:52
moogstrap "The condition of ship's structure and machineries is pathetic and much far below international standards . Their aim is to run the ship till it sinks , even if the vessel sinks they will get handsome amounts in terms of insurance claims . They even buy the classifications societies and the surveyors by either threatening thJan 21 02:53
moogstrapnow THAT's mafiaJan 21 02:53
schestowitznot as bad as the mafiaaJan 21 02:55
schestowitzwhere the second 'a" stands for "Amplified"Jan 21 02:55
moogstrapyou know, a little over a hundred years ago, the load line regs were brought in. You know, the line on the side of the ship that  says, "if you can't see this, you're fucked". The companies all fought against it, of course. So the lawlords made a compromise. The companies could choose where to put the load line. So what did they do? They put the line on the crow's nest, right at the top of the mast, just as a bigJan 21 02:58
moogstrapin those days, refusing to sail on a ship meant 6 months in jail. In that time, 75% of inmates in seafaring town's prisons were seamen who didn't want to die. NiceJan 21 02:59
schestowitzYour messages get truncatedJan 21 02:59
moogstrapbummerJan 21 03:00
schestowitzof the mast, just as a big << ENDS HEREJan 21 03:00
moogstrapjust as a big FU to the legislatorsJan 21 03:00
schestowitzsecond time in this session, 'tleastJan 21 03:00
moogstrapmehJan 21 03:00
moogstrapI'm using the applet thingyJan 21 03:00
moogstrapall attempts to get irssi get an auto-generated message telling me I'm doing something very badJan 21 03:00
schestowitzOh, I see.Jan 21 03:00
schestowitzWhy not apt-get install xchat?Jan 21 03:00
schestowitzAdmittedly, I tried almost nothing else on the desktop, except Mirc, when I stopped using when I was 14 or 15Jan 21 03:01
schestowitz /s/when/whichJan 21 03:01
moogstrapI don't know. The network here is very good at sniffing out stuff. I don't want to lose my connection!Jan 21 03:02
moogstrapport 6667 being the world's deadliest port and allJan 21 03:02
moogstrapand tunnelling is specifically banned. I have no idea if they can detect that. But I'm not going to try and tempt themJan 21 03:03
schestowitzHow so?Jan 21 03:03
moogstrapI don't know. Maybe the 666 bitJan 21 03:03
schestowitzWhy would this port be denied?Jan 21 03:03
schestowitzUnless something illicit is done, this is unacceptable.Jan 21 03:03
moogstrapthey all are. I can't even access my smtp mail serverJan 21 03:04
moogstraponly port 8080 and 443 are open, I thinkJan 21 03:04
schestowitzIs that the port for multiplayer Diablo? ;-)Jan 21 03:04
moogstraphehJan 21 03:04
schestowitzThis is stupidJan 21 03:05
schestowitzIt's like saying you can drink from the cup and not from a strawJan 21 03:05
schestowitzThe smart ones will find other sophisticated ways to sip anywayJan 21 03:05
moogstrapwe're not allowed to know the IP address that we use to connect to the internet. That kinda puts a downer on netstatJan 21 03:05
schestowitzHere in Manchester the ATM got cracked.. at least one.Jan 21 03:06
schestowitzToo much Windows in Uk-based ATMs.. like CitibankJan 21 03:06
moogstraphah. yeah. I saw an ATM with a big fat windows error message on it once. I walked awayJan 21 03:06
schestowitz..From the scene of the crimeJan 21 03:06
moogstraphahJan 21 03:06
schestowitzKilled by fire wallJan 21 03:07
moogstrapit's pretty ludicrous installing a 4gb operating system full of security holes for a machine that spits moneyeyJan 21 03:07
schestowitzAnd 3 bouts of Chinese zombiesJan 21 03:07
schestowitzNatwest does this tooJan 21 03:07
moogstrapbut then they do the same for heart monitors in hospitalsJan 21 03:07
schestowitzBarc's went titsupsJan 21 03:08
schestowitzBut Win is not RTOSJan 21 03:08
schestowitzMust be bad engineers... DNS..... WIndows.... Hospitals... Windows.Jan 21 03:08
schestowitzVis a vis...Jan 21 03:08
schestowitz 21 03:09
schestowitz"Staff at hospitals across Sheffield are battling a major computer worm outbreak after managers turned off Windows security updates for all 8,000 PCs on the vital network, The Register has learned."Jan 21 03:09
moogstrap"You're doing it wrong!"Jan 21 03:09
moogstrap 21 03:10
moogstrapremember this? 21 03:11
*schestowitz loksJan 21 03:11
moogstrap"On Monday, September 8, 2008 the London Stock Exchange, run completely on Windows, experienced a Blue Screen of Death.  What more can I say? "Jan 21 03:11
moogstrappretty much all electronic chart systems use windows, as far as I know. They're linked to various systems, radar, GPS, AIS etc, to display the ship, its course, its ETA, everything. Basically. They're used to plan voyages, predominantly. And in my experience. Yes they bluescreen and yes they get virusesJan 21 03:15
schestowitzI wrote about it.Jan 21 03:15
schestowitzWith many refsJan 21 03:15
moogstrapI thought so. I was in Malaysia when I read that. I only found your site about a month ago :PJan 21 03:16
schestowitz 21 03:16
schestowitzThere were followups (about 20 related posts I did in other places also)Jan 21 03:17
schestowitzBig black eye for Microsoft either wayJan 21 03:17
schestowitzI notice that BN's Netcraft rank has just climbed to 2600thJan 21 03:17
schestowitzVery few sites that cover Linux are above thatJan 21 03:17
schestowitzGroklaw is ~1300thJan 21 03:17
moogstrapI think that's to do with presentation. Groklaw is pretty essayish in that respect. I suspect sites that highlight groklw's stuff are more widely read in all.Jan 21 03:19
*kapipi has quit (Read error: 113 (No route to host))Jan 21 03:20
moogstrapor maybe I'm just talking BSJan 21 03:20
moogstrapprobablyJan 21 03:20
schestowitzGroklaw has good followingJan 21 03:21
schestowitzIt'll be back.Jan 21 03:21
moogstrapI hope soJan 21 03:21
schestowitzState of flux.. we get some of their readers.Jan 21 03:22
schestowitzBN traffic nearly doubled this monthJan 21 03:22
moogstrapinterestingJan 21 03:22
moogstrapwill you be watching the RIAA thing?Jan 21 03:23
schestowitzNo, I read something about it thoughJan 21 03:23
moogstrapI'm too sleepy to finish this dll hell tonight. any particular time you want it for?Jan 21 03:26
schestowitzNo hurry, I'm just thankful for it!!Jan 21 03:27
schestowitzHighlighting best bits of it is good to engage the reader and have people read the whole thingJan 21 03:27
schestowitzIt also gets it indexed on the Web, with names of those involvedJan 21 03:28
moogstrapOkay, all right then. Off to bed I go. ta!Jan 21 03:28
*moogstrap has quit (" ajax IRC Client")Jan 21 03:28
schestowitzMicrosoft is worries enough having this on the Web..Jan 21 03:28
schestowitz*worriedJan 21 03:28
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MinceRhayJan 21 09:16
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schestowitzA legion of susers seems to have come to BN because they don't like it when Novell is found trolling BN.Jan 21 10:41
kentma1schestowitz: did you ever find out what happened to the oss in schools mailing list?Jan 21 10:51
schestowitzI think it dissolved a bitJan 21 10:51
schestowitzIn the sense that people lost the will to post much... Iain tried to keep it active.Jan 21 10:52
schestowitzAlso, Sirius left it, as far as I know. They are doing okay now with some contracts and MT writes in ZDNet on occasions.Jan 21 10:52
schestowitzAdvertisement from Coverity appear in the Web again .. they advertise themselves using scans of F/OSS.Jan 21 10:55
schestowitzOpenSUSE's Brockmeier seems like a nice guy... it's a shame he took his talent over to Novell and by doing so he tainted the reputation -- due to bias -- of Linux Magazine and the NewsForge network. He's also using OStatic to bend it a bit in SUSE's  direction. When Novell bought Brockmeier it bought media bias.Jan 21 11:00
schestowitzKBasic Brings BASIC to Qt World < > **Mono itch**Jan 21 11:06
schestowitzBELEM - Sciences and Democracy < >Jan 21 11:09
kentma1schestowitz: shame about the oss in schools list; it was actually quite helpful from my point of view.  There were some short tempers, but even so, some discussion is much better than none.Jan 21 11:14

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GNU/Linux, at its roots, was all about Software Freedom
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This coming week we'll publish many articles about GNU/Linux and technical means of/for user empowerment
The GNU/Linux Revolution Ain't Here. Look at Brazil, Russia, India, China, and South Africa (BRICS) Instead.
The revolution won't be televised
Chaffbot Effect: Microsoft Bing Falls to Lowest Share in Two Years (Amid Loads of Bing Layoffs This Year)
Press outlets mostly failed to report that Bing is collapsing
GNU/Linux Distributions as "Appliances" and DRM Platforms (the Case of ChromeOS and SteamOS)
Is this what we envisioned in the 1980s and 90s?
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We remain devoted to the aforementioned goal of posting more original material
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2 days' worth
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We'll probably get back to regularly writing about the EPO in the near future
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For those who want videos and podcasts, here are today's latest additions from other sites
Richard Stallman Can Outlive Many of His Prominent Haters
M.J.G. tried hard to take our Web site offline, based on lies and repeated threats
Forget VSCode (Microsoft's Proprietary Spyware), Use KATE Instead
KATE is great
Sometimes It's Time to Reboot
No, not Android. KDE.
Upcoming Talk by Dr. Richard Stallman: Large Language Models Are Not Artificial Intelligence
LLMs aren't truly intelligent and cannot quite grasp what they spew out
GulagTube is a Burning Platform (Exit YouTube, Invidious Won't Save Us From Google/Alphabet in the Long Run)
Alphabet Agency (Google) sees the future of video as a "skinnerbox" (running Android) that indoctrinates you like TikTok does
Gemini Migration and Backup Capsule (Archive)
At the end we'll end up with something a lot better than before and latency should be massively reduced
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IRC logs for Sunday, October 01, 2023
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half a dozen links
Malware in the Ubuntu Snap Store, Thanks to Canonical Bloatware Mindset
Reprinted with permission from Ryan Farmer
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There are 3523 capsules
Richard Stallman Gave a Talk Yesterday, Will Give Another Talk Today, and Will Give Two More Talks in Germany Later This Week
Those cover at least 2 different topics
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We won't forgive and forget
IRC Proceedings: Saturday, September 30, 2023
IRC logs for Saturday, September 30, 2023
Don't be Afraid of the Command Line, It Might Even be a Friend
There's a tendency to think that only graphical interfaces were made to simplify usage, and any declarative interface is by design raw, inherently unfit for usage
One Positive Note About GNU/Linux Coverage in 2023 (Less Microsoft)
GNU/Linux users do not want this, with very rare exceptions
Snaps Were Never Good at Security, But the Media Coverage is Just Appalling
The media should focus on culling Windows, not making a huge fuss over minor things wrongly attributed to "Linux"