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IRC: #boycottnovell @ FreeNode: February 4th, 2009 - Part 3


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schestowitzAha! $10-laptop proves to be a damp squib < >Feb 04 15:01
schestowitzOmar87: this one is  a vote short: 04 15:03
trmancoschestowitz, can you help me find that article on net applications biased statics?Feb 04 15:06
trmancoI can't find it, it was from 2004 IIRCFeb 04 15:06
schestowitzHmmmmm.. the PR about Brazil's Linux deal was pulledFeb 04 15:07
schestowitz2004??Feb 04 15:07
schestowitztrmanco: what did it say?Feb 04 15:07
schestowitzWhat I'd love to find out is who they work with, what pays for it, how they make profit from thatFeb 04 15:07
twittergood morning.Feb 04 15:07
schestowitzMicrosoft had its former employees do baised surveys like that to attack GoogleFeb 04 15:08
schestowitzBN was cited by ComputerWorld, InformationWeek and more publication for discovering thisFeb 04 15:08
*Eruaran ( has joined #boycottnovellFeb 04 15:08
twitterI missed that they called it "Wedgi" but that makes sense.  They consider education and government the thin end of a wedge that drives everyone to buy their crap.Feb 04 15:08
EruaranhelloFeb 04 15:08
trmancoschestowitz, it was a long article that stated that those stats where wrong, sort of a studyFeb 04 15:08
twittercool, it's about time someone called web stats for what they are.Feb 04 15:09 04 15:09
schestowitzASPXFeb 04 15:09
schestowitzWhat kind of company chooses ASP for hosting?Feb 04 15:09
*Omar87 has quit (Remote closed the connection)Feb 04 15:09
twittera partnerFeb 04 15:10
schestowitztrmanco: I saw one from OperaFeb 04 15:10
Eruaranyou know all these articles that boosters write claiming W7 will kill Linux on netbooks and so on ?Feb 04 15:10
trmancoyes I found that one, but I'm talking about a different oneFeb 04 15:10
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amarsh04thanks for the longsoon link schetowitzFeb 04 15:10
Eruaranas usual the gap between the propaganda and reality is massiveFeb 04 15:10
Eruaranget a load of thisFeb 04 15:10
schestowitz "- Jupiter Research" They link to Microsoft's mouthpieces hereFeb 04 15:11
trmancoI also found this: 04 15:11
EruaranThere will be 6 versions of W7 with 'starter' most likely to find its way onto netbooksFeb 04 15:11
EruaranBut thats not the punchlineFeb 04 15:11
schestowitzYesFeb 04 15:11
Eruaranthe punchline is 'starter's limitationsFeb 04 15:11
schestowitzThey lies about Vista7Feb 04 15:11
schestowitzIt's just a crap  versionFeb 04 15:11
schestowitzThey used vapourwaewFeb 04 15:11
Eruaran"Windows 7 Starter (worldwide via OEM only): up to three concurrent applications, ability to join a Home Group, improved taskbar and JumpLists"Feb 04 15:11
schestowitzUbuntu does more, no? ;-)Feb 04 15:12
schestowitzHeck, Windows Mobile does more :-)Feb 04 15:12
twitterEruaran, the use of starter for netbooks is pretty much them throwing in the towel on the whole category.  M$ is getting their ass kicked,Feb 04 15:12
schestowitztwitter: it's too fatFeb 04 15:12
EruaranThe retardation usually doesn't hit people straight away until you highlight, "up to three concurrent applications"...Feb 04 15:12
Eruaranpeople are already laughing at thatFeb 04 15:13
schestowitz 04 15:13
twitterI think the retardation will hit them as soon as they turn the thing on.Feb 04 15:13
EruaranhehFeb 04 15:13
schestowitz " Windows Server 2003Microsoft-IIS/6.0 "Feb 04 15:13
EruaranI couldn't believe itFeb 04 15:13
schestowitzWhat type of "Web" company chooses MS server?Feb 04 15:13
Eruarancan't run more than 3 apps at once ?Feb 04 15:13
twitterIf the thing works at all, it's going to be slooooowwwwwww.  After a few hours of web browsing, it will be useless.Feb 04 15:13
EruaranI mean... the level of stupidity... mind bogglingFeb 04 15:13
EruaranThey just GAVE netbooks over to LinuxFeb 04 15:14
twitterWindows 7, everyone get out and push. 04 15:14
EruaranAnd... No Aero either... so it will look crap compared to Linux distrosFeb 04 15:14
schestowitz"Every time I post NetApplications data on this blog several of you go to great lengths to point out to me that it’s a flawed metric, especially when it comes to the market share for the browser Firefox. For one reason or another, NetApplications is wrong/bias/too US-centric/controlled by Microsoft* (delete as appropriate)." 04 15:15
EruaranMeanwhile... Over at Aaron Seigo's house, the P man is running KDE 4.2 at full tild on a classy little BenQ netbook (no, he's probably not, I just made up that scenario to make a point)Feb 04 15:15
schestowitzHe misses the pointFeb 04 15:15
schestowitzThis has nothing to do with FirefoxFeb 04 15:15
schestowitzPopulations are not consistent browser- and OS-wiseFeb 04 15:16
schestowitzEruaran: not yet (re: netbooks)Feb 04 15:16
schestowitzWait until vapourware -> messFeb 04 15:16
EruaranFirefox will have 22% of the browserspace soonFeb 04 15:16
schestowitzVista was the Next Best Thing in early 2006Feb 04 15:16
EruaranyesFeb 04 15:17
schestowitzEven in early 2007 before the acrobats started dancing on buioldings that said "wow"Feb 04 15:17
Eruaranoh lol, wasnt that lameFeb 04 15:17
schestowitzEruaran: Firefox has almost 2/3 in BNFeb 04 15:17
trmanco 04 15:17
trmancoCountriesFeb 04 15:17
trmanco1 United States 26.84%Feb 04 15:17
trmanco2 Germany 6.16%Feb 04 15:17
trmanco3 United Kingdom 4.55%Feb 04 15:17
twitterdesperate nerd 04 15:18
Eruaranschestowitz: yes but most of your readers are far too intelligent to be using IE ;)Feb 04 15:18
trmancoServer: Apache/2.2.3 (CentOS)Feb 04 15:18
trmancoX-Powered-By: PHP/5.1.6Feb 04 15:18
trmancoat least they use a real OSFeb 04 15:18
trmancoand a real http serverFeb 04 15:18
EruaranI can imagine the clips that will hit utubeFeb 04 15:19
Eruaran"Hi I'm Linux, and I can run more than 3 apps at once on your netbook. WOW!"Feb 04 15:19
schestowitz "Mike Sutton, ASP Software Services"Feb 04 15:19
EruaranAnd to think the pundits believe Apple wont have anything to bash Microsoft with anymoreFeb 04 15:20
EruaranI can see it nowFeb 04 15:20
Eruaranthe usual get a mac adFeb 04 15:20
schestowitzCan you help me get names of people in Net Applications?Feb 04 15:20
schestowitzI need to see if they came from MicrosoftFeb 04 15:20
schestowitzBecause the anti-Google Microsoft came from a company founder by former Microsoft managerFeb 04 15:21
schestowitzThat's how scummy Microsoft isFeb 04 15:21
schestowitzSo this Net App hing can just choose 'partners' in a certain populationFeb 04 15:21
Eruaranhi Im a mac, and I'm a pc... Mac does a bunch of things at once and invites pc to join in but pc says, "sorry it will have to wait till I've finished typing this document... I'm running on a netbook and I can only run 3 applications at once"Feb 04 15:21
EruaranApple will have a field day with that sort of thingFeb 04 15:22
schestowitz "as much of our staff couldn't get the"Feb 04 15:22
schestowitzHow can I find out who runs them?Feb 04 15:22
schestowitzVincent VizzaccaroFeb 04 15:23
Eruaranfollow the sweaty armpitsFeb 04 15:23
schestowitzOh!!!!Feb 04 15:23
schestowitzhaha!Feb 04 15:23
schestowitz "Our Partners/Clients include Microsoft, Apple, Amazon/Alexa, Opera and ExactTarget. "Feb 04 15:23
schestowitzClients: Apple,  Microsoft.Feb 04 15:24
schestowitzI.e. Microsoft and Apple pay Net ApplicationFeb 04 15:24
schestowitz*sFeb 04 15:24
Eruaransee... sweaty armpitsFeb 04 15:24
schestowitzDomain name: netapplications.comFeb 04 15:24
schestowitzAdministrative Contact:Feb 04 15:24
schestowitz   Net-Applications.comFeb 04 15:24
schestowitz   Phil Vizzaccaro ( 04 15:24
schestowitz   +1.9493307910Feb 04 15:24
schestowitz   Fax: Feb 04 15:24
schestowitz   65 EnterpriseFeb 04 15:24
schestowitz   Aliso Viejo, CA 92656Feb 04 15:24
schestowitz   USFeb 04 15:24
schestowitzTechnical Contact:Feb 04 15:24
schestowitz   Net-Applications.comFeb 04 15:24
schestowitz   Phil Vizzaccaro ( 04 15:24
schestowitz   +1.9493307910Feb 04 15:24
schestowitz   Fax: Feb 04 15:24
schestowitz   65 EnterpriseFeb 04 15:24
schestowitz   Aliso Viejo, CA 92656Feb 04 15:24
schestowitz   USFeb 04 15:24
schestowitzRegistrant Contact:Feb 04 15:24
schestowitz   Net-Applications.comFeb 04 15:24
schestowitz   Phil Vizzaccaro ()Feb 04 15:24
schestowitz   Feb 04 15:24
schestowitz   Fax: Feb 04 15:24
schestowitz   65 EnterpriseFeb 04 15:24
schestowitz   Aliso Viejo, CA 92656Feb 04 15:24
schestowitz   USFeb 04 15:24
schestowitzStatus: LockedFeb 04 15:24
schestowitzName Servers:Feb 04 15:24
schestowitz   ns3.toolshack.comFeb 04 15:24
schestowitz   ns4.toolshack.comFeb 04 15:24
schestowitz   Feb 04 15:24
schestowitzCreation date: 30 Aug 2001 18:12:00Feb 04 15:24
schestowitzExpiration date: 30 Aug 2013 18:12:00Feb 04 15:24
schestowitz 04 15:27
trmanco 04 15:43
trmanco:DFeb 04 15:43
trmancoin English 04 15:45
schestowitz 04 15:48
*zer0c00l (n=zer0c00l@ has joined #boycottnovellFeb 04 15:53
trmancoduggFeb 04 15:55
schestowitzBig Lies, sponsored by...Feb 04 15:56
zer0c00lwhat lies schestowitzFeb 04 15:57
zer0c00lschestowitz:in my blog i am going to write about EDGI/Dreamspark  as next post..Feb 04 15:58
zer0c00lis it that lie  “Linux under 1%,” says company with Apple/Microsoft money on its table"Feb 04 16:00
zer0c00lwhats the real figures ?Feb 04 16:01
schestowitzCool. We've just gotten another Wiki volunteerFeb 04 16:04
schestowitzWhat we do at the moment is add more exhibits to the 'sandbox' where we organise all the exhibits. Feb 04 16:05
schestowitzzer0c00l: heyFeb 04 16:05
zer0c00lyeahFeb 04 16:05
schestowitzzer0c00l: yes, please spread the words about themFeb 04 16:05
zer0c00lsure schestowitzFeb 04 16:05
schestowitzzer0c00l: estimates of real use vary from 4% to much higherFeb 04 16:05
schestowitzSome say 6%Feb 04 16:05
schestowitzBut nobody knows for sureFeb 04 16:05
schestowitzMany sites I knew get 33% Linux usersFeb 04 16:06
zer0c00lohFeb 04 16:06
schestowitzBut they are not counted in surveysFeb 04 16:06
schestowitzThe world used to be called "flat" or "disc"Feb 04 16:06
schestowitzre: Wiki; One area where you can help us is extraction of text from the exhibits (we have just snippets) and summaries of the findings. The intention is to publish them eventually (with attributions).Feb 04 16:06
schestowitzWe have some more about EDGI and the likeFeb 04 16:06
schestowitzThe bottleneck is help from people.Feb 04 16:06 ?Feb 04 16:07
zer0c00lokFeb 04 16:07
schestowitz 04 16:07
schestowitzI wanted to make it a subsite, but it kiinda blew upFeb 04 16:08
zer0c00lokFeb 04 16:08
zer0c00li will try to collect info from that wiki and make it as an article and will  send it to youFeb 04 16:09
zer0c00lwhich id should i send those mails?Feb 04 16:09
schestowitzr at schestowitz.comFeb 04 16:10
schestowitzYou could also edit the Wiki by extending itFeb 04 16:10
schestowitzBut it works well either wayFeb 04 16:10
zer0c00lokFeb 04 16:10
zer0c00lsureFeb 04 16:10
zer0c00li have lot of time these days(colleges has been closed due to some political problems)Feb 04 16:11
schestowitzEconomy related?Feb 04 16:12
zer0c00lno political LTTE and srilankaFeb 04 16:12
zer0c00lall colleges throughout tamilnadu closedFeb 04 16:13
zer0c00l:DFeb 04 16:13
zer0c00lfearing that students will start protestsFeb 04 16:13
zer0c00lwill be back schestowitz now leavingFeb 04 16:14
schestowitzzer0c00l: see 04 16:15
schestowitzThe ones at the top...Feb 04 16:15
schestowitz9 of them at the top (PDFs) we need the text ofFeb 04 16:15
schestowitzLike this one: 04 16:16
zer0c00lokFeb 04 16:16
schestowitzIt has some OCR done... just need cleaning up the typosFeb 04 16:16
schestowitzIf you can get the text from it (copy, paste, clean up), that would be fantasticFeb 04 16:16
zer0c00lsure schestowitzFeb 04 16:17
schestowitzThank you!Feb 04 16:17
zer0c00lnow leaving for dinner will be backFeb 04 16:17
twitterha ha, 04 16:20
schestowitz BBC video on demand plan canned < >. So that's why Shill Highfield had jumped ship and ran to his masters at MS UK.Feb 04 16:23
schestowitzDistressed German chip maker says to shut US plant < >Feb 04 16:23
twitterTW loses 16B in quarter 04 16:27
schestowitzSeems like we'll make another Digg FP shortly.Feb 04 16:27
schestowitztwitter: GOOD. Let TW dieFeb 04 16:28
schestowitzThey are responsible for a lot of imposed ignorance in the world's population, not just the USFeb 04 16:28
schestowitzTW loss is another persons' (or millions of persons) gain.Feb 04 16:29
twitterpoison still profitable, 04 16:29
schestowitzTW=centre of power, control of information, controlling perceptions and feelings.Feb 04 16:29
EruaranMy ISP uses LinuxFeb 04 16:30
EruaranApache/2.2.3 (Debian) mod_ldap_userdir/1.1.11 PHP/4.4.4-8+etch6 Server at Port 80Feb 04 16:30
PetoKrausTW?Feb 04 16:32
PetoKrausTaiwan?Feb 04 16:32
twitterTime Warner.Feb 04 16:32
twittersee link above to big lossesFeb 04 16:33
twitterYou know, that big old publisher that destroyed AOL, and crapped out networks for M$.Feb 04 16:33
PetoKrausyeahFeb 04 16:33
schestowitzTW is a dinosaur, literally. Too big and clumsy, too old.Feb 04 16:36
twitterBig publishers are like the dinosaurs just after the big meteor hit.Feb 04 16:36
schestowitzMaybe they'll ask for bailout (public looting), so watch out and protest/inform.Feb 04 16:37
twitterIt's a little cold for their comfort and there's not a lot of fresh meat running around.Feb 04 16:37
twitterSomething keeps eating their eggs tooFeb 04 16:38
schestowitzNetbook demand surge to slow next year < ><Feb 04 16:38
twittersure, no one wants a netbook with Winblows on it.Feb 04 16:38
schestowitzCool. SJVN has just linked to BN: 04 16:39
schestowitzGah! He's linking to MS&Apple-sponsored Net ApplicationsFeb 04 16:40
schestowitzHe doesn't realise that these numbers are false.Feb 04 16:40
schestowitzAnd he has been buying their lies :-)Feb 04 16:40
twitterAcer overtaking Asus in netbooks should be good news.  Acer supposedly "bet big" on GNU/Linux.Feb 04 16:41
twitterIt would be better if Asus got their game back with free software.Feb 04 16:42
schestowitzI'll write to him about it.. (Net Applications)Feb 04 16:46
schestowitz"Thank you for the links. People from Novell try to restrain those who link to BN. As a side note, I noticed that you reference Net Applications. They are funded by Apple and Microsoft. It's a big lie that glorifies Apple and Microsoft."Feb 04 16:46
MinceRwhen will acer use ssd-s in them?Feb 04 16:47
schestowitzAcer and Linux are a good pair compared to _most_Feb 04 16:47
schestowitzThey are not perfect, but they publicly slammed Vista on behalf of all OEMsFeb 04 16:47
schestowitzHappy anniversary: 04 16:48
schestowitzI added a comment in Digg. Bill Gates invests in Nigerian oil that kills children. Feb 04 16:50
*[H]omer_ (n=[H] has joined #boycottnovellFeb 04 16:52
twitterI wonder why DisplayBank decided to cap netbooks to 20% of desktop sales like that.  It seems arbitrary and so much can change so quickly.Feb 04 16:52
*[H]omer has quit (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))Feb 04 16:54
EruaranAcers words have not translated into action that I have seen.Feb 04 16:55
schestowitzHeavy snow down south..... 04 16:55
schestowitz Now they'll just move into another site or go to parks. Problems are never resolved in this way.Feb 04 16:57
schestowitzIt's a bit like Cragslist kicking out prostitution, only to see it ending up in another site.Feb 04 16:57
schestowitzWow. Panasonic Will Cut 15,000 Jobs as It Forecasts $4.3B Loss < >Feb 04 16:59
schestowitz15kFeb 04 16:59
schestowitzCool.Feb 04 17:01
schestowitzThere will soon be an article about Apple and MS sponsoring Net Applications. Thanks to BN! ;-)Feb 04 17:01
schestowitzOops. The "cool" about refers not to the layoffs but to the Net Applications thing (it might look ambiguous in the IRC logs)Feb 04 17:02
twitterSo much for the damage control articles on DOJ being "unsure" about further anti-trust oversight. 04 17:05
twitterVendors and customers are still complaining about M$ business practices.Feb 04 17:05
*r0ver has quit (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))Feb 04 17:07
twitterThe purpose of the review is to decide, so they can't be "sure" by definition, but looking at the evidence it would be hard to think they will let M$ off.Feb 04 17:07
schestowitzBN starts spewing error pages again.Feb 04 17:09
schestowitzWindows 7 auto-elevation mistake lets malware elevate freely, easily < >Feb 04 17:09
schestowitzAdd to failurelog?Feb 04 17:09
twitterprobably.  that's a big one.Feb 04 17:09
twitteryou linked to that lately?Feb 04 17:10
schestowitzNot yetFeb 04 17:10
schestowitzSomething rewlatedFeb 04 17:10
schestowitzMicrosoft denied itFeb 04 17:10
schestowitz "It’s a fair guess to say that the Sakshat, if it’s for real, will use a barebones version of Linux open source software as its operating system." Well, it's just storage as it turns outFeb 04 17:12
schestowitzMicrosoft: All Windows 7 Editions to Run on Netbooks: 04 17:12
schestowitzQuestion: at what cost?Feb 04 17:12
twitterthere was a UAC malware friendly issue.  Like it let malware in then defended it.Feb 04 17:12
twitteroh yes, this was it.Feb 04 17:13
schestowitzSub-nootebooks + top-up of $200? What about performance? This has vapourware written all over itFeb 04 17:13
schestowitzWait until it turns out you need dual-core atom to just get the thing going /properly/ and _even then_ it's a battery hogFeb 04 17:13
schestowitzSmells like UMPC (remember Origami?)Feb 04 17:14
schestowitzVistagami was rumoured... dead before arrival.Feb 04 17:14
twitterI see, M$ says you CAN run Vista 7 on netbooks but won't let them be sold with anything but a crippled "starter" edition.Feb 04 17:14
schestowitzYesFeb 04 17:14
schestowitzSell cheapFeb 04 17:14
schestowitzLike free puppyFeb 04 17:14
schestowitzWindows = trialwareversionFeb 04 17:14
schestowitzOh cool! Feb 04 17:15
schestowitzAntoher front page for BNFeb 04 17:15
schestowitzAnd FP in Digg coming.Feb 04 17:15
schestowitzBetter prepate, somehow..Feb 04 17:16
twitterWindows 7 failure and hype logs updated. 04 17:24
Eruarantoo fat to run more than 3 apps at onceFeb 04 17:26
schestowitzAverage user doesn't multitaskFeb 04 17:26
schestowitzBUT..Feb 04 17:26
twittercool searching google for vista failure log returns the vista failure log. 04 17:27
schestowitzAverage user does not need more than GNU/Linux with Firefox and maybe SkypeFeb 04 17:27
EruaranPerhaps I should dust off the old Amiga and send it to SweatyB with a note attached saying, "multitasks better than Windows 7"Feb 04 17:27
twitterevery user wants a photo editorFeb 04 17:27
schestowitzHehe. "Andre Da Costa"Feb 04 17:27
twitterseen him before?Feb 04 17:28
twitterHere's the vista 7 dream scenario.  Jane is on the run, trying to land a customer or two.  She's got company notes to read and edit with her browser.  email to read and write, perhaps a quote for the customers.  That's three applications.  IM, Skype and other communications tools are out of the picture.Feb 04 17:30
twitterShe's on her own, except for her cell phone and email.Feb 04 17:31
twittercrippled.  As soon as she reaches for just one more tool, her netbook asks which critical function she'd like to terminate and resume later.Feb 04 17:31
twitteran ALL CAPS EMAIL soon finds it's way to the IT department.Feb 04 17:32
twitterWhat's unrealistic about this scenario? That Windows 7 could do it all even if there were no restrictions.Feb 04 17:33
schestowitztwitter: we wrote about him in BNFeb 04 17:33
twitterWill have to look for that.Feb 04 17:33
schestowitzI thought you'd read: 04 17:33
schestowitzDoesn't AV softwarer count as an appFeb 04 17:34
schestowitzGreat.Feb 04 17:34
schestowitzArtificial limitationsFeb 04 17:34
schestowitzLike DRM, but applies to kernel, not dataFeb 04 17:34
twitterrecent, wow.Feb 04 17:35
EruaranWatch app limitations get dropped as soon as the bad publicity starts to biteFeb 04 17:35
twitterI read that AV would not count but you can't trust everything you read.Feb 04 17:35
schestowitz"Jane, I'm sorry, I can't talk on Skype now... I need to write some text and I reached MAX_APPS. Will call you back in a minute"Feb 04 17:35
schestowitz*hangs up*Feb 04 17:36
schestowitzYes, we definitely have a Digg FP coming. I need to set up Coral soon, also for the pages in proximityFeb 04 17:37
*[H]omer__ (n=[H] has joined #boycottnovellFeb 04 17:38
schestowitzOh wait...Feb 04 17:40
*[H]omer_ has quit (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))Feb 04 17:40
schestowitzDoes Squid require installing binaries on the server?Feb 04 17:40
schestowitzI can't install binaries... just PHP scripts and Perl.Feb 04 17:40
schestowitzSo we can't do caching properlyFeb 04 17:40
schestowitz 04 17:41
twitterWow.  That Andre guy is sad. Lost puppy but probably made more money than I did last year.Feb 04 17:41
twittersource code to the rescue.  good luck!Feb 04 17:42
schestowitz 04 17:42
twitterbblFeb 04 17:42
schestowitztwitter: no, I can't install theseFeb 04 17:42
schestowitzI'll need to use Coral againFeb 04 17:42
schestowitzRights Activist Tells of Detention In Russian Psychiatric Institutions 04 17:45
*zer0c00l feels sleepyFeb 04 17:45
*zer0c00l says byeFeb 04 17:46
*zer0c00l has quit ("Ex-Chat")Feb 04 17:46
schestowitzI've noticed the theme of the "1% market share" repeated in many places and also rebutted by readers, so this might be of use because it's factual ( twitter, spread the word please because this is very important if we can render then BUNK): 04 17:52
schestowitz*them, not thenFeb 04 17:53
schestowitzSubject: The "killer" mentality  < >Feb 04 17:58
schestowitz"All the wingnut pundits that say X will be the Y killer are really starting to bore me. What is with this flawed mentality that "there can only be one"? What is with this desire to trade one monopoly for another?"Feb 04 17:59
schestowitz"ø per second: 84.85; avg load 3.53 (4 cpus)" I bet it goes titsup if we make another FP. Shane has just said that the host will consider moving us to a stronger server/VPSFeb 04 18:06
*amd-linux (i=543909a3@gateway/web/ajax/ has joined #boycottnovellFeb 04 18:11
*amd-linux has quit (Client Quit)Feb 04 18:15
schestowitz11 reasons to switch to Linux < >Feb 04 18:20
*r0ver (n=r0ver@ has joined #boycottnovellFeb 04 18:29
PetoKrausright soFeb 04 18:37
PetoKrausi'm thinking - the VMware virtualization open-source effortFeb 04 18:37
PetoKrausdoes it mean I can run VM's using VMware now?Feb 04 18:38
PetoKrausin open-source ofcFeb 04 18:38
schestowitzVMware ->MSFeb 04 18:43
schestowitzThey need to pretendFeb 04 18:43
schestowitzToday: 04 18:43
schestowitzYes, that's correct. VMware's 'parent' company is swapping budgets with Microsoft now. Ho hum.......Feb 04 18:44
PetoKrausi'm thinking of getting a plantFeb 04 18:46
PetoKrauswhat should i get? :)Feb 04 18:46
schestowitzBreastFeb 04 18:46
schestowitzBy the way, notice which sources are typically drawing the crowds to Net Applications. Repetition makes 'truth'. You know, like Rob Enderle citing Dan Lyons and vice versa.Feb 04 18:46
PetoKrausschestowitz: plant, not implantFeb 04 18:47
PetoKraushahFeb 04 18:48
PetoKrausi wonder why doesn't wikipedia article get censoredFeb 04 18:48
PetoKrauson breast, that isFeb 04 18:48
PetoKraus(NSFW: 04 18:48
PetoKrausthey could've used male breast...Feb 04 18:48
PetoKrausthey obviously DON'T THINK OF THE CHILDREN!!!!!Feb 04 18:48
schestowitzTHat's not a sexy pictureFeb 04 18:53
schestowitzThis one is better: (NSFW)Feb 04 18:54
PetoKraus:)Feb 04 18:56
schestowitzGreat Seinfeld Moment - The good naked, the bad naked < >Feb 04 18:57
schestowitzGood news, bad new. The site is getting so much traffic that we must upgrade to a stronger server. We do about 10 million hits per month at this pace. :-)Feb 04 19:02
schestowitzThere are signs of us making a difference. I also gave an interview (short) to a magazine a while ago.Feb 04 19:02
schestowitz "In his bio, he states that his qualifications are those of a "business journalist for nearly 25 years", but nowhere in his short bio summary does he give any indication that he is qualified in any way to speak on either open source or security. I think that is all I need to say on the matter."Feb 04 19:45
schestowitzRe: Dana Blankenhorne and his article < >Feb 04 19:47
*r0ver (n=r0ver@ has left #boycottnovellFeb 04 19:51
schestowitzMotorola is such a mess... least it's throwing Microsoft aside and keeping with Linux.Feb 04 20:02
twitterfemale_breast.  Nice breast, bad software, "Adobe Photoshop CS Windows"Feb 04 20:11
schestowitzThis is weird. Why does IDG contact me and many others for no reason?Feb 04 20:11
schestowitzIt's almost like bulk mail.Feb 04 20:12
schestowitz" has done well before with "battling" articles that take opposite sides of the same technology, such as 5 compelling reasons to use MySQL ( and 8 reasons not to ( I'm aiming to do that again with a topic that's near and dear to everyone's heart here: e-mail. In particular, Microsoft Outlook.Feb 04 20:12
schestowitz"Feb 04 20:12
schestowitz"I asked one author to write a "reasons to use Outlook" article, and another to write about why Outlook should die die die. Dee-Ann handed in her article for the latter, but it needs more examples of Outlook's technical weaknesses. (Instead of saying "Die die die" I think she wrote, "Outlook should stub its toe.""Feb 04 20:12
PetoKraushmFeb 04 20:12
PetoKrauswho is dana blankenhorneFeb 04 20:12
PetoKrausfor goodness sakeFeb 04 20:13
schestowitzI'll reply anywayFeb 04 20:13
schestowitzDana =Windows userFeb 04 20:13
PetoKrausi could bloody employ myself as a journoFeb 04 20:13
schestowitzWrites about FOSS, which he doesn't even useFeb 04 20:13
schestowitzPetoKraus: why journo?Feb 04 20:13
schestowitzMake a companyFeb 04 20:13
schestowitzCall yourself CEOFeb 04 20:13
schestowitzAnd founderFeb 04 20:13
PetoKrausnahFeb 04 20:13
schestowitzLike Enderle doesFeb 04 20:13
twitterThe biggest reason to avoid Outlook is because it makes an insecure platform even worse.Feb 04 20:13
schestowitzEven CEOFeb 04 20:13
schestowitzPut up something that says "Analyst" (self appointed)Feb 04 20:14
PetoKrausyeahFeb 04 20:14
schestowitzCookie guru..Feb 04 20:14
PetoKrausi'm quite disappointedFeb 04 20:14
PetoKrausi had this talk with my friend yesterdayFeb 04 20:14
PetoKrauswhether it's possible to change the worldFeb 04 20:14
PetoKrausand what's the best way to do soFeb 04 20:14
twitterBoth Kontact and Evolution has everything Outlook has but they don't tie you to an OS and they don't get drive by exploited like Outlook does.Feb 04 20:15
schestowitzOK, I replies.Feb 04 20:15
twitterThe world is always changing.Feb 04 20:15
schestowitzI think an article ought to be written about Exchange too. I accumulated many references about its harms here: 04 20:15
PetoKraustwitter: that's not what I meanFeb 04 20:15
twitterThe trick is to get it to change for the better.Feb 04 20:16
schestowitzObamaFeb 04 20:16
schestowitzThat's changeFeb 04 20:16
PetoKrausyou know, it's obvious that the only thing politicians fear are scientistsFeb 04 20:16
schestowitzThere used to be BushFeb 04 20:16
schestowitzNow there is ObamaFeb 04 20:16
schestowitzBoth words still have a "B" in them.Feb 04 20:16
PetoKrausthough there's the problem of... who listens to scientists anywayFeb 04 20:16
schestowitzSo it's not a total changeFeb 04 20:16
schestowitzThe world changes all the time. It also has thinner ozone layer. :-) But don't tell this to politicians.. they are too busy rewarding oil companies that funded their campaign :-)Feb 04 20:18
twitterEvery little trick I figure out makes my world that little bit better.  Sharing that trick makes a few other people's world better.Feb 04 20:19
schestowitzCompiz Fusion To Be Dropped, Other Changes Planned < >Feb 04 20:20
schestowitzSharing = less wasteFeb 04 20:20
schestowitzWhy have 3 companies run separate datacentres that melt glaciers?Feb 04 20:20
schestowitz"Competition" is the answer, BUT at what cost?Feb 04 20:20
schestowitzLook at CompizFeb 04 20:21
schestowitzThey share codebase now. They converge!Feb 04 20:21
schestowitzWhy can't industry increase efforts of convergence for better survival of the human species? That just isn't taken into account in the current gameplay.  Things like pollution and consumption are hardly a factor in business managementFeb 04 20:22
PetoKraushmm i don't like evolutionFeb 04 20:23
PetoKrausit doesn't suit my needsFeb 04 20:23
PetoKraussunbird is slightly better calendarFeb 04 20:23
twitteryes, I like Kontact for what I do.Feb 04 20:24
twitterIt used to sync well with my PalmFeb 04 20:24
twitterHere's a funny W32 mess 04 20:24
PetoKrausi just don't like the theming support of SunbirdFeb 04 20:24
PetoKrausit is hideousFeb 04 20:24
twitterthe ticket issue above is a good reason government should never demand non free software on user machines.Feb 04 20:25
schestowitzPetoKraus: Kontact is decentFeb 04 20:26
schestowitzIt could also import my Palm DBsFeb 04 20:27
PetoKrausi'm gonna take a lookFeb 04 20:27
schestowitzIt does icalFeb 04 20:27
schestowitzOn my Web site I also have a calendarFeb 04 20:27
schestowitzI put my Palm DB in Kontact,, exported, then put it on the site which is a displayerFeb 04 20:27
schestowitzPetoKraus: put it on your site, with or without passwordFeb 04 20:28
schestowitz 04 20:28
schestowitzIt's not that, wait....Feb 04 20:28
PetoKrausi don't need calendarFeb 04 20:28
PetoKrauson the webFeb 04 20:28
schestowitz 04 20:28
PetoKrausi want a nice calendar on my pcFeb 04 20:28
PetoKrauspwd? :)Feb 04 20:28
schestowitzIt's this: 04 20:29
schestowitzPetoKraus: of courseFeb 04 20:29
schestowitzPetoKraus: it's privateFeb 04 20:29
schestowitzIt looks very nifty thoughFeb 04 20:29
PetoKrausgah i need so much deps for kdepimFeb 04 20:29
PetoKrausmany*Feb 04 20:29
PetoKrausif it's not gonna be themed properly, i'm gonna slap themFeb 04 20:30
schestowitzIt looks niceFeb 04 20:30
schestowitzNo DB eitherFeb 04 20:30
schestowitzYou just slap the file thereFeb 04 20:30
schestowitzBut it's a viewer onlyFeb 04 20:30
schestowitzSo..Feb 04 20:30
schestowitzYou could edit in KontactFeb 04 20:30
schestowitzThen save in ~/public_html/whateverFeb 04 20:30
schestowitzAnd you can view the book from anywhere with a Web connectionFeb 04 20:31
PetoKrausi need to have whole fkn kdebase for kdepimFeb 04 20:32
PetoKrausWTFFeb 04 20:32
PetoKrausright, it's going off my boxFeb 04 20:32
PetoKrausand of course, it looks pishFeb 04 20:33
PetoKrausdoes not track my qt4 settingsFeb 04 20:33
trmanco 04 20:36
schestowitzAhhhhFeb 04 20:38
schestowitzI'm so tied of seeing articles that talk about Net Application as though it's written in stoneFeb 04 20:38
schestowitzyeah, yeah......... 7% of the world uses Safari..... sure!Feb 04 20:38
schestowitzSponsored by AppleFeb 04 20:39
schestowitzWhat services does Apple pay them for?Feb 04 20:39
schestowitzConsulting?Feb 04 20:39
schestowitzDoes Apple pay them to use IIS 6.0?Feb 04 20:39
schestowitzOr to say that Apple has market share of 10%?Feb 04 20:39
trmancoohFeb 04 20:39
schestowitzI bet they include big Apple and MS sites in the statsFeb 04 20:39
trmanco.NET NET% crapFeb 04 20:39
schestowitzMind you, APPLE IS HARDLY USED OUside THE USFeb 04 20:40
trmancois netaplications some kind of a standard?Feb 04 20:40
schestowitzUS, Japan, parts of EU. That's it.Feb 04 20:40
trmancoGoogle has good statsFeb 04 20:40
schestowitzNone in Russia, Milddle east, south America, Africa.Feb 04 20:40
schestowitzAND THESE are the markets where Linux is big. Net Application is just US almost.,.. and that's where Linux adoption is worse.. next to China/Korea I betFeb 04 20:41
trmancoYahoo, and some other top notch sites like Youtube (maybe)Feb 04 20:41
schestowitztrmanco: Google has Google users sgtatsFeb 04 20:41
schestowitzThey are a little smarterFeb 04 20:41
trmancosgtats?Feb 04 20:41
schestowitzAlso, Google doesn't get correct headersFeb 04 20:41
schestowitzLots of Squid, forging, zombies, etcFeb 04 20:41
trmancoI'm talking about analyticsFeb 04 20:42
schestowitzYou can't jusge by one siteFeb 04 20:42
schestowitzNo matter the size of the populationFeb 04 20:42
schestowitzBecause site=population for that one siteFeb 04 20:42
schestowitzLike BN... with 30%-40% Linux usersFeb 04 20:42
schestowitzOr Alexa rank...... that's bollox... Windows+IEFeb 04 20:42
trmancoI used to use alexaFeb 04 20:42
schestowitzSo sites without Windows/IE get bad Alexa ranksdFeb 04 20:43
schestowitzUse NetcraftFeb 04 20:43
schestowitzWe're 2400thFeb 04 20:43
trmancoor at least "believe" in itFeb 04 20:43
trmancoschestowitz, I can confirm that -> So sites without Windows/IE get bad Alexa ranksdFeb 04 20:43
trmancoand when I said Google had good stats, I was talking about analytics, should also have some interesting numbers IMOFeb 04 20:44
schestowitzThe big lies have been spreadFeb 04 20:45
schestowitzEven when Net Application is shown to be a fraud pretty much, damage was done.Feb 04 20:45
schestowitztrmanco: yes, Alexa=number of stupid visitors (Windows PLUS Internet Explorer)Feb 04 20:46
trmancoyes yesFeb 04 20:46
trmancoI can deeply confirm thatFeb 04 20:46
schestowitzPLUS spywareFeb 04 20:46
trmancomy highest rank was 325 000, and by that time I had 100 visits 80% windowsFeb 04 20:47
trmanconow I have 969,100 and I get about 300 visits per day (uniques, bots don't count) being about 50% linuxFeb 04 20:48
trmancomaybe moreFeb 04 20:48
trmancoI hit the 800 unique visitor mark with the launch of Ubuntu 8.10 :-PFeb 04 20:49
trmancoREactOS 0.3.8: 04 20:50 was 17000th at one stageFeb 04 20:52
PetoKrausright:Feb 04 20:53
PetoKrausDana Blankenhorn has been a business journalist for 30 years, a tech freelancer since 1983. See his full profile and disclosure of his industry affiliations.Feb 04 20:53
PetoKrausDana Blankenhorn has been a business journalist for nearly 25 years and has covered the online world professionally since 1985.Feb 04 20:54
PetoKrausthat's a nice one.Feb 04 20:54
*trmanco brbFeb 04 20:54
schestowitzJournalists today are like artists when the photographs were 'invested'Feb 04 20:55
schestowitz*vented'Feb 04 20:55
PetoKrausrightFeb 04 21:01
PetoKrausthere we go: 04 21:01
schestowitz*LOL* Wikipedia?Feb 04 21:04
schestowitzHe's a celeb now?Feb 04 21:04
PetoKrausyeahFeb 04 21:05
schestowitzHe got Wiked [sic]Feb 04 21:06
PetoKrausyeahFeb 04 21:06
PetoKraus:)Feb 04 21:06
trmancobackFeb 04 21:17
*NeonFloss has quit ("Going!")Feb 04 21:26
schestowitzIDG is laying off writersFeb 04 21:50
schestowitzI've just received mail from someoneFeb 04 21:50
schestowitzIt fires EDITORs tooFeb 04 21:50
schestowitzActually, the editor who told me this wrote OS/2 at IBM... a long, long time ago. I intend to make many posts about what happened there. We got hundreds of court exhibits from Comes vs Microsoft. We will texify them and explain how they are connected.Feb 04 21:57
*oob has quit ("Leaving")Feb 04 22:01
schestowitzWhy is this IBM employee still peddling Microsoft into the EEE?? 04 22:18
schestowitzMade another FP just nowFeb 04 22:26
schestowitzBritish opposition calls for open source < >. Maybe just a stunt, but who knows?Feb 04 22:32
schestowitzHmmmmm.Feb 04 22:48
schestowitzAnother IDG writer was firedFeb 04 22:48
schestowitzThe E-mails just keep coming..Feb 04 22:48
schestowitz"Thanks Roy, this is very much appreciated.  FWIW [xxxxxxxxx] knows I was laid off in early January as well. It's starting to feel like a global game of dominos, though with a lot more blood."Feb 04 22:48
schestowitzIBM seems to be moving close to Linux now. IBM could also vend with other companies' s/w (e.g. Apple). It would be wise to work collaboratively with peers though (LF).Feb 04 22:49
schestowitzBN gets unstable again...Feb 04 22:55
twitterfun stuff whole package in debian is ttf-aenigmaFeb 04 22:59
twitteralso fun, a browser that does apt:/show?ttf-aenigmaFeb 04 22:59
*balzac ( has joined #boycottnovellFeb 04 23:11
balzacman, I'm getting pissed at Microsoft today. Stupid IE6.Feb 04 23:11
balzacdamn I hate that browser.Feb 04 23:11
schestowitzWhy do you use it? It install s/wFeb 04 23:12
schestowitz*tallsFeb 04 23:12
balzacI have to check my websites against MS browsers or I can't pay my rentFeb 04 23:12
balzacSo I've got pirated copies of XP running on virtualbox running IE6, IE7, IE8Feb 04 23:13
balzacof course I would never use Windows as my operating system, only for browser testing. That's the one thing I can't escape yet.Feb 04 23:13
schestowitzUse browsershotsFeb 04 23:13
schestowitzI was using some public clusters for IE6 testing back in 2005Feb 04 23:14
schestowitzBut that's not needed anymore. Also, you could install IE in GNU/Linux.Feb 04 23:14
balzacnot "pirated" but in violation of the copyright and EULA, which is fine with me.Feb 04 23:15
PetoKrausawright guysFeb 04 23:15
PetoKrausgood nightFeb 04 23:15
schestowitzgnFeb 04 23:15
*Terracon ( has joined #boycottnovellFeb 04 23:15
balzacThose services can't be trustedFeb 04 23:16
schestowitzbalzac: the company that makes it commits far worse crimesFeb 04 23:16
balzacI found my website was a mess in some version of IE, even after I thought I had confirmed via screen-shotsFeb 04 23:16
balzacIE on wine doesn't work the same, plus it's ie6 onlyFeb 04 23:17
balzacI've got three windows installations running on virtualbox which have no other purpose than browser testing.Feb 04 23:17
schestowitzI saw an article on Wine with IE7 some hours agoFeb 04 23:18
balzacI'm ok with it until I earn enough to hire another web designer to handle CSS for me.Feb 04 23:18
schestowitzHere: 04 23:18
balzacwell, things like the png-fix don't work on IE on wineFeb 04 23:18
schestowitzBilly went far to ensure you must use 'his' waresFeb 04 23:19
balzacIt's not on my computer anyway, it's on my client's computer...Feb 04 23:19
schestowitz"In one piece of mail people were suggesting that Office had to work equally well with all browsers and that we shouldn’t force Office users to use our browser. This Is wrong and I wanted to correct this." Bill GatesFeb 04 23:19
schestowitz"Another suggestion In this mail was that we can’t make our own unilateral extensions to HTML I was going to say this was wrong and correct this also." --Bill GatesFeb 04 23:19
*Terracon has quit (Remote closed the connection)Feb 04 23:19
balzacwell, it's only for the browsers.Feb 04 23:19
balzacAnyway, I've got to make my websites look good in IE.Feb 04 23:20
schestowitzBillG loves the Internet so much ("we're not interested in it", 1993) that he wanted to give something back and 'extended' itFeb 04 23:20
schestowitzFor you :-)Feb 04 23:20
balzacbut I feel the rage as the Gauls beating on the gates of RomeFeb 04 23:20
balzaclet's finish Microsoft off!Feb 04 23:21
schestowitzHeh.Feb 04 23:21
balzacRoy, you're doing a fine job, my good man.Feb 04 23:22
schestowitzI'll knock on their door while I still can.Feb 04 23:23
balzacI bet the Microsofties are in a rage over your blog.Feb 04 23:23
schestowitzWe're last ones standing, almost...Feb 04 23:23
schestowitzI got some mails earlier... journos that cover Linux are among those laid off this weelFeb 04 23:24
MinceRgnFeb 04 23:24
schestowitz*week. Same for other areas thoughFeb 04 23:24
schestowitzgn, MinceR Feb 04 23:24
balzacI'm hoping the guy who writes on IT matters for PBS is rightFeb 04 23:24
balzacwho is that guy again?Feb 04 23:25
balzache said M$ ought to lay off 50,000Feb 04 23:25
schestowitzCringelyFeb 04 23:25
balzacrightFeb 04 23:25
schestowitzPseudonymFeb 04 23:25
schestowitzMarkFeb 04 23:25
schestowitzHe mailed me backlFeb 04 23:25
schestowitzSomeone told me last week that he went broke or out of biz or something.Feb 04 23:25
balzache must have gotten some trafficFeb 04 23:25
balzacWhat did he say?Feb 04 23:26
schestowitzSusan hosts it herself -> Downtime.. 04 23:28
schestowitzbalzac: can't recallFeb 04 23:28
schestowitzI left her a word of encouragement: "I caught up all that you posted. Keep up the wonderful work. You're among the last ones standing (not just in FOSS... the press in general is dying as you can probably tell).Feb 04 23:30
schestowitzI got some mails today from an editor and writer who were laid off."Feb 04 23:30
balzacThat happens to people whose work is not actually a necessityFeb 04 23:33
balzacit's not good, but it happensFeb 04 23:33
balzacI'm making chump-change, but the work I do must be done for the small businesses which are my clients.Feb 04 23:33
*r0ver (n=r0ver@ has joined #boycottnovellFeb 04 23:33
balzacBut most of the people who had cushy jobs are making more from their unemployment checks than I'm making from working.Feb 04 23:34
balzacAnyway, I'm glad I changed my focus back to technology, away from content.Feb 04 23:35
*Casperin has quit ("Leaving")Feb 04 23:35
balzacAs I mentioned before, I'm training for RedHat certificationFeb 04 23:37
balzacI'm already decent at web design and development, but I don't like having to cater to people in creative work.Feb 04 23:37
twitterNice catch, Roy.  Ted Haeger schools the PR people.  What morons.  When someone leaves without making a stink, it's better not to stir them up.Feb 04 23:40
trmanco 04 23:42
schestowitzJust a secFeb 04 23:42
schestowitzbalzac: good for you. Make use of it while it lasts.. I made some good choices myself, seeing how Google is eating dirtFeb 04 23:47
balzacRoy, I know that a lot of financial services companies here in NYC are going to have to upgrade their software, no matter how badly they're doing.Feb 04 23:48
schestowitztrmanco: what's the gist?Feb 04 23:48
schestowitzbalzac: Red Hat and Solaris?Feb 04 23:48
balzacSolaris is not going to get the job done while GNU/Linux is available.Feb 04 23:48
schestowitzMigrations likelyFeb 04 23:49
balzacI'm suggesting they drop Solaris in favor of RedhatFeb 04 23:49
schestowitzHave fun putting the non-Free software 'to rest' if you know what I meanFeb 04 23:49
balzacSolaris is no fun because it doesn't have a strong communityFeb 04 23:49
schestowitzThey'll call you the 'binary assassin'Feb 04 23:49
balzacI think of it like being a vampire hunterFeb 04 23:49
schestowitz"Take cover from the Sun, binaries assassin"Feb 04 23:50
balzackill a dirty license for jesusFeb 04 23:50
schestowitz*LOL*Feb 04 23:50
balzacSun needs to get real and admit, Open Solaris under their CDDL license is never going anywhereFeb 04 23:50
schestowitzYou boot them into Red Hat CDs and they never wake up againFeb 04 23:50
schestowitzbalzac: that would crash their stock furtherFeb 04 23:51
balzacthen they ought to buy Canonical, but until they really understand GNU, they're not fit to buy and run software companies based on GPL projectsFeb 04 23:51
balzacI prefer debian-based distros.Feb 04 23:51
schestowitzThat'd be like Microsoft saying "OK!! Vista stinks, we admit it. And Vista7 is just a fix and marketing"Feb 04 23:51
schestowitzThey channeled their $300mil "Mojave" money to Vista7Feb 04 23:52
balzacSun needs to get real. I had the displeasure of using Solaris and it sucked.Feb 04 23:52
balzacAnd they really shouldn't ask me for my email address before I can download mysqlFeb 04 23:52
balzacthat is very lameFeb 04 23:52
balzacThey need to get real.Feb 04 23:52
balzacI could kick so much tail if I were the CEO of Sun.Feb 04 23:53
schestowitzPonytail?Feb 04 23:55
schestowitzRemember Looking Glass? I doubt many people still use it. What a shame.. nice projectFeb 04 23:56

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