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schestowitzFew of them actually TRIED itMay 02 18:06
twitterI'm also very selective in quoting so as not to clog up people's mail boxes with duplicate crap.May 02 18:06
_Hicham_twitter : fuck Outlook, vive ThunderbirdMay 02 18:06
schestowitzThey follow the herd of bribes peopleMay 02 18:06
twitterI like kmail.May 02 18:06
schestowitzand MVPs and allMay 02 18:06
schestowitzAnd W-E is watcing thisMay 02 18:06
schestowitzProbably taking dissent to the side like they all did with SurfaceMay 02 18:06
twitterReputable reporters won't bother writing anything about vaporware.May 02 18:06
schestowitzThat's just how they workMay 02 18:06
schestowitzDivide and Conquer, PR PR PRMay 02 18:07
_Hicham_schestowitz : if i had money, i would bribe reporters to make them say good things about LinuxMay 02 18:07
_Hicham_this IE7 is crappyMay 02 18:07
twitterSure, WE will also punish people with short leads.  Remember all that stuff about breaking embargos a while back?May 02 18:07
twitterIE is crappy.May 02 18:08
schestowitztwitter: check how people respond to formal reviewsMay 02 18:08
_Hicham_i get a corruption everytime i zoom the pageMay 02 18:08
twitterYou don't need to bribe people to tell the truth.May 02 18:08
schestowitzYou give contextTMay 02 18:08
schestowitzThen address points in turnMay 02 18:08
schestowitzIt's easyMay 02 18:08
_Hicham_well, the truth must have supportersMay 02 18:08
_Hicham_commercial supportersMay 02 18:09
twitterI usually give context in my own words.May 02 18:09
_Hicham_liek RedHatMay 02 18:09
schestowitzI'm at least watching itMay 02 18:09
schestowitzWe must explain how it worksMay 02 18:09
twitterIt's more to the point.May 02 18:09
_Hicham_and Canonical  at some pointMay 02 18:09
schestowitzThen make cohesive work in the WikiMay 02 18:09
schestowitzLet's flash out the 'meat' of this firstMay 02 18:09
schestowitzlater organise and use this examplesMay 02 18:09
schestowitzThat's how CMD (SourceWatch) does thisMay 02 18:09
*_Hicham_ has quit (" ajax IRC Client")May 02 18:10
schestowitz_Hicham_: fair point re: Red HatMay 02 18:10
schestowitzOh, he's goneMay 02 18:10
schestowitzOr maybe IE7 crashecd :-DMay 02 18:10
twitterlikelyMay 02 18:10
schestowitzMaybe forced rebootMay 02 18:10
schestowitz─(18:10 $)─> uptimeMay 02 18:10
schestowitz 18:10:37 up 59 days,  3:29,  2 users,  load average: 0.84, 0.78, 0.82May 02 18:10
twitterWE network filterMay 02 18:10
schestowitzI once sent some IPs to check if WE eavesdrop on usMay 02 18:11
schestowitzA friend wanted to see and checkMay 02 18:11
schestowitzBut I disposed of logsMay 02 18:11
schestowitzIt's WE's job to spy on coverageMay 02 18:11
schestowitzEven TWITSMay 02 18:11
twitterYou know that BN is Bill Gate's favorite news serviceMay 02 18:11
schestowitzAnd they use analysers to pinpoint troublemakersMay 02 18:11
schestowitzThen Microsoft gets instructions on who to call, fly over for a visit, etcMay 02 18:12
twitterthen troll, harass and "guide"May 02 18:12
schestowitztwitter: a friend at the gym has just joked with me about assassination attempts or somethingMay 02 18:12
twitternot funnyMay 02 18:12
schestowitzI knowMay 02 18:12
schestowitzBut he's a funny guyMay 02 18:12
schestowitzAlways happy. I gave him the site's address 2 hours agoMay 02 18:13
twitterno, he's just part of our violent culture.May 02 18:13
schestowitzIt's interesting to test the rewaction of people who are TOTALLY new to thisMay 02 18:13
schestowitzPeople who don't know what Linux is.May 02 18:13
trmancoomgMay 02 18:13
schestowitz"Windows 7 Gets Its Own Web Site"May 02 18:13
schestowitzSo they all write about somehting they NEVER usedMay 02 18:14
schestowitzExclusives and fake 'leaks'May 02 18:14
trmancojust checking some old emails, how I wrote back then and how I write right now... omg...May 02 18:14
schestowitzFree laptops flyingMay 02 18:14
schestowitzAnd they just go about yapping while MS PR is managing this circusMay 02 18:14
schestowitzAnnoying.May 02 18:14
schestowitztrmanco: yes, it's interestingMay 02 18:14
schestowitzWriting style change over timeMay 02 18:14
schestowitzVocabularies tooMay 02 18:14
twitterPeople who have not used free software for a few months lack perspective.  They project their crappy experience onto everything.  Free software sounds too good to be true.May 02 18:15
twitterM$ capitalizes on this ignorance with lots of "you get what you pay for" bullshit.May 02 18:15
twitterand smearMay 02 18:15
twitterI got it here the other day from deamonFC who imagines that hard work and diligence on his part will overcome Window's unique security problems.May 02 18:17
twitterHe thought that Apple was little better than Windoze and that the main problem was the user.May 02 18:18
twitterand the old popularity argument kept coming up.May 02 18:18
schestowitzPR is the issueMay 02 18:19
schestowitzHad Linux had PR it would show snazzy desktopsMay 02 18:19
schestowitzGusarding the image of LinuxMay 02 18:20
twitterTelling people that I've made my family happy running nothing but free software for the better part of a decade seems to make an impact in person.May 02 18:20
schestowitzMany people think of Linux as BrownMay 02 18:20
twitterGNU/Linux does have snappy desktops now.May 02 18:20
schestowitzMicrosoft also characterrising the users/devs as people in basements.May 02 18:20
schestowitzThis is not accidentalMay 02 18:20
twittermore smearMay 02 18:20
schestowitzThey use PR theory in reverseMay 02 18:20
twitterit's not working.May 02 18:20
schestowitzIT doesMay 02 18:20
schestowitzSOme people think FOSS is badMay 02 18:20
twitterI see cracks.May 02 18:21
schestowitzEven those who use FirefoxMay 02 18:21
schestowitzThey don't know it's FOSSMay 02 18:21
schestowitzWe live in a world of imposed illusionMay 02 18:21
schestowitzThe first important step is admittingMay 02 18:21
twitterVista's failure is widening the cracksMay 02 18:21
schestowitz*thisMay 02 18:21
schestowitzWhy do you think many people voted Obama and not Hillary?May 02 18:21
twitterOh, I understand their poisoned perspective.May 02 18:21
schestowitzIt's all PR campaignsMay 02 18:21
schestowitzThe policies are pretty much the same over the yearsMay 02 18:22
schestowitzJust slight deviationsMay 02 18:22
twitterthere is little difference between O and HMay 02 18:22
schestowitzObama vs Clinton is like Mac vs PCMay 02 18:22
twitterRMS backed a democrat with a better record.May 02 18:22
schestowitzOne is youngMay 02 18:22
schestowitzThe other perceived as corrupt and boringMay 02 18:22
schestowitzRMS backs NaderMay 02 18:22
schestowitzBut after Bush he preferred DemsMay 02 18:22
twitterNader would have been better, but RMS spoke well of Kucinich (sp)May 02 18:23
schestowitzYesMay 02 18:23
schestowitzI like that chap tooMay 02 18:23
schestowitzHe hates corruptionMay 02 18:23
schestowitzAnd he's not shy talking about itMay 02 18:23
twitterboth would have been godMay 02 18:23
schestowitzThey need more of thatMay 02 18:23
twittergoodMay 02 18:23
twitteroh yes.May 02 18:23
schestowitzBut such guys get smeared out of chance to be nominatedMay 02 18:23
schestowitzThe stupid population too is turned offMay 02 18:23
twitterthe power of smear is going away thanks to the internetMay 02 18:24
schestowitzHave Paul mention the great depression and people will vote for WHAT THEY WANT To beliueveMay 02 18:24
schestowitzAs if it's a self-fulfilling prophecyMay 02 18:24
schestowitzWant good economy?May 02 18:24
twitterthey can't "reach" people without broadcast.May 02 18:24
schestowitzVote for the guy who was trained to repeat words like "hope" and "propsperity" and "children"May 02 18:24
twittera good economy follows good ethics.May 02 18:24
schestowitzWant a "strong" leader.. strong like a truck?May 02 18:24
twitterno thanksMay 02 18:25
schestowitzThen vote for Palin and McBushMay 02 18:25
twitterthat party sold itself out trading with China.May 02 18:25
schestowitzBroadcast=busienssMay 02 18:25
schestowitzCorruption=busienssMay 02 18:25
schestowitzI'm not saying busienss=CorruptionMay 02 18:25
schestowitzAlthough it canMay 02 18:25
schestowitzBut corruption comes from busienssMay 02 18:26
schestowitzSo they'll give air time to those who support themMay 02 18:26
schestowitzSupport looting (aka bailout)May 02 18:26
twittercorruption ruins businessMay 02 18:26
schestowitzSupport dergulationMay 02 18:26
schestowitzSupport STUPID Friedmanites (free market my arse)May 02 18:26
schestowitz"Curtis is also a fan of the open-source encyclopedia Wikipedia and writes: "Wikipedia and the Linux kernel are two of the best examples that free software and the free exchange of ideas can create superior things without any licensing fees. The mere existence of these gigantic products, without a gigantic company behind them, is proof that proprietary software is doomed.""May 02 18:27
schestowitz B'ham Native, Ex-Microsoft Exec, Argues For Open SourceMay 02 18:27
schestowitzWorth pushing in SlashdotMay 02 18:27
schestowitz"Curtis' ideas about software are heresy for a former Microsoft Corp. executive. He says the days of proprietary software are numbered and companies like Microsoft are likely doomed -- and that free open-source-code software will eventually run the world."May 02 18:28
schestowitzWe mailed each other a few times. He contacted me.May 02 18:28
schestowitzHow is this praise/newsworthy? 02 18:34
schestowitzIn other news, Yoggie the bear has halted fartingMay 02 18:34
schestowitzApple 1 Microsoft 0 in the profit stakes  < >May 02 18:38
schestowitzThe Apple vs Windows/MS articles are uselessMay 02 18:38
schestowitzAre people supposed to be excited by one bad company replacing a worse and far more criminal one?May 02 18:38
schestowitzWhat ever happend to ethics?May 02 18:39
*dsmith_ has quit (Read error: 60 (Operation timed out))May 02 18:40
*Balrog_ ( has joined #boycottnovellMay 02 18:42
schestowitzMcirosoft to Buy Some Blog Posts Praising Microsoft and/or Windows 02 18:42
schestowitzMad Hatter mentioned The Examiner earlier. I've always felt like it was a Microsoft fan site based on what they publish. Just out: 02 18:43
schestowitzXCONOMY 02 18:50
schestowitzSo XCONOMY is plating ball for Microsoft. I can't recall if they are related to the publication Mad Hatter mentionedMay 02 18:51
schestowitzGlobal Dispatches: Sony Ericsson cuts 2000 more jobs < >May 02 18:57
schestowitz "The search giant hopes to counter charges of monopoly abuse with a charm offensive "  Does Google ABUSE its monopoly?May 02 18:59
schestowitzAnother boot licker:  iLink To Co- sponsor And Present at the Upcoming Microsoft Developer Conference at NewYork 02 19:05
schestowitzamarsh04: the O'Gara shill writes: "Microsoft Cuts $3b Cloud Deal with EDS" If Maureen says something about Microsoft, I guess she knows. :-) May 02 19:14
*neonfloss ( has joined #boycottnovellMay 02 19:16
schestowitzEMC kisses with Ballmer again (Joe Tucci): Microsoft Exchange 2007 and EMC SourceOne: Unifying Platforms for Compliance, Storage Management and User Productivity < >May 02 19:17
schestowitzThe type is already totally GONE from this nonsense: "Microsoft has launched a new social Web application that one observer is calling the equivalent of Twitter plus Facebook on steroids."May 02 19:26
schestowitzMicrosoft Posts First Quarterly Profit Decline < >May 02 19:28
schestowitzFunny that they say nothing about Microsoft losing $18 billion in 1998May 02 19:28
schestowitzIDG loves to troll. That's why it warped SJVN's headline and reposted: Microsoft, R.I.P.  < >May 02 19:31
twitterI'm almost as sick of the phrase "on steroids" as I am of the phrase "going forward"May 02 19:34
schestowitzYeah, I hate people who take em tooMay 02 19:35
schestowitzI just found out about another one this afternoonMay 02 19:35
schestowitzA friend of mine who played national rugbyMay 02 19:35
schestowitzTurns out he doped tooMay 02 19:35
schestowitzI once argued online against steroids in some forums and got death wishes by E-mail for itMay 02 19:36
twitterroid rage, lolMay 02 19:37
schestowitzYes, I know! :-)May 02 19:37
twitterask Arnold and his quad bypassMay 02 19:37
schestowitzThe two friends I had who were taking that shit are no longer on itMay 02 19:37
schestowitzWhich is goodMay 02 19:37
schestowitzActually, the rugby-playing friend also quit this sh*t. he's training to be a pilot nowMay 02 19:38
schestowitzMister McBain can afford bypassing.May 02 19:38
twitterit is good that people quit dopingMay 02 19:38
schestowitzOther just pass away when they are half his ageMay 02 19:38
schestowitztwitter: some get their first shock and quitMay 02 19:38
schestowitzLike a friend of mine who passed outMay 02 19:38
schestowitzBetter small than deadMay 02 19:39
twitterthat's quite a shockMay 02 19:39
schestowitzI equate this to silicon boobs sometimesMay 02 19:39
schestowitzWomen create fauz standardsMay 02 19:39
schestowitzLike, look at bodybuilding contestsMay 02 19:39
schestowitzThe whole thing is a contest for who can enchew the most hormonesMay 02 19:39
twitterdon't blame women for itMay 02 19:40
schestowitz[or who can survuvice before going on stage]May 02 19:40
schestowitzSome people collapse on stageMay 02 19:40
schestowitztwitter: I don't blame womenMay 02 19:40
schestowitzBlame showbiz to an extentMay 02 19:40
schestowitzThe TV for example created artificial urgesMay 02 19:40
schestowitzLike consumerism, fashion, sex, money, alcohol.May 02 19:40
twitterhmmmm, "(11:51:37 AM) schestowitz: Women create fauz standards"May 02 19:40
schestowitzIt's hard for people to escape that control that's mental. Very hrdMay 02 19:41
schestowitzEsp. hard for people who crash ont he couch after a hard day's workMay 02 19:41
twitteryesMay 02 19:41
schestowitz*fauxMay 02 19:41
schestowitztypoMay 02 19:41
twitterI parseMay 02 19:41
schestowitzAnother thing is bracesMay 02 19:41
schestowitzWe all have braces don't we?May 02 19:41
schestowitzLike 50% of the kids in the 'west'May 02 19:42
schestowitzThose who don't are then made 'sub-standard', where standard is something artificialMay 02 19:42
twitterstraight teeth have more than cosmetic benefitsMay 02 19:42
schestowitzThe flawed-by-birth baslineMay 02 19:42
schestowitz*baselineMay 02 19:42
twitterteeth that line up correctly last longerMay 02 19:42
schestowitzOKMay 02 19:42
twitterthat's good for peopleMay 02 19:43
schestowitzIt's still a modificationMay 02 19:43
schestowitzUnlike a corrective one, e.g. herniaMay 02 19:43
twitterso is having rotten teeth pulledMay 02 19:43
schestowitzEeeeeeew..May 02 19:43
twitterbraces can help prevent the damage before it happensMay 02 19:43
schestowitzWell, my teeth are still in perfect shape [knock on wood]May 02 19:44
twitterI look forward to having my teeth in good working order for most of my life, my nice long life.May 02 19:44
schestowitzMicrosoft is still denying MS phoneMay 02 19:44
schestowitzHumans could probably do without teethMay 02 19:45
schestowitzIn a modern ageMay 02 19:45
schestowitzMonumental: Microsoft Windows, Office profits slip again < >May 02 19:45
schestowitzMicrosoft somehow hid the decline of XBoxMay 02 19:46
schestowitzIts lackeys came out with praises for XBox resultsMay 02 19:46
schestowitzFinally I look closer and find out they wound up in a LOSS!!!!!!May 02 19:46
schestowitzAfter so many quarters of huge LOSSESMay 02 19:46
schestowitz"Mixed results for Microsoft." says one headline. No, these are _bad_ resultsMay 02 19:47
schestowitz"Mixed" is what reporters say when they fear saying something negativeMay 02 19:48
schestowitzVery typicalMay 02 19:48
schestowitzIt's bad, but........ we managed to find something decent, so overall we shall call it "mixed"May 02 19:48
twitterthey believe that M$ is making rather than losing billions each quarter.May 02 19:48
twitterM$ is probably lying about real losses.May 02 19:49
schestowitzA cup of crap is not bad.. it's "mixed"... cause it may contain nutrients.May 02 19:49
schestowitzFor all I know they play a massive gameMay 02 19:49
schestowitzPart of the pyramic scheme and maybe a debt gameMay 02 19:49
schestowitzSmithers says they lost 18 billion in 2998May 02 19:50
schestowitzHow well could they do in 1999May 02 19:50
schestowitzc'monMay 02 19:50
schestowitz*1998May 02 19:50
twitterThey had a cash pile back then, we think.May 02 19:50
schestowitzThe mass closure of units should provide a clue.. There's spinning out of equilibriumMay 02 19:50
twitterThey have admitted to depleting that cash pile now.May 02 19:50
schestowitzMicrosoft is like the guy with the Ferraro and the boatMay 02 19:50
schestowitzYou envy thy neighbour with the boat and luxury carMay 02 19:51
schestowitzThen one day some people pay a visit and take out the TV, the bed, everything!May 02 19:51
twitteruntil they have to sell it all, ha ha.May 02 19:51
schestowitzTurns out that Mr. Successful just had many credit cards from fraud-happy bankersMay 02 19:51
twitterwe shall see.  the decline in M$ propaganda is a good sign.May 02 19:51
schestowitz*Ferrari (typo)May 02 19:51
twitterEither they don't have their message straight, or they are really out of money.May 02 19:52
schestowitzWindows Vista 7 is free nowMay 02 19:52
schestowitzHow well can they do?May 02 19:52
schestowitzIntel says they have a steep challenge charging for Windows fanchiseMay 02 19:52
schestowitzGoogle Apps scared the bejesus out of them.May 02 19:53
twitterI wonder how many "software assurance" plans are not being renewed.May 02 19:53
schestowitz*franchiseMay 02 19:53
schestowitztwitter: it was bad enough in 2007May 02 19:53
schestowitzJoe Wilcox covered itMay 02 19:53
schestowitzHe called it the coming stormMay 02 19:53
twitterWilcox is a spinner.May 02 19:53
twitterReality is always worse than M$ tells you.May 02 19:53
twitterWorse for M$, that is.May 02 19:54
schestowitz"Netcraft: Microsoft Hosts Most Active Sites --- The report comes on the heels of Netcraft's most recent web server survey for April, which saw Apache as the most popular web server with a total of more than 106 million sites, followed by Microsoft-IIS's 67 million and QQ's nearly 29 million. ..."May 02 19:54
schestowitzArticle removedMay 02 19:54
schestowitzIt's in my feeds readerMay 02 19:54
neonflossnice new look schestowitzMay 02 19:54
schestowitzThis may relate to my post about Netcraft selling out to MicrosoftMay 02 19:54
schestowitzneonfloss: front page?May 02 19:54
twitternot netcraft!May 02 19:54
twitterahhhh!May 02 19:54
schestowitzI stopped citing themMay 02 19:55
schestowitzThe reality is FAR worse for MSMay 02 19:55
neonflossyea schestowitzMay 02 19:55
schestowitzSomething like FOSS: 80%, MS: 15%May 02 19:55
neonflossthe wikinspiration is nice :DMay 02 19:55
schestowitzneonfloss: cool. Some people hated it. Well, one person at leastMay 02 19:55
schestowitzneonfloss: It'll grow over timeMay 02 19:55
schestowitzI have plans for the wikiMay 02 19:55
schestowitzIt's at least more informative to people who get sent there for wel....... boycott NovellMay 02 19:56
*silentivm ( has joined #boycottnovellMay 02 19:56
schestowitzBetter than being greetied with a page with a post about OpenSUSE, Microsoft layoffs and arbitrary FOSS links by the tonnes.May 02 19:56
neonflossit would be nice to have stories on front thoughMay 02 19:57
neonflossand a new article only rss feed owuld be good :pMay 02 19:58
schestowitzI found alt' link for the netcraft stuff: 02 19:59
schestowitzSee what you thinkMay 02 19:59
schestowitzThe NHS locks itself in, being a slave of Microsoft, as always: NHS email moves to Microsoft Exchange < >May 02 20:00
schestowitzMicrosoft is escaping tax through Ireland: 02 20:03
schestowitz@mohanpram Microsoft is selling many things at a loss, e.g. XP (netbooks carry kickbacks), XBox 360...May 02 20:04
schestowitz[Just replied to this one person about XBox losses]May 02 20:04
schestowitz"His class turned in a 15-page dossier that included not only Scalia's home address, home phone number and home value, but his food and movie preferences, his wife's personal e-mail address and photos of his grandchildren, reports Above the Law." 02 20:05
schestowitzThey did the same to Google's CEO, Eric SchmidtMay 02 20:06
schestowitzThe Internet ends a lot of privacy. If your Web browser has a PR toolbar, then Google has a copy of your history file (plus a lot more)May 02 20:06
schestowitzAnd you can't ever delete this data, either. They don't offer this optionMay 02 20:06
schestowitzU.S. Steps Up Effort on Digital Defenses  < > The USian army prepared to hijack people's PCsMay 02 20:07
schestowitztwitter: how about this for a headline? This is Your Windows on Drugs < > They said "drugs", not "steroids"May 02 20:26
schestowitz"And while Maritz last week talked about the danger of "lock-in" with proprietary systems from other vendors" (ODG)May 02 20:31
schestowitzLook who's talking. Maritz was caught for his lockin crimes at MicrosoftMay 02 20:31
schestowitzThese people belong in jail but society does not lock up white-collar criminals, just shopliftersMay 02 20:31
*mib_r7pngx (i=541a4a7f@gateway/web/ajax/ has joined #boycottnovellMay 02 20:37
schestowitzGoogle hires goat army for lawn maintenance < >May 02 20:38
*mib_63goeg (i=5c73130d@gateway/web/ajax/ has joined #boycottnovellMay 02 20:41
*mib_63goeg has quit (Client Quit)May 02 20:42
schestowitzMicrosoft has just dumped in ThailandMay 02 20:42
schestowitzAgainMay 02 20:42
schestowitz 02 20:42
twitterWindows on drugs.  It kind of goes with the Conficker red tape story.May 02 20:43
twitterbad medicineMay 02 20:43
twitterIn that story, they say something like "these machines should never be connected to the internet," instead of the more reasonable, "these machines should never run a home desktop OS."May 02 20:44
twitteror "these machines should never run a second rate consumer OS like Windows."May 02 20:44
mib_r7pngxschestowitz: can't find the Microsoft/TomTom article. The link you gave on twitter is: 02 20:44
mib_r7pngxBtw. I am Marti (the ML2MST) ;-)May 02 20:45
*bgtr4 is trying to imagine how many schools for thailand is 2kMay 02 20:46
schestowitzmib_r7pngx: which article?May 02 20:47
schestowitzOh waitMay 02 20:47
schestowitzBTW there are no filtersMay 02 20:47
schestowitzI was away when you cam earlierMay 02 20:48
schestowitztwitter: like zombies on drugsMay 02 20:48
schestowitzwith their heads blowing up and allMay 02 20:48
schestowitzand attacking DNSMay 02 20:48
schestowitzmarti, this is the post: 02 20:49
twitterWindows, your computer on bad drugs.  The laughing toilet babies pretty much sums up the Windows 7 Story.May 02 20:50
mib_r7pngxschestowitz: the article about the M$/TomTom case. You wrote I as a Dutch man can do something against it.May 02 20:50
schestowitzWe need to find out Dutch lawMay 02 20:50
schestowitzAbout TomTom and taxMay 02 20:50
schestowitzMicrosoft is lyingMay 02 20:50
schestowitzAnd you need to spread the message that TomTom paid very littleMay 02 20:50
mib_r7pngxschestowitz: will do everything I can to help Free Software.May 02 20:50
schestowitzMicrosoft wants this information hiddenMay 02 20:51
schestowitzThe more you spread it, the more common on factoid it become. It's good for Linux.May 02 20:51
mib_r7pngxschestowitz: Microsoft is _ALLWAYS_ lying :-pMay 02 20:51
schestowitzThat the BizNiz(C)May 02 20:51
schestowitzWhere'e Slated when I writer this?May 02 20:51
schestowitz*that's * write;May 02 20:52
bgtr4everybody is lying, but for m$ constant lying is a way of existanceMay 02 20:52
schestowitzClinton: "I did not have sex with that woman"May 02 20:52
twitternot everyone is a liar.May 02 20:52
schestowitzGates: "If you can't make it good, make it look good"May 02 20:53
schestowitzBallmer/Gates: Vista is a massive successMay 02 20:53
schestowitz"We sold XX copies"May 02 20:53
twitterha haMay 02 20:53
twitterback later dudes.May 02 20:53
schestowitzDo they keep trackMay 02 20:53
schestowitzOr only for the month when they stuff channels?May 02 20:53
schestowitzSame done with NPD (!! shills for hire !!) for xbox and zuneMay 02 20:54
schestowitzChannel stuffing 101May 02 20:54
schestowitzThey always use the same sequence of lies, for each product separately.May 02 20:54
schestowitzIt's like a cookbooksMay 02 20:54
schestowitzLike those JamesP lectureMay 02 20:54
neonflossread last comment: 02 20:54
schestowitzBTW he put a mug in his MSN SPaceMay 02 20:54
schestowitzThat's Microsoft's "theoretician" on astroturfingMay 02 20:54
schestowitz"I've heard from 2 different friends that Ubuntu has given them deadly virus' and I still am not convinced to download this 'OS'."May 02 20:55
schestowitzFUDMay 02 20:55
schestowitz 02 20:56
schestowitzMS: "Ideally, use of the competing technology becomes associated with mental deficiency"May 02 20:56
schestowitz "My latest comments (showing 1 of 1)"May 02 20:56
schestowitzWell, welll...May 02 20:57
schestowitzNew account, one comment....May 02 20:57
schestowitzComment says: ""I've heard from 2 different friends that Ubuntu has given them deadly virus' and I still am not convinced to download this 'OS'."May 02 20:57
schestowitzcall me a paranoid, but this could be a flamer, an MS partner, or an astroflufferMay 02 20:57
mib_r7pngxbgrt4: not all people are liars. Free Software Activist in general are the opposite of liars.May 02 20:57
mib_r7pngxbgrt4: that's why we get personally attacked all the time by Microsoft Astroturfers.May 02 20:58
schestowitzLast magnet lowered into Large Hadron Collider < >May 02 20:59
schestowitzmib_r7pngx: what are you, MAD?May 02 20:59
schestowitz[Tardon quark]May 02 20:59
schestowitzMicrosoft: "Ideally, use of the competing technology becomes associated with mental deficiency"May 02 20:59
schestowitzKey point/takeaway message: make it seem like Linux users are pimple-faced kids with down syndromeMay 02 21:00
schestowitzI wonder if this person is from TomTom (he's Dutch): 02 21:01
schestowitz"Silicon Valley's place as a centre of innovation and a major force in the global economy is waning." < > Centre of technology will stay some areas in far-east AsiaMay 02 21:02
schestowitzNo venture capital in Silicon Valley. It's drying upMay 02 21:02
mib_r7pngxschestowitz: why am I "MAD"? or where you just quoting Tardon Q00k?May 02 21:09
mib_r7pngxLOL very creative "Tardon" :-)May 02 21:11
schestowitzyeah, more like Alton TowersMay 02 21:13
schestowitzOffense or illness.May 02 21:13
schestowitzThe goal is to tarnish the forumsMay 02 21:13
schestowitzBN is doing quite all right, even though there was no censorship. Sometimes there are spurts of trolling, but they come and goMay 02 21:14
schestowitzPJ told me they are getting many trolls now "the best ones..."May 02 21:14
schestowitzSolaris ain't dead, yet. Updates Solaris 10 Performance, SecurityMay 02 21:16
schestowitz 02 21:20
schestowitzGNOME thinks of redoing the desktop like KDE did with KDE4: 02 21:27
schestowitzThe Register has been pimping MSDN for a while. What have they done to a once-good publication?May 02 21:31
schestowitzMerck is evil. "Merck has paid $4.85 billion to U.S. Vioxx patients, but never admitted liability." 02 21:39
schestowitzMicrosoft is using Silver Lie to suppress GNU/Linux adoption on the desktop: 02 21:50
*Balrog__ ( has joined #boycottnovellMay 02 21:50
twitterThe trolls at GL now have the same names at Slashdot Trolls.  They must think they have destroyed Slashdot and have moved on to more effective communities.May 02 21:50
twitterSilverlie is a double pincer for them.  It targets GNU/Linux and Google.May 02 21:51
schestowitzAny examples from Groklaw?May 02 21:52
twitterNah, this is just a general observation from the last couple of days.  I can go look if you like.May 02 21:52
twittergoing to lookMay 02 21:52
schestowitzPJ on Slashfot (you must read it): Quote of the Day: Why Not Slashdot < >May 02 21:53
twitterSpaceLifeForm rings a bell .... 02 21:58
twittergoing to read PJMay 02 21:58
*mib_r7pngx has quit (" ajax IRC Client")May 02 21:59
*Omar87 has quit ("Leaving.")May 02 22:01
twitterYeah, that's how they operate.May 02 22:01
twitterPJ seems to have paid attention.  It is interesting to see that once an astroturfer is recognized by the site owner, they drop the nym.May 02 22:02
twitterThe people at Slashdot stuck to their experiment in community moderation and will continue to do so.May 02 22:03
twitterMy view has long been that it is satisfying to see M$ wasting resources.  I'd rather they were an honest company but they are not.May 02 22:04
twitterIf they are going to play astroturf games, it is best to bleed them white with them.May 02 22:04
twitterAt the end of the day, M$ trolls can stand triumphant on the dung heap they have made of the target website.  They can keep it, because the community will have moved on and will come back when they are gone.May 02 22:05
*Balrog_ has quit (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))May 02 22:06
twitterThis is not a game they can win.May 02 22:06
twitterThe harder they try, the faster they lose.May 02 22:06
twitterI wonder how much it really costs them to make "Windows" a bigger search term than "God" or "Porn"May 02 22:07
twitterI once estimated from their quarterly reports that they put about a billion dollars a month into advertising and marketing.May 02 22:07
schestowitzWe have some nynshifting shillsMay 02 22:09
twitterTen new resources emerge for each they manage to destroy and the "news" services they purchase are losing money hand over fist.May 02 22:09
schestowitzLinuxToday gets the same one that recently hit usMay 02 22:09
schestowitzHe numshifts in LinuxToday tooMay 02 22:09
schestowitzMicrosoft should be sued for itMay 02 22:09
schestowitzNot just exposedMay 02 22:09
schestowitzI have more posts coming about W-EMay 02 22:10
schestowitzI have like 10 more posts lined upMay 02 22:10
schestowitzVery ugly for the VOleMay 02 22:10
twitterThere are a lot of things M$ should be sued for.  They destroy business, put people out of work and steal their life's savings and creations.May 02 22:10
twitterkeep up the good work.May 02 22:10
twitterI'm off to do some things.May 02 22:11
twitterAFKMay 02 22:11
*mib_o4ggje (i=c352a48c@gateway/web/ajax/ has joined #boycottnovellMay 02 22:34
*mib_o4ggje has quit (Client Quit)May 02 22:34
*mib_970kdr (i=c352a48c@gateway/web/ajax/ has joined #boycottnovellMay 02 22:35
*mib_970kdr has quit (Client Quit)May 02 22:35
*mib_rxujy7 (i=c352a48c@gateway/web/ajax/ has joined #boycottnovellMay 02 22:35
*neonfloss has quit (Remote closed the connection)May 02 22:37
*mib_rqi796 (i=541a4a7f@gateway/web/ajax/ has joined #boycottnovellMay 02 22:46
*mib_rqi796 is now known as ML2MST_May 02 22:49
schestowitz*LOL* 02 22:53
*mib_rxujy7 has quit (" ajax IRC Client")May 02 23:09
*the_mad_hatter ( has joined #boycottnovellMay 02 23:10
the_mad_hatterI remember hearing that the Green Party of the United States switched to Free Software because of power saving issues, it might be worth checking out.May 02 23:11
the_mad_hatteralsoMay 02 23:11
the_mad_hatter 02 23:12
the_mad_hatterES: Open source community protests national plan for school PCsMay 02 23:12
the_mad_hatterThe Spanish free software association Hispalinux is protesting plans by the Spanish government to massively introduce Microsoft's operating systems and applications on school computers.May 02 23:12
the_mad_hatterThe battle begins <G>May 02 23:12
the_mad_hatterMicrosoft offers secure windows to GovernmentMay 02 23:12
the_mad_hatter 02 23:12
the_mad_hatterBet is still gets hacked in no time.May 02 23:13
*the_mad_hatter has quit (Client Quit)May 02 23:13
schestowitz < Is Netcraft Promoting Microsoft Just Like Net Applications?)May 02 23:29
schestowitzI mailed the Spanish lobby with information about MS in ESMay 02 23:30
*magentar has quit (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))May 02 23:50

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