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Microsoft's Death in Web Servers Accelerates Further (10% of Sites Lost in Just One Month!)

It's a bloodbath!

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Summary: The corporate 'tech' media never mentions it, but Microsoft is becoming a dying breed in Web servers (watch the video above) and it will have to quit that sector altogether some time soon

OVER the past few months we've closely observed the collapse of IIS and Windows in Web servers [1, 2, 3]. Today, or just over an hour ago, this latest report was published and said "Microsoft lost 9.6% (-7.5M) of its sites this month and ceded third place to OpenResty which in turn gained 1.2 million (+1.6%)."

"Shouldn't that be all over the corporate 'tech' media?"Losing 10% in just one month is huge. Maybe people need to focus on that instead of some phony scandal over an E-mail sent 2 years ago (not the E-mails that really matter). IIS might be a dead product in 1-2 years from now, leaving Microsoft in the (Web) server space no better than it is in HPC/supercomputers. Shouldn't that be all over the corporate 'tech' media? Well, when Microsoft pays the sites which claim to cover "tech" they'd rather defame RMS on political (non-tech) matters than cover actual tech news.

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