Bonum Certa Men Certa

The Demonisation and Stereotyping of Coders Not Working for Big Corporations (or 'The System')

It's not about crime prevention, it's about control

RIAA meme: Media tells you online anonymity means wearing a mask and committing crimes
Does anyone seriously think cyber criminals wear a mask in front of the screen?

Summary: The war on encrypted communication (or secure communications) carries on despite a lack of evidence that encryption stands in the way of crime investigations (most criminals use none of it)

Encryption is evil[1-4] It leads to upheaval

Security with limits For all of you dimwits

Accountability for thy But not for me

Git hacking/Man coding Coding for Meta Collecting your data

Spying for Gulag Apple and Dehomag

Microsoft professional Ethics just occasional

The free hackers online Must be put in line

Freedom is fine Let democracy shine

Resistance is disruptive Unlike Twitter manipulative

COVID on the loose But go drink some booze

Lads, keep hopping Ladies, resume shopping

Digital activism afoul Peasants, be more banal!

Coding permitted If to the state submitted

Leaks for transparency But not our own, that's heresy!

Studying paramount But corporate training tantamount

Go get the app Two buttons, "back" and "stop"

Applications are "old school" For every citizen is a fool

Functionality limited DRM decides what's permitted

Computing for trust In villains of antitrust

Web sites for all Logs we recall

Accessibility first Except JavaScript burst

Cyberspace you roam With clones of Gulag Chrome

Telnet a crime Bailed on a dime

Warning received 'Suspicious behaviour' perceived

Fearing unknowns People who aren't pawns

Oh, look, I don't use Apple and Microsoft so I must be a criminalAlternatives esoteric Use something genetic

The state shall rejoice Amazon and the boys

Olympic app installed When COVID tracings fold

Share on the Clown Upload your frown

Big Brother awaits You and your mates

Trendy "tech" afoot Antagonism is moot

Coding is GitHub Censoring Alice and Bob

Sanitised behaviour Impeded coding endeavour

Pluton for plutocrats Insurrectionists and Democrats

For national security strive Back doors for the beehive

"Crypto" is currency Planet-burning entity

Encryption is centralised E2EE is for the 'radicalised'

Plenty of choices They capture all voices

Brands suck alike So what's not to like?

Disagreement is futile Pry Minister infantile

Get on with the programme Be a docile lamb ________ Related/contextual items from the news:

  1. UK Government to Launch PR Campaign Undermining End-to-End Encryption

  2. Revealed: UK Gov't Plans Publicity Blitz to Undermine Chat Privacy - Rolling Stone

  3. Privacy is for paedophiles, UK government seems to be saying while spending €£500k demonising online chat encryption

  4. The UK Has A Voyeuristic New Propaganda Campaign Against Encryption

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