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GNU/Linux Runs Most of the World's Servers and Linux Powers About Half of the World's Client Side While Represented by People Who Neither Use Nor Understand Either of Those

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Summary: No matter how compelling (for widespread use) GNU and Linux have become, owing to the GPL for the most part (BSDs cannot compete with reciprocal licensing), the freedom-centric message is being diluted by hostile corporations that have co-opted it

THE Free software community is besieged and GNU/Linux is being vandalised by people who carry the brand like a bunch of false prophets (they never even used it!) while concern-trolling us.

GNU/Linux could be far more mainstream by now, but corporations with conflicting agendas want to ensure this never happens. Google's (or Gulag's) Android and ChromeOS are Linux-powered but they're also spy-powered and this is what they're willing to settle/compromise for. We're not 'supposed' to enjoy any freedom with the platform.

What about our identity online? Check out The latest post in is a week old and viewed only 100 times because the Linux Foundation has turned the site to rubble and a dumping ground for Jim Zemlin's PAC or PR operations. Zemlin does not use Linux, nor does he value the actual founder of Linux. Here's a video that shows Zemlin's inflated sense of ego (before he self-vanished):

This video isn't the only one of its kind (rather painful to watch) and we've already pointed out -- on numerous occasions -- other reasons egoistic Zemlin should not be in charge of Linus Torvalds, whom he can casually and habitually abuse under the guise of "protecting people" (imaginary issues). As if the worst enemy of Linux is its own founder.

"The Linux Foundation, by surrendering itself (financially) to foes of Linux, has in effect become a Linux-destroying Foundation whose agenda (or steering) is in the hands of our enemies."In the video above I show that GNU/Linux has become extremely dominant, yet paradoxically it has very poor online presence, with sites like reduced to an utter embarrassment and Linux Today promoting Linux Foundation-connected FUD for a Linux Foundation sponsor, the GPL-violating VMware, which currently runs a large-scale smear campaign against Linux.

The Linux Foundation, by surrendering itself (financially) to foes of Linux, has in effect become a Linux-destroying Foundation whose agenda (or steering) is in the hands of our enemies. So no matter how much Linux grows in terms of usage, its communications will be at least partly controlled (through OSI too) by those looking to undermine the community.

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