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IRC: #boycottnovell @ FreeNode: April 1st, 2009 – Part 4

Posted in IRC Logs at 4:30 am by Dr. Roy Schestowitz


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schestowitz But Ballmer is like an animal… punching below the belt Apr 01 21:48
schestowitz Throwing chair in the ring Apr 01 21:48
_Hicham_ u should protect ur balls Apr 01 21:48
schestowitz Yelp and leaping to scare the opponents Apr 01 21:48
schestowitz I. Love. This. Company yYEEEEEEEEEEEEYHAHAH Apr 01 21:48
_Hicham_ and u will say : I am gonna fuck u and ur Company Apr 01 21:49
jose :-) Apr 01 21:49
_Hicham_ waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah Apr 01 21:49
jose i love this company Apr 01 21:49
_Hicham_ what do u love schestowitz? Apr 01 21:49
jose schestowitz, maybe the processing bit will come up again later.. i’m going to go, ok? Apr 01 21:50
schestowitz I dunno Apr 01 21:50
schestowitz jose: OK, we can carry on later Apr 01 21:50
jose bye Apr 01 21:50
*jose has quit (“Leaving”) Apr 01 21:50
schestowitz I just saw this s/w Apr 01 21:50
schestowitz never mind, he’s gone Apr 01 21:51
schestowitz One of the havens from Conficker attacks are other DNS options. They too get attacked: http://www.theregister.co.uk/2009/… Apr 01 21:54
*PetoKraus has quit (Remote closed the connection) Apr 01 21:54
_Hicham_ Roy : what do u do for a living? Apr 01 21:54
schestowitz EMC is now a shill for Microsoft: EMC VP breaks company’s own embargo < http://www.theregister.co.uk/2009/04/… > Apr 01 21:54
schestowitz _Hicham_: you’ve asked this before Apr 01 21:55
*PetoKraus (n=pk@fsf/member/petokraus) has joined #boycottnovell Apr 01 21:55
schestowitz MS hijacked names: http://www.theregister.co.uk/2009/04… Apr 01 21:55
schestowitz The big story here is that they grabbed IBM’s identity to confuse: http://www.theregister.co.uk/2009/… I think IBM uses SLES Apr 01 21:55
DaemonFC I got the Nvidia driver to build on 2.6.29-git8 :P Apr 01 21:55
_Hicham_ Roy : u didn’t answer Apr 01 21:55
DaemonFC they were depending on deprecated crap that just got removed Apr 01 21:56
DaemonFC lol Apr 01 21:56
DaemonFC so I removed all references to it in the kernel interface source Apr 01 21:56
schestowitz ” (He didn’t stay retired for long. In January 2003, Gerstner took the position of chairman at private equity giant The Carlyle Group.)” http://www.theregister.co.uk/200… WOW! Apr 01 21:56
schestowitz The  Carlyle Gang has IBMers in it now? It’s one of those societies that runs the US (=commerce) from behind the scenes Apr 01 21:57
_Hicham_ DaemonFC : did u try the Nouveau Driver? Apr 01 21:57
Balrog I did, works good. Apr 01 21:57
Balrog (nouveau) Apr 01 21:57
Balrog but it’s slow and no 3D Apr 01 21:57
schestowitz http://www.theregister.co.uk/2009/04… “A father suspected of murdering five members of his family before killing himself has been identified as a Yahoo! engineer.” Apr 01 21:58
DaemonFC Nouveau is 2d only Apr 01 21:58
_Hicham_ Balrog : so no Compiz? Apr 01 21:58
DaemonFC and thrashes the hard disk Apr 01 21:58
schestowitz There was an incident not so long ago of a Microsoft murder-suicide Apr 01 21:58
DaemonFC it’s crappier than NV Apr 01 21:58
_Hicham_ DaemonFC : Fedora will adopt Nouveau by default Apr 01 21:58
schestowitz in f11 Apr 01 21:58
DaemonFC yeah Apr 01 21:59
DaemonFC and you’re better off putting nv back Apr 01 21:59
schestowitz Doen testing day last thurs Apr 01 21:59
DaemonFC if you use Fedora 11 Apr 01 21:59
DaemonFC heh Apr 01 21:59
schestowitz Three-fold global increase in infected websites < http://www.itwire.com/content/… > Apr 01 22:00
DaemonFC yeah, why can’t they just launch an attack on MS? Apr 01 22:00
DaemonFC bring all their sites down? Apr 01 22:00
schestowitz Open Source Is The Pinnacle Of The Free Market < http://californiaquantum.wordpress.com/200… > Apr 01 22:00
DaemonFC that would be cool Apr 01 22:00
_Hicham_ DaemonFC : MS is behind akamai Apr 01 22:01
schestowitz Linux too Apr 01 22:01
MinceR what, how Apr 01 22:01
schestowitz Linux is ‘behind’ akamai Apr 01 22:01
schestowitz :-) Apr 01 22:01
DaemonFC 20 million infected PCs will DDos your shit Apr 01 22:01
MinceR don’t you mean akamai is behind the m$ sites? Apr 01 22:01
DaemonFC I don’t care what you have Apr 01 22:01
schestowitz Akamai is cum though Apr 01 22:01
schestowitz Software patents Apr 01 22:01
schestowitz zoobab01 tracks their patent junk Apr 01 22:01
schestowitz China vs CNN in 2007… Apr 01 22:02
schestowitz Or 2008.. Apr 01 22:02
schestowitz I don’t think they manages to take it down, just to slow it down. CNN was preparing for it Apr 01 22:02
schestowitz The Chinese were rightly angry because CNN delivers propaganda, not news. Then again, so does the BBC, based on people who worked there. Apr 01 22:03
DaemonFC the Chinese are pissed about Propaganda? Apr 01 22:03
DaemonFC heh Apr 01 22:03
DaemonFC you mean propaganda that they aren’t spitting out Apr 01 22:03
DaemonFC right? Apr 01 22:03
schestowitz It would be so strange if national television EVER criticised ANYTHING the government does. It’s like “impossible by design” Apr 01 22:03
schestowitz DaemonFC: it goes both ways Apr 01 22:04
DaemonFC There’s no such thing as a news agency that’s not state-ran Apr 01 22:04
DaemonFC but the Chinese are particularly bad with that Apr 01 22:04
schestowitz Just put chopsticks in Obams’s fists, you won’t notice the difference Apr 01 22:04
DaemonFC iron fisted bastards Apr 01 22:04
schestowitz They both are hypocrites Apr 01 22:04
schestowitz Perfect couple.. suppressing their population Apr 01 22:04
_Hicham_ China is a threat Apr 01 22:05
DaemonFC I can go protest the government and not be shot for it Apr 01 22:05
schestowitz One calls itself the republic of the people and another lies differently, calling it “democracy” (Ha!) Apr 01 22:05
_Hicham_ China is gonna eat the world Apr 01 22:05
DaemonFC or imprisoned for 20 years Apr 01 22:05
DaemonFC try that shit in China Apr 01 22:05
DaemonFC go ahead Apr 01 22:05
_Hicham_ China has a complete army of computer hackers Apr 01 22:05
_Hicham_ it is the new war Apr 01 22:05
DaemonFC China is one of the worst regimes in the world Apr 01 22:05
DaemonFC and we do business with them every day Apr 01 22:06
schestowitz I know it’s no better online Apr 01 22:06
schestowitz In terms of freedom of thought Apr 01 22:06
_Hicham_ China’s censure is very tough Apr 01 22:06
DaemonFC so until we boycott them, I refuse to believe in any legitimate beef we have with any other country Apr 01 22:06
schestowitz They get brainwashed like many others in the world though Apr 01 22:06
_Hicham_ http://www.boycottchina.com Apr 01 22:06
*schestowitz checks Apr 01 22:06
DaemonFC how could you be brainwashed into thinking a 18 hour workday 6 days a week, or more Apr 01 22:06
DaemonFC is ok? Apr 01 22:06
schestowitz _Hicham_: not assigned to a host (parked) Apr 01 22:07
_Hicham_ schestowitz : did u check the site? :D Apr 01 22:07
DaemonFC The chinese labor standards are worse than PRISON labor standards Apr 01 22:07
_Hicham_ it was just a joke Apr 01 22:07
DaemonFC in most other countries Apr 01 22:07
schestowitz DaemonFC: face the Power Apr 01 22:07
MinceR http://forums.somethingawful.com/a… Apr 01 22:08
schestowitz MinceR: real? Apr 01 22:08
schestowitz Cancel job? Apr 01 22:08
MinceR apparently real Apr 01 22:08
schestowitz I get the joke, but.. Apr 01 22:08
schestowitz Maybe greyed out when it’s processed Apr 01 22:08
MinceR it probably blindly puts the last command there Apr 01 22:09
schestowitz Undo “think” Apr 01 22:09
schestowitz Undo “MotherShip.phone() Apr 01 22:09
schestowitz Bring me back me[sic] packet!! Apr 01 22:09
MinceR :) Apr 01 22:10
MinceR Undo “Buy Adobe Product” Apr 01 22:10
schestowitz error(99); quitting. Apr 01 22:11
schestowitz Amazing: Guardian Asks UK Gov’t To Investigate Google News For Not Contributing To Journalism? < http://www.techdirt.com/articles… > Apr 01 22:13
_Hicham_ buy my products Apr 01 22:14
_Hicham_ they are way cheap Apr 01 22:14
schestowitz FeeBSD tops uptime list, but Kinux most prevalent: http://news.netcraft.com/arch… Apr 01 22:14
schestowitz *Linux, not Kinux HEHE Apr 01 22:15
schestowitz FeeBSD is a funny typo Apr 01 22:15
schestowitz Would be a great name for OS X Apr 01 22:15
silentivm :D Apr 01 22:15
_Hicham_ FreeBSD will still dominate Apr 01 22:15
_Hicham_ for a long time Apr 01 22:15
schestowitz What makes it so? Apr 01 22:16
schestowitz Simplicity? Apr 01 22:16
schestowitz Thanks to campaign finance reform, activists can go to jail if their movie makes a politician look bad. < http://reason.com/news/show/132594.html > Apr 01 22:16
schestowitz _Hicham_: they are watching YOU: http://arstechnica.com/tech-policy/n… Apr 01 22:17
_Hicham_ schestowitz : FreeBSD is the most secure OS Apr 01 22:17
schestowitz By what measure? Apr 01 22:17
schestowitz Not OpenBSD? Apr 01 22:17
_Hicham_ by construction Apr 01 22:17
schestowitz Based on patches and severity? Apr 01 22:17
schestowitz _Hicham_: measure contruction Apr 01 22:17
schestowitz Measure “prettiness” Apr 01 22:18
schestowitz That’s the idiocy promote in Miss World and all that malarkey Apr 01 22:18
schestowitz Treating them like objects, but that’s another subject altogether Apr 01 22:18
schestowitz How do you define “Security” Apr 01 22:18
schestowitz How do you define “market share”? Apr 01 22:18
_Hicham_ Security? Apr 01 22:18
schestowitz I know how Microsoft likes to define it Apr 01 22:18
schestowitz Revenue. Apr 01 22:18
schestowitz Preinstalls, not installed base Apr 01 22:19
schestowitz _Hicham_: yes, how to judge it? Apr 01 22:19
schestowitz Microsoft has its own ‘ways’ to measure security too Apr 01 22:19
_Hicham_ Security is how the system can resist to attacks when all measures are on Apr 01 22:19
schestowitz To each his own (self-fulfilling) method. Apr 01 22:19
schestowitz Like “who invested the computer” Apr 01 22:19
_Hicham_ that is the only measure of security that i can think of Apr 01 22:19
schestowitz Define computer Apr 01 22:19
schestowitz Define invent Apr 01 22:20
MinceR WideOpenBSD? Apr 01 22:20
schestowitz Move goalposts Apr 01 22:20
MinceR :> Apr 01 22:20
schestowitz JoBSD. Apr 01 22:20
MinceR DramaBSD Apr 01 22:20
_Hicham_ Revenue is everything Roy Apr 01 22:20
schestowitz JoBSOD Apr 01 22:20
_Hicham_ who doesn’t like money Apr 01 22:20
schestowitz Jobs in the hospital Apr 01 22:20
schestowitz _Hicham_: revenue is not everything to a scientist Apr 01 22:21
_Hicham_ May God help him Apr 01 22:21
schestowitz RMS explained this too in CMU the other day Apr 01 22:21
schestowitz Scientists want many things Apr 01 22:21
schestowitz Not just money Apr 01 22:21
_Hicham_ what do they want? Apr 01 22:21
_Hicham_ if they can’t profit from their research? Apr 01 22:21
schestowitz It’s an oversimplicifaction sold by the companies to the public to make them submissive labourers Apr 01 22:21
_Hicham_ why the fuck do a research in first place Apr 01 22:21
schestowitz Fun. Apr 01 22:21
schestowitz Curioussity Apr 01 22:22
schestowitz Recognition Apr 01 22:22
MinceR altavista doesn’t cut it :/ Apr 01 22:22
schestowitz Defeaating evil Apr 01 22:22
schestowitz Defeaating illness Apr 01 22:22
schestowitz Etc etc. Apr 01 22:22
PetoKraus well Apr 01 22:22
_Hicham_ I won’t do a research for fun or curiosity Apr 01 22:22
PetoKraus it IS true Apr 01 22:22
PetoKraus but the problem is Apr 01 22:22
_Hicham_ I will do a research for my own profit Apr 01 22:22
PetoKraus scientists are not the only thing you need for research Apr 01 22:22
_Hicham_ and then I am gonna think of the community Apr 01 22:22
schestowitz _Hicham_: OK, fine. Apr 01 22:23
schestowitz Depends what luxury – if any — you’re after Apr 01 22:23
_Hicham_ I can’t tolerate someone stealing ideas Apr 01 22:23
schestowitz To some people, bed and food is sufficient Apr 01 22:23
schestowitz Some people just want a war to end. Apr 01 22:23
_Hicham_ I am after a lot of money Apr 01 22:23
schestowitz _Hicham_: you steal ideas all the time Apr 01 22:23
schestowitz How dare you? Apr 01 22:23
_Hicham_ me? Apr 01 22:23
schestowitz Your sentence was inspired by things you read Apr 01 22:23
schestowitz yes, you! Apr 01 22:23
schestowitz :-) Apr 01 22:23
schestowitz All you do is inspired Apr 01 22:24
silentivm nice line of thought Apr 01 22:24
silentivm :) Apr 01 22:24
schestowitz Copies Apr 01 22:24
schestowitz ‘Stolen’ Apr 01 22:24
silentivm XD Apr 01 22:24
schestowitz :) Apr 01 22:24
_Hicham_ that is not stealing Apr 01 22:24
schestowitz It is Apr 01 22:24
PetoKraus stealing ideas is, in my opinion, stealing only if not well attributed Apr 01 22:24
schestowitz Why not? Apr 01 22:24
_Hicham_ we read them in a newspaper Apr 01 22:24
schestowitz Is there a level of complexity? Apr 01 22:24
_Hicham_ and we pay for the newspaper Apr 01 22:24
schestowitz If I make a statement that I heard somewhere, is that stealking? Apr 01 22:24
_Hicham_ no Apr 01 22:24
_Hicham_ it is not stealing Apr 01 22:24
schestowitz How many times do you make a joke based on something you learned? Apr 01 22:24
PetoKraus schestowitz: it depends :) Apr 01 22:24
_Hicham_ and I am not talking about that Apr 01 22:25
schestowitz So just ‘macro’ stguff? Apr 01 22:25
PetoKraus _Hicham_: yeah, but that’s the point Apr 01 22:25
schestowitz Where is the limit? Apr 01 22:25
PetoKraus science is about knowledge Apr 01 22:25
PetoKraus knowledge is atomic Apr 01 22:25
schestowitz Science is useless without ‘stealking’ Apr 01 22:25
PetoKraus you either have it or not Apr 01 22:25
_Hicham_ the limit is that someone must be paid back the fruits of his idea Apr 01 22:25
schestowitz Like stealking an equation you read in a book Apr 01 22:25
PetoKraus he mustn’t Apr 01 22:25
schestowitz Or stealing words you saw Apr 01 22:25
PetoKraus if they are worthless Apr 01 22:25
schestowitz Or stealking an idea for a diagram you produce. Apr 01 22:26
_Hicham_ not like some scientists who died poor Apr 01 22:26
PetoKraus well Apr 01 22:26
_Hicham_ there are some good scientists Apr 01 22:26
schestowitz Everyone looks at input Apr 01 22:26
PetoKraus it happened before Apr 01 22:26
PetoKraus it’ll happen again Apr 01 22:26
schestowitz Without input, there’s no output Apr 01 22:26
schestowitz Output is aggregation of input Apr 01 22:26
PetoKraus patents are not going to change it Apr 01 22:26
schestowitz As simple as that Apr 01 22:26
_Hicham_ we must at least give credit Apr 01 22:26
PetoKraus yes Apr 01 22:26
PetoKraus that’s called “attribution” Apr 01 22:26
schestowitz You learn X Y and Z and eit ZXY Apr 01 22:26
schestowitz *emit Apr 01 22:26
PetoKraus and in some jurisdiction is covered under separate law Apr 01 22:26
_Hicham_ if we don’t give credit, we are stealing Apr 01 22:26
PetoKraus like slovakia Apr 01 22:26
PetoKraus authorship law Apr 01 22:27
PetoKraus and copyright law Apr 01 22:27
schestowitz Patents make inventor poorer Apr 01 22:27
schestowitz They garden some s*tty patent Apr 01 22:27
schestowitz And they make no money Apr 01 22:27
schestowitz Just waste time with lawyers Apr 01 22:27
schestowitz When they could use their skill to invest some stuff instead Apr 01 22:27
_Hicham_ like for instance, if I say ” boycott novell”, i will say also ” according to roy” Apr 01 22:27
schestowitz *invent Apr 01 22:27
_Hicham_ so I want steal ur ideas Apr 01 22:27
schestowitz _Hicham_: can you always do this? Apr 01 22:27
_Hicham_ yes Apr 01 22:27
_Hicham_ I will always mention ur name Apr 01 22:28
schestowitz In any setnence you might aggregate things you read in 3 places Apr 01 22:28
_Hicham_ because it is ur idea Apr 01 22:28
_Hicham_ not mine Apr 01 22:28
schestowitz In one sentence Apr 01 22:28
schestowitz Maybe my idea is based on something I read in a blog Apr 01 22:28
schestowitz Stealking by inference? Apr 01 22:28
schestowitz Transitively? Apr 01 22:28
_Hicham_ no Apr 01 22:28
_Hicham_ no Apr 01 22:28
schestowitz ‘Stealking’ that is Apr 01 22:28
_Hicham_ I won’t be stealing anyway Apr 01 22:28
schestowitz I actually attribute lots Apr 01 22:28
schestowitz BN is FILLED with references Apr 01 22:28
schestowitz So anywhere I can I show nthe source of what I learned Apr 01 22:29
_Hicham_ If u steal, ur a thief, but I won’t Apr 01 22:29
schestowitz And share it with readers Apr 01 22:29
_Hicham_ because I mentioned the source Apr 01 22:29
schestowitz It’s helpful for me and hopefully others too Apr 01 22:29
_Hicham_ I like the way u write Apr 01 22:29
schestowitz But attrib is sometimes not enoughS Apr 01 22:29
schestowitz So some would yell “stealling” Apr 01 22:29
schestowitz Ideas are everywhere Apr 01 22:29
_Hicham_ just give credit Apr 01 22:29
schestowitz Complex combinations and /machines/ are another things Apr 01 22:29
_Hicham_ and u r not a thief Apr 01 22:30
schestowitz Some Nobel laureates advocate getting rid of all patents. Apr 01 22:30
_Hicham_ and fucking the researchers? Apr 01 22:30
schestowitz Nope Apr 01 22:30
_Hicham_ so the businessmen can get richer? Apr 01 22:30
schestowitz Few of them benefit from this Apr 01 22:30
schestowitz Lawyers do Apr 01 22:30
schestowitz It’s a big lie to many Apr 01 22:30
schestowitz Like with the MAFIAA Apr 01 22:30
_Hicham_ so there are fucked Apr 01 22:30
_Hicham_ they are damn fucked Apr 01 22:31
schestowitz tghey use few superstars to create illusion of successin copyrigjhts Apr 01 22:31
_Hicham_ who do u prefer, a scientist or a businessman? Apr 01 22:31
schestowitz The vast majority of musicians get ripped off very badly Apr 01 22:31
schestowitz Even if they sell albums they make not a dime Apr 01 22:31
schestowitz They are better off selling on the Internet sometimes. Apr 01 22:31
_Hicham_ so musicians should stop singing? Apr 01 22:31
schestowitz scientist – businessma : similar things Apr 01 22:31
_Hicham_ scientist is better than a businessman Apr 01 22:32
schestowitz Human occupation is simialr Apr 01 22:32
_Hicham_ no Apr 01 22:32
schestowitz Just role playing Apr 01 22:32
_Hicham_ no Apr 01 22:32
schestowitz The ones doing the most job engage in phycsical labour Apr 01 22:32
_Hicham_ a scientist doesn’t think like a businessman Apr 01 22:32
schestowitz Like building homes, not designing them Apr 01 22:32
schestowitz Or farmers Apr 01 22:32
_Hicham_ I don’t like businessmen interfering with science Apr 01 22:32
_Hicham_ science should be independant Apr 01 22:33
_Hicham_ no controlled by fucking scientists or politicians Apr 01 22:33
_Hicham_ science should be protected Apr 01 22:33
_Hicham_ from the evil of ignorants Apr 01 22:33
_Hicham_ there a lot of GPL violations, who defend it? Apr 01 22:34
_Hicham_ who does sue the campanies? Apr 01 22:34
schestowitz Hehe. Cool photo: http://arstechnica.com/tech-polic… Apr 01 22:35
_Hicham_ we need money to sue these companies Roy Apr 01 22:35
schestowitz Enough suing Apr 01 22:36
schestowitz Civil courtesy Apr 01 22:36
_Hicham_ we can’t protect free software with speech Apr 01 22:36
schestowitz And not screwing with the integrity of society Apr 01 22:36
schestowitz But for money, many people screw society Apr 01 22:36
_Hicham_ we can’t just do like Ghandi Apr 01 22:36
schestowitz So some things ought to be restructured. Like the MAFIAA scrapped Apr 01 22:36
_Hicham_ “If he slaps u on one cheek, give him the other cheek” Apr 01 22:36
schestowitz It’s not needed because of the Internet Apr 01 22:36
schestowitz In the older days they sold plastics with 1s and 0s on them Apr 01 22:37
_Hicham_ if he slaps u again, give him ur ass Apr 01 22:37
_Hicham_ that is how it goes Apr 01 22:37
schestowitz That’s no longer needed Apr 01 22:37
_Hicham_ why? Apr 01 22:37
_Hicham_ why write the GPL then? Apr 01 22:37
schestowitz I didn’t suggest this Apr 01 22:37
_Hicham_ better say as licence : ” go get some money with this code, I am a jackass, have fun “ Apr 01 22:38
_Hicham_ that would be a better licence Apr 01 22:38
_Hicham_ licens Apr 01 22:38
_Hicham_ license Apr 01 22:38
schestowitz “licence” is correct Apr 01 22:40
schestowitz lincense is a verb (in in the US also a noun) Apr 01 22:40
schestowitz Miguel de icaza argued with me about it Apr 01 22:40
schestowitz Miguel “Ingrish guru” Icaza Apr 01 22:41
*_Hicham_ has quit (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer)) Apr 01 22:41
schestowitz Protesters always early adopters of technology < http://edition.cnn.com/2009/WORL… > Apr 01 22:42
schestowitz “University of Manchester political philosopher Martin O’Neill, who works on equality and social justice, told CNN that activists have a reputation for being early adopters of technology.” Apr 01 22:42
*_Hicham_ (n=hicham@ has joined #boycottnovell Apr 01 22:46
_Hicham_ http://boycottschestowitz.com Apr 01 22:47
schestowitz *GASP* :-O Apr 01 22:47
schestowitz can’t connect. Phew! Apr 01 22:48
_Hicham_ why we don’t have to sue GPL violations Roy? Apr 01 22:48
schestowitz Do one for  oiaohm Apr 01 22:48
_Hicham_ do what? Apr 01 22:48
schestowitz http://boycottoiaohm.com Apr 01 22:49
_Hicham_ no, I like oiaohm Apr 01 22:49
_Hicham_ I am gonna build a business with him Apr 01 22:49
_Hicham_ based on patents Apr 01 22:49
_Hicham_ :D Apr 01 22:49
_Hicham_ we will take Linux kernel, patch it, and use it in closed source form Apr 01 22:50
_Hicham_ there will be no one to sue us Apr 01 22:51
_Hicham_ :D Apr 01 22:51
MinceR http://boycottboycotters.com Apr 01 22:51
_Hicham_ Roy is silent Apr 01 22:51
schestowitz How to Distro Hop Without Killing Your Productivity < http://productivelinux.com/2009/03/31/how-t… > Apr 01 22:51
schestowitz http://boycottboycottsboycotters.com Apr 01 22:52
schestowitz left-hand expansion Apr 01 22:52
schestowitz YACC! Apr 01 22:52
_Hicham_ and bison Apr 01 22:52
schestowitz _Hicham_: not silent, just readins eome stuff Apr 01 22:52
_Hicham_ u didn’t answer me about GPL violations Apr 01 22:53
schestowitz gnu, not bison ;)) Apr 01 22:53
schestowitz lex Apr 01 22:53
schestowitz _Hicham_: it’s no fun pressuring companies Apr 01 22:53
_Hicham_ I made a small calculator with lex and yacc Apr 01 22:53
_Hicham_ Roy : why write GPL then? Apr 01 22:53
DaemonFC http://git.kernel.org/?p=linux/kernel/git/… Apr 01 22:53
_Hicham_ if there is no way to protect it? Apr 01 22:54
DaemonFC heh, the new Ext4 patches to compensate for bad apps Apr 01 22:54
DaemonFC like Firefox Apr 01 22:54
_Hicham_ DaemonFC : Firefox doesn’t have the fsync problem no more Apr 01 22:54
_Hicham_ Roy doesn’t answer Apr 01 22:55
_Hicham_ schestwitz is not open source Apr 01 22:55
_Hicham_ schestowitz is a closed source man Apr 01 22:55
_Hicham_ schestowitz is patented Apr 01 22:55
schestowitz _Hicham_: GPL=system of trust Apr 01 22:55
DaemonFC when did they fix it? Apr 01 22:56
schestowitz Compliance by force a last resort Apr 01 22:56
schestowitz Companies usually settle and comply Apr 01 22:56
_Hicham_ schestowitz : why let people violate it then? Apr 01 22:56
*schestowitz worked with lax and yacc too. Did a compiler IIRC Apr 01 22:56
schestowitz *lex Apr 01 22:56
schestowitz laxitive :-) Apr 01 22:56
schestowitz _Hicham_: I don’t answer cause I collect daily links for you guys (BN) Apr 01 22:57
Balrog flex I think Apr 01 22:57
_Hicham_ laxative takes to the bathroom straight Apr 01 22:58
_Hicham_ schestowitz is with Globalization Apr 01 22:59
_Hicham_ schestowitz is helping America Apr 01 22:59
schestowitz Why? Apr 01 22:59
schestowitz And how so? Apr 01 23:00
_Hicham_ :D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D :D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D Apr 01 23:00
schestowitz Globalisation is a euphemism. Apr 01 23:00
schestowitz Like harmonisation for software patents Apr 01 23:00
_Hicham_ didn’t u go to London? Apr 01 23:00
schestowitz Globalisation is for labour exploitation Apr 01 23:00
schestowitz Like in Chian. Apr 01 23:00
schestowitz I might go to London next month Apr 01 23:00
schestowitz Are you ready for Conficker? < http://education.zdnet.com/?p=2332 > Apr 01 23:01
_Hicham_ there will be no manifestations next month in London Apr 01 23:01
_Hicham_ the Londoners are protesting against Globalization Apr 01 23:01
schestowitz In a couple of weeks BN will do its 6000th post Apr 01 23:01
schestowitz They are better off protesting on-line Apr 01 23:02
schestowitz And producing evidence Apr 01 23:02
schestowitz Working as a group not physically Apr 01 23:02
_Hicham_ no one will hear them online Apr 01 23:02
schestowitz Why not? Apr 01 23:02
schestowitz People have SEs Apr 01 23:02
_Hicham_ nothing will replace physical work Apr 01 23:02
schestowitz Wikileaks Apr 01 23:02
_Hicham_ people do not read Apr 01 23:03
_Hicham_ if u say youtube, maybe Apr 01 23:03
_Hicham_ but the vast majority doesn’t read Apr 01 23:03
_Hicham_ Internet didn’t help public awareness Apr 01 23:03
schestowitz “I’m always happy when I’m protesting.” –Richard Stallman Apr 01 23:03
_Hicham_ “I am happy when I have a lot of money”  –Hicham Apr 01 23:04
_Hicham_ “I am happy when MS will disappear” –Roy Schestowitz Apr 01 23:04
_Hicham_ “I am happy when data disappears” –oiaohm Apr 01 23:04
Balrog_ “I am happy when Apple disappears” –MinceR Apr 01 23:05
Balrog_ sorry :P Apr 01 23:05
MinceR don’t be sorry Apr 01 23:05
Balrog_ “I am happy when big media disappears as it is currently” –Balrog Apr 01 23:06
MinceR this world would be better without micro$oft and crApple Apr 01 23:06
_Hicham_ We should really learn from MS Apr 01 23:06
_Hicham_ and steals some ideas from it Apr 01 23:06
Balrog_ no, it would be a much better place without Universal, EMI, etc being like they are today Apr 01 23:06
_Hicham_ as it is stealing ideas from Open Source Apr 01 23:06
MinceR Balrog_: those too Apr 01 23:06
MinceR and politicians, and lawyers Apr 01 23:07
Balrog_ If those go, Apple would adapt. MS won’t Apr 01 23:07
MinceR and the MAFIAA Apr 01 23:07
_Hicham_ vive scientists Apr 01 23:07
Balrog_ and the RIAA Apr 01 23:07
_Hicham_ live freedom Apr 01 23:07
DaemonFC The RIAA has apparently stopped suing dead people, homeless people, and soccer moms that don’t even have a computer Apr 01 23:07
DaemonFC what’s next? Apr 01 23:08
DaemonFC hmmmm Apr 01 23:08
schestowitz Microsoft AstroTurfer “darryl” in BN again: http://boycottnovell.com/2009/03/08/… Apr 01 23:08
schestowitz They come from LinuxToday where they are banned Apr 01 23:08
_Hicham_ I read somewhere that the future of the software is Web Services Apr 01 23:10
_Hicham_ there will be almost no software Apr 01 23:10
schestowitz Yikes Apr 01 23:10
silentivm this would suck Apr 01 23:10
_Hicham_ just Web Services Apr 01 23:10
schestowitz Fight the clouds Apr 01 23:10
schestowitz Shoot them :-) Apr 01 23:10
DaemonFC well, in that cause the OS becomes irrelevant Apr 01 23:10
silentivm imagine running a video editor or CAD program as a web service Apr 01 23:10
DaemonFC so that could be a good thing Apr 01 23:10
silentivm DaemonFC, but then the person/company which hosts the app would have total control Apr 01 23:11
schestowitz silentivm: that exists already Apr 01 23:11
_Hicham_ the OS is always relevant Apr 01 23:11
schestowitz Video editing anyway Apr 01 23:11
silentivm sounds painful Apr 01 23:11
schestowitz Photoshop too is gradually moving online Apr 01 23:11
DaemonFC well, that’s how Linux is being marketed Apr 01 23:11
DaemonFC “Why do you need apps when we has Firefox and AJAX?” Apr 01 23:11
DaemonFC :P Apr 01 23:11
schestowitz Microsoft wants deseprately to control ‘clouds’ Apr 01 23:11
MinceR who markets linux that way? Apr 01 23:11
_Hicham_ there is no video of Schestowitz Apr 01 23:12
schestowitz It attacks Google because ot it Apr 01 23:12
DaemonFC Ubuntu Apr 01 23:12
*silentivm has quit (Remote closed the connection) Apr 01 23:12
schestowitz Even the office suites move online Apr 01 23:12
DaemonFC and they’re the only ones that are really growing Apr 01 23:12
MinceR also, what do you think runs the cloud? :> Apr 01 23:12
schestowitz Inevitably, for reasons of cost Apr 01 23:12
Balrog_ Video editing is staying off the cloud Apr 01 23:12
schestowitz Not procticality Apr 01 23:12
Balrog_ at least, real professional video editing Apr 01 23:12
schestowitz People like mobility and payment in installments Apr 01 23:12
MinceR 002059 < DaemonFC> Ubuntu Apr 01 23:12
MinceR url or it didn’t happen Apr 01 23:12
schestowitz They want pay for shrink-wrapped Office in advance Apr 01 23:12
_Hicham_ clouds are cheaper Apr 01 23:12
schestowitz not necesarily Apr 01 23:12
*silentivm (n=renan@ has joined #boycottnovell Apr 01 23:12
DaemonFC http://www.canonical.com/projects… Apr 01 23:13
DaemonFC there you go Apr 01 23:13
schestowitz The statement assumes prices are fixed Apr 01 23:13
DaemonFC give me something hard Apr 01 23:13
schestowitz And low Apr 01 23:13
_Hicham_ the development costs will be split Apr 01 23:13
schestowitz When you can’t afford desktop/native s/w, then you don’t upgrade Apr 01 23:13
schestowitz If the price is elevated for a service, you’re stuck Apr 01 23:13
DaemonFC Linux vendors have really given up trying to market Linux as something with native apps Apr 01 23:13
MinceR DaemonFC: that page doesn’t say that Apr 01 23:13
DaemonFC so they market it as a cloud OS Apr 01 23:14
schestowitz You must ‘upgrade’ (renew subs) Apr 01 23:14
MinceR DaemonFC: and if they think only the cloud matters, why is openoffice included? Apr 01 23:14
_Hicham_ instead of writing huge code Apr 01 23:14
schestowitz Hostage of the company (God in cloud) Apr 01 23:14
MinceR or evolution? Apr 01 23:14
MinceR or pidgin? Apr 01 23:14
DaemonFC MinceR: Why not? Apr 01 23:14
DaemonFC It’s free Apr 01 23:14
_Hicham_ fuck evolution Apr 01 23:14
MinceR DaemonFC: oh, i see, you’re still full of it Apr 01 23:14
_Hicham_ evolution is a Novell product Apr 01 23:14
schestowitz Yuck Apr 01 23:14
MinceR business as usual Apr 01 23:14
schestowitz Evolution=Novell Apr 01 23:14
schestowitz +mono, gradually Apr 01 23:14
MinceR at least search folders work (more or less) in evolution Apr 01 23:14
silentivm well, I like evolution Apr 01 23:14
DaemonFC MinceR: No, I believe they will drop OOo soon Apr 01 23:14
_Hicham_ do u use evolution schestowitz? Apr 01 23:14
DaemonFC and just use Prism Apr 01 23:15
MinceR that is, if i get new mail, it actually is filtered properly Apr 01 23:15
schestowitz Evolution is creationism Apr 01 23:15
DaemonFC to link you to Google Apps Apr 01 23:15
schestowitz Like MSFT Apr 01 23:15
silentivm that is, I need something which integrates tasks/mail/to-do Apr 01 23:15
MinceR DaemonFC: you believe a lot of crazy things. :> Apr 01 23:15
schestowitz _Hicham_: I used Thunderbird Apr 01 23:15
DaemonFC It’s where this is heading Apr 01 23:15
silentivm Thunderbird? Firefox is enough of a headache for me Apr 01 23:15
MinceR thunderbird just bumps all the counters on the search folders by one if new mail arrives Apr 01 23:15
DaemonFC They’re basically just thriving on the exploitation of the “Web 2.0″ misnomer Apr 01 23:15
schestowitz MinceR: makes sense Apr 01 23:16
MinceR kmail only refreshes them if i select the folder new mail arrived in Apr 01 23:16
DaemonFC gOS takes it further Apr 01 23:16
MinceR it’s horribly annoying either way Apr 01 23:16
_Hicham_ Thunderbird is the greatest mail client ever created Apr 01 23:16
schestowitz People are naive, moist of them… when it comes to IT Apr 01 23:16
schestowitz They go with price Apr 01 23:16
schestowitz Not logic Apr 01 23:16
MinceR _Hicham_: guess again Apr 01 23:16
_Hicham_ Firefox is the greatest browser ever Apr 01 23:16
schestowitz Look how many but DRMpod Apr 01 23:16
MinceR _Hicham_: guess again Apr 01 23:16
schestowitz *buy Apr 01 23:16
DaemonFC That’s why Ubuntu is doing Netbook Remix Apr 01 23:16
silentivm Firefox eats tons of RAM here Apr 01 23:16
silentivm TONS Apr 01 23:16
DaemonFC MS Vista is too fat to fit on a netbook Apr 01 23:16
silentivm right now I caught it eating 500+ MB Apr 01 23:16
_Hicham_ schestowitz is the greatest boycotter ever Apr 01 23:16
DaemonFC so they have to dig out XP, which is 10 years old Apr 01 23:16
DaemonFC and compete with something like that Apr 01 23:16
MinceR (by thunderbird bumping the counter i mean that it shows new mail in the search folders even if the filter doesn’t actually put that item in the search folder) Apr 01 23:17
MinceR and if you look into the search folder, it realizes what’s up Apr 01 23:17
MinceR claws doesn’t even support search folders at all Apr 01 23:17
DaemonFC XP is almost a decade old, never meant for a netbook at all Apr 01 23:17
MinceR someone please write an email client that doesn’t suck Apr 01 23:17
_Hicham_ MinceR : what version of thunderbird is this? Apr 01 23:17
DaemonFC of course Ubuntu can compete Apr 01 23:17
MinceR _Hicham_: dunno, it’s on my work machine that i can’t reach now Apr 01 23:18
DaemonFC I just use Evolution, it is part of GNOME Apr 01 23:18
DaemonFC I hate Mozilla products Apr 01 23:18
DaemonFC I try to avoid them where I can Apr 01 23:18
silentivm I use Evolution because I haven’t found any other app to integrate e-mail+tasks+to-do Apr 01 23:18
MinceR i use kmail for personal purposes and evolution on the work machine Apr 01 23:18
_Hicham_ DaemonFC : then do not use Gecko at all Apr 01 23:18
MinceR but i find both inadequate Apr 01 23:18
DaemonFC Epiphany-Webkit builds :) Apr 01 23:19
_Hicham_ DaemonFC : remove xulrunner then Apr 01 23:19
_Hicham_ DaemonFC : and see Apr 01 23:19
DaemonFC all that would do it take out the GNOME help system Apr 01 23:19
DaemonFC GTKHTML is deprecated anyway and will be removed soon Apr 01 23:20
DaemonFC they’re rebuilding their dependencies on Webkit Apr 01 23:20
_Hicham_ is there a browser for Linux other than Firefox? Apr 01 23:20
DaemonFC Konqueror, Opera, Chromium (although wickedly Alpha!!!) Apr 01 23:20
DaemonFC Epiphany Apr 01 23:20
silentivm Midori, Opera, Arora Apr 01 23:21
DaemonFC Kazakhese Apr 01 23:21
DaemonFC Midori Apr 01 23:21
silentivm Epiphany, Galeon (is that still alive?) Apr 01 23:21
DaemonFC Epiphany is the official GNOME browser Apr 01 23:21
_Hicham_ can these browsers compete with Firefox? Apr 01 23:21
DaemonFC Epiphany is superior to Firefox Apr 01 23:21
silentivm _Hicham_, if you don’t need tons of extensions, yes Apr 01 23:21
DaemonFC especially in resource use Apr 01 23:21
silentivm too bad that I can’t live without NoScript and StumbleUpon Apr 01 23:21
DaemonFC noscript? Apr 01 23:21
DaemonFC oh god Apr 01 23:21
silentivm yes Apr 01 23:21
_Hicham_ I used Konqueror, Opera, Epiphany (Gecko and Webkit), Midori and Kazehakaze Apr 01 23:21
schestowitz Linspire’s old CEO is being a loser again: http://kevincarmony.blogspot.com/2009/0… Apr 01 23:22
DaemonFC Kevin Carmony is an asshole Apr 01 23:22
DaemonFC he got fired, it happens to people Apr 01 23:22
MinceR 002958 < DaemonFC> Kazakhese Apr 01 23:22
DaemonFC he had a dickhead boss Apr 01 23:22
_Hicham_ DaemonFC : are u sure Epiphany is best? Apr 01 23:22
MinceR that’s Kazehakase Apr 01 23:22
DaemonFC it happens to people Apr 01 23:22
MinceR and there’s also Links and Dillo Apr 01 23:22
_Hicham_ there is NetSurf Apr 01 23:23
DaemonFC Dillo is not actively maintained Apr 01 23:23
DaemonFC and doesn’t even support tables or CSS Apr 01 23:23
_Hicham_ the lowest on resources Apr 01 23:23
_Hicham_ did u use NetSurf? Apr 01 23:23
DaemonFC nope Apr 01 23:23
DaemonFC Lynx B-) Apr 01 23:23
MinceR 002926 < _Hicham_> is there a browser for Linux other than Firefox? Apr 01 23:23
DaemonFC Lynx if you want low resources Apr 01 23:23
DaemonFC :D Apr 01 23:23
MinceR i don’t see anything about tables or CSS here Apr 01 23:23
MinceR do you? Apr 01 23:23
_Hicham_ http://www.netsurf-browser.org/ Apr 01 23:24
_Hicham_ it is the lightest browser ever Apr 01 23:24
_Hicham_ if u don’t want to waste resources Apr 01 23:24
schestowitz Microsoft is hiring Linux devs: http://joostruis.blogspot.com/2009/0… http://it.toolbox.com/blogs/locutu… http://blog.commandlinekungfu.com/200… ;-) Apr 01 23:27
_Hicham_ i don’t know why this room get completely silent from time to time Apr 01 23:27
DaemonFC Why would I need to use some balkanized web browser when I have 4 gigs of RAM and a Core 2 CPU? Apr 01 23:27
silentivm because I get annoyed with a single app eating 800+ MB RAM? Apr 01 23:27
DaemonFC Epiphany is a good deal Apr 01 23:27
silentivm as I got Firefox to eat? Apr 01 23:27
_Hicham_ Epiphany has a long way to go Apr 01 23:27
DaemonFC 115 megs and it’s been open all day Apr 01 23:28
DaemonFC with 17 tabs currently open Apr 01 23:28
_Hicham_ its lack of extensions support is horrible Apr 01 23:28
DaemonFC that’s pretty decent Apr 01 23:28
DaemonFC Epiphany supports extensions Apr 01 23:28
silentivm yep Apr 01 23:28
DaemonFC jsut not the bloated crap Firefox does Apr 01 23:28
DaemonFC that’s a great way to cause memory leaks Apr 01 23:28
schestowitz yay. http://gnuru.org/article/145… (Microsoft Open Sources Windows) Apr 01 23:28
DaemonFC Firefox extensions Apr 01 23:28
DaemonFC they’re usually poorly writtent Apr 01 23:28
silentivm DaemonFC, yep Apr 01 23:28
DaemonFC *written Apr 01 23:28
silentivm if I disable extensions my FF gets less worse Apr 01 23:29
_Hicham_ DaemonFC : depends on extensions quality Apr 01 23:29
schestowitz Ubuntu Format magazine: on sale now < http://tuxradar.com/content/u… > Apr 01 23:29
schestowitz IBM Buys Linus Torvalds < http://www.daniweb.com/blogs/en… > Apr 01 23:30
_Hicham_ there is an extension for epiphany that s Apr 01 23:31
_Hicham_ doesnt work at all Apr 01 23:31
_Hicham_ it segfaults epiphany Apr 01 23:31
_Hicham_ what would u say DaemonFC? Apr 01 23:31
schestowitz Very bad joke: Microsoft signs Linux compatibility deal < http://blogs.zdnet.com/open… > Apr 01 23:32
schestowitz LOL http://www.archlinux.org/news/440/ (Arch Dropping i686 support) Apr 01 23:32
MinceR gn Apr 01 23:32
DaemonFC _Hicham_: Firefox extensions are suckass XUL Apr 01 23:33
DaemonFC screw them Apr 01 23:33
DaemonFC Epiphany’s are C Apr 01 23:33
schestowitz ESR is still attacking the GPL in his own way… http://esr.ibiblio.org/?p=904 Apr 01 23:34
schestowitz Joke also: Finally Windows users can get Compiz easily!! < http://dev.compiz-fusion.org/~cyberorg/2009/04/01/… > Apr 01 23:35
schestowitz BERYL!!!!!!!! < http://smspillaz.wordpress.com/2…. > Apr 01 23:36
schestowitz OOh boy.. Apr 01 23:37
schestowitz They deface Shuttleworth: Ubuntu to rewrite Linux kernel using Mono < http://tuxradar.com/content/ubuntu-re… > Apr 01 23:37
_Hicham_ DaemonFC : Epiphany extensions are C and Python Apr 01 23:38
DaemonFC meh, either is better than XUL Apr 01 23:38
Balrog_ schestowitz: that sure is a joke Apr 01 23:38
_Hicham_ C Extensions tend to crash more Apr 01 23:38
Balrog_ mono runs way above the kernel, not the other way around :) Apr 01 23:38
schestowitz Here’s Novell’s joke: http://lizards.opensuse.org/2009… Apr 01 23:39
DaemonFC uhhm, no Apr 01 23:39
DaemonFC it depends on how competent the programmer is Apr 01 23:39
schestowitz *OpenSUSE rather (same thing alomost) Apr 01 23:39
DaemonFC it’s impossible to write a good extension in XUL Apr 01 23:39
DaemonFC it’s impossible to write a good _anything_ in XUL Apr 01 23:39
schestowitz Balrog: mono runs Away –abo-v—FROM  the kernel Apr 01 23:39
schestowitz It’ll be shunned from BLAG Apr 01 23:40
DaemonFC anyway, this is why Epiphany’s official extensions have all been signed off on by the GNOME people Apr 01 23:40
DaemonFC but it supports any valid extension you want to add Apr 01 23:40
Balrog_ mono is comparable to java (though vastly inferior) Apr 01 23:40
DaemonFC JAVA is slower Apr 01 23:40
DaemonFC that’s the biggest difference Apr 01 23:40
Balrog_ DaemonFC: no it isn’t. Apr 01 23:40
DaemonFC much slower Apr 01 23:41
DaemonFC and takes more resourcesa Apr 01 23:41
DaemonFC *resources Apr 01 23:41
schestowitz _Hicham_: Episode 0x0A: A Guide to GPL Compliance < http://www.softwarefreedom.org/podca… > Apr 01 23:41
DaemonFC Mono isn’t bad aside from the whole “too close to MS” thing Apr 01 23:41
DaemonFC JAVA is just bad because of how low quality JAVA is Apr 01 23:41
DaemonFC regardless of license Apr 01 23:41
Balrog_ DaemonFC: yes it is. Apr 01 23:41
Balrog_ it’s Java messed up Apr 01 23:41
DaemonFC Sun makes bad stuff Apr 01 23:41
DaemonFC period Apr 01 23:42
Balrog_ DaemonFC: like MySQL? Apr 01 23:42
DaemonFC you can license a turd GPL 3 Apr 01 23:42
DaemonFC it’s still a turd Apr 01 23:42
DaemonFC it will still never be anything more or less Apr 01 23:42
Balrog_ DaemonFC: are you using java? Apr 01 23:42
DaemonFC no Apr 01 23:42
DaemonFC I won’t even install it Apr 01 23:42
Balrog_ but you will install mono. Apr 01 23:42
DaemonFC nothing I need that badly uses it, so why have it? Apr 01 23:42
DaemonFC that’s removable too Apr 01 23:43
Balrog_ << but you will install it Apr 01 23:43
Balrog_ I didn’t ask if it’s removable Apr 01 23:43
DaemonFC there’s two kinds of distros Apr 01 23:43
DaemonFC Ubuntu is the “What the fuck, throw it in” type Apr 01 23:43
DaemonFC and Gnewsense is the Freetard “OMG cut out GLX!!!” type Apr 01 23:44
schestowitz Java is very high quality Apr 01 23:44
schestowitz Better than .NET and Mono, by far Apr 01 23:44
DaemonFC Novell is the “Let’s rim Microsoft” distro Apr 01 23:44
schestowitz Almost the most ubiquitous Apr 01 23:44
schestowitz You just talk trash, DaemonFC Apr 01 23:44
DaemonFC It’s still a race to be the worlds tallest midget Apr 01 23:44
DaemonFC Java jsut sucks Apr 01 23:44
Balrog_ Everyone knows that big web sites use Java for the backend code Apr 01 23:44
Balrog_ not Mono Apr 01 23:44
DaemonFC who cares? Apr 01 23:45
Balrog_ remember the stock market thing with .NET? Apr 01 23:45
DaemonFC if they want to infect their system with JAVA Apr 01 23:45
DaemonFC good for them Apr 01 23:45
DaemonFC it’s their system Apr 01 23:45
Balrog_ java is very self contained Apr 01 23:45
Balrog_ just a bunch of libraries, a runtime, and a compiler Apr 01 23:45
DaemonFC doesn’t mean I want it Apr 01 23:45
Balrog_ well, you never coded in Java Apr 01 23:46
DaemonFC all Java will give me is tons of security vulnerabilities Apr 01 23:46
Balrog_ so you’re not qualified to say that. I code in java :) Apr 01 23:46
DaemonFC and occasionally some web crapplet will trip it Apr 01 23:46
Balrog_ DaemonFC: proof??? Apr 01 23:46
DaemonFC and make me spend 20 minutes Apr 01 23:46
DaemonFC while it loads “Welcome to our site” Apr 01 23:46
Balrog_ DaemonFC: disable java in web. Easy enough… Apr 01 23:46
Balrog_ you use java like this: ‘java app.class’ or ‘java -jar app.jar’ Apr 01 23:46
DaemonFC yeah, there’s no decent standalone apps that use JAVA Apr 01 23:47
DaemonFC there’s always a superior C alternative Apr 01 23:47
Balrog_ on my gentoo system, a java GUI app I’ve used runs much faster than any non-java app Apr 01 23:47
Balrog_ such asthis: http://www.lorbac.net/ … only useful to certain people, but that includes me Apr 01 23:47
Balrog_ as this * Apr 01 23:47
Balrog_ http://www.lorbac.net/index.php?option=c… Apr 01 23:47
schestowitz Ballmer apologises for Windows < http://blogs.pcworld.co.nz/pcworld/tux… > “At the end of the hearing a still tearful Ballmer was lead from the courtroom clutching a stuffed penguin.” That would still be animal abuse Apr 01 23:48
Balrog_ I was surprised at how fast it runs Apr 01 23:48
Balrog_ (when C-based apps are *slow*) Apr 01 23:48
Balrog_ but this is gentoo Apr 01 23:48
DaemonFC there’s nothing Java can do faster than C Apr 01 23:48
DaemonFC Java is orders of magnitude slower than C Apr 01 23:49
DaemonFC so lesser programmers can avoid using things they don’t understand Apr 01 23:49
schestowitz DaemonFC: if you ridicule Ubuntu, then why are you in their channels? Apr 01 23:50
Balrog_ DaemonFC: for repetitive code java runs faster Apr 01 23:50
Balrog_ also Java is cross platform Apr 01 23:50
schestowitz Flamebait/war: Why silence is better than 10 reasons< http://randomguy3.wordpress.com/2009/03… > Apr 01 23:50
Balrog_ C /can be/ cross platform Apr 01 23:50
schestowitz C *is* Apr 01 23:50
Balrog_ but if you code bad, it won’t Apr 01 23:50
schestowitz Unless it’s EEEd by MS Apr 01 23:51
Balrog_ if you code specifically for Visual C++, it won’t be Apr 01 23:51
Balrog_ but with C hardware can be accessed directly. Apr 01 23:51
Balrog_ and it’s not object-oriented Apr 01 23:51
DaemonFC The entire point behind C was portability Apr 01 23:53
DaemonFC but C gives you enough rope to hyang yourself with Apr 01 23:53
DaemonFC JAVA jsut hangs any machine you run it on instead Apr 01 23:53
Balrog_ DaemonFC: I find what you’re saying very false. Apr 01 23:54
*Balrog_ programs java Apr 01 23:54
Balrog_ in java * Apr 01 23:54
schestowitz Fedora 11 has got a nice wallpaper: http://news.softpedia.com/newsIm… Apr 01 23:55
DaemonFC mmhm, in JAVA, performance is an afterthought Apr 01 23:55
DaemonFC it’s all for convenience of the programmer Apr 01 23:55
schestowitz The theme is darn ugly. Qt looks a lot better Apr 01 23:55
Balrog_ not true. Apr 01 23:55
Balrog_ (no one else who does java is here right now :/ ) Apr 01 23:55
schestowitz DaemonFC: no, that would be MATLAB Apr 01 23:55
Balrog_ yes, schestowitz is right. Apr 01 23:56
Balrog_ At my school, all the researchers use matlab Apr 01 23:56
Balrog_ though I’m doing java, and it’s great Apr 01 23:56
schestowitz You can also take you work with you Apr 01 23:58
schestowitz The framework is Free Apr 01 23:59
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    La carrera hacia el fondo, o la ridícula asumpción de Battistelli de que otorgar más y más patentenes más rápidamente (e.g. usando PACE) sería beneficióso a largo término, puede guíar al final colapse del valor de la EPO y la pérdida de su lárgamente ganada reputación a nivel mundial

  15. Links 22/5/2016: Systemd 230, Debian Installer Alpha 6

    Links for the day

  16. EPO Patent 'Quality' and 'Patent Creation' Myth: Capsule-Based Coffee Sales and Trauma

    The race to the bottom, or Battistelli's ludicrous assumption that granting more and more patents faster (e.g. using PACE) would be beneficial in the long run, may lead to the ultimate collapse of the EPO's value and demise of its long-earned reputation worldwide

  17. Guest Post: How Vista 10 Imposes Itself on Users of Windows

    A reader's experience being nagged by Microsoft, as documented and explained by this reader

  18. [ES] El Notorio Tirano de la EPO, Benoît Battistelli, Se Reune Con Otros Tiranos, Reportes de Que ‘Limpia’ el Consejo Administrativo

    El régimen de Battistelli, talvez la fuente de verguénza más grande, alegadamente está “cortejándo países pequeños/corruptos para asegurárse de que los delegados que votarón contra él serán remplazados”

  19. [ES] Comentadores Anónimos Debaten Si la EPO de Battistelli Puede Revocar las Pensiones de Empleados Que Se Atreveen — GASP — a Buscar Empleo Alternativo

    Una mirada a las causas de desesperación e imensa presión en la EPO, donde las pensiónes pueden ser cortadas como medio de represália y la gente puede ser negada empleo aún después de dejar la Oficina Europea de Patentes (EPO)

  20. [ES] Otra Casi Vacía Presentación de la EPO en La Hague

    El propagandístico “estudio social” de Battistelli (básicamente un montón de engañosas afirmacionesdisfrazadas como ‘investigación’) ayuda a demostrar que los empleados de la EPO no tiene absolutamente fe en la gerencia

  21. Links 21/5/2016: Manjaro Linux RC, Flock 2016 Schedule

    Links for the day

  22. USPTO Ignores a Lot of Cases Against Software Patents to Justify Resumption of More Software Patenting

    The US patent system (USPTO) is so obsessed with granting as many patents as possible -- even bogus patents in areas that are no longer patent-eligible -- that its guidelines are further perturbed and whose appeals board is massively overwhelmed/overworked/understaffed

  23. Notorious EPO Tyrant, Benoît Battistelli, Meets Other Tyrants, Reportedly 'Cleanses' the Administrative Council

    The Battistelli regime, perhaps the biggest embarrassment of Europe right now, is allegedly "courting smaller countries to make sure the delegates who voted against him will be replaced"

  24. Links 20/5/2016: Purism Tablet, ChromeOS PCs Outsell 'Mac'-Branded PCs

    Links for the day

  25. CAFC Rules Against Software Patents But Witness With Horror the Silence From Patent Lawyers (Bias by Omission)

    In an effort to protect software patents in the United States, where these patents came from in the first place (and continue to spread from), patent lawyers pretend not to see cases where software patents get invalidated and instead focus on the rare exception

  26. It's All Just Artificial Distractions From EPO Management, 'Yellow' Union Comes Under Scrutiny Again

    What's happening inside the EPO these days and what meaningless rubbish the management of the EPO would rather have the media obsessed with

  27. Anonymous Commenters Debate Whether Battistelli's EPO Can Revoke Pensions of Dismissed Employees Who Dare -- GASP -- Find Alternative Employment

    A look at causes for desperation and immense pressure at the EPO, where pensions can be cut as means of reprisal and people can be denied employment even after they leave the European Patent Office (EPO)

  28. Australian Productivity Commission's Research Calls for Ban on Software Patents, Davies Collison Cave Calls for Complaints Against This Finding

    As the push against software patents grows in Australia, much to the chagrin of Australian software developers, Davies Collison Cave (patent law firm) publicly calls for opposition, calling its side "the truth" and pretending it represents "Australian innovators."

  29. Links 19/5/2016: Wine-Staging 1.9.10, Android N

    Links for the day

  30. Another Almost Empty EPO Presentation at The Hague

    The propagandistic "social study" of Battistelli (basically a lot of misleading claims disguised as 'research') helps demonstrate that EPO staff has absolutely no faith in the management


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