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Reader's Thoughts: The Linux/UNIX and ARM World

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Summary: Analysis of the changing face of the computers market as mobile devices grow ever more powerful

THE market is changing quickly. All those who predicted Linux "world domination" are becoming rather proud while those who discouraged them probably eat humble pie. The revolution may not be known as "Linux" because the trademarks issue means that each supplier of Linux (HP, Google, IBM, etc.) wants brand control. This is fine. What remains to be challenged right now is the subject and existence of software patents. Except for the "desktops" we now have the fast-growing market of tablets and phones, though patents are ruining this market. It is very easy to see that in the news, which we will address later.

Cringely is one among the many pundits who comment on Microsoft's demise amid all these transitions between form factors and operating systems. He notes:

Look at the downward price erosion of Microsoft Office caused by a combination of Open Office and iWork, which is down to $30 on the iPad. How long will it be until Apple is giving iWork away to sell hardware — an option Microsoft doesn’t have? Not long. By then a bit more of Redmond’s goose will have been cooked.

Indeed. One of our longtime readers has done some analysis and surveyed the news on this matter, arriving at the conclusion that "Skipping the problems with Apple's stance on Software Freedom for a moment, it is now worth more than Microsoft and Intel combined.[1] I hope that can change (back) to better architectures. The link Masters Tournament[2] has this quote from Mr "The Internet is just a passing fad":

“What I can’t figure out is why he (Steve Jobs) is even trying (to be the CEO of Apple)? ” wondered Bill. “He knows he can’t win.”

"What a visionary," adds our reader.

His links are as follows:

[1] [2]

"An aside," he adds, "I notice that TheReg uses the MS talking point of calling all non-MS gain 'schadenfreude' to spin the gain as other than gain for Apple.

"This article caused a 'Softer to get his knickers in a twist and attack:

"So I'd say, despite the DRM and other shortcomings of Apple, it's worth pursuing a little."

"Apple now worth more than Wintel (Microsoft and Intel combined)"

"The numbers speak for themselves: vs

"MS @ $201.59bn + Intel @ $115.21bn = $316.8bn. "Apple =$317.6bn.

"Unfortunately, Intel also gets a piece of Apple since it (unwisely) dropped PPC in favor of Intel Core.

"So, Apple @ 317.6bn + Intel @115.21bn = 432.81bn

"432.81bn > 316.8bn

Regarding what he mnemonically abeled the "Wintel vs Macintellintosh" battle, he concludes:

"The other way to do it is to compare the two without Intel, since it cancels out anyway. That gives an even sharper difference:

"Apple @ 313.6bn > MS @ 201.6bn

On another note, adds this reader: "PXE 5462 is probably not worth a post in and of itself. It does contain a tidbit where MS staff try to negotiate a deal with Stac to exclude IBM.

As we showed last week on several occasions, Microsoft is now trying to sabotage Linux and Apple business at the hardware level, but it is not quite working and the hardware makers are snitching, complaining about Microsoft.


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