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This page present an outline of particular posts that cover SCO.


[edit] November 2006: Comparisons to Novell Deal

[edit] December 2006: Novell Assets

[edit] January - May 2007: Novell and Microsoft Relations to SCO

[edit] June 2007: Relation to Patent FUD

[edit] July 2007: Purpose of Patent FUD Debated

[edit] August 2007: SCO Loses to Novell

[edit] September 2007: SCO in Trouble

[edit] October 2007: Patent Lawsuits Against Linux Begin

[edit] November 2007: A Look Deeper Into Microsoft/SCO

[edit] December 2007: Idle Month

[edit] January 2008: Strategic Analysis

[edit] February 2008: Norris Cash Injection Raises Questions

[edit] April 2008: Lawsuits by Proxy Revisited

[edit] May 2008: Microsoft Emerges as Possible SCO Successor

[edit] June 2008: New Lawsuit Against Free Software

[edit] July 2008: SCO in Debt

[edit] August 2008: SCO Similarities and Dreams

[edit] September 2008: A Look Back at Caldera Days

[edit] October 2008: Intel Helps SCO

[edit] November 2008: SCO Under More Pressure

[edit] December 2008: Shift in Risk

[edit] January 2009: SCO to Sell Assets

[edit] February 2009: Public Embarrassments

[edit] March 2009: Smoking Gun and Bankruptcy

[edit] May 2009: Another Key Defeat

[edit] June 2009: SCO Investor Connections Analysed

[edit] July 2009: Heaps of SCO Scandals

[edit] August 2009: SCO is Stuck

[edit] October 2009: No Darl McBride Anymore

[edit] December 2009: Pelican revisited

[edit] January 2010: Another Fine in Germany

[edit] February 2010: SCO Funding from Former SCO Chairman

[edit] March 2010: Case Resumes, SCO Defeated Once Again

[edit] April 2010: SCO Assessment After Loss to Novell

[edit] May 2010: SCO and Pequot Capital

[edit] June 2010: Novell Wins Again

[edit] July 2010: SCO Appeals Again

[edit] August 2010: IBM Returns

[edit] September 2010: More Bills

[edit] October 2010: More Layoffs

[edit] November 2010: Bankruptcy Hearing Delayed Again

[edit] January 2011: Asset Sale Again

[edit] February 2011: unXis Reappears

[edit] April 2011: Sale to unXis

[edit] 2012

[edit] 2013

[edit] 2016

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