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IRC: #boycottnovell @ FreeNode: October 4th, 2008 – Part 2

Posted in IRC Logs at 4:34 am by Dr. Roy Schestowitz


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twitter The M$ hiring freeze is big news.  If the Vista failure was not enough to defeat the M$ Invincibility myth, a shrinking company will be. Oct 04 18:07
MinceR point. Oct 04 18:07
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twitter :) Oct 04 18:17
MinceR can’t find it Oct 04 18:18
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MinceR firehose is such a pain to use Oct 04 18:18
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twitter try looking for twitter. Oct 04 18:31
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twitter make your threshold black. Oct 04 18:31
twitter the word freeze would also be useful in a search. Oct 04 18:32
MinceR btw, i don’t know what all the hype about chrome/chromium’s new javascript engine is Oct 04 18:32
MinceR it’s not a bit faster than oper Oct 04 18:32
MinceR a Oct 04 18:32
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MinceR “twitter freeze” doesn’t bring up anything Oct 04 18:35
twitter The “turn this page into an application” looks interesting. Oct 04 18:35
MinceR “twitter submission” shows some hits but none are it Oct 04 18:35
MinceR well, they talked about how uberfast it is going to be and it’s not fast at all Oct 04 18:36
twitter I wonder if this is why none of my submissions make it to the front page these days. Oct 04 18:36
MinceR i don’t see what are they so proud of. Oct 04 18:36
twitter I submit all of my journal entries.  You don’t find any of them? Oct 04 18:36
MinceR http://i36.tinypic.com/313gdo6.png Oct 04 18:37
MinceR wait, i think it switched to “Archive” at some point Oct 04 18:37
twitter you should be able to find them by time stamp, http://slashdot.org/~twitter/journal/ Oct 04 18:38
twitter what is archive? Oct 04 18:38
twitter how can you tell? Oct 04 18:38
MinceR i’ve seen the journal entry, but not on firehose Oct 04 18:38
twitter The time stamp for both should be the same. Oct 04 18:39
MinceR “Archive” is one of the time spans i can select, but that didn’t remove most recent entries Oct 04 18:39
MinceR in any case, “twitter submission” doesn’t show any entries submitted by you Oct 04 18:39
twitter oh dear.  Firehose is broken. Oct 04 18:39
twitter or the journal submission is broken Oct 04 18:39
MinceR “submission freeze” doesn’t show it either Oct 04 18:39
twitter I have not been able to see my submissions for a long time, but I thought that was something they did to prevent voting from the same IP address. Oct 04 18:40
MinceR now it brings up http://slashdot.org/firehose.pl?op… Oct 04 18:40
twitter that’s not me, it’s the cnet feed. Oct 04 18:41
twitter worth voting up, but you can see it’s been nuked. Oct 04 18:42
MinceR i know Oct 04 18:43
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trmanco_ http://lwn.net/Articles/299483/ Oct 04 19:13
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*trmanco_ is now known as trmanco Oct 04 19:19
schestowitz BN is still up and down. Going towards 10 GB of traffic in one day. :-O Oct 04 19:21
schestowitz twitter: someone posted a comment in BN claiming to have created an anti-twitter page. Oct 04 19:23
trmanco http://www.groklaw.net/article.php… Oct 04 19:28
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schestowitz Thank, trmanco. I do a summary that includes SCO soon. Oct 04 19:49
trmanco :) Oct 04 19:49
schestowitz BN is in the front page of LinuxToday now. It’ll be like 11 GB of traffic today. Ouch. Oct 04 19:51
trmanco lol Oct 04 19:52
schestowitz I’m just surprised the server is up at the moment. It’s about half a gig per hour. Oct 04 19:52
schestowitz Including PHP, which need RAM and CPU. Oct 04 19:52
PetoKraus let’s add to the traffic, eh? Oct 04 19:53
schestowitz There’s a sporadic downtime. I get E-mails about it from people… Oct 04 19:54
schestowitz Oh og… Oct 04 19:55
schestowitz Just got this mail: “Get ready with the sever you might be /. http://slashdot.org/firehose.pl?op=vie… Best” Oct 04 19:55
schestowitz We need a torrent. Oct 04 19:56
zoobab or a faster server Oct 04 19:57
schestowitz It’s pretty fast. Oct 04 19:57
schestowitz But Digg FP usually takes it down. Almost every time. Then suspended by the host. Oct 04 19:57
schestowitz Just in case, I’ll cut down some of the PHP scripts. There should also be some WordPress plugin. Oct 04 19:58
PetoKraus what are those docs about? Oct 04 19:58
schestowitz Which ones? Oct 04 19:58
schestowitz brb. Damn, I’m getting ill. Oct 04 19:59
trmanco I already am (ill) Oct 04 19:59
trmanco I have some sort of flu Oct 04 19:59
schestowitz http://www.deviceguru.com/2008/06/25/surv… Oct 04 20:02
AVRS2 Is it a copyright violation to read the standard? Oct 04 20:02
AVRS2 Torrentless partial solution for load: e.g., Gnutella hash. Oct 04 20:03
schestowitz AVRS2: I doubt it’s a violation. Oct 04 20:07
AVRS2 AFAIK, final ISO standards are non-free. Oct 04 20:07
AVRS2 completely Oct 04 20:07
twitter Congratulations on the front page. Oct 04 20:07
twitter there are many anti-twitter pages Oct 04 20:08
AVRS2 twitter: front page of what? Oct 04 20:08
twitter Linux today Oct 04 20:08
AVRS2 ah Oct 04 20:08
twitter I was the subject of a lot of Anti-Slash.org stuff for a while. Oct 04 20:09
twitter The site owner taunted me with it.  I don’t believe there was ever more than one user of such a stupid site. Oct 04 20:10
twitter It’s interesting M$ would waste money smearing me. Oct 04 20:11
schestowitz I might just break the site deadling with ‘experimental’ stuff on it. Oct 04 20:11
schestowitz I’ll make backups. Oct 04 20:11
twitter :) Oct 04 20:11
AVRS2 schestowitz: not on FSDaily? Oct 04 20:12
schestowitz Geez. The server is so slow. Oct 04 20:12
schestowitz http://elliottback.com/wp/archives/… Oct 04 20:13
schestowitz I think I once spoke to Elliot about this in the WordPress mailing lists. Oct 04 20:13
schestowitz Back then we were discussing caching. I used to be very active in WP. Oct 04 20:14
AVRS2 schestowitz: why haven’t you submit it to FSDaily? Oct 04 20:14
AVRS2 *submitted Oct 04 20:14
AVRS2 As for copyright… is it not stated in the file? Oct 04 20:15
schestowitz I think it’ll bork the software (WP). I already messed about with it too much. Oct 04 20:16
schestowitz AVRS2: thank1 Oct 04 20:16
schestowitz AVRS2: thanks!! Oct 04 20:16
schestowitz AVRS2: for this reason, I sort of stated in the post that the vile behaviour of Microsoft and ISO would make it hypocritical for them to rebuff. Oct 04 20:18
AVRS2 agreed Oct 04 20:18
AVRS2 although it doesn’t mean ISO wouldn’t do it Oct 04 20:18
AVRS2 (just a unsubstantiated guess) Oct 04 20:19
schestowitz I’ll keep that software off my server. It’s not worth the risk because I anticipate the issues based on what’s in http://elliottback.com/wp/archives/2… . We just need a torrent and I’ll optimise the pages slightly to reduce CPU load and DB queries. Oct 04 20:19
schestowitz ISO = Microsoft. Oct 04 20:19
AVRS2 hmm is the final OpenDocument ISO specification public? Oct 04 20:19
schestowitz Yes, I think so. You could grab hold of a copy. Oct 04 20:20
schestowitz BTW, for /. t put it in FP would be weird given the things I’ve said about them and their associated sites. Oct 04 20:20
twitter It’s weird of them to post M$ press releases for the same reasons. Oct 04 20:21
twitter and more Oct 04 20:21
twitter They have not taken any of my submissions over the last six months or so. Oct 04 20:22
twitter The last one they took was on the heals of BN saying Slashdot had sold out. Oct 04 20:23
twitter It was nice to see a link to my Vista Failure Log on the front page :) Oct 04 20:23
schestowitz They need the $$ (Visual Studio ads and all) Oct 04 20:23
schestowitz schestowitz.com made /. FP back in 2005. Oct 04 20:24
AVRS2 fsdaily Oct 04 20:25
twitter It’s nice of M$ to pay for all of that.  What I don’t like is their paid astroturf. Oct 04 20:25
*schestowitz can’t think of what else to remove without harming page content. Oct 04 20:25
twitter What do you mean “remove”? Oct 04 20:25
schestowitz I don’t buy the “nice of them” excuse. It’s a lie spread by those who accept MS ads. Oct 04 20:26
schestowitz As in, those editors/writers and PUBLISHERS in particular who get money from it. I know this excuse because I spoke to them about it… always the same rubbish excuse. Oct 04 20:26
twitter Are there sarcasm tags in pidgin? Oct 04 20:27
schestowitz I stopped writing for Datamation because they started MS ads. LinuxTOday is back with these as well… Brian told me he was relieved to be out of that MS ads gig. Oct 04 20:27
schestowitz twitter: I’m cutting down bits of the page. Though my main issue are the downloads. ./ effects alone isn’t enough of a load. It’s Digg that’s a killer with like 20,000 visits within hours. Oct 04 20:28
schestowitz I saw Groklaw choking just once. Oct 04 20:28
schestowitz It was when SCO declared bankrupcy. The whole CMS went titsup, so maybe they had to restore from backup. PJ was so happy she hardly cared. Oct 04 20:29
twitter There’s nothing nice about M$ but I can see taking their money like anyone else’s, as long as editors are not aware/motivated by it. Oct 04 20:29
twitter I like the way the FSF site works. Oct 04 20:29
MinceR the problem is that they display m$ ads in exchange Oct 04 20:30
MinceR which might influence the minds of visitors Oct 04 20:30
MinceR how does the FSF site work? Oct 04 20:30
MinceR and in any case, i don’t think m$ deserves any exposure other than revealing their dirty dealings and the shoddy quality of their products and services Oct 04 20:31
twitter Style wise, they have almost no images, free flowing text, it’s really minimal. Oct 04 20:31
twitter Don’t know how it technically works. Oct 04 20:31
MinceR i thought you were talking about ads :) Oct 04 20:31
schestowitz MinceR: all those ads are harmful. Oct 04 20:32
schestowitz Shane is still trying to block them all. We already blocked some sites like novell.com and microsoft.com, but all their partners still show up in the ads. Oct 04 20:32
twitter What does google have to say about this?  Do they have a group of “ethical advertisers”? Oct 04 20:35
MinceR google know nothing about ethics Oct 04 20:36
MinceR s/w/ws/ Oct 04 20:37
schestowitz They are inflexible. I don’t know about BN (shane does the AdSense to pay hosting), but in schestowitz.com it’s pretty bad with just under the hosting bill covered. Oct 04 20:37
twitter Here are some suggestions for stories to reduce bandwith.  It would require a new style but I think it would help to get rid of all the front page frame stuff. Oct 04 20:41
schestowitz The issue is the downloads though. The main one anyway.. Oct 04 20:42
schestowitz I can set up a server on my box, I guess. Let me see… Oct 04 20:43
twitter I’d nuke the banner, everything on the right especially images not directly related to the story. Oct 04 20:43
twitter I see your point about downloads though. Oct 04 20:43
twitter My home server has been under a form of attack for a long time. Oct 04 20:44
schestowitz I can serve it from my box at the office.. Oct 04 20:44
twitter A never ending stream of bot clients have been downloading the largest files I serve. Oct 04 20:44
schestowitz But then I permit ISOsoft to use claims against the academic institution serving leaked specs. Oct 04 20:44
twitter These are files no human being would ever be interested in. Oct 04 20:45
MinceR why are they served then? :> Oct 04 20:45
schestowitz The Microsoft Munchkins tried this before. They harrassed the network managers to prevent even /messages/ (Linux advocacy) being posted. Oct 04 20:45
twitter I was interested in them. Oct 04 20:45
MinceR from that follows that you’re not a human being :> Oct 04 20:46
schestowitz Let me see d/l speeds on the box at the office. Oct 04 20:46
twitter Finishing my thesis improved that.  Sleep makes a person nicer. Oct 04 20:46
schestowitz OK, transferring. Oct 04 20:48
schestowitz In progress: http://baine.smb.man.ac.uk:8001/ooxml Oct 04 20:48
twitter That was quick.  Good luck with the admins. Oct 04 20:48
twitter The network at my local university has been locked up hard.  They claimed central control over everything and the ability to boot machines off at will. Oct 04 20:49
twitter Every machine owner must be identified before a machine is put on the network.  It’s all very nasty now. Oct 04 20:50
twitter Clueless copyright warriors are all over the Board of Directors, they listen to RIAA, M$ and other assholes. Oct 04 20:51
twitter One good thing is the control demanded over Winblows computers makes a great case for free software.  They demand all winblows computers be centrally controlled for “emergency” patching. Oct 04 20:53
schestowitz Updated: http://boycottnovell.com/2008/1… Oct 04 20:54
schestowitz [Note #2: we now have a mirror listed at the bottom.] Oct 04 20:54
zoobab you can use lighttpd Oct 04 20:54
zoobab it resists to any /. Oct 04 20:55
schestowitz I can’t test my mirror for speed because I’m on the same network (>1000KB/sec). What do you guys get? Oct 04 20:55
schestowitz http://baine.smb.man.ac.uk:8001/ooxml Oct 04 20:55
schestowitz zoobab: denial of service is no resistance. It’s a loss of visitor… Oct 04 20:56
twitter U Oct 04 20:56
twitter US cable networks are all crimped at 60KB/s upload. Oct 04 20:56
twitter @home had no such limits. Oct 04 20:56
zoobab I get 350ko/sec from a well connected machine Oct 04 20:56
schestowitz That’s excellent. Oct 04 20:57
schestowitz 60 megs in 3 minutes. Oct 04 20:57
schestowitz Running on a dual-head Ubuntu box. Oct 04 20:57
zoobab 385.64K/s Oct 04 20:57
trmanco 100KB/S here Oct 04 20:58
trmanco erhm Oct 04 20:58
trmanco 400KB/s Oct 04 20:58
schestowitz Let me see if I can grab a network monitor on it via SSH. Oct 04 20:58
schestowitz ksysguard Oct 04 20:59
schestowitz Hmmm… no network meter. zoobab what’s KDE got? I have the panel one, but can’t easily get to it from here. Oct 04 21:00
schestowitz I used to run php-shell ( a hack) to get uptime and average load off my host of schestowitz.com and other domains. Won’t do for BN. Oct 04 21:00
MinceR strange, my ksysguard does have a network meter Oct 04 21:02
MinceR well, maybe not over ssh Oct 04 21:02
zoobab I use wget Oct 04 21:04
zoobab let me try links Oct 04 21:04
zoobab 392 KiB/s Oct 04 21:05
zoobab it seems to saturate at 385kb/sec Oct 04 21:05
schestowitz MinceR: how do you get to it? Oct 04 21:05
schestowitz I must be missing t. It’s vanilla KDE 3.5 Oct 04 21:05
MinceR localhost/Network Oct 04 21:06
MinceR (there i’d choose Interfaces) Oct 04 21:06
schestowitz It give no meters Oct 04 21:06
schestowitz *gives Oct 04 21:06
MinceR there are a lot of meters here in localhost/Network/Interfaces/eth0/Receiver and Transmitter Oct 04 21:06
schestowitz it’s just a “sensor browser” Oct 04 21:07
schestowitz I went to University with the maintainer of KSysGuard BTW. We were sort of friends… Oct 04 21:07
schestowitz John Tapsell Oct 04 21:07
MinceR well, it’s strange though Oct 04 21:07
trmanco yay Oct 04 21:08
MinceR it says it’s receiving “0″ Data on eth0 Oct 04 21:08
trmanco I can convert that 5000 page pdf into html Oct 04 21:08
schestowitz trmanco: please do. Oct 04 21:08
trmanco ok Oct 04 21:08
MinceR it seems pretty broken Oct 04 21:08
schestowitz That’ll make an attractive thing for people to browse. Oct 04 21:08
trmanco I’m doind it right now Ill see how it looks when its finished Oct 04 21:08
trmanco done Oct 04 21:10
trmanco 14 meg file Oct 04 21:10
schestowitz A _single_ html? The horror… Oct 04 21:14
schestowitz Sounds like a stress test for Web browser… Oct 04 21:14
trmanco yes Oct 04 21:16
trmanco with a frame Oct 04 21:16
trmanco but I’m generating a new one with some different options Oct 04 21:16
schestowitz They also have a new event planned for World’s Strongest Man 2009. They’ll find out who can carry the most volumes of OOXML. Legends say that no man was ever able to lift the monster. Some people tried, but OOXML broke their back. OOXML had them hospitalised for good. Good grief! What has ISO wrought? Oct 04 21:16
MinceR lol Oct 04 21:17
MinceR when will microsoft formally acknowledge their merger with ISO and rename it to Microsoft ISO or ISO Live? Oct 04 21:18
zoobab misosoft Oct 04 21:19
schestowitz http://boycottnovell.com/wp-content… Oct 04 21:19
MinceR nice Oct 04 21:20
trmanco gee Oct 04 21:20
trmanco this last conversion is taking for ever Oct 04 21:20
MinceR http://boycottnovell.com/wp-conte… Oct 04 21:21
schestowitz trmanco: do you want FTP to push this to? Oct 04 21:21
schestowitz My FTP on my site is disabled by the host, but if it’s not over 100MB, E-mail might work. Oct 04 21:21
schestowitz Having this in an immediately-browsable form would be mint. Oct 04 21:22
trmanco sure Oct 04 21:22
trmanco but can’t do anything yet Oct 04 21:22
trmanco the conversions is still not finished Oct 04 21:22
schestowitz trmanco:  updates from Portugal: http://boycottnovell.com/2008/10/03/nat… Oct 04 21:23
trmanco this last one with a special flag  is taking forever Oct 04 21:23
trmanco thanks Oct 04 21:24
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twitter you just got slashdotted http://news.slashdot.org/article.pl?sid=… Oct 04 21:32
twitter :) Oct 04 21:32
twitter Dustin Puryear of the BRLUG said that Slashdotting did not really up BRLUG mail list traffic. Oct 04 21:33
zoobab you are on /. now! Oct 04 21:33
trmanco cool Oct 04 21:36
trmanco well Oct 04 21:36
trmanco I have one in plain html Oct 04 21:36
trmanco and my other conversion is in html with png images from the pdf Oct 04 21:36
trmanco but you can barely read the on with png images Oct 04 21:37
schestowitz Shit. Oct 04 21:38
schestowitz That’s why it’s slow. Oct 04 21:38
schestowitz trmanco: can you mail it to me? r at schestowitz dot com Oct 04 21:39
trmanco sure Oct 04 21:39
trmanco whic one tho Oct 04 21:39
schestowitz brb Oct 04 21:40
schestowitz r at   or  s at Oct 04 21:40
AVRS2 http://news.slashdot.org/comments.pl?… : “OK we slashdot their servers. Now what?” Oct 04 21:41
zoobab Roy, you don’t have FTP, mirror is easy that way Oct 04 21:42
zoobab lftp> mirror -p Oct 04 21:42
AVRS2 Was ODF not a SIS standard in Sweden already? Oct 04 21:43
zoobab maybe Oct 04 21:43
schestowitz if it gets too slow I’ll just set a redirect from the page to the mirror. Oct 04 21:44
AVRS2 Some sites say ODF Alliance reported last week that it’s been approved by SIS. Oct 04 21:44
trmanco schestowitz, what version do you want? Oct 04 21:44
trmanco the plain html one? Oct 04 21:44
schestowitz AVRS2: I think it has. Oct 04 21:44
schestowitz Whichever works best. Oct 04 21:45
trmanco because the png on is hard to read Oct 04 21:45
trmanco one* Oct 04 21:45
schestowitz Are pngs the equations? Oct 04 21:45
trmanco ? Oct 04 21:46
trmanco cool Oct 04 21:52
trmanco I can send both of them to you :P Oct 04 21:52
schestowitz Thanks. Oct 04 21:53
trmanco 1st one is a 2 meg archive the other one has 16 Oct 04 21:53
schestowitz Thnaks. Oct 04 21:54
trmanco r at right? Oct 04 21:57
*libervisco (n=daniel@tuxhacker/libervisco) has joined #boycottnovell Oct 04 21:58
trmanco schestowitz, Oct 04 21:59
schestowitz yes. at my domain. Oct 04 21:59
trmanco ok Oct 04 21:59
trmanco uploading Oct 04 22:01
*libervisco has quit (Remote closed the connection) Oct 04 22:09
trmanco schestowitz, sent Oct 04 22:17
*libervisco (n=daniel@tuxhacker/libervisco) has joined #boycottnovell Oct 04 22:20
schestowitz The Slashdot effect is very unimpressive compared to Digg, but maybe just because it’s Sat. Oct 04 22:21
schestowitz Got it. Oct 04 22:22
trmanco :-) Oct 04 22:22
schestowitz What da…? :-) Oct 04 22:23
schestowitz 11000 files Oct 04 22:23
trmanco yes Oct 04 22:24
trmanco png’s Oct 04 22:24
schestowitz I’ll just upload the PNGs when the ‘DDOS’ is over. Oct 04 22:24
trmanco the 2mb on only has 3 Oct 04 22:24
trmanco pngs+html files* Oct 04 22:24
schestowitz Firefox screams for air Oct 04 22:26
trmanco yes Oct 04 22:27
trmanco its huge Oct 04 22:27
zoobab and it is not the main link in the article Oct 04 22:31
schestowitz trmanco: updated: http://boycottnovell.com/20… Oct 04 22:33
schestowitz “we now have an HTML version of the core of OOXML, but please use this mirror (HTML), which should be faster.” Oct 04 22:33
schestowitz zoobab: should I link to the HTML at the top? Oct 04 22:34
trmanco cool :) Oct 04 22:35
trmanco lol Oct 04 22:35
trmanco the title should be changed Oct 04 22:36
trmanco lol Oct 04 22:36
schestowitz I added somethng to the top Oct 04 22:36
schestowitz To diver people away from BN and into the mirror. Oct 04 22:36
schestowitz *divert Oct 04 22:36
trmanco the title of the html version of the odf :P Oct 04 22:36
schestowitz “readers have produced this <a href=”http://baine.smb.man.ac.uk:8001…“>HTML version</a> of the core of OOXML, so that you can access the specs quickly.” Oct 04 22:37
schestowitz trmanco: can I attribute this to you (full name)? Oct 04 22:37
trmanco sure Oct 04 22:37
trmanco Tony Manco Oct 04 22:37
schestowitz You got a homepage for a link? Oct 04 22:38
trmanco sure Oct 04 22:39
trmanco open-mania.com Oct 04 22:39
schestowitz Kool. Oct 04 22:39
trmanco it is related Oct 04 22:39
schestowitz Check the link now. Oct 04 22:39
trmanco :-) Oct 04 22:40
trmanco koool Oct 04 22:40
trmanco but the mirror doesn’t load anymore :| Oct 04 22:40
schestowitz Ick. My mirror is down Oct 04 22:40
schestowitz You beat me to it. Oct 04 22:40
trmanco schestowitz, and if you don’t mind, can you change the <title></title> of the index file to something different Oct 04 22:41
schestowitz roy@baine:~$ uptime Oct 04 22:41
schestowitz 23:29:27 up 30 days, 11:57,  2 users,  load average: 0.08, 0.25, 0.26 Oct 04 22:41
trmanco 30 days thats good Oct 04 22:41
trmanco 23:54:43 up 202 days, 12:53,  8 users,  load average: 11.02, 12.74, 11.54 Oct 04 22:42
trmanco not my computer Oct 04 22:42
trmanco just a shell server running centOS Oct 04 22:42
twitter I only have 23 days, but that’s because a hurricane blew out my power. Oct 04 22:42
twitter Laptops stayed up, ha ha. Oct 04 22:43
schestowitz :-( Oct 04 22:43
trmanco :P Oct 04 22:43
schestowitz We need another mirror. Oct 04 22:43
trmanco :| Oct 04 22:43
schestowitz If I link to BN, it could fall. 13 MB HTML… Oct 04 22:43
twitter that corral cache thing? Oct 04 22:44
schestowitz I’d rather not.. Oct 04 22:45
schestowitz The connection on that server is still fine. Oct 04 22:45
schestowitz It’s as though something blocked HTTP due to high load. Oct 04 22:46
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trmanco free hosting time Oct 04 22:50
trmanco I could try and mirror it but my host probably won’t last too long Oct 04 22:51
twitter your admins are watching? Oct 04 22:51
schestowitz We can try Oct 04 22:51
schestowitz twitter: doubtful, but maybe it’s automated. Oct 04 22:51
trmanco try to mirror* Oct 04 22:51
schestowitz Say 1000 people an hour click this link… Oct 04 22:51
schestowitz That’s 13 gigs per hour. Oct 04 22:51
schestowitz This is a 100MBit Ethernet, but practically it’s less. Oct 04 22:52
schestowitz The Manchester Computing backbone (or JANET) is 2GBit, IIRC. Maybe it’s expanded now. Oct 04 22:52
trmanco wait Oct 04 22:53
trmanco I got the solution Oct 04 22:53
twitter They were watching me if the M$ smear team did the same thing to me that it did to you.  People knew who I was before I walked in.  You are lucky that people told you about what happened. Oct 04 22:53
trmanco my isp can mirror it Oct 04 22:53
schestowitz AVRS2 has it on gnutella. Oct 04 22:53
*pombat42 (n=pombat42@ool-182dda9f.dyn.optonline.net) has joined #boycottnovell Oct 04 22:55
AVRS2 Why not torrent, though? Oct 04 23:00
schestowitz I could put copies on schestowitz.com and risk taking /that/ down. Oct 04 23:00
AVRS2 Who knows how to publish torrents? Oct 04 23:00
schestowitz Oh, I know! Oct 04 23:01
schestowitz I have one site whose uptime I can little about Oct 04 23:02
schestowitz BSD-based. Oct 04 23:02
trmanco my isp isn’t helping Oct 04 23:02
MinceR guardian% uptime Oct 04 23:05
MinceR 01:09:22 up 268 days, 10:14, 12 users,  load average: 0.27, 0.17, 0.18 Oct 04 23:05
MinceR that’s my NAT box/home server :) Oct 04 23:05
trmanco uploading Oct 04 23:06
schestowitz OK Oct 04 23:08
schestowitz Another update: I made another mirror Oct 04 23:08
*PetoKraus has quit (Read error: 54 (Connection reset by peer)) Oct 04 23:08
*PetoKraus (n=Peter@cpc4-broo2-0-0-cust1012.renf.cable.ntl.com) has joined #boycottnovell Oct 04 23:08
schestowitz “Update #4 (04/10/2008): the first mirror was downed by the load (thousands of OOXML pages combined with the Slashdot effect can do that), so here is a second mirror. If it’s down as well, come back later when there’s less hammering on the servers.” Oct 04 23:08
zoobab Roy you have adds for Statoil, they were pro-OOXML Oct 04 23:09
schestowitz I wonder if it’ll exceed 20 GB bandwidth on BN alone (not including mirrors) Oct 04 23:09
schestowitz zoobab: it’s almost impossible to block them one by one. Oct 04 23:09
schestowitz We already block several known ‘antis’ Oct 04 23:10
twitter reading http://www.howto.com.my/2008/internet/h… Oct 04 23:10
AVRS2 twitter: I think KTorrent supports publishing Oct 04 23:11
trmanco schestowitz, http://trmanco.110mb.com/ Oct 04 23:12
trmanco lol Oct 04 23:12
schestowitz The second mirror is still up Oct 04 23:12
AVRS2 But probably they all do… the important thing is to find a tracker. Oct 04 23:12
trmanco I don’t know how long that free hosting is going to stay up but I have plenty of traffic Oct 04 23:12
schestowitz <AVRS2> <li><a href=”/uri-res/N2R?u rn:sha1:DI66L7K5X67AODO5ZQCQFFOT4BTPPM IK”>Microsoft Office Open XML (OOXML) specification pre-IS/OfficeO penXML-RELAXNG-Strict.zip</a>&nbsp;[93.33& amp;nbsp;KiB]</li> Oct 04 23:13
schestowitz <AVRS2> <li><a href=”/uri-res/N2R?urn: sha1:3BCIPRBMEFWJWV6ETUQ4KNC ZABVC4Q53″>Microsoft Office Open XML (OOXML) specification pre-IS/OfficeOpenXML-Sprea dsheetMLStyles.zip</a>&a mp;nbsp;[81.81&nbsp;K iB]</li> Oct 04 23:13
schestowitz <AVRS2> <li><a href=”/uri-res/N2R?urn:sha1 :KHWQ62GVCBLHHWYU5BH6GV2 767WG2ULN”>Microsoft Office Open XML (OOXML) specification pre-IS/OfficeOpenXML-XM LSchema-Strict.zip</a>&nbsp; [163.89&nbsp;KiB]</li> Oct 04 23:13
schestowitz <AVRS2> <li><a href=”/uri-res/N2R?urn:sha1:CLHTKY B5AMXBBR36XTFHDSRW4G USGLVU”>Microsoft Office Open XML (OOXML) specification pre-IS/OpenPackaging Conventions-RELAXNG.zip</a>& nbsp;[2.50&nbsp;KiB]</li> Oct 04 23:13
schestowitz <AVRS2>   Oct 04 23:13
schestowitz <AVRS2> <li><a href=”/uri-res/N2R?u rn:sha1:3A25EBKJ5GW3RYS5YHPA54DGK 5ODJA54″>Microsoft Office Open XML (OOXML) specification pre-IS/OpenPackaging Conventions-XMLSchema.zip </a>&nbsp;[3.63&nbsp;KiB]</li> Oct 04 23:13
schestowitz <AVRS2> <li><a href=”/uri-res/N2R?urn:sha1:B XV2GGINSSR5P UDQ7IM2GGP7Z5PNV 5UK”>Microsoft Office Open XML (OOXML) specification pre-IS/1081.pdf</a>& nbsp;[1.60& nbsp;MiB]</li> Oct 04 23:13
schestowitz <AVRS2> <li><a href=”/uri-res/N2R?urn:sha1:KW KSTBYGPWY7GIAG3QERHGI KGTEIYH3U”>Microsoft Office Open XML (OOXML) specification pre-IS/1082.pdf</a>&nbsp;[839.08 &nbsp;KiB]</li> Oct 04 23:13
schestowitz <AVRS2> <li><a href=”/uri-res/N2R?urn:sha 1:MQCIT7JEK6JIG4Q2UQWAIB3 LJHRV5III”>Microsoft Office Open XML (OOXML) specification pre-IS/OfficeOpenXML-REL AXNG-Transitional.zip</a>& nbsp;[104.52&nbsp;KiB]</li> Oct 04 23:13
schestowitz <AVRS2> <li><a href=”/uri-res/N2R?urn:sha1: CAFIMLX375NCTNXEWVGCJBQBB4I7 UZAG”>Microsoft Office Open XML (OOXML) specification pre-IS/OfficeOpenXML-XMLSch ema-Transitional.zip</a>&nbsp;[183.97&nbsp;KiB]</li> Oct 04 23:13
schestowitz <AVRS2>   Oct 04 23:13
schestowitz <AVRS2> <li><a href=”/uri-res/N2R?urn:sha1:3Q E4KSD72S2J2WCJJODUOSP67SX FLKCB”>Microsoft Office Open XML (OOXML) specification pre-IS/1083.pdf</a >&nbsp;[9.63&nbsp;MiB]</li> Oct 04 23:13
schestowitz <AVRS2> <li><a href=”/uri-res/N2R?urn:sha1:SOXBN UZQ2EOQ4RX6PIGWSNCWDREWBTB 6″>Microsoft Office Open XML (OOXML Oct 04 23:13
schestowitz urn:sha1:SOXBNUZQ2EOQ4RX6PI GWSNCWDREWBTB6 may be a Gnutella hash for 1080.pdf Oct 04 23:14
AVRS2 that last one is included somewhere in the ones full of HTML. Oct 04 23:16
schestowitz Yes, sorry about that. Oct 04 23:17
*schestowitz was hasty Oct 04 23:17
schestowitz BTW, the second mirror is still up and running (BSD) Oct 04 23:17
trmanco schestowitz, not found Oct 04 23:17
PetoKraus hmm Oct 04 23:18
schestowitz Which one? Oct 04 23:18
PetoKraus where? Oct 04 23:18
trmanco http://boycottnovell.com/2008/… Oct 04 23:18
schestowitz danielsorogon? Oct 04 23:18
PetoKraus o.O Oct 04 23:18
AVRS2 not found Oct 04 23:18
PetoKraus i’ll mirror as well, if you need to Oct 04 23:19
PetoKraus should have couple gigs of bandwith…. Oct 04 23:19
AVRS2 Why is it not found? The server didn’t seem slow to me. Oct 04 23:19
schestowitz AVRS2: bn is down?? Oct 04 23:19
schestowitz Worked for me a minute ago Oct 04 23:20
AVRS2 schestowitz: no, only the post was removed! Oct 04 23:20
schestowitz Oh FUCK Oct 04 23:20
PetoKraus :D Oct 04 23:20
schestowitz I made it private due to WP bug Oct 04 23:20
schestowitz Fixed now. Oct 04 23:20
AVRS2 heh Oct 04 23:20
trmanco yes fixed Oct 04 23:20
PetoKraus right so, what bunch of files you need to host? Oct 04 23:21
trmanco schestowitz, is you need another mirror -> http://trmanco.110mb.com/ Oct 04 23:21
schestowitz Probably been like this since 10 minutes ago Oct 04 23:21
trmanco I know it look kinda stupid (the link) but it will remove some load while it remains online Oct 04 23:21
trmanco looks* Oct 04 23:22
PetoKraus hehe Oct 04 23:23
PetoKraus what are all those different files (1080 – 83)? Oct 04 23:24
schestowitz Updatedx5: have added the new mirror Oct 04 23:24
trmanco :-D Oct 04 23:25
trmanco wow Oct 04 23:26
trmanco traffic is increasing at a very high pace Oct 04 23:26
schestowitz *LOL*” We laugh at AlexH for thinking that because a bug existed in a calculation, it should be specified and mandated that all future calculations contain the same bug, in case people corrected for it?” < http://news.slashdot.org/articl… > Oct 04 23:27
schestowitz tessier: I found this .sig: “CmdrTaco is a Twitter sock-puppet.” Oct 04 23:29
tessier What does that mean? Oct 04 23:29
schestowitz Oops.  twitter: I found this .sig: “CmdrTaco is a Twitter sock-puppet.” Oct 04 23:29
MinceR :) Oct 04 23:30
PetoKraus (if you need it, http://pk.gjhak.sk/.storage/OOX…) Oct 04 23:31
PetoKraus where’s the traffic monitor? Oct 04 23:31
schestowitz Thanks, PetoKraus. I’ll add it. Oct 04 23:32
trmanco cool Oct 04 23:33
schestowitz Added Oct 04 23:33
schestowitz It’s good cause the PDF is the biggest bast4rd Oct 04 23:34
trmanco yes Oct 04 23:34
trmanco 53 megs Oct 04 23:34
PetoKraus well Oct 04 23:34
trmanco 87 megs in 10 minutes Oct 04 23:35
trmanco :O Oct 04 23:35
schestowitz This helps in spreading the load. Oct 04 23:35
PetoKraus where’s the traffic monitor? Oct 04 23:36
schestowitz Portugal, Slovakia, UK and sunny California. Oct 04 23:36
schestowitz PetoKraus: which one? Oct 04 23:36
PetoKraus for BN Oct 04 23:36
schestowitz It’s behind password Oct 04 23:37
PetoKraus alright Oct 04 23:39
PetoKraus good luck, see you tomorrow ;) Oct 04 23:39
schestowitz gn Oct 04 23:39
zoobab gn Oct 04 23:41
*PetoKraus has quit (“The purpose of IRC is to…IDLE…”) Oct 04 23:44
schestowitz Alex Brown retires! Oct 04 23:45
schestowitz http://adjb.net/index.php?entr… Oct 04 23:45
schestowitz Maybe it’s all that pressure. Oct 04 23:47
AVRS2 gn Oct 04 23:53
trmanco well Oct 04 23:58
trmanco time to go to bed Oct 04 23:58
trmanco good night everyone… Oct 04 23:58
schestowitz IBM is a no-show. http://adjb.net/index.php?entry… Oct 04 23:58
schestowitz They save the charade and the plane ticket. Good stuff. Alex Brown writes “Bye Byte IBM?” instead of “Bye Bye ISO”. Oct 04 23:59
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