IRC: #boycottnovell @ FreeNode: April 8th, 2009 – Part 4

Posted in IRC Logs at 2:05 am by Dr. Roy Schestowitz


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mib_ieydxt I am russia boy;)))) Apr 08 20:56
wispygalaxy BT is awesome when it comes to linux distros Apr 08 20:56
wispygalaxy nice to meet you, russian boy Apr 08 20:57
schestowitz NeonFloss: as long as it’s not RIAA-infected Apr 08 20:57
NeonFloss FMA you mean?> Apr 08 20:57
schestowitz And keep track names in tact so that artists who embrace CC get attributed and recognised Apr 08 20:57
NeonFloss yes Apr 08 20:58
mib_ieydxt haerle ton malailar(tatar language) Apr 08 20:58
wispygalaxy i have so many CDs; it’s going to be a pain to upload them to my computer Apr 08 20:59
Balrog mib_ieydxt: stick to english please Apr 08 20:59
*mib_ieydxt (i=d9ad1c2e@gateway/web/ajax/mibbit.com/x-ae799e2a6606e184) has left #boycottnovell Apr 08 20:59
wispygalaxy spiralfrog is gone Apr 08 21:00
Balrog I see. Apr 08 21:00
schestowitz MAFIAA killed it Apr 08 21:00
wispygalaxy i knew it wouldn’t last, it was restrictive Apr 08 21:00
schestowitz So the sites claim anyway Apr 08 21:00
wispygalaxy hmm Apr 08 21:00
schestowitz MAFIAA also kills some Internet radio businesses Apr 08 21:00
schestowitz MAFIAA too is dying Apr 08 21:00
wispygalaxy we won’t miss it! Apr 08 21:00
schestowitz It’s trying to take down competition /with/ it Apr 08 21:01
schestowitz They sacked lots of people Apr 08 21:01
schestowitz 20% IIRC Apr 08 21:01
schestowitz A month or so ago Apr 08 21:01
schestowitz Both RIAA and MPAA Apr 08 21:01
wispygalaxy like MS with the layoffs? Apr 08 21:01
schestowitz MS also exed many units/services/products Apr 08 21:01
schestowitz Quietly Apr 08 21:01
wispygalaxy silent death :( Apr 08 21:01
schestowitz And contract workers Apr 08 21:01
wispygalaxy how horrible Apr 08 21:01
schestowitz So more than 5k layoffs Apr 08 21:01
Balrog yes, including many good products :/ Apr 08 21:01
schestowitz Which good ones? Apr 08 21:01
schestowitz Flight Sim? Apr 08 21:02
wispygalaxy my dad is a contractor for a power station Apr 08 21:02
schestowitz Windows drek Apr 08 21:02
schestowitz The cross-platform one will fill its place Apr 08 21:02
wispygalaxy ms bob! Apr 08 21:02
schestowitz Heh. Apr 08 21:02
schestowitz Bob got sacked Apr 08 21:02
schestowitz He was too fat Apr 08 21:02
schestowitz RAM Apr 08 21:02
Balrog well, it wasn’t always Windows-only… Apr 08 21:02
schestowitz And CPU-intensive Apr 08 21:02
wispygalaxy bobby, get some exercise :P Apr 08 21:02
Balrog their whole simulation division Apr 08 21:02
schestowitz He lived on as talking dog in WinXP Apr 08 21:02
Balrog Bungie got pushed off Apr 08 21:02
wispygalaxy arf Apr 08 21:02
NeonFloss schestowitz: if you ever come across anytrhing I should post in the blog then tell me :P Apr 08 21:03
Balrog the group behind Age of Empires Apr 08 21:03
Balrog etc Apr 08 21:03
schestowitz NeonFloss: sure! Apr 08 21:03
schestowitz NeonFloss: in BN’s daily links I put lots about copyrights Apr 08 21:03
NeonFloss yea Apr 08 21:03
Balrog (Bungie used to be a Mac developer, back in the day) Apr 08 21:03
NeonFloss ive noticed Apr 08 21:03
schestowitz There’s less MSFT news, so I follow the death of MAFIAA too :-) Apr 08 21:03
wispygalaxy it’s said that projects *only* die under FOSS, but a lot die under proprietary means, too Apr 08 21:03
wispygalaxy like MS bob Apr 08 21:03
Balrog more die under proprietary means Apr 08 21:03
Balrog at least more I’ve seen Apr 08 21:03
schestowitz And siscontinued too Apr 08 21:04
Balrog something that’s FOSS can always be revived with some work Apr 08 21:04
schestowitz No community to take over Apr 08 21:04
NeonFloss schestowitz: if you by any miracle have time wed welcome a blog from you (though I doubt it because of all the hard work you put into your site and anti-drm etc) Apr 08 21:04
Balrog look at ‘abandonware’ games and software Apr 08 21:04
wispygalaxy FOSS SW will always be out there, no company can kill it Apr 08 21:04
schestowitz Watch how Chandler was adopted by its community when funding from Kapor stopped Apr 08 21:04
Balrog it may disappear, but it will always be somewhere … I sometimes find stuff on archive.org Apr 08 21:04
schestowitz NeonFloss: maybe in the second half of the year Apr 08 21:05
wispygalaxy archive.org FTW Apr 08 21:05
schestowitz Summer gets quieter Apr 08 21:05
wispygalaxy and hotter Apr 08 21:05
schestowitz Also good for Comes exhibits Apr 08 21:05
NeonFloss :) Apr 08 21:05
schestowitz Summer ain’t so hot here. Apr 08 21:05
wispygalaxy it is here; humidity Apr 08 21:05
wispygalaxy NJ is so muggy :( Apr 08 21:05
Balrog here it goes into the 90′s … sometimes 100 Apr 08 21:05
schestowitz But I get sunlight at home, which is good for mood Apr 08 21:05
Balrog I’m in PA … not too far away :) Apr 08 21:05
wispygalaxy i went to AZ in the summer- it was 100 F but felt like 80 F in NJ Apr 08 21:05
Balrog lol Apr 08 21:06
wispygalaxy PA is cool- a lot of my pals live there Apr 08 21:06
Balrog :) Apr 08 21:06
wispygalaxy in philly Apr 08 21:06
wispygalaxy or other cities Apr 08 21:06
Balrog yes lol Apr 08 21:06
wispygalaxy roy, i love sunny weather Apr 08 21:06
wispygalaxy cloudy days suck Apr 08 21:06
wispygalaxy i never want to live in cold areas Apr 08 21:07
*tacone (n=tacone@93-32-186-60.ip34.fastwebnet.it) has joined #boycottnovell Apr 08 21:07
tacone http://blog.canonical.com/?p=151 Apr 08 21:07
wispygalaxy MS is trying to push linux around on netbooks Apr 08 21:08
wispygalaxy ugh Apr 08 21:08
Balrog of course. that’s MS Apr 08 21:08
NeonFloss schestowitz: im not working on anything right now, got any ideas for me? Apr 08 21:08
Balrog wispygalaxy: got my PM? Apr 08 21:11
wispygalaxy oh i didnt see it, sry balrog! Apr 08 21:11
wispygalaxy *reading* Apr 08 21:11
werehedgehog i’m tired of freenode channels that have ops Apr 08 21:14
schestowitz NeonFloss: none in particular. We always appreciate translation of PDF exhibits into text Apr 08 21:14
werehedgehog does this channel have an op? Apr 08 21:15
NeonFloss :) Apr 08 21:15
werehedgehog ? Apr 08 21:15
schestowitz Not of much function Apr 08 21:15
Balrog werehedgehog: look in the userlist! Apr 08 21:15
schestowitz The ops do nothing different here. Apr 08 21:15
werehedgehog @ before nick means op? Apr 08 21:15
werehedgehog it’s mirc Apr 08 21:16
werehedgehog pirated one Apr 08 21:16
werehedgehog just to use proxy Apr 08 21:16
Balrog werehedgehog: why not X-Chat 2.0 or irssi? Apr 08 21:16
werehedgehog xchat is shareware in windows Apr 08 21:17
Balrog XCHAT 2.0 Apr 08 21:17
werehedgehog irssi, i didn’t hear of dat for windows Apr 08 21:17
Balrog http://www.silverex.org/ Apr 08 21:17
Balrog free/open source Apr 08 21:17
Balrog it’s an unofficial build Apr 08 21:17
Balrog official build is shareware Apr 08 21:17
werehedgehog so, local ops have something against torrents, cracking and talking that windows sucks hard? Apr 08 21:18
*werehedgehog is now known as __boo Apr 08 21:18
Balrog let me explain: cracking and “illegal” torrents aren’t talked about much. Apr 08 21:18
Balrog windows does suck. Apr 08 21:18
Balrog but if there’s foss, use foss Apr 08 21:18
wispygalaxy FOSS is awesome Apr 08 21:19
wispygalaxy it gives you freedom! Apr 08 21:19
__boo what does it mean: “aren’t talked about much?” Apr 08 21:19
__boo is it against the rules? Apr 08 21:19
Balrog sort of. Giving links to ‘illegal’ software isn’t tolerated Apr 08 21:19
tacone it gives you mono ! Apr 08 21:19
tacone (ops) Apr 08 21:19
__boo i hate windows but i use it at home and for gaming mostly Apr 08 21:19
wispygalaxy when i discovered FOSS, i realized how trapped i was in the windows world Apr 08 21:19
wispygalaxy ah gaming, a lot of people worry about that on linux Apr 08 21:20
__boo Balrog, what do you mean by illegal? Apr 08 21:20
Balrog __boo: gaming is the worst problem. Cedega can play a lot Apr 08 21:20
Balrog links to torrents of cracked proprietary software Apr 08 21:20
__boo i don’t care what cedega can, it’s payware Apr 08 21:20
Balrog or even uncracked software that’s normally sold Apr 08 21:20
Balrog then use wine. Apr 08 21:20
__boo let me explain how i look at windows Apr 08 21:21
__boo it’s stealing from people all over the world Apr 08 21:21
schestowitz tacone: good news about mono Apr 08 21:21
__boo and people can use it freely however they want Apr 08 21:21
schestowitz Bad for mono that is Apr 08 21:21
__boo to make anything they want Apr 08 21:21
schestowitz Details coming soon. Apr 08 21:21
tacone ? Apr 08 21:21
tacone ! Apr 08 21:21
Balrog but using ‘pirated’ software won’t help. We need to get people off windows and onto FOSS Apr 08 21:21
Balrog windows isn’t FOSS Apr 08 21:21
tacone which news ? Apr 08 21:21
tacone lol Apr 08 21:21
__boo Balrog it does’t matter Apr 08 21:22
__boo i’m on foss at work at least Apr 08 21:22
schestowitz tacone: too busy ATM Apr 08 21:22
tacone k Apr 08 21:22
schestowitz Let me post Bn links first Apr 08 21:22
tacone ok ok. Apr 08 21:22
wispygalaxy things change, and certain software will not be king forever Apr 08 21:22
wispygalaxy linux is making progress, and there is nothing that can kill it Apr 08 21:22
wispygalaxy once you go foss you don’t go back Apr 08 21:23
__boo dude, i’m going foss a bit but i used msdos/mswindows too much Apr 08 21:23
schestowitz tacone: short story: your news drove some of them nuts Apr 08 21:23
__boo and developed for it Apr 08 21:23
schestowitz You can run the same programs in GNU/Linux, using wine Apr 08 21:24
__boo no Apr 08 21:24
__boo you can’t play recent games there Apr 08 21:24
wispygalaxy well, maybe people with windows skills need to realize that there are other important skills too Apr 08 21:24
schestowitz It’s a layer that runs all your win32-compiled apps Apr 08 21:24
__boo almost all of them have big flaws Apr 08 21:24
MinceR not all of them Apr 08 21:24
wispygalaxy in the tech world, one cannot stick with one set of skills forever Apr 08 21:24
__boo sure Apr 08 21:24
schestowitz __boo: http://wubi-installer.org/ Apr 08 21:24
__boo ’cause there’re no standartization Apr 08 21:24
MinceR some apps work with wine, some don’t Apr 08 21:25
schestowitz Put it on a second partition Apr 08 21:25
__boo schestowitz, it’s win64 here Apr 08 21:25
schestowitz Very simple Apr 08 21:25
wispygalaxy standardization did help with the internet in the ’90s Apr 08 21:25
schestowitz __boo: that’s fine Apr 08 21:25
wispygalaxy it was difficult back then to connect computers Apr 08 21:25
__boo ah, wubi is a windows installer of windows Apr 08 21:25
__boo i already have linux Apr 08 21:25
__boo lol, linux installer of windows* Apr 08 21:25
wispygalaxy what distro, _boo? Apr 08 21:25
__boo i told ya already Apr 08 21:26
wispygalaxy oh i didnt see it Apr 08 21:26
__boo is it safe to talk here if you avoid bans and other stuff? Apr 08 21:26
__boo mostly due to ##windows and #defocus Apr 08 21:26
wispygalaxy i guess you can chat here if you want Apr 08 21:26
__boo #defocus is the same ##windows Apr 08 21:26
wispygalaxy oh i see Apr 08 21:27
__boo i’m iwmw, werehedgehog Apr 08 21:27
__boo boo, plenty of other nicks Apr 08 21:27
__boo it’s mandriva 2009.1 rc1 Apr 08 21:27
wispygalaxy im wispygalaxy or wispy Apr 08 21:27
wispygalaxy mandriva is a fine distro Apr 08 21:27
Balrog __boo: wubi installs linux inside windows. It creates an image file and a bootsect.bin-style file that is added to the bootloader configuration file. So you can run Linux without repartitioning Apr 08 21:27
Balrog I’m just Balrog Apr 08 21:28
MinceR apparently anyone can talk here, even creatures like DaemonFC ;) Apr 08 21:28
MinceR so don’t feel too bad about that Apr 08 21:28
Balrog hrm yeah. Though they sometimes get kicked. Apr 08 21:28
wispygalaxy i know one person from Digg who uses mandriva with elderly people, and they have little trouble with it Apr 08 21:28
Balrog be careful with links though. This isn’t a warez channel Apr 08 21:28
__boo Balrog, i know that, i was searching for linux inside windows and wubi wasn’t the case Apr 08 21:28
__boo it doesn’t support win x64 Apr 08 21:28
*MinceR installs the latest Mandriva With Elderly People™ Apr 08 21:28
MinceR ;) Apr 08 21:28
__boo oh Apr 08 21:28
wispygalaxy hehe Apr 08 21:28
__boo that was andlinux Apr 08 21:29
Balrog __boo: XP x64 or vista? Apr 08 21:29
__boo xp x64 Apr 08 21:29
__boo i would never install vista Apr 08 21:29
__boo neither win7 Apr 08 21:29
__boo they developed drm way too much Apr 08 21:29
__boo in xp it’s inexistant Apr 08 21:29
__boo almost Apr 08 21:29
wispygalaxy more freedom, less drm Apr 08 21:30
Balrog __boo: using xp x64 isn’t very good. Driver support is horrible Apr 08 21:30
wispygalaxy my family’s desktop with XP was fried thanks to XP Apr 08 21:30
Balrog and Wubi works fine on Windows x64 Apr 08 21:30
Balrog according to reports Apr 08 21:30
wispygalaxy my high school files are still on that desktop haha Apr 08 21:31
wispygalaxy my dad never got around to recovering the files Apr 08 21:31
__boo Balrog, i’ve got every driver i need Apr 08 21:31
Balrog boot with knoppix and copy to a flash drive Apr 08 21:31
Balrog __boo: also application support is terrible Apr 08 21:31
__boo yeah Apr 08 21:31
__boo considering games Apr 08 21:31
__boo plenty of good games are for winx32 only Apr 08 21:32
Balrog yes. Apr 08 21:32
Balrog though they work fine in Vista x64 Apr 08 21:32
__boo no Apr 08 21:32
Balrog yes, they do. I’ve run it Apr 08 21:32
Balrog (in the past) Apr 08 21:32
*mib_kjn0qz (i=48d3f4c2@gateway/web/ajax/mibbit.com/x-29acd1e042553a80) has joined #boycottnovell Apr 08 21:32
__boo antistarforce of course released yet another version Apr 08 21:32
__boo that cracks vista x64 as well Apr 08 21:33
mib_kjn0qz YOU ALL SUCK MICROBALLS Apr 08 21:33
Balrog starforce is annoying Apr 08 21:33
Balrog schestowitz: do something about mib_kjn0qz Apr 08 21:33
MinceR mib_kjn0qz: die in a fire Apr 08 21:33
__boo mib_kjn0qz, you’re right, that’s why you better go to lick ##windows ops balls Apr 08 21:33
wispygalaxy troll Apr 08 21:33
Balrog yes, troll Apr 08 21:33
__boo he doesn’t need to, Balrog? Apr 08 21:34
wispygalaxy why do mean people think it’s funny to bother people in a channel?? Apr 08 21:34
__boo that mibbit troll has no sense ova here Apr 08 21:34
Balrog __boo: is there starforce ‘removal’ stuff? Apr 08 21:34
MinceR perhaps he believes his identity to be hidden Apr 08 21:34
__boo you can delete it yourself Apr 08 21:34
__boo mibbit provides ip of user Apr 08 21:34
tacone schestowitz: lol, my news Apr 08 21:35
Balrog so it’s much like CSS stripping? Apr 08 21:35
MinceR indeed Apr 08 21:35
tacone ok, i look forward to read it :) Apr 08 21:35
schestowitz Balrog: strike one :-) Apr 08 21:35
__boo Balrog, you mean removal of antistarforce driver or removal of starforce? Apr 08 21:35
wispygalaxy wb, roy ;) Apr 08 21:35
Balrog if I own a CD or DVD, I want to be able to use it as I see fit :) Apr 08 21:35
schestowitz wispygalaxy: I’m doing links. Apr 08 21:36
Balrog (for myself) Apr 08 21:36
schestowitz Still reading Apr 08 21:36
wispygalaxy ok, busy boy :) Apr 08 21:36
schestowitz Not really Apr 08 21:36
Balrog schestowitz: if it doesn’t work on my x64 computer because of DRM, the DRM has to go. Apr 08 21:36
schestowitz Just ensuring I don’t lose track Apr 08 21:36
wispygalaxy good to stay on schedule Apr 08 21:36
__boo Balrog, starforce driver is replaced with antistarforce driver and that’s all Apr 08 21:36
Balrog I see. Apr 08 21:36
schestowitz No schedule.. it’s a hobby Apr 08 21:36
__boo but it exists only for x32 and vista x64 Apr 08 21:36
wispygalaxy ah i see roy Apr 08 21:36
Balrog makes sense. Apr 08 21:37
__boo no winxp x64 Apr 08 21:37
*mib_kjn0qz (i=48d3f4c2@gateway/web/ajax/mibbit.com/x-29acd1e042553a80) has left #boycottnovell Apr 08 21:37
wispygalaxy i need schedules or else i lose track of time Apr 08 21:37
Balrog remember the Sony BMG mess? Apr 08 21:37
wispygalaxy i kinda do Apr 08 21:38
__boo sony autoinstall from cd? Apr 08 21:38
Balrog http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Ext… Apr 08 21:38
Balrog very very evil Apr 08 21:38
wispygalaxy oh yeah, the rootkit debacle Apr 08 21:38
wispygalaxy i don’t even listen to mainstream labels Apr 08 21:38
wispygalaxy they can’t get me Apr 08 21:38
__boo ooow… i can’t read about drm anymore Apr 08 21:38
Balrog heh, I get CDs used :) Apr 08 21:39
__boo it makes me puke Apr 08 21:39
wispygalaxy me too Apr 08 21:39
wispygalaxy from fye Apr 08 21:39
wispygalaxy $.99 to $7.99 is usually the price range there Apr 08 21:39
Balrog funny thing is that those CD’s with rootkits didn’t have any protection for Mac or especially Linux Apr 08 21:40
wispygalaxy i find some rare stuff there that i never thought would end up in the US (rare international stuff) Apr 08 21:40
__boo i just can’t afford myself physically to install vista or win7 Apr 08 21:40
Balrog so a Mac or Linux user could ‘pirate’ them easily. Apr 08 21:40
__boo ’cause i will puke Apr 08 21:40
__boo even though i partly wanted to Apr 08 21:40
__boo just to play games Apr 08 21:40
Balrog __boo: you mean $ ? Use a second HDD if you can afford it Apr 08 21:40
wispygalaxy linux is easier to install, imo Apr 08 21:40
wispygalaxy debian was a breeze, believe it or not Apr 08 21:40
Balrog dual-boot Linux and Windows Apr 08 21:40
__boo Balrog, i already got 5 hds Apr 08 21:40
__boo hdds Apr 08 21:40
__boo and >1tb Apr 08 21:40
wispygalaxy wow! Apr 08 21:40
Balrog hrrrmmmm Apr 08 21:41
__boo but i can’t afford myself it physically Apr 08 21:41
__boo ’cause it makes me puke Apr 08 21:41
wispygalaxy do it, then you can brag about how you survived the experience :P Apr 08 21:41
__boo it’s just against my freedom loving entity Apr 08 21:41
wispygalaxy embrace freedom! Apr 08 21:41
__boo i know that our russian hackers or whoever else will just crack that win7 drm Apr 08 21:41
__boo or anything that’s concerned Apr 08 21:42
__boo and everybody will use win7 and get updates Apr 08 21:42
Balrog __boo: they may crack activation and WGA Apr 08 21:42
__boo i know Apr 08 21:42
__boo but do you need wga Apr 08 21:42
Balrog but they won’t remove the DRM embedded deeper Apr 08 21:42
__boo crack Apr 08 21:42
Balrog like the file copy stuff Apr 08 21:42
Balrog &c Apr 08 21:42
__boo may be… in either case… it’s last windows that i’m using Apr 08 21:42
wispygalaxy my last windows was vista Apr 08 21:44
Balrog XP should be the last windows you’re using :D Apr 08 21:44
__boo it’s xp x64 Apr 08 21:44
__boo pro Apr 08 21:44
__boo pirated Apr 08 21:44
Balrog __boo: I use the windows that comes with the computer Apr 08 21:44
Balrog or at least the install key Apr 08 21:44
Balrog or the MSDN copy they give me Apr 08 21:44
Balrog (which I can’t avoid paying for indirectly) :( Apr 08 21:45
__boo may be police in your country cares about it too much Apr 08 21:45
__boo here it’s not Apr 08 21:45
__boo (russia) and you can install at home whatever you want Apr 08 21:45
Balrog watch out, they’re cracking down Apr 08 21:45
Balrog __boo: that may be true, but that prevents FOSS from making way Apr 08 21:45
Balrog people like you get hooked on Windows, then when they crack down, they have no choice Apr 08 21:46
__boo you just don’t understand how things go here Apr 08 21:46
Balrog I’ve read a lot Apr 08 21:46
__boo it’s all bs Apr 08 21:46
*zer0c00l has quit (“halt”) Apr 08 21:46
__boo 95% use windows here Apr 08 21:46
Balrog piracy is the first step. Then they crack down, and you’re outta luck Apr 08 21:46
__boo and they don’t even imagine what linux is Apr 08 21:46
Balrog schestowitz: care to comment? Apr 08 21:46
wispygalaxy i hope foss will win in various countries Apr 08 21:46
wispygalaxy poor children will not become addicted to MS software Apr 08 21:47
__boo so you just don’t get a job unless you use windows Apr 08 21:47
__boo yeah, wispygalaxy Apr 08 21:47
__boo they are made to get addicted to it since school Apr 08 21:47
wispygalaxy well, i know spreadsheet software and word processing Apr 08 21:47
silentivm here in Brazil, most people have a bad image of Linux Apr 08 21:47
silentivm they think that it “is an operating system with no GUI” Apr 08 21:47
__boo educational program is designed for windows here Apr 08 21:47
wispygalaxy using OO is no different compared to Word, just more freedom! Apr 08 21:47
silentivm __boo, here too Apr 08 21:47
Balrog using oo is better than word 07 for word 03 users :) Apr 08 21:48
Balrog bbl Apr 08 21:48
__boo windows is kinda enlisted as the only os to teach Apr 08 21:48
wispygalaxy k balrog Apr 08 21:48
wispygalaxy but things can change! Apr 08 21:48
silentivm most universities will not allow you to even apply with them if you don’t use IE Apr 08 21:48
wispygalaxy Firefox is accepted here Apr 08 21:48
__boo wtf Apr 08 21:48
silentivm pages don’t open, forms don’t print etc.. Apr 08 21:48
silentivm wispygalaxy, here it isn’t Apr 08 21:48
silentivm many people still use IE 6 Apr 08 21:48
wispygalaxy brazil loves red hat Apr 08 21:48
tacone the milan’s university i was subscribed to Apr 08 21:48
tacone uses dual boot windows/ubuntu this year. Apr 08 21:48
wispygalaxy i hear about it all the time Apr 08 21:48
silentivm wispygalaxy, yep Apr 08 21:49
__boo i use ie6 but banned it from internet Apr 08 21:49
silentivm but *the government* loves Linux… most people hate it Apr 08 21:49
wispygalaxy ahhh, memories of IE6 Apr 08 21:49
wispygalaxy hate?  but the average person does not know of it Apr 08 21:49
tacone with professors using Fedora. And pushing students to install linux otherwise “I’m not sure I can help you, since i don’t know windows so much” Apr 08 21:49
__boo yeah… government loves linux but enforces m$ rules Apr 08 21:49
wispygalaxy b/c of no advertising Apr 08 21:49
__boo i heard about it Apr 08 21:49
__boo it’s everywhere Apr 08 21:49
silentivm wispygalaxy, sometimes they know but hate it even if they don’t know much about it Apr 08 21:49
__boo here in russia even government doesn’t like linux Apr 08 21:50
silentivm someone told them “Linux is for nerds” Apr 08 21:50
silentivm they faithfully believed Apr 08 21:50
__boo they use pirated windows Apr 08 21:50
wispygalaxy well, i hope netbooks will open people’s eyes that linux is a great alternative Apr 08 21:50
wispygalaxy linux is not for nerds only haha Apr 08 21:50
wispygalaxy im a finance major, and i can use it easily Apr 08 21:50
silentivm yep Apr 08 21:50
wispygalaxy im no techie *at all* Apr 08 21:50
tacone if they keep choosing xandros, then i think it will be hard :) Apr 08 21:50
silentivm but try and tell this to people Apr 08 21:50
silentivm they don’t want to learn anything new Apr 08 21:50
__boo people don’t wanna learn = rule Apr 08 21:51
wispygalaxy well, the gui is improving and it looks fab Apr 08 21:51
silentivm they want (their pirated copies) of Windows/Office/Photoshop/whatever is the current cool game or app and they want it NOW Apr 08 21:51
wispygalaxy new generation of computer users always are arriving, why not teach them linux? Apr 08 21:51
__boo silentivm, i just discovered one netbook at my workplace Apr 08 21:51
__boo it’s full of pirated windows stuff Apr 08 21:51
wispygalaxy the kids my age are open minded, they are embracing mac and to some extent linux Apr 08 21:51
__boo all that you mentioned and much more Apr 08 21:52
__boo it’s about 15000$ at least Apr 08 21:52
tacone piracy doesn’t exist Apr 08 21:52
__boo of sw Apr 08 21:52
tacone piracy = windows trial version. Apr 08 21:52
__boo and noone even gonna use that all Apr 08 21:52
silentivm __boo, same here Apr 08 21:52
silentivm it’s just too easy to buy pirated copies here Apr 08 21:52
silentivm and nobody cares Apr 08 21:52
__boo pirated copys? Apr 08 21:52
silentivm yep Apr 08 21:52
__boo torrents and other sources Apr 08 21:52
balzac wispygalaxy: GNU and linux Apr 08 21:53
wispygalaxy hi balzac Apr 08 21:53
silentivm __boo, yes, but people here tend to buy cheap ($1) pirated CDs Apr 08 21:53
balzac unless you mean just the kernel… Apr 08 21:53
balzac hi wispygalaxy Apr 08 21:53
wispygalaxy yeah, i call linux ‘linux’ but i know it should be gnu/linux Apr 08 21:53
__boo silentivm, here in russia cops visit that places from time to time Apr 08 21:53
__boo where pirated software or smth is solf Apr 08 21:53
__boo sold Apr 08 21:53
silentivm __boo, here in Brazil too, but the police doesn’t care at all Apr 08 21:53
silentivm in fact, I once saw a policeman buying pirated stuff! Apr 08 21:54
__boo and then those discs become about 2$-3$-4$ each Apr 08 21:54
tacone schestowitz:  by the way, the TomBoy=>c++ post is having a lot of visits. considering I didn’t got linked by major publishers, it really shows people care about the Mono problem. Apr 08 21:54
silentivm (a pirated movie DVD, but still) Apr 08 21:54
__boo silentivm, where do you lve? Apr 08 21:54
wispygalaxy my sister’s friend’s dad got a pirated justin timberlake CD from china for $1 Apr 08 21:54
__boo live Apr 08 21:54
silentivm __boo, south of Brazil Apr 08 21:54
__boo lol Apr 08 21:54
wispygalaxy it had his greatest hits :P Apr 08 21:54
__boo you don’t imagine what cops think about it here Apr 08 21:54
__boo they take that pirated production Apr 08 21:54
silentivm I live in this city -> http://en.wikipedia.org/wi… Apr 08 21:55
__boo take all the disks that they want in their private usage Apr 08 21:55
__boo and then burn the trash Apr 08 21:55
silentivm __boo, same here Apr 08 21:55
__boo and i’m not against it Apr 08 21:55
__boo they can’t learn linux Apr 08 21:55
__boo they are too dumb for that Apr 08 21:55
wispygalaxy linux isn’t hard at all! Apr 08 21:55
__boo you didn’t see them Apr 08 21:56
silentivm no, it isn’t if you’re willing to learn Apr 08 21:56
wispygalaxy we shouldn’t underestimate people Apr 08 21:56
silentivm but if you aren’t, anything is hard Apr 08 21:56
wispygalaxy we judge people on what we see on the outside Apr 08 21:56
__boo did you see cellphone robbers or some guys that just want to take something from you? Apr 08 21:56
wispygalaxy and think they are a certain way Apr 08 21:56
__boo in the middle of the darkened street Apr 08 21:56
__boo that’s =cops Apr 08 21:56
wispygalaxy pickpockets? Apr 08 21:56
__boo just without law Apr 08 21:57
wispygalaxy oh i see lol Apr 08 21:57
schestowitz Balrog: they don’t crack down much in Russia Apr 08 21:57
schestowitz Linux is taking off there, so they turn a blind eye and make very little profit Apr 08 21:57
__boo they don’t crack down almost at all Apr 08 21:57
wispygalaxy in pakistan at the airports, guys will snatch your luggage and to get it back you have to pay them $20 Apr 08 21:57
__boo those guys are braindead Apr 08 21:57
__boo they barely can click on icons in windows Apr 08 21:57
silentivm __boo, same here Apr 08 21:57
silentivm crackdowns are occasional Apr 08 21:57
silentivm and random Apr 08 21:57
wispygalaxy technology is increasingly important, so people will have more and more computer skills Apr 08 21:58
schestowitz tacone: more and more universities dual-boot now Apr 08 21:58
schestowitz In the UK too Apr 08 21:58
wispygalaxy as a result, learning computers will not be as hard Apr 08 21:58
wispygalaxy like linux Apr 08 21:58
__boo yeah, they teach linux in university now Apr 08 21:58
balzac GNU and linux Apr 08 21:58
balzac GNU and linux Apr 08 21:58
tacone schestowitz: well, italy is not uk :) Apr 08 21:58
__boo but it’s about half a year 1 subject Apr 08 21:58
silentivm most people here don’t even care about alternatives, they just want the software “which the professionals use”, even if they know nothing about it nor have any use for it Apr 08 21:58
wispygalaxy haha balzac Apr 08 21:58
balzac Roy, maybe you can add a bot which can correct people Apr 08 21:58
wispygalaxy maybe the professional will change software to better alternatives Apr 08 21:59
balzac you know it bugs RMS and Linus loves it Apr 08 21:59
wispygalaxy once they learn about foss Apr 08 21:59
silentivm I hope so Apr 08 21:59
wispygalaxy haha the beef between them Apr 08 21:59
balzac “linux, linux, linux” Apr 08 21:59
__boo what linux? it’s kinda the only alternative nowadays Apr 08 22:00
schestowitz tacone: UK will be last to become free Apr 08 22:00
__boo to all that proprietary stuff Apr 08 22:00
wispygalaxy there are many distros Apr 08 22:00
schestowitz But I see good news from ther toda Apr 08 22:00
schestowitz Also a petition Apr 08 22:00
wispygalaxy you can’t have enough of distros Apr 08 22:00
balzac wispygalaxy: Linus is the one with the problem Apr 08 22:00
tacone schestowitz: uk has the companies as a problem. italy has ignorance as a problem. Apr 08 22:00
wispygalaxy just like my sister can’t have enough of purses :P Apr 08 22:00
schestowitz balzac: that would not work Apr 08 22:01
wispygalaxy haha linus is funny Apr 08 22:01
schestowitz It would enter endless rcursions Apr 08 22:01
balzac RMS has been consistent, but this snot-nosed kid from Scandinavia somehow gets the credit for his life’s work Apr 08 22:01
schestowitz Like if you write “GNU/Linux” Apr 08 22:01
schestowitz Then it expands Apr 08 22:01
balzac -snot-nosed Apr 08 22:01
wispygalaxy thanks rms for all you did for us Apr 08 22:01
schestowitz “Linux is from Finland” Apr 08 22:01
balzac “this guy” Apr 08 22:01
schestowitz “Created by a young man” Apr 08 22:01
wispygalaxy props Apr 08 22:02
schestowitz Anyway, that’s not the point Apr 08 22:02
schestowitz Better to work together Apr 08 22:02
balzac Did people forget Karl Marx after the Bolshelvik revolution? Apr 08 22:02
balzac no Apr 08 22:02
schestowitz RMS will get justice if “Linux” wins Apr 08 22:02
MinceR only if GNU/Linux wins, not android Apr 08 22:02
balzac schestowitz: not if it’s just the linux kernel with GNU user-space stripped out as you see with Android Apr 08 22:02
wispygalaxy linux already did, on many things ;) Apr 08 22:02
__boo balzac, commie revolution wasn’t about carl marx Apr 08 22:02
tacone http://tirania.org/blog/archive/2009/Apr-07.html embrace and extend ?!?!? Apr 08 22:02
wispygalaxy marx didnt invent communism Apr 08 22:03
wispygalaxy communism was inspired by marx Apr 08 22:03
__boo it was not about communism at all Apr 08 22:03
__boo that revolution Apr 08 22:03
balzac what is up with all these punk-ass guys who want to bury RMS, decades before he’s even reached retirement age? Apr 08 22:03
wispygalaxy poor rms Apr 08 22:03
balzac __boo: nevermind that, it’s just a point to consider. Apr 08 22:03
__boo the point is that interests interfered Apr 08 22:04
__boo of jews and germany Apr 08 22:04
__boo during ww1 Apr 08 22:04
__boo jews had a way to put russia to knees Apr 08 22:04
balzac well, if these guys need to be reminded, who is the living “legend” who has status above them, they can be reminded. Apr 08 22:04
__boo and germany had a way to implement it Apr 08 22:04
__boo = communism Apr 08 22:04
__boo and revolution Apr 08 22:04
balzac __boo: let’s not make this about ethnicity Apr 08 22:04
balzac or religion Apr 08 22:05
balzac it’s about software licenses Apr 08 22:05
__boo judaism is not religion Apr 08 22:05
balzac and jokers who try to ignore them Apr 08 22:05
__boo judaism is not a religion at all Apr 08 22:05
__boo it’s a sect Apr 08 22:05
balzac __boo: I’m not interested Apr 08 22:05
trmanco hey hey Apr 08 22:05
wispygalaxy heyyy tony! Apr 08 22:05
wispygalaxy how was spain? Apr 08 22:06
trmanco very good, thanks for asking Apr 08 22:06
__boo the only thing is that this joke went too far Apr 08 22:06
wispygalaxy np tony :) Apr 08 22:06
wispygalaxy i wish i was at the beach now Apr 08 22:06
trmanco I’m sick now though… :( Apr 08 22:06
__boo for 70 years Apr 08 22:06
wispygalaxy awww get well soon1 Apr 08 22:07
wispygalaxy soon!* Apr 08 22:07
tacone for the laugh http://bglinux.com/default.aspx Apr 08 22:07
trmanco thanks Apr 08 22:07
wispygalaxy :) Apr 08 22:07
wispygalaxy haha tacone Apr 08 22:07
__boo wow Apr 08 22:07
balzac One should not try to explain their idea of a given ethnicity/sect/cultural-group as it relates to WW1 & WW2 in a few lines on irc Apr 08 22:07
balzac in a software channel Apr 08 22:07
*balzac trout-slaps __boo Apr 08 22:08
__boo balzac i can explain it Apr 08 22:08
balzac don’t bother Apr 08 22:08
balzac wrong channel Apr 08 22:08
trmanco wtf is that Apr 08 22:08
*__boo beats Balrog Apr 08 22:08
__boo wow Apr 08 22:08
balzac missed Apr 08 22:08
*__boo beats balzac Apr 08 22:08
__boo not missed now Apr 08 22:08
trmanco bglinux wtf Apr 08 22:08
__boo the reasons are not that hard to explain and to understand Apr 08 22:09
__boo but the schemes used are rather hard Apr 08 22:09
balzac __boo: software. Apr 08 22:09
balzac GNU & Linux, not “linux” Apr 08 22:09
balzac that is all. Apr 08 22:09
__boo that’s why almost noone believes it XD Apr 08 22:09
wispygalaxy it’s too much to type, though: gnu/linux Apr 08 22:10
wispygalaxy im being lazy :P Apr 08 22:10
balzac better to just call it “GNU” Apr 08 22:10
wispygalaxy but i agree with you, balzac Apr 08 22:10
balzac rather than the driver code clear-house known as the “Linux Kernel” Apr 08 22:10
balzac clearing-house Apr 08 22:10
__boo since which version linux supported modules? Apr 08 22:11
trmanco Ubuntu accuses Microsoft of Linux netbook FUD: http://blogs.computerworld.com/ubuntu_a… Apr 08 22:11
wispygalaxy do they make linux popcorn? Apr 08 22:11
wispygalaxy since they have the kernel and all Apr 08 22:11
__boo noo Apr 08 22:11
wispygalaxy i know its spelled differently lol Apr 08 22:11
tacone trmanco: i gave the link before. Apr 08 22:12
wispygalaxy id buy linux popcorn, since i know it’s 100% real and not fake stuff Apr 08 22:12
trmanco tacone, ah ok Apr 08 22:12
__boo the first versions in my understanding didn’t have an ability to load external modules Apr 08 22:12
tacone http://blog.canonical.com/?p=151 Apr 08 22:12
balzac It’s people who refer to GNU as “Linux” who might drive me to use GNU/BSD, just so I can be free of hearing “Linux, Linux, Linux” all day long in reference to GNU. Apr 08 22:12
balzac well, at least when I’m asked what I’m using, I’ll have an answer which will shut their pie-holes. Apr 08 22:13
wispygalaxy i need to type gnu/linux hundreds of times so it will sticj with me Apr 08 22:13
wispygalaxy stick* Apr 08 22:13
tacone trmanco:  i blogged it myself also. but nice that cw noticed as well Apr 08 22:13
MinceR or because you’re just a closet bsd fanboy. :> Apr 08 22:13
wispygalaxy debian can use the bsd kernel, right? Apr 08 22:13
balzac yep Apr 08 22:13
__boo really?? Apr 08 22:14
MinceR they can, i just don’t know why they’d want to Apr 08 22:14
wispygalaxy choice can lead to cool variations, remember this Apr 08 22:14
__boo is bsd kernel 100% compatible? Apr 08 22:14
wispygalaxy if you don’t like a certain kernel, you can switch it Apr 08 22:14
schestowitz *ping* tacone Apr 08 22:14
tacone trmanco: nice link, updating my post Apr 08 22:15
tacone schestowitz: pong. Apr 08 22:15
wispygalaxy lol Apr 08 22:15
wispygalaxy can i play too, roy? ;) Apr 08 22:15
MinceR i don’t know if the bsd kernels work with glibc Apr 08 22:15
schestowitz <anon> lol, this is getting fun Apr 08 22:15
schestowitz <anon> poor directhex Apr 08 22:15
schestowitz <anon> this really rubbed him the wrong way Apr 08 22:15
schestowitz <schestowitz> :-) Apr 08 22:15
schestowitz <anon> don’t worry about it, he’s just acting desperate Apr 08 22:15
schestowitz <anon> “swathes of major copyright violations” Apr 08 22:15
schestowitz <anon> heh, this guy’s on crack Apr 08 22:15
schestowitz <anon> what once were major copyright violations, they now became minor procedural mistakes Apr 08 22:15
schestowitz <anon> if at all Apr 08 22:15
schestowitz <schestowitz> where? Apr 08 22:15
schestowitz <schestowitz> mono? Apr 08 22:15
schestowitz <anon> gnote Apr 08 22:15
schestowitz <anon> they didn’t like that it was relicensed to GPLv3 apparently :-) Apr 08 22:15
schestowitz <schestowitz> Haha. Apr 08 22:15
schestowitz <anon> which is perfectly legal Apr 08 22:15
schestowitz <schestowitz> competition too tough Apr 08 22:15
schestowitz <anon> yep Apr 08 22:15
schestowitz <schestowitz> If it’s .NET and the license sacks, it’ll be forked Apr 08 22:15
schestowitz <schestowitz> That’s freedom Apr 08 22:15
schestowitz <schestowitz> Community takes over Apr 08 22:15
schestowitz <anon> can you try give some more push to gnote?  if it gets more contributors and gains momentum, it could possibly replace tomboy in default desktops Apr 08 22:15
schestowitz <anon> I noticed because of your site Apr 08 22:15
schestowitz <anon> but Hub is working on a f-spot replacement too Apr 08 22:15
schestowitz <anon> (not ready yet) Apr 08 22:15
schestowitz <schestowitz> :-)_ Apr 08 22:15
schestowitz <schestowitz> Sure. Apr 08 22:15
schestowitz <schestowitz> it made linuxtoday homepage Apr 08 22:15
schestowitz <anon> great Apr 08 22:15
trmanco ;) Apr 08 22:15
schestowitz That’s the short story Apr 08 22:15
trmanco who is Hub? Apr 08 22:16
tacone schestowitz: i also should note, the Mono Instant Messenger… it’s GPL3 Apr 08 22:16
__boo what was linus’s problem to accept gpl3? Apr 08 22:16
MinceR who’s distributing it? Apr 08 22:16
wispygalaxy linus likes gpl2 i hear Apr 08 22:17
__boo but why he doesn’t like gpl3? Apr 08 22:17
MinceR perhaps he wants to allow tivoization Apr 08 22:17
__boo tivoization… Apr 08 22:17
tacone someone convince wordpress to switch to gpl3. it’s being distributed by ms. Apr 08 22:17
MinceR or he doesn’t really prefer either, he just considers that it will take a lot of time to move everything in the kernel to gplv3 Apr 08 22:17
balzac tacone: try sovix Apr 08 22:18
balzac agpl-licensed Apr 08 22:18
MinceR so, who’s distributing mono instant messenger? Apr 08 22:18
balzac http://sovix.org/Main_page Apr 08 22:18
MinceR and will that automatically mean that recipients get patent licenses on all of mono? Apr 08 22:18
tacone sovix = ? Apr 08 22:18
schestowitz tacone: I tried with WordPress Apr 08 22:19
schestowitz No move yet Apr 08 22:19
schestowitz They should go AGPLv3 Apr 08 22:19
schestowitz Liek Funambol. Apr 08 22:19
tacone schestowitz: i know. i was ranting :) Apr 08 22:19
trmanco we should give gnote a bigs hug Apr 08 22:19
wispygalaxy *hugs* Apr 08 22:19
trmanco and some major contributions Apr 08 22:19
balzac tacone: click the link and read Apr 08 22:19
trmanco oops Apr 08 22:19
trmanco typo…. Apr 08 22:20
balzac it’s an AGPL-licensed CMS Apr 08 22:20
trmanco and get that .NET shit of as many distros as possible Apr 08 22:20
wispygalaxy mono is just a way for MS to insert its technology into FOSs Apr 08 22:21
balzac wispygalaxy said “insert” Apr 08 22:21
wispygalaxy it’s not really about interoperability Apr 08 22:21
trmanco … and then tell microsoft to shove it up it’s ass… where it should’t have left in the first place Apr 08 22:21
wispygalaxy lol Apr 08 22:21
trmanco lol Apr 08 22:21
balzac Bill Gates wants to “insert” his “microsoft” into FOSS Apr 08 22:21
balzac don’t let him do it! Apr 08 22:21
wispygalaxy ewwww! Apr 08 22:21
wispygalaxy haha Apr 08 22:22
trmanco INSERT INTO blah VALUES 0 0 0 0 1 Apr 08 22:22
balzac yell, run, tell! Apr 08 22:22
tacone balzac: you miss my point. Apr 08 22:22
wispygalaxy it’s rape Apr 08 22:22
balzac i dodged your point Apr 08 22:22
tacone i’m not looking for an alternative. i’m saying ms distributes wordpress. i’d like it to switch to gpl3. Apr 08 22:22
tacone MinceR: http://synapse.im/ Apr 08 22:22
balzac tacone: I don’t think they mind. Maybe you should worry less about wordpress. They’re not worrying about your opinion, I bet. Apr 08 22:23
tacone balzac:  they develop on windows so much. Apr 08 22:23
*amarsh04 (n=amarsh04@ppp121-45-73-168.lns10.adl6.internode.on.net) has joined #boycottnovell Apr 08 22:24
trmanco wow Apr 08 22:25
trmanco hub is unstoppable Apr 08 22:25
trmanco 5 new commit today Apr 08 22:25
trmanco commits* Apr 08 22:26
wispygalaxy do you have a link tony for that Apr 08 22:26
trmanco wispygalaxy, yes -> http://gitorious.org/projects/gnote Apr 08 22:27
wispygalaxy thanks a bunch Apr 08 22:27
tacone mono is not only an injection. is also a way out if windows collapses. Apr 08 22:27
wispygalaxy nice site design Apr 08 22:28
wispygalaxy interesting point, tacone Apr 08 22:28
schestowitz Seems like BN has just reached the MSFTers Apr 08 22:28
wispygalaxy ms says they dont care about linux, but they are depending on it for survival if they fail! Apr 08 22:28
schestowitz “fyi, Kline wrote in a correction to the Red Hat statement in our piece, which I added. He must have been monitoring the exchange on your blog as I did not approach him. “ Apr 08 22:28
tacone wispygalaxy:  are you really expecting windows to last ? :-) Apr 08 22:28
trmanco TODO Apr 08 22:28
trmanco 2 – import automatically from Tomboy Apr 08 22:28
trmanco 3 – port the plugins Apr 08 22:28
trmanco 4 – translations Apr 08 22:28
schestowitz It’s about their anti-Red Hat FUD Apr 08 22:28
wispygalaxy no fsking way haha tacone Apr 08 22:28
schestowitz In a recent article about Linux and patents Apr 08 22:28
trmanco I can do 4 Apr 08 22:28
trmanco but I can’t find any .po files Apr 08 22:29
tacone microsoft problem is not users switching to linux Apr 08 22:29
wispygalaxy why won’t they leave us alone, those trolls? Apr 08 22:29
tacone is companies angry and sick for years and years of racket. Apr 08 22:29
schestowitz trmanco: maybe we should dedicate a page to gnote Apr 08 22:29
schestowitz and promote it somehow Apr 08 22:29
schestowitz Like a campaign to replace Mono (Tomboy) Apr 08 22:29
tacone you can see in netbooks. they are taking the risk of switch and found a market where they can. Apr 08 22:30
trmanco yeah, but it’s still in alpha stage though Apr 08 22:30
trmanco maybe contact the FSF :-P Apr 08 22:30
wispygalaxy linux will gain more marketshare i believe Apr 08 22:30
schestowitz Context of the corrections made to the MS anti-FOSS aricle: Apr 08 22:30
trmanco and give it some priority Apr 08 22:30
schestowitz I told the editor: “Sites about IP tend to capitalise in its perpetuation. In other words, notions like Commons or copyleft are sometimes contradictory, so pro-IP folk sometimes obstruct an economy of sharing.” Apr 08 22:30
schestowitz “The work of Phelps et al (he worked with some Microsoft executives who reviewed it) was centred on software patents, which a company like Red Hat opposes. What Phelps et al do is wrap it together with things like trademarks to play the black art of statistics the way they want to play it.” Apr 08 22:30
tacone a netbook is the ideal market. a computer with 3-4 devices. not many drivers to manage. and you can say the customers it’s not a full-blown computer if things go wrong. Apr 08 22:30
wispygalaxy yeah netbooks are easy for less techy people Apr 08 22:31
wispygalaxy since there is less to manage, it’s not scary to them Apr 08 22:31
tacone wispygalaxy: the real problem is…. customers have power in some countries. Apr 08 22:31
schestowitz balzac: you’re good with graphics Apr 08 22:31
tacone if you’re a large oem.. you face class actions. Apr 08 22:32
schestowitz Wanna make a “Spread GNote” button? Apr 08 22:32
tacone you just can’t risk. Apr 08 22:32
tacone and you probably have contracts and secret agreement with microsoft. Apr 08 22:32
schestowitz Promotional stuff to edge aside the main mono troublemaker in default GNOME? Apr 08 22:32
tacone but netbooks allow both to be workarounded in some way. Apr 08 22:32
wispygalaxy oems need to advertise linux so they can get people to buy linux and avoid windows Apr 08 22:32
wispygalaxy and ms can’t make deals anymore since they have no customers Apr 08 22:32
tacone schestowitz: lol ! Apr 08 22:32
tacone omg ! nice idea ! Apr 08 22:33
schestowitz We’ll spread it in blogs maybe Apr 08 22:33
schestowitz If it succeeds Apr 08 22:33
tacone adopt a mono project, port it to c++ ! Apr 08 22:33
schestowitz “Operation G” Apr 08 22:33
tacone ahahahahah so nice. Apr 08 22:33
silentivm sounds like a nice idea Apr 08 22:33
silentivm :) Apr 08 22:33
schestowitz Replace the “N” or “M” (Mono/Microsoft) with the G (gnu and gcc for c++) Apr 08 22:33
trmanco and gtkmm Apr 08 22:34
wispygalaxy haha good idea Apr 08 22:34
schestowitz Because I know how much the Mono people worry about it Apr 08 22:34
schestowitz Jo Shields for example.. Apr 08 22:34
tacone well we’re unfair with novell Apr 08 22:34
schestowitz “Mono? We don’t need no stinkin’ mono” Apr 08 22:34
__boo go no jewcrosoft Apr 08 22:34
tacone we really should give them a way out. Apr 08 22:34
schestowitz tacone: how unfair? Apr 08 22:34
tacone schestowitz: do we have complains about mono, right ? Apr 08 22:35
schestowitz Yes Apr 08 22:35
schestowitz Because of Microsoft and Novell Apr 08 22:35
__boo yeah, it probably shouldn’t exist Apr 08 22:35
tacone why don’t we put together a list of things they could do to legitimate Mono ? Apr 08 22:35
schestowitz But Microsoft and Novell collaborate Apr 08 22:35
__boo m$ doesn’t collaborate with anybody Apr 08 22:35
tacone they will never do, but we may say we’ve tried :D Apr 08 22:35
MinceR tacone: we’d probably be ignored Apr 08 22:35
schestowitz It does Apr 08 22:35
schestowitz With those who help it, __boo Apr 08 22:36
MinceR but i think it might be worth it Apr 08 22:36
__boo not it does not Apr 08 22:36
__boo it uses them as a slaves Apr 08 22:36
schestowitz Yes Apr 08 22:36
schestowitz Of course Apr 08 22:36
__boo it’s not collaboration Apr 08 22:36
schestowitz Collaborate /to/ Microsoft Apr 08 22:36
tacone things like make novell-microsoft agreement public Apr 08 22:36
schestowitz Not /with/ Apr 08 22:36
tacone microsoft to issue a non sue promise on mono Apr 08 22:36
wispygalaxy ms is like a pimp, controlling everyone Apr 08 22:36
schestowitz Yes, but it’s all out there already Apr 08 22:36
tacone revoke the exclusivity of the mono deal Apr 08 22:36
tacone etc. Apr 08 22:36
schestowitz Needs organising better Apr 08 22:36
MinceR i agree with __boo Apr 08 22:37
__boo was the full agreement ever in public? Apr 08 22:37
tacone schestowitz: but there’s not a synthetic list out. Apr 08 22:37
MinceR it isn’t collaboration Apr 08 22:37
schestowitz I’ve got all the daily links now Apr 08 22:37
schestowitz Will start typing away Apr 08 22:37
schestowitz MinceR: like a man collaborates with a horse Apr 08 22:37
wispygalaxy new entry for bn, roy? Apr 08 22:37
schestowitz He gives some grass, the horse carries the load Apr 08 22:37
schestowitz wispygalaxy: not yet Apr 08 22:37
wispygalaxy ok Apr 08 22:38
__boo yeah… the man also eats horse if he has nothing to eat or just to kill it Apr 08 22:38
__boo and he kills it if the horse is exhausted Apr 08 22:38
MinceR the horse is rarely treated as badly as m$ treats everyone outside it Apr 08 22:39
__boo and it’s he who’s up to exhaust it Apr 08 22:39
wispygalaxy i’d rather let the horse rest than kill it Apr 08 22:39
wispygalaxy i’m too kind Apr 08 22:39
tacone i have not enough knowledge on the matter to put such stuff together myself. Apr 08 22:39
__boo life will teach ya, tacone Apr 08 22:39
tacone __boo:  … Apr 08 22:39
balzac I can’t stand Webex, recently acquired by Cisco Apr 08 22:40
balzac They have really obnoxious internet-radio ads. Apr 08 22:40
wispygalaxy no adblock for audio ads i guess haha Apr 08 22:41
MinceR (offtopic) http://www.keithpalmer.ca/msting-…  >>  Adam Cadre: The Eye of Argon Apr 08 22:41
balzac schestowitz: I’d like to make a spread Gnote graphic, but I’m totally piled up with work. Apr 08 22:42
balzac actually, reading your request reminded me I better quit reading entertainment sites… Apr 08 22:42
schestowitz wispygalaxy: volume contro? :-) Apr 08 22:44
*mib_vgkf0l (i=18554f2a@gateway/web/ajax/mibbit.com/x-5b63f34660a49c4b) has joined #boycottnovell Apr 08 22:44
schestowitz Balrog: what kind of entertainment? Apr 08 22:44
schestowitz Oops. balzac Apr 08 22:44
balzac buzzfeed Apr 08 22:44
schestowitz I’m watching http://www.youtube.com/watch?… ATM. Entertainment to some… interesting anyway Apr 08 22:44
balzac .com i think Apr 08 22:45
wispygalaxy haha thats true roy, but im listening to my music library at the same time Apr 08 22:45
schestowitz balzac: try this video Apr 08 22:45
tacone http://www.youtube.com/watc… Apr 08 22:45
schestowitz I have dedicated keys on my keyboard for playback Apr 08 22:45
schestowitz Circle shaped bunch of buttons Apr 08 22:45
schestowitz Works out of the box in Mandriva Apr 08 22:45
tacone very nice Apr 08 22:45
wispygalaxy coolio Apr 08 22:45
schestowitz Windows would require some CDs and drivers for it Apr 08 22:45
wispygalaxy linux works well for me too Apr 08 22:45
tacone schestowitz: are you using mandriva ? Apr 08 22:45
schestowitz Yes Apr 08 22:45
tacone is it debian or fedora based ? Apr 08 22:46
*mib_vgkf0l has quit (Client Quit) Apr 08 22:46
MinceR it drives da man, that’s why it’s called mandriva. ;) Apr 08 22:46
wispygalaxy haha Apr 08 22:46
tacone i know little about mandriva. Apr 08 22:47
*john (i=18554f2a@gateway/web/ajax/mibbit.com/x-2cfd2bbbbea79dff) has joined #boycottnovell Apr 08 22:47
balzac roy: heavy… Apr 08 22:47
*jose (n=jose@adsl-233-77-38.mia.bellsouth.net) has joined #boycottnovell Apr 08 22:47
tacone but reading their planet, seems nice. Apr 08 22:47
silentivm I used to run Mandriva on this laptop Apr 08 22:47
silentivm before migrating to Arch Apr 08 22:47
*john is now known as Guest11647 Apr 08 22:47
balzac wispygalaxy: GNU & Linux Apr 08 22:47
trmanco w00t Apr 08 22:47
tacone “than 20,000 packages.”. ok debian Apr 08 22:47
*Guest11647 has quit (Client Quit) Apr 08 22:47
wispygalaxy ahhhh sry Apr 08 22:47
jose schestowitz, just posted a comment against sw patents. The related lt story is also a very nice one (but not directly related to patents). Apr 08 22:48
jose http://www.linuxtoday.com/news_story…. Apr 08 22:48
wispygalaxy gnu/linux, gnu/linux, gnu/linux… i’ll keep typing that till i get it Apr 08 22:48
wispygalaxy brb soon Apr 08 22:49
__boo too much talks about sw patents Apr 08 22:50
jose i’ll be going…. Apr 08 22:50
*jose has quit (Client Quit) Apr 08 22:50
__boo we all understand that some sw giant will once patent air breathing Apr 08 22:50
__boo why the f is there e=mc2 in article first? Apr 08 22:51
__boo it’s not even right Apr 08 22:52
__boo do patents go into public domain at last? Apr 08 22:54
__boo and how long does it take Apr 08 22:54
schestowitz balzac: yes, heavy… try http://www.youtube.com/watch?v… Apr 08 22:55
schestowitz It’s the war /OF/ terrorism Apr 08 22:55
*trmanco has quit () Apr 08 22:57
__boo lol… they wanna make money making war in iraq Apr 08 22:57
__boo lol, it’s so funny to watch Apr 08 22:58
balzac http://www.huffingtonpost.com/2009/0…  <– Roy, watch this Apr 08 22:59
balzac hilarious Apr 08 22:59
__boo lol, beer-shotgunning skills Apr 08 23:01
__boo “which proved to be a bit of a failure.” *ROFL* Apr 08 23:02
__boo wtf… maffei is an effing freak Apr 08 23:04
__boo he consumed too much drugs in his early days Apr 08 23:05
wispygalaxy *ping* schestowitz Apr 08 23:08
schestowitz Yo! Apr 08 23:08
wispygalaxy hi, i have to go now :( Apr 08 23:08
schestowitz Oh :-( Apr 08 23:08
schestowitz Well, I’ll post links shortly. Apr 08 23:08
wispygalaxy yeah i had a good time here Apr 08 23:08
wispygalaxy nice chat Apr 08 23:09
wispygalaxy i’ll see you soon!  xx Apr 08 23:09
*wispygalaxy has quit (“http://www.mibbit.com ajax IRC Client”) Apr 08 23:11
schestowitz balzac: he didn’t read what he signed Apr 08 23:12
schestowitz Like Linux devs who protested against GPLv3 because Linus did. They DIDN’T READ THE THING! Apr 08 23:13
balzac indeed Apr 08 23:13
balzac so many people simply “subscribe” to the self-concept projected outwardly by others Apr 08 23:14
balzac egocracy Apr 08 23:14
balzac ego-ocracy Apr 08 23:14
balzac egoligarchy Apr 08 23:15
*balzac coins another keeper Apr 08 23:15
balzac egoligarchy of angstivists Apr 08 23:15
MinceR let’s add a few more random syllables Apr 08 23:17
balzac they’re not random, dumbass Apr 08 23:17
MinceR they might as well be, dumbass Apr 08 23:18
*balzac punches MinceR in the heart Apr 08 23:18
MinceR you missed. Apr 08 23:19
*magentar has quit (Remote closed the connection) Apr 08 23:19
MinceR now you hit magentar’s heart. Apr 08 23:20
__boo egoligophreny Apr 08 23:23
__boo are lgpl and gpl3 compatible? Apr 08 23:24
MinceR egoligophrenomy Apr 08 23:24
MinceR lgpl3 and gpl3 are compatible, iirc Apr 08 23:25
__boo it’s easy as that: egophobia Apr 08 23:25
MinceR egolobotomy Apr 08 23:25
__boo egophobia explains that all Apr 08 23:26
MinceR iirc lgpl3 is just gpl3 with one of the additional, optional terms that gpl3 allows, so you can use lgpl3 code in gpl3 code but not the other way around Apr 08 23:26
schestowitz Check out http://www.google.com/search?hl=en… Apr 08 23:26
schestowitz So many GNOTEs Apr 08 23:26
MinceR egoligamentophobia Apr 08 23:26
__boo wtf Apr 08 23:26
tacone schestowitz: so ? Apr 08 23:26
__boo yeah, i searched it already Apr 08 23:27
__boo when you were talkign about gnote Apr 08 23:27
schestowitz http://gitorious.org/projects/gnote “GNU General Public License version 3 (GPLv3)” Yum! Apr 08 23:27
schestowitz tacone: I was trying to find their logo Apr 08 23:27
schestowitz To promoyte Apr 08 23:27
__boo and found that too Apr 08 23:27
tacone their ? Apr 08 23:28
tacone are them already more than 1 poor guy ? Apr 08 23:28
MinceR why poor? Apr 08 23:28
tacone poor because alone in doing all the work Apr 08 23:28
__boo poor guys don’t make websites Apr 08 23:28
schestowitz 12 Mar 22:16 Apr 08 23:28
tacone and poor because unemployed. Apr 08 23:28
schestowitz [created Apr 08 23:28
__boo tacone, it doesn’t mean a thing Apr 08 23:29
__boo whether he’s employed constantly or working as a freelancer Apr 08 23:29
tacone …. Apr 08 23:29
__boo as a freelancer he’s even richer in spiritual meaning than employed Apr 08 23:29
tacone __boo: leave that alone. Apr 08 23:30
*silentivm has quit (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer)) Apr 08 23:30
__boo why? Apr 08 23:32
__boo tacone: Apr 08 23:32
tacone because i highly doubt he is fully into freelancing if he was layed off the previous month Apr 08 23:33
__boo oh come on Apr 08 23:33
tacone if he declared he is doing gnote out of boredom Apr 08 23:33
__boo it doesn’t matter what was the matter Apr 08 23:34
__boo but he’s doing something for himself Apr 08 23:34
tacone and because i said “poor” lightheartedly. i really don’t want to spend all the night discussing a word. Apr 08 23:34
__boo just don’t call poor a guy that has guts to do something on his own Apr 08 23:35
__boo poor are those who work as m$ slaves Apr 08 23:35
__boo even if they get much Apr 08 23:35
__boo poor are those who tend to stick to popular things Apr 08 23:36
__boo just to not to get out of flow Apr 08 23:37
tacone like apache ? Apr 08 23:37
__boo i don’t know about apache much, i was using it though 7 or so years ago to get grades on some subject Apr 08 23:38
MinceR gn Apr 08 23:45
__boo does anyone know any wolf bot irc channel on some server to play? Apr 08 23:50
__boo not ##jswolfbot here Apr 08 23:50
__boo it’s full of inadequate ops Apr 08 23:50
__boo mostly from ##windows Apr 08 23:51
MinceR what are windows guys doing here anyway? this isn’t the network of the Villain-Directed Projects Center! Apr 08 23:51
__boo where do you see windows guys? Apr 08 23:53
__boo MinceR Apr 08 23:53
__boo ? Apr 08 23:54
MinceR i thought they were on ##windows Apr 08 23:54
__boo who? Apr 08 23:54
MinceR and by “here” i meant freenode Apr 08 23:54
__boo exactly Apr 08 23:54
__boo i don’t see anyone in this channel that won’t get banned in ##windows sooner or later Apr 08 23:55
MinceR they’re supposed to use m$n messenger anyway, m$ has abandoned irc long ago :> Apr 08 23:55
__boo if he continues to prove his point Apr 08 23:56
__boo so name at least one? Apr 08 23:56
__boo MinceR Apr 08 23:56
__boo seems like an empty talk Apr 08 23:58
__boo and if you’re talking about freenode as not a “Villain-Directed Projects Center” then you’re wrong Apr 08 23:59
__boo i’ve seen enough of ##windows and #defocus Apr 08 23:59
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