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pombat42PetoKraus u can find libdvdcss (is that what u need?) in the mediaubuntu repositoriesOct 02 00:30
PetoKrauspombat42: debian here. it's in thoughOct 02 00:30
PetoKraus.orgOct 02 00:30's a deb package though so it should work..glad you located it!Oct 02 00:31
PetoKrauswell deb package doesn't mean it works ;) it has to be built againist compatible apis...Oct 02 00:31
pombat42trueOct 02 00:31
pombat42it looks pretty simple though. I wonder why they want to hide it :)Oct 02 00:32
PetoKrauswho?Oct 02 00:32
pombat42the various distribution makers. they kind of skirt the topic, carefullyOct 02 00:32
schestowitzThe Debian Company^TM Oct 02 00:33
schestowitzSue Debian! Sue the sky.Oct 02 00:33
PetoKrauswell its funny thoughOct 02 00:33
PetoKrausi like debian's approach much more than ubuntu'sOct 02 00:33
pombat42so do I. But I like ubuntu's ease of use and eye candyOct 02 00:33
PetoKrausubuntu asks you when you want to play mp3 to download the packagesOct 02 00:34
schestowitzIn Mandriva you just fetch a player with the codecs built in.Oct 02 00:34
PetoKraus(they are not included because patent bububu)Oct 02 00:34
PetoKrausschestowitz: "fetch" is my problemOct 02 00:34
PetoKrausyou can't fetch much without networkOct 02 00:34
schestowitzIs it not in Kaffeine?Oct 02 00:34
schestowitzOh, I see.Oct 02 00:34
PetoKrausdunnoOct 02 00:35
pombat42I didn't like Mandriva's approach. I might have done something wrong though but I ended up with some Codene (sp?) thing that wanted to sell them to meOct 02 00:35
PetoKrausanyway, when it has a chance, it prods you "install those proprietary drivers, you'll get a candy!"Oct 02 00:35
pombat42PetoKraus tis true..Oct 02 00:35
PetoKrausit lacks consistenceOct 02 00:35
schestowitzYes, but you don't have to. There are simpler and legal ways.Oct 02 00:36
pombat42I think Ubuntu is trying to please everyone at once.Oct 02 00:36
PetoKrauseither include mp3 and avi codecs by default, or don't prod me to install proprietary blobsOct 02 00:36
PetoKrausthe new ATI open source drivers are quite amazingOct 02 00:37
PetoKrausi had few lockups since i installed them (like, 3 lockups in 3 weeks), but that may be related to something else..Oct 02 00:38
schestowitzMaybe a Novell issue. :-)Oct 02 00:38
schestowitzIt'll work better with SUSE (SLED)Oct 02 00:39
pombat42Suse lost me when they screwed with YaST and made it horrible.Oct 02 00:39
schestowitzpacman for codecs at the time... quite messy, but not too bad.Oct 02 00:41
schestowitzVahis had some good reference pages and houghi the elitist sort of ruined SUSE for those who wanted polite advice.Oct 02 00:41
pombat42Yes. Pacman did a lot of ground breaking work with the multimedia stuff.Oct 02 00:42
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PetoKrausduhOct 02 01:16
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MinceRhayOct 02 06:04
MinceR 02 06:04
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schestowitzMinceR: Wi-Fi might be worse.Oct 02 06:52
MinceRor it might be harmless.Oct 02 06:53
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schestowitzI doubt it would be harmless, but maybe tolerable. A bit like using a microwave to some...Oct 02 06:58
kentma1when crt-based televisions were first introduced, they used to have to have large shields in front of the crt, because consumers were convinced, in spite of all scientific knowledge, that they'd be irradiated by the screen.Oct 02 07:05
schestowitzWhat about long-range wireless. It was disputed that it has an effect, but I think it was British schools that pondered banning it and some US college already do this. I'd admit I haven't researched this thoroughly.Oct 02 07:06
schestowitzA television does not broadcast (sends beams) unlike laptops or even house phones that are wireless /two/-way communication (unlike television or radio).Oct 02 07:08
kentma1the issue with the crt was the energy in the electrons as they strike the phosphor.  Above 30keV, then you get X-rays emitted, however, even large televisions never go above 25kV, so the issue was merely scientific misunderstandingOct 02 07:10
kentma1As far as radio is concerned, though, the energy levels are tiny compared with those in CRTs in televisions, but there are some real concerns about radiation very close to peopleOct 02 07:11
schestowitzYes, computer monitors too. It's not good on the eyes, eother.Oct 02 07:12
kentma1Radio emissions follow the inverse-square law, so RF field strength diminishes very rapidly as you move away from the signal source.Oct 02 07:13
schestowitzYes, that too. What makes cellphones so lethal (pardon my wording) is the proximity to a vital organ, especially when they transmit at a high intensity. Let me find something.Oct 02 07:15
schestowitzGot it. 02 07:16
kentma1house phones, like dect phones, use the 2.4GHz band, which is fairly close to the €µWave frequency which is used to heat water, which exploits a property of water molecules as they try to align with the field, and become more energetic in the process.Oct 02 07:18
kentma1€µWaves are on 2.45GHz.Oct 02 07:18
schestowitzMy in-law claimed this to be more harmful than cellphones, but I don't know this for sure. He designs chips, but not at the level of physics, so...Oct 02 07:20
kentma1The limit currently prescribed for phones is 1.6W/kg (of body!), which is a long way short of the several hundred to several thousand watts of a real €µWave.  IOct 02 07:20
schestowitzThresholds are likely to sometimes represent a compromise. I hope you're right (well, it's factual).Oct 02 07:28
schestowitzHmmmm.... Novell presents at Microsoft conference and not for the first time: 02 07:32
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schestowitzBailout even more expensive now: 02 08:24
schestowitzAnger: 02 08:30
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ZiggyFishschestowitz: heyOct 02 12:26
schestowitzHey, ZiggyFish, what's up?Oct 02 12:28
ZiggyFishjust interested in what is happening with OOXML (haven't been following it lately)Oct 02 12:32
zoobabthe spec in out in SC34Oct 02 12:33
zoobab"inside ISO"Oct 02 12:33
ZiggyFishis it officially a standard yet?Oct 02 12:33
schestowitzZiggyFish: I'm writing about it at the moment.Oct 02 12:38
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schestowitzI also sent info to PJ, who put up a pointer in GL. (Oh, he's gone)Oct 02 12:38
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twitterbail out: too little, too late and helping all the wrong people.Oct 02 14:02
schestowitzSocialism. Don't care about the far cat, do ya?Oct 02 14:03
schestowitz*fat catOct 02 14:03
_Dougit's not socialism if it bails out WallStreet ..Oct 02 14:04
_DougWho's to blame according to the Spectator mag: Clinton and the "left" :)Oct 02 14:05
schestowitz 02 14:05
_Dougbreaking news: Microsoft takes control of ODFOct 02 14:06
_Doug 02 14:06
schestowitzSo Todd Bishop is indeed gone. Gone GONE. 02 14:08
schestowitzYikes. "The committee membership is so tilted by Microsoft employees and such, if it were a boat, it would capsize. In fact, I'd say it already has. Of the 19 attendees, 8 are outright Microsoft employees or consultants, and 2 of them are Ecma TC45 members. So 10 out of 19 are directly controlled by Microsoft/Ecma. "Oct 02 14:12
MinceRwell, the maintainers of ODF could just decide to ignore Microsoft ISO(tm) from now on if that succeedsOct 02 14:13
schestowitzThe problem is that people like Durusau partly maintain it too, AFAIK. The whole thing is rigged.Oct 02 14:17
schestowitz 02 14:18
_Doug"One view was that ODF had served its purpose (to get MS formats out into the open) and should now declare victory before fading away gracefully"Oct 02 14:18
_DougMS to World: please fall on your own sword ..Oct 02 14:18
schestowitzThey call ODF a bargaining card. Given all the heads that flew over the past year+, it's clear that Microsoft is setting this deck.Oct 02 14:19
schestowitzBBC gives soapbox to its technology partner again: 02 14:22
_Doug"Who Loses If OpenXML Loses? ..Oct 02 14:23
_Doug 02 14:23
_Doug"National bodies lose an open and international forum for further work on DIS 29500"Oct 02 14:23
schestowitz 02 14:23
_Doug"Interoperability, Choice and Open XML .. A lot of hype – and smoke and mirrors obfuscation -- surrounds interoperability these days"Oct 02 14:25
_Doug 02 14:25
schestowitz"Its not about choosing but about having a choice"Oct 02 14:26
schestowitz 02 14:26
schestowitzWhere does the company manage to find and recruit so many pathological liars?Oct 02 14:27
kentmaschestowitz: I can answer that one, Sir... marketing graduates :-)Oct 02 14:27
_Dougsomething in the water ?Oct 02 14:27
schestowitzOr lawyers. :-)Oct 02 14:28
kentmahehe - that was my 2nd choice :-)Oct 02 14:28
schestowitz 02 14:28
_Doug"The only agenda is widespread support for the Office Open XML formats.", Jean PaoliOct 02 14:28
schestowitzHe wears an ECMA hat.Oct 02 14:29
schestowitzMicrosoft has more employees than one realises... ATL, ACT, CompTIA, LawMedia, BSA...Oct 02 14:29
schestowitz 02 14:30
schestowitz"That agreement was nearly imperiled last weekend, though. Gerri Elliott, corporate vice president at Microsoft’s Worldwide Public Sector division, sent an e-mail message to fellow commissioners Friday evening saying that she “vigorously” objected to a paragraph in which the panel embraced and encouraged the development of open source software and open content projects in higher education."Oct 02 14:30
_DougCan't watch this ..Oct 02 14:30
_Doug 02 14:30
_Dougneeds SilverLight ..Oct 02 14:30
kentma:-)Oct 02 14:31
schestowitzThat serves them well. Keeps hecklers out...Oct 02 14:31
_Dougwhat ever happened to interoperabilityOct 02 14:31
kentmalocked-out of watching videos about how to achieve lock-in heheOct 02 14:31
_Doug:)Oct 02 14:31
schestowitzIt's equally frustrating to GL when Microsoft says outrageous stuff but only to ignorant people.Oct 02 14:31
_Dougthe same old shuffle, dressed up in know duds !!Oct 02 14:31
kentmaknow == new?Oct 02 14:32
_Dougknew clothsOct 02 14:32
_DougnewOct 02 14:32
_Dougbrain fartOct 02 14:32
kentmadamn 'k' key just keeps getting in the kway :-)Oct 02 14:32
schestowitzGet Silverlight to learn about interop.... OOPS! No GNU/Linux version, no standard, no specs.Oct 02 14:32
_DougTradeMark€®Oct 02 14:33
kentma_Doug: you could always become a KDE developer...Oct 02 14:33
schestowitzSeeing how hard it is to imprison rich Americas for outright fraud (example from yesterday: ), I very much doubt anyone from Microsoft will go to prison for the scandals.Oct 02 14:34
_DougI am a guru, I don't actually code, I know how to do it, I just tell other people how to do it ..Oct 02 14:34
kentmaoh, I'm sure, I just meant that you could put 'k' in front of everything, then, and it wouldn't matter :-DOct 02 14:34
kentmayou can swear at me now if it'll help...Oct 02 14:35
_Dougseriously, go look it up: according to the press, it's all those lefties in Clintons administration who are to blame for the current crisis  ...Oct 02 14:35
_DougThat they killed a tree to typeup that garbage ..Oct 02 14:36
kentmawow... super-spin.Oct 02 14:36
schestowitzAccording to Microsoft, Netscape is to blame for its own 'failure;.Oct 02 14:36
kentmaI'm getting dizzy here.Oct 02 14:36
_Dougup is down, black is white, 'open source' is restrictive,Oct 02 14:36
schestowitzAmerica is a victim of nukes.Oct 02 14:37
_DougA relentless white wall of spin, for ever poring forth from the 'media' ..Oct 02 14:37
schestowitz /Whose/ media?Oct 02 14:38
_DougFaix news etc ..Oct 02 14:38
schestowitzFaux?Oct 02 14:39
_DougShock horror: Iran is trying to go NuclearOct 02 14:39
schestowitzKFaux?Oct 02 14:39
_DougLets sell Nuclear material to India :)Oct 02 14:39
schestowitzArms and IP. Top exports.Oct 02 14:40
schestowitzThey already /export' patents to India, ruining their industry remotely.Oct 02 14:40
schestowitzNow they can 'help' those other countries 'euthanise' one anotherOct 02 14:41
schestowitz : Save the Fat CatsOct 02 14:42
_Doug"Save the Fat Cats": well, at least it's being honest ..:)Oct 02 14:43
schestowitzPoor rich investors and fraudsters want your tax money, too. Work harder. Get a nigh job, too. Eh, twitter?Oct 02 14:44
_DougOf course, this current 'instability' will have no effect on the lifestyles of the 'rich-and-famious'Oct 02 14:45
_Dougit's just the little people that pay taxes - and go broke ..Oct 02 14:45
schestowitzOf course it /would/ have an effect. They would become more proud of their state and look down at *more* people.Oct 02 14:45
schestowitz"APPLE’S MAC PROS are purportedly emitting strange smells and choke-inducing benzene fumes according to numerous reports. We first got whiff of this story when a French paper, Libération, reported that Mac Pro users were reporting the unenticing smell of burning plastic wafting out of their shiny, sleek machines." -- 02 14:48
twitter 02 14:48
twitterOOXML people running ODF is Hypocrisy of first order.Oct 02 14:49
twitterBack when they rammed that stinking pile through ISO they claimed it was made for different reasons and served different purposes, never explained, than ODF did.Oct 02 14:50
schestowitzThey also attacked ODFOct 02 14:50
twitterMostly through proxy, right?Oct 02 14:51
twitterThey are still attacking ODF as owned by IBM, incomplete, etc.Oct 02 14:51
twitterAll huge fucking lies.Oct 02 14:51
schestowitzYes, but they also attacked directly.Oct 02 14:51
schestowitzAlex Brown makes fun ODF on a regular basis, Microsoft ran a 'Get the Facts' against ODF and uses shills against it. Let me get some linksOct 02 14:52
schestowitz 02 14:52
schestowitzApple "investigates" now... 02 14:54
schestowitzWhat's with PJ's headline? She could be more explicit. "The Microsoft-Stacked SC 34 Committee Makes a Move [...] In fact, I’d say it already has. Of the 19 attendees, 8 are outright Microsoft employees or consultants, and 2 of them are Ecma TC45 members. So 10 out of 19 are directly controlled by Microsoft/Ecma."Oct 02 14:55
zoobabISO/ECMA == Microsoft controlledOct 02 14:56
twitterThat's the OOXML people, not the ODF people.Oct 02 14:56
kentmadoes ODF have people in ECMA?Oct 02 14:57
schestowitzI modified it in Digg: 02 14:57
twitterWhere is the Groklaw history of ODF opposition.Oct 02 14:57
twitter?Oct 02 14:57
twitterThe way I read this news is that the OOXML panel is trying to suck the ODF panel under it's control.Oct 02 14:58
schestowitzIt's not news, but PJ shows it in context of recent development with evidence.Oct 02 14:59
schestowitzThey have been trying to do this or talked about it for months.Oct 02 14:59
twitterWell now they've demanded it.Oct 02 14:59
schestowitzzoobab: why is Sun so bl00dy quiet? Did Microsoft gag them somehow?Oct 02 15:01
MinceRperhaps sun has lost its directionOct 02 15:04
MinceRthey don't know which side to chooseOct 02 15:04
twitterGoogle, Sun, IBM, Open Office, KDE and the rest of the world will move on with ODF.  IBM has already threatened to leave ISO.Oct 02 15:04
twitterThe reaction to this news will come soon enough.Oct 02 15:05
zoobabSun did not want to invest fighting against OOXMLOct 02 15:05
zoobabprobably some MS moneyOct 02 15:05
schestowitzI'm asking this because zoobab didn't answer the last time I checked. They already gagged Novell.Oct 02 15:05
schestowitzzoobab: do you have any links about it?Oct 02 15:05
zoobabnopOct 02 15:05
zoobabnopeOct 02 15:05
schestowitzMarbux and Gary spoke about back door deals.Oct 02 15:05
zoobabI check what I haveOct 02 15:05
twitterNovell is not just gagged, they are liars.Oct 02 15:06
schestowitzBut it was speculation mostly.Oct 02 15:06
twittergotta jet.Oct 02 15:06
twitterback later.Oct 02 15:06
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schestowitzIBM also went mute the last week just before the final date (April 2nd)Oct 02 15:06
schestowitzOld spin: (Microsoft: Governments demanded OOXML)Oct 02 15:07
schestowitzLinus: the world demanded Linux, so I made it....Oct 02 15:07
schestowitz 02 15:08
schestowitz"All NB comments on OOXML calling for its harmonization with OpenDocument were rejected at the ballot resolution meeting in February and that decision was therefore ratified by the final vote to approve OOXML as an international standard without harmonization. In other words, the final ballot of the NBs rejected the harmonization of ODF and OOXML."Oct 02 15:09
schestowitz#Oct 02 15:09
schestowitzOn the date of the official announcement of the DIS-29500 ballot results, an IBM spokesman responded, " IBM will continue to be an active supporter of ODF. We look forward to being part of the community that works to harmonize ODF and OOXML for the sake of consumers, companies and governments, when OOXML control and maintenance is fully transferred to JTC1.”"Oct 02 15:09
schestowitz"Question: How did IBM know that "control and maintenance" of OOXML would involve work to harmonize OOXML with ODF prior to the April 9 SC 34 resolution?"Oct 02 15:10
schestowitz"Question: Does it seem reasonable to believe that Microsoft would lobby to successfully defeat NB comments calling for harmonization with OpenDocument at the ballot resolution meeting and win that issue in the final ballot yet quietly allow SC 34 to impose harmonization nonetheless, unless a deal had been made to that effect?"Oct 02 15:10
_DougHow many of Suns people are on the OASIS committee ?Oct 02 15:10
schestowitz"Occasionally silence speaks louder than words."Oct 02 15:11
zoobab 02 15:11
zoobabWe wish to make it completely clear thatOct 02 15:11
zoobabwe support DIS 29500 becoming an ISO Standard and are in completeOct 02 15:11
zoobabagreement with its stated purposes of enabling interoperabilityOct 02 15:11
zoobabamong different implementations and providing interoperable accessOct 02 15:11
zoobabto the legacy of Microsoft Office documents.Oct 02 15:11
schestowitz"Question: Why have all involved been so quiet about all this prior to an SC 34 decision being made?"Oct 02 15:11
schestowitz"A cynic might suggest that telling the world what you have done only after you have done it falls a fair bit short of the ideal in decision-making process transparency. It would be nice to be told that such issues are under discussion. Especially when all signs point to a back room deal before the final vote positions on OOXML were decided."Oct 02 15:11
zoobab 02 15:12
schestowitzzoobab: IBM cross-licences with Microsoft, right?Oct 02 15:14
schestowitz*licensesOct 02 15:14
_Doug"its stated purposes" since when ?Oct 02 15:16
_Doug"Status: Deleted" ?Oct 02 15:17
schestowitzThis recent one is ridiculous < >, but I can't help feeling that there remains at least a bit of proximity between these two companies. After all, IBM nodded in making the Novell/Microsoft deal, knowing that it would involve patents *AND* OOXML.Oct 02 15:17
schestowitzErwin left Sun several weeks ago. He's at SAP now.Oct 02 15:18
schestowitzbblOct 02 15:26
_Dougre: published notes of the most recent meeting held ..Oct 02 15:33
_Doug 02 15:33
_Dougmost of the links are password protected ..Oct 02 15:34
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EruaranhelloOct 02 15:48
_Doughello ..Oct 02 16:00
_Dougmost of these links are password protected ..Oct 02 16:01
_Doug 02 16:01
_Dougstrange that in an 'open' document ..Oct 02 16:01
EruaranI'm truly sick to death of Microsoft's corrupting influence over the entire industry. This recalcitrant and unreformable dinosaur must be destroyed.Oct 02 16:04
EruaranIt has to be war, nothing else will suffice.Oct 02 16:04
EruaranThey are at war, destroying everything that is good, everything that can benefit people, therefore we must be at war also. There must be no cooperation with them, ever. There must only be free and open softare and standards so that everyone can be free and move forward. There must be no compromise.Oct 02 16:09
_Dougtalk peace, make war ..Oct 02 16:12
_DougMS motto: you're just as evil as we are ..Oct 02 16:12
_DougGeorge Soros and the howling tree ..Oct 02 16:16
_Doug 02 16:16
_DougMicrosofts' David to Google's Goliath ..Oct 02 16:19
_Doug 02 16:19
_Doug(sorry, I am apostrophlexic)Oct 02 16:20
EruaranBBC has be co-opted by MicrosoftOct 02 16:20
_Doug"Do I wish we'd started the investment in search a few years earlier? Yes"Oct 02 16:21
_DougYou did, you were online some time before GoogleOct 02 16:21
Eruaran"But Mr Ballmer said an open-source solution would not be attractive to phone manufacturers, and predicted that Windows Mobile phones would stay ahead of Blackberry, Apple's iPhone and Google Android in the smartphone market."Oct 02 16:22
EruaranI take heart that Ballmer is delusional.Oct 02 16:22
_Doug"We probably missed the power of the advertising model, not so much the technology,"Oct 02 16:24
_Dougtranslation: without the advantage of total lock-in we have on the desktop, we're just another Internet companyOct 02 16:25
_Dougtranslation: we still haven't figured out how to sabatage Google on the desktop ..Oct 02 16:26
_DougAre 'Windows Mobile phones' ahead of Blackberrys ?Oct 02 16:27
_Doug"With their Windows PCs people have what I would call a love/hate relationship"Oct 02 16:27
_Doug"if you asked them if they loved what they're able to do with their PC, I think they'd say 'Yes'."Oct 02 16:28
_DougI browse, I email, I IM .. all of which I have been doing before MS innovated it ..Oct 02 16:28
_Doug"Microsoft (MSFT) today officially announced that it is launching its own Web-based search engine.", OCT 1997Oct 02 16:32
_Doug 02 16:32
_Doug"For very little investment, Microsoft can start generating the kind of clicks that translate directly into advertising dollars"Oct 02 16:33
_Doug 02 16:36
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EruaranmmmOct 02 16:53
*Eruaran has quit (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))Oct 02 16:53
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brunomiguelhello :)Oct 02 17:12
brunomiguelhow to justify pants down: 02 17:13
brunomigueland the pants down: 02 17:14
*brunomiguel ashamed: 02 17:14
zoobab 02 17:37
zoobabjust updated with the evil videoOct 02 17:37
zoobabI think the patent guys won't like it :-0Oct 02 17:38
schestowitz_Doug: I saw the password-protected issue some days ago. Try following links in 02 18:01
schestowitzWhy is the BBC still advertising Microsoft for free? *sigh* I wrote this one earlier: (hopefully I'll write about it in too)Oct 02 18:04
schestowitzGood video, zoobab. I'll use it.Oct 02 18:07
schestowitzDo you already have Ogg?Oct 02 18:08
schestowitzRe: Sun .... I found out: "Sun voted against OOXML and fought it as much as they could, considering the "peace pact" with Microsoft hindered them somewhat."Oct 02 18:17
*ml2mst (i=5265cae6@gateway/web/ajax/ has joined #boycottnovellOct 02 18:44
schestowitzHey, marti.Oct 02 18:47
ml2mstHi Roy ;-)Oct 02 18:47
ml2mstSorry for entering #bn, but need adviceOct 02 18:48
ml2mstshestowitz: the colatrolls are trying to pull me to the dark side, of course I don't fall for itOct 02 18:49
schestowitzDon't be sorry, Everyone's welcome.Oct 02 18:49
schestowitzDark side?Oct 02 18:49
schestowitzHave they invited you to Sweaty's dungeon?Oct 02 18:50
ml2mstschestowits: yes being friendly to me, but I don't buy itOct 02 18:50
ml2mstlol :-)Oct 02 18:50
ml2mstSchestowitz: should I tell how I feel or just ignore them?Oct 02 18:51
ml2mstI temporary released them from the Bin bucketOct 02 18:51
schestowitzThey try to divide.Oct 02 18:51
schestowitzDivisive things is what they tried many time before, even with Peter K. Gary Stewart used the waterskidoo nym to divide a lot.Oct 02 18:52
ml2mstYup, that's crystal clearOct 02 18:52
ml2mstWhat is your advice, should I respond or simply ignore them? I know exactly what thei're up toOct 02 18:53
schestowitzIt's not just COLA BTW. Microsoft is doing this for real in many places like committees.Oct 02 18:53
schestowitzYou befriend s portion and use that to portray the rest as "anti" or "extreme" and stir things up with insults and provocation.Oct 02 18:53
schestowitzJust ignore them. Not seeing them makes it much easier.Oct 02 18:54
schestowitz*sigh* SYS-con  and the Maureen O'Gara shill are spamming Google again.Oct 02 18:55
ml2mstCorrect, I almost have a full time job on it on Dutch Forums. They call me the Stallmanextremist and Boycottnovell movement...Oct 02 18:55
schestowitzLikes of junk text appended, attacks on Stallman from Shill O'Gara... the same old routine. Google should just ban them as it may have done some time ago.Oct 02 18:55
schestowitzml2mst: spend your time not being distracted (reading or replying) to trolls. That's what they would want -- for you to be taken off the rail.Oct 02 18:56
ml2mstSchestowitz, they will never take me of the rail. I will never buy it.Oct 02 19:00
ml2mstThey say something friendly to me and use it to attack fellow "good" posters like HPT and Chris (Linonut).Oct 02 19:01
schestowitzJust don't read what they write. IMHO. It makes it less likely they'll change the subject or receive attention.Oct 02 19:02
ml2mstSchestowitz: it's all in the "New Free album treat".Oct 02 19:03
ml2mstSchestowitz: thank you very much for your advice, will return to #BN using kirc when I have something to contribute.Oct 02 19:04
*seller_liar ( has joined #boycottnovellOct 02 19:05
seller_liarinterview with stallmanOct 02 19:07
seller_liar 02 19:07
schestowitzthanks, ml2mst Oct 02 19:09
schestowitzseller_liar: does he say something exceptional? He's a friend of your Culture Minister.Oct 02 19:11
seller_liarno ,this interview is made in 2002Oct 02 19:11
schestowitzOh.Oct 02 19:14
seller_liarthe use is for archive purposes and enlightmentOct 02 19:14
schestowitzThe Microsoft talking points attack him over the cloud things ATM (Guardian interview)Oct 02 19:14
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*_Doug has quit (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))Oct 02 19:50
*_Doug (n=_Doug@ has joined #boycottnovellOct 02 20:17
_DougLinux booting in five seconds ..Oct 02 20:34
_Doug 02 20:34
schestowitzSome boot in less than one second.Oct 02 20:35
*PetoKraus has quit ("The purpose of IRC is to...IDLE...")Oct 02 20:35
schestowitzchromatic in with the news... been known for a while and still a good sign nonetheless.Oct 02 20:36
schestowitz Looks nice. I installed KDE4's karamba today. Amazing software!Oct 02 20:39
_Doug'In a "glitch" that apparently remains to be explained, the stock price tookOct 02 20:51
_Douga horrendous dive in the last few minutes'Oct 02 20:51
_Doug 02 20:51
_Doug 02 20:53
_Doug"ATM reprogramming scam; Two arrested "Oct 02 20:53
schestowitzSome kids hacked it with an MP3 player (USB)Oct 02 20:54
schestowitz 02 20:54
_DougIf bridges failed as often as 'software' there would be a hugh outrcy in the media, yet when it happens to 'computers' .. nothing ..Oct 02 20:55
schestowitzDell finally presents the Ubuntu PCs as it sees them (*ahem* patents tax): 02 20:55
schestowitz_Doug: the media assumes computers crash spontaneously, just like the ones reporters use.Oct 02 20:56
_Dougthe media assumes 'computers' are supposed to crash, they've been trained to expect it . :)Oct 02 20:57
schestowitz "Elementary, my dear Watson. Except for people who believe that a jumper is as evil as the communism."Oct 02 20:57
_Doughalf the room at work decided to not connect to the Internet anymore ..Oct 02 20:58
schestowitz_Doug: training at school, you mean?Oct 02 20:58
_DougWhen the machines reboot, there's some new processes showing up .. what gives .. is this happening anywher else ?Oct 02 20:58
schestowitzWintel press: the Internet is dangerous, E-mail is untrusted (well, with over 100 billion SPAM per day coming from Windows zombies...)Oct 02 20:59
_Dougno, the machines on the left half of the room can't connect to the InternetOct 02 20:59
schestowitzTranslation: botnets can't connect to half the room.Oct 02 20:59
schestowitzThat may explain why only about 40% (says USA Today) of all computers are zombies.Oct 02 21:00
_Dougwlloginproxy.exe .. keeps poping up, and winmsnger keeps poping up ..Oct 02 21:00
_Dougsessmgr.exe and wlloginproxy.exe were not their last week, I know cause I'm paranoid ..Oct 02 21:02
schestowitzIt resurrects self?Oct 02 21:02
_Dougyep at reboot ..Oct 02 21:02
schestowitzWell, IRC is not encryptedOct 02 21:03
schestowitzAssume everything may be read because a lot of the traffic is monitored these days.Oct 02 21:03
_DougIt's not as if anything I have to say is private :)Oct 02 21:03
schestowitz[H]omer got himself a proxy in Russia.Oct 02 21:03
schestowitz"...When men were men and cares about their privacy..."Oct 02 21:04
schestowitz*CaredOct 02 21:04
_DougSSDP is running .. it's just there are so many holes ..Oct 02 21:04
_DougI'll send you a screen shot of a newly boot machine ..Oct 02 21:05
schestowitz1. Fire X employees 2. Wait 3 months 3. Hire 2X cheap labour employees elsewhere ... 4. Profit! 02 21:05
_Dougtime to go ..Oct 02 21:05
*_Doug has quit ()Oct 02 21:05
*trmanco has quit ("I just hit the close button :)")Oct 02 21:48
MinceRgnOct 02 22:13
*AVRS2 has quit ()Oct 02 22:19
*PetoKraus ( has joined #boycottnovellOct 02 22:36
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