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MinceRgnNov 04 00:36
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twitterIt has been a slow day for the trolls at Slashdot.  There were a few scrubbing the comments section but they seem to have left me alone all day.  Yesterday, they used a lot of mod points and they also made sure every firehose submission of mine was invisible.  Today, next to nothing.Nov 04 01:15
Eruaranhello allNov 04 01:16
EruaranWindows 7 new killer feature: Windows Libraries... What is that do you say ? Its... mount points.Nov 04 01:16
schestowitzUSENET trolls are down too. Others pointed that out.Nov 04 01:17
Eruaran"I can see Russia from my house" - Sarah Palin (The Saturday Night Live version ;)Nov 04 01:21
schestowitz:-)Nov 04 01:45
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ZiggyFish1Melbourn Cups on todayNov 04 02:22
tessierschestowitz: Why do you think trolls are down?Nov 04 02:31
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tessierschestowitz: 04 03:22
tessierRather funnyNov 04 03:22
EruaranI like itNov 04 03:50
tessier "Teaching children to use Windows is like teaching them to smoke tobacco—in a world where only one company sells tobacco."Nov 04 04:06
tessierHe must sit around all day thinking these things up. That's a great analogy.Nov 04 04:06
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yuhongI am no fan of the Windows-related coverage on Boycott Novell.Nov 04 05:22
yuhongBut I do like the MS, Novell, and Linux coverage on it.Nov 04 05:22
yuhongI don't think Windows will die anytime soon, but I don't like MS taxing Linux when it is not theirs.Nov 04 05:23
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schestowitztessier: thanks for the link. I think the analogy is similar to old ones he used.Nov 04 08:09
schestowitz "I just heard that Novell is designing the OS for Windows 7. I live in Provo Utah and heard it from an insider that Novell is designing it w/ a flavor of Linux. I guess that M$ even admits that NT is loaded w/ security and stability issues."Nov 04 08:12
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schestowitz "With more and more countries aggressively moving to embrace free and open source software, it appears that Microsoft is using its own money to its advantage, such as with this agreement to hand over $60 million to South Korea to get it to use its software, rather than the alternatives. "Nov 04 09:01
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MinceRgeekingsNov 04 09:09
schestowitz "On the day that Barack Obama's maternal grandmother, Madelyn Dunham, died in Hawaii, the California Republican Party filed a complaint about the Democratic nominee's recent trip to see her."Nov 04 09:25
schestowitzObama's grandmother dies of cancer at 86 <  > "The death of Madelyn Dunham, coming a day before the election, introduced a somber note in the closing hours of Obama's historic presidential bid. Dunham, who was Obama's closest remaining relative, died at her Hawaii home from cancer, his campaign said."Nov 04 09:30
kentma1I wonder how long MS will be able to afford to pay people to use their software.  This has a Cnut feel to it.Nov 04 09:36
schestowitzThey approach debt, they cut expenses, sack employees, and I imagine that they are in for some rough times. Crazy spree of acquiring competitors won't do anymore.Nov 04 09:37
schestowitzGoogle/Yahoo negotiations back on: But another MS insider: 04 09:38
schestowitzHard times for Sun... Maybe good for Linux though.. "aimed primarily at getting Solaris shops to move to IBM servers running Linux.."Nov 04 09:53
schestowitzThe liars at IDC are out with 'numbers' again (/which/ numbers), contradicting figures that over 40% of the sub-notebooks run GNU/Linux: 04 10:25
schestowitzCircuit City to Close 155 Stores < >. Maybe they got VistaChannelStuffedNov 04 10:32
schestowitzIs Ubuntu killing other distributions? < >Nov 04 10:42
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reversebladeHey guysNov 04 13:05
reversebladeYOU ARE BUNCH OF IDIots!!Nov 04 13:05
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schestowitzHow not to advocate freedom (anger!): 04 13:38
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schestowitzFailure for the bribing chaps/champs: Intel dumps ultrawideband research < >Nov 04 14:42
schestowitzIt's official: Siemens sells out to Fujitsu < >Nov 04 14:46
MinceRgoodNov 04 14:49
schestowitzWait for this.Nov 04 14:49
MinceRi wasn't too fond of siemens quality.Nov 04 14:49
schestowitzI know you don't like Apple, so... Apple iPod, iPhone wonk: iQuit? < >Nov 04 14:49
schestowitzMore room for the heaps of Linux-powered players.Nov 04 14:49
schestowitzSiemans = corruption and bribery. They are the champs at that.Nov 04 14:49
schestowitz*SiemensNov 04 14:50
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schestowitzIBM VP of open source says "Requires Silverlight? Err, no thanks." < > He said the same things about Mono, which he wanted removed.Nov 04 15:17
schestowitzCloud computing cartoon: Nov 04 15:30
schestowitz 04 15:30
MinceRlolNov 04 15:31
schestowitz"Thin" sounds unhealthy. "Cloud" sounds nice and fluffy.Nov 04 15:32
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twitterI agree, anger is bad.  I like the way RMS delivers the news better.Nov 04 17:13
twitterThen again, I don't know every audience.Nov 04 17:13
twitterand there are a lot of angry people in the world.Nov 04 17:14
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twitterThe netbook article from IDC was a well laid egg.  They planted that Slashdot story yesterday which mistakenly claimed 70% of all Asus EEPCs sold were the XP model.  The real figure given was shipped and that too may have been a lie.Nov 04 18:00
twitterThen a week or two ago they had that big lie about more people returning their Linux netbook than their XP netbook.Nov 04 18:00
twitterZip, zip, zip, three big lies to keep people away from GNU/Linux.Nov 04 18:01
twitterThe real story was that EEEPC sold like hot cakes and people loved them before M$ put their paws on it.Nov 04 18:02
twitterM$ crushed them by corrupting Xandros, Asus, and through their usual retail chain manipulation.Nov 04 18:03
twitterThe result was harmful to everyone but M$.  Xandros has gone nowhere.  Asus saw 14.4% less profit this year than last and retail chains are going under left and right.Nov 04 18:04
twitter:)Nov 04 18:08
twitterThe trolls were around yesterday.  They tried to attribute Adolf Hitroll to me. 04 18:09
twitterThat pretty much confirms that Adolf Hitroll is another nym of the usual suspects.Nov 04 18:10
schestowitzbrbNov 04 18:58
trmanco 04 19:02
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schestowitzAre preliminary results due by midnight? is MaCain (& Camp) still accusing Obama of being a Bahaii with the middle name Adolf? Or slamming him for visiting his dying granda? Or attributing pigs with lipstick to Palin?Nov 04 19:16
schestowitztessier: these stats totally leave out OS X users. Good.Nov 04 19:17
schestowitzThis is not the end of capitalism < >Nov 04 19:27
schestowitzAnother BillG fantasy going down (other ones being SPOT watch and Surface, both of which failed): Ray Ozzie ticks off Tablet PC fans < >Nov 04 19:32
schestowitz Good thing we have DIRAC.Nov 04 19:55
schestowitz "So we decided to catch up with one of the man behind the project, George Wright who is Portofolio Manager at Research and Innovaton. If Flash isn't your style we have the same video in Mpeg4, Ogg Theora and Ogg Dirac. "Nov 04 19:56
MinceRwhy are those provisions bad?Nov 04 19:59
MinceRit seems to me that it merely means that on2 waives its rights to those patentsNov 04 20:00
schestowitzI'm not sure. Defence?Nov 04 20:00
MinceRgranted, putting them into the public domain would be preferableNov 04 20:00
schestowitzYesNov 04 20:00
twitterHigh prices on touch screens have been in M$'s favor because free software rocks there.  I'd love to have a tablet PC and load it with GPE as a window manager for tablet mode.Nov 04 20:08
MinceRi'm waiting for the Eee PC with touchscreenNov 04 20:09
twitterSee the Xandros section on BN today.  M$ has pretty much ruined EEEPCNov 04 20:10
schestowitz + = 04 20:10
schestowitzEee PC... they call it "race to the bottom"Nov 04 20:11
schestowitzThen Microsoft pulled them over... raised Eee PC from $200 to $600. Idiocy.Nov 04 20:11
MinceRit's still the most desirable netbook to me :>Nov 04 20:12
MinceRespecially the 901Nov 04 20:13
MinceRwith almost 8 hours of operational time on batteryNov 04 20:13
schestowitzWaste, by design: Is Motorola Trying To Ban Reselling Phones? < >Nov 04 20:13
schestowitzAnd more digital obsolescence: Can anyone still buy a HDDVD player to play told films that will 'expire'?Nov 04 20:14
twitterYour touch screen device comes with the M$ Tax.  Good luck getting it to work with GNU/Linux 04 20:14
schestowitzMinceR: the machines get as HDD, hungry processor etc. because of Windows. Battery life will suffer universally. What we need to do is wait for ARM. Real soon now...Nov 04 20:15
MinceRthe linux version has SSDNov 04 20:15
schestowitzYes, but it's more scarce.Nov 04 20:16
twitterThe HD specs can expire your display too.  Staying far away from that whole market.  Going for nice projector/mythTV.Nov 04 20:16
MinceRtwitter: that's not the device i meant... i see little point in these "all-in-one" desktopsNov 04 20:16
twitterI see it as a large Palm device or a small notebook.  I like pen interfaces.Nov 04 20:17
schestowitzDRM 'champions' get the axe:  Video games giant to axe 500 jobs < >Nov 04 20:17
schestowitzThat's just a month+ after Microsoft had given the boot to Ensemble.Nov 04 20:17
twitter901 is being phased out, isn't it?Nov 04 20:17
MinceRit might beNov 04 20:18
MinceRas it's under 10"Nov 04 20:18
schestowitzI still have my Pam Tungsten.Nov 04 20:18
MinceRi have a palm tungsten e2 but it's dead alreadyNov 04 20:18
schestowitzIt's good for traveling... full-sized keyboard.Nov 04 20:18
MinceRrefused to boot any more after a year and a monthNov 04 20:18
twitterI still have my Handspring Visor and used it till a year ago.Nov 04 20:18
MinceRi have a qtek 9100Nov 04 20:19
twitterIt does not sync well anymore.Nov 04 20:19
MinceR(and a dell inspiron 9400)Nov 04 20:19
MinceRoh, so the Top was the Eee PC that was supposed to have a touchscreen, not a netbook :(Nov 04 20:20
twitterAll of my desktop PIM has gone multi file for everything.  To keep track of things on my next job, I'm going to be using my 6 year old Zaurus.Nov 04 20:20
MinceRi'm hoping i can replace the qtek 9100 with a proper linux-based pda/phone soonNov 04 20:20
twitterWho knows what Asus will do next.  Xandros is probably out of the question but M$ is a sinking ship too.  Asus might turn around after seeing Vista 7.Nov 04 20:23
schestowitzThere will be a thin v7 version.Nov 04 20:23
schestowitzSomething in iTWire suggested so.Nov 04 20:24
schestowitzSo they fragment Vista 7, just like Windows Mobile. Bad choice.Nov 04 20:24
twitterCoke Zero, there's got to be a good way to compare V7 thin to zero.Nov 04 20:25
twitterYou don't think they can really trim down their restrictions and spyware idiocy to something small and usable do you?Nov 04 20:25
twitterMaybe that's how they will make demo units ...Nov 04 20:26
trmanco 04 20:26
trmancoTheora 1.0 final release!Nov 04 20:26
twittercoolNov 04 20:28
twitterThanks, Roy, for sharing the $200 Asus link 04 20:28
twitterThat's encouraging.Nov 04 20:28
trmanco 04 20:30
schestowitzHow to resolve poor choice of a platform, which leads to Pentagon zombie PCs? Find a scapegoat, put him/her in Guantanamo Bay...  MPs want UK jail time for hacker < >Nov 04 20:30
schestowitz "We've made the point before that as good as Google's Chrome browser is, many users will still want to stick with Firefox because of how incredibly useful Firefox extensions are. "Nov 04 20:31
schestowitzMozilla prepares final resting place for Firefox 2 < >Nov 04 20:31
schestowitzMinceR would *LOVE* that: ( Apple May Cut IPhone 3G Production by 40 Percent )Nov 04 20:33
schestowitzHypePhone -> HidePhone.Nov 04 20:33
schestowitzProblems With E-Voting Reported Early in Battleground States < >: The result of Bush-imposed dumbing-down of procurement, leading to Diebold/Windows epic fail.Nov 04 20:35
twitterepic fraud.Nov 04 20:44
twitterNaomi Wolf thinks mass arrests are not far off.Nov 04 20:45
schestowitzWell, some crazy people actually protest against the war, so..Nov 04 20:46
twitterGuantanamo Bay type prisons have been erected in all 50 states, supposedly for illegal immigrantsNov 04 20:47
schestowitzChinese people RMS spoke about the other day..Nov 04 20:48
twitterdissidents have been identified, the lists have been used for further spying.  They can be used for jail.Nov 04 20:49
twitterCan't have freedom interfering with corporate profits and US conquest.Nov 04 20:52
schestowitzCharles goes for Obama in a long essay: "I hope and think that this man could be Barack Obama."  < >Nov 04 20:56
schestowitzI was impressed to find Gilmore encouraging people to fight the "copyrights cartel": 04 20:58
twitterGillmore, a softie?Nov 04 20:59
twitterThey usually rail at "content" vendors while doing their every wish.  M$ wants control.Nov 04 21:00
schestowitzNo Softie. 04 21:07
schestowitzJust my typos.Nov 04 21:07
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schestowitzBlod here: 04 21:08
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schestowitz*BlogNov 04 21:08
twittercool stuff.  you would almost expect someone like that to hate copyright.Nov 04 21:09
twitterthen again, the only person who could love copyright as it is are MPAA/RIAA types.Nov 04 21:10
twitterHa ha, Dibold accused of violating GPL 04 21:12
schestowitzMany companies violate it. GPL reigns.Nov 04 21:13
schestowitzThey need to play nice, otherwise Freedom will kill them in the rear. McAfee and VMware too..Nov 04 21:13
schestowitz "I don’t like how Ubuntu is “contributing” to translations. For Slovenian translations it is the distribution with the worst translations. And why this is so? Because they don’t use the high quality translations from upstream, like any other normal distribution does."Nov 04 22:06
*trmanco has quit ("I just hit the close button :)")Nov 04 22:07
schestowitzTech layoffs: The scorecard (updated) < >Nov 04 22:34
schestowitzScare tactics: What's in your app? < >Nov 04 22:44
MinceRgnNov 04 23:02
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