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twitterSeller_liar, "and because is better to use a free browser respect user privacity"Dec 17 01:23
twitterhmmm, a browser can't protect someone from a rooted OS.Dec 17 01:24
twitterHappy Birthday.  How old are you, Roy?Dec 17 01:34
schestowitz27 :-(Dec 17 01:40
twitterwhy so sad?Dec 17 01:42
schestowitzNo, not sad. Either way, I used to be the young one.Dec 17 01:44
twitterPhD by age 27 is not bad.Dec 17 01:54
twitterI've been older than one of my teachers.Dec 17 01:55
schestowitzI could have finished at 24Dec 17 01:56
schestowitzThen I found too many distractionsDec 17 01:56
schestowitzActually, I warned my dad when I was 21 (could probably still find those mails) that the Internet could have me occupy a lot more time doing 'other things'Dec 17 01:57
schestowitz\gnDec 17 02:15
twittergood nightDec 17 02:20
dsmith_wpw PH'dDec 17 02:27
dsmith_impressiveDec 17 02:27
dsmith_especially by 27Dec 17 02:27
twitterRMS picks up Michael Lewis, a man who knows Wall Street.  His books are older but should be read if you want to understand the den of thieves. 17 02:33
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twitterWow, that was a great read.Dec 17 03:58
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schestowitzWall Street Casino: come lose your money, the drinks are complimentary.Dec 17 09:16
MinceRgeekingsDec 17 09:39
schestowitzCandy Reagan... 17 11:10
schestowitzInternet gambling mogul surrenders $300m in guilty plea < >Dec 17 11:59
schestowitzJobs walking away..? "Is 2009 going to mark the end of Macworld Expo? Apple has turned its back on the annual pilgrimage: Steve Jobs won't be giving the keynote in January, and it'll be the last time the company exhibits."Dec 17 12:04
schestowitzExpect logjam of cell phone calls at Obama inauguration < >. "Hundreds of thousands of Americans are planning to converge on the National Mall on January 20 to witness the historic moment when Barack Obama takes the oath of office." The National Mall is impressive (I was there 2 years ago for IEEE conference where I presented).Dec 17 12:11
schestowitzZombies brewing... Zero day exploit for Internet Explorer is spreading < >Dec 17 12:48
schestowitzWorst EU Lobbying Awards 2008 Winners and runners-up < >Dec 17 12:54
schestowitzWall Street Journal is shamed for FUD: "Called edge caching, it's a practice that has been used for years and has nothing to do with network neutrality." < > NBC also vilified: 17 12:57
schestowitz "Computer security experts are advising users of Microsoft's Internet Explorer to switch to another web browser until a major security flaw is fixed."Dec 17 13:01
schestowitz"Economics is extremely useful as a form of employment for economists." -- John Kenneth GalbraithDec 17 13:10
schestowitzSent by a reader last night: "It strikes me that the entire stock market was one gigantic Ponzi scheme. Parish maybe quite correct in his analysis, like a lot of things  “everyone” may have been doing it, but MS only did it better, as in they were never found out. Notice also how he said this ten years ago ..."Dec 17 13:13
schestowitz"As dyed in the wool techie I was always skeptical about the magic Black–Scholes formula for determining an options price. Al they did was borrow a few mathematical terms from physics and re-hash them for stocks. Unlike the stock-market, there is no free lunch in the physical world. "Dec 17 13:14
schestowitz"It's known as entropy, as in you can't create energy, you only get to move it around. Actually in quantum-physics, in order for a particle to tunnel into the nucleus of an atom it has to 'borrow' energy from the future, maybe the mathematics of the stock-market wasn't so screwy after all."Dec 17 13:14
schestowitz"So there you are Roy, go out and invent the quantum_tunnel version of B-S and you'll be famous. The trick is, to make it so complicated that no-one understands it  .:) "The Black–Scholes PDE is a partial differential equation" < > < > < > "Dec 17 13:14
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schestowitz "The NYPD wants all 1,000 Police Academy recruits trained to use M4 automatic machine guns - which are now carried only by the 400 cops in its elite Emergency Service Unit - in time for the holiday celebration in Times Square."Dec 17 13:25
schestowitz"APPLE which bases mucho of its marketing on the fact that its rivals crash a lot, has just released an update for its Mac OS X that... er, crashes a lot. The 10.5.6 update for Mac OS X, Leopard  was declared perfect and holy in the sight of Steve Jobs and was eagerly downloaded by fanboys everywhere." 17 13:27
schestowitz"It seems that Stark feels guilty that he threw another human being to the wolves.  Anyway he is using the situation to show Karen how wonderful Linux is.  At one point he was going to pop around and install it on her computer." < >Dec 17 13:29
schestowitz "A DEPARTMENT FOR TRANSPORT 'cost-cutting' computer system has left taxpayers having to spend more after it started to talk German."Dec 17 13:31
schestowitzRory and his friends at MSBBC, Microsoft spinners: ""it would not be advisable," he said,"to send people from one vulnerability (in Internet Explorer) to multiple vulnerabilities."" < >Dec 17 13:33
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Omar87hi allDec 17 13:34
schestowitzHe's slammed in the comments.Dec 17 13:34
Omar87schestowitz: Did you read about that stupid teacher who accused Ken Starks of involvement in illegal activities? :DDec 17 13:35
schestowitzYesDec 17 13:36
schestowitz"It seems that Stark feels guilty that he threw another human being to the wolves.  Anyway he is using the situation to show Karen how wonderful Linux is.  At one point he was going to pop around and install it on her computer." < >Dec 17 13:36
ModplanManas the first comment says " I bet he is... ^^"Dec 17 13:38
schestowitzModplanMan: in the Beeb?Dec 17 13:40
schestowitzThe author of that blog, Rory, is a buddy of Microsoft employees. He writes about his meetups with them quite occasionally.Dec 17 13:41
ModplanMannah, I mean the teacher/linux storyDec 17 13:41
ModplanManand yeah, it does seem odd that the blog suddenly decided to pick up on such a non-story as an IE security holeDec 17 13:42
schestowitzNo, I think that's true.Dec 17 13:42
schestowitzHis made her (in)famous.Dec 17 13:42
schestowitzHe wrote angrily in a blog that addresses a niche but it became mainstream. it would make a good followup story.Dec 17 13:42
ModplanManooo, who knows - a whole school turned because of a student and a blogDec 17 13:43
schestowitzWhile Microsoft loses billions, Nintendo is awash with money.. 17 13:48
ModplanManit really does seem odd to me how anyone can paint the picture for the competitors (especially the black hole that has been the Xbox brand for 2 generations) as anything but darkDec 17 13:50
ModplanManThe Wii is completely opposed in strategy in business model, and is so successful that the only thing competitors can do is try and do a complete turn around from what they're doing nowDec 17 13:51
schestowitzThey both lost hope. To make matters worse, the economy is now working well for Nintendo. Sony and MS can just dump, dump, dump (bigger losses).Dec 17 13:55
ModplanManExactly. Development costs are also a lot high on 360 and PS3 - another way the economy helps themDec 17 13:57
schestowitzSame with cellphones and sub-notebooks ARMDec 17 13:58
schestowitz*ATMDec 17 13:58
Omar87By the way, I tried PS 3 about a week ago at my friend's place. And honestly, as I was playing, the only expression in my mind was that the console isn't worth penny of it's price.Dec 17 13:58
schestowitz$600?Dec 17 13:58
Omar87It's just another PS2 in a new shape, nothing really new.Dec 17 13:59
ModplanManit's dropped a bit since then, around the $3-400 mark since thenDec 17 13:59
schestowitzModplanMan: yes, I know.Dec 17 13:59
schestowitzOmar87: more polygons... and that 'new' technology that renders your old discs obsolete.Dec 17 14:00
Omar87schestowitz: Exactly.Dec 17 14:00
Omar87Nothing exceptionally new.Dec 17 14:00
schestowitzThe economy is -blooming- b00ming.. Canon Postpones Construction of Digital Camera Factory < >Dec 17 14:01
ModplanManexcept blu ray and cell which you need more than anything and will definitely need within 10 years according to sonyDec 17 14:01
Omar87The console can't even prepare an omelet dish for breakfast.. lol. :)Dec 17 14:02
schestowitzA lot of people do fine with aged architecture.Dec 17 14:03
schestowitzEven CPU-intensive stuff like video editing moves to the server, so thin ARM chips can serve as a fine and mobile front end.Dec 17 14:03
schestowitzOmar87:  not true. 17 14:05
Omar87So far, I haven't noticed any real change in the graphic effects and stuff.Dec 17 14:05
schestowitzWait.. it was removed..Dec 17 14:05
ModplanManlulz, play portal and have breakfast?Dec 17 14:05
Omar87schestowitz: Too bad.. -_-Dec 17 14:06
schestowitzHere: 17 14:06
schestowitzRemoved by user.Dec 17 14:07
schestowitz You can fry an egg on a GPU < >Dec 17 14:07
schestowitzHere's one: 17 14:08
ModplanManwow. GPL'd egg frying app soon?Dec 17 14:09
schestowitzcheck it out how hot is our computer when we installed a Nvidia 9800 GXS, we can even fry eggs on it... < >Dec 17 14:10
schestowitzIf it's Sony, you can do BBQ on it too: 17 14:11
ModplanManshall have to remember that for the summer, everyone outside with the laptops and some frozen burgersDec 17 14:13
ModplanMan oppertunity for uk copyright law to be rectified, even just a tiny bitDec 17 14:17
schestowitzHow does NPD know which PCs run Linux (they surely know nothing about OEM pressure tactics)? 17 14:17
ModplanManthey most likely only track the sales, rather than try to keep track specifically of who runs whatDec 17 14:24
ModplanManthat 7 percent is most likely from netbooks/notebooks - shame they don't properly mention LinuxDec 17 14:25
Omar87LOL, Lap top fires! Okay, this is hilarious! :DDec 17 14:27
schestowitzModplanMan: it's NPD... I could show you what they did before.Dec 17 14:31
ModplanManwhat did they do before?Dec 17 14:34
schestowitzLet me dig up in my refsDec 17 14:38
schestowitzVista: better than expectedDec 17 14:54
schestowitz,----[ Quote ]Dec 17 14:54
schestowitz| But wait! The NPD Group? Isn't it that market research firm whichDec 17 14:54
schestowitz| spotted the opportunities offered by the corporate movie and musicDec 17 14:54
schestowitz| companies from afar and almost overnight became an expert on p2pDec 17 14:54
schestowitz| file sharing with, "highly questionable statistics blatantlyDec 17 14:54
schestowitz| slanted towards the entertainment cartels?"Dec 17 14:54
schestowitz`----Dec 17 14:54
schestowitz 17 14:54
schestowitzEarly Vista Sales Don't Tell the Whole StoryDec 17 14:54
schestowitz,----[ Quote ]Dec 17 14:54
schestowitz| To be clear: The missing information is to be expected, and I don'tDec 17 14:54
schestowitz| mean to reflect poorly on Swenson or NPD. Research firms aren't inDec 17 14:54
schestowitz| the business of giving away information to the news media, butDec 17 14:54
schestowitz| selling it to clients. The information provided to the pressDec 17 14:54
schestowitz| should be incomplete.Dec 17 14:54
schestowitz`----Dec 17 14:54
schestowitz 17 14:54
schestowitzZune doesn't shake iPod's market leadDec 17 14:55
schestowitz ^^^^^^^Dec 17 14:55
schestowitz,----[ Quote ]Dec 17 14:55
schestowitz| 'All in all, that's a pretty good performance,'' said Stephen Baker,Dec 17 14:55
schestowitz| an analyst with Reston, Va.-based NPD.Dec 17 14:55
schestowitz| ^^^Dec 17 14:55
schestowitz`----Dec 17 14:55
schestowitz 17 14:55
schestowitzZune does a bit better than expected Dec 17 14:55
schestowitz,----[ Quote ]Dec 17 14:55
schestowitz| Despite getting a hammering in the tech press, Microsoft's Zune hasDec 17 14:55
schestowitz| had respectable sales last month according to data from marketDec 17 14:55
schestowitz| research firm NPD Group.Dec 17 14:55
schestowitz| ^^^Dec 17 14:55
schestowitz`----Dec 17 14:55
schestowitz 17 14:55
schestowitzMicrosoft's Xbox 360 US sales-NPD story withdrawnDec 17 14:56
schestowitz ^^^Dec 17 14:56
schestowitz,----[ Quote ]Dec 17 14:56
schestowitz| The Los Angeles story headlined "Microsoft's Xbox 360 US salesDec 17 14:56
schestowitz| top first Xbox--NPD" is withdrawn because the data supporting theDec 17 14:56
schestowitz| ^^^Dec 17 14:56
schestowitz| story may be inaccurate. Reuters is waiting for an update from theDec 17 14:56
schestowitz| company. A new story may be issued.Dec 17 14:56
schestowitz`---- Dec 17 14:56
schestowitz 17 14:56
schestowitzAnd so on and so forth...Dec 17 14:56
schestowitzBush revisionism: 17 14:59
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schestowitzBlah-Blah-Blah-kenhorn... always saying something bad about the very topic he covers: 17 15:19
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Omar87Hi allDec 17 16:06
schestowitzSun supports Windows first?!?!? (same as JavaFX) "The hardware-accelerated OpenGL support is deemed experimental in VirtualBox 2.1. OpenGL support is only exposed to Windows XP and Windows Vista 32-bit guests at this time, but support for other platforms is expected in the future." 17 16:35
schestowitz*LOL* "When the following press release arrived, my heart beat a little faster..." 17 16:36
schestowitzMS MOG on OIN: "OIN Gets a New Anti-Patent Charter"Dec 17 17:14
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schestowitzMSFT below $20 again...Dec 17 17:40
twitterCandy Capitalism:  I got 30 of my classmates to do a bunch of useless work for peanuts by calling it an experiment.  You can do whatever you want when you own the candy bag.Dec 17 19:00
twitter"It seems that Stark feels guilty that he threw another human being to the wolves."  That would make us the wolves, rather than the M$ monopolist and the Wintel press.  Black is white and white is black.Dec 17 19:04
schestowitzHeyDec 17 19:06
schestowitzKen plays it nice. Coy..Dec 17 19:07
twitterhelloDec 17 19:07
twitterWell, the situation is backwards.  The teacher thought what she did from years of fierce brainwashing.Dec 17 19:08
twitterThose thoughts were wrong and outrageous, and they are common.Dec 17 19:08
twitterMy sister in law is a teacher and thinks free software is just dirty.Dec 17 19:09
twitter"There's no free lunch, it's shareware ... blah blah blah." Believe me, she's got zero interest in being told she's wrong.Dec 17 19:10
twitterHer mind is completely poisoned.Dec 17 19:10
twitterShe loves M$, and thinks Vista is great, though she's afraid to connect it to the internet or "use it too much"Dec 17 19:11
schestowitzMinds are corruptible.Dec 17 19:11
schestowitzI watch many videos about it these daysDec 17 19:12
schestowitzIt's imposed by those who learned from the PR industry. The mind is a fragile thing... how else do you recruit people to invade Vietnam or Iraq?Dec 17 19:12
twitterShe's ready willing and able to pump out the newest M$ crap and demand that others go out and spend their money to work with what she considers "standard software"Dec 17 19:13
twitterI don't bother to argue with her, it only makes her angry.Dec 17 19:13
twitterThe Helios blog is about the only way to get around road blocks like that.  It brought down the kind of response such ignorance deserves.Dec 17 19:14
twitterThese roadblocks won't move otherwise, they think the whole industry agrees.Dec 17 19:14
schestowitzThese are surrounded by the same peopleDec 17 19:17
twitterThey are wrong and everyone who knows anything about computer knows that.  If we don't express ourselves bluntly, M$'s PR will carry the day.Dec 17 19:19
twitterThe wife sends me a horror story "Beneath these pictures of the smiling faces lurked an evil, a nightmare," Indeed, we see ourselves.Dec 17 19:20
twitter 17 19:21
schestowitz.I'm writing about this right now (ODF)Dec 17 19:22
schestowitzSome people mailed me about itDec 17 19:22
twittercompare 17 19:22
schestowitzShort of an embargo I see no resolution to such corruptionDec 17 19:22
schestowitzThe issue with embargo is that those who impose it can be pushed out of their job by what a govt. delegate would call "Microsoft Scientology"Dec 17 19:23
twitterState money should not be spent on M$.  It is a waste and only leads to more of the same.Dec 17 19:23
schestowitzIt's a gang of criminal minds that in a perfect world would do time in prison.Dec 17 19:23
schestowitzIn reality, like in FraudStreet, they are GoodFellers(R) in Suits.Dec 17 19:23
schestowitztwitter: yes, that's another form of Microsoft taxDec 17 19:24
twitterSchools and governments waste billions on that crap instead of doing the job they are supposed to:  education, transportation, healthcare and so on.Dec 17 19:24
schestowitzEven if you use Linux, when you pay for your land, you feed criminals that kill children in Nigeria for profitDec 17 19:24
schestowitzWhen you pay for the garbage man, your money funds things like NASDAQ, which are run by criminals worthy of The Chair (Madoff)Dec 17 19:25
schestowitzGovernments are people. They feed friends, not the needs of taxpayers.Dec 17 19:25
twitterI'm not as outrages that MY money goes there.  I'm outraged that everyone's money is not better spent.Dec 17 19:25
schestowitzOnly pressure and exposure can change that. Only a flashlight pressures them to do their job properly , not to endow franchise (money funnels)Dec 17 19:26
twitterGovernments should always feed people closer to them - no one but M$ makes money on Windoze.Dec 17 19:26
schestowitzWell, not you're buying motor giants.Dec 17 19:26
twitterI don't buy US cars either.Dec 17 19:27
twitterEven corrupt officials are better off without Winblows.  Free software leaves them with more money to kick back.Dec 17 19:28
schestowitzKickbacks are not justa US thingDec 17 19:29
schestowitzWithout full transparency it will continue to happenDec 17 19:29
schestowitzIf it can happen, then it DOES happen and it WILL happenDec 17 19:29
schestowitzIf the SEC does not prevent pyramid schemes, then many STILL exist, yet to be uncoveredDec 17 19:30
schestowitzI bet a lot of people in large companies are shivering now at the sight of the news about Madoff. The question is, who is next and are banks prepared to absortb another blow?Dec 17 19:30
twitterThe banks were no prepared for the first blows.Dec 17 19:32
twitterNovell Cancels Brainshare 17 19:32
schestowitzHahaDec 17 19:34
schestowitzLess work for me!!!!!!!!!1Dec 17 19:34
schestowitzI remember it last year.Dec 17 19:34
schestowitzI stayed late at night just to catch up... I watch everything about them while they go the way of the SCOdodoDec 17 19:35
schestowitzMacWorld is dying too (I suppose you saw it in this morning's log). The Hollywood/Disney life is over now with the crisis and all... IDG's LinuxWOrld is dead too... and Ubuntu LiveDec 17 19:36
twitterUbuntu Live?  What's that?Dec 17 19:41
twitterOh, now I see.Dec 17 19:42
twitter 17 19:42
schestowitz 17 19:44
schestowitzUbuntu Live? It's dead.Dec 17 19:44
schestowitzSome ORLY conference.Dec 17 19:44
schestowitzLasted for one year, I think.Dec 17 19:44
schestowitzSo many people from are trolling NovellDec 17 19:48
schestowitz.Probably the SUSE people.Dec 17 19:48
schestowitzS.u.S.E.Dec 17 19:48
schestowitzOops. I meant "trolling BN", not NovellDec 17 19:48
twitterI suspect the trolls will go away as their companies fail.Dec 17 20:04
schestowitzNo, I think that's when they get more paranoid so they mercilessly attack the oppositionDec 17 20:05
*neighborlee (n=neighbor@unaffiliated/neighborlee) has joined #boycottnovellDec 17 20:09
twitterNo pay, no troll.  The hecklers only prove what kind of scum non free software companies are filled with.  They are the first to say they won't work without pay but trade more of their dignity and character for less than everyone else.Dec 17 20:15
twitterIf they are PR people, they will be cut with other counter productive advertising.Dec 17 20:16
twitterIf they are actual company employees, they will see the light soon after they retire or are fired.Dec 17 20:16
twitterJuvenile hecklers have more fun with other targets.Dec 17 20:17
twitterSoftware bores them to death.Dec 17 20:17
twitterBBC Astroturf comment, " Don't be too hasty to jump to Firefox, Safari or Chrome, they ALL have their own set of serious security issues." This is true, but only on Winblows.Dec 17 20:17
twitterThey pretend to be Opera people.Dec 17 20:18
schestowitzHehe. 17 20:44
*dsmith_ ( has joined #boycottnovellDec 17 21:48
schestowitzI took me a long time to do this one < >, so I hope it's at least bound to be read.Dec 17 22:16
schestowitzPeople squirming at Novell critique. 17 22:18
schestowitz ". It is not Libel if it is true. Like this, "Bill Gates is a dumpster diving thief" or "Steve Ballmer is a chair throwing lunatic""Dec 17 22:21
schestowitzCharles Cooper/CNET peddles Microsoft BS as well:,39...Dec 17 22:40
schestowitzMotorola to freeze pay rises, pensions < >Dec 17 22:46
schestowitzPCs=abuse. "Thousands of PCs and laptops are sold every Christmas, but most consumers don't know that many computer parts are produced under inhumane working conditions in the Far East. A new study has exposed shocking neglect at suppliers for some of the biggest computer manufacturers." 17 22:58
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MinceRgnDec 17 23:42

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