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schestowitz Alexander Wolfe attacking FODD again... *sigh*Dec 18 00:34
schestowitzMandriva needs someone to proofread the blog... ... they need Adam back.Dec 18 00:37
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AlbertoPhelloDec 18 04:07
AlbertoPlong time :)Dec 18 04:07
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MinceRj0Dec 18 10:27
schestowitzNorning.Dec 18 10:27
macabeIt seems that if these people had a valid point of discussion or concern they would be here at IRC.Dec 18 12:06
schestowitzThe hecklers?Dec 18 12:18
macabeYes, Too much off-topic bickering.Dec 18 12:19
macabeDon't know what their agenda is but reading those comments it's certainly sounds more like giving MS the benefit than FOSS advocacy.Dec 18 12:20
macabeOne of them has an obsession with twitter.Dec 18 12:21
schestowitzMore than one.Dec 18 12:26
schestowitzOne of the stalkers went awayDec 18 12:27
macabeMost of the people here at the lab read the posts and skip the comments they make.Dec 18 12:32
schestowitzThe hecklers have a goal: since big sites like Slashdot and LinuxToday casually link us they just try to shout and wave hands to say "stop linking here". They just don't like the message, that's all..Dec 18 12:36
schestowitz"Sony is reeling, with 16,000 job losses and restructuring looming for its sprawling electronics division. " 18 12:39
schestowitz 18 12:41
schestowitz"Brad Goldberg, general manager for Live Search, has reportedly become the latest online executive to quit the company. Goldberg, who's joining investment-firm Peak 6, apparently launched Microsoft's Live Search cash-back programs and is the latest executive to leave Microsoft's online business."Dec 18 12:41
schestowitzBribery manDec 18 12:42
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twitterRoyal Navy is rooted 18 14:31
schestowitz"During the presidential campaign, Obama repeatedly promised to "stop giving tax breaks to companies that ship jobs overseas," and to provide incentives that help companies keep jobs in the U.S. Since his election, Obama has not unveiled a detailed plan for H-1B visas." < >Dec 18 14:31
schestowitzSo the question is, will the Russian cracker beat the Chinese cracker to it? The UK is hostage of Microsoft, so it's not surprising. Some people at the top need toppliing.Dec 18 14:33
schestowitzHere is a fool who thinks that Microsoft Office makes a device 'enterprise-ready' Oh, yeah... "Enterprise" = MicrosoftDec 18 14:36
twitterIt might not be surprising but it is insane.Dec 18 14:36
twitterRMS and the EFF noticed some disturbing news from Obama's 18 14:37
schestowitzYes, I saw that.Dec 18 14:37
twitterDevice sync.  I don't think anyone is going to fall for M$ device sync again.Dec 18 14:38
schestowitzI'm prepared to vilify whoever let's the government be run by the MAFIAA, but it's inevitable the system is corrupt. Speaking of which, its corruption is what may also lead to nuclear holocaust.Dec 18 14:38
schestowitzConsider the propaganda about Cuba and Granada.. with nuclear missiles and all... that's all conducted by people who sell fear and care not for logic.Dec 18 14:39
schestowitzSt00pid Beeb... "signs of recovery"... sure, cancerous gadgets help kids.. 18 14:40
twitterBack in the 60s missiles in Cuba were a big deal.  The USSR could have made a first strike work.  Today, with submarine arsenals, it's all bullshit.Dec 18 14:41
schestowitzEven back then it was BS from what I can gather.Dec 18 14:41
twitterNo, it was a real threat back then, when USSR targeting sucked.Dec 18 14:42
schestowitzTo this date, many years later, they still punish Cuban citizens in illegal ways. They want to lead people to overthrowing the government due to US-imposed sanctions.Dec 18 14:42
schestowitzMillions more Windows zombies, according to Microsoft stats (which always are order of magnitude lower): 18 14:43
twitterI do not like tyrants and agree with trade sanctions, even though my country has betrayed such principles by trading with China.Dec 18 14:44
schestowitzIt owes China trillions, I imagine.Dec 18 14:45
schestowitzWhy should Cuba suffer?Dec 18 14:45
schestowitzOnly the US sanctions/embargoes them. Is the world world but the US wrong?Dec 18 14:45
schestowitzAt a social level, American (as in US) does great injustice to people.Dec 18 14:46
twitterTrade with China has decimated US industry and imperiled US civil rights.  It has also strengthened China's abusive government.Dec 18 14:48
schestowitzMoney for nothing: "The software company said yesterday that Primax has entered into a “non-exclusive licensing agreement covering Microsoft’s patents for U2 and Tilt Wheel technology”." 18 14:48
twitterOur trade policy with Cuba was modeled on our trade policy with the USSR and China.Dec 18 14:48
schestowitzI'm not so sure anymore that the US is more civil than China.Dec 18 14:49
schestowitzI mean, it does get worse over time.Dec 18 14:49
twitterWell, yeah, that's what happens when you give up your principles.Dec 18 14:49
schestowitz"Failed State"Dec 18 14:50
schestowitzThe "Us" versus "Them" meme blinds the Americans to hypocrisy. China is far from the only example.Dec 18 14:51
twitterIt is the kind of ignorance broadcast media creates.  Thankfully, that age is dying.Dec 18 14:51
schestowitzI'm not sure.Dec 18 14:52
schestowitzThey hope for a Renaissance. For DRM too.Dec 18 14:53
twitterSure it is.  Look at your traffic compared to the fate of "real" newspapers.Dec 18 14:53
schestowitzWhen they can't control the minds anymore, than they facilitate new mechanisms (mostly laws) to change it at all costs.Dec 18 14:53
twitterBroadcast is still powerful, but there's considerable hope centralized control is over.Dec 18 14:54
twitterThe costs they ask are too great.Dec 18 14:54
schestowitzMost people don't rely on the InternetDec 18 14:54
schestowitzIt's easy for us to be blinded and think that Slashdot and Digg, for example, reach more than the same nicheDec 18 14:54
twitterEveryone in a position to make decisions relies on the internet.Dec 18 14:54
schestowitzTelevision is still VERY MUCH cetralised. YouTube is a minority thing.Dec 18 14:55
twitterTV is irrelevant.  My wife is a mommy blogger and I can tell you that opinion shaping has fundamentally changed.Dec 18 14:56
schestowitzCOmpanies cease development but US military carries on.. US Navy's robot stealth carrier plane unveiled < >?Dec 18 14:57
twitterThe crowd she talks to crosses all sorts of social, economic and geographic boundaries.Dec 18 14:57
schestowitzAlso this: US nuclear bomb lab develops 'self-warming' hand cream < >Dec 18 14:57
twitterThe most popular US TV show now gets a whopping 30 million viewers.  Youtube puts that to shame.Dec 18 14:58
schestowitz"In Nuclear we trust"Dec 18 14:59
twitterThat show is American Idol.Dec 18 14:59
schestowitzYouTube reaches 30 million, I think.Dec 18 14:59
schestowitzMaybe that's the monthly uniques, I can't recall for sure, but I posted this in IRC last week.Dec 18 14:59
schestowitzYouTube too is poisoned by brainwash now. Then there's the throttling/cap/filtering issue.Dec 18 15:00
twitterWhere the hell is Matt videos have 14 million views.Dec 18 15:01
twitterThe poison is less effective when the community is free to express itself.Dec 18 15:01
twitterThis is a positive change, and it's having a real impact on decision makers.Dec 18 15:02
twitterBroadcast credibility has never been lower.  Other voices are filling the void.Dec 18 15:03
schestowitzObama is a good exampleDec 18 15:03
schestowitzHis success is partly attributed to the Web.Dec 18 15:03
twitterYes, and that success had to be overwhelming to overcome vote rigging and racism.Dec 18 15:04
schestowitzAnother example is Singapore (?? IIRC ??) where Gillmor et al with citizens journalists changed the regime.Dec 18 15:04
schestowitzWeb criminals jump off the ship... 18 15:04
schestowitzAnother victory for freedomDec 18 15:05
schestowitz[H]omer blocks anyone whose ISP uses the Phorm virus.Dec 18 15:05
schestowitz"It is worth making a substantial effort to avoid watching the US mainstream media, since they are designed to mislead people, and it takes work to overcome their effects." < >Dec 18 15:06
schestowitzI pointed this out yesterday  (PRWatch) in a conversation about WSJ's attack on Google and Net neutrality (WSJ still published in paper and requires subs on the Web)Dec 18 15:07
twitterAs these giants fail, their deception becomes more extreme and obvious.Dec 18 15:08
twitterThe thing that makes that failure possible is the web, where more accurate and complete information can be found.Dec 18 15:09
schestowitzMSNBC/MSN?Dec 18 15:09
twitterbblDec 18 15:09
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schestowitzBN is at the Mail&Guardian: 18 16:13
schestowitzWe're also in Yahoo!: 18 16:14
schestowitz "LXF: Do you ever have to pretend that the Novell/Microsoft covenant deal didn't happen? [...] I wonder if signs of the patent agreements are quietening down -- you don't hear so much about it." He's not paying attention.Dec 18 16:17
neighborlee:)Dec 18 16:27
schestowitzA minute ago I saw the comment from Jose_X in 18 16:30
schestowitzRead the one from Jose_X (if not the others too)Dec 18 16:30
schestowitzOh, this one too (there are two): 18 16:32
neighborleecheckingDec 18 16:34
neighborleeif ubuntu is the best shot we're all in trouble :)Dec 18 16:35
neighborleemy friend, who supporters ubuntu, but NOT mono, had to go from 8.10 back to  8.04 due to some sort of problem, and he is every bit a geek and capable as the best of any of us, so that says alot I think.Dec 18 16:36
neighborleebut then again a distro supporting a known monopolist is troubling anyway :)Dec 18 16:36
neighborleebbl sorry things to do o_0Dec 18 16:38
schestowitzShould another petition be run?Dec 18 16:40
schestowitzSomeone suggested that I do this.Dec 18 16:40
schestowitzCondition/stake: if GNOME stays with Mono, then there will be a defection. Those who proposed it would sign.Dec 18 16:40
neighborleeok I slightly lied im here ( car warming up yadda..),,Dec 18 16:48
neighborleeI hate forking..but in this case it might be necessary if the powers at gnome wont stop using monoDec 18 16:49
schestowitzIt can be branchedDec 18 16:49
neighborleeyesDec 18 16:49
schestowitzAs long as there's no Mono deep inside.. BUTDec 18 16:49
schestowitzThe solution is not branching if projects like Ubuntu remains apathetic or carelessDec 18 16:50
MinceRhm, a branch could also be an opportunity to start copying kde againDec 18 16:50
neighborleeyesDec 18 16:50
MinceRinstead of copying macosDec 18 16:50
schestowitzHeh.Dec 18 16:50
neighborleesomethign clearly needs to be done to get ubuntuj 's attentionDec 18 16:50
schestowitzWell, they copy OS X you reckon?Dec 18 16:50
neighborleeor anyone else that deals with mono at the danger of the entire foss communiityDec 18 16:50
MinceRyesDec 18 16:50
schestowitzRemoving options is philosophy.Dec 18 16:50
neighborleeand that includes dvd version of fedoraDec 18 16:50
schestowitzIt's not a modelDec 18 16:50
MinceRdumbing down everywhere, putting menu on topDec 18 16:51
schestowitz.Or metaphorDec 18 16:51
MinceR(even if it's a different menu)Dec 18 16:51
schestowitzActually, KDE can be made to behave like OS XDec 18 16:51
MinceRworst of all, copying the apple HIGDec 18 16:51
neighborleeyes gnome dumbing things down is very annoying..just as linus :))Dec 18 16:51
neighborleeas/askDec 18 16:51
schestowitzSome years back I hd OS X-like top menu (global)Dec 18 16:51
MinceRwith the stupid dialog button orderDec 18 16:51
schestowitzIty's an ORDERDec 18 16:51
MinceRit's stupid and it hinders usabilityDec 18 16:52
neighborleethough unless i misssed something..eve kde4 is dumbing things down a bit..the 'root' dialgoue stuff is gone from alt-F2Dec 18 16:54
neighborleeasking in #kdeDec 18 16:55
neighborleenow I actuallly need to go :))..<warmed> :)Dec 18 16:55
neighborleecu latres gatersDec 18 16:56
trmancohi everybodyDec 18 17:12
trmancomy phone line was deadDec 18 17:12
trmancoand I had no adslDec 18 17:12
trmanco:|Dec 18 17:12
schestowitzHey, wbDec 18 17:12
trmancosince the 10th of this monthDec 18 17:12
trmancothanksDec 18 17:12
trmancoanything urgent I need to know?Dec 18 17:25
schestowitzYes.Dec 18 17:26
trmancowhat?Dec 18 17:27
schestowitzThe pyramid schemes unfold. :-)Dec 18 17:28
trmancoLOLDec 18 17:29
schestowitzDecades of corruption start to cascade.Dec 18 17:30
schestowitzMicrosoft could be next, assuming the analysis was correctDec 18 17:31
trmancogoodDec 18 17:32
schestowitzThe Apple fanboism at OStatis shows: 18 17:32
schestowitzI'm tired of so-called 'open source' blogs which pretend Apple is a friend of open source just because it competes against Microsoft. Asay, BTW, is attacking Google now, based on WSJ disinformationDec 18 17:33
trmancoAsay?Dec 18 17:33
schestowitzThe Mac bloggerDec 18 17:35
trmancololDec 18 17:36
trmancostill?Dec 18 17:36
trmancoarghDec 18 17:36
schestowitzThis enters News feeds because CNETsoft entertains his ramblings.Dec 18 17:37
schestowitz"Now, however, the online communication has a different look. Instead of IRC and Usenet, it's Facebook and Twitter. "  ERR..... no.Dec 18 17:49
schestowitzMost people I know can't stand the nags from that intrusive spyware called FacebookDec 18 17:50
schestowitzHeh. Less than a minute later come another nag to the Inbox... "X invited you to cause Y"Dec 18 17:51
schestowitzOSCON is not about open source. Microsoft will be there as usual and after last year it's clear that it's no place for Free software. Embrace, extend...Dec 18 17:54
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twitterWow, BN is used to FUD Google in the Mail and Guardian.  BN is referenced to slime former Novell employee and current Google employee with the same kind of crap you've we've caught M$ doing.Dec 18 18:21
neighborleethis whole 'free software' vs 'open source' is just  weird, or am I missing something ?Dec 18 18:21
twitterYou are missing M$ abuse of both terms and fake flame wars.Dec 18 18:22
neighborleenoDec 18 18:22
neighborleeone sec sorryDec 18 18:23
neighborleeon phoneDec 18 18:23
trmancoFree Software Foundation Files Suit Against Cisco For GPL ViolationsDec 18 18:23
trmancocoolDec 18 18:23
neighborleeo_0Dec 18 18:23
twitterThe Yahoo BN reference is funny.  Wallmart is downright honest next to M$.Dec 18 18:24
twitterNo 30% margins there.Dec 18 18:24
twittergotta go.Dec 18 18:24
schestowitzI just spent a while getting that 700MB video of Miguel's interview with MSDec 18 18:24
schestowitzhaving watching the relevant part...Dec 18 18:25
schestowitzHe gravitates to complaining about Windows 3.1 crashesDec 18 18:25
schestowitzNothing about crimesDec 18 18:25
schestowitzNothing about bullyingDec 18 18:25
schestowitzNothing about bribes.Dec 18 18:25
schestowitzNothing.Dec 18 18:25
schestowitzCUddly Microsoft.Dec 18 18:25
schestowitzIt's demonisedDec 18 18:25
schestowitzIt's "stigmatised"Dec 18 18:25
schestowitzPoor MicrosoftDec 18 18:25
schestowitzHappy to collaborate with them..Dec 18 18:26
schestowitzHe talks with the Microsoft people who are shy to say that they work for this criminal organisation (fact, with convictions)Dec 18 18:26
neighborleeokDec 18 18:26
schestowitzIt's trulty amazing how he compared Microsoft to political smearsDec 18 18:26
neighborleeregarding the free vs open sourceDec 18 18:26
neighborleeI was referring to: 18 18:26
schestowitzMicrosoft.. the poor thing is a victim of those 'bad people'Dec 18 18:27
neighborleeand agree with this guy..its a head scratcher ;)Dec 18 18:27
schestowitzAnothetr thing..Dec 18 18:27
schestowitzWhile it's freash in my mind as I won't trascribeDec 18 18:27
neighborlee:)Dec 18 18:27
schestowitzIf the thing wasn't a massive WMV file I'd crop out a clip of the relevant bitsDec 18 18:27
schestowitzHe pretends it's just the name that are problems, using GTE (??) as an example of a company that needed to change its name to escape bad reputation. A marketing company said it would take a whole generation for the bad name to pass..Dec 18 18:28
schestowitzAnyway... that was enlightening seeing Miguel and Microsoft... saying he'd work with them and all.Dec 18 18:28
neighborlee?Dec 18 18:29
neighborleeso he really is working at M$ ???Dec 18 18:29
neighborleeI saw his log but notihng about thatDec 18 18:29
schestowitzIs Google really attacked there?Dec 18 18:29
neighborleewhereDec 18 18:30
neighborleeoh..I see a google reference at bottom of that url I posted yes..dunno never looked into itDec 18 18:30
schestowitzneighborlee: you're linking to the anti-Linux shill, Alex WolfeDec 18 18:30
schestowitzGroklaw sort of accused him of "Anti-Linux Jihad", IIRC\Dec 18 18:30
neighborleeicDec 18 18:31
neighborleebut still  I dont get this  open source vs free software stufDec 18 18:31
schestowitzneighborlee: Miguel doesn't work AT Microsoft, but he pretty much serves them these daysDec 18 18:31
neighborleehehDec 18 18:31
neighborleethere is that ;)Dec 18 18:31
schestowitzHe might still be on Microsoft's campus at the moment.Dec 18 18:31
schestowitzopen source is moving targetDec 18 18:31
neighborleeso much for the whole ' I didn't want to embrace mono'  story o_0Dec 18 18:31
neighborleeoh, but long as its there..LETS DO IT !!Dec 18 18:32
neighborlee:)Dec 18 18:32
schestowitzIt's ripping Free software, renaming it, then reshaping it (and people that accompany it)Dec 18 18:32
schestowitzIt's like Tim ORLY EEEing Free softwareDec 18 18:32
schestowitzThen inviting Ballmer to tht party, mooching GNU projects for so-called Web 2.0 etc.Dec 18 18:32
schestowitzI'll keep this video for a while for future ref (Miguelsoft)Dec 18 18:33
neighborleeok kewlDec 18 18:33
schestowitzWhat is THIS bizarre page that entered Google News? 18 18:38
schestowitzPeople should not publish stuff while stoned.Dec 18 18:39
schestowitz"Perhaps the most visible sign of climate change is the Arctic's shrinking sea ice cover. Concerns are growing that we are reaching a point at which the transition to an ice-free Arctic Ocean in summer becomes a rapid one." 18 18:43
schestowitz"And Google struggles in full public view because the behemoth is the purveyor of transparency and information freedoms. Each time Google stumbles like it did by capitulating to China’s demands to self-censor; or when the company’s products and services are used to do harm as seen with media reports that Google Earth was used by terrorists in the Mumbai Attacks; business, public and investor sentiment will be tested."Dec 18 18:46
schestowitzMore of that Wintel idiocy is echoed by the Indian press and now in South Africa... like they couldn't use a simple map!!!Dec 18 18:46
schestowitzBeranger takes a piss at US healthcare: 18 18:50
neighborleeso you dont buy into climate change I take it :)Dec 18 18:52
neighborleeor some other reasonDec 18 18:52
neighborleehow  is it bad to self sensor , hmmmmDec 18 18:53
schestowitz"Buy into? It's a realityDec 18 18:53
neighborleeno i meanDec 18 18:53
neighborleehmmDec 18 18:53
schestowitzThe only lies are manufactured by oil companiesDec 18 18:53
schestowitzThey try to ruin conszensus like PR companies.Dec 18 18:53
neighborleewe had a commmunication problem ;)Dec 18 18:53
neighborleeI meantDec 18 18:53
neighborlee...Dec 18 18:53
neighborleehehDec 18 18:53
neighborleeACK!Dec 18 18:53
neighborlee:)Dec 18 18:53
neighborleeI meant that I agree, that climate change is a realityDec 18 18:54
schestowitzThe fate of human  kind depends on itDec 18 18:54
neighborleea stark and dangerous, and of course, a inconvenient for some reality ;)Dec 18 18:54
neighborleeit definitely does yesDec 18 18:54
neighborleeoh hey btwDec 18 18:54
schestowitzUnless there's solidarity and opposition to treating the planet like a garbage dump with infinite capacity, lots of us are doomedDec 18 18:55
neighborleedo you believe in this supposed..illuminati  thing ?Dec 18 18:55
neighborleeyes..thankfully obama 'gets it' thoughDec 18 18:55
neighborleewhew ;))Dec 18 18:55
schestowitzNoDec 18 18:55
neighborleelets hope he can fight the system <<Dec 18 18:55
schestowitzNo .illuminat thingDec 18 18:55
neighborleeok just wonderingDec 18 18:55
neighborlee my friend brought over a    video he downloaded..Dec 18 18:55
neighborleeand I find it sillyDec 18 18:55
schestowitzIt gives a bad name to analysts of reality beyong govt. PRDec 18 18:55
neighborleeie: no proofDec 18 18:55
schestowitzneighborlee: *LOL* Obama fight the system?Dec 18 18:56
neighborleejust alot of discussion and pretend groups out to get us ;)Dec 18 18:56
neighborleeyes, fight the systemDec 18 18:56
schestowitzThat's like having a rook beat 12 pawnsDec 18 18:56
schestowitzOr 34000 of themDec 18 18:56 one said its going to be easy ;)Dec 18 18:56
neighborleebut atl east he's no bush.Dec 18 18:56
neighborlee....atDec 18 18:56
neighborleebush is  removing safeguards in many areas, as he leaves office..or he's going to try to anyway...he did it all ON election dayDec 18 18:57
schestowitzThe "skull and bones" thing is the most stupidDec 18 18:57
neighborleesneaky, immoral..that defines bush.Dec 18 18:57
neighborleeyes ,but its realDec 18 18:57
schestowitzAnd I had SUSE strangers mailing me to say Bush is a member.Dec 18 18:57
neighborleewell,at least thats how this video preseneted it anywayDec 18 18:57
neighborleeI can't say, I dont know anyone IN the group LOLDec 18 18:58
neighborlee:)Dec 18 18:58
schestowitzRrright... so after a hard day's work Geroge goes to skulls and coffins parties... rrright.....Dec 18 18:58
neighborleesuse strangers ey ;))))scary stuff ;0-0Dec 18 18:58
neighborleelolDec 18 18:58
neighborleeyes I agree it all sounds a bit elitist,,Dec 18 18:58
schestowitzA lot of SUSer areDec 18 18:59
schestowitz*ersDec 18 18:59
schestowitzOne of them was angry at me cause I wouldn't believe him...Dec 18 18:59
neighborleehowever, I do think its true about elitist groups in control of our world , or trying to be..and war,,war is profitable for some...control the massesDec 18 18:59
neighborleeI only saw this video once, but they did make a good case for itDec 18 19:00
schestowitzThat 9/11 was taken down by Bush et al and that Bones&Skulls is all that it stands for.Dec 18 19:00
neighborleeoh icDec 18 19:00
neighborleewellDec 18 19:00
neighborleeI do think,,that when bush  just sat there with those children  was patheticDec 18 19:00
schestowitzneighborlee: yes, the elitsists do control things, but they don't sleep in coffins and cherish the almighty illuminatiDec 18 19:00
neighborleean adult would have excused themselves gracefully..the kids would have been fine with it..but he just sat there smilingDec 18 19:01
neighborleethat  WAS weird. ;)Dec 18 19:01
schestowitzBush has children? Scary.Dec 18 19:01
neighborleeschestowitz, yeah I know , it does sound a bit out thereDec 18 19:01
neighborleeLOLDec 18 19:01
schestowitzWhat does his wife teach at school?Dec 18 19:01
neighborleelolDec 18 19:01
neighborleehow to commit war crimes 101 I guessDec 18 19:02
schestowitzHow the brvae cowboys slaughtered natives that had WMoD?Dec 18 19:02
neighborleethats where bush learned it apparantly o_0Dec 18 19:02
schestowitz*WoMDDec 18 19:02
neighborleelolDec 18 19:02
neighborleeyup ;))Dec 18 19:02
neighborleeok need to take something back to store..bbl :))Dec 18 19:02
neighborleegreart conversation..bblDec 18 19:02
schestowitzAT age 5 the kids must learn about witches.Dec 18 19:02
schestowitzWhy? The instill values of fearDec 18 19:02
schestowitzThen, having ruined their feeble minds and they have nightmares at night you can tell them about Saddam,Dec 18 19:03
schestowitzNever mind if the previous Bushes were bodies of Saddam... now he's bad... giving no access to oil/.Dec 18 19:03
schestowitzTROLLS! 18 20:22
neighborleenasty lolDec 18 20:32
schestowitzI've put that up: 18 20:33
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schestowitzMerry xmas, you're sacked...  WD lops off 2,500 jobs and one fab < >Dec 18 20:34
neighborleelolDec 18 20:35
neighborleeI mean about season video ;)Dec 18 20:35
schestowitzWhy do they wait until now with layoff announcement?Dec 18 20:35
schestowitzThis just showed up in my "Novell" youtube feed: 18 20:41
neighborleeschestowitz, seems the annoyance of having to do   kdesu from kd4 alt-f2 is on purpose at least according to mandriva channel...I guess poor linus will have to consider a change from kde now :), as ive noticed this same behavior in fedora an kde4 as well o_0Dec 18 21:49
schestowitzIs this the intended behaviour?Dec 18 22:01
*seller_liar (i=c944b268@gateway/web/ajax/ has joined #boycottnovellDec 18 22:22
seller_liarHey RoyDec 18 22:23
seller_liarI 'm little bit worried about windowz 7 sinsDec 18 22:23
seller_liarWhat we must do?Dec 18 22:23
seller_liarAnd M$ will try to push Intel for buy more hardwareDec 18 22:24
schestowitzHeyDec 18 22:25
schestowitzThey are f*edDec 18 22:26
schestowitzThe trouble is perception about Vista7, not the thing itself.Dec 18 22:26
seller_liarwhat perception?Dec 18 22:26
seller_liarIt will destroy mac and Linux?Dec 18 22:26
seller_liarIt's like a phoenix for windows?Dec 18 22:27
seller_liarreborn windows?Dec 18 22:27
schestowitzNo, it's Vista.Dec 18 22:28
schestowitzNew name and some GUI elements, bribed bloggers, manipulated journalists, etc.Dec 18 22:29
seller_liarI do not believe in a better OS in only 2 yearsDec 18 22:29
schestowitzIt was the same with Vista in 2005/06.Dec 18 22:29
trmancoVista rebundledDec 18 22:29
schestowitz:-)Dec 18 22:29
trmancoor in this case reloaded with loads of bloatwareDec 18 22:29
schestowitzThe Real Mojave (R)Dec 18 22:29
seller_liarMore DRM and forced upgradesDec 18 22:30
schestowitzGood luck getting past the corrupted media to say this.Dec 18 22:30
schestowitzGranted, many bloggers managed to get the warnings out because old media is dying.Dec 18 22:30
schestowitzthe CostOfDRM docs made it throughDec 18 22:31
seller_liarThere are a place about problems of Vista 7?Dec 18 22:31
schestowitzYesDec 18 22:34
schestowitzBN has someDec 18 22:34
schestowitz 18 22:35
seller_liarThanksDec 18 22:35
seller_liarI was thinking .....Dec 18 22:35
seller_liarA good thing is create a ethics portalDec 18 22:35
seller_liarWhere the portal is divided in analysts and projectistsDec 18 22:36
seller_liarAnalysts like Boycott Novell helps projectitis create plans and good documents about bad companiesDec 18 22:36
seller_liarAnd this portal can host BoycottNike, BoycottIntel, BoycottMcDonalds and so onDec 18 22:37
seller_liarAnd people is free to create projects and documents about bad tactics of these companiesDec 18 22:37
schestowitzWho would maintain it?Dec 18 22:38
schestowitzWe had 3 domain but hosting is not free (registration is cheaper)Dec 18 22:38
seller_liarI do not know ,but is good and efficient ideaDec 18 22:38
seller_liarNot m$ need to boycotted ,but intel and nike needs tooDec 18 22:39
seller_liarNot only m$ needs to be boycottedDec 18 22:40
seller_liarbut intel and nike tooDec 18 22:40
seller_liarethics analysts can be bloggers and othersDec 18 22:40
seller_liarprojectists receives information from analysts and start to plan projectsDec 18 22:41
seller_liarFor exampleDec 18 22:41
seller_liarHow to stop people to buy nike?Dec 18 22:41
seller_liarHow to inform people about bad companies?Dec 18 22:41
schestowitzI knowDec 18 22:43
schestowitzThere is a limit to one's capacityDec 18 22:43
schestowitzWill you register a domain?Dec 18 22:43
schestowitzThis would be more handy than a book because books are fading away, maybe eBooks tooDec 18 22:43
seller_liarNo , at Moment It's only a ideaDec 18 22:43
seller_liarI was thinking about .net at momentDec 18 22:43
schestowitzIs it just Nike?Dec 18 22:44
schestowitzNike is part of a broader trend of wage slavery.Dec 18 22:44
schestowitzMicrosoft attacks Freedom. Apple too.Dec 18 22:44
seller_liarNo , Intel ,McDonalds,(put your bad company here)Dec 18 22:44
seller_liarThe portal serves for every type of companyDec 18 22:44
seller_liarAnalysts can investigate the company day-by-dayDec 18 22:45
seller_liarand projectists create papers and projects accordingDec 18 22:45
seller_liarwith analyst analysisDec 18 22:45
seller_liarDid you understand?Dec 18 22:46
schestowitzLike PRwatch?Dec 18 22:46
schestowitz 18 22:47
schestowitzWhat is "analyst" anyway?Dec 18 22:47
schestowitzI could register myself as an analysts. So what?Dec 18 22:47
seller_liarPrwathc is very formalDec 18 22:47
seller_liarYou are a analystDec 18 22:47
schestowitzLook at idiocies like "Enderle Group", which is a one man group where one day he's president, another day a senior/principal analyst or founder or whatever...Dec 18 22:48
seller_liarAnalyst is a peole interested in investigating the ethics problem about some companyDec 18 22:48
schestowitzNot really.Dec 18 22:48
seller_liarEverybody can be a analystDec 18 22:48
schestowitzThe common use of "analyst" refers to people who SELL analysisDec 18 22:48
schestowitzAs in, they get PAID to prove something by twisting and turning.Dec 18 22:49
seller_liarBut my idea about analyst is to find ethcial problems in bad companiesDec 18 22:50
schestowitzThink of a de facto definition -- or rather -- about those that survive. Those who don't like, i.e. becoming lousy marketing people in  suits, can't stay in business.Dec 18 22:50
seller_liarAnd not paid for give positives for companiesDec 18 22:50
schestowitzCompanies have billions for spending on PR and sellout 'analysts' to outtake the real analysis and generate noise.Dec 18 22:50
schestowitzI'd rather expose the sellout analysts as part of my 'analysis'Dec 18 22:51
seller_liarBut not every analyst is payedDec 18 22:51
schestowitzThink of it as using the same methods as those liars to expose them.Dec 18 22:51
seller_liar*paidDec 18 22:51
seller_liarBut you ,for example, is not a sell out analystDec 18 22:51
schestowitzSo so they do so for a living?Dec 18 22:51
seller_liarWe need more analyst like youDec 18 22:52
schestowitzI think of myself as an activist when I do stuff like BN (I do other things)Dec 18 22:52
schestowitzNot as "Analyst"Dec 18 22:52
seller_liarYes, I need activistsDec 18 22:52
schestowitzLike stupid fools in suits, whose formality is not really required for analysis.Dec 18 22:52
seller_liarActivist= analyst as hobby and not paidDec 18 22:52
schestowitzI guess, but not necessarilyDec 18 22:52
schestowitzSome activists mostly protest and spread messages.Dec 18 22:53
seller_liarWe need more activists which does analysis for other  companiesDec 18 22:53
schestowitzI see some people who systematically link to BNDec 18 22:53
seller_liarLike boycottnovell doesDec 18 22:53
schestowitzWhen asked why they do this (I saw it happen once) they say it's because they link to truth, not spinDec 18 22:53
schestowitz hardly writes anymoreDec 18 22:54
schestowitzHe's very good at that too, mostly about Mac stuff though (pro-proprietary company).Dec 18 22:54
schestowitzGroklaw is frozen too.Dec 18 22:55
schestowitzMaybe it's related to their economyDec 18 22:55
schestowitzNo abundance= no donationsDec 18 22:55
seller_liarWe need projectists tooDec 18 22:55
schestowitzWhen people fear about means to provide for self, they last thing they consider is giving others. Can't be good for the homeless, either.Dec 18 22:55
schestowitzProjectionists? Like Gartner without the lies.Dec 18 22:56
schestowitzOr IDC without the brib^H^Hcentives?Dec 18 22:57
seller_liarNoDec 18 22:57
seller_liarProjectists receives all information acquires from actvisits and start to create plabnsDec 18 22:57
seller_liar*plansDec 18 22:57
seller_liar*acquiredDec 18 22:57
schestowitzCan you help me by writing analysis too?Dec 18 22:58
schestowitzI can attribute and proofread.Dec 18 22:58
seller_liarBut ,It's only a idea at momementDec 18 22:58
schestowitzseller_liar: FSF is a projectionist.Dec 18 22:58
schestowitzI spoke to RMS about it... they might help against Novell.Dec 18 22:58
seller_liarIs this a good idea?Dec 18 22:58
schestowitzWhat is?Dec 18 22:59
seller_liarHeheh , a projectis which never start plans...Dec 18 22:59
schestowitzWe wanted to do a Silver Lie awareness project one year+ agoDec 18 22:59
schestowitzThis never happened. We thought about telling EFF to helpDec 18 22:59
seller_liarBig projects is very hard to do aloneDec 18 23:00
seller_liarMy plan is create a sourceforge of ethicsDec 18 23:01
schestowitzWho would come?Dec 18 23:01
seller_liarMaybe june or july  2009 ,I start to createDec 18 23:02
seller_liarButDec 18 23:03
seller_liarDid you understand?Dec 18 23:03
seller_liarWe need projectists ,not only analystsDec 18 23:03
schestowitzYou need to recruit supportersDec 18 23:03
seller_liarYes,Dec 18 23:04
schestowitzGNU/FSF has been saying this for ages... power comes for growing/rallying for support, thus increasing capacityDec 18 23:04
seller_liaranalysts can be bloggersDec 18 23:04
schestowitzIf you can build a sort of 'network' of ethics bloggers, I'd joinDec 18 23:04
schestowitzI know people in India who would, tooDec 18 23:05
seller_liarBut how to find projectists?Dec 18 23:06
seller_liarprojectists can spread info gained from analysts for all peopleDec 18 23:07
schestowitzI think people who write can come up with ideas.Dec 18 23:08
schestowitzAs in campaigns and all..Dec 18 23:08
schestowitzThat said..Dec 18 23:08
schestowitzWhat we need lots of are people who write and collaborateDec 18 23:08
schestowitzI've been mailing PJ (Groklaw) for almost 3 years...Dec 18 23:09
schestowitzSharing input is useful and each person can cover another area.Dec 18 23:09
schestowitzE.g. Groklaw does everything SCO and I always look for everything Novell. If time permits, I do MS too.Dec 18 23:09
seller_liarYes ,but is very rigid for 2 peopleDec 18 23:10
schestowitzThat's why we have people like you.Dec 18 23:11
seller_liarWe need about 3 or 4 analysts for 1 companyDec 18 23:11
schestowitzGroklaw is a community.Dec 18 23:11
seller_liarand 3 or 4 projectists for each companyDec 18 23:11
schestowitzThere are editors with people giving inputDec 18 23:11
schestowitzShane doesn't have much time to write anymore.Dec 18 23:11
MinceRgnDec 18 23:11
schestowitzIf I drop, then he rises again, so there's 'backup' when one goes on vacationDec 18 23:11
schestowitzgn, MinceR Dec 18 23:11
schestowitzTroll? >>  The best distribution I've ever used? Dead? Haha. Of course not. :-))Dec 18 23:14
schestowitz "That is right. Steve Ballmer clearly said that if you run any other Linux you may have to face his legal team. So, if you want Linux it is SUSE or else ..."Dec 18 23:16
seller_liarWhy steve says these things?Dec 18 23:19
seller_liarto fear users?Dec 18 23:19
schestowitzNot him..Dec 18 23:22
schestowitzHe uses his buddies... like the IP directorDec 18 23:22
*seller_liar has quit (" ajax IRC Client")Dec 18 23:27

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