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IRC: #boycottnovell @ FreeNode: December 29th, 2008 - Part 1


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PetoKrausmoinDec 29 06:58
PetoKrausoh well, liferea is WAY too slowDec 29 07:09
PetoKrauseven with several 100's of feed items in a feed, it just hangs up the systemDec 29 07:09
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eupho 29 08:16
eupho Jean-Philippe Courtois becomes "ambassador" for the EYCI 2009.Dec 29 08:17
euphowith compTIA they lobbied for the "year".Dec 29 08:17
schestowitzHeyDec 29 08:17
schestowitzLet me see...Dec 29 08:17
euphoCommissioner Figel seems to be their buddyDec 29 08:18
schestowitzWho's that?Dec 29 08:19
eupho 29 08:19
schestowitzLet's see.Dec 29 08:19
euphoI wonder who elected a monopolistDec 29 08:19
schestowitzStacking?Dec 29 08:20
euphoCourtois is the Microsoft EMEA chief salesmanDec 29 08:20
schestowitzSo wait.. what is his role now? I'm still read it.Dec 29 08:20
schestowitz"Jean-Philippe Courtois (FR), President, Microsoft International"Dec 29 08:21
euphoI assume the EYCI is a lobby project of hugo LuedersDec 29 08:21
euphoCreativity and Innovation == Software patentingDec 29 08:21
schestowitzWhat doe it target?Dec 29 08:21
schestowitzOhDec 29 08:21
schestowitzOf course.Dec 29 08:21
schestowitz"Innovation"Dec 29 08:21
schestowitzLike the fake "VoicesForInnovatyion" siteDec 29 08:21
euphoIt is a blabla buzz eventDec 29 08:21
euphobut funded by EU moneyDec 29 08:21
schestowitzCreated by Microsoft... for the 'community'Dec 29 08:21
euphosome political bullshit process, cmp. also the Lisbon agendaDec 29 08:22
euphoLisbon = "EU for innovation"Dec 29 08:22
euphoand competitivenessDec 29 08:22
schestowitzHow did you find out?Dec 29 08:23
euphoit's on the webDec 29 08:27
euphoyour MEP could ask a nasty questionDec 29 08:27
eupho 29 08:28
eupho 29 08:29
euphoHow: that Lueders is behind?Dec 29 08:29
schestowitzI'll need to study this a bit, then post the conclusions.Dec 29 08:29
euphosimple, listen to himDec 29 08:29
schestowitzI heard of him before.Dec 29 08:29
euphoWhen he is not in evil anti-standards, pro-patent mode he talks about "eskills"Dec 29 08:30
euphoand "us" and "our need" to "show leadership" and become more competiveeDec 29 08:31
euphoin the field of educationDec 29 08:31
schestowitzMore competitive...Dec 29 08:31
schestowitzSounds like ACT/ATLDec 29 08:31
euphoACT is a fly-in, Lueders is the European ground worker and CompTIA also has a certification branchDec 29 08:32
eupho 29 08:32
schestowitzI see...Dec 29 08:32
schestowitzOh, I saw that article many times.Dec 29 08:33
euphoPolitically uncorrect: Figel is a Commissioner with a "women job", no one takes him seriousDec 29 08:34
euphoA Commissioner for every member stateDec 29 08:35
euphoSome overlap. Figel is just a figurehead.Dec 29 08:37
schestowitzI'd need to catch up with who is who here.Dec 29 08:37
schestowitzThanks for drawing it upDec 29 08:38
euphoCommissioner for Education, Culture, and MultilingualismDec 29 08:38
eupho 29 08:39
eupho;-)Dec 29 08:39
schestowitzThanks!Dec 29 08:39
eupho 29 08:39
schestowitzIt looks like the corruptible ones stand outDec 29 08:39
eupho 29 08:39
schestowitzIt's hard for the public to know without entering the "public arena", which is just what they wantDec 29 08:39
schestowitzI see...Dec 29 08:40
schestowitzSo how is Figel connected to it again?Dec 29 08:40
schestowitzI'll use this log as notes later on when I write about itDec 29 08:40
eupho 29 08:40
euphoMicrosoft via Lueders "adopted" Jan Figel as their Commissioner.Dec 29 08:41
schestowitzLooks like quite a crony typeDec 29 08:42
euphobecause no one else is interested in what he has to sayDec 29 08:42
schestowitzI see..Dec 29 08:42
schestowitzHow confident are you?Dec 29 08:42
euphoLook at any Microsoft branded as Microsoft event and look whom they inviteDec 29 08:43
schestowitzHow much do you know about Charlie McCreevy and Microsoft?Dec 29 08:44
schestowitzIs there a connection you are aware of?Dec 29 08:44
schestowitzI already know the Sarko connection.Dec 29 08:44
euphoMcCreevy is powerful.Dec 29 08:46
schestowitzLike a chainsawDec 29 08:46
euphoCourtois and Figel, when you see them on stage it looks like they are brothers.Dec 29 08:46
eupho 29 08:48
schestowitzSME DayDec 29 08:49
schestowitz*LOL*Dec 29 08:49
schestowitzThe ACT thing with Microsoft 'hosting' IIRCDec 29 08:49
eupho+ European!Dec 29 08:49
euphoA Microsoft sales guy meeting with some young entrepreneur buzzDec 29 08:49
schestowitzWhich  entrepreneur buzz?Dec 29 08:50
euphowhat can WE do to forster investment and make capital available to start upsDec 29 08:50
schestowitzWhat's funny is that "Small and Medium-sized business day" is organised by monopolistsDec 29 08:50
euphoA bit ironic when it is hosted by Microsoft which has a lot of cash for investmentDec 29 08:50
schestowitzIt's a bit like parents who set up a birthday for a 5-year-oldDec 29 08:50
euphoYes.Dec 29 08:50
schestowitzIt's no isolated thing.Dec 29 08:51
schestowitzThey steal voices that wayDec 29 08:51
schestowitzI used many examples to show this before.Dec 29 08:51
euphoAnd of course capital conditions, you try to use the young naive entrepreneurs and built your own sock puppets aarmyDec 29 08:51
euphoarmyDec 29 08:51
euphoLong term, low keyDec 29 08:51
schestowitzYes, like letters from the dead.Dec 29 08:52
euphoOh, Peter Jungen!?Dec 29 08:52
schestowitzWho's that?Dec 29 08:52
euphoPeter Jungen is, German?!, looks like 75, and talks cold war rhetorics with an SME falvourDec 29 08:53
euphoHe is somewhat connected with the SME Union of the conservativesDec 29 08:53
schestowitzHow do you know all this?Dec 29 08:54
euphoA political capitalism ideologist and activist without a home base.Dec 29 08:54
euphoThe EU is funny, you just need to watch and follow it.Dec 29 08:56
euphoJTAG Tech is a company that innovates with an eye towards user friendliness,” says eeProductCenter’s Alex Mendelsohn. “In this case, the portal towards ease of use is Microsoft Windows. This tool can help implement boundary-scan testing at the board-level or system-level as well as support board-to-board testing.Dec 29 08:56
eupho 29 08:57
schestowitzJTAG....Dec 29 08:57
schestowitzDidn't they also get or harass with patents?Dec 29 08:58
euphoEU + Microsoft == real entertainment.Dec 29 08:58
schestowitzSame in the UKDec 29 08:58
schestowitzBillG + B'liar = real blastDec 29 08:58
schestowitzThe lawyers talk with influence; Microsoft talks with cashDec 29 08:59
schestowitzThey are a match made in heaven.Dec 29 08:59
euphoThe whole lobby theater works because no one is watching.Dec 29 08:59
euphoBut it is real fun.Dec 29 08:59
schestowitzYes, I knowDec 29 09:01
schestowitzThere are wise words to be said about keeping people uninterestedDec 29 09:01
euphoJungen was about to be fired by the Christian democrats for his late release of a Cologne financial report foDec 29 09:01
schestowitzKeeping them at work 9-5 and then letting them become TV zombies.Dec 29 09:01
schestowitzThey don't have time or desire to research this, which is exactly what the cronies require.Dec 29 09:01
euphoThe internet is the next television. Microsoft-EU the next soap opera, looks like  SCO-IBMis over nowDec 29 09:02
schestowitzYes, it isDec 29 09:02
schestowitzGroklaw is taking a breakDec 29 09:02
schestowitzPatents are the next "Linux stole our code"Dec 29 09:02
schestowitzAnd Novell is the tool for achieving the FUD.Dec 29 09:03
schestowitzIndia too has its share of manipulation for patentsDec 29 09:03
schestowitzSome Microsoft lackeys seem to have gotten their hands on the spigot. They push software patents.Dec 29 09:03
eupho 29 09:05
schestowitzThat said, I have not seen any Indian articles about patents recently. Quiet is no indication of things getting better; it just means that the bad guys have more room for maneuver.Dec 29 09:05
euphoPushing for software patents in foreign jurisdictions is one thing.Dec 29 09:05
euphoPenetration of the political class anotherDec 29 09:05
schestowitzWhose group is this?Dec 29 09:05
schestowitz "The price of an annual Corporate Gold Membership is EUR 20,000 + "Dec 29 09:06
schestowitzLobby for sale.Dec 29 09:06
schestowitzBuy you law now... at a discount.Dec 29 09:06
schestowitzEEIDec 29 09:07
schestowitzLike IEE in reverseDec 29 09:07
euphoPeter Jungen in the board...Dec 29 09:07
euphothese guys are not powerful, more like Vampires. No light-resistance.Dec 29 09:08
euphoE.g. Jungen also fights for tax reform.Dec 29 09:09
euphoand calls the progressive income tax 'marxist'.Dec 29 09:09
schestowitzWhat is he pushing for?Dec 29 09:12
schestowitzMcCreecy did it as well.Dec 29 09:12
schestowitzIt benefits Microsoft.Dec 29 09:12
schestowitzI wrote about it in 29 09:13
eupho 29 09:14
*schestowitz looksDec 29 09:18
schestowitzI hate this siteDec 29 09:18
schestowitzVery pro-patentsDec 29 09:18
schestowitz"EU Education Commissioner Ján Figel'  "Dec 29 09:19
schestowitzThe apple doesn't fall far from the tree.Dec 29 09:19
schestowitz"Europe desperately lacking 'positive entrepreneurship culture' "Dec 29 09:19
schestowitzTranslation: Europe is broken; save Europe; Listen to *THAT* guyDec 29 09:20
schestowitz"However, this approach was challenged by the chair of the Finnish software entrepreneurs' association (Ohjelmistoyrittäjät)  and  CEO of Digium, Matti Heikkonen. He said entrepreneurship is not an educational issue. "Dec 29 09:20
schestowitzDo you know zoobab BTW?Dec 29 09:20
schestowitzSomeone has found a source of information about MSFT: Unfortunately there is not so much info about Novell: "What is striking is that they have reduced its employees a 27% since 1998," it tell me.Dec 29 09:37
schestowitz"Although for the full reports one must be a subscriber, it summarizes interesting things in a single page, quite conveniently: unethical behaviours, tax heavens, financial figures..."Dec 29 09:37
zoobabpongDec 29 10:12
schestowitzHey, what's up?Dec 29 10:18
schestowitzI'll post the script aboveDec 29 10:19
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Omar87hi all.Dec 29 10:32
schestowitzHey, what's up?Dec 29 10:32
Omar87Nuthin' :)Dec 29 10:33
Omar87You?Dec 29 10:33
Omar87I was reading about Bioinformatics a while ago.Dec 29 10:33
Omar87It seems pretty interesting!Dec 29 10:34
schestowitzI know some people in the field. The world has bigger issues, IMHODec 29 10:34
Omar87Of course, it does.Dec 29 10:35
schestowitzBTW, in case you missed it, Microsoft is being totally exposed now: 29 10:35
schestowitz"We also obtained a copy of a private E-mail claiming to be from James Plamondon, but we can’t divulge it. Our source says: “Perhaps he’s on a fishing expedition to find out exactly what else is out there that might show him in a bad light. And wants me to do it for him. Remember all these Comes docs were supposed to stay buried.”Dec 29 10:36
euphoLook, this is info war, without blood and wet trenches but with much more fun.Dec 29 10:36
schestowitzWhat puzzles me is why he sent it to a COLA poster. He made the mistake of taking the trolls on, using their own methods. What's suspected is he was trying to find a link between people and I provided it, by posting references to that email. What was done is that a person posted the original on Usenet so that I can link to it. The man is genuine based on the location, but maybe a trap.Dec 29 10:38
schestowitzeupho: I posted your wordsDec 29 10:39
schestowitz 29 10:39
schestowitzI didn't have time to organise it.Dec 29 10:39
schestowitzBut the site is less formal than most news sites (just more truthful), so there it goes...Dec 29 10:39
schestowitz"That Plamondon doc, could be a manual for how any business could get to the top - by any means necessary"Dec 29 10:40
schestowitz 29 10:40
schestowitzHe does live in Austin. I saw his IP (BN  comment), so unless it's a faker, which I think is unlikely, then we have something in our hands.Dec 29 10:41
schestowitzOther people sort of corroboratedDec 29 10:41
Omar87schestowitz: How do you find out someone's location out of his IP address..?Dec 29 10:45
schestowitzYou can'tDec 29 10:45
schestowitzBut if they post something on your site, you canDec 29 10:45
Omar87schestowitz: Mhmm.Dec 29 10:45
schestowitzOther nasty people use their friends who work for an ISPDec 29 10:45
schestowitzThe IP gave me confidence that the messages were authentic, not a fabricationDec 29 10:46
schestowitzThe annoying thing, people in USENET are the moment faking messages from me.Dec 29 10:46
schestowitzThe USENET server I typically use if offline and the person who can reboot/fix it overseas, so I can't post to USENET properly.Dec 29 10:47
Omar87What a dirty tactic.Dec 29 10:48
schestowitzzoobab: 29 10:49
schestowitz"Dec 29 10:50
schestowitzOOXML scores controversial victoryMicrosoft declared victory in its fight to get fast-track?approval for Open Office XML as a global file format standard on April 1. Some critics said it was ironic that the software giant crowed about its success on April Fools' Day, given that a vocal group of International Organization for Standardization members had complained about irregularities in the voting process"Dec 29 10:50
schestowitzWay to underplay crime... Dec 29 10:50
schestowitzIn the mail this morning: "I support what Roy is doing with Boycott Novell, in that he is keeping Novell's fee to the fire so that they understand that the community doesn't appreciate things such as supporting OOXML and several other big mistakes that Novell has made."Dec 29 10:51
schestowitz"See, it seems that we (the FOSS) community have several of mutually antagonistic (but not mutually exclusive) goals to achieve: 1) spread Free Software 2) as quickly as possible 3) as widely as possible 4) while maintaining diversity 5) and while preventing Microsoft and others from confusing the movement as a whole."Dec 29 10:51
schestowitz"My concern is that our greatest asset is our ability to collaborate.  If we shout too loudly too long at one another, we lose our ability to collaborate.  On the other hand, if we don't insist on transparency and Free Software, then we are not a Free Software movement. "Dec 29 10:51
schestowitz"In short, we are not going to always get all that we want _in the short term_.  We are all going to have to make compromises.  I'm sure that each of us here uses some distro other than ututo-e or gNewSense or some other similarly pure distro.  I'm sure that all of us here use non-Free codecs such as the Flash plug-in.  And more important, newbies are going to want non-Free software until they understand how dumb it is to use non-FDec 29 10:51
schestowitzree codecs and non-Free software." Dec 29 10:51
schestowitz"IMHO, we should use our efforts more to focus on expanding Free Software and Free codecs and less to criticize people who don't.  It would be better to take them to task in private."Dec 29 10:51
schestowitz"[...] I know that this is not as easy as it seems, because we do need transparency, as well.  Having discussions in the open is positive, even if those discussions are antagonistic."Dec 29 10:51
schestowitz"Many social movements have failed because of ideological splits.  One of our greatest challenges in the Free Software movement is maintaining our focus on Free Software while reconciling with those who don't agree with us."Dec 29 10:51
schestowitz"IMHO, we have more in common with Meeks and Novell than Microsoft. "Dec 29 10:51
schestowitzDivide and conquer. Microsoft is a bunch of unethical thugs.Dec 29 10:52
schestowitzDo nothing, be screwed. Say something, be accused of dividing.Dec 29 10:52
schestowitzIt's also in the Slog Doc from Microsoft. They do this deliberately, in order to harm from the inside.Dec 29 10:53
schestowitz...Does n't matter how one responds, the damage is done. They use money to divide people -- they exploit the loophole of greed.Dec 29 10:53
schestowitzSo when is the next shipment of money from MS to Novell? Last one was around August. $100,000,000Dec 29 10:54
schestowitzActually, politics are the sameDec 29 10:54
schestowitzConsider how the US gives arms for countries to ruin one anotherDec 29 10:54
schestowitzLike America gave weapons to Iraq, IIRC, so that it will kill and devastate IranDec 29 10:54
schestowitzSpread the poison, let the 'enemies' fight each other rather than the real felon.Dec 29 10:55
schestowitzNew and odd (one among 6): (Drac Novell 2008 5è premi Ràdio Serveis)Dec 29 10:57
schestowitzCulture secretary Andy Burnham wants cinema-style age ratings for websites < >Dec 29 10:59
schestowitzRMS:  "The Clown regime wants world-wide Internet censorship. It also wants to increase the danger of the UK's dangerous libel laws, which already chill free speech by making it so easy to win a judgment against criticism."Dec 29 11:00
schestowitz "Not to forget: how Bush paid Republicans to go to Florida and sabotage the attempt to properly count the votes."Dec 29 11:00
schestowitzPolice accused of torturing jailed activists < >Dec 29 11:01
schestowitz (Weekly Radio Spin: Dogged Marketing During the Meltdown). The era of media spin is almost ending, so they fight back by censoring the Web and attacking people who speak out.Dec 29 11:06
schestowitz "How Facebook isolates people by substituting the tag of "friend" for real friendship — while collecting personal data for CIA and marketing use."Dec 29 11:13
schestowitz"One thing that is evident is the continuing emergence of the mobile platform as a real alternative to the traditional PC." 29 11:15
schestowitz "Since the birth of the Republic, the U.S. government has been in the business of handing out "exclusive rights" (a.k.a., monopolies) in order to "promote progress" or enable new markets of communication. Patents and copyrights accomplish the first goal; giving away slices of the airwaves serves the second. "Dec 29 11:21
schestowitz"No one doubts that these monopolies are sometimes necessary to stimulate innovation. Hollywood could not survive without a copyright system; privately funded drug development won't happen without patents."Dec 29 11:21
schestowitz"But if history has taught us anything, it is that special interests—the Disneys and Pfizers of the world—have become very good at clambering for more and more monopoly rights."Dec 29 11:21
schestowitz"Copyrights last almost a century now, and patents regulate "anything under the sun that is made by man," as the Supreme Court has put it. This is the story of endless bloat, with each round of new monopolies met with a gluttonous demand for more." --Larry LessigDec 29 11:21
Omar87schestowitz: I'm looking for some professional advice.Dec 29 11:21
Omar87schestowitz: I'm a student in Computer Information Systems, and I'm looking for a good field to specialize in after graduation.Dec 29 11:22
Omar87schestowitz: I read about Bioinformatics, Cheminformatics, Geoinformatics.. etc.Dec 29 11:23
schestowitzI think the industry is frozen for a whileDec 29 11:25
schestowitzQuite a few yearsDec 29 11:25
schestowitzEntering a phase of "socialism" at the moment. It comes in waves and a mate of mine with 3 Masters confirmed this last week.Dec 29 11:25
schestowitzI think it's universal, not just a US thing.Dec 29 11:25
Omar87Because of the financial crisis?Dec 29 11:26
schestowitzYes.Dec 29 11:26
schestowitzI call it the DepressionDec 29 11:26
schestowitzBecause it seems likely to be similar.Dec 29 11:26
Omar87So, where do you suggest I go?Dec 29 11:27
schestowitzI'm not sure.Dec 29 11:27
schestowitzMy brother studies computer science too.Dec 29 11:27
Omar87So, at this level, can we say that the world's economy has reached its leap?Dec 29 11:31
schestowitzA lot of people are in denialDec 29 11:31
schestowitzI speak to people at the gym for exampleDec 29 11:32
schestowitzI want to see what they absorb from the biased media that tries to keep them calmDec 29 11:32
schestowitzTo deny that 10.2 trillion in debt (the US) is acceptable is to deny that China has powers to become the next USDec 29 11:32
schestowitzThe problem I have is, the US has nukes.Dec 29 11:33
schestowitzIt's also run by greedy fanaticsDec 29 11:33
schestowitzThere are lots of good people there, but they are routinely silenced.Dec 29 11:33
Omar87So does the US having nukes seem like a problem to you?Dec 29 11:35
schestowitzOn the bright selfish side (for me), there won't be many product announcements in the coming year. When loans are not given and the US industry is at a standstill, there is numbing of other economies too. So I think we'll be seeing more and more dysphoric headlines in 2009 (compared to 2008)Dec 29 11:36
schestowitzOmar87: they justify other nations having them tooDec 29 11:36
schestowitzThey must disarm and bury them. China has nuclear submarines too.Dec 29 11:36
schestowitzI don't trust the Obama cabinet either. They have people like Biden and Rahm Emanuel at the centre. They are pro-war.Dec 29 11:38
Omar87So, as I understood it, you believe that the US must disarm and get rid of their own nuclear weapon system before preventing other nations from having them?Dec 29 11:38
schestowitzOf course.Dec 29 11:38
schestowitzLook how it worked with the Soviets (USSR)Dec 29 11:38
schestowitzSame with patentsDec 29 11:38
schestowitzBury yours, others will do.Dec 29 11:39
Omar87That's true.Dec 29 11:39
schestowitzIt's grredDec 29 11:39
schestowitzPatents are promoted by suits without the ability to write a "hello world program"Dec 29 11:39
euphoUSSR? One down, one to go...Dec 29 11:40
schestowitzThere's greed for power and control too, thus the creation of weapons of mass destructionDec 29 11:40
schestowitzThe country with the most "Weapons of Mass Destruction" is the United States of AmericaDec 29 11:40
Omar87If the US buries their nuclear systems, people like Iran won't find any other reason to develop theirs.Dec 29 11:40
schestowitzYesDec 29 11:40
schestowitzElse, it's hypocritical.Dec 29 11:40
schestowitz"Daddy, why can't I drink beer if you do?"Dec 29 11:41
Omar87"because you are still a kid, and kids don't drink beer, son!"Dec 29 11:42
schestowitzHehe.Dec 29 11:42
schestowitzLike yourself, I studied computer science.Dec 29 11:42
schestowitzSoftware Engineering to be preciseDec 29 11:42
schestowitzAt the time, people's concern was to do well with employmentDec 29 11:43
schestowitzBut priorities have changed (and will change)Dec 29 11:43
schestowitzThe 2000/99 bubble was locvalisedDec 29 11:43
Omar87You get employed quickly and in a good firm?Dec 29 11:43
schestowitzIt mostly affected technologyDec 29 11:43
schestowitzThat too has passedDec 29 11:43
Omar87You *mean*..Dec 29 11:43
euphoThis is where computing comes in: Europe has to aim for information and oil authrarkyDec 29 11:43
euphoautarkDec 29 11:43
schestowitzBut this one lower demand for technology because it's broaderDec 29 11:44
schestowitzOmar87: I had offers, but I didn't go into employment that's full timeDec 29 11:44
schestowitzI quit my last job in March 2006Dec 29 11:44
euphoFree software means no one can control itDec 29 11:44
schestowitzI used to have 2 simultaneous jobs beforehandDec 29 11:44
schestowitzMy time was better spent doing other stuff.Dec 29 11:45
Omar87So how do you suggest I plan for my future?Dec 29 11:45
schestowitzBut I never dropped out of anything.Dec 29 11:45
schestowitzeupho: what do you mean by the oil remark?Dec 29 11:45
schestowitzeupho: Free software suits people's needs at this timeDec 29 11:45
schestowitzOmar87: I don't know exactly.Dec 29 11:46
schestowitzSame about my brotherDec 29 11:46
euphoEnergy dependencies, the Arabs, the Bush, the RussiansDec 29 11:46
schestowitzHe's about your age.Dec 29 11:46
euphoSame for software dependenciesDec 29 11:46
Omar87schestowitz: Do you think I should not worry so much about employment?Dec 29 11:46
schestowitzOil and software alike?Dec 29 11:46
euphoOmar, you should not follow the herdDec 29 11:47
schestowitzOmar87: people are treated in some places as though it's an emergency scenarioDec 29 11:47
euphoIt is difficult to make us energy independent.Dec 29 11:47
schestowitzLook at the US bailoutDec 29 11:47
schestowitzIt's lootingDec 29 11:47
euphoSoftware is no big dealDec 29 11:47
schestowitzBut they can't evacuate people out of their home, as that would exacerbate.Dec 29 11:47
euphoI mean, imagine one billion for a free software fundDec 29 11:48
euphoOne billion is nothingDec 29 11:48
schestowitzSo those who can't pay back their loans will be recruited or somethingDec 29 11:48
Omar87eupho: This is what I'm trying my best *NOT* to do.Dec 29 11:48
schestowitzWhat I fear is that without a house or money they'll be tempted into military service.Dec 29 11:48
schestowitzeupho: don't they have the pipes coming from Iran?Dec 29 11:48
schestowitzI don't see how EU is affected by the US re: oilDec 29 11:49
schestowitzBesides, they might increasingly trade in EuroDec 29 11:49
euphoWhat does public administration spent on MS Office vs. what does it cost to fund OpenOfficeDec 29 11:49
schestowitzSoftware is mini moneyDec 29 11:49
euphoand stimulate competitionDec 29 11:49
schestowitzCompare that to oil or housing.Dec 29 11:49
schestowitzTrillions you're looking at...Dec 29 11:49
Omar87eupho: One thing about me is that I hate complete and blind obedience, which results in lots of problems.Dec 29 11:49
schestowitzFree Software, to me at least, is an enablerDec 29 11:50
schestowitzIt also educated people.Dec 29 11:50
euphoHere I agree with Richard StallmanDec 29 11:50
schestowitzStallman was doing activism before he even did the computer hacking.Dec 29 11:50
eupho 29 11:50
schestowitzA laptop fell into his lap to enable his to do other things.Dec 29 11:50
schestowitzmetaphorically speaking (laptop)Dec 29 11:50
*schestowitz reads the WikiDec 29 11:51
euphoPost-scarcity is a useful concept.Dec 29 11:51
schestowitzInteresting article. Bookmarked for later.Dec 29 11:52
schestowitzWhen was scarcity lost and why. *That's* the question.Dec 29 11:52
euphoI mean, ensure that we all have houses, get us energy independentDec 29 11:53
euphoProblem solvedDec 29 11:53
schestowitz"I hereby announce oxygen not Free"Dec 29 11:53
schestowitz"Those who can't afford it will be impoverished"Dec 29 11:53
euphoPoliticians think email is strange because its "for free"Dec 29 11:53
schestowitzHehe.Dec 29 11:53
euphook you pay the ISP.Dec 29 11:54
schestowitzGot refs for that?Dec 29 11:54
schestowitzLike a quote?Dec 29 11:54
euphoBut what about wireless mesh networksDec 29 11:54
schestowitzI know..Dec 29 11:54
schestowitzIt's not centralized enough.Dec 29 11:54
euphoYou don't really need ISPsDec 29 11:54
schestowitzHow do you disconnect someone?Dec 29 11:54
schestowitzWhat about spying?Dec 29 11:54
schestowitzThan agin...Dec 29 11:54
schestowitzThink about it. They can't conduct surveillance where face-to-face engagements are involvedDec 29 11:54
euphoSo from a post scarcity point of view we about to enter paradise.Dec 29 11:55
euphoBut politicans find the fruits hang to lowDec 29 11:55
schestowitzSo to stop TERROR~1 they would need to make /EVERY/ interaction centralisedDec 29 11:55
schestowitzWhich renders it mootDec 29 11:55
euphoinformation is different from physical goodsDec 29 11:55
schestowitzPoliticians = those paid by monopolistsDec 29 11:55
schestowitzIOW, politicians are typically spokespeople for those poised to lose the most.Dec 29 11:56
euphojust think of the music industry. I mean, what is bad about sharing music to fill the needs of the peopleDec 29 11:56
schestowitzeupho: value is judged by perceptionDec 29 11:56
schestowitzWhatever one is willing to payDec 29 11:56
euphoAh, the artists are starvingDec 29 11:56
euphoand the poor collective societiesDec 29 11:56
schestowitzSo information too can have a price tagDec 29 11:56
schestowitzWIPO, WHO, etc. ensure that.Dec 29 11:56
euphoand the government gets taxes when we buy CDsDec 29 11:56
schestowitzCures to illnesses  are for sale tooDec 29 11:57
schestowitz 29 11:57
schestowitzTo borrow the RMS-type sayings, "these people should be prosecuted to prison"Dec 29 11:57
schestowitzCrimes against humanityDec 29 11:57
schestowitzeupho: that's why I try not to use and buy CDsDec 29 11:57
schestowitzI use the network to pass information aroundDec 29 11:58
euphoJust as a thought model. Why not try a "copyright piracy" scenario?Dec 29 11:58
schestowitzThere's more to itDec 29 11:58
euphoAnd pay Cliff Richard an annual compensation.Dec 29 11:58
schestowitzCopyright permits justification for trackingDec 29 11:58
schestowitzWith tracking comes censorshipDec 29 11:58
euphookokokDec 29 11:58
schestowitzLook how USENET comes under attack by Coumo and other white-collar thugs.Dec 29 11:59
trmanco:|Dec 29 11:59
schestowitztrmanco: true.Dec 29 11:59
schestowitzUSENET servers are getting more scarce.Dec 29 11:59
schestowitzThey try to starve it because it's not centralisedDec 29 11:59
schestowitzIt's like meshesDec 29 11:59
schestowitzIt's people communicating freely and there is no ability to intercept information via messengersDec 29 12:00
trmancodidn't some companies accuse Usenet of being the door to pedophilia ?Dec 29 12:00
schestowitzThese issues are /far/ more considerable than those that involve software and hardwareDec 29 12:00
trmancofor*Dec 29 12:00
schestowitzh/w and s/w are infrastructures mostly for communicationDec 29 12:01
schestowitzData storage too, after all, is means of communication (or making comms /available/)Dec 29 12:01
schestowitztrmanco: they accuse USENET or many things. They don't try to separate good from bad. They also ruined Wikipedia and block some access because of pedopheliaDec 29 12:02
trmanco...Dec 29 12:02
schestowitzAs in, they pretty much labeled the whole thing "pedophelia" because of some CD cover with a girl.Dec 29 12:02
schestowitzBe sure they hate Wikipedia tooDec 29 12:02
schestowitzIt lacks control. It's like anarchism to them.Dec 29 12:03
trmancowhatDec 29 12:09
trmancoagainDec 29 12:09
trmancothey faked you againDec 29 12:09
trmancothey can't even get to Quote rightDec 29 12:09
trmancoor he*Dec 29 12:09
schestowitzWhere?Dec 29 12:10
trmancois that you?Dec 29 12:10
trmancoCOLADec 29 12:10
trmancono pgp sigDec 29 12:11
schestowitzWhere?Dec 29 12:11
schestowitzI post from GG for a whileDec 29 12:11
trmancooh ok, I'll shut up thenDec 29 12:12
schestowitzNothing I can do about it.Dec 29 12:13
trmancowhat is the problem?Dec 29 12:13
schestowitzHaha. It's back! 29 12:15
trmancoforget it, I found the post where you say the problemDec 29 12:15
schestowitztrmanco: just downtimeDec 29 12:15
trmancookDec 29 12:15
schestowitzThe admin is abroad for xmasDec 29 12:15
trmancosorry for the hype, I just thought you got faked againDec 29 12:15
schestowitz"A computer-generated paper has been accepted for the 2008 International Conference on Computer Science and Software Engineering (CSSE). This important conference has also invited the "author" to chair a session on the subject Towards the Simulation of E-commerce."Dec 29 12:17
schestowitzThe notion of confs is agedDec 29 12:17
schestowitzPeople have email, skype etc.Dec 29 12:17
schestowitzTrade shows too assume that information can hardly be passed around.Dec 29 12:18
schestowitz"Having received a TomTom ONE 125 from my wife, for Christmas, I was disappointed to find that your company was so far behind the times as to expect that a connected computer would ONLY be running a Microsoft operating system. "Dec 29 12:25
schestowitzAmazing. They use Linux to make the product, but don't support desktop Linux, Same with Motorola.Dec 29 12:26
schestowitz"Such behavior, in this day and age, is tantamount to a slap in the face to all the intelligent people in America and in the world who have decided to choose an alternative that does not require massively expensive equipment to run and exorbitant continued fees to maintain."Dec 29 12:26
schestowitz"Due to software issues, our TomTom HOME program is not compatible with Linux and we do not have any software available for it at this time. We currently only have software available for Windows 2000, XP, Vista (latest service packs recommended), and Mac OS X 10.3.9 or higher. We apologize for any frustration this may cause."Dec 29 12:27
schestowitzSo they even support Macs, but supporting the very same platform that they exploit is out of the question.Dec 29 12:27
schestowitz"I very much want others to see just how customers are treated when it comes to the choice of operating system for their home computers.  To be compelled, without prior warning, to have to use an insecure, buggy, and extremely expensive operating system is absurd. That’s right - NO warning. "Dec 29 12:27
schestowitz"Nothing on the box notes any requirement for a Windows operating system in order for the device to fully function in the manner suggested in their literature.   Ignorance MIGHT be an excuse, except that others have also drawn to the attention of TomTom the fact that Linux exists.  "Dec 29 12:28
schestowitz"Therefore, such behavior is unconscionable in the extreme - a blatant ignoring of a significant population of computer users and potential customers.  And worse, this shows that they are ignoring the fact that they are operating the TomTom ONE using Linux..."Dec 29 12:28
schestowitzAmazing.Dec 29 12:29
schestowitz"TomTom uses Linux.  But TomTom doesn’t want to acknowledge that, and therefore ignores potential customers.  Or, perhaps it’s more than ignoring potential customers.  For example, there is the publically demonstrated behavior of Microsoft. "Dec 29 12:29
schestowitzComputerworld (IDG) sells out to Microsoft some more. See the Flash at the top left: 29 12:34
trmancoTomTomDec 29 12:34
schestowitzTomBoyDec 29 12:34
trmancodoesn't that use some GPL'ed code?Dec 29 12:35
schestowitzI don't think it violate GPLDec 29 12:35
trmancoI'm still catching upDec 29 12:35
schestowitz*violatesDec 29 12:35
trmancohmmDec 29 12:35
schestowitzThey do what some other Linux moochers doDec 29 12:35
schestowitzIt remains to be seen if Palm Nova is another Windows/Mac-only junk like Palm OSDec 29 12:35
trmancoSymbian kinda sucks tooDec 29 12:36
trmancoit is like WindowsDec 29 12:36
trmancoyou get a crapload of virusesDec 29 12:36
schestowitzComputerWorld is IDG, which gets paid by Microsoft through IDC. The level of favouritism is always astounding.Dec 29 12:37
trmancoif you don't have good protectionDec 29 12:37
schestowitzSybmian is badly made.Dec 29 12:37
schestowitzEven its owner, Nokia, seems to steer away from it.Dec 29 12:37
schestowitzI can't imagine it has the notion of user privilegesDec 29 12:37
schestowitzPsion..Dec 29 12:38
schestowitzWhere are they now? Threatening to sue sites which say "netbook"Dec 29 12:38
schestowitzI actually tried to find that trademark some months agoDec 29 12:38
trmancoI have no ideaDec 29 12:38
schestowitzSomeone in IRC warned that it was a trademarkDec 29 12:38
schestowitzI couldn't use that lousy USPTO site.Dec 29 12:38
trmancoI was me IthinkDec 29 12:39
trmancoyou even said that you use sub netbook instead of netbookDec 29 12:39
schestowitz*LOL* 29 12:40
schestowitztrmanco: no, it was someone from RussiaDec 29 12:40
schestowitzWikipedian.Dec 29 12:40
trmancooh okDec 29 12:40
schestowitzI could use a lookupDec 29 12:41
schestowitzI thought Intel owned "netbook"Dec 29 12:41
schestowitzI'm not sure about ULPC and MIDDec 29 12:41
schestowitzI just write sub-notebookDec 29 12:41
schestowitz 29 12:41
schestowitz "Apple's said it's taking a break from adding flashy features to OS X to focus on the foundations and stability of the system with Snow Leopard, and this latest leaked screenshot might indicate that those foundations are moving to 64 bits"Dec 29 12:42
schestowitzOSX has some trouble ATMDec 29 12:42
schestowitzMacs crashing after updates... the Macs fans seem shy to talk about it. Apple will surely try to control perception using damage control, just like Microsoft always doesDec 29 12:43
schestowitzWatch how Microsoft corrupted British media: 29 12:44
trmancoexcuse meDec 29 12:45
trmancoWMP, no wayDec 29 12:46
schestowitzThey promote MicrosoftDec 29 12:46
trmanco*LOL*Dec 29 12:46
schestowitzThe UK is a lost causeDec 29 12:46
trmanco"* Silverlight support should be available via the Mono Moonlight project, but the video wouldn't play after I installed the plugin."Dec 29 12:46
schestowitzLike the USDec 29 12:46
schestowitzMoonlight is part of the scamDec 29 12:47
schestowitzMake Linux 'not work' while telling Web developers that Silver Lie is a Good Thing(C) because it 'supports' Linux.Dec 29 12:47
schestowitzThe least we can do is expose Microsoft's behaviour for what it is.Dec 29 12:47
schestowitzAbout slogging to control standards and ruin competitors.Dec 29 12:48
schestowitzRememeber the Gates E-mails.Dec 29 12:48
schestowitzSome of his people wanted to make thing interoperable.Dec 29 12:48
schestowitzHE OBJECTEDDec 29 12:48
schestowitzIt's people like his who are the thugs who go against common sense and fairness to screw competition.Dec 29 12:48
schestowitzI put the E-mails here: 29 12:49
schestowitzGates: "In one piece of mail people were suggesting that Office had to work equally well with all browsers and that we shouldn’t force Office users to use our browser. This Is wrong and I wanted to correct this."Dec 29 12:49
schestowitzGates: "Another suggestion In this mail was that we can’t make our own unilateral extensions to HTML I was going to say this was wrong and correct this also."Dec 29 12:49
schestowitzTranslation: "we must ruin the Web so that it only works with Windows"Dec 29 12:50
schestowitzAnd some people still call Gates their 'idol'Dec 29 12:50
schestowitzSurely they are brainwashed by his media channels that he owns or invests in.Dec 29 12:50
*eupho has quit (" ajax IRC Client")Dec 29 12:54
schestowitzThis deserves more emphasis: 29 12:54
MinceRgeekingsDec 29 12:59
schestowitzGreeks?!!? Where?Dec 29 12:59
trmancothe official press release -> 29 13:00
schestowitzThey can exaggerate there, by selectionDec 29 13:01
schestowitzVery few people actually dig down these things.Dec 29 13:01
schestowitzJournalists are lazy and complacent... until they get laid off, which they do now.Dec 29 13:02
schestowitzThey are fed by PR agencies like W-E, have ghostwritten junk and they always, always conform, or else some big company will get them firedDec 29 13:02
schestowitzShow me ONE journalist, other than Los Angeles Times, saying that Gates Foundation is used to funnel 'moneys;Dec 29 13:03
schestowitzEither the editor will strike that out or company attack the publication and try to get the reporter in trouble.Dec 29 13:03
schestowitzThat's the issue with bought 'consensus', which is wrong. Like "world is flat..."Dec 29 13:04
schestowitzSo here's the plan:Dec 29 13:04
schestowitz1. Expose the brokenness of the journalistic structureDec 29 13:04
schestowitz2. Show that analysts are inherently corruptible. Their opinions are frequently boughtDec 29 13:04
schestowitz3. Then, say the truth and provide evidence to support it.Dec 29 13:04
schestowitzThe same strategy is used to highlight bias in the media where politics is concerned (often people's lives are at stake)Dec 29 13:05
schestowitzExample: TibetDec 29 13:05
schestowitzFrom 'our' media we will hear about the horrible Chinese.Dec 29 13:05
schestowitzNot about people and protesters from Tiber killing CHinese peopleDec 29 13:06
schestowitzBecause remember... China is VERY EVIL... because it can buy all those American companies and become the big superpowerDec 29 13:06
schestowitzConversely, well...Dec 29 13:06
schestowitzThere's also the olypic games and the torthDec 29 13:07
schestowitzLike a couple of stunts in a crowd of million is actually newsworthy. They show only what they want to show to support a distorted POV.Dec 29 13:07
PetoKrausmy friend is in turkey with his family right nowDec 29 13:08
PetoKrausyoutube censored. Geocities censoredDec 29 13:08
schestowitzYes, I heardDec 29 13:08
PetoKraus 29 13:08
schestowitzI thought they had lifted the ban.Dec 29 13:08
PetoKrausi mean, why of all the pages in the world, would you ban geocities?!?Dec 29 13:09
schestowitzI don't know.Dec 29 13:09
schestowitzI have some old pages in GeocitiesDec 29 13:09
schestowitzSome site I built when I was 15...Dec 29 13:09
PetoKrausme as wellDec 29 13:09
PetoKrausyeah, same here... at about 13 for me thoughDec 29 13:09 was my one when I was 15yoDec 29 13:09
schestowitz Heh.Dec 29 13:09
schestowitzOnyxDec 29 13:10
PetoKrausi used to use iframes quite a lot back then :)Dec 29 13:10
schestowitzGood jobDec 29 13:10
schestowitzI used framesetsDec 29 13:10
PetoKrausnah, it was lameDec 29 13:10
PetoKrausstatic...Dec 29 13:10
schestowitzPosledná zmena: 22.08.2005Dec 29 13:10
PetoKrauslast change ;)Dec 29 13:10
schestowitzYes, I know.Dec 29 13:11
schestowitzI haven't touched mine in like 10 yearsDec 29 13:11
PetoKrausthose caricatures are from my friend :)Dec 29 13:11
schestowitzFrom Turkey? j/kDec 29 13:11
schestowitzWhat other sites do they block?Dec 29 13:11
schestowitzI'm sure they find excuses for it.Dec 29 13:11
PetoKrausdunnoDec 29 13:11
schestowitzLike... disrespecting some politiciansDec 29 13:12
schestowitzWe should ban restaurants tooDec 29 13:12
schestowitzThere might be pedophiles dining there.Dec 29 13:12
schestowitzWe should also ban subwaysDec 29 13:12
schestowitzThere are sometimes terrorists thereDec 29 13:12
schestowitzThen... I know! Let's ban airDec 29 13:12
schestowitzIt can contain lethal gasDec 29 13:12
schestowitzAnd then we'll live in a happy worldDec 29 13:13
schestowitzNo YouTube, no air...Dec 29 13:13
PetoKrausyeahDec 29 13:13
schestowitzEmphasis: "may" :-DDec 29 13:13
PetoKrausit's important people realise restrictions are not goodDec 29 13:13
schestowitzThis *may* be harmful, if used improperlyDec 29 13:13
schestowitzLet's chop carrots with our teethDec 29 13:14
schestowitzSelling kitchen knives can lead to marder.Dec 29 13:14
schestowitz*murderDec 29 13:14
schestowitzLet's ban carsDec 29 13:14
PetoKraushehe, my mother's long time friend bought a bed for her and her husbandDec 29 13:14
schestowitzThey can be used to commit suicide/homicide (accident of exhaust pipe)Dec 29 13:14
PetoKrausit's nice, mahoganyDec 29 13:14
schestowitzMahogany?Dec 29 13:15
PetoKrausand it has this pneumatic lifting mechanism to access storageDec 29 13:15
schestowitzHa.Dec 29 13:15
PetoKrausyeah, the woodDec 29 13:15
schestowitzMy parents have something similar, I think.Dec 29 13:15
schestowitzJust not the wood thingDec 29 13:15
PetoKrausanyway, she lifted it up an my mother saidDec 29 13:15
schestowitzPeople value wood like they value other stupid things.Dec 29 13:15
schestowitzLike gold watches.Dec 29 13:15
PetoKraus"well, your husband now doesn't even have to make effort to get you"Dec 29 13:15
PetoKrausbecause yeah, the mechanism lifts the bed to justDec 29 13:16
PetoKrausperfect position to have sex onDec 29 13:16
schestowitz"I hereby announce you my wife... " "What is this, silver??" Wah Wah!! You don't love me"Dec 29 13:16
PetoKrausAND IT's FORBIDDEN!!! IN TFM!!!!Dec 29 13:16
schestowitzTFM?!?Dec 29 13:16
schestowitzHehe.Dec 29 13:16
PetoKrausyeah, she said she thought about that herself when she was reading the manual for the bedDec 29 13:17
schestowitzOkay, okay..Dec 29 13:17
PetoKrausit was mentioned as "no jumping, sitting, or dynamic movements when the compartment is lifted"Dec 29 13:17
PetoKraus:)Dec 29 13:17
schestowitzWhat if kids read this, PetoKraus ?Dec 29 13:17
PetoKrausschestowitz: time to grow upDec 29 13:17
PetoKrausi'm not virgin killer ۩Dec 29 13:18
PetoKraus;)Dec 29 13:18
schestowitzIWF is.Dec 29 13:18
schestowitzWhat is IWF?Dec 29 13:18
schestowitzInternet Watch something?Dec 29 13:18
PetoKrausVirginKiller! :)Dec 29 13:18
schestowitzLibel in Wikipedia? Not a problem.Dec 29 13:18
PetoKrausf*nnyDec 29 13:18
PetoKrausand since they are in britain, proper, british one!Dec 29 13:19
schestowitzCD covers? Well, then they need to block articles about Parliament, global warning and other 'pedophile' content.Dec 29 13:19
schestowitzProper *LOL* funny word here.Dec 29 13:19
PetoKrausi missed QoTSA ...Dec 29 13:20
schestowitz"The ext4 filesystem, the successor to the ext3 filesystem, has been marked stable enough for people to start using and relying on," Novell Linux kernel developer Greg Kroah-Hartman told 29 13:20
PetoKrausoh wellDec 29 13:20
schestowitzSo Sean Michael Kerner has contacts with Novell...Dec 29 13:20
schestowitzWhat's  QoTSA?Dec 29 13:20
*PetoKraus np: Queens of The Stone Age - You Can't Quit Me Baby (Over the Years and Trough the Woods)Dec 29 13:20
PetoKrausmy favourite band.Dec 29 13:21
PetoKrausi'm reading this Wintel i7 .... advertisementDec 29 13:21
PetoKrausit's really laughableDec 29 13:21
*schestowitz np: Daddy's Car - The Cardigans Dec 29 13:22
schestowitzWeird one. It's on shuffle.Dec 29 13:22
schestowitzIntel will lay off soon. I can sense it.Dec 29 13:22
schestowitzPretty massive. Maybe they'll manage to create alternative workforce in China.Dec 29 13:22
schestowitzWe have a slow year ahead, PetoKraus. I think chemists will be fine because the medical sector has demand driven by illness. People don't get more 'healthy' in slowdowns.Dec 29 13:25
PetoKrausi don't mind slow yearDec 29 13:25
PetoKrausmore time to shootDec 29 13:26
schestowitzShoot?Dec 29 13:26
PetoKrauspictures and rabbitsDec 29 13:26
schestowitzHehe.Dec 29 13:26
PetoKrausmy friend, that turkish one, wants to go huntingDec 29 13:26
PetoKrausi've never been. Might be fun.Dec 29 13:26
schestowitzHere's one for you to beat: 29 13:26
schestowitzClassic.Dec 29 13:26
PetoKrauswell yeah :DDec 29 13:26
schestowitz"English: Destitute pea pickers in California, mother of seven children, age thirty-two, in the 1930s."Dec 29 13:27
PetoKrausmother of seven, age 32Dec 29 13:27
PetoKrausthat's nothingDec 29 13:27
PetoKrausgimme €£10 and i'll get you a picture of a mother of twelve age 30Dec 29 13:27
schestowitzIt symbolises the Great Depression.Dec 29 13:27
schestowitzAnother immortal classic: 29 13:28
schestowitzThis is the full one: 29 13:29
PetoKrausi like benson's pictures quite a lotDec 29 13:30
schestowitzThe former?Dec 29 13:30
schestowitzOhDec 29 13:30
schestowitzPicture (singular)Dec 29 13:30
PetoKraushe had a exhibition in the gallery in Glasgow this summerDec 29 13:31
*schestowitz searchesDec 29 13:32
schestowitzHarry?Dec 29 13:33
schestowitz 29 13:33
schestowitz 29 13:34
schestowitz 29 13:34
schestowitz 29 13:34
schestowitzI dunno...Dec 29 13:34
schestowitzThe age of autocracy in photography seems to have ended. Now everyone can just point the camera at stuff and let the aperture DoItsThing(C)Dec 29 13:36
schestowitzFrom mail: "There is no doubt Meeks and the others at Novell in the past did some great development on OOo. But is differerent now. It not like Meeks and his crew "volenteer" and contribute code, or spend 5 months writing up a manual for users for FREE for OOo."Dec 29 14:01
schestowitz"They are paid by Novell, probably make more than us, to develope an alternative to OOo, using all OOo resources for the purpose of destroying that they can advance the MS/Novell agenda.."Dec 29 14:01
schestowitz"[T]he Novell Meeks crew is not collabarating, they could be using the same time and energy on OOo as they did in the past (prior Novell/MS agreement), but choose to create a competing product and aggresively attack the party they used to help..."Dec 29 14:02
schestowitz"The only excuse i have for Meeks, is he works for Novell and needs a paycheck so he might have been forced to go down this path. But that does not make him a friend of our community anymore."Dec 29 14:02
MinceRis ooo gplv3?Dec 29 14:03
MinceRif not, it should be -- that might be a nice angle to attack the .net patent trap from, perhapsDec 29 14:03
schestowitzlgplv3Dec 29 14:05
MinceRi wonder if that enforces a patent license for mono...Dec 29 14:09
schestowitzI'll be back in a couple of minutes.Dec 29 14:45
**** BEGIN LOGGING AT Mon Dec 29 14:51:15 2008
*Now talking on #boycottnovellDec 29 14:51
*Topic for #boycottnovell is: "Exploring the reality behind exclusionary deals with Microsoft and their subtle (yet severe) implications" [publicly logged]Dec 29 14:51
*Topic for #boycottnovell set by schestowitz at Sun Oct 5 19:20:28 2008Dec 29 14:51
-ChanServ-[#boycottnovell] Welcome to the #boycottnovell channelDec 29 14:51
*#boycottnovell :[freenode-info] why register and identify? your IRC nick is how people know you. 29 14:51
-NickServ-You are now identified for schestowitz.Dec 29 14:51
*services. sets mode +e schestowitzDec 29 14:51
*ChanServ gives channel operator status to schestowitzDec 29 14:51
Omar87schestowitz: Welcome back.Dec 29 14:53
trmanco:)Dec 29 14:54
schestowitzOnce in a couple of weeks Compiz weighs down X, so I give X a kick.Dec 29 14:54
schestowitz 14:54:46 up 74 days, 23:13,  2 users,  load average: 0.96, 1.43, 1.63Dec 29 14:54
trmancololDec 29 14:55
trmancoa couple of weeks?Dec 29 14:55
trmancomore like a couple of monthsDec 29 14:55
schestowitzSomething like thatDec 29 14:55
schestowitzI don't need to reboot to restart XDec 29 14:55
*trmanco checks shell server's uptimeDec 29 14:55
trmancoyeah I knowDec 29 14:55
trmanco 15:05:37 up 33 days,  8:31,  6 users,  load average: 1.05, 1.33, 1.38Dec 29 14:56
trmancohmmDec 29 14:56
trmancojust a month for nowDec 29 14:56
trmancotoo bad the uptime project diedDec 29 14:57
trmanco:|Dec 29 14:57
trmancothere was a Solaris computers with 6 years of uptimeDec 29 14:58
trmancocomputer*Dec 29 14:58
trmancoThe guy behind it managed to swap hard drives with it on somehow at about 4 years of uptimeDec 29 14:58
trmancothey hard drive was dying at that momentDec 29 14:59
trmanco"This was especially true in the Windows 9x days[citation needed], where Windows NT and Windows 2000 users would boast of uptimes of more than 30 days, whereas many real-world Windows 9x installations crashed more often."Dec 29 15:01
trmanco*LOL*Dec 29 15:01
trmancoan OpenVMS machine almost ram 12 years without a reboot :|Dec 29 15:02
schestowitzHm... This is the beginning of bigger things, e.g.:Dec 29 15:02
schestowitz 29 15:02
trmancoran*Dec 29 15:02
schestowitzIntertsing.Dec 29 15:02
schestowitzDid the project really die?Dec 29 15:02
trmancoyesDec 29 15:02
trmancoit died in 2007Dec 29 15:03
trmancowho is Doug MentohlDec 29 15:03
trmanco?Dec 29 15:03
trmancothere is a news uptime project though 29 15:06
schestowitzHow as the project funded or --rather--what did it achieve?Dec 29 15:15
schestowitzTo put this differently, projects die if they are almost useless.Dec 29 15:15
schestowitzI run BN because I think it's helpful and it's funDec 29 15:16

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Links 24/07/2024: Many New Attacks on Journalists, "Private Companies Own The Law"
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Gemini Links 24/07/2024: Face à Gaïa, Emacs Timers for Weekly Event, Chromebook Survives Water Torture
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Why Virtually All the Wikileaks Copycats, Forks, and Rivals Basically Perished
Cryptome is like the "grandpa" of them all
A Total Lack of Transparency: Open and Free Technology Community (OFTC) Fails to Explain Why Over 60% of Users Are Gone (Since a Week Ago)
IRC giants have fallen
In the United Kingdom Google Search Rises to All-Time High, Microsoft Fell Nearly 1.5% Since the LLM Hype Began
Microsoft is going to need actual products or it will gradually vanish from the market
Trying to Put Out the Fire at Microsoft
Microsoft is drowning in debt while laying off loads of staff, hoping it can turn things around
GNU/Linux Growing at Vista 11's Expense
it's tempting to deduce many people who got PCs with Vista 11 preinstalled are deleting it, only to replace it with GNU/Linux
Over at Tux Machines...
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IRC Proceedings: Tuesday, July 23, 2024
IRC logs for Tuesday, July 23, 2024
[Meme] Was He So Productive He Had to be Expelled Somehow? (After He Was Elected and Had Given Many Years of Work to Earn a Board Seat)
Things like these seem to lessen the incentive to devote one's life to Free software projects
GNOME Foundation is Causing Itself More Embarrassment With Secrecy Than With Full Transparency
It also arouses suspicion and hostility towards Codes of Conduct, which gave rise to 'secret courts' governed by large corporations
Links 23/07/2024: NetherRealm Layoffs and Illegitimate Patent 'Courts' (Illegal)
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Gemini Links 23/07/2024: AM Radio, ngIRCd, and Munin
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A Lot of GNU/Linux Growth on the Client Side is Owing to India (Where GNU/Linux Has Reached 16%)
A lot of this happened in recent years
Insulting Free Software Users in Social Control Media (Proprietary, Bloated With Opaque JavaScript) is Like Insulting Amish on TV
Why bother? Don't take the bait.
When Wikileaks Sources Were Actually Murdered and Wikileaks Was Still a Wiki
when Wikileaks was a young site and still an actual wiki
statCounter: Dutch GNU/Linux Usage Surged 1% in Summer
Microsoft is running out of things to actually sell
Microsoft's "Results" Next Week Will be Ugly (But It'll Lie About Them, as Usual)
Where can Microsoft find income rather than losses as its debt continues to grow and layoffs accelerate?
Julian Assange is Still Being Dehumanised in Media Whose Owners Wikileaks Berated (With Underlying Facts or Leaks)
Wikileaks and Free software aren't the same thing. Nevertheless, the tactics used to infiltrate or discredit both ought to be understood.
A Month Later
We're optimistic on many fronts
Links 23/07/2024: Downsizing and Microsoft and Still Damage Control
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Gemini Links 23/07/2024: Friends and Solitaire
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Why the Media is Dying (It Sucks, No Mentally Healthy People Will Tolerate This for Long)
linking to actual news articles helps fuel the spam, too
Censorship in Eklektix's Linux Weekly News (LWN)
Medieval system of speech, where the monarchs (Linux Foundation) dictate what's permissible to say
10 Years of In-Depth EPO Coverage at Techrights (Many Others Have Abandoned the Topic)
Listen to staff
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IRC Proceedings: Monday, July 22, 2024
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