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schestowitz (President 'has four years to save Earth')Jan 22 00:22
schestowitzCan you imagine the CHAOS you'll have if Obama sent Bush and Cheney to stand trial?Jan 22 00:22
schestowitzTo people who are racist in the US, that would be like "the black guy's hubris against the 'white cowboy'".Jan 22 00:23
schestowitzDrop the money......... "It bypasses greedy banks. It recharges local economies. It's time to think seriously about an alternative currency"Jan 22 00:24
schestowitz 22 00:25
schestowitzAMD unloads mobile GPU technology to Qualcomm < >Jan 22 00:29
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schestowitzMiguel advertises XAML: 22 00:58
schestowitzJan 22 00:31:06 <neighborlee>the news was just TOO much for freenode's server LOLJan 22 00:59
schestowitzYes, massive attack(tm)Jan 22 00:59
neighborlee:)Jan 22 00:59
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schestowitzI had to grab your message from another machineJan 22 00:59
neighborleehaJan 22 01:00
neighborleeah crap show is on..bbl ;0-0Jan 22 01:00
-tomaw-[Global Notice] Hi all. One of our sponsors appears to have had a network connectivity issue. We're working with them to get the issue resolved.Jan 22 01:00
schestowitzinaugural speech on youtube: 22 01:02
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schestowitzThe newer one: 22 01:06
schestowitzCorruptible chaps: 22 01:10
schestowitzAndy wrote about this too: 22 01:11
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schestowitzBlech. Intalio planning '8 to 10' open-source acquisitions < >Jan 22 01:51
schestowitz (The "Microsofting" of Linux)Jan 22 01:53
schestowitz\Nice photo: 22 01:57
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josethis mentions obama online for inaug 22 02:00
*schestowitz looksJan 22 02:00
schestowitzI wonder if he wrote his speechJan 22 02:00
schestowitzI bet you they had people scanning the text to interpret how every race class and gender might perceive the wordsJan 22 02:01
schestowitzThe whole thing is PR.... a face to hide what happened at 'the back of the store;Jan 22 02:01
josethe speech started to get written possibly many years agoJan 22 02:02
joseTwitter saw five times the normal tweets-per-second, surging as Obama took his oath, and the once-temperamental site managed to stay up throughout the ceremony. Facebook got more than one million status updates on Tuesday, peaking at 8,500 updates every minute of Obama’s speech. GigaOm estimated that between photos, videos, tweets, live blogging and status updates the inauguration could have been the most user-generated content evenJan 22 02:02
joset ever. As is, it was the fifth most watched event online ever.Jan 22 02:02
schestowitzI know.Jan 22 02:02
schestowitzDoes that ceremony matter (other than for historical reference)?Jan 22 02:03
schestowitzBear in mind that:Jan 22 02:03
joseextrapolating that everyone was watching TV. Or, they were on Facebook and Twitter instead,Jan 22 02:03
schestowitz1) every word he utters ("hope" "unity" etc.) he is told by a campaign manager (PR person) to say to grab some more votesJan 22 02:03
josestreaming: ...Jan 22 02:03
jose"There was similarly mixed news for online video streaming. CNN, and others, hyped up the millions of live-streams on their sites, while TechCrunch snarked that technical glitches and bandwidth issues signaled more of a failure on the part of video streaming than a success. "Jan 22 02:03
schestowitzI look at who 'he' appointsJan 22 02:03
schestowitzHe doesn't even appoint peopleJan 22 02:03
josebtw, all of this i have posted has been a quote.. sorry to leave the quotation marks outJan 22 02:04
schestowitzHe has people 'holding his hand' when he gives power to advisors, managers, and so on.Jan 22 02:04
schestowitzjose: that's OK. Did it really cost 170 million?Jan 22 02:04
josei'm reading what you are saying.. but i'm looking for qoutesJan 22 02:04
josehave no ideaJan 22 02:04
jose 22 02:05
schestowitzThat's an obscene amount. I saw it somewhere.Jan 22 02:05
joseAnd the early numbers are in: News web sites saw about 5.4 million visitors per minute, making Obama's taking of his oath of office the fifth biggest web event since Akamai (AKAM) started its tracking in August 2005.Jan 22 02:05
schestowitzYou'd think that having a guy give a speech would only require paying some security staff.Jan 22 02:05
joseanyway, i was looking for streaming statsJan 22 02:05
joseit seems most people weren't watching the streamingJan 22 02:05
schestowitzBut hey, what's 0.2bn when the nation owes 10,000bn to other countries?Jan 22 02:06
schestowitzjose:  they broke Akamai records.Jan 22 02:06
schestowitzLinux worked hard that night :-)Jan 22 02:06
schestowitz 22 02:06
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n3w_bi3hi all in room..Jan 22 03:22
schestowitzHeyJan 22 03:22
josei'll be leaving soonJan 22 03:22
n3w_bi3any1 wit novell n microsoft knowledge?Jan 22 03:23
n3w_bi3nid help on advice...Jan 22 03:23
schestowitztechnical?Jan 22 03:23
n3w_bi3well basically i'm more into reviewin both...generally...Jan 22 03:24
n3w_bi3not too deep into technical sideJan 22 03:24
schestowitzAhh okay.Jan 22 03:25
n3w_bi3mayb i xplain d situation dat im in...Jan 22 03:25
n3w_bi3we had netware 6.5 running 2010 der r plans 2 moved up to oes2...Jan 22 03:26
n3w_bi3question here...if i drop novell completely n start to run microsoft a-dir...Jan 22 03:27
n3w_bi3wats d impact?Jan 22 03:27
n3w_bi3wat wud i loose frm oes?Jan 22 03:27
n3w_bi3any1 can advice me?Jan 22 03:27
n3w_bi3:/Jan 22 03:28
schestowitzThat's technicalJan 22 03:28
n3w_bi3owh...ok schestowitzJan 22 03:28
n3w_bi3thnks 4 correcting me...Jan 22 03:28
n3w_bi3wat can u tell me abt dat schestowitzJan 22 03:28
schestowitzYou can streer away from bothJan 22 03:28
schestowitz*steerJan 22 03:28
n3w_bi3y is dat?Jan 22 03:28
ushimitsudokijesus are you a fucking orc learn to fucking type. ignore on.Jan 22 03:29
n3w_bi3?Jan 22 03:29
ushimitsudokichrist almighty that is annoyingJan 22 03:29
n3w_bi3xplain schestowitzJan 22 03:29
schestowitzWhat about..?Jan 22 03:30
n3w_bi3ahh... nothin...Jan 22 03:30
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schestowitzgnJan 22 03:31
joselaterJan 22 03:34
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PetoKrausthat was a cheap shot :)Jan 22 08:26
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MinceRoh haiJan 22 09:29
MinceRlol orcJan 22 09:29
MinceR 22 09:31
MinceR(offtopic)Jan 22 09:31
schestowitzThe Sun is too small. Isn't it 50 times bigger? Jan 22 09:49
MinceR:)Jan 22 09:50
PetoKrausthat's arch's pacman owning the worldJan 22 09:54
MinceRno, that's the original pacman :>Jan 22 09:55
schestowitzPetoKraus: they invokes it recursivelyJan 22 09:56
schestowitz*vokedJan 22 09:56
PetoKrausawesomeJan 22 10:20
PetoKrausmy return camcorder does NOT have dead pixelJan 22 10:20
PetoKraus:)Jan 22 10:20
PetoKrausi'm happy nowJan 22 10:20
MinceR:)Jan 22 10:20
schestowitzpixel=pixel++;Jan 22 10:21
MinceRpixel++; would be simpler :)Jan 22 10:30
schestowitzYes.Jan 22 10:30
schestowitzpixel=(width * height) - 1; // we give this lad the faulty Web cam and hope he won't noticeJan 22 10:31
MinceR:DJan 22 10:34
schestowitzOMG.......Jan 22 10:49
schestowitz"The computer worm responsible for the biggest attack in years has infected at least 1 out of every 16 PCs worldwide, a security company said Wednesday, and may have managed to compromise as many as nearly 1 in 3."Jan 22 10:49
schestowitzOne in two used to be a zombie... but here you have just one worm doing a third (of Windows): 22 10:50
schestowitz"I'm pretty confident in this number," said  Ryan Sherstobitoff , chief corporate evangelist at Panda Security, as he cautioned it was just a snapshot. "Conficker is still infecting high volumes of machines and is a fast-propagating worm." MinceR, PetoKraus: spread the word. It's time to get Windows quarantined.Jan 22 10:54
schestowitzIs Jobs faking it? 22 11:11
schestowitzIsn't the term "free market" Orwellian?Jan 22 11:16
MinceRthe ones responsible won't listenJan 22 11:38
MinceRthey keep saying windows is targeted because it dominates the market (even though it doesn't even have the majority of the server market, iirc)Jan 22 11:39
schestowitzChallenge themJan 22 11:39
schestowitzSee my latest postJan 22 11:39
MinceRi've triedJan 22 11:39
MinceRthey're like scientologistsJan 22 11:39
schestowitzWho are?Jan 22 11:49
schestowitzFriends of brainwashed peers/journalists?Jan 22 11:50
MinceRa m$-cultist i know and his flunkiesJan 22 11:51
schestowitzPaid or just mentally corrupted?Jan 22 11:52
MinceRunsureJan 22 11:52
MinceRhe does own m$ stock thoughJan 22 11:52
MinceRdidn't ask him if he was a Minesweeper Consultant and Solitaire Expert or something like that thoughJan 22 11:53
MinceRand then there are the people i know who just don't careJan 22 11:54
MinceRthey run whatever shit their computers happen to have, complain when something gets screwed up but later say it works just fineJan 22 11:54
schestowitzMinceR: so he lost half+ his money?Jan 22 11:55
MinceRdunnoJan 22 11:55
MinceRhe probably keeps the stock around in the hope that the price will go up eventuallyJan 22 11:55
schestowitz 22 11:56
schestowitzMinceR: go up or "go up in flames"?Jan 22 11:56
MinceRthe formerJan 22 11:56
schestowitzThat's a killer...Jan 22 12:03
schestowitzSome people think that a country with 10kBN in debt is just going to have some kind of overnight renaissance.Jan 22 12:03
schestowitz*LOL* 22 12:06
MinceRthey believe any bullshit that comes out of ballmer or gatesJan 22 12:06
schestowitzBill Gates, 1993: "The Internet? We are not interested in it."Jan 22 12:07
MinceR"640k should be enough for everybody" or something.Jan 22 12:07
MinceRsome of these people are militantly unaware of their environment.Jan 22 12:08
schestowitz 22 12:11
schestowitzMinceR: he denies saying that.Jan 22 12:11
schestowitz "But I have a problem. I put serious work into writing what I write, and I’d like to think that the parts that are any good might outlive me. I love Twitter, but it’s a venture-funded startup with no business model, and these are tough times. "Jan 22 12:13
schestowitz"They might make it and they might get rich, but it would be totally unsurprising if, 24 months from now, Twitter were gone, or a zombie site, or its BigCo acquirer was installing pointy-haired bosses to Leverage The Synergies."Jan 22 12:13
schestowitz"I hope that the Twitter story plays out more gracefully than Netscape’s did, and I think that for their own sakes they ought to be encouraging federated-blogging work. (All I know about is Laconica; is there more?) Because I want the best for the little tweets I send out into the big bad Internet."Jan 22 12:14
MinceRwell, of course he denies it, it's bad PR and he makes a living from liesJan 22 12:14
schestowitzYes, I have a set of lies from himJan 22 12:15
schestowitz 22 12:15
schestowitzGeez. The connection is slow. Maybe the Windows zombie flood the Net? (which I very much doubt, but still...)Jan 22 12:18
schestowitz*biesJan 22 12:18
schestowitzGoogling up Ubuntu < >Jan 22 12:19
schestowitzRick Lehrbaum uses his baby (LinuxDevices) to pimp his Web site after his departure.Jan 22 12:20
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schestowitzStimulus Is for Suckers: We Need a Recovery Plan that Will Last for Years < >Jan 22 12:23
schestowitzMS [Mark Shuttleworth] is being tactless again.. 22 12:26
schestowitzFirst he praises OS X... now he praises WindowsJan 22 12:26
schestowitzHopefully this guy isn't seen as 'the man' speaking for Linux, just as Asay does not speak for "open source" and Linus doesn't speak for Free operating systems.Jan 22 12:27
MinceRhe's so naiveJan 22 12:28
MinceR"Shuttleworth believes that a decent edition of Windows will mean Microsoft finally has to charge full price and that Redmond will finally stop allowing OEMs to use low-cost copies of Windows XP instead of paying full price for the full version of the official flagship - Windows Vista."Jan 22 12:29
MinceRi lol'dJan 22 12:29
schestowitzA lot of PCs need to be kicked outta' this networkJan 22 12:30
schestowitzIt might be the Windows viruses that make it torturous to use it todayJan 22 12:30
MinceRthat doesn't only apply to the networkJan 22 12:31
MinceRrather, the entire industryJan 22 12:31
schestowitzI know.Jan 22 12:31
schestowitzI think I'll just piss off to the gym or something and hope it improves later (which I doubt)Jan 22 12:32
schestowitzI can't take it anymore... I'm going away.....Jan 22 12:32
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Omar871Hi allJan 22 12:34
schestowitzHi, Omar871. Windows Zombies appear to be flooding the network, I'll be back laterJan 22 12:36
MinceRi hope this worm will deal so much damage it will shake these m$-cultists out of the dream world they're living inJan 22 12:38
Omar871MinceR: Oh yeah the "sleeping worm" you mean?Jan 22 12:40
MinceRi mean Conficker/DownadupJan 22 12:41
Omar871MinceR: Yeah this is what I meant.Jan 22 12:42
Omar871MinceR: I've read an article about in the newspaper a couple days ago. And I was lmao about it. :DJan 22 12:43
Omar871,10...Jan 22 12:45
Omar871<Troubleshooters are still trying to flush a virus out of hundreds of hospital computers more than three weeks after it first hit.> Well, they deserve it. That should a fair punishment for not using Linux. :)Jan 22 12:46
Omar871should *be* a fair punishmentJan 22 12:47
Omar871brbJan 22 12:47
MinceRthey didn't knowingly choose to use windowsJan 22 12:52
MinceRso m$ should be punished tooJan 22 12:52
MinceRespecially for the autorun.inf sechole that's been around for at least 13 years nowJan 22 12:52
*kapipi (n=tor@ has joined #boycottnovellJan 22 13:28
Omar871MinceR: Could it be a long time agreement between M$ and the anti-virus companies? Ya know, if Windows was 100% secure those people won't be making a penny, right?Jan 22 13:30
Omar871:)Jan 22 13:30
MinceRunlikelyJan 22 13:30
Omar871It looks like that, though, lol. :)Jan 22 13:30
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trmanco 22 14:24
trmancofor more details. Some highlights:Jan 22 14:25
trmanco * full support for Windows 7 as host and guest (first product inJan 22 14:25
trmanco   the market to support Win7!)Jan 22 14:25
trmanco...Jan 22 14:25
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*teko ( has joined #boycottnovellJan 22 14:54
RonPaul2012anyone know how to install mono on SuSe 10? I need to get some compatibility with my .NET appsJan 22 14:55
tekois there a chrome package for suse ?Jan 22 14:56
schestowitzI still can't surf :-(Jan 22 15:00
schestowitzAhhhhhhhhhhhhh......Jan 22 15:02
schestowitzIt takes like a minute to load Web pagesJan 22 15:02
schestowitzteko: Chrome is not ready for GNU/LinuxJan 22 15:03
schestowitzSheffield Hospital is possibly on JANETJan 22 15:06
schestowitzLinux kernel needs more modularity for bare-metal hypervisor viability < >Jan 22 15:08
RonPaul2012i love using monoJan 22 15:10
RonPaul2012mono is awesome softwareJan 22 15:10
RonPaul2012microsoft rulz!Jan 22 15:10
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schestowitzbrbJan 22 15:11
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*Topic for #boycottnovell is: "Exploring the reality behind exclusionary deals with Microsoft and their subtle (yet severe) implications" [publicly logged]Jan 22 15:18
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schestowitz 22 15:38
schestowitzFormer Games Journalist Dead in Apparent Murder-Suicide 22 15:41
schestowitzSophos May Lay off up to 5 Percent of Staff 22 15:42
*_doug (n=configna@unaffiliated/confignak) has joined #boycottnovellJan 22 15:42
schestowitzSony Slashes Outlook, Expects Loss This Year 22 15:42
schestowitzwb, _doug Jan 22 15:42
_doughi all, what's that site where you upload a file for sharing ?Jan 22 15:43
_dougI'm been beat up :(Jan 22 15:43
schestowitzPhotobucket?Jan 22 15:44
schestowitzWhat file type?Jan 22 15:44
schestowitz.EXE? :-oJan 22 15:44
_dougI just want to maintain the format - textJan 22 15:45
_dougphotobucketJan 22 15:45
schestowitzNo, wait..Jan 22 15:45
schestowitzpastebinJan 22 15:46
schestowitz 22 15:46
_dougahh so ..Jan 22 15:46
schestowitzBeat up or beaten up?Jan 22 15:46
_dougI emailed some astroturfer and he  - off topic and somewhere else trashes me :>Jan 22 15:47
schestowitz_doug: the network here is f*ed todayJan 22 15:47
schestowitzI reckon something hammers on DNSJan 22 15:47
schestowitzIt takes ages to resolve... like 30 sec lag. i checked from other nodesJan 22 15:47
_dougIt's a VIRUS~1Jan 22 15:47
schestowitzI reckon so.Jan 22 15:47
schestowitzI reckon lots of customer got whacked off the network this week.Jan 22 15:48
_doughere as in your geo location ?Jan 22 15:48
schestowitzMaybe JANETJan 22 15:48
schestowitzYou heard of Sheffield, right?Jan 22 15:49
_dougYepJan 22 15:49
schestowitz 22 15:49
schestowitzHospitals, emergency services... everything.Jan 22 15:49
schestowitzAhaha...Jan 22 15:50
schestowitz 22 15:50
schestowitzIgnition Partner +  ORLY = Microsoft... Ignition is a MS lobby in my eye.. a 'bank account'Jan 22 15:51
schestowitz"Guest blogger Vanessa Fox is co-chair of the new O'Reilly conference Found: Search Acquisition and Architecture. Find more from Vanessa at and Vanessa is also entrepreneur in residence at Ignition Partners, and Features Editor at Search Engine Land."Jan 22 15:52
schestowitzNoted. ORLY Conference +  Ignition Partners = MS influence in ORLY.Jan 22 15:52
schestowitz 22 15:53
_dougthey're bigger that US steel .. :)Jan 22 15:54
schestowitzI LOVE this: 22 15:57
schestowitzShe points out that journalists write about Linux FOR YEARS without having tried it.Jan 22 15:57
schestowitzThese people make me angryJan 22 15:57
twitterSlashdot mentioned M$ layoffs today - softened it up with news about IBM and Intel.  Cool blog about pundits, it's about time people show them up.Jan 22 15:58
schestowitzAhJan 22 16:01
schestowitzPricelessJan 22 16:01
schestowitzSame tactics in USENETJan 22 16:01
schestowitzThey trash Google et al re: layoffsJan 22 16:01
schestowitzIt's like the usual "they're evil too" tacticsJan 22 16:02
schestowitzI'll push as much as possible -- attention-wise -- to Carla's blogJan 22 16:02
schestowitzI wrote like a dozen times in BN that Blankenhorn runs a "Linux" blog in MSZNET without even having Linux experienceJan 22 16:02
_dougtrash Google where, aren't they the cause of global 'climate change' warming ?Jan 22 16:03
schestowitzSame for Murphy, who is an anti Linux troll with a "L'Unix| blogJan 22 16:03
schestowitz_doug: :-DJan 22 16:03
schestowitz_doug: 22 16:03
schestowitzThere's another oneJan 22 16:03
schestowitzRecent example.. let me find itJan 22 16:03
schestowitz 22 16:04
schestowitzGist: MS press blames others... for sins Microsoft commitsJan 22 16:04
_dougGetting the DOJ to kill the Google-Yahoo deal was money well spent ...Jan 22 16:05
_doug'leveling the playing field'Jan 22 16:05
twitterblowback is a bitch, dougJan 22 16:05
twitterDOJ may cost more for them under Obama than Bush.Jan 22 16:06
_dougno to get Google to pay patent royalties for MS search technology ..Jan 22 16:06
MinceRlolJan 22 16:06
_dougAnd Apple to pay royalties once they 'upgrade' from playforsure :)Jan 22 16:09
schestowitz_doug: how can we raise awareness of this?Jan 22 16:11
schestowitzThe Grallas and Blanekenhorns out there certainly won't. They are cowards or shills (not Dana).Jan 22 16:12
schestowitzGah! Digg feels like an Apple/Microsoft zoo these days. I mean, even Linux stories get trolled very quickly, and they needn't reach the front page to receive such bad treatment. I know for a fact that Microsoft has people doing this (for pay) on Slashdot. I have it confirmed by a verifiable source.Jan 22 16:25
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*kapipi (n=tor@ has joined #boycottnovellJan 22 16:37
schestowitzWe made many front pagers recently :-) Slashdot, Linux Today, etc. We make many big pages with these dynamites. BN doubled in traffic this month. I've done the Wal-mart post just now. Let's organise Comes and deliver... (Microsoft “Taskforce” lobbied Wal-Mart/Microtell to drop GNU/Linux)Jan 22 16:59
schestowitzTop 100 websites targeted by hackers < >Jan 22 17:04
*seller_liar (i=c95c8730@gateway/web/ajax/ has joined #boycottnovellJan 22 17:13
seller_liarhey royJan 22 17:13
schestowitzHeyJan 22 17:15
schestowitzI've just hard from FoleyJan 22 17:15
schestowitz*heardJan 22 17:15
schestowitzShe's catching up.Jan 22 17:15
schestowitzseller_liar: I need your assistance...Jan 22 17:15
seller_liarschestowitz: Is it possible to associate boycottnovell links with m$ internal documents in wiki?Jan 22 17:15
schestowitzseller_liar: Comes (at Iowa) was settled within weeks, but we grabbed about 9000 exhibits that I gradually go through. They get organised in the BN Wiki with help from other people and we then publish the smoking guns (about 1 a day).  They were never seen before, so this is still relevant.Jan 22 17:16
schestowitzIt's no wonder that Microsoft settled so quickly and requested that the evidence is removed from the site. We hope to bring to your attention what they did -- be it good or bad. A lot of this economic vortex is the result of uncontrollable business behaviour.Jan 22 17:16
schestowitzseller_liar: yes, but not yetJan 22 17:16
schestowitzThe Wiki is still too 'messy' (not fomally written), so it needs more work before going publishJan 22 17:17
schestowitzI still need to pass 190 more smoking guns there.Jan 22 17:17
seller_liarschestowitz: what you need?Jan 22 17:17
schestowitzMostly text from the PDFJan 22 17:18
seller_liarschestowitz: put more shill on shills list?Jan 22 17:18
schestowitzIf not full text, then just the bits that are evidence of crime/misconductJan 22 17:18
schestowitzseller_liar: I will do, over time.Jan 22 17:18
seller_liarschestowitz: What you need? I can help you?Jan 22 17:19
seller_liarseller_liar: Explain me because my english is weakJan 22 17:23
seller_liarschestowitz: explain me because my english is weakJan 22 17:23
schestowitzOkay... sorry I got distractedJan 22 17:23
schestowitzHere's the thing I do now..Jan 22 17:23
schestowitzSee 22 17:24
schestowitzI am migrating the stuff from there to the Wiki.Jan 22 17:24
schestowitzI've done it up to Feb 2007.Jan 22 17:24
schestowitzI also make local copies of the PDFsJan 22 17:24
schestowitzAnd I file them under the appropriate category.Jan 22 17:25
seller_liarschestowitz: where you are , 12 february?Jan 22 17:25
schestowitzMarch 1stJan 22 17:26
schestowitzSo, for example...Jan 22 17:26
schestowitzI go here.. 22 17:26
schestowitzThen paste the subject line and body into the "Sun" section in the WikiJan 22 17:27
schestowitz 22 17:27
schestowitzJust added: 22 17:29
seller_liarschestowitz: ok , i got itJan 22 17:30
schestowitzAnother Java dirty trick: 22 17:30
schestowitzSo I pass it on to "Sun" page, where we hold evidence to publish (we haven't published these yet)Jan 22 17:31
schestowitzMicrosoft settled over its abuses (crimes) against Java.Jan 22 17:32
schestowitzSun 'buried' the trialJan 22 17:33
schestowitzWe can still make 'justice' by showing what Microsoft did.Jan 22 17:33
seller_liarschestowitz: extending javaJan 22 17:33
schestowitzyesJan 22 17:33
seller_liarschestowitz: Yes ,we can do and this will give more power against ms shillsJan 22 17:33
schestowitzThanks.Jan 22 17:36
schestowitz"02 March, 2007" posts?Jan 22 17:36
schestowitzI'm doing March 1stJan 22 17:36
seller_liarokJan 22 17:36
seller_liarthis way?Jan 22 17:39
seller_liar 22 17:40
seller_liarseller_liar: sorryJan 22 17:40
seller_liarschestowitz: sorryJan 22 17:41
seller_liarthis way?Jan 22 17:41
seller_liar 22 17:41
schestowitzYes, exactly! :-)Jan 22 17:41
seller_liarlook to  Microsoft Internal OEM Price Guideline ..Jan 22 17:41
schestowitzWe have it somewhere.Jan 22 17:41
schestowitzThe exhibit numbers are too arbitraryJan 22 17:42
schestowitzSo we need to organise by headings (titles), then organise by topicJan 22 17:42
schestowitzSome exhibits will be linked to multiple topicsJan 22 17:42
schestowitzI've just added: 22 17:42
seller_liarsorry , I think it 's correct nowJan 22 17:45
seller_liarlook MS: OEMS are our delivery people ..Jan 22 17:45
schestowitzYes, developers are "pawns"Jan 22 17:45
*PetoKraus has quit (Read error: 60 (Operation timed out))Jan 22 17:46
seller_liarschestowitz: Where I put about ISPs?Jan 22 17:47
schestowitzI'll add a pageJan 22 17:47
seller_liarschestowitz: okJan 22 17:47
schestowitz 22 17:48
ushimitsudokiVista main culprit in Microsoft layoffs: 22 17:49
ushimitsudoki2nd UPDATE: Microsoft To Cut 5,000 Jobs; F2Q Net Falls >MSFT : 22 17:51
seller_liar don't mention putting the browser in the OS ..Jan 22 17:51
schestowitzushimitsudoki: they are likely to cut more in the future, same as Intel..Jan 22 17:51
schestowitzseller_liar: what do you mean?Jan 22 17:51
seller_liar 22 17:52
schestowitzseller_liar: I do Netscape now. 22 17:52
seller_liarschestowitz: How to upload a pdf to bon wikiJan 22 17:52
schestowitz2-3 levels : TOPIC :: EXHIBITS INDEX :: SYNOPSIS :: FULL PDFJan 22 17:52
schestowitzseller_liar: I'll upload the files later. Don't worry about it if it's from another siteJan 22 17:53
schestowitzI download, upload, then relink to a local copyJan 22 17:53
seller_liarschestowitz: okJan 22 17:54
schestowitzWhat "ACT" is he referring to here? 22 17:54
schestowitzThe pressure groups (Zuck et al)?Jan 22 17:54
seller_liarschestowitz: I don know ,apache?Jan 22 17:58
seller_liarschestowitz: MS: the Office club ..Jan 22 17:58
schestowitzLet me see..Jan 22 17:58
seller_liar 22 17:58
schestowitz 22 18:00
schestowitzIs Apache there?Jan 22 18:01
schestowitzJava/Apple/NetscapeJan 22 18:01
schestowitzPut it anywhere. I'll link to it from multiple places. :-)Jan 22 18:01
seller_liarschestowitz: okJan 22 18:03
schestowitzI'll use a template later.. to make all the pages be clean and brushed up with local copiesJan 22 18:04
twitternice article, ushi!Jan 22 18:04
schestowitz"DW indicated that he recieved a letter from Microsoft legal complaining about our latest advertising." 22 18:06
schestowitzImagine that.Jan 22 18:07
seller_liarschestowitz: wowJan 22 18:07
schestowitzMicrosoft complains about advertising... and Mugabe complaint about shoplifting?Jan 22 18:07
ushimitsudokitwitter: thxJan 22 18:08
ushimitsudokinnJan 22 18:08
*PetoKraus ( has joined #boycottnovellJan 22 18:08
seller_liarbillg: an ISV that writes to COR is just fucked ..Jan 22 18:10
seller_liar 22 18:10
_dougwho's DD ?Jan 22 18:10
_dougDW ??Jan 22 18:10
schestowitzI don't knowJan 22 18:10
schestowitz_doug: maybe it's worth expanding the text in the Wiki..Jan 22 18:11
schestowitzTo show what DD isJan 22 18:11
_dougDOH :?Jan 22 18:11
schestowitz 22 18:11
_dougI can feel the vibes ..Jan 22 18:11
_doug 22 18:11
_dougsorry, mind drifting ..Jan 22 18:11
schestowitz*LOL* "Jim Allchin (jimail)"Jan 22 18:12
schestowitzJimail.. like GmailJan 22 18:13
schestowitzProbably a typoJan 22 18:13
schestowitzHe's JimAllJan 22 18:13
_dougDW = Dick Willians ?Jan 22 18:14
seller_liarwhere i put this?Jan 22 18:18
seller_liar 22 18:18
twitterthe Vista Failure Log is nearly complete, 22 18:22
_doug"Vista has failed and M$ may soon go out of business."Jan 22 18:24
schestowitzseller_liar: under "Windows" maybeJan 22 18:25
_dougA bit imature, MS is currrently reinventing itself as an e_Commerce and multi-media distribution corportation ..Jan 22 18:25
schestowitzWe can link to it later from more index pagesJan 22 18:25
_dougThe tribble-dipping innovation ... \)Jan 22 18:25
seller_liarschestowitz: okJan 22 18:26
_dougcollect from the media companies, the telecoms and the consumers ...Jan 22 18:26
twitter"Pays for Sure" eh doug?Jan 22 18:26
_dougare you an agent provocateur ?Jan 22 18:27
twitternoJan 22 18:27
MinceRFailsForSureJan 22 18:28
twitterI'm someone who's been bullied for eight or nine years by M$ turds.Jan 22 18:28
twittertheir failure was predictable and is enjoyable.Jan 22 18:29
twitterNew low for M$FT  17.19, 22 18:31
schestowitzseller_liar: I finished "01 March, 2007"Jan 22 18:32
schestowitztwitter: GOODJan 22 18:32
seller_liarschestowitz:Mar 02 - doneJan 22 18:32
twitterheavy selling, really heavy.Jan 22 18:33
schestowitzThanks, seller_liar I'll do March 5thJan 22 18:37
schestowitzThis is funJan 22 18:37
schestowitzSeeing the headlines along the way. These will become posts in due time and be published properlyJan 22 18:37
_douglisten up, get this one ...Jan 22 18:38
seller_liarschestowitz: this will be a very good source of informationJan 22 18:38
_dougMS analysises Reals business model, and inadvertanly tells us where they would like to be :)Jan 22 18:39
_doug"There is no reason not to point out to our mutual customers that Real will continue to drive for higher returns from their software, given their market situation. This situation will highlight how real is triple-dipping, making money from the content providers once via the software licensing/hosting costs, and then again from the same providers for ads/placement; and then from consumers, based largely on value delivered by Real's hapless cJan 22 18:39
_dougThat's our JOB :|}Jan 22 18:39
_dougcontent, adverts, customers .. ooo, aaaah, I'm getting all warm and furrie ... :0Jan 22 18:40
_dougIt's like having a front row seat in Das Bunker .. :)Jan 22 18:41
schestowitzMicrosoft lied to Alan Sugar: 22 18:41
schestowitz"plant the bug of fud in their ears.."Jan 22 18:42
schestowitz("unofficially")Jan 22 18:42
_dougEveryone else is trying to steal our innovation (TM)Jan 22 18:42
MinceRespecially Digital Research :>Jan 22 18:48
_dougtime for a break .. 22 18:48
_douggtgJan 22 18:48
*_doug has quit ()Jan 22 18:48
trmanco 22 18:55
seller_liarschestowitz: I will do march 07Jan 22 18:56
schestowitzThanks.Jan 22 18:56
schestowitzI'm doing March 6thJan 22 18:56
seller_liarschestowitz: 07 mar doneJan 22 19:03
schestowitzCool!Jan 22 19:08
PetoKrausthe downadup/confickerJan 22 19:08
PetoKrausis niceJan 22 19:08
schestowitzIs nice.. [Borat?]Jan 22 19:08
PetoKrausi'm reading about the three vectors it usesJan 22 19:09
seller_liarschestowitz: I will do 13 marJan 22 19:09
PetoKrausi guess i'm gonna bring my laptop to work on saturday, as there'll be craploads of infections i guessJan 22 19:09
schestowitzseller_liar: thanks.Jan 22 19:19
schestowitzI still do 6thJan 22 19:19
schestowitzI upload copies too.Jan 22 19:19
seller_liarschestowitz: okJan 22 19:20
seller_liarschestowitz: 13 mar doneJan 22 19:24
seller_liarschestowitz: I 'm not uploading because I don know how to doJan 22 19:24
schestowitzThat's OKJan 22 19:36
schestowitzI'll do it for you.Jan 22 19:36
seller_liarschestowitz: ok ,thanksJan 22 19:36
schestowitzI've begun making a sort of templateJan 22 19:36
schestowitzExamples: Jan 22 19:36
schestowitz 22 19:36
seller_liarschestowitz: But I thinks it's better to maintain all text because sometimes the pdfs is very hard to readJan 22 19:41
schestowitzYes, we'll do that later onJan 22 19:42
schestowitzAnother issue is the catalogingJan 22 19:42
schestowitzPeople need to be able to find by searching text or by topicJan 22 19:42
schestowitzIn the past it was just a huge pile of files with names like PX_32352.pdf, which doesn't say muchJan 22 19:43
seller_liarschestowitz: Yes  , we can change the name from pxxxxx to another name, bnut it'1s not a good ideda nowJan 22 19:46
schestowitzNo, bo..Jan 22 19:46
schestowitzFile names need to remainJan 22 19:46
schestowitzThey are like index, primary keyJan 22 19:46
schestowitzUniversal numbers to verify that it's not fakeJan 22 19:47
seller_liarschestowitz: okJan 22 19:47
schestowitzMissing link here: :-(Jan 22 19:48
schestowitzSee, imagine having to find this..Jan 22 19:48
schestowitzYou have 10000 files with many pages SCANNED in each, no  OCRJan 22 19:48
schestowitzNow go about finding where these quotes came from now..Jan 22 19:48
seller_liarschestowitz: I don know what to do ,but I think it's not important nowJan 22 19:51
*r0ver is now known as r0ver|mtgJan 22 19:55
schestowitzI've just finished March 6Jan 22 19:56
schestowitzAnd tidied up a bitJan 22 19:56
seller_liarschestowitz: someday , probably a lot of people will translate thisJan 22 19:58
schestowitzIt has been hidden for 20 years (some of it)Jan 22 20:02
schestowitzThis doesn't 'expire'Jan 22 20:02
schestowitzThe thing is, Comes was probably the first time that someone took the boxes from the DOJ or whatever and put them in the public domain (Web site)Jan 22 20:03
seller_liarschestowitz: somes pxxxx  dates 1988!Jan 22 20:04
*Casperin ( has joined #boycottnovellJan 22 20:17
schestowitzseller_liar: yesJan 22 20:21
schestowitzThese are mostly 1988 stuff --  the oldest of the bunchJan 22 20:21
schestowitzI've tidied this up: 22 20:22
*Omar87 (n=omar@ has joined #boycottnovellJan 22 20:26
Omar87Hey everyoneJan 22 20:26
schestowitzHey there.Jan 22 20:27
trmanco 22 20:29
schestowitzit's too easy (for crackers) to useJan 22 20:30
schestowitzWe made front page of Linux Today again...Jan 22 20:33
schestowitzseller_liar: the Comes documents we deal with get wide coverage once they are finalisedJan 22 20:33
trmancocoolJan 22 20:33
schestowitzI've finished the ones up to the point we agreed on.Jan 22 20:33
schestowitzseller_liar: how far have you gotten?Jan 22 20:34
schestowitzReader writes about Digg trolls: "Even without confirmation (though it's good to have it) there's absolutely no doubt of it in our view.  In fact, the Microsoft Trolls don't even try to hide it much anymore.  We've also come to the conclusion that some proclaiming to be Linux fans, who are rude about Windows users, are also paid Trolls.  They open up the discussion for the Windows fans to respond and sound more reasonable. "Jan 22 20:34
schestowitz"I strongly believe that the whole "College girl drops out because of Ubuntu" story was fabricated, including the big to-do about how hateful Linux "zealots" were to her."Jan 22 20:34
schestowitz"The battles are getting ugly and it's going to get worse as Microsoft begins to feel the pinch.  Though one wonders how fast all those paid trolls will turn on Microsoft if the money dries up...could be some interesting stories coming out then.)"Jan 22 20:35
schestowitz"For now the only cure is to just get the information out there as much as possible.  But I believe it's also necessary to help ordinary folks (the ones everybody likes to dismiss as "too stupid to care"), because they are the ones that can tilt the battleground away from the monopoly. "Jan 22 20:35
schestowitzMaybe I should focus less on the news and do Comes as fast as possible.Jan 22 20:35
schestowitzAsay is also watching this.. he mailed me hours agoJan 22 20:35
MinceRwhat did he say?Jan 22 20:36
schestowitzHe'll work on it while on the planeJan 22 20:36
MinceR"curse you for exposing our preciousssss microsssssoft"?Jan 22 20:36
schestowitzPoor Microsoft... it's leaving 5000 family without a Dark Trooper who 'only' took orders from aboveJan 22 20:37
*seller_liar has quit (" ajax IRC Client")Jan 22 20:40
MinceRthey're running out of moneyJan 22 20:44
MinceRbribing governments and courts left and right isn't cheapJan 22 20:44
schestowitzI know....Jan 22 20:48
schestowitzI've been saying for years that people are deceived because:Jan 22 20:48
schestowitz1) margins are not so great (OEM preinstalls!=full price)Jan 22 20:48
schestowitz2) few countries pay for the software (wealthy countries mostly)Jan 22 20:49
schestowitz3) accounting irregularities Microsoft got busted forJan 22 20:49
schestowitz *  Apple Hints at Legal Action Against Palm < >Jan 22 20:50
MinceRi hope jobs dies a painful deathJan 22 20:52
MinceRpalm innovated more than these fuckers have even dreamed ofJan 22 20:53
twitterAll death is painful.  It is not a good thing to wish on people, even when they are evil.Jan 22 20:53
twitterTrue victory is converting your enemies to friends and evil people into benefactors.Jan 22 20:54
MinceRthose who mostly just aimed to and succeeded at causing harm to others in their life deserve to experience it themselves.Jan 22 20:55
MinceRnot all evil people can be convertedJan 22 20:56
twittersurelyJan 22 20:56
*r0ver|mtg is now known as r0verJan 22 20:56
MinceRthey have to want to change, unless we invent more advanced brainwashing technology -- but what's the point of that?Jan 22 20:56
twitterI'm happy when they are no longer able to do harm.Jan 22 20:56
twitterIt is better if they are stripped of their ill gotten gains, so that those they destroyed can be compensated.Jan 22 20:57
MinceRit isn't always possibleJan 22 20:57
twitterJustice is always possible.Jan 22 20:57
schestowitzThis means that Pre is goodJan 22 20:58
schestowitzHad it not been good, Apple's (con) artists would start rattling sabers.Jan 22 20:58
MinceRit also means that apple is bullying palmJan 22 20:58
schestowitz*notJan 22 20:58
schestowitzYes, Apple's play is something I'll write about in BNJan 22 20:58
schestowitzThis isn't the firstJan 22 20:59
schestowitzThey attack FOSSJan 22 20:59
schestowitzAttack *AND* exploitJan 22 20:59
MinceRafaik handspring (now palm, inc.) came out with the first pda/phoneJan 22 20:59
twitterM$'s failure will convince many people that their greed was not only wrong headed but unsuccessful as well.Jan 22 20:59
MinceRnow apple is claiming innovation over something that tries to be a pda/phoneJan 22 20:59
schestowitzLook at the iPhone menu..Jan 22 20:59
schestowitzThey ripped off Palm OS.Jan 22 20:59
schestowitzWhat does Obama have to do with Satyam?!?!?!?! 22 21:00
twitterI saw that earlier but don't know what Satyam is.Jan 22 21:03
schestowitz*LOL* 22 21:03
schestowitzWatch this: 22 21:04
schestowitz"In short, it's the massive pile of derivatives accumulated over the past decades.  It's also tightly coupled and extremely complex (worse, not understood).  It isn't regulated, nor is it liquid enough to price (which is why global banks are still able to "act" like they are solvent).  "Jan 22 21:05
schestowitz"You can see why global banks are now trading at prices that anticipate insolvency and government bailout ( See this chart from JP Morgan for more).  And why the UK looks like Iceland more each day."Jan 22 21:05
twitterMore wiretap news.  US targeted media and journalists 22 21:05
schestowitz 22 21:06
schestowitztwitter: Bush should be sent to trialJan 22 21:07
schestowitz"The National Security Agency had access to all Americans' communications -- faxes, phone calls, and their computer communications," Tice claimed. "It didn't matter whether you were in Kansas, in the middle of the country, and you never made foreign communications at all. They monitored all communications."Jan 22 21:07
*kentma1 has quit ("Leaving.")Jan 22 21:08
twitterAh, I confused Satyam with Sectera because we were talking about Palm, 22 21:08
MinceR:)Jan 22 21:09
twitterThe purpose of this monitoring was both political and economic.  The Bush administration will go down as one of the most blatantly corrupt ever.Jan 22 21:09
twitterI like this picture but don't like that Ballmer may be scape goated.  Every one of these M$ emails I read is filled with bad attitude.Jan 22 21:13
schestowitzPropaganda = economy boom?Jan 22 21:15
schestowitzThis assumed that assassinating foreign leaders by giving weapons to rebels is a wise strategyJan 22 21:15
schestowitzWhen people find out what happened, then you just get embargoed.Jan 22 21:15
schestowitzThe US shoots itself in the foot by trying to turn its citizens into troops (or "pawns" as Microsoft calls it)Jan 22 21:16
schestowitztwitter: maybe they'll sack him. His vices are leaving in drives alreadyJan 22 21:17
twitterPropaganda, "We supported people who were fighting for their rights, property and freedom."  If it is true, it is good.Jan 22 21:17
twitterThe problem is that the US gave up it's principles back in the 90s.Jan 22 21:18
schestowitz90s?Jan 22 21:18
twitterTrade with China.Jan 22 21:19
schestowitzWhat about the Reagenites? Jan 22 21:19
MinceRReagents? :>Jan 22 21:19
schestowitzDC has been occupies by BraveCowboys(rm) for quite some time.Jan 22 21:19
schestowitzMinceR: :-) No...Jan 22 21:19
schestowitz*occupied; ...(tm)Jan 22 21:20
twitterSome of the things the CIA did back then was evil, but Reagan never stood up before the American people and said evil was expedient and good.Jan 22 21:20
twitterReagan's administration may not have walked the walk but it did talk right.Jan 22 21:20
twitterObama's inauguration speech was comforting.  He actually mentioned freedom, respect for everyone and not violating rights because it's expedient.Jan 22 21:21
twitterLet's see if he will do it.Jan 22 21:21
MinceRthe silverlie fiasco isn't exactly reassuring.Jan 22 21:22
MinceRhe'll also have to stop ACTA.Jan 22 21:22
twitterprosecute the wiretappers, the list goes on and on.Jan 22 21:22
trmanco 22 21:23
twitterRMS is dismayed by the man's cabinet choices and actions so far.Jan 22 21:23
twitterHa ha, M$ closed at $17.11 after sinking as low as  17.07Jan 22 21:24
twitterPerspective.  M$FT reached a dot bomb high of nearly $60.  It has remained flat under $30 since the crash of 2000, with a peak of $35 in 2007.  Basically, investors from the late 90s have lost nearly 2/3rds of their money to FruadSoft.Jan 22 21:28
schestowitztwitter: do you think Obama wrote the speech?Jan 22 21:30
schestowitzIt's a PR/marketing thing, like much of the campaign. They know what words to use to pick up votes and support.Jan 22 21:30
twitterI don't think it matters.  He said it.  If he lives up to what he said it will be good.Jan 22 21:31
schestowitzYes.Jan 22 21:31
trmancoMicrosoft defends return to DRM: 22 21:34
twitterM$ will cut contractor spending by 15%, programmers are included in the 5,000 people axed. 22 21:37
MinceRthey had programmers? :>Jan 22 21:37
twittertwo or three.  without programmers or contractors, I don't see how they plan to fix Vista.Jan 22 21:38
twitterClassic tech death spiral.Jan 22 21:38
twitterArticle above claims M$ has $20 billion cash on hand.  I don't think so.Jan 22 21:40
schestowitzContractors =  tempsJan 22 21:40
twitterRight, people getting real work done.Jan 22 21:40
MinceRwell, they get some of their marketers and lawyers to randomly change some of the code they've stolenJan 22 21:41
MinceRbusiness as usualJan 22 21:41
schestowitzThey buy codeJan 22 21:42
schestowitzThat's the markets' jobJan 22 21:42
twitterNot business as usual.  Perception has changed.  They try to spin it as part of the bigger downturn but it's not.Jan 22 21:42
schestowitz"Usually Microsoft doesn't develop products, we buy products. It's not a bad product, but bits and pieces are missing." --Arno Edelmann, Microsoft's European business security product managerJan 22 21:42
twitterIt's the Vista failure.Jan 22 21:42
MinceRwell, they started by buying code someone else has stolenJan 22 21:44
MinceRat their brightest moment, they've hired some guys from DEC to turn their CP/M clone into a VMS cloneJan 22 21:44
MinceRthen they've found BSD and started stealing code from there.Jan 22 21:44
twitterYeah, but that pool dried up a long time ago.  Who's left trying to make non free software that they can steal?Jan 22 21:45
MinceRi guess they'll just keep stealing BSD code nowJan 22 21:45
MinceRit worked for their loved and hated buddies, crAppleJan 22 21:45
twitterThey worked on Vista for six years when they had more money than God, government protection and everything they could want and it was still a piece of shit.Jan 22 21:47
MinceRand they knew it was a piece of shit, tooJan 22 21:48
MinceRthat's why they threw most of it away :>Jan 22 21:48
schestowitzNow they buy coverageJan 22 21:49
twitterTheir money has to be close to gone, considering how much stock they have to keep buying to float their price.Jan 22 21:51
twitterWhen their money is gone the Wintel press will fall on them like the lying jackals they are.Jan 22 21:51
schestowitzINTEL ANNOUNCED it will shut five manufacturing facilities, affecting the jobs of 5,000 to 6,000 employees. < >Jan 22 21:54
*ushimitsudoki1 ( has joined #boycottnovellJan 22 21:57
schestowitzre: layoffsJan 22 22:01
schestowitzMicrosoft lied to the mediaJan 22 22:01
schestowitzIts executives denied layoffs in the media about 2 months agoJan 22 22:02
schestowitzSo keep record of this lie.Jan 22 22:02
schestowitzIn future denials, this can be used.Jan 22 22:02
*ushimitsudoki has quit (Read error: 60 (Operation timed out))Jan 22 22:04
twitterThey are probably still lying by only announcing 5,000 layoffs.  More are surely on the way.Jan 22 22:12
twitter"See, we are not as bad off as people said we were."Jan 22 22:13
schestowitz 22 22:14
schestowitzHave areadJan 22 22:14
twitter"We tried hard to look after our little pawns, cough, developers, but these times are just tough."Jan 22 22:15
twitter* looking!Jan 22 22:15
schestowitzThe lesser-told story about Microsoft's layoffs announcement..Jan 22 22:15
twitterLOL, " In some respects I see the business characteristics of Coca Cola or  See’s Candy as being very similar to Microsoft. I think you would love  the simplicity of the operating system business. E.g. in FY96 there were  50 million PC’s sold in the world, and about 80% of them were licensed  for a Microsoft operating system. Although I would never write down the  analogy of a "toll bridge", people outside our company might deJan 22 22:31
twitterM$ the "toll bridge" on the information superhighway.Jan 22 22:32
MinceRit's a series of tubes ;)Jan 22 22:33
twitterPay toll to the trolls.  In the same letter, "Believe me, the longest lines don’t necessarily  translate into the best value!"Jan 22 22:33
schestowitz "Guantanamo ordered closed within a year; detainee-treatment rules changed"Jan 22 23:34
schestowitz "This morning at Microsoft, it seems that someone sighed, "Let's get it over with."  The company has released a fourth quarter financial report that wasn't supposed to turn up until after trading hours, and the numbers in it aren't pretty."Jan 22 23:36
schestowitzI think the Wal-Mart post might make the front page of Digg... 22 23:37
twittercoolJan 22 23:38
schestowitzSome journalists took notice too and Linspire's CEO might hear about it.Jan 22 23:38
schestowitz /s/CEO/president./Jan 22 23:38
twitterlet's hope so.Jan 22 23:39
schestowitzThere's lots more in the Wiki and about 20 PDFs lying on my ~/DesktopJan 22 23:39
schestowitzHere's how IBM wants to profit from GNU/Linux.. (non-Free software)Jan 22 23:42
schestowitz "The IT vendor community in the United States was mostly immune from layoffs that happened over the course of 2008, when 2.6m people lost their jobs. But that is obviously changing as the global economy, which IT vendors depend on, continues to weaken. And this week the layoffs, some rumored and others announced, are actually happening."Jan 22 23:45
schestowitz"The founder of open source email Silicon Valley startup Zimbra, which was bought by Yahoo! in September 2007, is leaving the internet firm." 22 23:47
schestowitzThere was a protest today in the streets.Jan 22 23:48
schestowitzBT shares tumble on £340m Global Services bill < >Jan 22 23:51
schestowitzNew Research Shows No Link Between Violent Video Games And School Shootings < >Jan 22 23:55
MinceRgnJan 22 23:56
schestowitznnJan 22 23:56

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Mozilla Promotes the Closed Web and Proprietary Webapps That Are Security and Privacy Hazards
This is just another reminder that the people who run Mozilla don't know the history of Firefox, don't understand the Web, and are beholden to "GAFAM", not to Firefox users
Debian More Like an Exploitative Sweatshop Than a Family
Wiltshire is riding a high horse in the UK, talking down to Indians who are "low-level" volunteers in his kingdom of authoritarians, guarded by an army of British lawyers who bully bloggers
Small Computers in Large Numbers: A Pipeline of Open Hardware
They guard and prioritise their "premiums", causing severe price hikes due to supply/demand disparities.
Microsoft Deserves a Medal for Being Worst at Security (the Media Deserves a Medal for Cover-up)
There are still corruptible/bribed publishers that quote Microsoft staff like they're security gurus
Real Life Should be Offline, Not Online, and It Requires Free Software
Resistance means having the guts to say "no!", even in the face of great societal burden and peer pressure
10 Reasons to Permanently Export or Liberate Your Site From WordPress, Drupal, and Other Bloatware
There are certainly more more advantages, but 10 should suffice for now
About 200,000 Objects in Techrights Web Site
This hopefully helps demonstrate just how colossal the migration actually is
Good Teachers Would Tell Kids to Quit Social Control Media Rather Than Participate in It (Teaching Means Education, Not Misinformation)
Insist that classrooms offer education to children rather than offer children to corporations
Twitter: From Walled Gardens to Paywalls and/or Amplifiers of Fascism
There's moreover a push to promote politicians who are as scummy as Twitter's owner
The World Wide Web is Being Confiscated From Us (Like Syndication Was Withdrawn About a Decade Ago) and We Need to Fight Back
We're worse off when fewer people promote RSS feeds and instead outsource to social control media (censorship, surveillance, manipulation)
Next Up: Restoring IRC Log Pipelines, Bulletins/Full Text RSS, Wiki (Archived, Static), and Pipelines for Daily Links
There are still many tasks left ahead of us, but we've progressed a lot
An Era of Rotting Technology, Migration Crises, and Cliffhanging
We've covered examples from IBM, resembling the Microsoft world