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schestowitzI gave Vista7 a knock: Time for bed now..Feb 16 02:01
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GoblinHi Roy!Feb 16 09:01
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MinceRgeekingsFeb 16 09:24
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schestowitzHeyFeb 16 09:28
schestowitzMortal Kombat maker Midway goes titsup < >Feb 16 09:28
schestowitz"Finish HIM!"Feb 16 09:28
schestowitzThe Register is entertaining provocation and arseholes: 16 09:29
MinceRi hope that doesn't mean there won't be any ut3 client for linnuxFeb 16 09:30
MinceRbut i guess they don't care anywayFeb 16 09:30
schestowitzut3 for Linux, eh? How Duke Nuken Forever coming along?Feb 16 09:34
schestowitz*How's (they actually have this in beta though... ut3 for Linux, IIRC)Feb 16 09:34
MinceR:)Feb 16 09:34
MinceRit's been in the "Real Soon Now" state for over a yearFeb 16 09:34
MinceRperhaps midway only got a license to sell it for windows or somethingFeb 16 09:35
schestowitzNo, wait....Feb 16 09:43
schestowitz 16 09:44
schestowitz 16 09:44
MinceRyeah, icculus did show some screenshotsFeb 16 09:44
MinceRthat's far from an actual releaseFeb 16 09:44
schestowitzIt's a collageFeb 16 09:45
schestowitzmake a printoutFeb 16 09:45
PetoKrausyeahFeb 16 09:45
PetoKraushis windae has nae bordersFeb 16 09:45
schestowitzLOLFeb 16 09:46
schestowitz"Roses are RedFeb 16 09:46
schestowitzLilies are whiteFeb 16 09:46
schestowitzBalmer's a bully Feb 16 09:46
schestowitzAnd windows is shite"Feb 16 09:46
schestowitz(from usenet)Feb 16 09:46
MinceR:)Feb 16 09:46
PetoKrausclass.icFeb 16 09:47
PetoKrausbreakfast anyone?Feb 16 09:47
PetoKrausif you can make it in an hour, you're invited ;)Feb 16 09:47
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trmanco_hey schestowitz , just found this -> 16 10:17
schestowitzThanks.Feb 16 10:19
trmanco_it's on slashdotFeb 16 10:19
trmanco_have to go, cyaFeb 16 10:20
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MinceRwell, i can't see the ut3 screenshots now, probably it's the same coralcdn issue as earlierFeb 16 12:11
MinceRperhaps the node i can access is just broken.Feb 16 12:11
schestowitzIs this really nothing to do with Novell, as one comment in BN claims (contradicting other reports)? "East said the computer uses an ARM processor for email and Internet access when running the Linux operating system, but qualified this by saying "according to industry reports."" 16 12:19
oiaohm_Dell has plans to use arm processes for Linux.Feb 16 12:44
oiaohm_For the simple issue of powermanagement arm processes run rings around x86.Feb 16 12:44
oiaohm_1/12 the powerpull using a arm processor compared to a x86Feb 16 12:45
oiaohm_Just like china lining up to use there mips based processor.Feb 16 12:47
schestowitzYes, these too. China makes it cheaper though, MUCH cheaper.Feb 16 13:00
oiaohm_Lack of labour laws help China a lot.Feb 16 13:01
MinceRnot all of china, only the corpsFeb 16 13:05
schestowitzNot just in China, either.Feb 16 13:05
oiaohm_I like how MS is starting to time window the release pattern to try to make people buy Vista.Feb 16 13:05
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schestowitzParts of the world are becoming more like China (worse working conditions, surveillance, censorship, etc.)Feb 16 13:06
schestowitzoiaohm_: Vista isn't bought, it's imposed... like DRM.Feb 16 13:07
schestowitz "Allen wrote a $500 million cheque to DreamWorks when it was launched as a combination live action and animation studio in October 1994. The outfit was behind the Shrek and Madagascar franchises."Feb 16 13:09
schestowitzHm.................... "The police say Skype's encryption system is a secret which the company refuses to share with the authorities." 16 13:10
schestowitzThis contradicts stories from AT/DE that say the police has back door access to Skype.Feb 16 13:11
schestowitz "rederik Neij, Gottfrid Svartholm Warg, Peter Sunde Kolmsioppi and Carl Lundstorm have portrayed themselves as digital libertarians and believe that they cannot be prosecuted for copyright theft because none of the content is hosted on their computer servers."Feb 16 13:13
oiaohm_Skype is a little harder to crack.Feb 16 13:15
oiaohm_Its using user to user transmission as well with unque keys.Feb 16 13:16
oiaohm_Ie not having the keys leaves you kinda stuffed even if you know what the forumalar is.Feb 16 13:16
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schestowitzoiaohm_: they cab leave trapdoors in the transmission algoFeb 16 13:18
oiaohm_Out going line to real world can be accessed schestowitzFeb 16 13:19
oiaohm_client to client lot harder.Feb 16 13:20
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MinceRskype should be considered malware and handled appropriately.Feb 16 13:30
schestowitzIt also replicates itselfFeb 16 13:34
schestowitzPeople ask you to use it, kind of like Facebooks, LinkedIn and other viral nonsense.Feb 16 13:34
oiaohm_Nothing is more fun than a person asking me what anti-virus I run.Feb 16 14:08
oiaohm_And me answering none.Feb 16 14:08
oiaohm_Simple reason I don't run windows or any other application that can be virus plagued.Feb 16 14:08
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schestowitzAnther way to put it is that "I don't run malware/spyware (Windows), so I don't need something 'against' it."Feb 16 14:23
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twitterSoftware as a Service.  Ha ha. 16 15:19
schestowitzgartner is desparateFeb 16 15:21
schestowitzNot many companies would pay for 'research'. Wait until they start praises Vista7 like they praised VistaFeb 16 15:21
schestowitzThey can easily make half a million dollars in just one contract, based on those 'bills' from Bill's mailboxFeb 16 15:22
MinceRuntil bill runs out of moneyFeb 16 15:26
MinceRthat is, when he can't fake any moreFeb 16 15:27
MinceRis there a limit to their accounting tricks?Feb 16 15:27
schestowitzBill has moneyFeb 16 15:27
schestowitzBill != MicrosoftFeb 16 15:27
schestowitzIt's around part 6 of this series < > which talks about Enron. Good documentary which I warmly recommend BTW.Feb 16 15:28
twitterBill will quit funding M$ as some point, but he's got something stupid like hundreds of millions of M$FT shares that he must protect.Feb 16 15:29
twitterIf the value of those fall, Bill won't have money for M$.Feb 16 15:30
amarsh04nice quote from another channel: "Any sufficiently advanced incompetence is indistinguishable from malice."Feb 16 15:30
schestowitzHehe. 16 15:30
twitterSo the end will come swiftly.  Both collapse at the same time.Feb 16 15:30
twittergotta go for a while, keep up the good work.Feb 16 15:31
schestowitzPilots boycott gov ID cards < >Feb 16 15:32
twitterAirport "security" which abuses passengers is not funny.  A woman died in the US after being accused of being a "terrorist".Feb 16 15:32
schestowitzWhat's the full story?Feb 16 15:33
twitterShe was strangled to death in the only room in the airport without a camera, and killed all over again in a press smear job.Feb 16 15:33
twitterThey claimed she killed herself trying to get out of her handcuffs.Feb 16 15:33
schestowitzHeh.Feb 16 15:33
twitterHer mom is some kind of activist in New York.Feb 16 15:33
twittergotta go now, I'm getting late.Feb 16 15:33
schestowitzYeah.. like she hit her head againat a bulletFeb 16 15:33
schestowitzSounds perfect..Feb 16 15:34
schestowitzLike the Russian police assassinating bloggersFeb 16 15:34
schestowitzThey just accidentally died at the sttation after being detained for investigationFeb 16 15:34
schestowitzInvestigation = "radical interrogation"? "Rendition"?Feb 16 15:34
schestowitzIt's interesting how words come to mean the very opposite of what they are.Feb 16 15:35
schestowitzThis depletes vocabulary, by designFeb 16 15:35
schestowitzLike Liberian, social, demonstration (should be a positive connotation)...Feb 16 15:35
schestowitzHacker..Feb 16 15:36
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schestowitz Burp of Arctic laughing gas is no joke < > "It seems the Arctic is belching out nitrous oxide – commonly known as laughing gas. Unfortunately, the punchline is that it is a powerful greenhouse gas."Feb 16 15:46
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schestowitzTesco email is broked < >Feb 16 16:10
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schestowitzRed Hat made a deal.Feb 16 16:28
schestowitz"RH signed reciprocal agreements with Microsoft Corporation to enable increased interoperability for the companies’ virtualization platforms. Each company will join the other's virtualization validation/certification program and will provide coordinated technical support for their mutual server virtualization customers.  The reciprocal validations will allow customers to deploy heterogeneous, virtualized Red Hat and Microsoft solFeb 16 16:28
schestowitzutions with confidence."Feb 16 16:28
schestowitzA journalist has just asked me for comment.Feb 16 16:29
schestowitz"These agreements do not require the sharing of IP. Therefore, the agreements do not include any patent or open source licensing rights, and additionally contain no financial clauses, other than industry-standard certification/validation testing fees." Red Hat did all right then.Feb 16 16:29
schestowitzIt's funny how all E-mails over here are being logged. It's a surveillance society in the UK. Evey E-mail I send goes into the govt's DB for example, unless I PGP-encrypt it, in which case I get /some/ privacyFeb 16 16:31
schestowitzTurns out that even Internet Cafes are under a close watch. A friend send me this:Feb 16 16:31
schestowitz"ps: I got chatting with the new staff in 'Swirl' he showed me the system. He can remotely view what's on my screen and save snapshots (using hook.dll). This is a huge violation of privacy and what would happen if they hired a crook or someone on low pay that are supplementing their income."Feb 16 16:31
schestowitz"This Cafeagent software is nothing more than spyware. Why do they need to read your screen just to audit a ticket ? I highly suspect it's a front for some security outfit. In this day and age, anyone selling security software is most certainly working for the spooks."Feb 16 16:31
schestowitz"I'd like to be able to kill this in memory, but I don't have Windows at home. Is there a hack for giving standard user access to the process list, and kill a process. At the moment it's owned by 'system'. Why don't you download it install it and take a look at it. Take a close look at that hook.dll file. A hackers dream, and it's on every computer here."Feb 16 16:31
schestowitzRed Hat and MS...... 16 16:33
schestowitzAll your videoZ are belong to teh google: Feb 16 16:38
schestowitz "Microsoft blinks first on interoperability with Red Hat - Nothing Novell-ish here."Feb 16 16:40
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schestowitzThe way the news about Red Hat came was shocking, but it's not as shocking as the headline/subject line sort of suggested :-) (my heart almost missed a beat!). I'll write about this now....Feb 16 16:51
amarsh04it's on also schestowitzFeb 16 16:54
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schestowitzCool, let me see..Feb 16 17:08
schestowitz 16 17:08
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schestowitzBN quoted here: 16 17:22
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schestowitz "Studies suggest that talking on a hands-free cell phone while driving is just as dangerous as a handheld one."Feb 16 17:41
schestowitzVatican buries the hatchet with Charles Darwin < >Feb 16 17:42
schestowitz "Stimulus" or "Bailout" are Orwellian terms for "public looting".Feb 16 17:44
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schestowitzBill Introduced In Pennsylvania To Ban All Portable Gadgets In School < >Feb 16 17:48
amarsh04like pens, pencils and books? (-:Feb 16 18:03
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schestowitzYes, it's a good ongoing debate. Some kids just read the paper at the lectures or they simply don't pay attention. I used to fall asleep at almost every other lecture.Feb 16 18:05
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schestowitzFSDaily seems to be grinding to a halt because not many people vote up stories.Feb 16 18:17
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trmancohello againFeb 16 18:22
trmancoI've read that Red Hat made a deal with MSFeb 16 18:22
trmanco:(Feb 16 18:22
trmancosort ofFeb 16 18:22
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schestowitztrmanco: what did you read?Feb 16 18:24
trmancoAsayFeb 16 18:25
trmancoMicrosoft, Red Hat team up on patent-free interoperability: 16 18:26
schestowitzThe comments in Digg were not correctFeb 16 18:26
schestowitzI have about 10 more articles to post about it.Feb 16 18:27
schestowitzJose hates it. 16 18:29
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trmancohe is rightFeb 16 18:30
tcpsynMorning.Feb 16 18:30
trmancowe better prepare for boycottredhadFeb 16 18:30
schestowitzI think Shane has it, but you're taking this too farFeb 16 18:31
schestowitzOther sites like Groklaw have endorsed the deal tooFeb 16 18:31
schestowitzSo do I. ComputerWorld also quoted me on it. I don't give it the thumbs-up, I just say it could be a lot worse.Feb 16 18:32
schestowitztcpsyn: hiFeb 16 18:32
tcpsyntrmanco, why boycott redhat?Feb 16 18:33
trmancotcpsyn, 16 18:33
trmancoscroll upFeb 16 18:34
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tcpsyntrmanco, I just came in, I got nothing to scrollFeb 16 18:34
schestowitz_doug: what do you think about RHAT/MS?Feb 16 18:34
schestowitz*RHTFeb 16 18:34
trmancotcpsyn, scroll up on the article, I forgot to remove the comment part on th link :-PFeb 16 18:35
schestowitztcpsyn: Red Hat didn't do something too bad. trmanco would need to convince us.Feb 16 18:35
MinceRas long as no money is exchanged and there's nothing else in the deal but support, i think it's okFeb 16 18:35
trmancoI don't trust MSFeb 16 18:36
schestowitzOne could argue that Red Hat might see some code (probably not, but Novell does this), in which case there's the SCO argumentFeb 16 18:36
MinceRhopefully they won'tFeb 16 18:36
schestowitztrmanco: me neither, so let's find the catchFeb 16 18:36
schestowitz 16 18:36
trmancoschestowitz, we should wait and see what happensFeb 16 18:37
schestowitz 16 18:37
schestowitz 16 18:37
schestowitzLike I said in Digg, this shows that Microsoft is scared of being left out.. even out of the VM. Can you blame them?Feb 16 18:38
schestowitzIt was written somewhere that MS customers demanded itFeb 16 18:38
_doughi there .. RHAT/MS .. no patent deal .. ?Feb 16 18:38
schestowitzSJVN: "Yes, you read that right. Microsoft is saying that they made this deal because of Microsoft customer demand to run Red Hat Linux."Feb 16 18:38
schestowitz“Forty percent of servers run Windows, 60 percent run Linux...” --Steve Ballmer (September 2008)Feb 16 18:38
schestowitz_doug: no patents, just nooperabilityFeb 16 18:39
_dougMicrosoft un-interoperability ..Feb 16 18:39
trmancohey cool: Your friend, Steven J. Vaughan-Nichols, has also added you to their list of friends. You are now mutual friends!Feb 16 18:41
trmanco:)Feb 16 18:41
_dougNew Malware 'Virux' Spreading Rampant in US ..Feb 16 18:42
schestowitzWhere?Feb 16 18:42
_doug 16 18:42
schestowitzSounds like a Linux distro nameFeb 16 18:42
trmancololFeb 16 18:43
schestowitzThose crackers give a bad name to LinuxFeb 16 18:43
schestowitz"mom, do you want LINUX? With... with MONO?"  Mother: Wahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!!!!Feb 16 18:43
trmancoMnooFeb 16 18:44
_dougCan I run Hyper-V under RH under vm ?Feb 16 18:44
schestowitzIt's proprietaryFeb 16 18:45
schestowitzWindows only.Feb 16 18:45
schestowitzMS wants more interop......... to WINDOWS. Feb 16 18:45
schestowitzCompatible /TO/ WindowsFeb 16 18:46
schestowitzInteroperable /to/ WindowsFeb 16 18:46
schestowitzWInteroperability..Feb 16 18:46
_doug Novell does a Waggner ...Feb 16 18:53
schestowitzYesFeb 16 18:55
schestowitzNot only this one..Feb 16 18:55
schestowitzThey have another in YorkshireFeb 16 18:55
schestowitzYou know, in Comes you can see Waggner in early daysFeb 16 18:55
schestowitzJust a few of them before Microsoft inflated them as shills to run under a different banner. Spun off as a pressure groupFeb 16 18:56
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_dougWash. Post reviews Asus Desktop PC ..Feb 16 18:59
_doug 16 18:59
schestowitzASUS is a headless chicken. It went to bed with Microsoft.Feb 16 18:59
_doug:)]Feb 16 19:00
schestowitzIs this newsworthy at all: 16 19:03
_dougonly to MS ..Feb 16 19:03
schestowitzMicrosoft exec denies knowledge of My Phone rhyming with iPhone < > MyIPhoneFeb 16 19:03
schestowitzRememeber Palm case?Feb 16 19:04
schestowitzAnd Open Office XML [sic]Feb 16 19:04
_douga lot of phone companies are going with non-MS systems ..Feb 16 19:04
schestowitzDanger - BSD...Feb 16 19:04
_dougMiPHONE .. :)Feb 16 19:05
schestowitzThey lose the mobile battleFeb 16 19:05
schestowitzSo they move execs there and spend $100,000,000 on a BSD-based product (IIRC)Feb 16 19:06
_dougthe problem with MS is that they try and control the entire market, instead of providing the core systems and letting the market run with it ..Feb 16 19:09
_dougIt's the borg mentality ..Feb 16 19:09
MinceRthat's just one of the problemsFeb 16 19:09
MinceRanother is that they're unwilling or unable to provide products of usable qualityFeb 16 19:10
_dougso they are basically saying to the mobile and telecom companies, give us control of your entire business and we'll let you pay us for licenses ..Feb 16 19:10
MinceRso they have to rely on tricks instead of letting the market chooseFeb 16 19:10
MinceR...and they'll give the mobile/telecom companies a system that fails at basic PIM tasks.Feb 16 19:11
MinceRlike handling DST and time zones.Feb 16 19:11
schestowitzIt's hardFeb 16 19:13
schestowitzZune can't do it even..Feb 16 19:13
MinceRthough iirc not even Palm OS 5 could handle time zones...Feb 16 19:14
schestowitz_doug: it's not a MS problem, it's just the bad rules by which markets were built about 100 years ago (just over) and lack of regulation. Look at Wal-Mart with TVs and Tesco with insurance. How long before you buy cars and houses in Sainsbury's?Feb 16 19:15
schestowitzMinceR: Palm  is not an OS, it's memorabilia :-)Feb 16 19:16
MinceRoh, and reliable alarms -- you won't get those with windows mobile.Feb 16 19:16
MinceR(at least not across reboots.)Feb 16 19:17
_doughow long before we do our banking and health care in Tescos ..Feb 16 19:17
schestowitz"Wow, Red Hat has definitely shown some keen ability here. They have demonstrated that it is entirely possible to work with Microsoft, without giving in to their legally questionable IP blackmail. Novell could really learn a thing or two about how to respect your customers and work with other big companies at the same time."Feb 16 19:18
schestowitzWal-martesco -- the Fidel Castro of capitalism.Feb 16 19:19
_douggo on you commie :)Feb 16 19:19
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_dougMS wants a level playing field, as long as they own the patent property rights on grass ..Feb 16 19:21
_dougmulti-simulator released under the GPL ..Feb 16 19:22
_doug 16 19:22
schestowitzms flight sim dies.Feb 16 19:23
_dougcontracting market ...Feb 16 19:23
_doug 16 19:26
_doug 16 19:27
_doug 16 19:27
schestowitzNovell will be bought by.....Feb 16 19:27
_dougyea .. eventually ... but not yes .. don't want to provike Nellie :)Feb 16 19:28
_doug 16 19:28
schestowitz"52wk Range:2.49 - 7.59"Feb 16 19:28
schestowitzThe results are coming soon and layoffs tooFeb 16 19:28
schestowitzIt could fall below $3Feb 16 19:29
schestowitz 16 19:30
*Goblin (i=5ec1b73f@gateway/web/ajax/ has joined #boycottnovellFeb 16 19:30
schestowitzStupid Flash allow no direct linking.Feb 16 19:30
GoblinHi Roy!Feb 16 19:30
_doug?Feb 16 19:30
schestowitzHeyFeb 16 19:30
schestowitz_doug: I tried linking to all-timeFeb 16 19:31
GoblinAm I the only one NOT happy about the Red Hat deal?Feb 16 19:31
schestowitzNo.Feb 16 19:31
schestowitzI'm gonna do another postFeb 16 19:31
GoblinI thinking this.....Feb 16 19:31
GoblinNovells deal was so crippling that the deal with Red Hat will further serve to damage an already tainted NovellFeb 16 19:32
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schestowitzI'l put a nice video of Ballme's Red Hat racketeering.. bring back memories to them.Feb 16 19:32
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Goblinthen MS can move in and aquire Novell when they are crippled.Feb 16 19:32
_dougThe Red Hat deal is good publicity, for RH and their hobbiest patent violating OS ..Feb 16 19:32
_doug:)Feb 16 19:32
schestowitzI look at it like thisFeb 16 19:32
GoblinDidnt we see this same type of thing with OS/2?Feb 16 19:32
schestowitzwrt to second postFeb 16 19:32
schestowitzDead is not horribleFeb 16 19:32
schestowitzBut it's not smart, eitherFeb 16 19:33
_dougApart from RH and Novell who elses are the major OSS players ?Feb 16 19:33
GoblinCanonicalFeb 16 19:33
_dougDell should buy Novell and start selling a total solution ..Feb 16 19:33
MinceRSourceForge, Inc.?Feb 16 19:33
Goblinbut I think the biggest threat to MS comes not from one distro in particular but Wine.Feb 16 19:33
MinceRIBM?Feb 16 19:33
_dougA multimedia offering with subscription services, movies, games, ecommerce ..Feb 16 19:34
_dougI mean they alread have the manufacturing and distribution chain ..Feb 16 19:34
_dougwhat do you think, benJIman ?Feb 16 19:34
Goblinafterall its a major selling point for Windows to claim that the software people run will only do so through Windows....Wine changes that...Feb 16 19:34
_dougIBM got out of the way of the SCO lawsuit ..Feb 16 19:35
Goblinand doug...I believe the pay per use patent will be pimped in the MS stores with discounted hardware (similar to the way mobilephone stores operate)Feb 16 19:35
_dougMAybe a Lenovo/Novell merger ?Feb 16 19:36
_dougYahoo/Novell ?Feb 16 19:36
GoblinIf Novell hadnt jumped into bed with MS, I believe they would now be where Canonical is.Feb 16 19:37
_dougLenovo/Yahoo/Novell .. most business eventually settle on a handfull of players. Take a look at the car industry ..Feb 16 19:37
schestowitzBBC acqured by MSFeb 16 19:37
GoblinlolFeb 16 19:37
_dougI see the iPlayer being privatized, maybe by Murdock ..Feb 16 19:38
Goblinmaybe they could cast Ballmer for the next Dr WhoFeb 16 19:38
MinceRlolFeb 16 19:38
schestowitz 16 19:38
MinceRnuking the fridge?Feb 16 19:38
Goblinor he could be the new "Master" and travel through time shilling Vista.Feb 16 19:38
_doug 16 19:39
GoblinI thought Canonical and the BBC were working together on a project?Feb 16 19:39
schestowitzGoblin: agreed re: Canonica, NovellFeb 16 19:39
_dougTimes are sure tough ..Feb 16 19:40
_doug 16 19:40
GoblinJust been messing around with NASM. Its been a while since I hit the cold pizza and assembly...Feb 16 19:41
_dougCanonical got the iPlayer working on Linux ..Feb 16 19:41
_doug 16 19:41
schestowitzHeck, I'll just do another RHEL post right nowFeb 16 19:42
schestowitz:-)Feb 16 19:42
trmancooh crapFeb 16 19:42
trmanconot againFeb 16 19:43
trmanco"Unable to retrieve MSN Address Book"Feb 16 19:43
trmancoit is back online againFeb 16 19:47
trmancomaybe it got hit by a worm, overloaded the CPU and continuous disk thrashing did this (server) :-PFeb 16 19:48
*mib_eh1thj (i=18d8f3d5@gateway/web/ajax/ has joined #boycottnovellFeb 16 19:49
GoblinGreat piece of news...if you didnt know....Feb 16 19:49
Goblinremember the godawful and anooying Clippy character from MS Word?Feb 16 19:50
Goblinhes back:Feb 16 19:50
Goblin 16 19:50
*mib_ziff24 (i=42d2d813@gateway/web/ajax/ has joined #boycottnovellFeb 16 19:50
mib_ziff24wtf wat is this about hereFeb 16 19:50
*mib_ziff24 has quit (Client Quit)Feb 16 19:51
Goblin?Feb 16 19:51
trmancoLOLFeb 16 19:52
GoblinI dont know about anyone else, but Clippy is certainly the image to beat fashionable Apple products with.Feb 16 19:53
MinceR 16 19:53
GoblinHes just so "with it"Feb 16 19:53
MinceRso much about apple's FUDFeb 16 19:54
MinceRalso, the "whoever wins... we lose" tagline is quite fittingFeb 16 19:54
GoblinI think these type of issues are great.  They highlight the complete impotence of patents and IMO will ultimately lead to their abolishment. (IMO)Feb 16 19:55
_douggtg ..Feb 16 19:55
*_doug has quit ()Feb 16 19:56
GoblincyaFeb 16 19:56
schestowitzOKFeb 16 20:06
schestowitzDone, proofreading now :0)Feb 16 20:06
Goblinhaving a conversation with the user "Windows7center" on Twitter.Feb 16 20:07
schestowitztrmanco: MS servers have been down a lot recently.Feb 16 20:07
schestowitzGoblin, trmanco  yes, it's funny when people use MIB to just come in, curse, then sod off.Feb 16 20:08
schestowitzmib_eh1thj: it's about lawyers, not about us engineers. The propaganda is sourced from them when they liaised with monopolies and loners like nathanmFeb 16 20:09
GoblinRoy, does the name Michael Dees mean anything to you (or anyone here)Feb 16 20:09
trmancoI wish IRC had killfile supportFeb 16 20:09
Goblinhe posts as Nknow on MSwatch, and he follows Andre Da Costa on Twitter.Feb 16 20:10
schestowitztrmanco: who for?Feb 16 20:12
*[H]omer has quit (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))Feb 16 20:12
schestowitzwho is dees?Feb 16 20:12
trmancoto filter out some mibsFeb 16 20:12
trmanco 16 20:12
schestowitz 16 20:12
Goblinits ok, just wondering if you had come across the name before...Feb 16 20:13
GoblinIve a little portfolio on his "activities"Feb 16 20:13
schestowitz""The Simpsons" .... 'New York, New York' singer (2 episodes, 1997-2006)"Feb 16 20:13
schestowitzGoblin: I haven't, no..Feb 16 20:13
GoblinnpFeb 16 20:13
*elchevive1968 (n=elcheviv@opensuse/member/elchevive) has joined #boycottnovellFeb 16 20:18
*Goblin has quit (" ajax IRC Client")Feb 16 20:22
*mib_eh1thj has quit (" ajax IRC Client")Feb 16 20:36
*[H]omer (n=[H] has joined #boycottnovellFeb 16 20:37
*ChanServ gives channel operator status to [H]omerFeb 16 20:37
*mib_eh1thj (i=18d8f3d5@gateway/web/ajax/ has joined #boycottnovellFeb 16 20:38
schestowitzi have an update comingFeb 16 21:10
schestowitzanother one coming... Here, with video too: 16 21:11
schestowitzFolowup in a way to 16 21:11
*elchevive1968 has quit ("CeBoLiNhA: wrong place, wrong time, wrong choice! [ ]")Feb 16 21:13
schestowitzMicrosoft admit Windows Mobile stinks and imitates Palm OS? Newton? Psion.. Blackberry? 16 21:14
schestowitzLook ma! No "Start" menuFeb 16 21:14
schestowitz (Netbooks killing off sickly Windows PC sales) .. Mac site don't like uttering the L word....Feb 16 21:22
*jaz (i=3ed794dc@gateway/web/ajax/ has joined #boycottnovellFeb 16 21:31
*jaz has quit (Client Quit)Feb 16 21:32
*mib_eh1thj has quit (" ajax IRC Client")Feb 16 21:33
trmancoPoll Follow Up: What is Your Preferredooks_killing_off_sickly_windows_pc_sales.html Browser?: 16 21:45
trmancopor IEFeb 16 21:45
trmancopoor*Feb 16 21:46
*[H]omer has quit (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))Feb 16 21:48
schestowitzNot really poor. IE is a bastard that deliberately broke parts of the Web.Feb 16 21:49
trmancoit is still breaking the webFeb 16 21:50
schestowitzIt's another Zune: ""It's a mouthful to say, 'You want a Windows Mobile phone?'" Ballmer said when asked about the decision to once again re-brand the OS, which has over the years been known as Windows CE and Pocket PC." 16 21:52
schestowitzThey're not even sure how to combine Danger, Zune, WM, Vista... what a total mess of disparate sw. With Linux, you have pertinent packages to built an OS with... Microsoft is still messing about with dough, not lego bricks.Feb 16 21:53
schestowitz*buildFeb 16 21:53
MinceRafaik they've found the right way for dangerFeb 16 21:53
MinceRthey're moving to netbsd there :>Feb 16 21:53
schestowitzWill they still get code?Feb 16 21:54
schestowitzRe: Red Hat deal:Feb 16 21:54
schestowitz"regarding the patent FUD.. I wonder if it might be just Steve Ballmer (and maybe select few others) that are doing it because they're just kinda stuck in the old ages.. and looking at Microsoft it's a pretty huge group of people with complex contractual relationships between them.. one man saying something doesn't necessarily imply actual future action.."Feb 16 21:54
schestowitz"though that's kinda long topic.. I'm reminded of that because we here, a bunch of us being voluntaryists and anarcho-capitalists, see government for example, as less than an "entity", as just a group of people"Feb 16 21:54
schestowitz"so a president saying something doesn't necessarily equal to a "government" saying something"Feb 16 21:54
schestowitz"so same could be said of corporations"Feb 16 21:54
schestowitz"maybe the criticism should sometimes zero in more specifically at particular individuals making the statement rather than the whole organization, that's what I mean"Feb 16 21:54
schestowitz"Target Ballmer, not MS"Feb 16 21:54
schestowitz"Also one thing that crossed my mind a while ago is that this recession/depression could make it all the more expensive to try petty lawsuits, especially in an area as volatile as software patents"Feb 16 21:54
schestowitz"making it far more likely for any threat to be an empty one"Feb 16 21:54
MinceRi'd target bothFeb 16 21:55
MinceRboth have to dieFeb 16 21:55
schestowitzI included a video of Ballmer threatening Red Hat and its customers right here: (end of 2007).Feb 16 21:55
schestowitzBut you know what they say... the New Microsoff(R). Remember the OOXML corruptions? Their PR machine is still fooling the masses, thanks to lackey journosFeb 16 21:56
*[H]omer (n=[H] has joined #boycottnovellFeb 16 21:56
*ChanServ gives channel operator status to [H]omerFeb 16 21:57
MinceRwell, doing any kind of business with m$ is follyFeb 16 21:57
MinceRthe only choice they leave to the rest of the world is utterly destroying m$.Feb 16 21:58
*gridolamar (i=54e4188c@gateway/web/ajax/ has joined #boycottnovellFeb 16 21:59
*gridolamar has quit (Client Quit)Feb 16 22:01
schestowitzTurns out we could speed up BN.. "There seem to be some bad network problems today, but not specific to, but affecting your site.  While I am waiting for the problems to blow over, I notice that with the reduced speed the rendering of BoycottNovell is very slow, in part due to the pictures. e.g <img src="/boycottnovell.banner.468x60.png" alt="Boycott Novell" />"Feb 16 22:02
schestowitz"Notice that all your image elements could use proper HEIGHT and WIDTH attributes. e.g. <img src="/boycottnovell.banner.468x60.png"width="468" height="60" alt="Boycott Novell" />"Feb 16 22:02
schestowitz"The attributes must match the actual dimensions of the image to realize the full potential.  If you have all of your pictures done this way, you will see a very, very large increase in the subjective speed the pages become available to the end user."Feb 16 22:02
schestowitz  "[C]hanging financial accounting standards because of valuation challenges is not the way to solve regulatory capital problems. Retreating from fair value in response to political pressure would raise suspicions that the rules were changed in order to falsely inflate asset values. We must avoid a further crisis of investor confidence in our government anFeb 16 22:10
schestowitzd the regulatory bodies overseeing those institutions."Feb 16 22:10
schestowitzOh boy... British, French nuclear submarines collide in Atlantic < >Feb 16 22:15
schestowitz"The HMS Vanguard, classified as S28, is a uranium-fueled pressurized water reactor submarine within the British Royal Navy. It contains nuclear missiles of the class called Trident ballistic missile."Feb 16 22:15
schestowitz Nuclear subs collide in Atlantic < >. I think the British submarine runs Windows. Maybe it got some malware on the sonar system :-SFeb 16 22:16
PetoKrausthe sonar system was, obviously, turned offFeb 16 22:17
PetoKrausthey are SSBN'sFeb 16 22:17
PetoKrausanywayFeb 16 22:18
*PetoKraus np: Genesis - Firth Of Fifth (Selling England By The Pound)Feb 16 22:18
PetoKrausgood night ;)Feb 16 22:18
schestowitz "People of central Texas reported Sunday morning, February 15, 2009, that they saw 'fireballs' streaking across their local skies. Many onlookers thought it was debris from two communications satellites that collided in space earlier in the week. However, officials with the U.S. Air Force Space Command said No."Feb 16 22:18
*MinceR is listening to: Machinae Supremacy - Redeemer (Retail Edition) - EliteFeb 16 22:22
*schestowitz has been listening to the same track for 2 hoursFeb 16 22:23
schestowitz< > Yahoo Shuts Down One of Three Bookmarking Services        "We are streamlining our bookmark services. As part of this effort Yahoo! will be shutting down MyWeb on March 18, 2009 and moving users to Yahoo! Bookmarks. "Feb 16 22:25
schestowitzDon't worry, buddy, put yo' links on the 'cloud' :-)Feb 16 22:25
schestowitz "At the time of this writing, Sean's Top Ten list has 629 Diggs, with 165 comments. A number of those comments express concern about digging the story for fear of digging their own graves."Feb 16 22:26
schestowitzI used to be ranked 17th in the whole of Digg.Feb 16 22:26
schestowitz 16 22:27
*mib_eh1thj (i=18d8f3d5@gateway/web/ajax/ has joined #boycottnovellFeb 16 22:32
*mib_eh1thj has quit (Client Quit)Feb 16 22:32
schestowitz,100000056...Feb 16 22:33
schestowitzFrom ComputerWorld: "Just look at MS history!! It's there, google around four five minutes and look at old and present anti-trust cases and other court cases. They even have an internal MS term called anti-linux task force..for gods sake." hehe. They read BN (Wal-Mart)Feb 16 22:37
trmancoold -> 16 22:43
trmancobut why is it running MS/IIS .NET crap?Feb 16 22:43
trmanconowFeb 16 22:44
schestowitzGordon BroMSFeb 16 22:46
schestowitzA friend of mine from the gym met his come months ago... said he smelt like a toilet and has a maid or something just combing his hair in the hotel room all day.Feb 16 22:47
schestowitz*someFeb 16 22:47
schestowitzDe Menezes family to sue as police escape charges < >Feb 16 23:02
schestowitz "Former Undersecretary of State for Public Diplomacy James Glassman -- who previously hosted the "journo-lobbying" site Tech Central Station -- also supported what he called "Public Diplomacy 2.0." "Feb 16 23:06
schestowitzAAI: "Summary of Translation of Intel Decision by Korea Fair Trade Commission" < >Feb 16 23:21
schestowitz"Dell’s Inspiron Mini 9 Netbooks running Windows XP and Ubuntu are on sale. But US newspaper advertisements from Dell and Best Buy show Dell’s Windows XP netbooks to be a far better bargain than Dell netbooks with Ubuntu Linux. Here are the details." 16 23:41

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