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schestowitznnFeb 25 00:03
schestowitz"A four-year study of more than 1,200 youngsters performed by the University of Massachusetts Medical School found that children whose parents let them watch R-rated movies are more likely to smoke." Kids Who Watch R-Rated Movies More Likely to Smoke < >Feb 25 00:05
schestowitzBakBone ourra ops: "BakBone Software€® (Pink Sheets:BKBO)" 25 00:07
Balrog_not surprisingFeb 25 00:17
schestowitzBritain faces summer of rage - police < >Feb 25 00:18
schestowitzIt's like Great Depression all over againFeb 25 00:19
schestowitzPeople who are not broke totally misunderstand why this is serious. If someone loses his/her houses it's a serious problem for everyone because crime soars and unrest rises.Feb 25 00:19
schestowitz " UK police warn that lots of people unemployed might join in protests against the privileged few who are not sharing their hardship, or trashing the envrionment. The report takes for granted that the state should try to suppress these grievances rather than act on them. "Feb 25 00:20
schestowitzUS soldier guilty of Iraq murder < >. Finally they apply the same standards in the other way.Feb 25 00:21
schestowitzbalzac: "For those of us who have criticized the U.S. mainstream media for failing to resist right-wing pressure over the past three decades, there is a sad sense of vindication watching the downward spiral of so many once-venerable newspapers. But this trend carries with it a new threat to American democracy."Feb 25 00:22
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schestowitzBallmer is afraid of Google's Linux: Ballmer: Android makes Google a bigger rival to Windows on PCs < >Feb 25 00:39
*schestowitz will post more details in today's linksFeb 25 00:39
Balrogschestowitz: I missed you at 18:35Feb 25 00:43
Balrogwho's dailykossers anyways?Feb 25 00:44
schestowitzBalrog: I was at the gymFeb 25 00:44
schestowitzDaily Koss is a politcial siteFeb 25 00:44
Balrog_you said "Balrog: what do dailykossers say about this? Do they want justice and accomplices?"Feb 25 00:44
schestowitz*KosFeb 25 00:44
schestowitzOh, I meant to address this @ balzac Feb 25 00:45
Balrog_ah ... that explains itFeb 25 00:45
schestowitzHe left like 10k comments in thereFeb 25 00:45
Balrog_I see what happens when 2 people have similar nicks :PFeb 25 00:45
schestowitzNice banner: 25 00:47
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schestowitzBlakenhorn with another trollish hypothesis *sigh!* Could the Linux Foundation get too big? < >Feb 25 01:02
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schestowitzI broke one of the machines at the gym today :-| The squat machine that I maxed... second time I break it in 2 years  :-SFeb 25 01:09
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Balrog_hehFeb 25 01:16
Balrog_need to pay for it?Feb 25 01:17
schestowitzNo, of course not.Feb 25 01:17
Balrog_ok.Feb 25 01:17
schestowitzI've been going there for 7 yearsFeb 25 01:17
Balrog_I seeFeb 25 01:17
schestowitzIt's not my fault either because the sable snappedFeb 25 01:18
Balrog_ah.Feb 25 01:18
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schestowitzLOL 25 03:05
zer0c00ltime for classesFeb 25 03:07
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schestowitz 25 03:48
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*Now talking on #boycottnovellFeb 25 04:19
*Topic for #boycottnovell is: "Exploring the reality behind exclusionary deals with Microsoft and their subtle (yet severe) implications" [publicly logged]Feb 25 04:19
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MinceRr4wrFeb 25 09:07
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mib_9az8eiwhere is there a warning list of distros that have sold out to MS?Feb 25 09:57
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MinceRsuch a list would be niceFeb 25 10:05
MinceRthe distros i know of are suse, xandros, turbolinux and linspireFeb 25 10:05
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mib_ka8p78ummm... Eshays?Feb 25 10:38
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MinceRgesundheit.Feb 25 10:48
schestowitzMorning..Feb 25 10:49
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mib_9az8eiredhat told MS to piss offFeb 25 10:54
schestowitzWhere?Feb 25 11:02
schestowitzWhen..?Feb 25 11:02
schestowitzBanking app vuln surfaces 18 months after discovery < >Feb 25 11:09
schestowitzbalzac: we're having the same problem here as you do in the US. From the news: Straw vetoes publication of cabinet Iraq war minutes < >Feb 25 11:26
schestowitzGoogle Backs Europe Case Against Microsoft Browser  < >Feb 25 11:26
schestowitzHome Office plans to force CCTV on shops and pubs < >Feb 25 11:28
schestowitzStraw slaps ban on Iraq debate docs 25 11:47
schestowitz"Mobile phone chip maker Qualcomm is considering laying off up to 40 engineers at its Cambridge labs, an insider has revealed." 25 11:48
schestowitz"Straw hit by internet fraudsters .. UK Justice Secretary Jack Straw has been the victim of Nigerian fraudsters who sent out hundreds of e-mails in his name asking for money." 25 11:53
schestowitzSNP accuse PM of airbrushing site 25 11:54
oiaohmNigerian fraudsters starting to expand reach. NiceFeb 25 12:05
MinceRnote how this supposed "linux" site mentions only Active Directory as possible directory services >> 25 12:12
MinceRthen again, the article was written by a microsoft slaveFeb 25 12:13
schestowitzECT..Feb 25 12:13
schestowitzIt used to be a decent siteFeb 25 12:13
schestowitzThen taken over by Enderle and chums when it was old..Feb 25 12:14
schestowitz*soldFeb 25 12:14
mib_9az8eiLinuxInsider went over to MS a few years ago...Feb 25 12:21
mib_9az8eibefore that it was good.Feb 25 12:21
schestowitz2004Feb 25 12:22
schestowitzIIRCFeb 25 12:22
oiaohmSome samba people believe that active directory is the solution.Feb 25 12:22
schestowitzI wrote about it in BN a few times..Feb 25 12:22
oiaohmOk samba version of it of course.Feb 25 12:22
MinceRso do they think AD is the solution or not? :>Feb 25 12:22
MinceRevidently, they don't, seeing how they're developing a replacement.Feb 25 12:23
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oiaohmSamba AD is a drop in clone in development of the MS ADS over the wire.Feb 25 12:24
oiaohmIt looks like its going to do its first major appearance after a project called franky completes.Feb 25 12:24
oiaohmYes franky after frankinstin.  Samba 3 and Samba 4 merged.Feb 25 12:25
oiaohmYes ewFeb 25 12:25
oiaohmI hope freeipa or something else gets there first.Feb 25 12:25
MinceRwhich makes it a good first step for getting out of microsoft hell.Feb 25 12:32
oiaohmAlso means if you use ADS to manage your linux machines they still stay in ADS hell.Feb 25 12:33
oiaohmADS was not designed with Linux's features in mind.Feb 25 12:33
oiaohmFreeipa and pulse2 (from mandariva nothing to do with pulseaudio) are both design for the way Linux works.Feb 25 12:40
MinceRa smoother transition becomes possible :>Feb 25 12:45
MinceRwhat are freeipa and pulse2? directory services?Feb 25 12:46
oiaohm  Major expand on directory servicesFeb 25 12:54
oiaohmMangement frameworks.Feb 25 12:54
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schestowitzJuniper poisoned by Microsoft vs. Cisco: "(New CEO Kevin Johnson shared a grim IT spending outlook at the event.) " 25 13:08
amarsh04schestowitz... do you remember any official links for Mark Hurd's bonus package?Feb 25 13:20
amarsh04my co-workers were stunned when they heard of his bonusesFeb 25 13:21
schestowitzI could search for information, but I never watched it closely, so I don't know. Some executives like to receive 1$ wages to deceive their employees (hiding their personal gains in bonuses and stocks).Feb 25 13:24
MinceR$1 is a bad choice for deception :>Feb 25 13:25
oiaohmYahoo?Feb 25 13:26
oiaohmThere was funny. 1$ wage because you could not be a board member without a wage.  When you own large sections of the company why do you need a wage as well.Feb 25 13:27
oiaohmLot of the payments of company boards and the laws around it need to be investaged.Feb 25 13:27
amarsh04I seem to remember USD$24 million... will google itFeb 25 13:28
amarsh04I was wrong... the first hits are getting US$42.8 millionFeb 25 13:30
schestowitzJust in: Rivals Sun and H-P Hope to Make News Together < >Feb 25 13:33
MinceRa little more than your best-paid employee would probably be a better choice of a wage if your aim was deceptionFeb 25 13:34
schestowitzamarsh04: he cashes in for his 'overachievements'Feb 25 13:34
schestowitzMinceR: maybe there is also an element of humour in it. it's also how they can show off their 'humbleness' in the press (headlines of paras about 'funny' wages).Feb 25 13:35
amarsh04found the edgar posting of HP executive remuneration Mark V Hurd USD$42,514,524; Ann M. Livermore USD$20,551,493Feb 25 13:35
MinceRicFeb 25 13:35
MinceRand who believes them?Feb 25 13:35
schestowitz"Ellison makes 100k/year" doesn't make interesting newsFeb 25 13:36
schestowitzOracle shareholders choke on Ellison's package < >Feb 25 13:36
schestowitz"His 2008 cash and stock package weighed in at $83m last year, 372 per cent above what Ellison's peers in other chief executive positions receive. Successive stock allocations, meanwhile, have transformed Ellison into possibly Oracle's single biggest individual stockholder - he holds 22.6 per cent of common Oracle stock."Feb 25 13:37
oiaohmYahoo needed advertisement when they first did it.Feb 25 13:45
oiaohmSo yes 1 dollar wages if you can afford to do it is good marketing tool.Feb 25 13:45
schestowitzGoogle tooFeb 25 13:51
schestowitzApple I think also....Feb 25 13:51
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twitterbwa, ha ha.  M$FT hit a new 52 week low yesterday.Feb 25 14:28
twitter$16.36, now trading at 16.91Feb 25 14:29
twitterI got to play with an iTouch yesterday.Feb 25 14:32
twitterIt looks like a nice PDA and needs to be liberated with free software.Feb 25 14:32
schestowitz'Liberated' with DRM.....Feb 25 14:33
twittereliminating DRM would be the best thing about putting free software on the device.Feb 25 14:34
twitterhow difficult has Apple made liberation?Feb 25 14:35
twittergotta go, will be back soon.Feb 25 14:36
schestowitzThey are in for profit only. "Screw everything else"Feb 25 14:37
oiaohmFunny thing is DRM is not the most effective deterent.Feb 25 14:37
oiaohmWatermarking with personal information is.Feb 25 14:37
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oiaohmIe the person who aquired it personal information.Feb 25 14:38
schestowitzThis does not expire contentFeb 25 14:39
schestowitzSeveral years back there was an admission that content expiry is a revenue boosting tool.Feb 25 14:40
schestowitzE.g. user buys a new music player or PVR and then needs to repurchase content or buy moreFeb 25 14:40
schestowitzThis notion that one European psychologist (IIRC) named "planned obsolescence is at the heart of this endless 'consumption' (as in "consumer") cycleFeb 25 14:41
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mib_a1xa87hi. fellas. i wonder if someone has been able to get express gate into a mobo/system without windowsFeb 25 15:06
schestowitzIt's hardFeb 25 15:08
schestowitzIf not impossibleFeb 25 15:08
schestowitzDid you see the post about it?Feb 25 15:08
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Omar87Hi allFeb 25 15:16
Omar87So, what do ya'll think of the agreement Red Hat signed with MS a couple of days ago?Feb 25 15:16
schestowitzIt's not yet known what it involvesFeb 25 15:18
MinceRi think it's a mistake, but it isn't an overly big oneFeb 25 15:22
Omar87Let uaFeb 25 15:35
Omar87I meant: Let us all hope so..Feb 25 15:36
Omar87It's funny how sometimes when I talk to people about Linux, that they start calling me a fan boy. :)Feb 25 15:37
schestowitzIf you talked about Windows, then..?Feb 25 15:42
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schestowitzHeh. "Freedom fanboys". I thought people can only be fans of celerities or brands (corporations). "Hey, YOU! You vegetables fanboy (vegetarian) [...] and YOU, you females fangirls (women rights activists) .."Feb 25 15:44
schestowitzCanadian prof: Green IT is a waste of time < >Feb 25 15:47
MinceRyou damn life fanboysFeb 25 15:50
MinceRand oxygen fanboysFeb 25 15:51
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schestowitzGiorgio Armani Realizes That Fashion Copying Isn't A Bad Thing < >Feb 25 16:01
schestowitzThere is one OS brand people are /expected/ to cherish (i.e. be a fan of). So keeping out of it is now "fanboyism"? GNU/Linux is commodity,not a company. It's like air.. it's shared.Feb 25 16:02
*Goblin (i=5ec1b73f@gateway/web/ajax/ has joined #boycottnovellFeb 25 16:06
MinceRsome people don't want to share.Feb 25 16:06
MinceRthey call sharing "communism".Feb 25 16:07
GoblinRoy just a quick one....Ive got to go off soon....youve had a mention on another site:Feb 25 16:07
Goblin 25 16:07
Goblinseems like youre the word on Linux!! Welldone!Feb 25 16:07
Goblincya later.Feb 25 16:08
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schestowitzMinceR: you don't know? "Communists" are people who envy Americans (because they have McDonalds) and "Communists" have 40,000 nuclear weapons. They are the "bewildered herd". Feb 25 16:11
MinceR:)Feb 25 16:12
schestowitz "Remember, after all, that this is basic liberal democratic theory -- I'm not making it up. If you read, say, Walter Lippmann, the dean of American journalism, who is also considered a leading progressive, democratic theorist, his argument is that, for a democracy to function properly, there are two different roles that have to be played: one is the role of what he called the specialiFeb 25 16:13
schestowitzzed class -- the responsible men, a small minority -- and the other is the role of the public, who he described as a "bewildered herd.""Feb 25 16:13
schestowitz"The role of the public, then, is to be spectators, not participants; their role is just to watch and occasionally to ratify. The decision making has to be in the hands of the elite. That's democracy. "Feb 25 16:13
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dongkinglol novellFeb 25 16:16
dongkingwho the fuck use that shit anyway ?Feb 25 16:16
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schestowitzYahoo To Lose Top Exec < >Feb 25 16:30
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schestowitz 25 17:11
schestowitzHead of OSI just mailed me :-)Feb 25 17:20
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Balrogwhat did he say?Feb 25 18:05
Balrog(head of OSI)Feb 25 18:05
schestowitzprobably private.Feb 25 18:20
BalrogOK thenFeb 25 18:20
schestowitzNovell's Microsoft components are seemingly being elevated at the expense of others: 25 18:20
schestowitzI'm doing a post about OOXML FAIL.Feb 25 18:20
BalroghehFeb 25 18:20
BalrogOOSXML is working (in Microsoft's favor) because people who use office don't care how they save filesFeb 25 18:21
Balrogunfortunately, that's not good for us (the end users)Feb 25 18:22
schestowitzIt's never about the usersFeb 25 18:24
schestowitzRemember what Microsoft says about developers: "they are pawns in the battle"Feb 25 18:24
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Balrogyeah :/Feb 25 18:25
*Disconnected (Connection reset by peer).Feb 25 18:28
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*Now talking on #boycottnovellFeb 25 18:29
*Topic for #boycottnovell is: "Exploring the reality behind exclusionary deals with Microsoft and their subtle (yet severe) implications" [publicly logged]Feb 25 18:29
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MinceR 25 18:39
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schestowitzOne of our regular readers appears to have set up a blog: http://myfraudsoft.wordpress...Feb 25 18:56
schestowitz 25 19:01
schestowitzIndia places billions of rupees for first manned space mission  < >Feb 25 19:04
trmancoBallmer: Linux Bigger Competitor than Apple: 25 19:10
schestowitzShuttleowrth obviously didn't get Stallman's memo about "cloud" nonsense. "Ubuntu aims to keep free software at the forefront of cloud computing by embracing the API's of Amazon EC2, and making it easy for anybody to setup their own cloud using entirely open tools. " 25 19:11
schestowitztrmanco: yes, seen it and posted to COLAFeb 25 19:11
schestowitzThis is not new by the wayFeb 25 19:11
trmancoI missed itFeb 25 19:11
schestowitzHe has been implying and saying this for eyarsFeb 25 19:11
trmancobrbFeb 25 19:12
schestowitzLinux enables many rivals like Oracle, IBM, Red Hat, Google..Feb 25 19:12
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balzacWhy does Mark Shuttleworth feel the need to say "cloud" when he could say "cluster" instead?Feb 25 19:29
balzaccould sounds like a buzz-word, cluster is old terminology that everyone is comfortable withFeb 25 19:29
balzaccloud, not couldFeb 25 19:29
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balzacStallman's rant was definitely against SaaS, commonly presented as 'cloud'-based services. He's obviously not against clustering, but he's against giving your data and control to someone else.Feb 25 19:31
balzacSounds like good features to add into Ubuntu, as long as the distro doesn't become beholden to Amazon, following their technological leadership into the weeds.Feb 25 19:32
schestowitz "He holds 10 United States patents and is a regular contributor to prestigious academic journals and conferences." :-(Feb 25 19:33
schestowitzbalzac: did you see the headlines?Feb 25 19:34
schestowitzUbuntu cloud this and that. It's just buzz BS... marketing and all.Feb 25 19:34
balzacyeahFeb 25 19:35
avutonfad was more what I was thinking. It's one of those things that looks really cool to some people until they sit down and view the disadvantages.Feb 25 19:36
balzacMaybe Mark Shuttleworth should get together with Tim O'Reilly and the could ride pagasus/unicorns across a web 2.0 rainbow-bridge into cloud-computing heaven.Feb 25 19:36
schestowitzThe major news today is the UK moving to open source, sortaFeb 25 19:37
balzacRMS is always critical of people giving away their control and rights. SaaS is not optimal for maintaining autonomy and privacy.Feb 25 19:38
schestowitzavuton: yes, but it also sounds good because of association with heaven.Feb 25 19:38
schestowitzI want HELL computing. Bring the pain, you fool !!Feb 25 19:39
schestowitzBTW, ORLY and Shuttleowrth are quite close. The former organised the latter's conference (Ubuntu Live)..Feb 25 19:40
schestowitzJust in: Desktops Will Move to the Cloud, VMware Exec Says < >Feb 25 19:41
schestowitzIs this physically possible? Until they pry people's _desk_top to be put in server rooms, this is just willy-nilly stuff.Feb 25 19:42
balzacfluff-head marketing drivelFeb 25 19:42
balzacnobody is doing to take away my work station and "put it into their cloud".Feb 25 19:43
balzacany company which aspires to consolidate control over its IT staff in that manner would not work for me.Feb 25 19:43
balzacI will accept no administrator.Feb 25 19:44
balzacfor my personal machine.Feb 25 19:44
schestowitz "The seeds for this business were planted a decade ago, when Amy (sales) and Joe (editorial) rapidly climbed the ranks at Ziff Davis."Feb 25 19:45
schestowitzCMP as well... it's interesting to see where those writers (Joe Panettieri in this case) come from.Feb 25 19:46
schestowitzbalzac: they probably intend to pull people's data onto some datacentres so that it doesn't reside on people's HDD. The MI5 would /luv/ it.Feb 25 19:46
schestowitzImagine a state where people just tap the 'masterputer' which is accessible to those who watch from above. This was essentially done when companies closed their code and become a de facto standard (e.g. Skype, Windows)Feb 25 19:48
schestowitzEXTRA EXTRA... more signs that the news is running out of news: Steve Jobs Turns 54 < >Feb 25 19:49
schestowitz 25 19:49
balzacwhen people without an IT background attempt to be pundits in the IT industry, they write stories from a "human-interest" angle. The debate about proprietary vs free software has no meaning to them, but they know who pays their salaries.Feb 25 19:50
schestowitzNancy Gohring is again doing one of those MS-cuddling 'articles': Microsoft Demos INNOVA~1 at Annual TechFest < >. DEVELO~1 DEVELO~1 DEVELO~1 DEVELO~1.Feb 25 19:52
balzacI guess that's a bit of a generalization. Some people, not all.Feb 25 19:52
schestowitzYou have to ask what makes newsFeb 25 19:52
schestowitzIs it business?Feb 25 19:52
schestowitzEntertainment?Feb 25 19:52
schestowitzPR[opaganda]?Feb 25 19:52
schestowitzMicrosoft roots the Mac: "According to Microsoft, once successfully executed the attacker could gain the same user permissions as the local user." < >Feb 25 19:53
balzacMicro-seefFeb 25 19:56
balzacseefing off of everyone else's innovationsFeb 25 19:56
balzac 25 19:57
balzacI guess my use of that word is not with the meaning in the urban dictionaryFeb 25 19:58
balzac 25 19:58
balzacmicrosarfFeb 25 19:58
balzacA freeloader, someone that mooches your stuff.Feb 25 19:59
schestowitzNo way.Feb 25 20:05
schestowitzThey stole the idea of dumpster diving from someone else?Feb 25 20:05
schestowitzOr... was it the dumpster diving that /was/ the mooching of someone else's personal code?Feb 25 20:06
schestowitzBillG's first patent: "A novel method of diving into disposal apparatus in order to obtain novel methods from other persons"Feb 25 20:07
schestowitzCool! : 25 20:08
schestowitzUpdate on today's Gmail outage < >Feb 25 20:13
schestowitz"Microsoft is in deep trouble. With browser-based delivery of applications, their entire cost model is gutted. With costs of distribution, sales, inventory, etc gone or sharply reduced, prices can drop to grab market share, but top-line revenues will also drop." 25 20:19
schestowitzDana Micronhorn is once again feeling the urge to slam a migration to open source, dismissing it as a stunt.. at least his readers knock him down aggressively. 25 20:22
balzacRoy, I like that video-to-ascii technology for its efficiency. There's software to use it for video-conferencing.Feb 25 20:29
balzacMatrix-style, and it has a purpose for low-bandwidth video.Feb 25 20:30
balzacI need to figure it out so I can blow people's minds.Feb 25 20:30
balzaceveryone will be jealous when they see it. Especially Windows and Apple users.Feb 25 20:31
schestowitzDana Micronhorn has become an uber-trollFeb 25 20:31
balzacthe video-conferencing applicationFeb 25 20:31
schestowitzPost by post he's attacking good news, spinning them as something negative. Shane on him. ZDNet is FUD FactoryFeb 25 20:31
schestowitzYesterday:" Will telcos ever embrace open source?"  "Could the Linux Foundation get too big? "Feb 25 20:32
schestowitzBetter headlines: "Telcos ALREADY use open source massively" Linun Foundation is growing big (which is good)"Feb 25 20:32
schestowitzThat's what you get from a supposedly "open source" blogFeb 25 20:32
schestowitzI think he's  trying to provoke, but people should just not respond to him. This way, as he warned before, he might need to find another job where he does less harm to something that he does not even use (open source)Feb 25 20:33
schestowitzI notice that CNET mentions Shane O'Neill (rants vs Apple). People ought to be aware that all he ever writes is pro-Microsoft pieces and he recently met Ballmer face to face. He seems to have been picked by IDG ('CIO') more recently for some kind of MS 'roadshow'.Feb 25 20:36
*NeonFloss ( has joined #boycottnovellFeb 25 20:39
Balrogschestowitz: moonlight is in the gentoo port tree. I'm not surprised because there is a lot of proprietary stuff there tooFeb 25 20:40
Balrogonly it's not forced on usFeb 25 20:40
schestowitzI think I heard about itFeb 25 20:43
schestowitzIt didn't work well.Feb 25 20:43
schestowitzMissing stuff and maybe not just codecsFeb 25 20:43
*schestowitz really ought to do a quick post about the splendid news about UK +FOSS+ODFFeb 25 20:47
BalroghehFeb 25 21:03
Balrogit does make you use ffmpegFeb 25 21:03
Balrog(there's no option for those proprietary codecs)Feb 25 21:03
schestowitzLet's hope.Feb 25 21:06
schestowitzShane O'Neil is like Microsoft PR in IDG (CIO)... worse than Ina Fried even.Feb 25 21:09
schestowitzBy the way, Schiendler and others were laid off from IDG... it's all happening quietly. Some of the CNET writers landed there too. The media goes bonkers.Feb 25 21:10
schestowitzOn Catalunya MS-EDGI scam: 25 21:15
schestowitzWTF is this? 25 21:17
trmancowhy do people like Ruby so much?Feb 25 21:19
trmanco 25 21:19
MinceRbecause they don't know pythonFeb 25 21:23
schestowitzI've received mail from Major Microsoft Shill.Feb 25 21:25
trmancoMinceR, do you know PythonFeb 25 21:25
MinceRi doFeb 25 21:25
schestowitzHe writes.. Feb 25 21:26
schestowitz"Unfortunately, given your tendancy towards sensationalist ad hominem attacks Feb 25 21:26
schestowitz Feb 25 21:26
schestowitz < Feb 25 21:26
schestowitz < Feb 25 21:26
schestowitz <  "Feb 25 21:26
trmancono matter how much lipstick you put in the code it always looks confusing to meFeb 25 21:26
balzacwhat code?Feb 25 21:28
trmancopythonFeb 25 21:28
schestowitzPythonFeb 25 21:28
balzacahFeb 25 21:28
trmancodo yo hear the snake?Feb 25 21:28
balzacI haven't done anything in pythonFeb 25 21:28
schestowitzThat's viperFeb 25 21:29
balzacbut I plan to learn because two great apps I use have python as their scripting language for extensions: GIMP and BlenderFeb 25 21:29
trmancoI have read, that people who get tired of PHP make their next move to PythonFeb 25 21:29
trmancocan't find any php project to contribute toFeb 25 21:32
schestowitzWordpress..?Feb 25 21:33
trmancoToo hard for nowFeb 25 21:33
trmancoI don't have that kind of knowledge to contribute to thatFeb 25 21:34
trmancocodding ,that isFeb 25 21:34
trmancocoding*Feb 25 21:34
*Casperin ( has joined #boycottnovellFeb 25 21:36
schestowitzWatch how Microsoft cripples computers: "Microsoft and Intel have indicated that they plan to take control of how netbooks are sold and configured: killing off Windows XP once and for all is top of the former's todo list." 25 21:41
schestowitztrmanco: take a plugin and extend itFeb 25 21:41
balzacfugg thatFeb 25 21:42
schestowitz 25 21:42
balzacMaybe I'll buy a $100 netbook with the chinese Longsoon processorFeb 25 21:42
schestowitzIn the US?Feb 25 21:42
balzacnot yetFeb 25 21:42
balzacit was only vaporwareFeb 25 21:42
schestowitzThe bullies from Intel would bite tooth and nail to keep competition outFeb 25 21:42
balzacbut it will happenFeb 25 21:42
schestowitzYes, it will.Feb 25 21:42
trmancoschestowitz, that is a good idea, now I'll just have to find a plugin worth forkingFeb 25 21:43
balzacI want the google gphoneFeb 25 21:43
trmancobut it won't be todayFeb 25 21:43
schestowitzBut the criminals (bribes, collusion, etc) from Intel are bullying the Chinese companies.Feb 25 21:43
balzacI want to have an internet terminal in my pocketFeb 25 21:43
balzaci'm going to buy that little sucker - developer versionFeb 25 21:43
schestowitzNo openmoko?Feb 25 21:43
balzaci checked out the keyboard layout and it has most of the keys a programmer would want on a phoneFeb 25 21:44
schestowitzNew: "The reference implementation uses Openmoko's NeoFreerunner and features advanced touch screen and customizable graphical user interface (GUI). The Ample also offers versatile applications such as a multimedia player and communications tools."Feb 25 21:44
balzacwell, I want one of those too, but the gphone has this keyboardFeb 25 21:44
balzacthe openmoko needs to copy the gphone's hardwareFeb 25 21:44
balzacthe terminal...Feb 25 21:44
schestowitzbalzac: you're gonna love this headline: 25 21:45
schestowitzgphone has no hardwareFeb 25 21:45
schestowitzAndroid is a set of softwareFeb 25 21:45
schestowitzG1 is one phone among many (h/w+android+tweaks)Feb 25 21:46
balzacok, the G1Feb 25 21:47
balzacI like that hardware. I've got to have that keyboard. That's why I'd never buy an iphone.Feb 25 21:47
balzacthat headline is what the press release should have said on Redhat.comFeb 25 21:48
MinceR 25 21:48
MinceR^ regarding the Big LieFeb 25 21:48
schestowitzUnemployment goes up, traffic congestion goes down < >Feb 25 21:48
schestowitzbalzac: LOLFeb 25 21:48
balzacBut I guess CEOs are now afraid to talk trash about M$ because Steve Ballmer will make a point of crushing them.Feb 25 21:48
MinceRhm, you could use viper to edit python code :>Feb 25 21:49
schestowitzMinceR: kudos to /. for posting something decent for a changeFeb 25 21:50
MinceRindeedFeb 25 21:50
schestowitz"It seems Microsoft doesn't believe the data from Net Applications " *LOL* Microsoft !!PAYS!!  Net ApplicationsFeb 25 21:50
schestowitzThe funny thing is that once a year (at least) Ballmer calls Linux the #1 threatFeb 25 21:50
schestowitzThen come the Astrofluffers with links to the MS-sponsored Net FUDlicationFeb 25 21:50
balzacDon't be drinking a beverage when you see this cartoon of Steve Ballmer or it might come out your nose: 25 21:52
*kapipi_ has quit (Remote closed the connection)Feb 25 21:53
balzac  <-- Ballmer ducking the eggs in HungaryFeb 25 21:54
MinceRi doubt monkey boy is that rippedFeb 25 21:55
balzac 25 21:55
balzacHe's such a funny m__________rFeb 25 21:55
balzacMinceR: I doubt it too, which is partly why it's funny to me.Feb 25 22:00
schestowitzMinceR: Asay told me he wants to meet himFeb 25 22:09
schestowitzBut sheesh... don't say him name.. we don't want the malicious entrance..Feb 25 22:10
*conley1 ( has joined #boycottnovellFeb 25 22:10
schestowitzAsay [one hour ago]: "As to meeting Ballmer, I wish I could.  Why is that a strike against him?"Feb 25 22:10
MinceR:)Feb 25 22:10
*conley1 has quit (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))Feb 25 22:10
schestowitzBut it needs contextFeb 25 22:11
schestowitzI warned him about a mole that's meeting BallmerFeb 25 22:11
MinceRi'd like to meet him if there was no danger of retribution for killing him.Feb 25 22:11
MinceR(ballmer, that is)Feb 25 22:11
schestowitzeggs?Feb 25 22:11
schestowitzWhat's for breakfast?Feb 25 22:11
schestowitzCake! :-) 25 22:13
schestowitz"the only moment where I smiled after seeing Gates on TV!:"Feb 25 22:13
schestowitz"What the [user] is supposed to do is feel uncomfortable, and when he has bugs, suspect that the problem is DR-DOS and then go out to buy MS-DOS" -Brad SilverbergFeb 25 22:14
MinceRit was just a cake :/Feb 25 22:19
MinceRit should have been a hand grenadeFeb 25 22:19
MinceRor it should have had a nice acid flavorFeb 25 22:20
MinceRor lyeFeb 25 22:20
Balrogso now the university wants to use this: but it also depends on silverlight and doesn't work with moonlight (says "please install silverlight")Feb 25 22:20
balzaccome on now...Feb 25 22:20
MinceRmy university sucks tooFeb 25 22:20
balzacMyself, I wouldn't even bother to pie Bill Gates.Feb 25 22:21
Balrogtjey used WMV before.Feb 25 22:21
Balrog 25 22:21
balzacBut I'm glad someone did.Feb 25 22:21
Balrogthing is, they're open to FOSSFeb 25 22:21
Balrogbut it needs to be workableFeb 25 22:21
balzacGates is the arch-villain in the software world, but compared to most politicians, Bill Gates seems like a saint.Feb 25 22:22
schestowitz 25 22:22
MinceRmost politicians deserve death tooFeb 25 22:22
balzacCompare George Bush and Bill GatesFeb 25 22:22
MinceRstill, i hate gates more than bushFeb 25 22:22
MinceRthe damage bush did was mostly localized to the usaFeb 25 22:23
MinceRthe damage gates did is worldwideFeb 25 22:23
MinceReven without people like those we'd still have way too many people on this planetFeb 25 22:23
balzacYou can make the case for putting Bush on trial for treason, war-crimes, etc. This is a case we should be making, even if that raises the question of whether or not capital punishment should be considered. But this is all about a legal process.Feb 25 22:23
schestowitzBush caused damage in the east as well.Feb 25 22:23
schestowitzDamage that's mortal tooFeb 25 22:24
MinceRi don't care much about legal issues, i care about moral issues.Feb 25 22:24
schestowitzOr tossing Iraq back from the verge of modern country back ti 3rd world.Feb 25 22:24
balzacGates? He deserves to have his company lose its market-share, to lose a lot of his wealth to fines and settlements, and to have his ego deflated.Feb 25 22:24
schestowitzbalzac: Bush was already punished for his crime. He had a coupla sandals thrown at him. Very humiliating.,..Feb 25 22:25
balzacAnd perhaps he deserves a light sentence to be spent in a half-way house if investigation reveals law breaking as President of MS.Feb 25 22:25
MinceRi doubt that would undo the damage or punish him properlyFeb 25 22:25
schestowitzAnd it's the saint that goes to jail for 15 years.Feb 25 22:25
balzac?Feb 25 22:25
balzacI suppose it's sarcasm.Feb 25 22:26
schestowitzbalzac: that wouldn't sufficeFeb 25 22:26
schestowitzThe Gates family has corruption spread widerFeb 25 22:26
balzacBush could spend centuries, screaming like a tea-kettle in hell, and it probably wouldn't be enough.Feb 25 22:26
MinceRwhy waste money on feeding gates in prison?Feb 25 22:26
schestowitzPeople like Abramoff (already in jail), the Ballmers, Kepin, Silverberg, etc.Feb 25 22:26
schestowitz*KempinFeb 25 22:26
schestowitzThere are many criminals there.Feb 25 22:26
MinceRhe has shown no remorse nor any respect for the freedom of others.Feb 25 22:26
schestowitzThey are tyrants at hears, but then again, corporations are permitted to do some of these crimes.Feb 25 22:27
schestowitz "It turns out that people had been trying to blow the whistle on Bernie Madoff for 10 years, but such whistle-blowing fell on deaf ears, perhaps because the regulators were simply too impressed with Madoff's self-described success to do their jobs effectively."Feb 25 22:27
schestowitzIOW, all those people who say MS is a fraud are liekly rightFeb 25 22:27
schestowitzBut Microsoft is too busy telling the world that it's richFeb 25 22:27
balzacNeither Madoff or Gates should go to jail before Bush.Feb 25 22:28
schestowitzIt's said to be another schemeFeb 25 22:28
schestowitzbalzac: agreed.Feb 25 22:28
MinceRindeed, they should be executedFeb 25 22:28
balzacNot one more person should go to prison until Bush goes.Feb 25 22:28
schestowitzHehe. No.Feb 25 22:28
balzacMinceR: that's too extreme, by a long shot.Feb 25 22:28
schestowitzJail can be more humiliating.Feb 25 22:28
MinceRbalzac: what they did wasn't too extreme?Feb 25 22:28
schestowitzYou can also used them to help recording the crimes they committedFeb 25 22:28
MinceRcan we ever expect them to be non-harmful members of our society?Feb 25 22:28
balzacMinceR: your rhetoric isn't even in the ballpark.Feb 25 22:28
schestowitzMake a museum to study how the economy collapsed due to white-collar crime.Feb 25 22:29
schestowitzInfinite greed...Feb 25 22:29
schestowitzBTW, the economy hasn't collapsed yet.Feb 25 22:29
MinceRnormally i oppose death penalty because our justice system isn't reliableFeb 25 22:29
schestowitzYou'll know it happens when the chain reaction of banks collapsing has begun.Feb 25 22:29
balzacMincer, if you think Gates is worse than Bush, I think you ought to recalibrate your moral scale.Feb 25 22:29
MinceRbut i think gates and his little gang has made an overwhelmingly strong case for themselves.Feb 25 22:29
MinceRbalzac: why is the chronological order so important to you?Feb 25 22:30
balzacBush is so much more malevolent than Gates. By an order of magnitude.Feb 25 22:30
schestowitzbalzac: I happen to agree that people like Madoff should get the chairFeb 25 22:30
balzacschestowitz: that's extremeFeb 25 22:30
schestowitzI'm amazed at the fact that these huge criminals get house arrestFeb 25 22:30
MinceRi'm not that well informed about what bush didFeb 25 22:30
schestowitzWhat kind of a sick society is this?Feb 25 22:30
MinceRthankfully i don't live in the usaFeb 25 22:30
balzacRoy, don't hate the player, hate the game.Feb 25 22:30
schestowitzWhere people smoke plants and get sent to jailFeb 25 22:30
schestowitzWhile huge FR*ing criminals are treated so gently?Feb 25 22:31
balzacMadoff didn't invent un-regulated capitalism, although he was a pioneer in furthering it.Feb 25 22:31
schestowitzThat's because elites respect eleitesFeb 25 22:31
MinceRschestowitz: the world is run by criminalsFeb 25 22:31
schestowitzAnd they treat those at the botom like rubbishFeb 25 22:31
MinceRalso, it's human natureFeb 25 22:31
MinceRor perhaps indoctrinationFeb 25 22:31
MinceRpeople might be simply taught to be evil at an early ageFeb 25 22:31
schestowitzI bet you so many of the judges are uterly corupt, so they feel guilty sentencing the other big criminals for their deeds.Feb 25 22:31
schestowitz*utterly corruptFeb 25 22:31
MinceRthey feel guilt?Feb 25 22:32
MinceRthat's newFeb 25 22:32
schestowitzBalrog: the game is made by playersFeb 25 22:32
schestowitzIt's like saying, don't like the people, hate the companyFeb 25 22:32
schestowitzCompanies ARE peopleFeb 25 22:32
schestowitzThe game is RUN by people.Feb 25 22:32
schestowitzPeople RUN the worldFeb 25 22:32
schestowitzFind those who ruin itFeb 25 22:32
schestowitzIt'll make things easierFeb 25 22:32
schestowitzBy that logic, why blame Bush?Feb 25 22:32
schestowitzBlame the 'government'Feb 25 22:32
MinceRhm, how long was bush in office for?Feb 25 22:32
balzacHand Bush over to the Hague, after he's convicted of treason.Feb 25 22:33
schestowitzSentence the 'government' to jail.Feb 25 22:33
schestowitzSend the white house to Guantanamo Bay for torturingFeb 25 22:33
MinceRi'm pretty sure gates did his crimes for a longer time period.Feb 25 22:33
MinceRcan we trust the Hague to convict him?Feb 25 22:33
MinceR(bush, that is)Feb 25 22:33
schestowitzHeck, sent that lady that's the statue of liberty for some waterboarding.Feb 25 22:33
balzacAfter that, I wouldn't object if Gates were found guilty of personally participating in conspiracies to break the law and spent time in prison, but I would want him to be safe, not in danger from violent criminals.Feb 25 22:33
schestowitzbecause, you know... she's 'America'Feb 25 22:33
MinceRschestowitz: lolFeb 25 22:33
schestowitzAnd it's America's faultFeb 25 22:34
balzacI don't think non-violent criminals should be at risk of suffering violence from other inmates.Feb 25 22:34
balzacThat's one serious problem with American prisons.Feb 25 22:34
MinceRnot other inmates, noFeb 25 22:34
MinceRgates should suffer violence from an industrial grinder.Feb 25 22:34
schestowitzbalzac: ask yourself why some people areviolentFeb 25 22:34
balzacActually, the state should be held liable for prisoner's injuries and deaths and their next of kin should be compensated with millions of dollars whenever people die in state custody.Feb 25 22:35
schestowitzWhen people who are slaves to other can you blame them for protesting in the streets?Feb 25 22:35
balzacIt shouldn't ever be allowed to happen.Feb 25 22:35
schestowitzThat makes little sense when you hear that the /white/ (as in white) collar criminals should get setenced to sofa, coffee, and TC.Feb 25 22:35
balzacnor should any type of violation of prisoners rights be acceptable, least of all, rape.Feb 25 22:36
schestowitz*TVFeb 25 22:36
balzacAll prisoners should get sentenced only to what the court orders, but not to the risk of random acts of violence while in custody.Feb 25 22:36
schestowitzbalzac: who talked about prison violence?Feb 25 22:36
balzacI didFeb 25 22:36
schestowitzYou're suggesting that 'poor' white-collar criminals are unfit to prison.Feb 25 22:37
balzacbecause American prisons are not safe.Feb 25 22:37
schestowitzPrisons are for punishment and confinementFeb 25 22:37
balzacI don't see any reason to put violent criminals and white-collar criminals together.Feb 25 22:37
schestowitzYou can make something like Guatanamo BayFeb 25 22:37
schestowitzMaybe around Alaska where it's coldFeb 25 22:37
schestowitzOr SiberiaFeb 25 22:37
balzacYeah, well I'm not a big fan of prisons. I'll never see the inside of one.Feb 25 22:38
MinceRor in the SunFeb 25 22:38
schestowitzSend there the lines of Gates, ballmer, Silverberg, Nathan Mhyrvold, Madoff, Carl Ichan and other criminals chums.Feb 25 22:38
MinceRor on the MoonFeb 25 22:38
MinceR(no life support though)Feb 25 22:38
schestowitzNo, no..Feb 25 22:38
schestowitzThat's expensiveFeb 25 22:38
schestowitzRockets are also harmful to the atrosphere.Feb 25 22:38
MinceRat least we won't have to guard and feed them thenFeb 25 22:38
schestowitzEnough damage was /already/ done.Feb 25 22:39
schestowitzThen you need to ship oxygen for them.Feb 25 22:39
MinceRwe're going to need rockets eventually, anywayFeb 25 22:39
schestowitzDo you know how much that would cost?Feb 25 22:39
MinceRthis planet will become uninhabitable in about 5 billion years, iircFeb 25 22:39
MinceR:)Feb 25 22:39
schestowitzThe planet will be fine, I thinkFeb 25 22:40
schestowitzIt's animals and civilisations that are at riskFeb 25 22:40
schestowitzNot bacteria  thoughFeb 25 22:40
schestowitzBecause men can't eat becteria so well.Feb 25 22:40
MinceRhence "uninhabitable"Feb 25 22:40
MinceRthe sun will engulf the planet as it turns into a red giantFeb 25 22:41
schestowitz5 billion years is a lot of timeFeb 25 22:41
schestowitzThe 'UNIX clock' won't last that longFeb 25 22:41
MinceRbut not infiniteFeb 25 22:41
MinceRnot even the 64bit one?Feb 25 22:41
schestowitzNot even if it's made 64-bit, AFAIK.Feb 25 22:41
schestowitzBeat me to it!Feb 25 22:41
schestowitz The Indians are coming  < >Feb 25 22:42
schestowitzIt cites the FOSS-hostile shills from Frosted Sullivans[sic]Feb 25 22:43
schestowitzSpeaking of 'analysts'.....Feb 25 22:44
schestowitzI've inquired to see who funds some... but they won't tell. They are not allowed.Feb 25 22:45
schestowitzShill O'Brian has just used BN to promote .NETFeb 25 22:46
schestowitzYeah.. some 'FOSS' people, aren't they...>?Feb 25 22:46
schestowitzThey do the same even in Ubuntu turf... criticise mono, be attacked. The threats are not censored as much as suppressed or marginalised. I gave examples with about 10 links in: 25 22:47
schestowitzThere are more examples just like this, in other Web sites too. Novell employees (posting from the domain) are among those posting comments in defense of Mono/Moonlight under boycottnovell. Some of the dissent comes from there, but they use nyms like "Baby in the Bath Water".Feb 25 22:47
schestowitzNovell is making .NET more popular. Shame on Novell. It's just another Microsoft department now... producing 'Windows addons' like netware and some Microsoft plugins for Linux (Mono, Moonlight)Feb 25 22:48
schestowitzFor that task, they must be inside Linux, so they have SUSE, they have membership in places like Linux Foundation, etc. They gag critics that way.Feb 25 22:48
balzacI would like to associate mono (project) with mono (contagious disease) in people's mindsFeb 25 22:49
schestowitzI associated it with other thingsFeb 25 22:49
MinceRi'd like to have microsoft and novell closed down.Feb 25 22:50
schestowitzI alsol tried to associated Silver s*ite with toilet and vomit.Feb 25 22:50
schestowitzRMS was unimpressedFeb 25 22:50
schestowitzGallium3D, EGL Now Buildable On FreeBSD < >Feb 25 22:52
balzache's a rather mellow guyFeb 25 22:52
MinceRit must be the week of excel vulnerabilities >> 25 22:56
schestowitz"Products affected include Office 2000, Office 2002, Office 2003, Office 2007, Office 2004 for Mac, Office 2008 for Mac, and the Open XML File Format Converter for Mac."Feb 25 22:57
schestowitzOOXML+Mac= ownedFeb 25 22:57
MinceRhm, no, it's a dupeFeb 25 22:57
schestowitzThe mixture of binariesFeb 25 22:57
schestowitzThank goodness Microsoft keeps Office away from the hands of unsuspecting users who come to Linux for its "cheapness"Feb 25 22:58
MinceRdupes for nerds, stuff that you've read already.Feb 25 22:58
MinceR;)Feb 25 22:58
schestowitzThat too.Feb 25 22:58
schestowitzI'm surprised many people still read it.Feb 25 22:59
schestowitzHmm.. Alexa rank 10kFeb 25 22:59
schestowitzBN is 58k and we don't even attract people with MS+IE+spyware (alexa)Feb 25 22:59
schestowitzBN Netcraft rank= 2300thFeb 25 22:59
MinceRwell, it still has the occasional juvenile humor.Feb 25 22:59
schestowitzGroklaw is 1400th or soFeb 25 22:59
schestowitzHehe.Feb 25 22:59
schestowitzBN's Netcraft rank is better than Slashdot'sFeb 25 23:00
schestowitzOh nwait..Feb 25 23:00
schestowitzit.slashdot...Feb 25 23:00 is 484thFeb 25 23:01
schestowitzDuke NuK............. X Server 1.6.0 Has Been Released < >Feb 25 23:05
*Casperin has quit (Remote closed the connection)Feb 25 23:23
schestowitzAdobe Flash gets patch for critical flaw < >Feb 25 23:28
schestowitz"The job vacancies related to Windows continue to fall at scaring speed since December 2008. Meanwhile Linux and Unix vacancies stay similar to past months." 25 23:32
schestowitzMS partner: Nortel to cut 3,200 workers < >Feb 25 23:35
balzacgood news for change in the world of softwareFeb 25 23:36
MinceRgnFeb 25 23:41
schestowitzHehe.. see my comment here: 25 23:45
balzaclater MinceRFeb 25 23:45
schestowitzGetting Consumers to Pay Now for Nukes Later < >Feb 25 23:54
schestowitz"I sometimes wonder if anyone keeps track of how many PR people Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer drives into cardiac arrest." 25 23:57


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Firefox ESR or Firefox USSR
The Corporate/Mainstream Media and Even Social Control Media is Distorting the Record About What Mozilla Actually Did (It Originally Surrendered to Vladimir Putin)
Mozilla being avoided for purely technical reasons (sites not being compatible with it) is one thing. Foolishly, Mozilla is giving people more political reasons to also shun Mozilla. This is suicide.
GNU/Linux Up Some More This Morning, Windows Down Sharply Even in Rich Countries
Microsoft is in trouble in the Muslim world
United Arab Emirates (UAE) Rising... Towards 5% for ChromeOS and GNU/Linux
the latest numbers show it growing from about 0.1% to around 2.4% for GNU/Linux, plus 2.01% for Chromebooks (ChromeOS), i.e. about 5% in total.
Links 24/06/2024: New Research, New Attacks on Justices Sceptical of Patent Maximalists, European Commission for Copyright Maximalists
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[Meme] 12 Years a Fedora Volunteer
IBM gives me a 'free' Fedora badge as recognition
IBM Slavery: Not a New Problem
When IBM got rid of Ben Cotton it showed the world how much it valued Fedora
Why They Want to Abolish Master/Slave Terminology (Because This is What They're Turned Free Software Into)
It used to be about community; GAFAM turned that into exploitation and worse
Roy and Rianne's Righteously Royalty-free RSS Reader (R.R.R.R.R.R.) Version 0.2 is Released
They say summer "officially" started some days ago
Torvalds' Number Two Quit Linux a Decade Ago and Has Since Then Earned an Honorary Doctorate
Revisiting Fuzix and Alan Cox
GNU/Linux Reaches All-Time High in Tunisia
Based on statCounter
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IRC Proceedings: Sunday, June 23, 2024
IRC logs for Sunday, June 23, 2024
Edward Brocklesby (ejb) & Debian: Hacking expulsion cover-up in proximity to Oxford and GCHQ
Reprinted with permission from Daniel Pocock
You Know the Microsoft Products Really Suck When...
"Qualcomm and Microsoft go 'beyond the call of duty' to stop independent Copilot+ PC reviews"
IBM and "Regime Change"
Change of regime is not the same as freedom
Microsoft Windows in Nicaragua: From 98% to Less Than 25%
Operating System Market Share Nicaragua
Techrights in the Coming Decade: The Community Angle
Somebody needs to call them out on their BS
Techrights in the Coming Decade: The Software Angle
Gemini Protocol has just turned 5 - i.e. roughly the same age as our Git repositories
Techrights in the Coming Decade: The Patent Angle
Next month marks 10 years since we began covering EPO leaks
Wookey, Intrigeri, Cryptie & Debian pseudonyms beyond Edward Brocklesby
Reprinted with permission from Daniel Pocock
[Meme] Choice Versus Freedom
So When Do I Start Having Freedom? Freedom is choice between the GAFAMs
Digital Liberation of Society at Times of Armed Conflicts and Uncertainty
We have technical contributions, not just written output
Links 23/06/2024: More Microsoft Cancellations, Growing Repression Worldwide
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Gemini Links 23/06/2024: The Magician and the Hacker, tmux Tips
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Links 23/06/2024: Twitter/X Wants Your Money, Google Reports a Billion DMCA Takedowns in Four Months
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Digital Restrictions (Like DRM) Don't Have Brands, We Need to Teach People to Hate the Underlying Restrictions, Not Companies That Typically Come and Go
Conceptually, the hens should fear humans, not the farmer who cages them
Going Above 4% Again
Maybe 4% (or above) by month's end?
[Meme] Debian's 'Cannon Fodder' Economics
Conflicts of interest don't matter
Conviction, jail for Hinduja family, Debian exploitation comparison
Reprinted with permission from Daniel Pocock
According to Microsoft, It's Not a Code of Conduct Violation to Troll Your Victims Whose Files You Are Purging
The group of vandals from Microsoft think it's "funny" (and for a "nominal fee") to troll Microsoft critics
Microsoft Inside Debian is Sabotaging Debian and Its Many Hundreds of Derivatives With SystemD (Microsoft/GitHub Slopware With Catastrophic Bugs is Hardly a New Problem)
What is the moral of the story about The Scorpion and the Frog?
Links 23/06/2024: Hey Hi (AI) Scrapers Gone Very Rogue, Software Patents Squashed at EPO
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IRC Proceedings: Saturday, June 22, 2024
IRC logs for Saturday, June 22, 2024
Gemini Links 23/06/2024: LoRaWAN and Gemini Plugin for KOReade
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