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taconeonline choice existApr 19 17:28
taconeit's only about formatsApr 19 17:28
schestowitz (Spanish Man Behind P2P Site Jailed)Apr 19 17:30
schestowitzCensorship attempts fail: Judge refuses to bar anonymous online comments about murder trial  < > Apr 19 17:30
schestowitzSun Said to Be Willing to Talk If IBM Eases on Terms  < >Apr 19 17:31
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schestowitz"I won't bother recommending you dump Microsoft software and migrate to Linux or OS/2, because you've never listened to me before, and you've already convinced yourself that you can't. I won't bother recommending that you keep your antivirus software up-to-date, either, because with today's fast moving worms like Klez.H, you already have it before a fix is available."Apr 19 17:41
schestowitz"I do recommend prayer. Don't bother praying that the worms won't come, because they will anyway - get down on your knees and pray that your competitors stay with Windows so their costs will be as high as yours." 19 17:41
trmancopulseaudio just improved my system soundApr 19 17:41
trmanco:DApr 19 17:41
Balrog_schestowitz: :PApr 19 17:41
schestowitz"[PJ: What I hope they think about is this: if they push P2P into the hands of criminals only, then what happens? There is a market for P2P and by refusing to satisfy that market, they are driving it underground, where no accommodation will be possible for them. Unless, of course, that's the actual goal.]"Apr 19 17:42
trmancoI kinda disabled it when I had 8.04, I just re-enabled itApr 19 17:42
schestowitztrmanco: why mess about w/ it?Apr 19 17:42
trmancouhApr 19 17:43
trmanco?Apr 19 17:43
trmancoI didn't get it...Apr 19 17:43
schestowitzIf it's not broken, don't break it.Apr 19 17:51
trmancoI didn't break anythingApr 19 17:52
MinceRit seems to interfere with apps that want to use /dev/dspApr 19 17:52
MinceRunreal engine games, for exampleApr 19 17:52
trmancopulseaudio is greatApr 19 17:52
trmancoschestowitz, you're using too, right?Apr 19 17:56
trmancoit*Apr 19 17:56
MinceRi find it pointless for local audioApr 19 18:00
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trmancoSarien: Multiplayer Game Engine goes Open Source: 19 18:25
schestowitztrmanco: yes, I use it tooApr 19 18:25
trmancoschestowitz, btw, what version of PA are you using?Apr 19 18:26
trmanco$pulseaudio --versionApr 19 18:26
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schestowitzLOL "In corporate affairs, when things *really* suck e.g. your stuff poisons babies, you take a harmless girl as a communicator. See also the pictures which set her in scene."Apr 19 18:49
schestowitzFoxconn did this last year. JESSICA MINTZ  -- yuck, I hate AP and her... but what Microsoft is up to is pathetic... Vista and Vista7 are fiascos and next week's results will be fuglyApr 19 18:49
schestowitz└─(18:49 $)─> pulseaudio --versionApr 19 18:50
schestowitzpulseaudio 0.9.9Apr 19 18:50
_boo_funny is that vista won't even be popular by the time they release vista7Apr 19 18:50
_boo_so people gonna understand that they are just dumpedApr 19 18:50
trmancothats oldApr 19 18:51
_boo_if they didn't yet managed to realise thatApr 19 18:51
tacone_boo_: i guess they missed the peak again. 19 18:51
trmancopulseaudio 0.9.14Apr 19 18:52
_boo_lolApr 19 18:52
schestowitzwhat would be the benefit of upgrading?Apr 19 19:01
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amarsh04I was really hysterical the first time I saw 19 19:07
trmancoyou would benefit a lot, check the changelogsApr 19 19:11
trmancolike this one "the best new feature, although not directly visible from the outside and often enough not enabled due to artificial limitations on the hardware buffer size of ALSA is time-scheduled playback (aka 'glitch-free'). See"Apr 19 19:11
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taconeamarsh04: me too :)Apr 19 19:16
schestowitztrmanco: not appealing to meApr 19 19:17
schestowitzIf my audio was not reliable or laggy, it wouldApr 19 19:17
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trmancowell, if it's not broke, don't fix it :-PApr 19 19:18
schestowitzMaybe on a less powerful computer (like the one I have at work) it would have substantial and beneficial difference.Apr 19 19:18
taconeschestowitz: do you plan to open up a forum as requested in the comments of the 6001th post ?Apr 19 19:18
schestowitztrmanco: some people reported issues with PA, maybe due to implementation on their distro/h/w. I can think of Rami as one example.Apr 19 19:18
trmancoyeah, I remember that conversationApr 19 19:19
schestowitztrmanco: don't get me started on Vista's audio stack. I read about it, but never used it.Apr 19 19:19
schestowitztacone: I can. Will you be therE?Apr 19 19:19
taconei don't think so.Apr 19 19:19
schestowitz:-)Apr 19 19:19
taconeit's just curiousity.Apr 19 19:19
taconei'm really not a forum type of guy.Apr 19 19:19
schestowitzOne option would be to have people comment only in forumsApr 19 19:19
schestowitzThen redirect them there.Apr 19 19:19
taconenaApr 19 19:19
taconewhy ?Apr 19 19:20
trmancomaling listApr 19 19:20
trmancowe can have bothApr 19 19:20
schestowitzThere's already comments and IRC right there on page as Web based.Apr 19 19:20
taconeright.Apr 19 19:20
schestowitzmailing list sounds slowApr 19 19:20
schestowitzIRC is a lot more interactiveApr 19 19:20
taconemailing lists are not nicely browsable.Apr 19 19:20
schestowitzAnd we don't formalise stuff like code, for which ML can be valuable.Apr 19 19:20
schestowitztacone: depends on the archiveerApr 19 19:21
taconeright.Apr 19 19:21
schestowitzMost are very unleasant. Indexes and isolated msgsApr 19 19:21
trmancoletters and sentences can be the code :-PApr 19 19:21
schestowitzThreaded msgs are hard to go through whollyApr 19 19:21
schestowitztrmanco: think along the lines of announcementsApr 19 19:21
schestowitzOr changelogsApr 19 19:21
schestowitzThese would not work in IRCApr 19 19:22
schestowitzIRC started as a suggestion from someone in the commentsApr 19 19:22
schestowitzHere we are almost 1 year laterApr 19 19:22
schestowitzIn fact, many suggestions came from commetnsApr 19 19:22
trmancoIRC is a great toolApr 19 19:22
taconealso, i thinkApr 19 19:22
schestowitzSomeone mailed me like 5 times yesterday with design suggestions, so I tweaked a bitApr 19 19:22
taconethat, while a redesign is unnecessary compared with the burden it is.Apr 19 19:23
schestowitzI think of IRC as 'the old media' because it predates IM which took me away from itApr 19 19:23
schestowitztacone: exactlyApr 19 19:23
schestowitzI don't know if we shall move the mass to the WikiApr 19 19:23
taconeyou really should only display summaries in the homepage.Apr 19 19:23
schestowitzNot negecting the blogApr 19 19:23
schestowitzHere is the vision to bear in mindApr 19 19:23
schestowitzJust like SourceWatch, we could make the front page welcoming to first-time visitorsApr 19 19:24
schestowitzThe blog then becomes just a sectionApr 19 19:24
schestowitzAnd the Wiki is partly an index to the blog items, court exhibits, etc.Apr 19 19:24
taconethe wiki is dangerous.Apr 19 19:24
schestowitzLet me see if I can sort it out nowApr 19 19:24
taconerequires moderationApr 19 19:24
schestowitztacone: why is it dangerous?Apr 19 19:24
schestowitzIt needs registrationApr 19 19:25
schestowitzAnd I can track changes wellApr 19 19:25
taconenot just vandalismApr 19 19:25
schestowitzAnyway, Wiki is not really public yetApr 19 19:25
taconeconcepts have to have sources.Apr 19 19:25
taconeotherwise you're more liable.Apr 19 19:25
schestowitzYes, biblio'Apr 19 19:25
taconeyou know that, but many people don't.Apr 19 19:25
schestowitztacone: that's why I don't put the Wiki out thereApr 19 19:25
schestowitzIt's too semi-cookedApr 19 19:25
schestowitzIt makes the site look badApr 19 19:25
*tacone likes sourcewatchApr 19 19:25
schestowitzSourceWatch gets 2m visits/monthApr 19 19:26
schestowitzMaybe I should radically change BN front pageApr 19 19:26
schestowitzTo move blog aside.Apr 19 19:26
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taconewell, if the home gets redesignedApr 19 19:27
schestowitzThen link to indexes and stuff and present information to newcomers...?Apr 19 19:27
taconeyes, maybeApr 19 19:27
taconewell. the links are already thereApr 19 19:27
schestowitzYes, but I have something else in mindApr 19 19:27
taconemaybe they could have a little more impact.Apr 19 19:27
schestowitzHere's the issueApr 19 19:27
schestowitzbrb phoneApr 19 19:28
taconesourcewatch home page is pretty cool.Apr 19 19:28
taconeokApr 19 19:28
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trmancoit's a wiki style frontpageApr 19 19:42
schestowitzI'll ask readersApr 19 19:48
schestowitzFWIWApr 19 19:48
taconethere's no such thing as a wiki style frontpageApr 19 19:50
schestowitz 19 19:53
schestowitzSee if you can spot problems with the question, please :-)Apr 19 19:53
_boo_tacone, isn't it patented yet?Apr 19 19:53
schestowitzI could use this as a chance to also resolve poor use of screen spaceApr 19 19:53
schestowitz_boo_: JPEG on a page is :-pApr 19 19:53
tacone_boo_: no. but I patented the 'is patented or not' type of question. so you'd better not ask next time.Apr 19 19:53
_boo_what a flaw by m$... they should've patented wiki styleApr 19 19:54
schestowitzYikes.Apr 19 19:54
schestowitzI have lots of MSFT patent news to post, maybe tomorrowApr 19 19:54
tacone_boo_: that would require them to learn how to do a proper website.Apr 19 19:54
_boo_yeah... too much for m$Apr 19 19:54
taconeschestowitz: i didn't found anything about the mail from Linus, even in the irc logs.Apr 19 19:55
_boo_they should also find a way to screw it to be only viewable by ieApr 19 19:55
taconehope you find the time to post somethingApr 19 19:55
_boo_schestowitz, did you post somewhere about mail conversation with Linus?Apr 19 19:55
schestowitztacone: 19 19:56
schestowitztacone: I can't just post the stuff without permissionApr 19 19:56
taconeokApr 19 19:56
schestowitzSo I mentioned some bits in IRC, which is informalApr 19 19:56
schestowitzAnyway, Linus seems to know very well what we're up toApr 19 19:57
schestowitzHe has colleagues in Novell though and they fund himApr 19 19:57
taconedoes bsd prevent exclusion ?Apr 19 19:57
taconeso it's what i thought. it's just Tivoization that prevent GPL 3 adoption.Apr 19 19:59
taconeitalian taxpayers funded tv, sigh. 19 20:01
schestowitzPay to be told what to think :-)Apr 19 20:04
taconemotherfuckersApr 19 20:04
schestowitzLike in the US they fund advertising, aka PR, aja propagandaApr 19 20:04
taconemoonlight. they can stick it to where the sun doesn't shine.Apr 19 20:05
taconeit's kind of ironic to be preaching people to use flash, given it's yet another jail.Apr 19 20:06
schestowitztacone: I'm looking at the PHP files in WordpressApr 19 20:10
schestowitzIt would be a total nightmare to massage index.php to have more than one templateApr 19 20:10
schestowitzSuffice to say, to split this into section is a lot of complexityApr 19 20:10
schestowitzSo if I were to change FP, I'd move to MediaWikiApr 19 20:11
schestowitzAnd then offer doors to other stuff, of course.Apr 19 20:11
Balrog_schestowitz: I like the FP like it is. Only a little cleaner would be goodApr 19 20:14
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taconeschestowitz: and how would you export the data ?Apr 19 20:20
tacone*that* would be a complete nightmareApr 19 20:21
taconeschestowitz: which version of wordpress are you using ?Apr 19 20:21
taconeoh, offering doors.Apr 19 20:23
taconemh.Apr 19 20:23
taconei don't think that's a good idea.Apr 19 20:24
taconeif you have subdomains superpowers you could just set up a test site where you can try out new themes.Apr 19 20:27
schestowitztacone: no exportApr 19 20:32
schestowitzThe only page can stayApr 19 20:32
schestowitzBut..Apr 19 20:32
schestowitzTo be used as front page we can havs something elseApr 19 20:32
schestowitz 19 20:42
schestowitzhere are all the pages: 19 21:00
trmanco 19 21:05
schestowitzWowApr 19 21:08
Balrog_anyone here knows how to dump audio/video streams?Apr 19 21:08
schestowitzWordPress has a nice feature I never noticedApr 19 21:08
schestowitzIf you put the wrong URLApr 19 21:08
schestowitzLike if it's shortened, then it searches for best match and take you thereApr 19 21:08
schestowitzBalrog: try mplayer/mencoderApr 19 21:08
Balrog_yes, but this is an odd oneApr 19 21:09
Balrog_ 19 21:09
Balrog_uses some kind of obfuscated ASF stream (M$ WMP)Apr 19 21:09
schestowitzWordpress question: is there a URL other than root that would take me to main index?Apr 19 21:10
taconeschestowitz: you should put togheter a draft of the home page you want to achieve before starting to work to do that.Apr 19 21:14
taconeschestowitz:  /index.phpApr 19 21:14
schestowitztacone: I have an idea alreadyApr 19 21:14
schestowitztacone: yes, I knowApr 19 21:14
Balrog_no one knows?Apr 19 21:15
tacone(10:21:44 PM) schestowitz: Wordpress question: is there a URL other than root that would take me to main index?Apr 19 21:15
schestowitztacone: but wordpress rewqrites itApr 19 21:15
taconewhat are you trying to achieve ?Apr 19 21:15
schestowitzIf it rewrites it, then I can't redirect from rootApr 19 21:15
schestowitztacone: I'm thinking about presenting a front page in the form of a WikiApr 19 21:15
schestowitzThe Wiki then leads to certain indexes and the blog sectionApr 19 21:16
taconeschestowitz: ok, but is there any other use for wikimedia other than the frontpage ?Apr 19 21:16
schestowitztacone: yesApr 19 21:16
schestowitzDefinitelyApr 19 21:16
taconelike ?Apr 19 21:16
schestowitzAnd a group of 3 women will help us create indexesApr 19 21:16
schestowitztacone: indexes to articlesApr 19 21:16
taconewhy create indexes ?Apr 19 21:16
schestowitzHeirarchicalApr 19 21:17
schestowitzHierarchicalApr 19 21:17
taconearen't those supposed to be pulled dynamically ?Apr 19 21:17
schestowitztacone: it would be easy then to use the sites as resouceApr 19 21:17
schestowitzLess as a daily news thingApr 19 21:17
schestowitztacone: yes, we sort of have theseApr 19 21:17
schestowitzBut..Apr 19 21:17
schestowitzI want to have introductions to topicApr 19 21:17
schestowitz*topicsApr 19 21:17
taconewouldn't that be achieved just with the wordpress categories or tags ?Apr 19 21:17
taconethat's already possible.Apr 19 21:18
schestowitztacone: It could, but not flexible enoughApr 19 21:18
taconeoh, ok.Apr 19 21:18
schestowitzbecause you also want to cross-link different sectionsApr 19 21:18
schestowitzBlog will stay as isApr 19 21:18
taconeokApr 19 21:18
schestowitzJust "/" should  take newcomers to something usefulApr 19 21:18
schestowitzAssuming they come to learn about NovellApr 19 21:18
schestowitzNot be presented with MS rantsApr 19 21:19
schestowitzThere's room for that tooApr 19 21:19
schestowitzI'm just trying to see if I can get the same contents FP presents now, but using a different URLdApr 19 21:19
taconelet's see what you put together.Apr 19 21:19
schestowitzI tried "//". Doesn't workApr 19 21:19
schestowitzWordpress rewrites and merges pagesApr 19 21:20
tacone?Apr 19 21:20
taconei mean "?"Apr 19 21:20
taconeare you doing htaccess tricks ?Apr 19 21:20
schestowitzI'll ask in #WordPress ...?Apr 19 21:22
schestowitztacone: yes, .htaccessApr 19 21:22
schestowitzBut I can't link recursivelyApr 19 21:22
schestowitzLike, if I link from Wiki to main page of "", then it links back to the WikiApr 19 21:23
schestowitzI need to list to something that will display all postsApr 19 21:23
schestowitz"The site doe need some changes.  The homepage should be an introduction to the issues to the people ignorant of what our issues are (99.95% of the human race, at least).  The people who are truly interested will find the discussion where ever it is hidden, though we shouldn't hide it."Apr 19 21:25
taconeyou can use some mediawiki plugin to list all post from rss i guess.Apr 19 21:26
schestowitztacone: I think soApr 19 21:27
schestowitzWhat I'll need is at least a pointer to the blogApr 19 21:27
schestowitzBut regular blog reader will find it anywayApr 19 21:27
schestowitzCMD (SourceWatch) seems to work similarly)Apr 19 21:28
schestowitzMany pointers now go to the blogApr 19 21:28
taconeyou can use something like ?blogApr 19 21:28
schestowitzThey used to have many encyclopedia entriesApr 19 21:28
taconehttp://www.boycottnovell/?blogApr 19 21:28
schestowitzLet me tryApr 19 21:28
taconeand discriminate the ?blog in the .htaccess trick.Apr 19 21:28
schestowitzCOOL!Apr 19 21:28
tacone?Apr 19 21:28
schestowitzBut let me chck quicklyApr 19 21:28
schestowitzDoes this search the site?Apr 19 21:29
tacone?Apr 19 21:29
schestowitzBecause that would be CPU intensiveApr 19 21:29
tacone?blog is just a wordApr 19 21:29
taconecould be ?shitApr 19 21:29
schestowitzI mean, when this query is called via this URL, what happens?Apr 19 21:29
taconenothingApr 19 21:29
taconebut you can catch the ?blog presenceApr 19 21:29
schestowitzOh waiApr 19 21:29
taconeand know if you have to redirect to the blog or the wikiApr 19 21:29
schestowitzStilly meApr 19 21:29
schestowitzOf courseApr 19 21:29
schestowitz? is interpreted by SEs differentlyApr 19 21:29
schestowitzLike an argApr 19 21:29
schestowitzBut WordPress rewrites "?"Apr 19 21:30
taconetry yourself.Apr 19 21:30
schestowitzCool.Apr 19 21:30
tacone 19 21:30
schestowitz 19 21:31
schestowitzOldie but goodie... 19 21:32
schestowitzhttp://www.researchintelligentdesig...Apr 19 21:33
taconeIn a way, I feel simple wp hacking would have been cleaner and maybe even simpleer.Apr 19 21:34
taconebut i'm curious to see what are you coming out with.Apr 19 21:34
tacone 19 21:35
schestowitz 19 21:35
taconealso i guess you'll have to change the blog theme sooner or later.Apr 19 21:36
taconeanother thing: you should never fear the change of theme to disappoint existing users. bn is great because of the content (and lot of it !), the theme is not conditioning users readership.Apr 19 21:37
schestowitzCool, it works. 19 21:41
schestowitztacone: thanks.Apr 19 21:41
taconefor what ? :)Apr 19 21:42
taconei'm a webdeveloperApr 19 21:42
schestowitzGood.Apr 19 21:42
taconeif you have any issue feel free to ask me.Apr 19 21:42
schestowitzCache works tooApr 19 21:42
schestowitzI can see it being accomodatedApr 19 21:42
schestowitztacone: thanks a million!Apr 19 21:42
taconethat's not the homepage you want, though.Apr 19 21:43
taconeoh, mattcuts commented on my blog. now that he knows my existance i will use him to force google to release its search as opensource and only make money with technical support (joking)Apr 19 21:45
trmancololApr 19 21:46
taconeschestowitz: do you have a test site ?Apr 19 21:47
taconeschestowitz: which kind of control do you have on your serverApr 19 21:47
*_mre|666 has quit (Remote closed the connection)Apr 19 22:02
schestowitztacone: I have "For each article in a feed, show  Full text"Apr 19 22:02
schestowitzBut it doesn't seem to deliver it, does it?Apr 19 22:02
taconeso ?Apr 19 22:02
taconei told you, depends on which rss you subscribeApr 19 22:02
taconethe rss2 works iircApr 19 22:02
taconeschestowitz: which wp version are you on ?Apr 19 22:03
schestowitztacone: 2.7Apr 19 22:03
taconei think it's weird for default feed to truncatedApr 19 22:03
taconebut I assure you, i read the full feed now.Apr 19 22:03
tacone 19 22:04
taconei think the default is wrong because of the theme, maybe.Apr 19 22:04
trmancoschestowitz, it doesApr 19 22:04
trmancoit does show full text in feedsApr 19 22:04
taconeschestowitz: now answer me, which kind of control do you have on domain ?Apr 19 22:04
taconetrmanco: if you subscribe from firefox, usually you get the truncated feed.Apr 19 22:05
taconei discovered the full feeds while trying liferea.Apr 19 22:05
trmancotacone, yeah, that a firefox limitation, firefox isn't a feed readerApr 19 22:05
taconetrmanco: no, you didn't understand.Apr 19 22:05
taconeof s/firefox/googlereaderApr 19 22:05
taconei don't know why, but have been stuck with a partial feed for many months.Apr 19 22:06
trmancoI'm using google reader and it show full feedApr 19 22:06
trmancoshows*Apr 19 22:06
trmancoat least 2 hours ago it didApr 19 22:06
taconeuhm, the atom feed is full either.Apr 19 22:06
trmancoI'll check againApr 19 22:07
taconecheck 19 22:07
taconethat's the bad oneApr 19 22:07
taconecheck and are fine.Apr 19 22:07
trmancoyeah /feedApr 19 22:08
schestowitztacone: WordPress is clipping full text: 19 22:08
taconeschestowitz: just strip from header.phpApr 19 22:08
schestowitzSee sourceApr 19 22:08
taconeschestowitz:  try 19 22:09
trmancoPosts per week:58.6Apr 19 22:09
taconetrmanco: lol. writeative.Apr 19 22:09
trmancoheheApr 19 22:09
schestowitztacone: on the domain I have little controlApr 19 22:09
schestowitzJust cpanelApr 19 22:09
taconeschestowitz: can you create subdomains with dedicate ftp access ?Apr 19 22:09
trmanco 19 22:10
taconesubdomains with a separated web space.Apr 19 22:10
schestowitzOh, I seee...Apr 19 22:11
schestowitzFirefox shortens theseApr 19 22:11
taconeyes, firefox shorten these. but you have 1 on 3 feed truncated by the wayApr 19 22:12
taconeif you subscribe the wrong one, you get the truncated one.Apr 19 22:12
trmancoif you don't wan't/have time to do everything yourself you can always set let the community help you outApr 19 22:12
trmancohmm, extra wordApr 19 22:13
schestowitzRemove <link rel="alternate" type="text/xml" title="RSS .92" href="<?php bloginfo('rss_url'); ?>" /> ?Apr 19 22:13
schestowitzIs this the one?Apr 19 22:13
schestowitzThe second?Apr 19 22:14
taconei guess yes.Apr 19 22:14
taconei guess it is.Apr 19 22:14
schestowitzI leave just RSS 2.0 and Atom 0.3Apr 19 22:14
taconeyApr 19 22:14
schestowitzWhich feed to recommend?Apr 19 22:15
schestowitzURL?Apr 19 22:15
schestowitzFor full textApr 19 22:15
tacone /feed should be the right choiceApr 19 22:15
trmancoyesApr 19 22:16
schestowitzOKApr 19 22:19
schestowitzAll points in the right place nowApr 19 22:19
schestowitzI had hanging references to parital feed (by accident)Apr 19 22:19
schestowitzNow I want to try to add daily news to Wiki, just one latest itemApr 19 22:19
taconeI'm going out now.Apr 19 22:20
taconeI'll be back in maybe 1.5 hour. if I don't see you here afterwards, I'll be away for 1-2 weeksApr 19 22:20
taconesee you after :-)Apr 19 22:20
trmancocyaApr 19 22:20
taconeparis awaits me, If I manage to get on the train ;-)Apr 19 22:21
trmancohave a nice tripApr 19 22:21
taconethx. bye !Apr 19 22:21
MinceRgnApr 19 22:24
schestowitzHave a good tripApr 19 22:27
_boo_ 19 22:30
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taconeups backApr 19 22:48
_boo_ 19 22:52
*popey (n=alan@ubuntu/member/ has joined #boycottnovellApr 19 22:52
_boo_funny quotesApr 19 22:52
popeyhi ikoniaApr 19 22:52
schestowitzAny thoughts on this early attempt? 19 22:52
schestowitzHi, popey Apr 19 22:53
*tacone lookingApr 19 22:54
taconeschestowitz: couldn't you make it like sourcewatch ?Apr 19 22:55
schestowitzStyle-wise?Apr 19 22:55
taconeuhm, they use htmlApr 19 22:55
schestowitzIt's still early :-)Apr 19 22:55
taconebox-wiseApr 19 22:55
taconebtwApr 19 22:55
tacone 19 22:55
schestowitzI'm not following..Apr 19 22:55
schestowitzOh, I knowApr 19 22:56
schestowitzI viewed itApr 19 22:56
schestowitzI created an account there earlierApr 19 22:56
taconei'd say you can keep they're layoutApr 19 22:57
taconethe news to the leftApr 19 22:57
taconeto the right an editor pick (if exists) and the portalsApr 19 22:57
taconethe portals shuold have a summary each and possibly a picture/photo.Apr 19 22:57
schestowitzYupApr 19 22:57
schestowitzPhotos are not simple in MediaWikiApr 19 22:58
taconeof course i understand this is early.Apr 19 22:58
schestowitzI need to enable external linkingApr 19 22:58
schestowitzOr upload itApr 19 22:58
schestowitztacone: yes, very earlyApr 19 22:58
schestowitzContent is a mess, still..Apr 19 22:58
taconeit'd even get rid of the left column (navigation, search, etc)Apr 19 22:59
schestowitzThe RSS aggregator is no good for full textApr 19 22:59
taconethat can be put somewhere else.Apr 19 22:59
schestowitzIt either refuses the input or makes it uglyApr 19 22:59
schestowitzSo automated import of HTML is  a no-noApr 19 22:59
taconeyou'll need to tweak the theme and manually add the wordpress rrsApr 19 22:59
taconeI told you wikimedia wouldn't have be that easy :PApr 19 23:00
taconeor tried to tell yaApr 19 23:00
schestowitzNo, it's fineApr 19 23:06
schestowitzThe goal was differentApr 19 23:06
schestowitzI want to merge these twoApr 19 23:06
schestowitztacone: thanks a lot for the helpApr 19 23:15
taconeyou're welcome.Apr 19 23:15
taconei did nothing.Apr 19 23:15
schestowitzI'll need to hack a lot on the Wiki before a switchoverApr 19 23:15
schestowitzIt will be done some time later this yearApr 19 23:15
taconeokApr 19 23:18
taconewe'll see :-)Apr 19 23:18
schestowitz "In early 2008, I reviewed the ASUS Eee PC 4G, one of the original netbooks. It cost $400, had a 7-inch screen, 4GB of storage space, 512MB of RAM and ran the Linux operating system. A whole lot has changed in a year. Nearly every computer maker has released a netbook, which can range from a few hundred dollars to $900, and most typically featuresApr 19 23:20
schestowitz Microsoft's Windows XP operating system."Apr 19 23:20
schestowitzMicrosoft is just trying to ruin this marketApr 19 23:20
schestowitzARM will come shortly (July I think)Apr 19 23:20
taconems has only windows ce for armApr 19 23:21
taconearm is going to be a real changeApr 19 23:21
schestowitzGarmin nuvifone G60 bringing the Linux-love in June? < >Apr 19 23:21
taconemainly because ms can change architectureApr 19 23:21
balzaclartApr 19 23:21
taconebut ISV are not ready to ship for a different architectureApr 19 23:22
schestowitzYoApr 19 23:22
schestowitzBalrog: what's up, balzac ?Apr 19 23:22
taconethey got used to the Intel monopoly. mentality doesn't change that fast.Apr 19 23:22
schestowitztacone: which ISVs?Apr 19 23:22
schestowitzThis has Firefox and other appsApr 19 23:22
taconeevery ISV.Apr 19 23:22
schestowitzSkype might be an isueApr 19 23:22
schestowitzBut they compiled it for JesisPhoneApr 19 23:22
schestowitz*Jesusphone (iPhone)Apr 19 23:22
taconepick a any software for windows xpApr 19 23:23
Balrog_heh, Skype for Mac is around ....Apr 19 23:23
taconeand see if there's a version for ARM.Apr 19 23:23
Balrog_(and it works on PPC)Apr 19 23:23
balzachey royApr 19 23:23
balzacjust workin on a sunday evening againApr 19 23:23
taconeMS would need to port windows xp/7 for arm and ship another version of visual studioApr 19 23:23
balzacbbiab, got to grab a biteApr 19 23:23
taconeand encourage people to adopt it.Apr 19 23:23
taconeimpossible.Apr 19 23:23
taconethey have no choice than to FUD and try to resist change.Apr 19 23:24
schestowitztacone: can choose between heavy $900 windows XP netnotebooks or a light $200 Linux one that lasts all day (battery)Apr 19 23:24
taconei'm saying the whole win ecosystem is totally unprepared for arm.Apr 19 23:24
schestowitztacone: where would the profit be to MS?Apr 19 23:25
schestowitzIt'll report abysmal results shortlyApr 19 23:25
schestowitzLinux is killing themApr 19 23:25
taconei'm said MS is in trouble.Apr 19 23:25
taconesaying.Apr 19 23:25
schestowitzThey are desperate to starve based on priceApr 19 23:25
schestowitzThey just try to put an end to low-end computersApr 19 23:25
taconeeven if they can port windows they can make ISV to port.Apr 19 23:25
schestowitztacone: Debian has loads of stuff on the repos for ARMApr 19 23:26
taconeskype btw is pretty responsive. just give them 2-3 years :)Apr 19 23:26
schestowitzWindows -- not so muchApr 19 23:26
taconems has only windows ce for arm afaikApr 19 23:26
*tacone just switched to exaile from bansheeApr 19 23:27
*PetoKraus has quit (Remote closed the connection)Apr 19 23:28
*PetoKraus (n=pk@fsf/member/petokraus) has joined #boycottnovellApr 19 23:30
schestowitzyesApr 19 23:36
schestowitz "Patents suppress innovation" and "We don't need patents because other IP protection forms are absolutely sufficient" are two of the arguments most frequently heard when discussing the problem of "software patents" in Europe. 19 23:39
schestowitzEPO makes me sickApr 19 23:39
schestowitzThey just extend the scope to make more money. Private business giving government-protected monopolies for cash. And the stupid law allows people to block competition and customers be scared to use some code because it might "not be licenced" (to merely perform some method like "recommended review")Apr 19 23:40
schestowitzJuniper for MS, by MS: 19 23:42
taconepatents should be suppressed though.Apr 19 23:43
schestowitzKDE 4.2 success story in Mandriva 2009.1: 19 23:44
schestowitzThere are webdev patents tooApr 19 23:44
schestowitzLots of themApr 19 23:44
schestowitzYou might be violating some, tacone Apr 19 23:44
taconesure I amApr 19 23:45
taconejpeg on website for example.Apr 19 23:45
schestowitz"So, am I happy? In a word, yes. With the Desktop "Folder Containment view", things behave much like the old KDE, so I can get around fairly well, and do what I need to do. And, as Mandriva is building toward their final Spring release, they are releasing daily scads of bugfixes and updates--resulting in my system now becoming very stable, which is essential for a production machine"Apr 19 23:45
schestowitztacone: yes, that oneApr 19 23:45
schestowitzPatents criminalise programmersApr 19 23:45
schestowitzAnd Web developers and many other occupationsApr 19 23:46
schestowitzEven Microsoft customers become criminalsApr 19 23:46
taconenations criminalize citizensApr 19 23:46
schestowitzAnd Mcirosoft is sued for "pirating" every other weekApr 19 23:46
taconecriminalization = controlApr 19 23:46
schestowitztacone: no, nations care :-)Apr 19 23:46
schestowitzThey are like parentsApr 19 23:46
taconeyou shall be collaborative if you don't want to be sued.Apr 19 23:46
schestowitzCaning you to tell you what's wrongApr 19 23:46
schestowitzThough shall support our troopsApr 19 23:47
taconein patents, corporations are criminalizating.Apr 19 23:47
schestowitzI think we could tame money to SupportTheTroops(C)Apr 19 23:47
taconebut nations do that too, as a tool for controlApr 19 23:47
taconeitaly does.Apr 19 23:47
schestowitzIn the US , some peoplw who opposed war got flagged as terror suspectsApr 19 23:47
taconecriminalizes bloggersApr 19 23:47
schestowitzSome people were smart about itApr 19 23:47
taconeif you say something wrong, they do a quick checkApr 19 23:47
schestowitz"Suppor the troops -- bring em back home"Apr 19 23:48
taconefind you're infringing (like everyone else btw) and shut you down.Apr 19 23:48
silentivmBrazil also can do that, in theoryApr 19 23:48
schestowitzOr scanning sites for one violation of copyrightApr 19 23:48
schestowitzLike some imageApr 19 23:48
schestowitzClassic oneApr 19 23:48
schestowitzThey tried it against PJApr 19 23:48
silentivmwe have theoretical "freedom of speech", but try criticizing the government or a large corporationApr 19 23:48
balzacSomeone should make a list of software patent advocate groups and individualsApr 19 23:48
silentivmyou WILL get suedApr 19 23:48
schestowitzAlso, TrollTracker got threatened for having JPEG in a Web pageApr 19 23:49
schestowitzSo he dropped JPEGApr 19 23:49
taconein italyApr 19 23:49
balzacthe list can be held up for public shaming - the thought police and freedom-hater's conspiritors listApr 19 23:49
taconeyou can't have a (traditional) journal which is not registered to the stateApr 19 23:49
taconethat obviously extends to websitesApr 19 23:49
taconeno one obviously registers his site (difficult, and probably not possible at all for a private guy)Apr 19 23:50
silentivmin Brazil there's no need to registerApr 19 23:50
taconeso, some people got sued for having a clandestine (is that word right?) journal over the internet.Apr 19 23:50
taconeand, guess what ? he was talking about mafia.Apr 19 23:51
taconewhat a coincidence.Apr 19 23:51
silentivmyepApr 19 23:52
Balrog_threatened for a JPEG?!?!?Apr 19 23:52
silentivmbut hey, Brazil is the country where singing along a song is considered copyright infringementApr 19 23:52
silentivm(yes, this is true)Apr 19 23:52
taconehe has been sued for defamation as well.Apr 19 23:53
taconeyes, balrog. that's a typical software patent.Apr 19 23:54
taconeBalrog: 19 23:54
taconems has tried to patent double clickApr 19 23:55
taconeand also 'xml based document for interoperability purpouses'Apr 19 23:55
taconewell, the xml patent has been accepted, in australia..Apr 19 23:55
taconelol !Apr 19 23:56
schestowitzNovell's shill blog: 19 23:57
schestowitzNow, *that's* LOLApr 19 23:57
taconei think that's aggregated on planet suseApr 19 23:58
schestowitzWell, it's a Novell advocacy thingApr 19 23:59
schestowitzRun by partners, AFAIKApr 19 23:59
taconenoApr 19 23:59
taconeit's by novel...Apr 19 23:59
schestowitzI wrote about it some years agoApr 19 23:59
taconeoh or partnersApr 19 23:59
schestowitztacone: directly?Apr 19 23:59
Balrog_schestowitz: ok to PM?Apr 19 23:59
Balrog_I want you to look over somethingApr 19 23:59
schestowitzBalrog: better publicApr 19 23:59
taconeyou can say it's from novell or partners by the titleApr 19 23:59
schestowitztacone: let me fetch linksApr 19 23:59
taconeno one advocates Suse Linux ENTERPRISEApr 19 23:59

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