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MeeGo is Hijacked by the Mono Team

Mee gnu

Summary: Novell/Microsoft influence in MeeGo is threatening Nokia and Intel with software patents tax

A MICROSOFT MVP seems to be confirming what we feared 3 months ago and knew after Lyle warned us yesterday. Here is what Lyle told us an hour ago:

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May 28th, 2010 - 11:08:47-12:21:56

lyleschestowitz: did you see about MeeGo?May 28 11:08
lyleit's contaminated by MONO :(May 28 11:08
oiaohmHow lyleMay 28 11:09
lyleit comes with banshee by defaultMay 28 11:09
lyleand comes with mono compilerMay 28 11:09
lylebut no gccMay 28 11:09
oiaohmmeego 1.0 has gcc in it.May 28 11:10
lylemy copy doesn'tMay 28 11:10
lyleI'm using LiveCDMay 28 11:10
lyleis that what you are using?May 28 11:10
lylemeego-netbook-ia32- 28 11:11
lylethere's no gccMay 28 11:12
oiaohmThat is a 800 meg image ?May 28 11:13
lyleyeaMay 28 11:13
lyleis there a different one with gcc?May 28 11:13
oiaohmI have development straith out gitMay 28 11:14
lyleI'm sure I can install it after the fact, but the LiveCD doesn't have itMay 28 11:14
oiaohmWhat gets me is straight out git does not have mono.May 28 11:15
lyleweirdMay 28 11:15
oiaohmAt allMay 28 11:15
lyleseriously, try the LiveCD - you will see MONOMay 28 11:16
lylewhat media player does meego have in git?May 28 11:16
lylerhythmbox?May 28 11:16
lyleI think I see my bossMay 28 11:17
lylefinallyMay 28 11:17
lyleyep, that's himMay 28 11:17
lylewhat media player does your mego git have oiaohm?May 28 11:18
oiaohmQT based one.May 28 11:18
lyleI wonder what player got pushed asideMay 28 11:18
oiaohmAs I say wiered.May 28 11:18
lyledid MONO boosters hijack the project at the last minute and force their MONO into meego?May 28 11:20
lylemaybe that explains itMay 28 11:20
MinceRare the image and the git repo from the same site?May 28 11:20
oiaohmYesMay 28 11:21
lyleI got it from meego.comMay 28 11:21
oiaohmAnd he is right.May 28 11:21
oiaohmQuestion now is why.May 28 11:21
lylebtw, just saw this: 28 11:22
TechrightsTitle: Linux for Consumers: MeeGo Updates - Miguel de Icaza .::. Size~: 16.62 KBMay 28 11:22
lylethis is worryingMay 28 11:22
oiaohmWound not been pulled in by evolution would it not.May 28 11:22
lylebanshee is MONO tooMay 28 11:22
lylebtw gotta go, shop opened up - gotta get to workMay 28 11:23
lylewould love to find out wtf happened thoMay 28 11:23
lylegood luck guysMay 28 11:23
*lyle has quit (Quit: Page closed)May 28 11:24
-BNtwitter/#boycottnovell-[schestowitz] #Microsoft is Not an Open Source Company, It’s a Software Patents Company With Lobbyists #swpatsMay 28 11:48
TechrightsTitle: Microsoft is Not an Open Source Company, Its a Software Patents Company With Lobbyists | Techrights .::. Size~: 107.97 KBMay 28 11:48
oiaohmPosted question to meego developers over mono.  schestowitzMay 28 12:13
schestowitzHeyMay 28 12:14
schestowitzI'm working on a post about itMay 28 12:14
schestowitzRemember MoblinMay 28 12:14
oiaohmbanshee included as a sample app cased the include.May 28 12:14
schestowitzOpenSUSE+mono has their grubby hands on it.May 28 12:14
schestowitzBanchee is a big patent trapMay 28 12:15
schestowitzMore so then othersMay 28 12:15
oiaohmMono might magically disappear.May 28 12:15
schestowitzIt contains libs that Microsoft /EXPLICITLY/ excludedMay 28 12:15
oiaohmOr there might be an agreement with Intel that covers mono.May 28 12:15
schestowitzSo we already know that Microsoft uses Banshee as a TrojanMay 28 12:15
schestowitzoiaohm: yes, that's what I reckonedMay 28 12:16
oiaohmI want to find out what is there.May 28 12:16
schestowitzIntel must be x-licensing w/ Microsoft alreadyMay 28 12:16
schestowitzSame with H-PMay 28 12:16
schestowitzBut...May 28 12:16
oiaohmDepends on how its licenced.May 28 12:16
*Python1320 ( has joined #boycottnovellMay 28 12:16
*Python1320 has quit (Changing host)May 28 12:16
*Python1320 (Python1320@unaffiliated/python1320) has joined #boycottnovellMay 28 12:16
schestowitzNokia's Ari said Nokia would defend against Microsoft swpats attackMay 28 12:16
oiaohmNovell one suxs for downstream.May 28 12:16
schestowitzSo I'm mildly baffledMay 28 12:16
schestowitzMixed msgsMay 28 12:16
oiaohmIf Intel one is good for downstream.May 28 12:17
oiaohmWe might have a mono solution that makes everyone bar Novell happy.May 28 12:17
MinceRoiaohm: how?May 28 12:19
oiaohmIf intel has a downstream protection agreement it can be exploited.May 28 12:21

Mono is a threat to software freedom. Join us now at the IRC channel where the subject is being actively discussed.

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